Elves and Orcs… The Game

by Steff

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© Copyright 2008 - Steff - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/f+; bond; latex; outdoors; corset; susp; oral; anal; sex; toys; cons; X

My name is Amanda. I am going to tell you about my first summer break from college. I went home from my first year at college for summer break. I lived on the outskirts a large east Texas town. The house was on 5 acres of wooded land and the wood continued for miles heading away from town. I was really surprised to find out that most of my high school friends were also home and didn’t have to work. I spent the next few days talking and hanging out. We decided to go into Houston and watch a baseball game and do some shopping. During the baseball game a couple of us got flyers for a fetish convention that was going on the next day.

We talked about it and decided to go and check it out. The convention was huge. The convention center was full of displays, sales booths and demonstrations. We spent a few hours looking around and collecting advertising flyers. Marc, my best friend, had all of us try on several different outfits and costumes too. By the time we left all of us were really horny. After we ate we all meet in Marc’s room. He had an idea for something to do when we got home. He wouldn’t go into details but assured us it would be sexual in nature and fun, all we had to do was give him $200 each and trust him. We all know Marc had a wild imagination and know how to have a good time. He was also a money genus and we knew with that money he was planning something big. All 10 of us pitched in and gave him the money. The next day all of us but Marc went shopping. “I have to go and get ready for the game,” Marc told us.

When we all met up that night for dinner Marc gave us all $400 and told us he hit it big at a gambling place. We told us he went out on one of the floating casinos and played there. According to him all the stuff he ordered would be delivered to his place within 2 weeks and we set a date for our games the following week. He intentionally wanted it during the week and told us not to make plans for three days. We all tried to get more information out of him but he wouldn’t tell us any more. The next day we spent on a beach in Galveston then went home.

The next 2 weeks was me just hanging out, talking and going clubbing. I was really impressed with the amount of teen clubs that sprung up and they were actually fun. Finally the day arrived and we all met at my place. I figured that since my parents were out of town for a month it wouldn’t be a problem. Ten of us met up at about 2 pm and Marc arrived about 10 minutes later.

After he got out and said hi to everyone he said we were going to play an adult version of hide and seek, games his college fraternity calls “Elves and Orcs.” There were no team “officially” but it would essentially be the men versus the women. There was one way to win but 2 ways the game can end. The men, the orcs, started on one side of the field and the women, the elves, started on the opposite side. The orcs were invading the elves land with the intent to rape and pillage. The elven women are trying to get away and not get caught and raped. The elves had to get to other end of the field and into the base. The orcs had to stop them. The winners are the elves who get into the fort or if none are able to then it’s the orc with the most captures.

The rules were that when the orcs catch and tag an elf he got to have his way with her. The twist he added to the game was the toys he got from the convention. Throughout the field were “weapon stores” for the orcs set-up around field with all kinds of bondage and fetish things. The orcs also started with enough things to restrain one elf. The captured elf is the restrained and the orc gets to “rape” and molest her for one hour. After the hour has passed he releases her and leaves her. He can leave her a gift. He can leave her with one of his toys, as long as she can see and is able to walk (running isn’t require). The example he gave was leaving an elf with her arms still restrained. Another elf could remove the item and free the elf but it wasn’t required. The elf that is wearing the items cannot remove the items herself, like a gag if her arms are still free.

The orc, before he leaves the elf, takes proof of his capture. The elves have 2 items the orcs can take, the clothes off their backs or the necklace. After the elf looses the items of value the only thing they have left that the orcs want is their bodies. After the third time the elf is caught the orc doesn’t have to let the elf go. He gets her for the rest of the day. The orc can leave her restrained and go look for more but if his prey escapes or is released by another elf the he looses his prize and the elf can continue the game.

The winners get to keep the money that was left and don’t have to spend the rest of the day in bondage getting raped by the orcs. If they want and ALL agree they can call for a mass surrender and the all the elves give up and the orcs have a free-for-all. All the elves and toys are brought to one location and the orcs get the elves for the rest of the day. The rape rules were not pain, although comfort isn’t required and the orc had to use a condom. The elves had to corporate once they were caught, at least until they were restrained. The “day” will last until 5 pm tomorrow. That was when the elves would be freed and the game ended. Of course if everyone wanted to end early that was always an option.

The field was the wooded area beside my house. The elves started at the house and the orcs started at the far side. These woods are a little over 2 miles across and had a road going through it. The road got traveled on regularly but wasn’t majorly busy. There was also a small creek and pond in the area. Marc gave use a tour of the area. The “weapon stores” also contained food and water. People at the weapon stores were safe when there but could only stay for 15-20 minutes. Also the elves couldn’t use them as an escape when getting chanced. The orcs couldn’t guard the weapons stores and only one could guard the base. Marc intentionally didn’t show us were the base was saying we had to look for it.

Marc then opened the back of his SUV and pulled out a few good sized boxes and told the women these were our clothes and prized necklaces. All the elves pulled numbers out a hat for the outfit we got to wear. He said to wait for the flare and then that would start the game. The 5 guys climbed into Marc’s SUV and started to drive when he stopped and shouted out the window, “One more thing, look out for the traps.” We heard laughing as they drove off.

Inside the larger boxes were 6 numbered bags that contained each of our costumes. We each grabbed out bags and went into the house to change. My costume looked like a latex fairy costume without the wings. It was pretty shade of semi-transparent light green. There was a pair of thigh high green latex stocking, latex panties, a heavy boned corset and little dress that might barely cover my ass. Two of the costumes looking like mine but were different colors. One of the other women was wearing a dark red full body (hood to feet) latex catsuit. The last suit was also a latest catsuit but it was camouflage, this suit had 2 dildos built in. We didn’t think it was fair until the dildos stared to vibrate. She was going to have them vibrating the whole time she wore the suit.

Once we were all dressed I said, “This might actually be fun, and from the sounds of it I don’t think anyone's REALLY going to loose this game.”

My costume fit me nice and tightly and like I thought the skirt didn’t cover my whole ass, but I guess the point was to get me out of it anyway. I did like the way it looked on me. Green brought out my eyes and the rest of the outfit somehow pulled of a sexy look not a slutty one. I was going to have to remember to ask if I could keep the costume after we were done with the game.

We checked each other out and talked for about 20 minutes then we saw the flare that signaled the start of the game. It was about 3:30 when we all spit up and headed into the woods. My plan was to take it slow and carefully. I was going to stay on the outside of the area and try the stealthy approach. After about 10 minutes I heard 2 of the other “elves” scream. It sounded like they got caught. “Too bad for them,” I though.

Just as I reached the cover of a thick bush I saw Jim, one of the players, looking around. He was wearing a full body latex suit that had a sheath for his cock so he didn’t have to take the suit off to do him business. I just sat down and waited. After about 15 minutes he had walked by me and wandered out of sight. I decided to wait for another ten before I got up and left my hiding spot. About 15 minutes later I came up to a clearing where I saw Lisa and Marc. Lisa’s skirt was pushed up over her waist. She was tied bent over a fallen tree. Her arms where tied spread out to branches and her leg were also spread out but they were tied to stakes. Marc was fucking her with a vibrator and it looked like she had something in her ass. Lisa was gagged with a bright lime green ballgag. I found a good hiding spot and just waited for Marc to finish.

Lisa was brought to at least 2 orgasms before Marc removed her gag and made her give him a blowjob. After he was done he reinserted the gag and released her. After reminding her that she wasn’t allowed to remove the gag he walked out of the clearing heading toward the middle of the playing field. Lisa spent a couple of minutes recovering then headed off away from the edge of the field but toward the middle where the base was likely to be. Needless to say I was really horny but resisted my hormones and stuck with my original plan, stealth. I figured the guys would be good and horny so they would tire themselves looking for us. If I could stay rested until the sun went down I had a really good change of winning. What can I say I wanted the money, after that I could get all the sex I wanted.

It was about 5 when I came up to the road. The trees and brush was thick all the way to edge off the road on both sides. I sat down and watched for about 20 minutes before I decided to cross the road. I figured I had seen no abnormal movement I might as well move on. I walked across the road without making any sudden movements, figuring that was the best way to do it without attracting attention. I was about 100 feet past the road when I heard movement behind me. I looked over me shoulder and saw Paul running towards me. I took off running as fast as I could towards the middle of the field but arced towards the base. After I ran for about a quarter of a mile before Jim jumped out from behind a tree and tagged me. I cursed but began to laugh when Paul started to bitch about almost getting me. I said at least this way I get more out of it because Jim wasn’t tired out from all the running.

“Right this way,” Jim said. He gently guided me toward the outer edge of the play area but the ultimate direction I wanted to head anyway. After about 5 minutes we stopped next to a small pool. Draped over a tree branch was a pile of latex items and a bag. “Remove your clothes.” Once I was nude he had me put on black latex crotch high latex stocking. They were really tight and took some effort to get them on. Next item to go on was an extremely heavily boned matching latex corset. The corset went over my shoulders and all the way to my crotch. There was a hole in the chest that my breasts were stuck out of. I had to hold on to a tree so Jim could lace the corset as tightly as he wanted it. When he was done he said “that should make you running any real distance a big problem.” I knew he was right; I had to take short breaths as it was and I wouldn’t be able to breathe good enough to run far at all. The boning and tightness of the corset took almost 6 inches off my waist and prevented me from bending at the waist.

After attaching the suspenders to my stocking he had me sit down and he put on a pair of dark green thigh high boot. I was really surprised that these boots didn’t have heels. He then stood me up and tightly laced my legs into a hobble skirt. My legs were tightly stuck together but my ass stuck out from the back of the skirt. Next my arms were pulled behind me and put into a black latex armbinder. Once it was laced all the way my elbows touched when I wasn’t squirming and trying to get loose. Jim wrapped a wide leather belt around my waist and the used the 2 D-rings on the side the secure me between 2 trees. A rope was attached to the bottom of my armbinder. The rope was pulled upwards and I was force to bend over.

Once I was bent as far as the corset would allow the rope was tied off and Jim started to circle me like a shark circles a wounded fish. I struggled and pulled but after a short time but knew that I wasn’t getting loose and I was his for as long as he wanted. Since I was horny I really didn’t mind that thought.

Jim stopped in front of me and shoved his latex cover cock in my mouth. I began to suck on it like he wanted. I was surprised that he had cleaned the latex and it actually didn’t taste bad at all. In no time he was rock hard and getting into the blowjob. I could tell he was getting close to cumming but he pulled out before he got off. “God you give good head. I would love to feel it without the latex, but rules are rules,” he said.

He walked around behind me and gave my ass a good swat. I yelped in surprise and squirmed a little. He swatted me 2 more times before he stuck a vibrating egg into my pussy. After a minute or two he slowly and gently slid his cock into my ass. He took his time and gave me a chance to relax and get used to him. Once he was all the way in he started to fuck me. It didn’t take long before we got a good rhythm down, but I lost all concentration I had when he put a vibrator on my clit. Between the vibrator on my clit, the one in my pussy and Jim fucking my ass I came quickly and hard. It was one of the most powerful orgasms I ever had. Jim continued to fuck me throughout the whole orgasm. The pleasure was so intense that I lost all sense of reality my whole existence was the waves of pleasure I was feeling.

Just as I was coming down I felt Jim’s cock twitch and pulse as he had his orgasm. That forced me over the edge again. Be the time I have recovered Jim had already lowered me from the trees and I was lying on the ground. He stood me up and supported me until I got some strength in my legs and I could stand on my own. After he gave me something to drink he loosened the skirt enough so I could take about 12 inch steps. He walked around the pond and told me told if I wanted to get out of the skirt I had to get to him by crossing through the pond. He also said that I only had 15 minutes to do it because that was when his time with me was up.

I knew with my arm in the armbinder and the hobble skirt I would have very limited balance but I decided to try anyway. I made to the other side but when I stepped out onto the bank my feet sunk into thick mud and I fell face first onto some thick mud. It was soft enough that I wasn’t hurt but I sunk so deep that without my arms I wasn’t going to be able get out. It only took a second before Jim rolled me over and pulled me out of the mud. He cleared off my face, laughed at me and the removed the skirt and armbinder. “Good luck and I really hope I catch you again. You put on a good show. By the way the corset and boots are my “gift” to you,” told me as he ran off into the woods.

I walked around to the tree that had the bag in it and removed my original panties, removed the vibrating egg and put my panties on. Then headed towards the edge on the play area. I found a good hiding place decided to rest. The orgasms Jim put me through really tired me out, before I knew what happened I woke up and it was dark already. It took me a couple of minutes to figure out which way I needed to go. It was really dark because the sky was overcast.

I figured I had a chance in the dark now. The dark colored latex I was wearing was covered in mud as was my hair. I started out again slowly. After about an hour of really slow movement I came across Lisa. She was still gagged and had her arms tightly bound behind her back. She was drinking water from a supply cache. She was about ready to run off when she herd me but stopped when I told her it was me. I made her a deal, I would release her arms if she removed my corset.

After I was out of the corset and I took a few deep breaths I decided to see what was in the supplies, after all there were no rules against that. It had several different restraints and sex toys. I was able to find a full body latex catsuit that covered the whole body, hood included. I put it on and was surprised to discover 2 sleeves in the crotch, one for each of my holes. As I put the suit on the rest of the suit I discovered each breast had its own pocket. The pocket squeezed the base of each breast and pushed them deep into the pocket. In the tip of each pocket there was a hole for my nipples to stick out. I examined the hood to find out that my eyes would be covered and my mouth would be filled with a latex sleeve like the ones for my ass and pussy. The sleeves in the crotch weren’t very comfortable the way they were so I lowered the suit, lubed the sleeves up and inserted them were they belonged. Once the sleeves were in place I put the suit back one except for the hood, I put my boots on and then left Lisa. She gave me a puppy dog look through her gag, but I told her I wasn’t allowed to remove more the one item at a time.

I wasn’t more then 100 feet from the supply area when I heard and saw Lisa being chased by Paul. He caught her quickly and took her back to the supply stash. I just shook my head and continued on. As I moved the sleeves from the suit moved and rubbed just enough to get me worked up but not enough to get me off. “This is going to be a long night,” I thought to myself. I walked for about an hour when I came up to the road again. I recognized were I was at and figured I had a couple hundred feet to the back edge of the play area. I followed the road past were it curved and then crossed it. I figured I wouldn’t be visible from were I crossed because it was right on the edge of the play area. I got about 20 feet from the road when I set off one of the traps Marc had mentioned. Before I knew it I lifted into the air by a net that was hidden on the ground. I knew I had to get out quickly if I didn’t want to be caught. I looked at the top of the net and wiggling around I knew I wasn’t going anywhere without help. I hung in the net for about 30 minutes before Marc walked up giggling.

“Look what I caught,” he said. “Here’s how things are going to work. Since you weren’t caught be me I don’t get to take anything from you, but I still get to hook you to the rest of the trap. When I lower you and get you out you have too cooperate.” He walked over to a tree and messed with something. After a few seconds I was lowered and the net opened. As I got up Marc politely took my hand. “Right this way.”

I was taken about 20 feet through the bushes. He had me kneel with my back to a tree. “Put your hood on and don’t forget the mouth sleeve,” Marc said. I groaned, reached back and pulled my hood over my head. It fitted snuggly all over. The mouth sleeve took some getting used to. The sleeve went almost all the way to my throat but stopped in time so my gag reflex wasn’t triggered. I smoothed out the hood then gave thumbs up to Marc.

My wrists were pulled back around the tree and secured together. My legs were spread out and my ankles were also secured behind the tree and my two knees spread out. Next he told me to open my mouth. When I did Marc shoved a ball gag into it and tightly buckled it behind my neck. Once the gag was in-place a strap was positioned just under my breasts and pulled my upper body tightly against the tree. He began to massage my breasts with one hand and played with my pussy with the other. Once I was really worked up he stopped. I felt a sharp pain on both my nipples. He had attached a pair of nipple clips on them. I felt the clips being pulled straight out stretching my breast. The pain subsided to a dull throb. Since I couldn’t see because of the hood all I could do was wait and endure my throbbing breasts.

I waited for a few minutes before I felt something being slid slowly into my ass. It was long, skinny, and had studs all along its length. When the dildo in my ass stopped moving a bigger one was then slid into my pussy. This one was thicker and also had studs. “Here’s the deal. Your wrists will be released in 45 minutes. After that you have 30 minutes to release yourself and continue the game. I don’t get to take anything from you but I do get to leave you with a gift. I will let you decide, the gag or the nipple stretcher. If you choose the gag you can remove it to remove the hood but you must put the gag back in, just as tightly as it is now. If you choose the nipple stretcher then use the belt and strap the whole thing around your back. Now I am going to leave you to enjoy yourself,” Marc said.

I heard him walking away when both the dildo inside me started to move. They took turns moving in and out. I struggled and pulled because I didn’t like the idea of getting fucked in both my holes for 45 minutes. Despite my best efforts I wasn’t able to loosen up any of my restraints. After a few minutes I was getting really worked up then I heard a car drive by but this one stopped. I heard someone walking through the woods towards me. I tried to remain still but just as the foot steps stopped in front of me I was rocked by a major orgasm. When I came down I noticed the dildos had stopped.

“That was quite a show,” a female voice said. “So this is what Marc had in mind for all the toys he bought. Since you looked kind of tied up right now I will leave you my card. Give me a call if you want to talk about a job… or just play around.” I felt her slide something between the strap holding my back to the tree and my breast. “How boring, let me show you what this really can do. I think this is one of my favorite inventions. By the way I hope you win. I think you will like the prize,” she said as she walked away.

Just as her car started so did the dildos. This time they were moving faster and deeper. After a few minutes I was hit by a second orgasm. I came down but the dildos were still working me but then they started vibrating. I knew I was in for a rough time, fun but rough. My next orgasm was a big one. The waves were so strong I had stars before my eye and all sense of reality stopped except for the pleasure washing over me. I’m not sure how long I came for or how many orgasms I had but eventually I recovered enough to realize my arms were released but the machine was still fucking and vibrating me. Since I could feel another orgasm building I knew I had to work fast. I reached up and was able to get the gag out and my hood off just before another orgasm washed over me. This one wasn’t as intense but it still felt great and ruined my concentration so all I could do was ride it out. When I came down and looked around I saw the control cable heading off towards the road. Since I knew I had to get off of this machine I reached around and unbuckled my ankle cuffs. Once my ankles were free I was able to unbuckle the strap holding me to the tree and get off the evil machine before I had another orgasm.

After I was free I just sat down against the tree and caught my breath. After a couple of minutes I moved the wrong way and bumped the breast stretcher into a branch. Once the pain subsided I decided I would defiantly remove that and wear the gag. I decided to put the gag in before I took the nipple clamp loose. I was glad I did because it hurt removing them. I couldn’t believe that I had gotten used to wearing them. After spending a few minutes massaging my breasts I got up and started moving again.

I was just about to walk away when I notice a business card on the ground. I picked it up but it was to dark for me to read. I just held on to it and headed toward the end of the game area. Once I found the back I head along the back end towards the middle. After no more then ten minutes of walking I came up to a large clearing and in the middle was the roped off base. I ducked into some bushes and decided to just watch and see what I could see.

The next thing I knew I realized I had fallen asleep. I looked around and realized the sun was coming up. That meant it was about 5 am. I watched for a few more minutes and was just about ready to sprint towards the base when one of the guys took off from behind a bush next to me. He ran across the clearing and was trying to get Jackie. Once the guy was all the way around the clearing I got up and sprinted to the base. By the time he knew I was there he knew I had the game won so he didn’t even try to stop me. When I crossed the line to the base I saw a flare gun on a table so I shot it off telling everyone that the game was over.

Jim, the guy that had just caught Jackie asked, “How long were you there?”

“I honestly don’t know. I got to the bushes and decided to watch and see if the base was guarded and the next thing I know I woke up and the sun was coming up,” I replied after I removed my gag. “I was just about ready to go for it when Jackie made her move.”

Jackie grumbled “I cannot believe that you won because you fell asleep. Some people have all the luck.”

We talked for about 10 minutes as everyone else showed up. I was the only on that wasn’t caught when the games ended. 4 of the players had been caught 3 times and “belonged” to the guys. Jackie’s second time getting caught was when Jim caught her. She had to let him play with her for an hour before she was free decide her own fate.

Marc went to his truck and brought a large box and said, “This is your prize plus the money I will give you this tonight.” I looked in the box and found a really heavy latex catsuit. “It’s the latest in self bondage and “sexual torture.” It's computer controlled and from what the sales lady said it's a blast.”
It was decided that everyone would go to my house and take a nap and get cleaned up, after all the stuff was collected. At about noon we would meet up and continue with the “post games activities.” Since I had just woken up I let them get cleaned up first. When I was waiting I read the card I received. It was from “Zanedra Sexual Inventions.” I then pulled the suit out of the box.

The suit was made from deep blue heavy gauge latex. The suit itself weighted about 15-20 pounds. It had a built in hood that had 2 holes for breathing through the nose and hole in the back for hair. The hood also had an internal penis gag that had a hole all the way through it. The neck and waist were boned forming a corset for each. The hands and feet were also enclosed by the suit, I unzipped the back of the suit and found 2 dildos inside. They were bigger then I was used, especially the one for my ass. There was a cup for each breast that looked kinda small around the base. At the end of each cup was an indention that was obviously intended for the wearer’s nipples. I looked more closely at the inside and noticed small patched of exposed metal that looked like hospital monitoring sensors.

In the bottom of the box I found a small box. Inside the box I found a transmitter device, a computer DVD and directions. I picked up the directions and read them. According to the instructions the suit was able to tighten up to fit the wearer and restrain her in several different ways. The sensors would send information to the computer in order to achieve the desired results. When used for self bondage the wearer sets the intensity and time and then the computer takes over from there. Instructions will be given through speakers in the hood. There was an emergency stop option in the hands by snapping finger three times in succession. I loaded the software and the transmitter onto my computer. The transmitter had a 2 mile range depending on what was around it. For self bondage there were basically 4 setting and nothing describing the difference. The settings were: Level 1 For Wimps Only, Level 2 Getting Brave, Level 3 Dominated, and Level 4 You will be His. “This is going to be fun,” I thought.

Before I took a nap Marc brought me a check for almost $100,000. It turns out he was in a high stakes poker game and won it all. He needed the money from us to win the last hand. It turns out he had a straight flush and beat everyone else, winning almost 30 million dollars. I also got $500,000 gift certificate at Zanedra’s. He explained that he won a drawing at her shop and won the gift certificate. I went to sleep a happy woman and when I woke up everyone was ready to start. Marc was the only guy that hadn’t caught an elf for his very own so it didn’t take much convincing to get Marc to take me. All I had to do was agree that I was his and we would be outside all day. I had been secretly in love with Marc for sometime but was always too scared to tell him. I was hoping that I would have the courage sometime today.

He took me outside to his truck and began packing a large bag with the stuff he wanted to use. As he was packing I heard moaning coming from the barn. When I looked I saw Jackie hanging upside down by spread legs. Liz had her elbows tied so tightly that they touched and she was licking Jackie’s clit and pussy. Jim was behind her and was using a dildo and was fucking her in the ass. I watched for a few minutes when Marc told me to take off my clothes. After my clothes were removed he spread some kind of lube all over me from the waist up. He then put my arms behind my back and began to work my arms into a deep blue latex armbinder. He worked the armbinder all the way up then he pulled the excess latex over my head and began to work it down my chest. Once everything was smoothed out and set correctly my whole upper body was enclosed in latex. The armbinder was also a tight top and hood. The hood had holes to see out of, 2 for my nostrils and one for my mouth. My breasts were sticking out through a single opening in the chest.

After Marc laced the armbinder so my elbows were touching he checked to make sure I was ok. He then slid vibrators into both the holes between my legs then he pulled the crotch strap that I hadn’t noticed up between my legs and attached it in the front of the suit. The strap was pulled tight enough to make sure the dildos didn’t go anywhere but not tight enough to make me too uncomfortable. He began to roll my nipples in his fingers and kiss me deeply. I returned the kiss with the same eagerness. He seemed shocked for a second but quickly recovered and stopped playing with my nipples. As he was kissing me, nipple clips where attached to both my nipples simultaneously. I yelped but it was cut short as Marc’s tongue entered my mouth and quickly took my attention away from my breasts.

After a couple minutes of kissing he pulled away and complemented my on my kissing. I looked down at my breasts and was surprised to see not only a chain connected to each nipple clip that was pulling my breasts together but there was another chain that went to Marc’s hand like a breast leash. Next my mouth was filled with a ball gag that matched the color or the rest of the latex I was wearing. He then sat me down on the tailgate, lubed up both my legs and slid extremely tight blue latex tights up my legs. The latex was so tight I knew it wouldn’t slip down but Marc folded down a couple of inches and spread some kind of adhesive on that portion and then folded the tights back into place. The bottoms of the feet were reinforced so I could walk around and not ruin them.

“Are you ready to start our little adventure?” he asked. When I nodded he helped me off the tailgate and gently tugged the chain attached to my nipples. I groaned into my gag as the throbbing in my nipples increased to a sharp pain but I followed Marc. Both the vibrators inside me started vibrating slowly. He slowly led me around to the back of the house and into the woods. After about 15 minutes we finally made it to the location he wanted. There was a clearing surrounded by thick trees. A stream ran through the clearing but formed a small pool. Marc and I used to play here when we were kids.

I was guided to the far side of the clearing were Marc wrapped my nipple chain around a tree so I was facing away from the clearing. I heard him messing with some of the things he had brought. I wasn’t able too turn around without pulling the nipple clamps and causing myself pain. After just a few minutes he came into view, unwrapped the chain holding me to the tree and led me toward another edge of the cleaning. I was turned around and laid backward to a slanted tree. Marc spread my legs, pulled them back under the tree and tied them good and tight. Next he wrapped a tight collar around my neck and tied my neck down to the tree. I wasn’t able to sit up now much less get away.

He slid his hands up my legs and over my latex strapped crotch. “You’ve made a real mess of yourself down here,” he said as he unbuckled the strap holding my dildos in. The vibrating intensity increased and he began to lick and suck my clit. The attention was great but it was slow and light enough that it took me a long time to get close to an orgasm. When I was just about ready to go over the edge Marc stopped with my clit and the vibrations also stopped. I moaned and pulled at my restraints in an effort to complain but he just laughed. After a few minutes he started the activities all over again. Once again he stops just shy of pushing me over the edge again.

“Are you ready to cum my love?” he asked. Marc laughed at the eagerness of my nodding and then began the vibrations and oral attention on my clit. This time as I approached the edge of climax he turns the vibrations down and became really gentle with his tongue. I was stuck on the edge but I wasn’t able to do anything about it. I wiggle, squirmed and fought my restraints for all I was worth but still I just stayed on the edge. Finally after what felt like hours the vibrator got turned up to max and Marc sucked my clit with more force then ever. I came like there was no tomorrow. It felt like my whole body explode as I was hit by a massive release of pure pleasure. The pleasure was all I knew, the world just stopped and it was only intense pleasure.

As the explosion began to subside the world came into existence only long enough to realize the Marc had removed the vibrator from my pussy and was fucking me. The vibrator that was in me was now vibrating on my extra sensitive clit. Once again I was rocked by another big orgasm. This one wasn’t as intense but it was longer. I remember feeling Marc cum but the wave of ecstasy just continued to was over me. When I finally was allowed of the ride of pleasure I was exhausted. Marc had released my collar and ankles. I was sat up and then he removed my gag.

“Are you ok,” he asked?

Once I caught my breath I replied, “That an awesome ride. I don’t think I’ve ever cum so hard before. My sides actually hurt.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it,” he replied. As he unlaced the armbinder and remove all my latex clothes he said, “I figure we can relax in the pond for an hour or so and then go back to the house.”

“MMMM that sounds good; you really gave me a good workout.”

He just laughed and gently carried me over to the pond. After he lowered me in he sat down beside me and pulled me over to him so I was leaning against him and his arm was around me. I woke up from a really erotic dream to find myself lying on a blanket in the clearing. Marc was just sitting on a rock watching me.

“Morning sleepy head, you didn’t even wake up when I moved you to the blanket. You’ve been out for almost 2 hours. I thought I'd broke you,” he said.

I stretch sat up and looked him in the eyes and said, “It will take more then that to break me.”

He laid me down and lay on top of me. He began to kiss me really passionately. I returned the kisses and before I knew it we were make love and both cumming. Once we were finished he told me that he had loved me for years and just never had the courage to tell me. I told him how I felt about him. After talking for about an hour more we headed back to my place. My summer break was really looking up.