Evil Eva

by Ivy

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Storycodes: F/mf; fpov; bond; rope; punish; gag; susp; flogger; naked; whip; hogtie; collar; cons; XX

Continues from

Part 6

I lay on the cold concrete floor, naked and helpless. My hands were tightly tied behind my back. My ankles were roped together with a foot of slack between them. A heavy metal collar was locked round my neck and attached by a short chain to a ring on the floor. The room was dark and windowless, the only light coming in from the cracks around the door to the adjacent room. 

Without warning, the door swung open and a beautiful slim leather clad woman approached me with a glint in her eye. Her long red hair was pulled back into a tight ponytail which swung to and fro as she walked, her high heels clicking on the floor. Looking past her and into the adjoining room, I could see a naked man hanging from cuffs, his feet barely touching the floor. His body was covered with numerous red welts, and he was looking directly at me. A large black ball gag filled his mouth.

“Punishment time, slave,” the woman announced, looking down at me. “You will learn the hard way to do your job properly.” She leant over me and disconnected the chain from my collar.

“Get up!” she snapped, grabbed me by the hair and pulled hard.

“Ow…yes, M Mistress,” I stammered as I struggled to my feet. 

She dragged me through the doorway and held me quivering in front of the man. Looking at him closely, I could see that he was in considerable pain.

Mistress gripped his face with her left hand, her right still grasping my hair. “Like you,” she said to him, “this slave needs to be punished severely. And I haven’t finished with you yet!”

She pulled me a few feet over to where a chain hung from a pulley attached to the ceiling. Swiftly, she hooked the chain around the ropes binding my wrists and hauled on the chain until I was bent over at ninety degrees facing the man.

“Please, Mistress,” I started to beg, but she crammed a large ball gag into my mouth and buckled it tightly.

“No-one wants to hear your pathetic whining, slave, least of all me.” Mistress snapped. She strode over to the wall and selected a flogger. I shook with fear as she moved behind me and swished it through the air a couple of times.

A few seconds passed, another swish and then I screamed through the gag as the first blow landed. Then again and again and again. Tears rolled down my cheeks and I screamed and screamed. Finally, it was over, and I was a trembling mess, a pool of drool and tears on the floor in front of me. I hung in position, supported only by the chain. 

Mistress lowered the pulley, disconnected the chain and I fell to the floor sobbing. 

“On your stomach, slave,” Mistress commanded. I did as I was told as she proceeded to loop rope round my ankles and pull my legs up until I was forced to arch my back. She then tied the rope off to my wrists. My heels were touching the back of my hands, and the position was already starting to cause me considerable back pain. I turned on to my side, which eased the discomfort slightly. I became conscious of the whole front of my naked body being in full view of the man, who was gazing at me intently.

Mistress strutted around the man a couple of times, then grabbed his balls and squeezed, eliciting a cry of pain from behind the gag. “Like I said, slave, I’m not finished with you yet,” she said, twisting one of his nipples with her other hand. “I was kind enough to give you a short break while I punished my little female slave here. Now, I think you deserve a lot more pain, don’t you? Don’t you?” She grabbed his face again and he nodded and mumbled what sounded a bit like “yes Mistress” through the gag. I lay there helpless in front of them both.

Mistress selected a whip from the row of implements hanging from the wall. She walked round him a couple of times, allowing him a good view of the whip which his eyes tracked, wide with fear. And with a crack she started. The blows were delivered with a lot of force and the man was screaming and whimpering through the gag. Mistress’s sadistic tendencies were on full display and the beating went on and on; after a minute, I couldn’t watch. 

When it stopped, the man seemed hardly conscious. His body was a mass of vivid red weals, some of which were bleeding. Mistress lowered him to the floor and freed him from the cuffs. Then she sat down and held him, his head in her lap. A few minutes later, she helped him stagger to his feet and assisted him through to another room where I heard water running. Then she returned to me.

“Good job Em!” she said, caressing my breasts, which I must confess I enjoyed a lot. She removed the ball gag.

“Just get me out of this hogtie!” I said, groaning involuntarily as Jeannie slipped her hands between my legs.

“Perhaps I should keep you like this for a while,” Jeannie teased with a smile, “you seem to be enjoying it. Did you like the new flogger? I can hit you as hard as I like with that, and it really doesn’t hurt much at all. Your acting was so good. I think he really believed I was causing you a lot of pain.”

“Yes, the flogger was fine but this hogtie isn’t. Please Jeannie, let me go. My back is killing me.”

“Ok, ok,” Jeannie said as she released the hogtie and I stretched out with great relief. “I suppose we want you in good shape for the next client. It’s a lesbian couple this time, tomorrow at 11.00 for three hours. We need to plan that out a bit, darling.” She leant forward and kissed me passionately. With my hands still tied behind my back, I was helpless to do anything but respond – that’s my excuse anyway.

“Jeannie!” I said “We haven’t time. The client will be out in a minute.”

“You’re right,” she replied and without another word crammed the gag back in my mouth and buckled it tightly. She then picked me up, carried me through to the other room, set me down, locked my collar to the ring on the floor and blew me a kiss as she left, closing the door. Once again, I lay there naked and helpless, but this time I was excited for her return. We were truly business partners with benefits, I reflected. 

An hour or so later I was free, wearing clothes, and chatting with Jeannie over a cup of tea.

“Do you ever think of that boring marketing job you had?” Jeannie asked. “Doesn’t compare with your current occupation, does it?”

“Not in the slightest respect,” I replied. “I love every day of this, working with you. Although as far as my mother is concerned, I’m still working at the office. I guess I’ll have to pluck up the courage to tell her one day. I think that will be painful, so I keep putting it off. Talking of painful, I thought you were very tough on our client today. What is his name by the way?”

“Peter,” Jeannie replied. “He’s a total pain slut, he loves it. He’ll be back again, you see. Incidentally, Alice might know him. I believe he’s CEO of a large financial services company. Bet his staff haven’t a clue what he does in his spare time!”

“Bet they haven’t! Anyway, how about this couple tomorrow? Our first lesbians, I think.”

“Yes, Julie and Anna, not their real names, I’m sure. Julie is apparently the more submissive of the two. They both want to remain incognito so they’ll both be wearing masks at all times. Apparently, they are well known, maybe on tv or something. They both want to be dominated and want you to be dominated with them. They’ve asked that you are already tied up and gagged in the dungeon when they arrive. Sounds like it should be fun!”


“Come on Emma, she’s a slave, you can make her do anything you want,” Jeannie intoned, looking at the chained and gagged naked body in the kitchen. Eva was cleaning up after serving us breakfast and still had a couple of weeks to go until her slavery punishment was over. Alice was out at work.

“I know in theory I can,” I replied, “but I can’t imagine hurting her or humiliating her, it’s just not something I feel I can do.”

“Look,” said Jeannie, “you want to join me in the dominatrix business, don’t you? And I know we talked about you mainly taking the role of a sub, but I’m sure there will be times when you’ll need to switch into a dominant role for a client. Over the next two weeks, we have a unique opportunity for you to get into that mindset, using…that!” She nodded her head towards Eva.

I knew that Jeannie felt we had been far too soft with Eva after all she had put us through, and I wondered if this was just an excuse to get some more revenge on her. It was true that we had been quite lenient with Eva in her slave role. Yes, we kept her naked, or in her underwear, and in some level of bondage at all times. When we “stored” her, which was usually for at least a couple of hours each day, she was tied up very comprehensively. Alice had caned her a couple of times for minor transgressions but that was it. For the most part, Eva adopted the role of a servant. She was deferential, cooked, cleaned and appeared to accept her role and want to get through it with the minimum of fuss. And, to be perfectly honest, so did I.

“Yes, but…”

“No buts,” Jeannie snapped. “You’ve got to start somewhere. Tie her to that post in your bedroom and whip her like she did to you.”

“I can’t do that,” I objected.

“She didn’t have any problem hurting you, did she?” Jeannie reminded me. “Look, I’ll take the lead and you can do the whipping.”

Before I could say anything, she marched into the kitchen, grabbed Eva by the hair and proceeded to drag her into the bedroom.

“Punishment time, slave!” Jeannie announced gleefully. I noticed the sadistic glint in her eye.

Eva protested through the ball gag Alice had locked in place an hour ago, but nothing intelligible came out. The cuffs and chains she wore on her hands and feet only had about a foot of slack between them, so she was unable to put up much resistance. Jeannie had little trouble getting her into the bedroom and pushing her face first towards the post. Jeannie lifted Eva’s chained hands above her head and held them there.

“Don’t you dare move, slave,” she snapped and grabbed some rope from our play box on the floor. Swiftly she fed rope through the ring on Eva’s collar and tied it off round the post. A couple of minutes and a lot more rope later, Eva was bound to the post at her ankles and waist and neck. Jeannie pulled her hands over her head down her back and tied them off tightly with a rope running between her legs and round her waist. As a final touch, Jeannie applied our most painful clamps to each nipple with connecting chain running around the post, Eva wincing as she did so. She stood back and admired her handiwork.

“That’ll do, I think,” she said to me. “Plenty of slave to aim for. And after you’ve done this side, we can turn her round and you can whip her breasts. Shall I choose a whip for you?”

“Jeannie, I can’t…”

“You can, Emma. Come on, just try it. Once you start it will be much easier.” She handed me a crop from the box. “Just six strokes to begin with, give it a go.”

I fingered the whip. Standing behind Eva, who I noticed was shaking with fear, I was glad I couldn’t see her face. Tentatively, I swung the whip and it impacted her backside with a subdued slapping noise. Feeling a little more confident, I ran through the next five, picking up the pace as I went. Eva grunted a little at one point but other than that, she made no sound.

I turned round to see Jeannie standing with her hands on her hips wearing a scornful expression.

“That was just about the gentlest whipping ever,” she commented with an amused expression on her face. “Look at her skin; there are some faint marks and they’ll be gone in ten minutes. Now try again and this time hit her like you mean it. Think about all the things she’s done to you and even the score.”

“Ok, I’ll try,” I said falteringly. “But it’s hard for me.” 

Renewing my stance, I swung the whip again with a lot more force and it hit her with a crack. Eva whimpered through the gag. A red stripe appeared immediately on her skin.

“Again!” Jeannie encouraged.

This time I swung the whip hard. It impacted with a loud crack and an instant red welt appeared across her backside. Eva let out a sharp yelp through the gag and seemed to subside in the ropes that held her tight to the post.

I felt awful but nevertheless swung the whip with force another four times, leaving criss-cross red marks on Eva. I could hear her sobbing and could see some tears on the floor.

“That’s it!” I said to Jeannie, near to tears myself. “I can’t do this, I hate it!” I threw the whip down and sat on a nearby chair.

“But you did it,” said Jeannie. “You’ve proved to me and yourself that you can do it. It’s a great start and we’ll do some more another time. How about the day after tomorrow? Let you and your slave recover a bit.” 

Eva was still sobbing and breathing hard as I went over to her and breathed “sorry” into her ear, making sure that Jeannie couldn’t hear. Between us, Jeannie and I untied her from the post and, telling her to remain silent, I removed the gag. Still chained, she shuffled off back to the kitchen. I looked at Jeannie.

“That was awful for me,” I said. “I don’t want to do it the day after tomorrow or ever again. And Alice is bound to notice and…”

“You look so worried, darling,” said Jeannie smiling. “What do you think Alice is going to say anyway? We punished the slave, so what? She’s a slave, it’s all part of the deal. And given what she put you through, I don’t think Alice will complain about you getting your own back.”

I looked at Eva in chains by the kitchen sink, her sobbing subsiding. “Well, I can’t do it Jeannie, I just can’t. At least not with her. If it was someone else who I didn’t know who had come to us wanting to be punished, then maybe. But even that would be difficult for me.”

“All right,” said Jeannie. “Let’s compromise. You pluck up your courage and in a few days time you do one more session with the slave here. After that we’ll let it be and I’ll assume that, if the situation calls for it, you can dominate someone at our premises.” 

I didn’t really want to accept that option, but I could see from Jeannie’s tough expression that backing down would be difficult. 

Alice returned home in the early evening and almost immediately noticed the red stripes across Eva’s backside.

“Been a naughty girl while I’ve been out, has she?” she asked with a smile.

I filled her in on what had happened, and she grinned.

“Good for you, Em. Life’s been too easy for her and you deserve some retribution – even if Jeannie had to push you into it. I hope you enjoyed it!”

A week later, the day which Jeannie had specified as my next punishment for Eva, had arrived. Again, Alice was out, and I was nervous and dreading Jeannie’s appearance. All too soon there was a knock on the door and there was Jeannie. She was looking gorgeous as usual, in white shorts and a tight green t-shirt with her red hair tumbling around her lovely face.

“I’ve been looking forward to this all week,” she said with a big grin. “Where’s our victim?”


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