Emily's Torment

by Emma Bond

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© Copyright 2019 - Emma Bond - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; basement; bond; latex; catsuit; boots; chairtie; leather; straps; gag; torment; nipple; clamps; tease; vibrator; toys; orgasm; stuck; cons; X

story continues from part one

Part 2: Emily's Continuing Torment

Emily sat bound to a hard chair in the dark gloom of a basement. She had given up the struggle a long time ago.   For the first hour she had struggled in vain to get free. Then it dawned on her there would be no escape, she had sat dejected waiting for release. Then she had heard the tap, tap, tap of stiletto heels coming down the narrow stair case. Hope had come that she would be freed from her bonds.

For hours she had been gagged with a tight wad of rolled panties cruelly stuffed into her mouth before a thick latex strap had been buckled tight. It dug hard into the corners of her mouth and forced her lips to draw back exposing perfectly white teeth. To anyone who took a glance at her she would appear to be erotically biting down onto the gag strap.

There was no one to help her however. At first her protests only got her into more trouble. Her complaint at the gag only got her strap tightened another notch and she learnt that her assailant would show her no mercy.

Her bottom hurt having been sat on the hard wooden chair for hours.  Straps that were tight when she first felt them buckled around her body only seemed to bite mercilessly into her flesh and now ached terribly.

A trickle of sweat slowly traced its way down her back to pool at the base of her spine. Every movement caused a squeak of the latex or from the leather thigh boots as she struggled to get comfortable. Comfort was something she had none of. Belts held her thighs, calves and ankles strapped to each leg of the chair. Six inch stiletto thigh boots were all well and good to look sexy, but she dearly wished she was dressed in her cotton pyjamas and fluffy slippers.

The long black kid leather opera gloves on her arms gave little respite to the tight leather strap forcing her elbows almost to touch. Her arms were now numb and she had started to experience pins and needles. If her torment didn’t end soon, she was worried her arms might end up with nerve damage.

Emily’s gloved hands were bound behind her back at the wrist and were useless to try to pull at the straps to loosen the bonds that held her hands palm to palm. With no give at the elbows she had realised pretty early on her bondage was designed to keep her trapped until she was released.

All of her other straps surrounding her body were nothing to the pain in her nipples. For what seemed like an eternity ago her assailant had visited her. At first it was a pleasant encounter. She had her ears nibbled and kissed and her breasts had been teased and licked. Then her eyes went wide in fear as her sexy assailant had held the silver chain in front of her face. A muffled gagged protest amounted to nothing.

Her nipples had been pulled, stretched and twisted. The touch of the clover clamps caused her eyes to open wide in shock, and then came the bite of the clamp on her tender flesh. A little later came the slow creep of tormenting pain. Her breasts seem to come, at first, to a throbbing ache. Then as the time wore on the increasing agony as the small silver chain of the clamps swung from every movement she made, torturing her further.

If it hadn’t been for her stuffed and gagged mouth, she would have honestly admitted every part of her body ached, and she couldn’t be sure that her ordeal wouldn’t last the rest of the day. She grunted in frustration and a tear welled in her eye which she blinked back. She wanted to scream. She wanted to cry. Her body was on fire. She didn’t know how much longer she could take it. Her pride was the only thing she had and that was slowly waning away. She bit back a little sob.

She had long ago given up on biting down on the gag. The extra ache in her jaw would help a little to alleviate the pain in her shoulders that were cruelly pulled back by the elbow strap. She pinched her palms of her hand because the gloves she wore prevented her digging her nails into her flesh.  It was a sadistic aversion therapy to try to move the pain to different places of her body in an attempt to get through her ordeal. It had lost its effectiveness quite some time ago.

What might have been less traumatic to her was not sitting in the dark, as then she could have concentrated on something in the room; even if it was just counting the bricks in the piece of wall in front of her.

A sudden click behind her dragged her back to from the abyss. The door creaked open at the top of the steps and the tap, tap, tap of heels on the narrow wooden stairs made her head rise and she twisted her head to try to look behind her as the light came on. The light hurt her eyes for a second time that day as she realised she should have known better and squinted, allowing her eyes to slowly adjust. 

Her lover with the gorgeous eyes and wavy brunette hair came into view and she sat on Emily’s thighs as she had earlier. The movement caused the chain to sway and she closed her eyes to hide the pain.

She couldn’t hide the frown in her forehead though, and her lover teased her by flicking the chain which caused Emily’s eyes to open in pain and shock. This time she bit back a gagged curse and grunted at the pain.

“My my. That is a much better reaction from you. Mind you, you could just be play acting.” It was said coolly but without any threatening malice.

Emily looked away. She was distraught at her lover’s reaction. She didn’t think she could last anther five minutes let alone hours. She tried to hold it in but she gave a little sob of defeat. Her lover sat heavily now and Emily couldn’t help but look up in misery at herself and what she had become. It was a shock when first one clamp was released then the other. It caused her to scream into her gag. Then soft hands were massaging her breasts and overly sensitive nipples.

“Your nipples look so sore my darling. I would kiss them better but I know that isn’t what you would like right now.” The brunette stood and sashayed behind Emily. Then the agony of her shoulders seemed to disperse, as if by magic. A clatter behind her told her the elbow strap had been discarded.    

Hands rubbed firmly over her shoulders. For several minutes it continued, over and across each shoulder and down each bicep until Emily closed her eyes and seemed to drift off. Then her lover sat back on her thighs, bringing Emily back to her to the present and her still helpless predicament.

“So this weekend you will do everything I say.”

Emily nodded the affirmative. It got her nipple a squeeze and she yelped. Her lover enveloped her head and unbuckled the gag strap letting the strap fall to the floor. Emily pushed the panties out of her mouth with her tongue and her lover took them between finger and thumb looking at them distastefully before she dropped them on the floor beside the chair.

“Yes I’ll do whatever you want.” Emily croaked through gritted teeth due to the pain. She worked her jaw trying to get used to the lack of wadding and strap that had caused her jaw to ache.

“Tomorrow night you will take me to the nice Italian we went to a few months ago.”

“That would be nice. It will sure beat this.”

Her lover laughed. “You are only like this because of your bet.” Her lover said scathingly.

“Okay I lost. I admit it.” Emily was still in pain from the other straps. The release of the elbow strap and the clamps on her nipples was starting to revive her spirits once again. She knew better though than to snap back at her lover.

“And what was this bet?” Her lover pressed her for an answer.

Emily turned red from embarrassment. She hated to admit it but it turned out to be a cliché. She had shown her lover a clip on a free porn site. A girl was strapped and gagged and was rolling around the floor. It got remarked upon the girl was tightly strapped up and gagged while Emily thought she could escape from being strapped up. She was scoffed at and the bet was made. That Friday night became the night Emily would prove or disprove the claim.

“I could strap you up and you would escape was the bet.” Her lover quoted her exact words back at her from when she first said them earlier in the week.

“But I meant like the girl in the clip.” She protested but bit the retort back so as not to antagonise her lover.

“I know what you meant Darling, but you never said that. You said strapped up and you would escape.”

Emily blushed. “You cheated.”

Her lover smiled mischievously. “Darling, I never cheated. You never said specifically exactly like the girl in the clip. I believe that you could have easily freed yourself like that. This was a much better challenge for someone who likes getting tied up by me.”

It all came flooding back in a terrible rush. Her lover had asked her to dress up as a sexy Domme with big mousy blonde hair and beautiful make-up and fluttering eyelashes. Then she had teased Emily and kissed her and nibbled her ears and stroked her body as she helped her into the latex outfit. Then she sexily teased her, rubbing in the special latex care to make her shine. Emily’s lover had spent several more minutes after her arms were securely bound reapplying the shine to her breasts and her crotch almost taking Emily over the edge leaving her frustrated from not being allowed to come. It was the whisper in Emily’s ear that melted her resolve.

“Darling you look incredible.” Emily looked in the mirror. The catsuit held in her waist and emphasised her breasts and her butt. The thigh boots gave her height and a sense of power. It was her lover’s ploy. Then she was bound and brought down to the basement room as a submissive. All power was then suddenly taken away from her. One of her lovers psychological mind games.

Emily sat willingly at first. It was when her lover gloated she had borrowed her father’s electric screw driver Emily started to worry. It was soon after that as the first strap around her waist bound her to the chair, the chair refused to budge.

“I screwed all the chair legs to the floor with some metal L plates.” Her lover giggled mocking her struggles. Emily didn’t know what L plates were but she knew she couldn’t move the chair to aide her escape. As more straps were tightened about her body the more worried she became about her escaping. Bravado and some wise ass comments were cracked in good nature until her lover was finished. 

With a flourish she stood before her in her little black dress with her hands on her hips in front of Emily eying her up and down. “Comfy?”

When Emily replied not much, she laughed then she stepped out of her panties. ”You can open up, but they are still going in your mouth.” Reluctantly Emily opened her mouth to have the panties shoved in and a horrid tasting latex strap buckled tightly in her mouth. It was only when Emily was gagged her lover tightened all the straps, including the elbow strap that had been so uncomfortable the last few hours.

With her lover sitting in front of her and the pain subsiding in her body she couldn’t help herself. She leant forward to kiss her lover on the lips. Her lover was surprised but responded.

“I love you.” She blurted out. “I’ll take you anywhere you want to go, and I’ll do anything you say mistress.” Emily said quietly.

“Mistress?” It got a laugh from her lover. “I am very impressed. Okay. You didn’t get free. But you certainly lasted a lot longer than I expected. You are pretty tough cookie, but I believe you can last another half an hour strapped up like you were. If you can endure it I will set you free. What? You don’t think you can endure a couple of little straps?” She could see Emily frown and her eyes widen.

Emily couldn’t believe her ears.  Another half an hour tied like she was would kill her. She shook her head in a little protest. She looked down. She didn’t know if she could protest with her lover in this playful mood. If she said no then her lover would most likely strap her elbows once more and gag her and leave her there.  Her body ached too much to agree though.

“I . . . I don’t think I can.” Emily stammered. She looked away and this time there were tears in the corner of her eyes and they started to trickle down her cheek. It surprised her when her lover enveloped her in a big hug.

“Darling, don’t cry. I won’t leave you alone this time. If you are in distress I will let you go instantly. I have a surprise for you though if you say yes.” She brushed the tears away and kissed Emily on the tip of her nose. It was a few minutes before Emily was composed enough to ask. “If it hurts to much you will really let me go?” Emily asked hesitantly

“I don’t want to hurt you Darling. I love you.” She rose and walked to the corner of the room and took something from the shelf and plugged an extension lead in to the wall socket and carried it back over. She placed the Hitachi wand in Emily’s lap and sat back on her legs causing Emily to grunt.

“Do you think this would help distract you enough to try another half an hour?”

Emily couldn’t answer. She shrugged her shoulders. The longer her elbows were untied the better she felt.  “Darling I am going to take that as a yes. Now I am going to leave this here while I prepare you.” Her thumb clicked the wand on to low and she wedged it between the seat and Emily’s crotch.

It wasn’t quite in the right spot but a wave of pleasant vibrations shot through her crotch and made her legs tingle causing Emily to close her eyes and murmur at the sudden pleasure her body had been craving for over the last few hours.

When she opened her eyes her lover was there and the drool soaked panties held in front of her mouth. It was repulsive to Emily to be gagged with the same wad, but a pinched nose forced her to open her mouth and the sodden panties were quickly pushed behind her teeth and she was hand gagged before the latex strap was forced into her mouth and buckled just as tightly as before. It was the wrench on her elbows and the tightly buckled strap that caused her to gasp. It hurt and her body protested.

Her lover sat back on her knees and pressed the wand into her crotch before Emily could moan a protest. Then the bulbous head was wriggled up and down her vagina pressing into her sex through the latex. She couldn’t help it. In the couple of minutes from when the wand was turned on, she was about to have an orgasm even though her body was in torment. She threw her head back and screamed a long low wail as her body shuddered and she couldn’t help but climax. Her lovers hand pressed on her lower stomach as it contracted as she came. The wand was flicked to the high setting and her lover pressed her back into the chair as she tried to thrust her body at the wand.

The wand moved slowly up to Emily’s exposed nipples and the touch caused a horrible sensation and she grunted as her aching breasts protested. The wand was moved down to her thighs and then pressed home causing her to gasp. This time the wand was pressed into her sex and right on to her clitoris.  Her orgasm built up and Emily’s body protested and bucked trying to pull away from the wand. Her lover was relentless and the wand made her come so hard she screamed in protest and then she had another orgasm right after the last. Groans and pleas came from her gag but her lover showed her no mercy.

Her lovers hand went up to play with Emily’s sore nipple as the wand continued a relentless assault on Emily’s sex. Her nipple was pulled sharply when her breathing gave her away that she was on the brink of another orgasm. She screamed in pain and her nipple was released but the wand remained where it was. She screamed once more as she came a fourth time. Her body shook from the exertion. Her body was sweating from the latex and her sex was sopping wet from the orgasmic torture she was enduring. Her elbows had started the dull ache she had felt earlier and her lover smiled at the exertion she was putting Emily’s body through.

Then it was over in a second. The wand went off and placed on the floor. Unaware of what was happening her lover was up and behind her and her gag was suddenly gone allowing Emily to slowly spit the wadded sodden panties onto the floor beside her. Her elbows suddenly popped apart and the tight straps holding her upper body to the chair were released and dropped away.

Emily sat aware she was being freed but not knowing what to do all of a sudden. Then her wrists were free and she brought her hands around to rub her wrists. Her lover was at her feet releasing her legs from the chair.

Emily fidgeted. It felt good to be able to slide her bottom around the seat of the chair. Her bum ached from sitting for so long and with the sudden freedom she tried to stand only to wobble. She reached out in fear of falling and pressed her hand on her lovers shoulder before she collapsed back on to the chair.

She was totally free and her lover stood in front of her. “Lean on me Babe. I have the hot water on and candles and a bottle of wine chilling. Just take your time and take it slow.”

Emily was led slowly out of the basement room. The stiletto heels of the thigh boots made her legs feel unsteady but the supporting arm around her helped. They walked through the kitchen and up to the stairs to the bathroom where her lover slowly undressed her as she perched on the bathtub.

The boots were unzipped and removed then the gloves and finally the damp catsuit was pulled down and off her arms. Emily sat as her lover did the work, pulling the catsuit inside out to get it off her legs. Her body suddenly felt cold exposed to the air and a terry towelling robe was draped about her shoulders.

The bath taps went on and steam slowly rose from the filling bath. Bath salts and scented oils were tipped in and her lover lit the candles on the window sill and around the bath tub. Then she was gone and Emily placed the robe on the hook on the back of the door and slipped gingerly into the hot water sliding down the foot of the bath until her shoulders slipped under the water.

Her lover pushed the door open to reveal herself in all her naked glory. In her hand was a bottle of wine and two glasses which she poured and held out to Emily. Emily sipped it and sighed. It was a nice bottle of Chablis. She had another sip and realised how thirsty she was.

“Do you wish to punish me with the tap end Darling?” She asked Emily. Emily shook her head and was about to move but was ordered to edge forward a little as she slipped in behind Emily.

“Lean back and close your eyes. Enjoy your soak and I will wash you in a little bit.”

Emily sat sipping the wine leaning back on her lover. The rise and fall of her breathing seemed hypnotic and with the hot water easing her aching body she drifted off to sleep enveloped in her lovers arms.

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