Enslaved by Friends

by Eofan

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© Copyright 2012 - Eofan - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; D/s; captive; enslaved; bond; armbinder; latex; leather; bdsm; insert; toys; pet; outdoors; mast; sex; climax; cons; X

When I met up with them I never thought of what would have happened that afternoon. Laura and Rose were two very good friends of mine. They asked me if I could help them with learning for their exams at the university. As I arrived at Laura’s home they both greeted me and let me in. We started to study and everything was good until Rose left the room for a moment. I didn’t notice her approaching me from behind because I was too distracted with helping Laura. She quickly covered my nose with a cloth with some kind of chloroform on it. I quickly fainted and everything went black.

As I awakened I couldn’t move. I was still dazed and couldn’t orientate myself on where I was and what I have been doing. I only noticed that I was kneeling in Laura’s living room because I could see the silhouette of her sofa. Then it came to my mind that Laura, Rose and I were studying. After that I finally noticed my restraints.

My feet were tied to my thighs with cuffs connected with a chain. A spreader bar was bound to my knees to keep my legs apart. My arms were pulled over my head and my hands tied to a collar around my neck. I wore beautiful black elbow gloves made from latex and high-heeled boots.

A large bitgag was strapped between my teeth and saliva dropped from my lips. Because of my spread legs my large penis stood erected in front of me into the air. Its glans was exposed, wet and shiny. I do not have a very athletic body (that does not mean that I am fat) but in turn I could always be proud of my really large penis. And now I could see it poking into the air, helplessly wiggling with every movement I did.

I began to struggle but soon gave up because I enjoyed it being tied up like that. I am really into all sorts of bondage but could never find a partner for me. This was like a dream come true. My heart was pounding and I was really excited about what would happen to me.

The best thing was that those two put me into these bindings. I liked both of them a lot and considered asking one of them if they would like to date me. Their bodies were both very well developed with big breasts, a nice ass and full lips. Laura had shoulder-length almost white hair. She was a caring, clever and calm girl with very good manners but a bit shy sometimes. I thought she would never even consider doing something like bondage.

Rose on the other hand had short black hair. She had a very curious and witty behaviour. Sometimes she could be very stubborn and she also didn’t hesitate to say what was on her mind.

My thoughts were drowning in bondage dreams while I was tied up so I didn’t hear them coming in.

“Good morning sweetheart”, Laura’s soft voice whispered into my ear. I looked over my shoulders to see them both standing behind me. Both of them wore elbow gloves and boots like me. Additionally they had latex pants and black latex bras on them.

They sat down in front of me and watched me. “You seem to like it being all tied up and immobile”, Rose stated. I nodded my head trying not to look too excited.

“Oh that’s very convenient because we are not going to let you go so soon”, Laura said with her beautiful voice. Confused I looked at them.

“Alright I think I am going to explain it to you”, Rose said and smiled at me. “We are going to keep you as our little slave. The reason for this is because we need a new partner to do bondage with. And because you are our best male friend we decided to share you to one another”, she explained and began to caress my penis with her wonderful long fingers. I shivered with excitement.

Now Laura started to speak. “You don’t have to fear your new life. We won’t torture you or something like that. We will maybe whip you a bit or tie you up very strict but that’s about it. We want you to have a good life because after all you are still our friend”, she said.

“I don’t think he seems to be bothered by this the way his body reacts”, Rose noticed, “I hope you still consider us your friends after this”, she said looking concerned. I nodded.

Rose seemed to be relieved. “Well, I am going to get you your new slave attire“, she said and left the room.

Now I was alone with Laura.

She kneeled down in front of me touching my glans with her fingertip and slightly rubbing it.

Suddenly her shy personality surfaced. She blushed and spoke with a quiet and thin voice. “It’s going to be so great having you as our new pet”, she said and kissed me on the cheek. I was not so sure about all of this. I didn’t mind to be tied up and used as a toy but I wasn’t sure how it would be to be a slave for the rest of my life.

Rose entered the room with an armbinder and a large ball gag in her hands. She untied my hands from the collar and pulled them into the armbinder until they were fully enveloped in it. After that she made it tight and soon I couldn’t move my arms anymore. Now she removed the bit gag and showed me my new ball gag.

“As soon as this is in your mouth you will belong to us”, Rose explained ,”but before we do this I want you to decide if you really want to be our slave. I mean it is for the rest of your life and we want you to be happy. We don’t want our friendship to suffer from this.”

I was not sure about it. I did not really want to become a sex toy for the rest of my life. Maybe it would be better if I visit them sometimes and they will tie me up for some days. As I opened my mouth to explain Laura quickly snatched the ball gag out of Rose’s fingers, put it in my mouth and secured it. I let out a muffled surprised scream and looked at her confused.

“I am really sorry but I want you so badly to be our pet”, she responded to my confused look. I could not believe it. Laura had just taken my freedom and made me her slave. I wanted to say something and struggled against my restraints. But knowing that I would not get anywhere I stopped and accepted my fate. Strangely it felt good to know that I was forced to be a toy and that I would never be free again in my life. I let out a sigh through my gag and looked at them both. They stood in front of me watching me struggle.

“Do you have accepted your fate now my dear”, she asked me while stroking my cheeks. I nodded and tried to smile with my mouth. “That’s good. Well then I will prepare your bed. You were passed out very long and it is late so we should go to sleep. But Rose can still show you our little playground”, she said and left the room.

Rose removed the bindings on my legs and the spreader bar and helped me stand up. She attached cuffs to my ankles which were connected by a short chain. I wasn’t able to move my feet a lot but it would suffice to walk.

“I am sorry that in the end you were forced to do it”, she said while attaching a leash to the collar, “but it looks like you are willing to be our slave so I guess it isn’t this big of a problem for you.”

I nodded my head and moaned excited.

She led me into the basement and showed off their toys. There were lots of devices to bind and humiliate someone. They had loads of toys to pleasure a slave. It was like heaven. She walked with me through the room explaining the devices and various toys. I was getting more and more aroused when I thought about what they would do to me.

After our little tour she brought me to my room. It was small and simple. There was a bed in the middle with straps and shackles to hold me down. There were also two poles on the wall to which I could also be tied to. A dim light illuminated the room. Laura was standing at the bed and prepared the straps. She tied me down. I still had the armbinder on so my body rested on my arms. My legs were each spread to a corner of the bed. Now my penis stood erected in the air, hard as rock, shiny and wet. Rose pulled out a piece of latex and pulled it over it. The tightness made me moan into my gag and my heart started to pound even more.

They wrapped a belt around my belly and then two more around each of my thighs. After that they put a penis harness on my cock and tightened it very hard. Three chains were attached to it. One was secured to the belt around my belly and the other two to the belts at my thighs. My penis was now effectively tied up and couldn’t even twitch.

“Oh my you look so cute and sexy”, Laura said. I could see her nipples harden under the layer of latex.

“I think I will allow you to cum today as some sort of compensation because we forced you into slavery”, she said and started to fondle my glans with her gloved fingers. After some moments I couldn’t hold it in and ejaculated. My semen spurted out of my cock but was held in by the latex cover. I could feel how it ran down at the shaft. It was an incredible humiliating but also great feeling.

“Have a good night my darling”, Rose said and covered my eyes with a blindfold. They kissed me gently on my penis, turned off the light and closed the door behind them.

I began to think about my situation. In the beginning I didn’t want to become a slave like this but now I wanted to be humiliated and tied up by these two beautiful women. I still moaned and struggled a bit just to make me horny again but after some time I was too tired and exhausted so I drifted into a deep sleep eager to know what they would do to me tomorrow.

I was awakened by Rose who removed my blindfold and stroked my penis.

“Good morning darling”, she said and kissed my cock.

I stretched a bit and my bindings creaked. I adjusted my eyes to the light of the lamp. What I saw were Rose and Laura both standing in front of me. Rose wore her outfit from yesterday but Laura’s appearance shocked and aroused me at the same time. She was like me in heavy bondage. Each of her legs was wrapped up with broad leather straps connected with chains. A huge dildo was stuck in her pussy which was dripping with her juices. Her arms were held behind her by an armbinder but with a severity that I thought exceeded the capabilities of a human. Every single movement she made caused it to creak. Her giant tits were wrapped in latex and stood out provocatively because of the severity of the armbinder.  Her mouth was filled with a huge ball gag. Her wonderful full lips which spoke so soothing words and caressed me yesterday were now stretched around the ball gag, immobile and wet with saliva. She looked at me with cold, empty eyes. It appeared that she was in some kind of trance because of her bondage.

“Well then we should begin”, Rose said. She removed the penis harness and the latex from my cock which was covered in semen. After that she untied Laura’s legs and pulled out the dildo. Laura lifted her legs over me and her vagina came down on my penis with a powerful thrust.

I sharply sucked air in. Laura sat on me my penis deep inside of her vagina. She still looked at me with this cold eyes and saliva was dripping from her lips onto my body. Laura lifted herself up and came down over and over again. With each thrust we both were building up to a climax and after some moments she and I let out a long pleasured moan as we ejaculated. We were exhausted and breathed heavily.

“Good, good now I think I will release Laura from her bondage. I will get you soon so that we can eat breakfast”, Rose said. She helped Laura stand up from my cock and led her out of the room.

My thoughts were spinning. I just had sex with Laura! I shivered and looked at my penis. It was dripping wet with my and her juices.

After some minutes both came back. Laura had now dressed in her attire from yesterday and untied me from my bed. She kissed me gently on my gagged mouth.

“Thank you so much. You filled me up very well”, she said and smiled.

They led me into the dining room and tied my ankles to the chair I had to sit on.

“I am going to remove your ball gag now”, Rose said, “but if you are talking one word I will put it back and you will not get anything to eat. Do you understand?” I nodded and she pulled out the gag.

They would then proceed to eat and feed me some slices of bread and some cheese. I silently chewed everything and swallowed it down. After they were finished Rose gagged me again.

“We’re now going to tie you up for the day. It will be pretty strict but we think you can manage”, Laura told me.

Down in the basement they removed all of my restraints and replaced the ball gag with a ring gag. My hands were encased in bondage mittens so I couldn’t move my fingers anymore. My feet were again tied to my thighs so I had to kneel down in front of them. My forearms were then tied to my upper arms and my hands rested on my shoulders. Now they pushed a long, thin steel bar into my urethra. It stretched a lot under the pressure but it didn’t hurt a bit. On the end of the bar was a plug which sealed of the entrance to my urethra.

“This is to prevent your semen from coming out. If you orgasm your cum will stay in your urethra which we hope will be a great feeling”, Rose explained. I looked at my wet penis and wiggled a bit with it.

Now they shoved a big anal plug up my ass. Some kind of tail was attached to the end of it. Now I knew what they had in mind. They wanted me to literally be their dog. If I wanted to move I had to do it on my knees and elbows. This thought made me very horny but at the same time I was worried if I can manage such a strain and what would happen if I had to walk on harsh ground. My worries were eased a little as Laura strapped thick knobs made from hard rubber to my elbows and knees. This would make it easier to walk.

Finally they attached a leash to my collar and led me out of the basement. It was very difficult to move. I had to be very careful so that I did not accidentally fell over. I even managed to get up the stairs from their cellar. They would keep me like this all day. Soon my body hurt from the constant pain in my arms and legs. Saliva poured from my tongue and lips. I never felt so humiliated and aroused at the same time in my life. Sometimes they told me to sit up. So I sat on my knees while panting like an excited dog and presented them my huge cock.

They caressed it with their lips, tongues and their fingers. I was brought to lots of orgasms on that day and never wanted it to stop. At one point my penis plug was not able to hold the big amount of semen in my urethra so it emerged from under the plug and slowly dripped down my shaft which made it even sexier.

Later in the evening Laura and Rose made themselves ready for the night because they wanted to go out somewhere. I was on the carpet of my room heavily panting and moaning and wiggling my penis in the air to make me horny. After some time they came into my room.

“Our little doggy hasn’t had its evening walk yet”, Laura spoke with her calm voice. “We are going to take you to the park this night”, Rose said and patted my head.

I let out excited moans while they began to stroke my penis again. Going outside like this would be very exciting. It was late and nobody would be out of their homes. But if anyone would see me like that it would be the most humiliating feeling I ever had. I liked this idea.

Soon we were walking at the sidewalk of the street. It was absolutely dark and no one would be able to see us. Only when we passed a street light we were illuminated. Someone who would watch us would just think it were two women walking with what appeared to be a dog but was in fact their enslaved friend.

When we arrived at the park I was told to sit on the grass. So I kneeled down and raised my cock in the air. They started to caress and fondle it and soon I was ejaculating over and over again. After a while they stopped to let me catch my breath. I was very exhausted and my penis felt like it was going to burst from all the semen inside of it.

“We really are thankful that you are such a willing slave”, Rose pointed out.

“You don’t know how much this means to us”, Laura said while stroking my cheeks.

Suddenly we heard a small surprised voice behind us. Laura and Rose turned around and saw a young woman standing there. She just stood there shocked to see us. Laura and Rose exchanged a meaningful look.

“Hey come over here we want to talk to you”, Rose said and smiled. The girl hesitated.

“Come on we won’t bite.”

She slowly approached us. “What are you doing”, she asked with a shy voice.

“Well we are taking out our pet for a walk”, Laura said and pointed at me.

“But that is no pet”, she said still pretty shocked, “it’s a human.”

“We know but he just loves to be like this and have his cock caressed by us”, Rose said, “Do you want to touch it? You seem like you never had a man’s penis in your hand, am I right?”

She nodded. “Well then go ahead. Touch it and tell us how it feels”, Laura told her.

She slowly reached out and touched my penis and then grabbed it. Gently she started to rub it.

“It’s so hard and big… and also so smooth”, she remarked seemingly amazed by my cock. I felt good as she touched it.

“Do you want to see how it is when you bring a man to an orgasm”, Laura asked.

She wanted and so Laura and Rose showed her the most sensitive spots on a man’s penis. She started to rub and touch them and I was getting horny again. Soon I had my next huge orgasm. My whole body began to shake and my penis was filled up even more from the inside.

The girl (her name was Melissa) looked excited at my penis as it twitched and trembled.

“Do you see the plug on his penis”, Rose asked, “take it out and be in for a surprise.”

Melissa started to pull out the steel bar. As soon as it was out all of the semen which was stored in my cock spurted out. It covered my penis, my stomach and also Melissa’s hand. She jumped out of surprise and looked at her hand. It was dripping wet with my thick, white and creamy semen. She licked a bit of it with her tongue and swallowed it. “It tastes very good”, she said and proceeded to lick her hand clean.

“Oh well I hope that it was fun to you. We have to go now it is late and we all need some sleep”, Rose said.

“Can I spend a little bit more time with him if this is possible”, Melissa asked all of a sudden.

“Of course it is. But you will have to come with us home. You can take care of him as long as you want”, Laura answered cheerful.

We all went home together. My body was in considerable pain but I loved everything of it. The three women talked about bondage and how I ended up with them. They explained various techniques and devices used in BDSM to Melissa and she seemed to be very interested in it. When we arrived at the house Laura and Rose showed off and explained all of their toys to Melissa. She was amazed by the huge mass of devices.

“If you want you can try out some stuff”, Rose told her. Melissa was at first unsure. “I really would but are you going to let me go again? Or are you going to make one of your slaves like him”, she asked.

“My dear nobody will hold you at this house. You say when you want to be released and we will let you go. In fact if we wanted you to be our slave we would have tied you up in the park”, Laura said and tried to calm her down.

Melissa seemingly relaxed and wanted to be released on the next morning so she could stay the night in bondage. We went up to my room. She was told do remove her clothes. She blushed but quickly followed the orders and stripped down naked. She also got a really great body with firm breasts and a shapely ass. She was dressed in a tight latex catsuit. Her arms were pinned at her back by an armbinder and her legs tied together by strong leather straps. She was then tied to one of the poles.

“Now we are going to gag you”, Laura said, “it will be a very heavy gag so if you do not want it to be so hard in the beginning we will make it lighter.” She wanted the extreme version and quietly opened her mouth.

It was packed full with lots of pieces of cloth and wadding pads. After her mouth was filled a large ball gag was forced between her teeth and tightly secured. Now her mouth was covered up with latex straps. A big bulge was visible were the ball gag was inserted. After this a heavy bondage hood was pulled over her head the only open spots were for the eyes and nostrils. To top off this severe gag a muzzle gag was placed on her covered mouth and tightened behind her head so it would force the pads and ball gag deeper into her mouth. Her eyes were widely open in amazement and surprise that it could be such a great feeling.

“Do you like it”, Laura asked. Melissa nodded and a faint whimper could be heard.

“I think our little pet deserves the same bondage as Melissa”, Rose said and looked at me, “but we will first need to get your stuff. We are going to be back in some minutes.” With these words they left the room.

Now I was alone with Melissa. She breathed heavily in her gag and our eyes met. Now she knew how I felt being tied up and humiliated. I wiggled my large cock provocatively in front of her knowing that she wanted it but couldn’t have it. She also realized that and gazed at me angrily but let out muzzled moans of pleasure.

As my mistresses came back they removed my restraints and bondage mittens and I was allowed to stretch for some moments before I had to wear the catsuit. This one was made for men and had an extra piece to cover up the penis and the balls. My arms were like Melissa’s pinned at my back by an armbinder and my legs were tightly bound together. I was strapped to the other pole and the ring gag was removed. They put the cloth and wadding pads in it and then forced the ball gag in my mouth. They wrapped the latex straps around my mouth and covered my face with a bondage hood. In the end they secured the muzzle gag on my head. It felt so great. My mouth was packed full to the bursting point and widely stretched open. The many covers over my mouth would not let out any noise.

Finally they attached a vibrator to my latex penis and switched it on. Also Melissa’s pussy was filled with a huge penis shaped vibrator. After this they covered our eyes with blindfolds and left without saying a word. Soon after the vibrator hummed and brought me to another orgasm. I could also hear Melissa whimpering as she came because of hers. Our bindings creaked with every move we attempted to make. Nevertheless I soon fell asleep. I was exhausted from playing their dog the whole day.

At the next day we were awakened by the two mistresses as they removed our blindfolds. Melissa was released and could go. She was overjoyed and told them that the night was great. Laura and Rose offered her to come by more often and Melissa gladly accepted. I was also released but only my gag and the bindings on my leg were removed. I then had breakfast with them and was tied up again to be used as their toy.

As time went by I was getting more used to be their slave. I enjoyed it being the object of their attention and constantly in some sort of bondage. I even forgot how it would feel to be free. I didn’t miss my old life. All I wanted was to be with my mistresses who I still considered my close friends.

In fact I had actually three mistresses. Melissa was my new one. She would often come to our place and take part in our “games”. She often took care of me and brought me to many orgasms but also was very eager to be tied up, humiliated and used as Laura’s and Rose’s sex toy. Sometimes we would spend weeks together in bondage. I quickly grew to like her very much when she was humiliated next to me.

But also Laura or Rose played the slave sometimes. They would place each other in very strict bondage and present their great bodies to me. Then I was allowed to have sex with them and they pleasured me with everything they had.

In the end I can say that I loved my new life. I was indeed constantly tied up and humiliated but the presence of my three beautiful mistresses compensated that.

I was given the basic human needs like food and sleep. They also did not humiliate or torture me to the extreme for example taking me out in broad daylight and showing me to the people or torturing me until I would bleed. Under these circumstances I sometimes wondered how I managed to live without bondage and the girls. It was the most enjoyable time for the rest of my life and I felt like the happiest slave on earth.


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