Extreme Session

by Chris Powell

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© Copyright 2006 - Chris Powell - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; bond; cbt; wrap; tape; toys; cons; XX

Tied tight was what he had ask for and that's just what he had gotten from Mistress. He was standing at the foot of the bed. His arms cuffed behind him. Rope wrapped around his elbows pulling his arms tight together. A spreader bar held his legs open. More rope was wrapped around his legs up to his hips sealing him to the bed frame. He was gagged with a ball gag pulled tight behind his head. A blindfold covered his eyes and ear plugs make it hard to hear. A leather hood was pulled over all this and laced up behind his head forcing the gag tighter into his mouth. A clothes hanger with clips is attached to his nipples and a rope pulls it to the head of the bed. It was pulled tight pulling his nipples out toward the head of the bed.

If this was not enough a set of weighted clover clips were also attached to his nipples and weights were attached to them pulling his punished nipples down. His shaft was plugged with a long plastic plug and sealed in with duct tape. A vibrator was taped to the head of his shaft. A rope wrapped around the shaft pulls it to the head board of the bed. The rest of his shaft was wrapped in duct tape holding the rope in place.

Another rope attached to his balls pulls them down to the foot board. Another set of clover clips are attached to his balls and these are pulled to the head board of the bed stretching them two different directions. Weights are hanging from the clover clips attached to his balls. A large anal plug can just be seen sticking out of his ass cheeks. Mistress has left him like this for an hour.

He moans as he feels her hand touch him. The vibrator has done it's job, his shaft is still hard as mistress runs her fingers over the tape covering it.

"How about some more torture?" he faintly hears her say.

Then he feels clothespins first on his stretched balls, then between his legs, then up his stomach and chest to his neck.

Now she starts up each arm, up one side then down the other. Then up his sides and on his back. Down the back of his legs, then up the front. She reaches down and places one on each toe and each finger. Finally his entire body is covered with clips. He moans as she turns up the vibrator to high.

Next he feel the clips sealed to his body as she starts wrapping his body in plastic wrap. The wrap pulls the clips tight to his body causing much more pain. She wraps from his head to his hips up and down covering him in plastic. She wraps his head leaving just his nose out of the plastic. He can't move as the plastic holds him tight. She then wraps duct tape up and down over the plastic sealing it tight. She wraps his head again avoiding his nose. She goes down the plastic to his hips but does not stop there, she continues with tape sealing his legs to the bed and pulling those clips over and causing more pain.

In his pain the vibrator brings him to his first orgasm he shakes as it takes him but bound and plugged as he is, he is unable to cum so the orgasm is stopped there and he finds no release as the vibrator continues its relentless assault on his shaft. Mistress watches him for a few minutes smiling as he's trying to reach orgasm. She walks over and retrieves her massager, with plastic wrap she wraps it to him with the head setting over his bound shaft. With a big smile she turns it on. He jumps at the added vibrations on his shaft. His wasted orgasms come faster now as he fights for release that will not come. Mistress watches for few more minutes and then leaves the room.

Hours later Mistress returns to her slave to check on him. She finds him moaning into his gag as orgasm after orgasm is stopped by the plug in his shaft. She can tell he is being driven crazy. She cuts the tape from his shaft and rips it free. He yelps into his tight gag. She removes the plug and takes his shaft in her hand. She begins slowly working his shaft. He moans as he gets closer and closer to cumming. Then she stops he moans into the gag. She starts again bringing him closer and closer then stops. He is being driven crazy as she works his shaft.

"Poor slave, do you want to cum?" he could just hear Mistress say.

He moaned as she continued her assault. Finally she did not stop. He felt it building now there was no stopping it. He orgasmed and gushed cum. Mistress was ready she caught his cum in a cup. It was a long orgasm, finally he stood limp and waiting for what Mistress would do next.

He feels his head being unwrapped and the plastic and tape removed. Then the hood is pulled free. The blindfold is left in place. The gag is pulled free and his cum is poured into his mouth. He is forced to swallow it as Mistress dumps it all in. Then a pair of her panties are shoved into his mouth and duct tape seals them in. He now tastes his own cum and Mistress mixed.

Mistress now places clips on his face, nose and mouth. Next she moves to his shaft. She tapes the vibrator to end of the shaft with one strip of tape and turns it to full. Almost at once he starts to get hard. She wraps the end of his shaft in plastic and then places clothespins all over his shaft. She covers it in clips adding to the other clips on his body. He moans in pain as the vibrator causes him to get harder and causes the clips to hurt more.

Again Mistress laughs at his pain and leaves him. He moans again as she leaves, he wonders how long it will be before she returns this time.

She had left him unplugged this time so he felt the first orgasm coming. The clips bit harder into his shaft as he got stiffer. Then he came, he orgasmed hard sending his load into the plastic covering it. He moaned as the vibrator continued it's work on his shaft and he started to get hard again.

Some time later Mistress returned and removed all the clips and released him. He was spent and fell to the bed. Mistress climbed on the bed and kissed him hard. She rubbed her hands over his abused body. He put his arms around her and pulled her on top of him. His shaft was hard again and it slid into her. They made love with her on top and then he fell asleep in her arms.