Eternal Devotion

by JessBaby

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© Copyright 2014 - JessBaby - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF; F/f; latex; catsuit; party; Halloween; costumes; cemetery; crypt; bond; tease; les; sex; climax; curse; stuck; cons/nc; X

“That fucking bitch,”  Erin mumbled again as she drunkenly leaned on her friend Paige. “Fuck.. break up with me? Fuck’n I’LL breakup.. with.. and her stupid face.. I don’t fuck’n..” she slurred together as Paige helped her into her house.

“Ok drunky girl.. so there’s a garbage can beside you if you feel sick, just try to stay on your side ok?” Erin said as she started tucking her into bed.

“I do feel sick..” she pouted as she began to curl up into a ball.

“Well just try and aim for the trashcan ok?” Page said as she went to go move it even closer to Erin’s head.

“No not.. how could she.. that? But to me!”

“This is some prime, wait-to-the-morning, stuff here.” Erin said as she patted her friend on the back.

“I fuck’n love or I thought.. but No! No it’s meh meh meh all the time and. I mean it’s like hello? I should have.. it’s my place too! She shoulda .. spinning on the couch”

“Look, we’ll go by your place some time tomorrow when she’s not home, you can grab some of your stuff and crash here for however long you need.” Paige said as she started tidying up the room.

“I’ll crash.. I mean all over her face!” Erin said before making herself chuckle at the joke she thought she just made.

“Of course you will, goodnight,” Paige said as she turned off the light and walked back to her room.


“So you wanna come to the Halloween party tomorrow?” Paige said as she sat down beside Erin, who was wrapped in blankets staring blankly at the tv. The same position she had been in for the last three days

“Don’t feel like it.”

“Look, I know you’re feeling bad. You were together what, three years?” Paige said as she set a tea down in Erin’s line of sight with the television.

“No, first date was just over three years ago, knew her for about a year before that. Moved in with her a year ago next month. You know what’s messed up? I actually started looking at rings.. I guess that’s just me being ‘too clingy’ as she put it. Or maybe it was my not wanting to do what she wanted to do or fuck.. maybe she just realized she could do better or something” Erin said in one of the longer responses she’d given to Paige in the last few days.

“Stop it, hey you don’t need to beat yourself up,” Paige said trying to walk a delicate line.

“Why, you gonna do it for me? Whips and all that’s still back at her place.”

“Good, a joke, see there’s still a part of you under there!” Paige said as she moved in for a hug.

“Uh, get off me you fat cow! I can’t move,” Erin jovially responded as she struggled to get out from under all the blankets she was now being hugged in.

“I’m about five pounds lighter than you. And like you said, you left your bondage stuff back at her place, got to make up for it somehow!”

“Uh.. fine! Fine I’ll go to your stupid party! Just get off me,” Erin said in a smile as she got up to go shower.

By the time she took a long shower and tidied up, nearly an hour had passed and Paige was in her room getting out possible costumes. Erin looked at her limited options with some dismay. “Didn’t you say a few weeks back you were getting me this cool costume custom or something?” she asked.

“Right, but I wanted to talk to you first. Are you going just because I’m making yeah or do you want to try to meet someone? Cause I think you need a rebound to get out of this funk, but that’s up to you. I hear there’s going to be a lot of women there..”

“I.. You know what you’re right. Fuck it, I’ve only been with one vagina in almost the four years. One night stand doesn’t sound so bad. Where’s this special costume?”

“Here you go,” Paige said as she went into the closet to retrieve a small delivery box. “I’ll give you some space to change.”

Erin grinned as she pulled the costume out. It was a large, single piece black catsuit. It was made of something close to latex, somewhat ridged but with just a little bit of stretch. It had a zipper in the back and one across.her crotch. In the back was a single cat tail, keeping the pretense of Halloween.

Below it in the box was a small container of baby powder. Erin was no stranger to Latex and began applying small amounts to her legs before stepping in. It stretched as she worked her each leg into it and clung to her like a second skin. The arms were not any easier,but they at least opened up into a hole, allowing her free hands to stick out. There was a small flap that dangled over the back of her palm painted, like her feet, to look like a cat’s paw. She struggled for some time attempting to reach the zipper at her back, but the twist would always move the zipper further out of reach. Erin gave up on the zipper for now and took out the last piece of the costume, a small pair of black cat ears attached to a plastic headband.

“Yeah! Operation get-back-on-that-horse is a go!” Paige said as Erin emerged from the bedroom. “Need help with the zipper?” she asked rhetorically as she walked around and began to close the costume up.

“Uhh, that’s kind of tight,” Erin said, as she found herself having to take slightly more shallow breaths.

“Yeah, but go to a mirror and say that,” Paige said. “And while you’re there, I’ll get some makeup. You forgot the nose and whiskers!” After a brief touch up at the mirror, the two walked out to the car. It was a little cool but the sky was clear and the moon was bright for only three quarters full.

“Ok, I’m gonna get this out of the way early, don’t just sit there on your phone.” Paige said as she glanced over and saw her friend furiously typing away in the passenger seat. “As your friend, I’m telling you: put it away or I’m taking it away.”

“Fine, just updating my facebook anyway. ‘I don’t need no April! I’m gonna find someone new and hotter tonight at Abby’s epic party! Woot.’ Ok done, here,” Erin said as she handed her phone over to her friend.

They had arrived a little on the early side, but it allowed both of them to take in people as they came, not as a single mass. But it would be an uphill battle for Erin to find anyone much hotter than April. She used to think April was far out of her league. She was a leggy, spunky brunette without an ounce of excess body fat to be found. Not by accident, she would start every morning with a jog. Even at her best Erin could only join her for about half her routine. Erin was in no way ugly herself, but there was just something about April that could make Erin feel inadequate by comparison.

But two drinks in, Erin realized she didn’t need another April, she just needed someone.

“Nice costume,” came a voice from behind her. Erin turned to see a woman in a tattered looking witch costume. She had bottle red hair and fair skin. Her stockings were ripped, the material frayed, she wore extra belts and bracelets that seemed to all make it look like a cross between being a witch and simply shopping a little too much at a goth store.

“Not bad yourself. Hi, name’s Erin.”

“Victoria. So, did kitty come with anyone or you all on your lonesome?”

“No, this kitty’s all alone. Why, do you know someone in need?”

“I can think of someone who might be looking to get to know a nice pussy.. cat.” Victoria said, emphasizing the pause to play up the terrible and obvious joke. “Hey, you wanna go somewhere quiet to talk?”


Victoria and Erin went outside by the cars, sitting down on the trunk of Paige’s car. The two hit it off in short order. Victoria was a little more forward than Erin was used to, but that seemed appropriate for a night of rebounding. Different was good. She noticed Victoria checking her watch often, but it seemed to only be a distraction when the conversation lulled. She invited Erin back to her place just down the block. Erin thought about it and agreed.

“So.. Halloween, scary stuff right? Nothing but moonlight illuminated things,” Victoria joked as the two walked down to the end of the block near a cemetery. “Hey, you believe in any of that stuff?”

“Phht, hell no. Why?” she asked.

Victorias smile grew both in size and wickedness. “Ok, so I live just around that block, that last driveway, but.. you want a real rush? Follow me,” she said as she hopped the very short stone fence around the cemetery. “Come on, unless you’re chicken or something..” she said as she invited Erin in with her eyes.

Erin looked around, no one seemed to be there, the cars were all at the other side of the block and no one seemed to be in them. Before she gave herself more time to think it over, she hopped over the wall and ran up the hill hand in hand with Victoria. The gravestones all looked very old, most of them at least a century old. Once they were over the small ridge and more safely out of sight the two collapsed down in hiding.

Victoria quickly rolled over and began to kiss Erin. Erin responded hesitatingly. She found this girl attractive, and the situation certainly arousing, but the back of her mind kept shouting “what about April?” That part was quickly silenced however as Victoria began to run her hands along Erin’s body and rub her leg against her crotch.

Victoria flipped over to better work her hand down to the zipper concealing Erin’s crotch. “Mmm easy access zipper.. for your convenience right? Hey wait, look over there,” she said she pointed directly across from them. It was dark and hard to see, but it looked like a large stone crypt had been left open. The open door swung in, but it was clearly open. “Hey, do you dare?” Victoria said as she started to get up to a crouch.

“In there, are you crazy?”

“Oh come now kitty, let’s see what’s in there.. it’d be so cool.” Victoria said as she started crouch-walking for the open door.

Erin looked back over the ridge. Still no sign of anyone, just a lot of parked cars. She looked over at the adventurous woman who was already at the archway. “Fuck it,” Erin thought as she made a dash for the crypt. “Wow.. it’s strangely light in here, I didn’t notice any windows,” she said, noticing how well she could still see.

“Yeah, they must hide’m well. Alright, now I got to just warn you, I really love doing it in public spaces like this. You have no idea, I’m like on fire right now,” Victoria said as she started removing her accessories and her top.

“Wait, right here?” Erin asked.

“Why not, it’s such a rush!” Victoria said. Erin had to admit it was a rush, She was feeling her heart race at incredible speed, picturing some old groundskeeper coming back at any second. Or worse! Yes, she hated to admit it but it was turning her on.

“Fine, any other kinks you wanna warn me about first?” Erin said sarcastically as she carefully undid the zipper at her crotch.

“Well, I mean we don’t have to.. but I kind of like tying people up..” she said, not wanting to look at Erin as she did.

“Well..” Erin said as she looked back at the door. “Fine.” she said.

“Fine what?”

“Fine tie me up. I maybe.. sort of.. like being tied up..”

“Yeah, when I saw a latex costume I kind of thought.. Hey maybe,” Victoria said, now stripped down to nothing. “Wow, this floor’s surprisingly clean,” she said as she felt around with her bare foot. Suddenly a smile lit across her face. “Lay down,” she said, in a commanding voice.

Erin laid down on her back with her head facing Victoria. “Here, these bracelets of mine should make some good makeshift cuffs,” she said as she secured four leather loops to her extremities. They felt like high quality material, soft but firm. “And I’ll use these other doodads with these notches I found in the floor,” she said slowly as she secured Erin’s second hand.

“And these’ll hold, we’re not going to be like tearing up an old stone crypt are we?

“Oh no.. I’ll bet you anything those will hold very safely,” Victoria said as she was securing the two legs into place. “Now, let’s see this pussy of yours. Oh my is it wet,” she said as she lay down between Erin’s legs and began to insert her fingers. She moved in shortly after with her tongue. Erin gave her restraints a tug as the pleasure became intense. The restraints were comfortable but afforded very little area to move.

“I like the way you squirm,” Victoria said as she ducked up with a smile. “Alright, homestretch now,” she said before she ducked back down and added her other fingers, pounding in and out with all four fingers as her tongue danced around her clit.

Erin grabbed hold of the leather straps tying her cuffs to distant corners of the room. She arched her back and began to feel light headed as her lungs struggled in the confining suit to get enough air. As she came crashing over the pleasure was overwhelming. She was breathless, unable to moan any scream or sound.

The pleasure continued to rise even as Victoria removed her hands and tongue. Erin began to question what she was feeling as it felt as though the orgasms continued to multiply out, feeling like they were coming from further and further away from her pussy. The room began to illuminate with a sickly green glow. Erin imagined she must be losing her mind as the crypt became as bright as a strange green daylight. She looked down and saw Victoria contorting, kneeling up as her skin began to glow along with the room. The temperature began to drop as Erin felt some new force pressing against her crotch. There was nothing touching it, yet it felt like it was being pricked from the inside out. The prickling sensation spread out in all directions just as the orgasmic feeling had before. As it slowly traveled up toward her head, Erin began to very quickly feel a grip of terror as her mind began to accept that this was not some kind of illusion, even if it had made no sense to what it could possibly be. As the prickling traveled up her neck her world suddenly started to get very black, causing her to pass out.


When Erin awoke she felt groggy. She hoped for a second that it had all been a dream, but as the once again dim roof of the crypt came into view she began to remember. She looked over and saw Victoria sitting beside her once again dressed in her costume, though without the belts and bracelets.

“Wha.. wha..” Erin tried to say, though she felt almost weak from the effort.

“Now, I’m going to tell you what I was told all those years ago. And trust me when I start out by saying you’ll want to listen and you’ll want to not scream.” Victoria explained  as she looked right at Erin.

“Let.. let go..” Erin tried to say again.

“Sorry, can’t do that anymore even if I wanted to. See, in 1981 another girl, a blond southern bell type, she lured me out here. She put those exact cuffs on my wrists, and used those exact leather belts to tie me to those exact spots. She went down on me, made me cum, and I was treated to the same green light show you just got. Now, when I came to, she sat me down and explained to me what had been explained to her, and the woman before her. Somewhere, some of the details got forgotten, but what I know is that a long time ago, before any of us or our parents or their parents were ever alive there was a sorcerous that they tried to put to death for witchcraft.”

“Sor.. no.. that can’t.. wait 1981? How old are you?” Erin said as she tried to catch up.

“I was born in 1958. Yeah.. that’s what I’m getting to. Well this sorcerous.. they could kill her body but they couldn’t kill her spirit. The best they could do was bind it with another spell. It needs a host, and that host can be restrained all but one day a year. I don’t know why it’s like this.. but on Halloween, All Hallow’s Eve, whatever you want to call it, the Crypt loses its grip on the host. Those bindings come undone and the door opens. And if you can find a woman, tie her in those bindings and bring her to orgasm, the spirit passes to them.”

“How did you live?”

“Well.. it will be painful. It seems that you simply can’t die when you’re a host. A few years back I tried taking my own life, all I got was a lot of pain and felt the pull back into the crypt for another year. You will feel hunger, you will feel pain, I’m sorry but it’s true.”

Erin stared blankly. She felt like tears should be filling her eyes but that just wasn't sufficient.

“You probably hate me right now, you’ll probably hate me for years, but after a few years you’ll probably understand. It’s self preservation. I thought for years that I’d never do to someone what was done to me, but eventually you figure.. if someone’s got to suffer why should it be me? Eventually you’ll feel the same and want to protect yourself. So just get someone in here, tie them down and make them cum. Then you’ll be free again,” Victoria said as she looked at her watch. “Sorry, but it’s almost midnight, once the day’s over that door’s going to close and you’ll see a bunch of stones materialize, no one’s getting through that door. And don’t try yelling for help, it isn’t going to work.” With that she nodded her head and headed out the crypt.


A few minutes later Erin heard movement at the door and looked up to what she assumed was the closing of the door. A poorly lit silhouette stood in the doorway.

“Erin?” Came the concerned voice. This time Erin did begin to cry as the face of April walked into view. “What the hell was..”

“No time, just get me out!” Erin replied, causing April to look down at Erin’s bindings.

“How did you even get those on?” she asked as she searched for a buckle but found only a continuous and unbroken piece of leather around Erin’s ankle. “There are no buckles!”

“What? Well just untie the belts then,” Erin said as she tried looking down at what she was talking about.

“Untie where, there’s no knot. How did you?” April said as she scratched her head.

The moment was interrupted as the door slammed closed, locking the two inside, the closest panel of bricks seemed to animate up into a new brick wall blocking the door. The room began to light up a little more, with a slight green tint but not very pronounced.

“Fuck, now you’re trapped too,” Erin said as she slammed her head back, hitting it hard on the stone causing her to scream out in pain. As she screamed she felt her muscles constrict, like they were trying to shrink to half their size without altering her bones at all. It was possibly the most painful experience of her life. “How did you get here?” Erin finally asked when she was able to.

April sat back against the new wall before beginning. “Well.. I saw your facebook post. Look I was being stupid. I’m sorry. I love you.”

“Then why would you break up with me and kick me out?” Erin said.

“Because I’m an idiot. You left a tab open with wedding rings and I started to panic. Panic really, really hard. I was overwhelmed and it made me a lit fuse you just happened to trip by accident. I got mad at you and I shouldn’t have. So when I saw that status, I knew it was my last chance to try to apologize. I saw you leave with someone and I waited in my car to follow. I saw you run into the cemetery and that’s when I gave up. I realized I just cost myself the best thing that’s ever happened to me. So I started driving away. But in the rear view mirror I see a small green flash coming from the cemetery. I don’t know what it was.. but I decided to go back and look. Then I saw the girl running out of a crypt and found you here.”

“Well, I don’t know how you’re going to survive, but I’m glad you’re here for however long that is,” Erin said.

“I wouldn’t want it any other way,” April said as she lay herself down on top of Erin’s arm.

“Want me to tell you what little I know about all this?” Erin asked.

April shook her head. “It sounds like we’ll have time for that. Let me just lay here with you again. I missed laying next to you.”


April lay beside Erin, running her hand up and down Erin’s side. “How am I still alive?” she quietly wondered aloud. “I mean, I’m not even thirsty just hungry, that can’t be normal.”

“How do I know. Do you even know how long it’s been?” Erin asked.

“Gotta be days, maybe even a week. I’ve never been this hungry.”

“That girl said it was being possessed that made it impossible to die, but it must be the crypt itself too. I mean this is all.. passed down person to person, there’s got to be a lot we don’t know. I guess it’s anyone who’s in here with me will be sticking around till next year when the door opens back up.” Erin said contentedly. “Another year stuck with your bad stories,” she joked.

“You’re one to talk, I’m stuck in here with your terrible jokes,” April replied.

“Well at least you aren’t tied down for the whole time,” Erin quipped.

“But you like being tied down a least,” April replied as she allowed her hand to more adventurously wander nearer Erin’s crotch.

“Well.. so do you!” Erin replied as she suddenly felt this take a turn for the sexual.

“And you love my bad stories..” April said.

“And you love my bad jokes..” Erin replied as she started to move what little she could to try to avoid the hand getting to where it was going. “Before we start yet another round of that though,” she said, which got April’s hand to stop what it was doing. “Well.. since it’s not our last days any more, what do you say?”

“Say to what?” April asked. “Oh.. right.”

“I didn’t want to press it but.. I just.. I can’t imagine my life without..” Erin said before being interrupted by a kiss.

“I do.. I still do. I always will..” April said as she pulled herself off. “And I’ve been giving it some thought. I.. I have a present for you.”

“What do you possibly have that you can give me right now?” Erin asked as she looked skeptical with her eyes.

“Next year, when you get up. I want you to put me in there. If you promise to be by my side, I promise that I will switch with you every year. I can take a year locked down.. but I only think I could take it if I had you beside me. So.. will you.. would you choose to stay?”

Erin looked over at April, smiled and simply said “I do.”


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