Emma's Irish 8's

by Emma Bond

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© Copyright 2013 - Emma Bond - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; bond; handcuffs; rope; gag; captive; toys; torment; tickle; climax; true; cons; X

For Rob at Ropedreams:- “hope the leg is getting better and your crazy golf is less eventful next time” lol

Preview from “An afternoon chair tied in silk scarf Bondage”:-
A few weeks ago I had ordered some scarves online and had tied myself to a chair in the kitchen when I realized I had pulled the knots too tight and I couldn't pick at them to get free. I was silly and had attached my wrists, tied behind my back, to the back of the chair which limited my movement.

I remembered I had some scissors on the edge of the table and tried to edge the chair over to the table. After a bit of effort I had managed to reach the table. Leaning my head on the side of the table I tried in vain to edge the scissors closer to me, but I inadvertently pushed them out of reach.

It was my neighbour Denis who found me when had called in for a cup of tea after being neighborly and had cut my front lawn after first doing his. Denis found me in my predicament. He is a really sweet guy and thought I had been burgled.

When I told him I did self-bondage ties all the time, he tutted and shook his head and and was worried for my safety. I had to admit I told him to stop worrying and back chatted to him. For being cheeky to him, he re-tied me on the chair tighter and used all the scarves from the package I had received. Then after his tea, he went to cut the grass in the back garden while I struggled like a real bound and gagged damsel in distress.

After an hour he came in and released me and I gushed my thanks to him for releasing me, feeling embarrassed yet excited at how he had tied me. Previously, only Peter my husband, and one other boyfriend had even known of my kinky secret bondage desires. So it was a while before I felt the need to tie myself up again. Then I had a package delivered to me . . .

I wrote this little tale on the aeroplane about my new handcuffs I had recently received. The story is partly fiction & partly true, I leave you to guess which is which... ;)


There are pros and cons to being a contracted accountant. You are always worrying about getting the next job because you have the bills to pay and that would include my shoe shopping bills too as I love shoes and stupidly buy them when I shouldn't. The upside though, is that if you have just finished a job and are waiting to start the next as I was, I was at leisure to sit around the garden soaking up the sunshine. That's how I enticed Denis into tying me up; well handcuffing me, with my new fetish gear.

With Peter at work, I was in a black two piece bikini on the sun lounger out on the deck. I was laying in the sun reading some trashy romantic book, with a jug of rum punch while listening to the radio on low. It was time for another big dollop of factor thirty, and the bikini would be coming off in a few minutes too.

I am a firm believer in the George Hamilton School of sun bathing! Even your toes should have an outing in the sunshine. There's nothing like walking around the house bare feet, or on the soft grass of a nice lawn or best of all, a warm sandy beach as the tide is coming in and the feel of the fine wet sand squelching through your toes.

I was rubbing the suntan lotion into my calves and feet when I heard the crunch of gravel up the side path. I lifted the sunglasses up to see who it was. Then I recognized it was Denis.

"Morning, Emma. I thought you might be round the back, as your car is in the drive."

"Hi, Denis. How's my knight in shining armour? Have you come to rescue me again?" I giggled, referring to the scarf bondage he found me trapped in.

"You don't look like you need rescuing this time. I knocked on the front door with a package for you." He placed a padded Jiffy envelope on the table.

"Thanks Honey. I have something for you too. You want to try one of these?" I pointed. Without waiting for an answer I padded off to the kitchen for a tall glass. I also put a bottle of single Malt Scotch on the table in front of him and poured the punch into the glass, making sure Denis had plenty of ice and a straw.

"What’s that for?" He asked, pointing to the Scotch bottle, as I was settling back on the lounger.

"Well it could be a reward to my Prince for rescuing me, or thanks for cutting the grass a few weeks back. I'll let you decide." He thanked me and said I needn't have as he was just being neighborly.

We chatted for a bit. He had dropped his wife Joyce at the Bingo for the late morning early afternoon session, and was going to join his buddies in the pub later for lunch. Then he took a swig from the straw in the glass.

"Bloody hell Emma! You're drinking cocktails at eleven in the morning! I thought it was fruit juice."

I laughed at him. "True. I am enjoying the sunshine, reading my book. Put your feet up and enjoy life the Australian way for a while." I said. "Besides, if you say it's too early for a drink and the sun isn't over the "Yard Arm" yet, I'll say it is in Australia!"

"That’s fair enough. Mmm.This is good stuff. What's in it?" He asked, taking a big swig.

"It's a Rum punch. Lots of ice, rum, lime syrup, orange and pineapple juice, a splash of grenadine. Oh, and really nice sunny day to drink it on. It's very dangerous too, and I'll guarantee you will want another one." I grinned at him and took a swig from my own glass. "Besides, Rum punch has to be shared."

Eyeing the package as we talked, I had an idea what the contents of the package would be as I was waiting for them to arrive and to give them a try out.

I sometimes used handcuffs to play around in self-bondage. The problem with that is you are rolling around the floor dreaming you're a damsel in distress waiting for Prince Charming to rescue you, and if you are really lucky, ravish you whilst you are still bound and gagged. You soon realize that if you haven't got a pair that double lock, you will inevitably cause the cuffs to click tighter from all your movements. After my last escapade in the cuffs, they clicked really tight. It was then, that I decided that I would have to invest in a decent rigid set of cuffs.

After a browse around online, I decided on a set of Irish 8 cuffs with a barrel lock for the wrists, and the old fashioned "key to lock" for the ankle cuffs. Obviously I had to measure my wrists and ankles prior to ordering, as they came in three different sizes. While I was online I also ordered a nice lockable red latex ballgag with a 1&3/4 inch latex ball, and another with a 2 inch ball to keep me quiet while I was playing.

I was watching Denis with interest as I picked up the package, and ripped it open. I unwrapped the cuffs and the ball gags and laid them out on the table. I noticed Denis looking at the cuffs. They were very beautiful, too. Very shiny, stainless steel, glinting up at us in the sunlight.

Denis looked up and spluttered into his drink in shock. "More of your bondage malarkey Emma?"

He lent over the table and picked up the cuffs.
"I haven't seen a set of Irish 8's since the sixties."

Now it was my turn to splutter into my drink, as I never told him what make or model they were.
"They are Irish 8's, but how do you know that?" I asked. "Did you get arrested a lot when you were a kid then?" I laughed.

"I was a Military Policeman during National Service late 50s early 60's. There was a little museum with all this stuff we had to polish and maintain."

Now I was interested.
Dad had been a Major in the Australian Army, and had ended up on active service in Vietnam in the mid 60's. Dad ended up a bit screwed up as a result, because it was his job to get the men and materials to the destinations and to bring the bodies back. That hit him hard bringing his mates home that were full of life one minute and just a cold sack of meat the next, or worse, just tiny bits and pieces that used to be men.
I asked Denis where he served and it turned out to be Cyprus. Now for those that don't know, Cyprus was invaded by Turkey after World War Two and NATO became a peace keeping force acting as a buffer zone between the Greeks on the South and West and the Turks on the North and East. Peter's Dad was in the Parachute regiment out there too. So I talked a bit about Cyprus with him. Peter and I had recently come back from a holiday where a friend of ours had been married in Paphos. I did joke that it was a nice place to go on holiday.

Then he lifted his shirt up and turned to show me the right side of his back. There were little white scars on his side and back. I went and felt the little white ridges.

"What the hell happened there?" I enquired.
"Well if you are a copper in the Army, you aren't really liked. The guys have a few drinks and go off on a bender and the heat and booze leads to fighting. We come along and pick the drunks up and put them on a charge, and try to keep the peace. My mate Bob who was army through and through; well he taught me to wait until they had finished beating the crap out of each other, then pick them up and return them to base. We were on our way back one evening when we were pipe bombed by the locals. He took it on the driver side and in the face while I got hit in the back. The shrapnel tore up his face, but he still has two eyes and two hands and two feet and everything works. Anyway he was an ugly bugger anyway," he laughed. "The bomb made him better looking. I was eighteen when that happened. I got better, and Cyprus calmed down a few years later, but there was still friction between everyone."

He was fiddling with the cuffs now, remembering. He tossed them back down on the table.
"There you go Emma. I can see the glint in your eyes. You are dying to try them out."

Well there was no embarrassment now, as Denis knew my secret, so I picked up the keys and unlocked the cuffs.

I put my wrists through the two holes. It was difficult putting trying to snap the lock shut though. Irish 8 cuffs have about an inch of space between the wrists, unlike normal handcuffs that have a small chain link between them. The cuffs are hinged at one side so you have to position your wrists just so to put them in the cuffs, then you have to keep dead still to try to attempt to close them. I was trying to twist my hand to grip the side to push them into a locked position but kept wriggling my wrist out of position.
The Chain cuffs are so much easier to put on, but I wasn't going to be defeated. I placed my wrists in the "8s" and with my fingers of my right hand keeping the cuffs level and as close to locking I could get, I pressed down on the side of the table and snapped them closed. My hands were finally locked palms together in front of my body.

That was when I noticed the subtle differences between the chain link cuffs and these beauties. Irish 8s are designed to keep the wrists closer together, which then forces the forearms closer together too. As they are designed as rigid cuffs the wrists don't have much movement to twist around. I picked up the keys and with a bit of difficulty and a lot of attempts I finally managed to cross my palm over the top of my other hand and guide the key into the lock of the cuffs. The key was fairly tight to twist in the lock but it finally turned and sprung open and I was out of the cuffs.

They felt fairly comfortable to wear but I was going to have to train myself to unlock them with my wrists behind my back before I was comfortable enough to play any self-bondage games with them.

"That was a good effort Emma, well done. But you would never be cuffed like that by a real copper."

"What do you mean?" I asked him.

"Well your wrists are palm to palm. We would make it more difficult by twisting your wrists so the palms were outwards, or we would stack your arms so your hands are facing the opposite directions. Or stack them and twist the palms too for real trouble makers. Here I'll show you."
Denis picked up the cuffs and stood over me and took my hands in front of me and gently placed my hands behind my back. "It's better to do this behind you." Then I felt the cuffs on my wrist and a firm twist of my hands so the backs of my hands were touching, then he snapped the cuffs closed. He placed the key in my hands. "Now try escaping."

My beautiful stainless steel cuffs had me bound "good and proper". I couldn't twist my wrists and my palms were facing away from each other, so my fingers and thumbs were also on the opposite side to the key lock.

"Sorry Denis, I can’t move. I submit." He took the key from my hand and unlocked the cuffs.
"You see how effective the little twist is. If you use chain cuffs the same way, the wrists will try to twist the palms together to be more comfortable, and this shortens the length of the chain so there is less wriggle room. Right. Hands in front of you this time. See if you can escape cuffed with stacked wrists."

Sitting, I put my hands out in front of me palm to palm. Denis took my right hand and placed it over my left forearm.

The cuffs were slid between the two and snapped in place. Then he handed me the key again.

Again I was stuck. The lock was above the wrist, with my palm facing away from the lock. I tried to twist my wrists to turn the palm up to the lock, but it was in vain. Again I had to admit my defeat. Denis had given me a very valuable lesson in the cuffs use though. If I put them on the wrong way i.e. not palm to palm there wasn’t any way I would be able to escape from them. This shocked me and yet it also thrilled me too.

"Right then Denis. When are you off to lunch with the boys? 12? 12:30?"

He nodded to me. “I am meeting them just before 1pm.”

"Right then you can do me a favour. I haven't had any tied up fun for ages. I have broken the curfew and have been out getting drunk on rum punch. You are the military policeman that sees what a delinquent reprobate I am. I want you to cuff me and gag me and then come back and release me before you go to the pub, or sit here and have some more punch and put your feet up with the newspaper until it’s time to go."

"I can stay and drink your punch if you want to Emma, but are you sure? You will be cuffed for about two hours and these were designed to be worn for a short period before you are released into a jail cell."
"I haven't had any fun since you dropped in last time. I know how long it will be for, but I have never really been bound and gagged without any chance of release before. I want to know what it feels like to be really helpless." I pouted at him.

Denis sighed. "Okay, Emma. If it's what you really want. I am not letting you loose until I leave though! There won’t be any mercy from me either. I've heard it all before for six years in the army."

"Perfect." I got up with a big grin on my face, padded over to him and kissed him on the cheek.
"I promise I won’t whine. I am going to the loo first though." I laughed. "I have only had one glass of punch too, so don't worry about me being drunk and getting ill."

I run upstairs to use the loo. When I had finished and washed my hands I padded off to the bedroom. If I was to be tied for two hours I wanted to make it fun for myself too. I searched around in my bedside table and pulled out the remote control Bullet vibrator I sometimes use. I found some new batteries in the drawer and put them in the vibrator and in the remote key fob that activated the Bullet. I pulled my Bikini bottoms aside and as I was already excited, I slipped the Bullet into my fanny easily. Then I straightened the bikini bottoms pulled out my bondage bag from under the bed.

I selected the rope I use for the crotch rope. It has the knot in exactly the right position. I looped it around the back of my waist pulled it through my legs and straight between the lips of my Vulva where the knot sat tightly against my clitoris. Then I tied this at the waist tightly so I couldn't wriggle the crotch rope off.
I skipped down the stairs and put the fob on the table in front of Denis. He looked up and noticed the tight crotch rope and the white knotted rope contrasting against my black bikini bottoms.

"Here. You are also in charge of this too. It's the vibrator remote control."

He looked up at me all agog.

"Give it here. It works like this." And I pressed the button and shrieked. The remote control was on its high setting, and I quickly pressed the button several times before it went through the programme of settings to the off position.

"That was a very enlightening demonstration you just gave me Emma. Now let’s try to keep you out of mischief then. Where do you want to do this? Here on the decking? You could get a bit sun burnt after a while."

"What about upstairs on my bed. The bedroom will be like the jail cell and if I am cuffed on the bed it will be more comfy than being on the patio."

"Okay then let’s get this show on the road. Here. Put your hands behind your back. You may as well get used to being my prisoner. And I think we will need this too." Denis picked up the two inch ballgag. "You wouldn't want to try the small one when there is a bigger one to hand would you?" He grinned at me.
I shook my head. "Certainly not." I laughed. I turned my back to him and presented my hands to him palm to palm. He roughly pulled my arms up into the box position and I felt the cuffs snapped shut with the palm of my right hand facing down and touching my upper left forearm, while my left palm was facing down to the floor. I was again in a position where I could not twist my wrists to get comfortable and also, it was useless to escape from as I couldn't feel the lock, let alone get to the keys that were now in Denis' pocket.
Then he bent down and snapped the Irish 8 leg cuffs in place above my ankles. I could see him twisting the screw key to lock the cuffs with a determined expression on his face.

"Okay. You are now Prisoner 24601. You have no rights until you have finished your prison sentence. You will obey me at all times. Is that understood Prisoner 24601?"

I looked at him as if he were daft.

"Prisoner 24601 has never heard of Les Miserable?"

"Yes. I have Denis. Peter and I went to see it last year in the West End."

"You will call me Sir. You no longer have the right to use your own name, Jenny Valjean."
"Now say it back to me. What’s your prison number?"

I was trying to play along with the game now. I couldn't quite remember the number so I replied "24701 sir."
"Wrong, Prisoner 24601. Close but wrong! If you can't say it back to me correctly you will be punished. Your last chance. What is your prison number?"

"I am prisoner 24601. Sir."

"That's better."

"Now follow me." He gripped me under the arm, and half pulling me, half supporting me, I hopped after him across the patio to the back door. He stopped me at the mat at the back door.

"You are not an animal Prisoner 24601. Wipe your feet before you enter someone’s house." I looked down at my ankles which were cuffed very securely and very close together. I was stunned at Denis's rebuke. I tried to shuffle about to wipe my bare feet on the mat. Once Denis was satisfied, he guided me through the kitchen to the hall way.
We got to the bottom of the stairs and I was trying to think of the best way to get up the stairs. Should I hop and risk falling, or sit on the stair and propel myself up the stairs using leg and bottom power. While I was thinking this Denis just picked me up off my feet, threw me over his shoulder and carried me straight up the stairs and into my bedroom, where he dropped me down on the bed with as much dignity as if I were a sack of potatoes.

"Okay Prisoner 24601. Time to make you uncomfortable and then I'll be down on the patio reading your newspaper and enjoying that punch you made."

Without a moment’s hesitation, he pulled at my feet and positioned me lying against the bottom of the brass bedstead. I felt my arms being un-cuffed and then they were pulled through the bedstead and re-cuffed so I was cuffed with the brass between my back and my arms so I could not rise from the bed. I was now trapped on my side with no escape. Then just as quick, I felt Denis pull my ankles back through the bedstead.

Now I felt really trapped. I tried to pull my feet away from him but he started to tickle my feet and I cracked up laughing. With one hand he held my feet and the other roamed up my sides tickling its way up to my armpits.

I was laughing so hard I thought I would wet myself, as I squirmed and thrashed about on the bed under his merciless fingers. I begged him to stop but it was useless. After a bit he stopped and left me panting on the bed. He moved around the side of the bed to resume the tickling when he kicked the suitcase under the bed I use to store our bondage gear.
"Bloody hell Emma that weighs a ton." He bent to push it under the bed when he noticed the contents. Then he pulled it out into the middle of the floor and started to rummage through the stuff. He pulled out a short length of rope and I felt rope looped over the ankle cuffs which were still pulled through the back of the bed and hanging over the floor. My legs were pulled back into a hogtie position and he tied the rope off to the bed frame. With my hands cuffed into the box position behind me, and also through the frame itself, there was no way I could reach the knot to relieve the strain of my legs. My legs were only supported above the floor with the rope and the fact my bum was back tight against the foot of the bed.
More rope was wound around under my arms tying my back to the bed frame and another rope around my waist pulled my bottom hard against the bedstead. I wasn't going anywhere unless Denis untied me.

I lay facing the head of the bed trying to find a comfortable position. I looked up at Denis as he returned to the case. I saw him kneel on the floor out of my line of sight as he rummaged some more in the case. He sat on the edge of the bed and there dangling from his fingers were a pair of clover leaf nipple clamps attached to each other by a small chain.
"What the hell are these for Prisoner 24601? You had better be truthful too."

"Squeeze the middle and they open, Sir. They're a set of Japanese nipple clamps. And I hate them."
"So Prisoner 24601 appears not to like some of the things done to her when she is tied up. That's a shame. For not wiping your feet at the door you will get to wear them for ten minutes to reflect on the error of your ways."

"Please Denis not them.”
"No mercy Emma was what we agreed upon, and you will have none."

With that he pulled the string of my Bikini and exposed the girls. With his finger and thumb, he pinched first one nipple then the other, attaching the clamps to each. I grunted as they bit into my skin.
Denis rose from the bed and walked behind me again and started to tickle me again. This time I couldn't really pull away from him, but I still managed to rock back and forth a little. Now this slapped the chain of the clamps on the bed which aggravated the fire in my nipples. I was laughing but I was also biting back the pain from my breasts.
Then I felt the vibrator whir into life as Denis activated the remote control for it. He played with the settings a few minutes watching my reaction to each of the programmes. He decided that I didn't care much for the lowest setting, probably from the lack of my moaning with pleasure that the other settings had. He selected that one, just to tease and deny me.
He bent in front of the suitcase again and took out another length of rope. He tied one end to the chain of the clamps and stretched it out, pulling the rope up to the head of the bedstead where he tied it off so I could feel the pull of the clamps on my nipples. Pulled back against the bed frame while your nipples are pulling in the opposite direction is torture.
"Now to gag you so you can start your sentence."

"Come on Denis I have had these on for FivMMphs."

I was about to protest I had worn them for at least five minutes already, but I was cut off as Denis guided, I say guided loosely as it was more a forceful shove, the big two inch ballgag behind my teeth. Denis moved my hair to the side and I felt the straps tighten.

"That okay for you Prisoner 24601? What's this? I told you to answer me when you are spoken too. And you will call me "Sir" until you are released"
He grinned knowing full well I could only grunt through the big gag that was already making my jaw uncomfortable.

"Just for that you get it tightened up another notch."
I grunted again as I felt the strap tighten and pull my lips tighter against my teeth. The corners of my mouth were already stretched, but the extra notch on the strap made the corners of my mouth feel as if they would split.
"Right you are 24601. I will be back in ten minutes to remove the clamps. As for not answering me, you also get a small padlock locked onto the chain of those clamps."

With that I looked down at the girls as he locked the padlock in place. I shook my head in muffled anger and pain as the padlock pulled and moved at every twist and struggle I made.

He went out and I could hear the door close behind him as I was left to wait out the time.

And it was a sentence I can tell you. Every move and fidget to get comfortable made the padlock move pulling more on my nipples. I thought they were on fire. I pulled back on my body and tried to hold still as best I could against the bed frame. I could feel little beads of sweat on my breasts and my forehead at the effort of just not doing anything. Now that was a strange sensation to say the least.
The tight gag restricted my breathing and I had to breathe through my nose, but I also had to control the drool starting to build behind the big ball. With the ball so tight in my mouth and so large too, it made swallowing the drool extremely difficult. In the end I couldn't control it and it flowed in little streams out of the corner of my mouth and onto the duvet underneath my head. The vibrator on low was annoying me as I was teased, but not enough to come.
Trying to keep my head up was also really difficult as the weight of my head made me want to put it back down on the duvet. With my head down it made me drool more. Also the effort to keep my head up to control the drool made me breath harder, which made me drool more. I knew that the sheets of the duvet would have to be washed when I finally got free.

In the end I lay as still as I could, closing my eyes to concentrate as hard as I could, just to keep from moving. I was also thinking of the vibrator and how cruel it was taking me on a slow build to an orgasm and never letting me. It seemed an eternity for Denis to come back, and when he did he attacked my feet tickling me again. I couldn't help laugh and I tried to get away from his fingers, which yanked hard on the chain of the clamps causing me to cry out in pain.

Then Denis stopped and released the spring of first one clamp, and them the other. With the relief of not having my nipples pulled out in front, also came the rush of blood back into them. I cried out again. It always hurts much more to take them off than wearing them, especially as the blood returns to your skin.
"AHH! MUFU IG SUN ITCH" I yelled out to no one in particular.

"Well you have finished your sentence for not wiping your feet, but you have an hour or so until you will be released Prisoner 24601. For being so foul mouthed and using profaned language you will remain gagged until your parole. You also have not earned the right to orgasm yet so this remote can go off!"

I groaned at not being able to orgasm, but at least the pesky vibrator was off.

With my arms in the box position I hadn't really noticed how comfortable that position is. I knew I was bound with no escape though, but thought I could be kept like it for a good few hours if I needed to be. The only trouble I had was lying on my side like that, because all the weight was on my right upper arm. It would have been a lot more uncomfortable on the floor though, so I put that out of my head instantly.

He started to untie the ropes holding me to the bedframe then the cuffs at my wrists were unlocked and I was freed from the bed frame but quickly re-cuffed, back as I was.

He pushed my legs back through the bed frame so I was stretched out on the mattress and I flopped over onto my stomach in relief at being able to rub my tits on the mattress to get the feeling back in them. Before I knew it Denis had looped some of the rope through the leg cuffs and was pulling me back into the Hogtie position, only this time the rope was passed under my gag strap and then pulled tight. The gag was forced back further into my mouth and the strain on my lips and the corners of my mouth was intense, as was the strain of my head now pulled back which caused my breasts to thrust out as my body arched to try to accommodate the pull of the rope.

The other rope Denis had used to tie me to the bed frame was tied above and below my knees. Then I noticed him looking down into the case again. He pulled out the big Hitachi Magic Wand and looked it over.

"This, the vibrator you use then Prisoner 24601?"

I couldn't nod my head as an affirmative so I mumbled "ETH THIR."

With that he flipped me onto my side. I felt the wand thrust right between my legs and the bulb positioned over the knot of the crotch rope that was pressing onto my clitoris. He bent and came up with another piece of rope and he started to tie my upper thighs together but also incorporating the bulb and the handle of the Wand so it was tied tightly against my thighs and the bulb of the wand was pressing snuggly against my mound.

He pulled the lead of the wand over to the wall socket and plugged it in. Then he sat on the bed and flipped the switch on. I don’t know why guys do it, but sadism surely comes to mind. They always start off with the wand on high. With no thought to the poor sub that has to endure the pleasure and then the pain of so many intense orgasms.

I squealed as the bulb started the cruel attack on my clitoris. I was panting and moaning in pleasure when he activated the Bullet vibrator inside me. Only this time, Denis selected the highest setting which only added to the pleasurable sensations I was currently experiencing.

Tied and arched as I was I could only wriggle a little. I could with a bit of effort move onto my stomach; however that would only push my pussy down on top of the vibrator and make the tie even more intense. I closed my eyes in pleasure and cried into my ballgag as I orgasmed. The drool flowed freely out of my mouth in little puddles onto the duvet. I felt Denis hands pull on the Bikini top as he tied the girls back into the bra top.

"One more thing for you to contemplate on Prisoner 24601. How long will you be like this? I guess you have noticed I have been online to check out why people do Bondage. I hope you enjoy the position and the vibrator. Now if I add this," he held up the leather blindfold which he strapped tightly over my eyes, “this will add an element of danger that you wouldn't have experienced without them. If you move, will you fall from the bed? How long have you been tied like this? Well now you can’t see the time or even if its daylight or night time."

Denis pulled me up onto my stomach and pressed his hand on my lower back forced my fanny down on top of the vibrator. I squealed as he held my body down which caused another orgasm to rip through my body. My body shuddered in protest and I was trying to wriggle free from his hand forcing me down. I panted and moaned in my darkened world, as the Magic Wand attacked my pussy without mercy. As he held me down I felt his fingers trace their way down my side and start to tickle me there. I could do nothing except try to thrash around to prevent it.

Denis' hand pressed down harder into the small of my back forcing the Magic Wand harder against my clit, and I laughed and moaned into the big ballgag between my lips. The drool was gushing down my chin onto the bed and I could feel it clammy and damp on my breasts as a writhed around the bed trying to get away from the tickling fingers.

I cried out loudly as another orgasm was ripped from me. Then the fingers stopped their tickly attack and I lay in a delirious, panting, bound heap on the bed. The vibrators were intense and relentless and my body was getting to the stage that any touch or movement would cause me to orgasm. The thrashing about on the bed with the knotted crotch rope had really got me going and I was now on the point of orgasm almost continuously.

With the tickling and the hand pressing in my lower back I was able to use this as a distraction of sorts. Being blindfolded was like being in a dark prison. There was nothing to see to take my mind from the vibrators. Having them on continuous and on the high speed setting was driving me nuts. I could only concentrate on the evil contraptions, and how distracting they were.

I could only think about orgasms! When the next one would be; wishing the vibrators were off so I could have a rest; the heat in my Venus mound brought on by the Wand and how wet I was getting; counting orgasms and how useless that was, as it made me aware I wanted the next one, which only made it more intense as it happened.

I was in my own little world moaning and panting loudly at the vibrators and the physical excursions of being tied like this, when I was distracted by Denis saying something to me.

I could only moan in frustration and "Mmmph" my displeasure through the big ballgag, as I was made harshly aware I wasn't going to be un-cuffed and untied from this position any time soon. I sensed it was also going to be one hell of a long hour for me.

"I'll be back every once and a while for the next hour or so to turn your vibrators off or back on. I may even have a little bit more fun tickling you too. You really are extremely ticklish. Have fun Prisoner 24601!"


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