by XVX

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Storycodes: M/f; captive; bond; bdsm; electro; hood; collar; wrap; sleepsack; armbinder; corset; sendep; denial; cons/nc; XX



“No, I do not think so. You are blind. You cannot see with the hood on. Not one speck of light. Your world is darkness.”

“You have noise cancellation earwigs. You will only hear what I want you to hear. The only sound you might hear. Strain to hear. Is your own heartbeat.”

You will soon not be able to speak. Or wish to. The gag suppress every sound. But soon you will not want to make a peep. I will switch on the device at your neck. One sound. Any sound you make. Any at all. Will be detected and a nasty shock will be delivered to your vocal cords. It is modification on ones you use to keep barking dogs quiet. “

“Your gag allows food and water to be pumped in. When. I cannot say. It will be bland and tasteless… And random. Your ability to go to the toilet is also denied. You cannot pee unless I will it. I can even pump water into you. The discomfort of a enema will be welcomed for it could be the only thing you will feel.”

“There are electro shock pads on your feet. Legs. Arms. Butt. Stomach. And breast. They also vibrate if I so choose. So what you feel is under my control. Yes I have vibrator implanted to sexually simulate you if it is needed.”

“You cannot move. Or barely so, From head to toe. You are wrapped tightly and then placed in a sleep sack. Buckled and laced tight. Arms in a single sleeve arm binder. Pulling your shoulders back painfully. You body looks like a coke bottle. Waist slimmed by a corset. Neck held much the say way. You lie on a table which I have secured you down. You cannot wiggle or even move your head. You are strapped down to it.

I control your sight. Sound. Taste . Feel. And smell. Your world is gone.”

“How long can you remain like this? That is what I wish to know. What X factor will keep you going. How long can you hold out until you surrender to me. Totally and absolutely. I will know.”

“You will become mute. Fearing the slightest moan of pain or pleasure will cause you extreme pain. You have no outlet. No expression. How will you function? Will you ever be free?”

“Oh this will be a joy for me. What is it that makes a person go to extremes as this. Will the constant thumping of your own heart cause you to go mad?”

“Will you become super human. The mind devoid of external stimulus turns inward. What will you discover? Will your senses be shaper? Will you swoon at the touch of a feather and scream in agony at a pinprick?”

“Or be a soulless thing. Unable to feel anything. A doll. Not able to willing to see or feel anything. Fearing the outside world.”

“Yes. This will be something to behold. Any last words?”


“Then lets begin.”

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