Fantasy Bondage Sex

by Sensual Robert

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© Copyright 2021 - Sensual Robert - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/f; fpov; bond; straps; gag; sex; anal; oral; threesome; bedtie; cons; X

Heather lays naked, except for her sexy red 5 inch heels, on a padded bondage bench. She lays on her stomach with her legs spread wide and tied to a spreader bar. She is gagged with a ball gag and she is also blindfolded. Her hands are tied behind her back and she is totally helpless...just the way she likes it and her husband enjoys it too.

Her and Mark are both 48 years old and have been married for over 10 years. They both enjoy a kinky bondage sex life. Their lifestyle has always been private and never too extreme. They both have many naughty fantasies but many of them they can not fulfill.

Tonight it's bondage playtime, Mark is playing a bondage DVD while Heather struggles in her bondage. She wonders what kind of sex toys will her kinky husband use on her? Her pussy is getting wet just thinking about the sensual pleasures that will come. The DVD is loud as she tries to hear where her husband is and what he is doing. She thought she heard a doorbell but maybe it was the DVD?

She can feel her husband's fingers feeling her wet pussy as she moans through the ball gag. Then she can feel lube being applied to her asshole! The bastard wants to fuck her ass, she hates anal sex but she tolerates it to please her husband. Then she feels the cock penetrate her ass and it's Not her husband's cock. Her husband's cock is only about 4 inches, this cock is much larger, maybe 7 inches!

She hates anal sex and this 7 inch cock is painful in her ass as the hard cock goes deeper into her, but the larger cock is turning her on. Her ball gag is removed and Mark's cock enters her mouth. She is now sucking a cock while getting fucked...she is taking two cocks! This is one of her naughty fantasies and she thought it would never come true.

The stranger is pounding her ass as she sucks her husband cock. Her pussy is so wet and needs to be fucked! She wants that stranger with the 7 inch cock to fuck her pussy and not Mark's small cock. The stranger's cock is going in and out of her tight ass when Mark cums into her mouth.

The ball gag is placed back into her mouth as her anal sex continues and she is hoping he will start to fuck her hot pussy. The stranger pulls out of her sore ass and instead of entering her pussy he removes her gag and the stranger cock enters her mouth. She is so turned on that she gives this stranger the best blow job that she can despite being tied up.

Mark's small cock enters her pussy and she almost yells, “no,” through her ball gag. She wants the bigger cock to fuck her instead of Mark's cock. Mark is fucking her but no longer doing the job to bring her to orgasm. She is now ignoring her husband and only focusing on pleasing the stranger’s cock.

She can taste the pre-cum as she wonders who the stranger is and what his cock looks like. She is lost in her thoughts and fantasies that she did not realize that her husband came inside of her. Then the stranger pulls his cock out of her mouth as she tries to reach for it blindly with her mouth. She wants his cum!

The ball gag is placed back into her mouth and she is left tied and blindfolded. She is hoping he will fuck her with that nice hard 7 inch cock! She senses that the stranger has left and she is left hot and bothered!


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