Emily on the Rack

by Cropsncuffs

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© Copyright 2008 - Cropsncuffs - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/f; bond; frame; pet; fur; reluct; X

“Hey, come quick everybody, Emily’s got herself trapped on the dog rack!”

Oh, so that’s what it’s called. A dog rack. I’m still no nearer to knowing quite what it’s for, and with a name like that I don’t think I want to know. What I do know is that it’s got a hold of me and I can’t get loose. And being discovered like this is about the worst thing I can imagine happening..

Soon the room is full of college girls all staring down at me and have a damn good laugh at my expense.

But lets not get ahead of myself. I’m Emily, as you can probably tell from the first line, and I clean student houses to make ends meet. I also teach a little, and I guess I double as a sort of mother figure to all these girls when they are away from home for the first time. And today I came in to clean up as I do every Tuesday, and I found this thing in the middle of the lounge.

At first I thought it was a weights bench on it’s back, but on closer inspection I really didn’t know what it was. There was a sturdy metal beam connecting front and back, with a wide bar at either end. At one end the cross piece was narrower, and from it’s centre point another bar jutted upwards with a wide hoop at the top. The ends of the horizontal bars, that at the other end being much wider than that at the front, had much smaller hoops at each end.

It was fashioned in cold black steel, and every hoop was hinged open. I slipped off my jacket and knelt down, reaching out a hesitant hand to touch the metal frame. My fingers brushed it, and I snatched back my hand suddenly filled with a strange feeling that it was waiting for something. There was an air of expectancy about it, and it made me come out in goose-bumps.

I sat back on my haunches and glanced about, suddenly realising that something had changed with the furniture. Long planks covered with sheets seemed to have been lent against the long sofas, and against the walls. I pulled at one of the sheets, and quickly found that the frame was surrounded with long mirrors that showed it from every angle. As I removed all the covering sheets and looked up I realised that I could see myself from nearly every angle and shivered despite the warmth of the day. There was something very strange either going on here, or had gone on here, and I really didn’t know what to make of it.

I examined it from every angle, from above, from below, and every so often I would glance up and see myself looking back at myself and shudder.

A sudden loud noise outside made my jump, and my hand shot across the slippery nylon carpet dropping my neck straight into the largest of the open circles, and in a terrible slow motion I felt the upper section swing over my neck and meet it’s lower half with the terribly final snap of a latch.

I desperately ran my hands around the large hoop but I could find no release catch, and as I thrashed about in a wild moment of panic I felt one of the hoops to the rear snap closed about one of my ankles. Now I was truly held fast. And that was where they found me. Still fast in that frame, tears by now drying on my cheeks where frustration had formed as I had been fighting wildly for my release.

A firm hand snatched at my free ankle and before I could react it was made snapped fast in the second hoop opposite my already imprisoned ankle. My legs now spread and bent at the knees, forcing me to kneel, my neck held down so my back was parallel with the floor.

“OK, you’ve had your fun, now come on, let me up” I said, mustering all the authority I could in my voice and failing dismally. More laugher was their only response. I glanced to my right and could see myself full length in the mirror, and I could finally see the terrible purpose of their ‘dog rack’. With my wrists in the two remaining fastenings I would be quite helplessly locked into a humiliating ‘all fours’ position from which there would be no escape. Just like a dog.

“Come on Emily” I jumped, the mouth was so close to my ear I could feel the speakers hot breath “finish the job. Submit. Lock yourself in. You know you want to”

Her hand took mine oh so gently and led it only lightly resisting towards the gaping jaws of one of the remaining open cuffs. There were tears running down my face again as I watched the top half of the cuff pivot slowly but oh so finally closed over my wrist, completing the circle with a final snap that made me weep.

Hands guided my last free limb towards it’s fate, and for a moment I fought, knowing full well that with my every other limb already imprisoned I had no hope of getting free without their help. My head dropped and my resistance ended. I could hear the cheer as my wrist was gently but firmly pressed downwards, and I felt the pressure of that last cuff closing about my last free limb.

I looked across at one of those long mirrors, and through the tears I could see my fate. My every limb was secure, my knees bent and spread, my arse in the air, my ankles quite immovably locked to that wide metal bar. My back ran dead straight and level to where my neck was held tight by it’s own collar, and below and to either side my wrists were held fast. My elbows bent, my forearms flat on the floor. A forced pose of ultimate supplication, and really could see why it was called a dog rack. Until they chose to let me up, I was as unable to get up off my all fours as any pet dog. I was trapped.

Suddenly there were hands everywhere, tugging at my clothes, ripping, tearing, and I was crying out for them to stop as my poor restrained body was hauled in every direction. When I finally raised my head and looked towards the long mirror I knew what I was going to see but didn’t want to admit it to myself.

I was quite, quite naked. My pale, trim body locked utterly helpless in that fiendish device, whatever they liked to call it. My breast hung invitingly down, my legs lightly spread, and my hands so completely confined there was nothing I could do to protect myself from whatever further indignities they intended to heap up on me. I looked straight ahead, and saw myself staring back from the mirror in front of me and saw a helpless captive.

“Would you like to know why it’s called a dog rack ?” She asked, the sudden voice making me jump.

“I think I can guess” I snapped.

“Oh, you’d be surprised” she said “This is only the first stage, being on the rack. There’s a whole heap more to come yet Emily”

I twisted my head in it’s collar to look up at her. I couldn’t recall her name, but she was a trim little blonde with straight hair. She gestured to the girls by the door, and slowly the door opened to admit a curvy little girl I think was called Gill. And what Gill had with her filled me with a terrible mixture of fear and fascination.

At first I thought they had brought in a dog, a rather dumpy creature with wavy tawny fur and thick, muscular limbs. It was only as Gill walked it round in front of me, it’s face level with mine, that I realised that two soft brown human eyes were staring back at me from above it’s muzzle. Oh Christ I thought, that’s a girl on there. She shook her hips, and somewhere in the distance a frondy tail wagged from side to side.

“This is Maxine” Gill said, holding the leash high and tight “One of more successful converts I am sure you will agree”

I watched fascinated as Gill walked her obediently back and forth in front of my disbelieving eyes. I thought for a truly terrifying moment that Maxine was some sort of amputee, but as she moved I made out the path of her limbs through the thick fur. Her arms and legs were bent back against her forearms and thighs forcing her to walk on her elbows and knees. Something she was doing very well. An act that spoke worryingly of long practice.
There was a beautifully worked tan collar about her throat, and she walked like a thoroughbred from one of the finest shows in the land. And when the promenade had finished Gill gave all the wild congratulations a show champion would have received in the ring, rubbing her wildly under the chin, and as I watched Maxine pressed her head against Gill’s thigh and gazed adoringly up at her.

“Of course Gill has been working Maxine for some time” said the blonde, “it takes loads of time to become that proficient, both for handler and pet.” I didn’t like the way that had been said one little bit. “But we do try to leave our newer recruits with the same handler until they have arrived at such a level of competence. Some really good handlers can manage several at once of course, but the early one to one days are so important, as I am sure you can appreciate”

There was something of a commotion outside the door, and moments later it burst open to admit a wild, blonde-furred dog-girl of a very different disposition.

“Ah yes, Jaccqui” the blonde said “One of our more intransigent recruits”

Where Maxine was evidently quite happy in her suit, Jaccqui clearly was not. Black leather straps fastened over her sweet blonde fur kept her limbs bent into position, and a tight web of straps was wrapped about her muzzle as she pulled, jinked and hauled at it. One of the girls from the track team, a tall and hugely muscular girl kept a tight rein on her leash. A thick black leather harness not unlike that familiar to any bull terrier fancier was padlocked about her body, and the presence of D-rings at regular points spoke volumes to it’s purpose. Once restrained with that, she would be as helpless as I was on my steel rack.

Blonde knelt down in front of the thrashing figure and lifted her well-strapped muzzle so their eyes met. Abruptly, Jaccqui was still.

“Now, we have spoken about all this fuss before, haven’t we Jaccqui ?” said blonde cheerfully “And you know what I said we would do if you did not start to behave, don’t you ?”

Jaccqui was suddenly very, very still as if she recalled that conversation all too well. The muscular athlete gave Jaccqui’s tail a playful tug, and Jaccqui gave a tiny whimper., trying to move away from the girl holding her leash and the blonde at the same time. “That’s right. And we will you know. And I assure you that having an electric shock device where your tail is fitted will really make you sit up and take notice.”

Jaccqui’s head dropped in submission, and after the briefest of pauses she silently moved back to stand at heel with the tall athlete. The moment she had taken up the correct stance the tall girl gave her a wild petting, exactly as if she was a real dog being trained, and a ragged cheer went up from everyone present. Everyone except me of course. I was watching open-mouthed.

“And now, dear Emily” said Blonde, abruptly turning on her high heels “It’s your turn. Suit her up girls”

With wild whoops of joy I was suddenly the unwilling centre of attention again. I thrashed back and forth as far as I could on that terrible metal rack, succeeding only in waving my already vulnerable arse about. I felt something heavy and soft fall across my back, and a myriad hands grabbed at it and started to roll it out over my helpless body. Hands tugged and fitted it to my every curve, quickly fastening little poppers, buckles and zips, every one pulling the puppy suit tighter and tighter about my body. Tears were running down my face again as I looked up to that mirror in front of me and saw my soft naked flesh vanishing piece by piece under a pelt of brown fur.

I was still crying when blonde reached out towards me and pulled the hood forwards over my lovely long blonde hair and settled it about my head. Two ears stuck alertly up from the hood, and only the circle of my human face spoiled the illusion.

Blonde held the final piece of the suit towards me to look at. A matching mask in brown fur. It had a muzzle, and two cut-outs for me to see through. I shivered at the very sight of it, part terrified at being forced to relinquish my human freedom, but part turned at the thought of the sheer perverse submission of the situation. I glanced about, and found Maxine watching me with attentive eyes as Gill lovingly scratched her between her puppy ears. A cameras flashed and I flinched.

“Just a little insurance” said Blonde “After all, we wouldn’t want to you going to anyone and complaining, would we ?. Now, it’s your choice. What is it to be ?. Do you want to join us, or do we leave you here and tip the porters off to come and find you”

My head fell, and the sheer perversity of the situation won out. In the warm, soft embrace of that lovely fur suit I nodded my head the tiny amount the rack allowed me, and blonde smiled as she reached out with the mask. She switched it quickly round as it came closer, and I had a quick glimpse of a big soft ball-gag on it’s rear before it was thrust into my mouth, expanding quickly to pin my tongue to the floor of my mouth and taking away any last chance I had to protest. I had become their silent prisoner.

“Don’t worry about that silly old suit” said blonde as she stood up “We will make you a nice fitted one exactly the same colour as your real hair as soon as we can. Which just leaves your tail I guess”

I froze. The tail ?. Wasn’t it part of the suit ?. I felt something ice cold touch my anus and I gave a squeal. There was a slowly, inexorable pressure that I tried desperately to resist, but it just kept on coming. They were all laughing as the bulb at the base of the tail pressed past my anus, and the muscles closed tightly about it. There was no way I could get it out without the freedom of my hands, and as I didn’t see that being returned to me anytime soon, the suit was complete. I was theirs.

I felt hands closing about my limbs, unfastening cuffs and bending them back, then swiftly fastening straps and laces to keep them in place before I could protest. Soon only my neck was still locked in the rack.

“Well Emily” said Blonde “Welcome to the puppy club”

* * * * * * * * *

Well that was all nearly a year ago. I’m not kept as a puppy all the time of course. But I agreed to this, and there is sufficient blackmailing material in their hands now that I have to keep coming back. And it’s really not all that bad.

I think I look really great in my personal suit of warm, soft blonde fur, and from some angles the custom-made mask even looks a tiny bit like me. And whoever made this beautifully tooled brown leather collar deserves a medal. It really is delightful.

I’ve been training under a lovely girl called Denise. She’s been training two puppies. Me and the blonde. I don’t know what she did to annoy them, but I was there when she was taken. She woke from a heavily sedated sleep to find herself already fastened into in her very own custom-made a puppy suit, and that was that. She screamed and squealed of course, we all did, but once the mask strapped in place all that stopped. And just for fun they let me put in her tail for that terrible first time. She fought me, of course, but I enjoyed putting it in slowly, twisting it as it went in so she really did feel it going in. Which brings me to now.

Any second now these curtains are going to open and we will back out in the ring. Me and the blonde, tightly leashed to this tall woman in tight leather trousers, high boots and a crisp white shirt. I chance a glance up and see her smiling down, her head framed by a mass of auburn curls. God I love my life.