False Imprisonment

by Nathan Black

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© Copyright 2010 - Nathan Black - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; drug; bond; gag; maid; tickle; cbt; oral; sex; reluct/cons; X

Jeremy woke up slowly, which was unusual for him. He was a morning person, and he usually woke with bright eyes and plenty of energy. Grogginess made him wary, so he tried to sit up, only to find that he couldn’t. That woke him up the rest of the way. He pulled with his arms, but they were held out and above his head. He caught a glint of metal.

“Handcuffs,” he said. “Aw, hell. Dammit, she really pulled it off.”

He thought back to a night a few months back when he and Alicia were sitting at an isolated table at Vecchio’s Bar. They’d been talking about a story on the news earlier that evening about a woman who was charged with false imprisonment when the police busted into the apartment she shared with her boyfriend . . . who was chained to the bed. A nosy neighbor had called the police when she’d seen the woman leading the man to their front door blindfolded and with his hands cuffed behind his back, and she called the police. Certain things aren’t done in small towns, apparently, and it took a district attorney with a little perspective to let the matter drop. After a couple of drinks, they began to discuss the logistics.

“Do you think they planned ahead?” Alicia asked.

“Hmm . . . probably,” Jeremy responded with a wry smile. “Who carries around a pair of handcuffs?”

“It’s not as uncommon as you might think. I’ve seen plenty of people who hang them from their rear view mirrors. And as for the blindfold? In a pinch, almost anything would do.”

“I guess. But why walk into the house that way? Why not wait until you’re inside?”

“Maybe the rush, the adrenaline.”

“Yeah. Like having sex in an elevator, knowing the door could open at any time.”

Alicia’s eyebrows shot up. “Oh, really? Is there something I should know about, dear?”

“I watch a lot of television,” he said, rolling his eyes.

“What I want to know . . . well, I know guys are almost always willing to have sex, but did he just let her cuff him? Or did she overpower him?”

“Overpower him? Honey, the guy must have had a hundred pounds on her, most of it muscle.”

“You don’t think a woman could overpower a man?” she asked in a dangerous voice.

He held up his hands in a warding off gesture. “I’m not saying that, Ali. I’m just saying that it’s . . . improbable.”

“Really? Then how about we have a little experiment?”

He looked wary. “As in?”

“As in, at a time of my choosing, I will try to overpower you. If I can get you chained to the bed, you’re at my total mercy until I decide to let you go.”

“And if you fail?”

She pursed her lips as she thought. “Hmm . . . How about this? I’ll order that French maid outfit you’ve drooled over in the past, and I’ll spend a day of your choosing at your beck and call.”

He smiled and extended his hand, and as she shook it he said. “Oh, you are so done, honey. The house will be spotless, and maybe I’ll use your tits to dust the floor.”

“Jeremy, my dear, you’ll never even know what hit you,” she said with a wicked grin.

He grimaced as he again pulled at the cuffs holding him to the bed frame, but he was stuck. “She’s right. How the hell did this happen?” he mumbled, pulling at what felt to be leather which held his ankles to the foot of the bed.

“You should really be careful about accepting drinks from women,” Alicia said from the doorway, amused at the sight of him jerking against his bonds at the sound of her voice, “especially when you’ve got a bet going on.”

“What did you do?” he asked, growing alarmed. He couldn’t see her from his position on the bed. Then she walked into his field of vision. She was wearing the French maid outfit that he did, indeed, like a great deal, but he had the feeling he wouldn’t be enjoying it all that much.

“You know how you can’t stand the dentist? Remember how he gave you the prescription for Triazolam so you could sleep through your appointments and he could work without you jerking around in the chair? We still have a couple of those left. I ground up one of the pills and put the powder in your last beer last night at Vecchio’s. Didn’t you wonder at all why I was in such a hurry to get home after you started drinking it?”

“I just figured you were horny.”

“I sure was,” she replied with a smirk. “The thought of you helpless on this bed had me so wet that I was fingering myself the whole time I was driving you home. I’m just glad we don’t live farther from the bar, or I would have had to drag you into the house. The people at the bar might think you’re a bit of a lightweight, but I don’t mind.” She ran a finger from his ankle all the way up his leg, and he shivered involuntarily. “I see you’re already firm,” she said, wrapping her hand around his shaft. She squeezed gently, then more firmly. She laughed as he bucked, trying to encourage her to bring him off. “That might be handy later, though it’s a bit premature for what I have in mind right now.”

“And what would that be?” He tried to sound nonchalant, but he groaned as she pulled her hand away.

“Oh, I’d hate to spoil the surprise.” She pulled a bandana from her sash. Folding it into a long, thick strip she said, “And speaking of surprises—“ She wrapped the bandana around his head twice, covering his eyes, and then tied a knot at the side of his head.

“Now wait just a minfffffff—” he began to object, but the shiny rubber ball gag she shoved into his mouth cut him off mid-sentence. She buckled it tightly.

“You’ll need that mouth later, my pet, but for now let’s make sure your objections to my possession of you don’t encourage the neighbors to call the police. I’m sure you’d hate to have your officer friends find you in such a compromising position.”

He struggled fruitlessly for another minute, chewing objections into the gag as Alicia looked on in amusement. But finally, his swollen cock bobbing one last time, his body calmed as he grew resigned to his fate.

“Much better, my sweet plaything. I’m sure you’ll struggle some more before I’m done with you, but if you relax, you might even enjoy some of this.” She climbed up on the bed and straddled his chest, pinning his member to his stomach, and she slowly slid her juicy lips along its length. He tried to thrust himself into her, but she rolled off of him and then slapped his penis hard enough to sting.

“I’ll decide when that happens . . . if it happens.” She leaned over him and kissed his gagged lips. “For now, though, you’re just a toy, and I intend to play.”

The French maid suit had come with a feather duster. Alicia took this in hand and she lightly rubbed the feathers over the soles of Jeremy’s feet. Now, he usually claimed to be immune to tickling, but the uncertainty of his predicament had him on edge, and he couldn’t help but tense up. He struggled with every touch of the duster, and soon his body was slick with the sweat of his exertions. He never knew where she’d attack next, and every touch became electric.

Finally she unbuckled the gag and pulled it slowly from his mouth. He flexed his jaw a number of times, but he remained silent. Alicia pulled the blindfold off his head, and then she leaned in to kiss him fiercely. “I’m glad your mouth is still working. We’ve almost reached the point where you’re going to need it. But first,” she said, dangling a long leather bootlace from her hand, “we’re going to work on a little discipline.”

She wrapped the bootlace around his testicles twice, pulling the leather tight into a knot at the base of his sack. She then brought the two ends up, separating the balls, tucking the lace under the previous loops to push the balls apart. She continued around the bottom of the sack again, and then she wound the lace all the way around his entire package. She wrapped the balls up one more time, pulling a second lace through the loop before she pulled the lace into a tight knot at the base of his sack. She then tied a knot around the first lace with the second lace, creating a long leash for his tightly packed sack. Jeremy moaned constantly through the ordeal, though he didn’t say anything for fear that the punishment would far outweigh the crime.

Alicia smiled at him as she climbed back onto the bed and straddled his chest, her bare ass resting on his ribcage, the hem of the skirt of the maid’s outfit incidentally rubbing the tip of his throbbing cock. “And now we get to the part where you need your mouth. You see, I know how much you like it when I go down on you, but it seems like you never return the favor. This time you don’t have any choice. You’re going to eat me out until I’m satisfied. If you’re not doing a good enough job, if you pause for too long, if I think your heart isn’t in what you’re doing, I’m going to punish you.” She gave the leash on his sack a sharp tug, and he gasped loudly. “There’s plenty more where that came from, so I would urge you to give your all, to take one for the team. And if you perform up to my exacting standards,” she said, reaching back to give his raging cock one long stroke with her hand, “I’ll find a way to reward you.”

Then she crawled up until her pussy was right over his mouth, and she lowered herself onto his face. Having no other option, he began to lick at her mound. He was slow at first, earning him a warning tug on his leash. But then he got into it. He had no idea how long he spent eating her. Occasionally she would direct him to a certain area, but he only received one more sharp tug on his leash when he paused too long to catch his breath.

Finally, after one last shrieking orgasm, Alicia raised herself up and again sat on his chest. She smiled as she saw the way his face and the sheets under his head were drenched with her juices. “I never knew you had it in you, my dear,” she panted. “I think you have more than earned your reward.”

With agonizing slowness she lowered herself onto the shaft of his distended member. Though he was aching to cum, the leather straps slowed the process down, even when she bounced enthusiastically on him like a cowgirl riding the rodeo. Finally he felt his cock throb, and he met her bouncing with a thrust of his own. They both cried out as he spewed himself into her. She collapsed on top of him for a moment, and he was too tired to protest this last indignity.

Eventually she rolled to the side and pulled the handcuff key out of the bust of her maid outfit. She released one wrist and then the other. She worked at the knots holding his cock and balls, releasing him to an almost immediate deflation of his cock. But before she could move to release his legs, he pulled her back down to him and gave her a long, sloppy kiss, smearing some of her own juices onto her face. He smiled then and said, “Honey, that was incredible. I don’t think I’ve ever been more turned on.”

She smiled, licking her lips. “I’m glad you enjoyed it. I know I did.”

She smiled back at her. “Of course, payback’s a bitch.” He pulled her in tight. “But that can wait until later.” And with his legs still held open, he fell asleep with her held close.

She sighed happily, and then she closed her eyes, too. She was out almost immediately.