The Experience

by Tiffini

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Storycodes: M/f; D/s; hotel; bond; cuffs; bfold; chain; strip; bagged; transported; toys; climax; mpov; fpov; cons; X

From His point of view:

As she drove up to the hotel parking lot at 8am on a Saturday in her little Hyundai Accent, I stood at the window looking down. This is going to be a fun few days….

We met online about a month ago – it was a vanilla chat site – nothing overtly adult about the conversation. She had broken up with her ex a few months earlier, and just wanted to talk to people.

We started chatting over email, and build a friendship over the next month or so. As I get into her head over many phone & email conversations I find out about her fantasies and desires. Let’s just say that they go much deeper than “just being tied up”… She finally said she was ready to meet up and have “a kinky experience” (her words), and sent pictures. Man, she was cute – shoulder length blonde hair, blue eyes, skinny, gorgeous tight ass and very nice legs. She said she didn’t want to know what I looked like... it would increase the fear factor.

Closing the curtains, I called her on her cell phone from the hotel. I directed her to park in a specific spot at the back of the hotel parking lot. She is told to enter from the front door of the hotel, and to come directly to room 354. I confirm she’s packed in her bag what was told to her. I’m watching her from between the curtains… I see her get out of the car… she’s dressed as was ordered – white tank top, pink bra, black short skirt (to show off the legs) and flats. She gets her purse and a duffle bag out of the back seat of her car, and I watch her walk towards the front of the hotel.

A few minutes later, there’s a light knock at the door. She’s told me before that she’s very self-consious about showing skin – any skirts she does wear are always ankle length, and she normally wears short sleeve shirts. I acknowledge her by name through the door, but don’t open it yet. Looking through the peep hole I can tell she’s nervous. I ask her if she brought the blindfold she was ordered to. She says she did. I ask if there are others in the hall – she says there is no one else in the hall. I have her set her purse and duffle bag on the floor just outside the door, then to put the blindfold on. She does so. I tell her to turn around and take 2 steps backwards. She does. She is told to put her hands on the back of her head – once she does this, I open the door and put her purse and duffle bag inside the door. I then step out, grab her hands, and pull her backwards into the room. I push her face first into the corner, still holding her hands on her head, and whisper in her ear that she’s in for a long day as my toy…

Leaving her in the corner, I take her purse and duffle bag over to the bed. I pull the small black dress and moderate (3”) heels from her bag and put them in the closet. I also lay out the toys she’s brought on the bed. I look through her purse, and aside from the normal ID, bit of cash etc, find nothing of interest.

I hear her breathing a bit harder, so I walk over to her, still standing in the corner, hands on her head, blindfolded…

“Are you scared little one?” I whisper in her ear.

“Scared shitless actually” she answers

“You know you don’t have to do this, right?”

“Yes, I know – I want to”

“You remember our safety rules and safe word, right”

“I remember our rules and the big safeword is red – I can use a yellow before that if things are starting to get too intense”

“Good girl”

Grabbing her hands, I pull her away from the wall, and bring her to the centre of the room. I tell her to stand there – she does – I pull out my camera and take pictures – as I have her turn around, I take more pictures.

After I’ve taken some pictures (making sure the “camera noise” is on, so she knows what I’m doing, I bring her hands down behind her back, and handcuff them - keyholes up, palms out of course). I ask her how she likes it… she says it’s different. I bring her over to the chair and sit her down. I then take her shoes off, and put leg irons on her. I let her get up and walk around for a bit still blindfolded…

I tell her she’s still not secure enough… I get the cuff box, and put that on the cuffs, then wrap a waist chain around her small waist, feed the loops through the lockbox, and lock the chain in front. I tell her it’s a bit better, then I take another chain, wrap it around the chain connecting the leg cuffs, and then lock it fairly tightly to her waist chain.

“There little one – I don’t think you’ll get out of that” I said as I take some more pictures.

The look on her face was that of pure sacredness. I come in front of her and ask her if she’s ok

“Yes sir... it’s just scary being so restrained. I have no control over anything right now, I can’t even move my arms... it’s what I wanted I know, but it’s scary!”

“Do you want to continue?”

“Of course, if I don’t, I’ll regret it for as long as I live”

I pull her towards me and give her a big hug and tell her how proud of her I am. I feel a big smile on her face. I give her a kiss on the cheek and put a collar and clip a leash around her neck.

“You know little one, it’s not smart to leave a tied up person alone, and well, it’s about 10am and I need some ice water – let’s go for a walk”

I pull her over to the door, then step behind her. I take her hands, and lead her out into the hall… We make it to the ice machine, and I fill up the bucket. I put the leash in her hands, and tell her she has to make her way back to the room… I look upon the scared look on her face and say “just kidding”, and take the leash, and lead her back. On the way back I keep saying to her ”was that a door opening” and “you gave him a good show” playing the mind-fuck on her.

I get her back to the room, and let her sit down for a few minutes to catch her breath.

“How are you doing? Do you like it so far?” I asked

“It’s fricken scary being so restrained, then to take me out in the hall like that, all chained up… damn”

I give her a drink of water through a straw, and ask if she’s ready to go for the next bit…

I remove the chains from her, and let her stretch. I tell her that this next bit will teach her how to respond to orders.

I bring her to her corner. I tell her that every time she hears her cell phone alarm go off, she is to remove the item of clothing that is told to her, and drop it on the ground. Then go to her hands and knees, pick up the item with her teeth, and crawl it over to me, put it at my feet, then crawl back to her corner.

I set her alarm to go off in about 5 minutes. When it does, I tell her to remove her left sock – she does and crawls it over to me, lays it carefully over my feet, and then crawls back, stands up and puts her nose in the corner.

Another 5 minutes, and the alarm goes off again – right sock this time – no problems.. I’m taking pictures the whole time she’s crawling back and forth.

After about 30 minutes, she’s crawled back and forth enough times, she’s now fully naked.

I ask her if she’s still scared – and she says yes – she’s never been naked in front of a man before.

I tell her it’s just getting started.

I put the handcuffs back on behind her, and put another set on her ankles. I pull a remote controlled vibrator, and strap it in place… I do a quick test (on low of course).. I lay her down in the hockey equipment bag I brought, and zip her inside. I tell her that I’m taking her out to lunch, and it would be good if she was quiet cause she won’t know who all is around. I pick the bag up, and bring her out to my pick-up truck. I put the bag in the back of the truck, hop in, and go for a drive… I go through the McDonalds drive through, as soon as the voice comes over the speaker, I turn the vibrator on high... a little scream comes from the bag… as we get to the window, I turn the vib off. I get the food and drive back to the hotel. I carry the equipment bag and food back up to the room, and let her out. She tells me that it was the most scared she’s ever been.

I slowly feed her a happy meal, making sure she eats the whole meal. Off and on, I’m starting & stopping the vibrator, driving her crazy.

I tell her that I don’t have anything else planned for her until we go out to dinner tonight... I tell her we can hang out for a bit or whatever.

“I just want to lay down for a bit, relax”

“Ok little one” I reach down and start to put the key in the handcuffs

“Keep these on – I like it”

I lay her down on the bed, completely naked, blindfolded, hands cuffed securely behind her back, ankles cuffed together.

She asks for me to come lay with her… I lay down beside her and wrap an arm around her, pulling her close.

“Are you having fun little one?”

“It’s been amazing... I can’t wait to get ready for dinner tonight so I can finally see the man who has been driving me crazy all day”

“It’s only 1pm little one – we’ve still got 4 hours until it’s time to get ready to go, and I see that sexy little black dress on you… I’m so looking forward to helping you get ready”

She squirms in closer to me, and we fall asleep.

A couple hours later, the alarm goes off, waking us both up. She starts struggling until I whisper that I’m still here, and she’s still my toy for the day to get ready for our date tonight…

I get her up, and lead her to the bathroom, where I remove the handcuffs to let her do her business. When she’s done, I stand her in the shower and wash her entire body, making sure it is all clean with nice smelling soap.

When it’s done, I dry her off, and admire her naked body once again.

“Ok little one, are you ready to see me?” I asked


I slowly removed the blindfold from her eyes – she blinks quickly in the light and we lock eyes. I give her a quick kiss, and leave the room to let her get ready.

She gets ready, wearing just the nice tight little black dress, and we go out to a nice restaurant for supper.

On the way back to the hotel, she asks, “Did you bring the handcuffs”

“Of course”

“Can I wear them now?”

“I don’t have a key with me – I left them at the hotel”

“That’s ok” she replies leaning forward, with that I pull out the pair in the glove-box and click them in place behind her.

We get back to the hotel, and I grab the cuffs and lead her up to the room.

Needless to say – it was an awesome night.

From her point of view:

“Oh my god” I wrote in my diary that night in March.. “I’ve met this awesome guy online.. he’s funny – he makes me laugh, it’s great – so much better than Neil!”

Fast forward to a diary entry in April, “I can’t believe that after only a month I’ve felt so comfortable with him. I actually told him some of my darkest fantasies, and he says he’d be willing to let me experience them when I’m comfortable – he’s so thoughtful and caring! I think this may be the one!”

I sent him some pictures of me... You’ll have to understand, I grew up in an abusive home, my parents both told me I was fat and ugly… I expected not to hear from Greg again – but he replied that he thought I was beautiful and (to use his words) “desirable”.

I think I’m OK looking, other than the scars on my arms. I’m fairly short (5’2”), blonde hair/blue eyes. I could stand to loose a few pounds, but whatever.

I remember telling him that I didn’t what to know what he looked like until after we go through with this – I know it wasn’t the smartest move – but I had his full name, phone # etc (and some other details from a police friend of mine) I felt comfortable.

Before meeting him, I had to go shopping (I was told). I usually wear long sleeve shirts to cover the scars on my arms. He had me get a white tight tank top, and a (again to use his words) ”sexy little black dress”.. I was also to wear a black tight skirt and flats (WTF – I thought all men liked heels?!) He also had me bring my vibrators and leather blindfold in one bag, and the dress and a toiletries in a duffle bag

I drove to the hotel the next city over as directed.. He calls me as I drive around the back. I suddenly get the feeling I’m being watched. He tells me where to park, and then tells me to walk in the front door of the hotel and go to his room.

I slowly walked to the front of the hotel, trying to breathe deeply and slowly to calm myself down. I swear I was shaking. I felt the front desk clerk watching me as I walked in and through the lobby. I bet he would thought I was a hooker if I had heels on, and wasn’t carrying 2 bags.

I get to his room and knock. I hear his voice through the door, asking me if I brought my blindfold. I tell him I did and hold it up for him to see (I assume he’s watching through the peephole). After making sure there weren’t others in the hall, he tells me to put my bags down and put the blindfold on. I put the bags down, and taking a deep breath, strap the blindfold on. I hear the door open, and next thing I know he’s holding my hands on my head and pulling me backwards into his room. He pushes me into the corner and tells me that I’m his toy, I’m to do what he says and to stay there in the corner.

I hear him sit down on the bed, and then nothing. I hear no movement. I’ve never been so scared.

All of a sudden I hear him beside me – he wanted to check on me to make sure I’m ok. He’s so caring – he even wanted to remind me of the safety rules we’d agreed on.

Next thing I know he grabs my hands and pulls me into the room futher. He has me spin around and I hear him taking pictures. Then he quickly pulls my hands behind my back, and I feel him handcuff me. He then sits me down, and I feel him putting cuffs on my ankles. He stands me up and lets me walk around. I feel like I can barely move. Then he puts something on the cuffs, and I can’t twist my hands anymore. Then I feel him put a belt or something around my waist, and somehow attach the cuffs to them, and I can’t move them from away from my back. Holy shit this was scary! I begin to wonder what I was thinking with this – I mean I’m blindfolded – in a hotel room in another city, chained up like a common criminal….but I feel comfortable in an odd way. I think he could sense this because he asked how I was doing and if I wanted to continue. I told him I did, and he gave me a big hug. I would have liked to hug him back, but with my hands behind me it wasn’t possible.

As he pulls away, I feel him put something around my neck, he pulls on it and says we’re going for a walk. I hate to admit it, but I resisted. no fuckin way I wanted to be out “in public” all chained up and helpless!! He pulled me out the door into the hallway. He then grabs my hands, and pushes me in front of him down to the ice machine. He gets some ice, and then we head back to the room. He keeps asking me if I heard doors open – I felt so self conscious!

We got back to the room without getting arrested or anything (mind you – I would have been their easiest arrest ever – I was already chained up). He lets me have a drink of water, and relax for a few.

He let me out of the cuffs, which felt great to stretch. After a few, he grabs me by my hair and pushes my face into the corner. He tells me that he’s set my cell phone alarm. Every time it goes off, he’s going to name a piece of clothing, I’m to take it off an drop it on the floor, then get on my hands and knees, pick it up with my mouth, and crawl it over to him, put it on his feet, then crawl back and stand back in the corner.

Before I know it he’s going me going back and forth, getting more and more naked each time. This scared me – I’ve never been fully naked in front of a man – especially one I’ve only talked to and haven’t seen. I’m scared shitless, but yet, I’m still surprisingly calm and comfortable.

He pulls my wrists behind my back, and cuffs them back in place. Then he puts something between my legs, and another pair of cuffs on my ankles. I feel something buzz between my legs, and realize it’s a rather powerful vibrator it only goes for a few seconds, but I’m already breathing heavy. He has me lay down, and pulls my legs up to my chest – then I feel like I’m being zipped in a bag or something. I’m told that he’s taking me somewhere, and I feel him lift me up, and it sounds like we go outside. I remember being placed on the ground, and what sounds like a tailgate opening. I’m picked up, and laid back down on something (I assume it’s a pick up bed). I hear the tailgate close, then it feels like we start moving. A few turns, then I feel us stop, I hear him start ordering at McDonalds (the only reason I knew it was Micky Ds is that he ordered a happy meal). Then the vibrator started, Damn it was strong... I think I even let out a little shriek as it startled me. I think I had an orgasm in the drive thru... LOL

Before I know it, we are driving again – we get back to the hotel, and I feel him carry me inside. He lets me out of the bag, and I’m shaking – both from the orgasm, and from being so scared – naked in public, all chained up like that.. damn…

He sits me in a hard backed chair, and starts feeding me – that was so romantic and surreal. The way he fed me just helped me realize how much he really did care about me.

After we’ve eaten, he whispers to me that he doesn’t have any other plans. I’m disappointed – I’m scared, but I’m having the time of my life. I suggest we just lay down and take a nap. I feel him as he takes the cuffs. I pull away and ask him to leave them on, telling him I like them.

He steers me towards the bed, and I lay down, He tucks me in, and wishes me a good nap. I ask him to lay down with me for a bit. He crawls in, puts an arm around me, holding my tummy, and pulls me close. I tell him it’s been an awesome day, and I can’t wait to finally see him. We fall asleep together.

What seems like 5 minutes later (although my sense of time was completely shot that day), my alarm goes off. I go to turn it off, but can’t move – I start struggling – he pets my hair and tells me that he’s still there, and I’m safe.

We get up – and he leads me to the bathroom and removes the cuffs. When I’m done, he picks me up and sets me in the shower. I feel warm water cascading over me. I’m so tempted to reach up and just pull the blindfold off, but I resist the temptation. He rubs a nice smelling soap all over my body, getting me very clean, and washes my hair. The water shuts off, and he leads me out of the shower, and he dries me off. I feel his hands behind my head, and I realize I’m going to get to see what he looks like. I feel my heart start being faster. He pulls the blindfold off me, and I see a very cute guy staring into my eyes. We just look into each others eyes, he leans in and kisses me, then leaves the room while I get ready for our dinner date.

He takes me to an awesome restaurant, and I feel so many eyes on me. It was a restaurant at the top of a tower that revolves. Very classy and elegant. We talk about so many different things, not just the events of the day – but whole life stories. I remember after telling him about my cutting that he said to me that I’m still “as beautiful as a princess, and what I’ve gone through just makes me stronger and that much more beautiful to him”. I turned a bright red at that one, and teared up.

We managed to finish the dinner without any more tears, and as we are waiting for the valet to bring his truck back, I lean over and ask him if he has any cuffs with him. He says there’s a pair in the truck, but he has no key. I tell him I want to wear them on the way back.

We get the truck and leave the valet lot – once we get a few minutes away he gets them from the glove box, I lean forward and he cuffs me again.

Once we make it back to the hotel, he leads me in (the back way thankfully), and we make it to the room before he turns me loose.

What happens after that, well, that’ll be a story between us…

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