The Erotic Adventures of Batdude

by Sensual Robert

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© Copyright 2020 - Sensual Robert - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f+; bond; sex; toys; anal; drug; superhero; parody; nc; X

Story 1: Yummy Cake

Main Cast:

The evil CakeMaker has been making illegal drugs right in Bat City. The pretty, pesky reporter Sweet Kelly got a tip about the illegal operation and went to investigate. Sweet Kelly is always dressed to impress with her tight black pencil skirt, ruffle sheer blouse and 3 inch heels. She arrives at the CakeMaker's plant and quickly confronts the evil CakeMaker, informing him of the startling evidence that he is putting the illegal drugs right into the cakes. The CakeMaker knows that he must eliminate Sweet Kelly.

As Sweet Kelly is calling her secret crush the BatBabe, for backup, she is quickly grabbed and placed on the conveyor belt of the cake processing machine. Before Sweet Kelly can get off the conveyor belt, a robotic arm grabs her and places her on some sticky dough. She is then rolled into the sticky dough making it impossible for her to escape! Sweet Kelly is now screaming for help 

"Help! Help me, BatBabe!" 

The CakeMaker, standing near the now helpless Sweet but soon to be Tasty Kelly, says "We have the same trap waiting for the slut BatBabe!".

As our Sweet Kelly struggles in the tight, sticky dough, our sexy heroine BatBabe arrives. She was able to trace Sweet Kelly's phone to this location. She sees Sweet Kelly wrapped in the sticky dough on the conveyor belt. 

"BatBabe please free me from this sticky mess," as Sweet Kelly just stares at the beauty of the BatBabe, her sexy tight purple costume, her luscious red hair. 

"Be careful BatBabe, the CakeMaker wants to capture you as well".

Before the BatBabe can react, a robotic arm grabs her and quickly places our sexy, busty BatBabe into the same sticky dough situation. The BatBabe struggles to get to her utility belt as the CakeMaker appears. 

"Just Yummy! The slutty BatBabe and the annoying reporter are now going to become yummy cake treats." 

The two helpless women struggle harder as they hear that. 

"You see, the both of you will move down the conveyor belt soon, dipped into a thick fudge and then.....well, you will both become Yummy Cakes!". 

The conveyor belt moves and the BatBabe has almost reached a pocket knife from her utility belt when she is grabbed by another robotic arm, dipped into the thick fudge! Sweet Kelly can only watch as her heroine is dipped into fudge and she now knows she will suffer the same fate!

The BatBabe is now covered in thick fudge except for her head, which means getting to the knife is useless. Now both of our sweet damsels are both wrapped in sticky dough, covered in thick fudge and still moving along the conveyor belt....when they see their final destination! They both desperately try to get free, but they can barely move. In a few minutes they will enter the large, slow, cooking oven, where they will become the CakeMakers Yummy Cakes!

Sweet Kelly watches as the BatBabe rolls into the large oven, then it's her turn! The BatBabe screams for the BatDude to save them before they become yummy cakes! The wrapped up Sweet Kelly rolls up next to the BatBabe and gives her a kiss. The now horny BatBabe kisses her back with some passion! The CakeMaker inspects his two cakes 

"Finally I will get rid of the BatBabe and the pesky Kelly". With that the CakeMaker closes the large oven door and with the oven set to a slow will take a few hours before our two damsels become yummy cakes!

Will our heroine BatBabe reach her knife to free them from this peril?

Will BatDude be able to rescue the lovely damsels before it's too late?

Story 2: Whipped cream treat 

Main Cast:

The sexy villainess, Catlady, is ready to release her addictive whipped cream to the public. Once the public is addicted, she can then control everyone. The young, pesky reporter Sweet Kelly gave Batdude the tip about Catlady's evil plan. Batdude is able to confront Catlady at her secret warehouse, where she is making the addictive whipped cream, but Catlady was ready for the Batdude with a trap that will knock him out.

When the Batdude wakes up, he finds that he is tied to a large work bench, spread eagled. The Batdude struggles to get his hands untied as the Catlady appears, wearing her ultra sexy catsuit with the sexy 4 inch-high heeled boots and black shiny latex gloves. 

"Catlady! Release me now!"

The Catlady laughs as she pulls out Batdude's cock. 

"I will release you, if you promise to submit to me and give yourself to me!" 

The Batdude struggles more as Catlady starts to bring his amazing cock to life. 

"Never! I will never submit to an evil woman like yourself."

Catlady then pushes a button and the bottom of the work bench opens up, revealing a large anal vibrator that is directly below Batdude's unprotected ass. 

"You see Batdude, this massive anal vibrator is ready to fuck you, once your cock achieves an orgasm". 

Batdude now looks worried. 

"You will never get me to cum." 

Catlady makes a gesture towards her henchmen. 

"You see, my dear Batdude, I will not make you cum....the slutty Batbabe will." 

The hogtied Batbabe is carried and then placed on the workbench, between Batdude's legs.

The Batbabe is now staring at this amazing cock. 

"Please Batbabe, whatever you do, don't suck my cock or make me cum." 

As she struggles with her own bondage, "Of course Batdude, but you do have an amazing cock!" 

The evil Catlady approaches the bound Batbabe and sprays the addictive whipped cream into Batbabe's mouth and she is hooked! 

"Want more, have a good long lick" as she sprays the whipped cream on Batdude's shaft. 

The shaft is instantly licked up and down as Batdude moans from the pleasure.

Catlady sprays the whipped cream on top of Batdude's cock head. The sexy Batbabe is now giving our fearless superhero an amazing blowjob, as she sucks and searches for more of that addictive whipped cream. His extraordinary cock is throbbing as he nears a massive orgasm! 

The Batbabe stops sucking his cock for a moment, "Wow! Your huge cock tastes so amazing! If I wasn't tied up I would ride that massive cock of yours!" 

Batdude can only watch the sexy Batbabe with her sexy, red hair giving him an amazing blow job. 

"You have to stop or I will cum and then I will be fucked by that huge anal vibrator."

Catlady then places the whipped cream over Batdude's cock and allows it to slowly drip onto his shaft. The Batbabe is now focused on licking Batdude's shaft, as the cock grows larger with every sensual lick. Then it happens; Batdude's cock erupts with a massive stream of cum as BatBabe continues to lick his shaft. Another stream of cum erupts, and another, and another, in total five streams of cum erupt from his cock. Batdude is moaning from the exciting orgasm as the Batbabe is covered in cum.

The screams come next, as the anal vibrator finds its target and from the shaft-licking continuation. His cock and cockhead are now extremely sensitive but the Batbabe continues to lick the shaft, wanting more of that addictive whipped cream. The Batdude is in agony and can't escape his peril!

Will the Batbabe finally stop licking Batdude's amazing cock?

Can Batdude reach his utility belt to escape?

Will Robin show up to save him?


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