Evil Eva

by Ivy

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Storycodes: F/f; F/f+; fpov; bond; cuffs; bedtie; gag; rope; collar; electro; punish; kidnap; cane; reluct; nc; XX

Part 1

“What time is it?” I asked sleepily, turning over and half opening my eyes. The sunlight was streaming in through the gap in the curtains lighting up the old oak beams and the wobbly walls. Our lovely cottage dates back to the 18th century and sits surrounded by fields overlooking open countryside.

“Seven thirty,” replied Alice, sounding all wide awake.

I groaned and half sat up, clattering the handcuffs against each other as I did so. Our bedroom exertions often ended up in me restricted in some way or other for the rest of the night. Having my hands cuffed in front of me was a modest form of nightly constraint compared to some of the restraints Alice imposed on me. 

Alice was dressed and looking business smart. In her early thirties like me, she reminds me of the English actress Rebecca Ferguson, a picture of elegance and sophistication. I told her once and she said I looked like Stacy Burke, the fetish model who did a lot of work for Harmony Concepts years ago, little, blonde and curvy. 

“Why so early and why are you dressed as though you’re going to work? It’s Saturday, in case you’ve forgotten and we’d planned to go into town.”

“I’m sorry Em but I’ve got to go and meet Eva. She’s arranged a meeting with a couple of financiers and there are contracts that I need to sign. It has to be done today, she says it’s very important for the company. It won’t take too long, I should be back by half eleven.”

Alice runs a financial consulting company and Eva is her chief financial officer. To be honest, I’ve never really understood what the business is about but I do know I really don’t like Eva. The few times I’ve met her she’s either ignored me totally or spoken to me like I’m a ten year old. And there’s a hard glint in her eye that unsettles me.

“That bitch! You’re wasting your weekend – our weekend - on her? So what do I do while you’re with her?”

“Come on Emma, I’ve said I’m sorry. It has to be done and I’ll be as quick as I can. I’m sure you can think of something to do this morning.”

“Perhaps I’ll call Jeannie…”

I regretted the words as soon as they fell out of my mouth. Jeannie lived in the village and made no secret of her attraction to me. And I can’t pretend I’m not flattered, all of which has led to several fights between me and Alice in the past. This time was no exception.

Alice stared at me for a long moment with fiery eyes.

“I didn’t mean…” I started, but then Alice was on top of me pinning me down on the bed and grabbing my cuffed wrists. At five foot ten to my diminutive five foot two, I am no match for her physically. Holding me down and ignoring my yelling, she reached into the bedside drawer on her side and pulled out the handcuffs key. With comparative ease. She unlocked one cuff, fed the chain through a bar on the bedstead and locked the cuff back round my wrist again.

“Great, now what?” I asked sarcastically, but that was all I got to say because Angela had grabbed the large ball-gag from our toy box by the bed, stuffed it into my mouth and tightly buckled it in place. 

“Now…you won’t call anyone, that’s what.” Alice replied, a menacing tone creeping into her voice. “You’ll stay there for now while I get ready and decide what I’m going to do with you.” 

Without saying another word, she pulled some rope from the box and tied my ankles tightly together, leaving a good length spare. I watched in trepidation as she wrapped the spare rope around her hand and pulled hard, stretching me taut on the bed and causing significant pain to my handcuffed wrists and bound ankles. Maintaining the tension, she tied off the rope to the bedframe and swept out of the room. 

I lay there painfully stretched out, totally helpless and nervously wondering what she had in mind. I knew I shouldn’t have mentioned Jeannie, but the words just came out. She should have told me earlier that she had to work today, I reflected. But on the other hand, I did over-react and now I was suffering for it. Not only were my wrists and ankles hurting but my jaw was also starting to ache because of the large gag. On top of all that I needed to go to the bathroom. I could hear Alice moving about in the kitchen as I lay there in pain and hoped that she would come back and take pity on me soon.

It was about twenty minutes before Alice re-appeared in the bedroom and stood and looked at me for a moment before bending over the bed and removing the gag.

“Alice, please let me go, my wrists hurt so much and ….” That was all I got to say as Alice rammed the gag back in my mouth and buckled it even tighter than before.

“Forget it Emma, the first words out of your mouth should have been an apology. I’ve had enough of your stupid little tantrums. You’ve made this morning unpleasant for me so I’m going to make it unpleasant for you. Perhaps then you’ll learn that our relationship isn’t all about what you want and that sometimes, just sometimes, other stuff gets in the way. And, if you ever mention that slut Jeannie again, we’re done. Do you understand?”

I nodded unhappily conscious of the renewed pain in my jaw, and watched her walk out of the room again.

Another painful fifteen minutes passed until Alice returned again holding some sort of collar in one hand. She proceeded to buckle it tightly round my neck, locked it in place with a small padlock and stood over me.

“Now Emma”, she said menacingly. “I bought this exactly for situations like this. What you have round your neck, darling, is a shock collar. I’m sure you’ve heard of them or read about them.”

“No, please Alice…” I tried to say, through the gag but of course nothing intelligible came out.

“While you wear this,” Alice explained with an evil glint in her eye, “You will obey me. That means when I tell you to do something, you do it immediately and without question. Otherwise, I will punish you. Nod to show me that you understand.

It took me a split second to process what she had just told me. That was obviously too long for Alice and I screamed into the gag as a bolt of pain shot through me and tears sprang to my eyes.

“I said immediately,” said Alice quietly as she fingered the remote. “You have to learn.” Before I could respond, she shocked me again. I howled, and tears poured down my face.

“I can shock you as often as I like, darling, and there’s absolutely nothing you can do to stop me. But I don’t want to, so don’t make me shock you again. Now, nod to show me that you understand.”

I nodded instantly, blubbing through my gag with tears running down my face. How could she be so cruel? This took our relationship to a different level, somewhere where I was definitely not happy, not that I was in any position to do much about it at this stage.

“Good girl,” said Alice, smiling at me. “That wasn’t so hard, was it? Now I’m going to take the gag out and let you get up. Don’t say a word or make a sound.”

She reached behind my head, undid the buckle and pulled the big ball out from between my teeth. I closed my mouth with great relief and the pain in my jaw began to subside. Alice untied the rope holding my ankles to the bedframe and freed my ankles. Sitting on top of me, she freed one of my wrists from the handcuff, passed the chain back through the bedframe and re-cuffed me as I was before. 

“Sit up,” she ordered as she climbed off me. I did so instantly, free apart from my cuffed wrists and that dreaded collar.

“Now listen,” she went on “Here’s what’s going to happen. You are going to go to the bathroom, do what you need to do to get ready for the day, and be back here sitting on the bed in ten minutes. You will then find out how you will spend the morning. She pulled out her phone. “8.22, time starts now!”

I scampered into the bathroom, washed, used the toilet, brushed my teeth, combed my hair and was back on the bed in position by 8.30. I didn’t want any chance of Alice pressing the shock collar remote again. She came back a couple of minutes later with some fruit on a plate and a glass of water and set it on the nightstand. “Eat, drink,” she ordered “you won’t be getting anything else till I come back around 11.30.”

I ate and drank in silence while Alice put her make-up on in front of the dressing table mirror. Once I’d finished, I sat there and waited in trepidation.

A couple of moments later Alice turned to me. She looked stunning, large brown eyes framed by thick lustrous dark brown hair cascading down over her shoulders. At 33, she was tall, slim and turned heads wherever she went. I was instantly attracted to her from the first time we met at a mutual friend’s party. We’ve been together for eleven months now. For a moment I forgot the current situation and gazed at her beautiful face. I came down to earth with a bump as she tossed the handcuff keys to me.

“Take the cuffs off and put them on the nightstand. Then roll on to your stomach and cross your wrists behind your back. Now!” She waved the collar remote at me as I fiddled with the key. Thirty seconds later I was in position.

Alice took several lengths of soft rope from our toy box. Picking one, she sat on my legs and proceeded to wrap the rope round and round my wrists, drawing them together tighter and tighter until I knew I had no chance of getting my arms free. A third unreachable knot made sure of that. She then wound rope round and round my arms above the elbows, pulling them in firmly but not too tightly. Alice then proceeded to tie my ankles in a rope hobble leaving about six inches between them.

“Sit up,” she ordered once again “and sit on the side of the bed with your legs off the edge.”

I did so immediately as she moved behind me. I felt another length of rope being attached to the rope connecting my elbows. She then proceeded to take it over my shoulders, round and round my upper body and arms, under and over my breasts, finishing off by cinching the ropes between my breasts and tying the ends off behind my back somewhere.

Alice stood up and admired her handiwork. “I’ve not quite finished, Emma, but you’ve probably got a good idea now how you’re going to spend the morning. The kitchen is locked in case you get some stupid idea of trying to free yourself with knives or scissors. As you can see, I’ve allowed you some distance between your ankles so you can move around very slowly. You’re welcome to try to struggle free when I leave, but I don’t rate your chances. Now stand up.”

I stood carefully and watched her pick up yet more rope. She looped it several times tightly round my waist, leaving both ends dangling on the floor in front of me and ordered me to turn around. The double rope was pulled tightly between my legs and tied off round my wrists, further pinioning my arms against my back.

“That’s it, apart from the gag.” Alice announced. Turn back round and you may speak.”

“I’m sorry, Alice, I’m really sorry. I didn’t …”

Alice held up her hand and I stopped talking. She pulled a smaller gag out of the box and strapped it in place much less tightly than the previous gag.

“I know you are sorry, Emma, and this is your punishment – well, part of it anyway. We’ll talk more when I get back. The shock collar stays on to remind you who’s in charge in case you forget! Oh, and I’m taking your phone of course. Don’t want you tapping out a text to anyone.”

She dropped my phone into her bag, pushed me so I fell backwards onto the bed and swept out of the room without a backwards glance. I heard the front door open and close, followed by the car door and then the crunch of tires on gravel as she drove away. Silence descended and I tugged at my wrists. After a minute or two, I realized that there was absolutely no way I was getting free. I squirmed myself up the bed and tried to go back to sleep.

The clock in the lounge struck 9 o’clock and I gave up trying to sleep. The ropes were too tight to allow me to fully relax and I was nervous about what she might do to me when she got back, particularly as the dreaded shock collar was still tightly padlocked around my neck. I struggled off the bed, stood up carefully and shuffled my way very slowly into the lounge. The TV remote was on the side table and, by carefully positioning myself and bending my knees I managed to pick it up despite the pain caused by the crotchrope. I shuffled to the couch and collapsed on it. I was familiar enough with the remote to operate it from behind my back and I channel surfed for a while. There was nothing I wanted to watch and after an hour or so, I turned the TV off and lay back and listened to the sounds of nature outside. 

Eleven o’clock came and went and so did noon. By now I was starting to worry. What would happen if something awful had happened to her? What would happen to me, how would I get help? How would anyone know? I told myself to calm down and relax, it had probably taken longer with the contracts than she anticipated. She’d be back soon.

By 12.30 I was getting uncomfortable. My jaw was aching, I’d drooled all down my chest, and the sides of my mouth were sore from the gag straps. My arms and shoulders were hurting from being strictly confined for so long and every tiny movement I made pulled on the tender areas around the crotchrope. I longed to hear Alice’s car crunch on the gravel again.

Just before 1.00, a car pulled up but I was shocked to see that it wasn’t Alice’s. The door opened and a tall, slim lady with long black hair got out. She turned towards the house and even from that distance I could see the beautiful but cruel face and the hard glint in her eye. Eva opened the trunk of the car and, with some effort, dragged out what looked like a lifeless body wrapped in sheets. Now I was really scared and starting to panic. But what could I do, I could hardly move, let alone defend myself?

I watched, wide-eyed, as Eva slung the body over her shoulder and made her way towards the door, key in hand. A few seconds later she was in the lounge depositing the body into the armchair.

“Emma!” she exclaimed. “Who’s been a naughty girl, then?” She gazed at me with contempt. “Stand up!” she snapped.

I stood and she walked round me inspecting the ropes. 

“Nice job.” she commented, “Don’t think you’re getting free anytime soon. And is that a shock collar round your neck?”

She looked around the room and found the remote on the mantelpiece. “Let’s see, now how does this work?”

She pressed it and I screamed through the gag. She pressed it again, I screamed again and collapsed on the floor in tears.

“Hmm” said Eva, “Works well, you really must have been a bad girl. Alice mentioned that she’d tied you up for the morning after some argument and that made things a lot easier for me. My original plan was to go somewhere else, but this is much better.”

As I tried to recover from the pain, the wrapped up body on the chair moved and groaned.

Eva smiled nastily. “Perfect timing! I suppose I should unwrap our friend here.”

She unwound the web of ropes holding the sheets in place and pulled them away revealing a very tightly bound naked female form wearing a hood. Eva unzipped the hood and there, blinking her eyes in the light, was Alice. A large ball-gag filled her mouth. She was tied like me, but much tighter. Her elbows were crushed together, breasts cruelly constricted, bound hands held in place by an extremely tight crotchrope, legs bound at the ankles and above and below the knees. And to ensure her complete helplessness, her hands were wrapped in many layers of duct tape. She was obviously coming round from some drug and looked lost and disorientated.

“Look at you now, you stupid bitch.” said Eva with a sneer. “You haven’t a clue what’s happened, have you? Those contracts you signed with the financiers weren’t injecting capital into your company, they were funding a shell company. The money has now moved through another couple of companies and some more financial convolutions into an offshore organization owned by me. I’ve already paid off the accomplices leaving me with around $30 million and, needless to say, leaving you bankrupt.”

She paused and looked at Alice who by now looked fully awake.

Eva smiled. “Still, it’s been fun hasn’t it? I certainly had fun spiking the champagne we celebrated with after the other two left. It was fun watching you crumple on to the floor, stripping your clothes off and tying you up. You have a lovely body by the way. And so, now we’re here. I don’t plan to stay too long but I’m going to give you something to remember me by. Stand up both of you or I shock Emma again.”

We both struggled to our feet, Alice swaying slightly and looking like she could fall at any moment. Eva looped rope round each of our necks, made us both bend forward and tied the rope off to our ankles. We were both bent at about 90 degrees as she attached more rope to our hands, looped it over the oak beams and tied it off tightly. We were now tautly held in position as Eva went out the front door for a moment, returning with a thin bamboo rod.

“Well ladies,” she chuckled, “time for some more fun, for me anyway. Perhaps not so much for you. Or maybe, depending what you’re into I suppose.” She walked around swishing the cane through the air. I was nearly throwing up with fear of what was to come.

“Emma,” she said, as she bent down and pulled my head up by yanking my hair, “I don’t really have any argument with you, although you deserve some punishment for choosing to live with Alice.” She let go of my hair and the next thing I knew was the crack of the cane across my buttocks and pain that felt like a line of fire. It was worse than the shock collar and I screamed into the gag for the fifth time that day. Two more blows were delivered in quick succession and I nearly fainted. 

Eva walked round me and held my face gently with both hands. “Relax Emma, it’s over. Now you can recover and listen to the main event.” She stood up and wrenched Alice’s head up with her hair.

“I’ve worked with you for two years and for all that time I’ve had to put up with your stupidity and ridiculous ideas. Two years listening to your crap and trying to be polite. Twenty-four months of dealing with your patronizing, your arrogance, your incompetence, your… well it’s my time now, just look at you down here, you pathetic creature. You know, that sounds like a good number doesn’t it, twenty-four? Four lots of six!”

And with that I heard the first blow land and the muffled scream from Alice. I couldn’t really see much, but it was agonizing to listen to. After the first six strokes, Eva stopped and strolled slowly round the room flexing the cane.

“Six down, Alice. Only eighteen to go.” 

She laughed and delivered the seventh blow. Tears ran down my cheeks at the thought of what Alice was enduring.

Finally, after a similar pause at twelve and eighteen, Eva landed the twenty-fourth stroke. I could see Alice hanging inert in the ropes that held her, swaying slightly. From the little I could see of her face, she looked hardly conscious.

“All over, Alice,” Eva said softly, before delivering another very hard stroke which elicited yet another scream from Alice through the gag. 

“Guess what, I lied,” she chuckled, “Now it is over, really.” 

I hated her more at that point than I thought it was possible to hate anyone.

Eva undid the rope round the ceiling beam and Alice fell to the floor whimpering. She did the same for me and I dropped down too. Next, she untied the ropes holding us in a bent position and for a moment I could stretch out. Alice hardly moved.

“That was fun, I was right,” said Eva, smirking. “Just a couple of things left to do and then I’ll be off.”

She fixed me with what was an almost gentle smile. “Emma, I suppose you must have been tied up all morning and are probably desperate for the bathroom. Stand up!”

I struggled to my feet. Emma untied and removed the crotch rope. 

“Off you go. You’ve got three minutes and if you’re late I’ll start caning Alice again.” 

I tottered off as fast as I could. Much relieved, I was back a couple of minutes later. Eva tied the crotch rope back in place pulling it uncomfortably tight. I looked at Alice still lying in the same crumpled position on the floor, a network of livid red stripes crisscrossing her backside. How she had coped with twenty- five strokes of that bamboo cane was beyond me.

“Look what I found in the bedroom!” announced Eva nastily, the large ballgag dangling from her hand. And a few seconds later the smaller one was removed and the original, which had caused me so much pain earlier, was once again rammed in my mouth and very tightly buckled.

“That’s better.” said Eva grinning, “Now on the floor with your girlfriend, on your stomach.” She kicked Alice in the ribs. “On your stomach too, bitch!”

A few moments later we were both tightly hogtied and Eva was busy throwing ropes over the ceiling beams. Attaching the ends to the ropes securing our wrists to our ankles, she expressed great delight as she pulled them taut, arching us both into much more stressful positions. I screwed up my eyes with pain as she secured the ropes, wondering how long I could survive in this position. Alice moaned into her gag.

“There we are ladies.” Eva announced triumphantly. “I don’t think you two are going anywhere for a while. I, on the other hand, will take my leave. You will never see me again, but I don’t think you’ll forget me soon either!”

“Now,” she continued, “I know you two won’t last long tied like that and, whilst I want you to suffer, I don’t want any permanent damage to happen to you. So, I will contact a friend to come and release you in a few hours when I’m safely out of the way. I picked the first name on your list, Alice, someone called Jeannie Abraham. I remember you whining about her once. Hope she likes you enough to come round. That’s it, have fun!”

With that, she blew us both a kiss and swept out of the house. The front door closed, the car scrunched the gravel as she drove away and then silence, leaving me and Alice in our helpless world of stress. And through all the aches and cramps and pain, I remember thinking that I would get to see Jeannie again after all.


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