by Lolita

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© Copyright 2009 - Lolita - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/f; F/f; bond; kidnap; boxed; transported; latex; bdsm; oral; reluct/nc; X

Chapter 1: Surprises

She stood 5’9 in her stockings, slim though not skinny with long brown hair and green eyes. She was quiet and generally slouched as she walked, for some reason she never could understand what men saw in her. She did not think much of her 34 DD chest, instead she tried to hide it, though mainly without success. Elly never said much at work, simply came in, did her job and left. The company where she worked was a big multi-national and Elly was a secretary for one of the presidents, in fact she was one of his many secretaries.

James her boss was a tall man, well-built with a physique he maintained in his own personal gym at home. Tall with black hair and blue eyes, his was a face that attracted attention wherever he went. He never said anything to Elly beyond her work, he never stopped to enquire how she was, and Elly never offered any information. This went on for two years.

Elly entered James’ office with the company’s turnover report. She knocked on his door before entering and offered him the document. He waved her over to a table on the other side of the room and gestured for her to leave it there and get out. She headed for the table and proceeded to catch the heel of her shoe on the mat and tripped. She landed painfully on her hands and knees, the pages going everywhere. James did not even glance in her direction, she started to scrabble around for the paper unconciously providing James with an excellent view of her ass and legs which were normally well hidden under her skirt. She stumbled to her feet, blushing, mumbling her apologies and rushed for the door. She never looked back if she had she would have seen James’ contemplative face as he picked up the phone.

Elly unlocked her door and breathed a sigh of relief, work had been even worse today and she looked forward to a long shower and a good book. She undressed and hung up her extremely ugly suit in the wardrobe. The one part of her wardrobe that Elly took care of was her lingerie. She had a large variety of it and proceeded to buy more at any given opportunity, though no one would have credited it her with this hobby. She had on a deep scarlet basque with matching underwear and garterbelt. Her stockings were completely sheer and and had a sheen on them that made her legs seem even longer, but this view was never shown to anyone else, all anyone else ever saw were the ugly suits.

She stripped off her underwear as well and padded naked to the bathroom. As she stood under the hot shower she wondered would there be any reprecusions for the clumsiness at work that day. She stepped out out of the shower and slowly dried off, enjoying the sensual feel of the soft towel between her legs. She could feel the warm flush start deep within and her breath started to shorten. Then just as she could feel orgasm start to rise deep within her she stopped the gentle motions between her legs. She enjoyed doing this to herself, the tempting and then the denial of pleasure, it turned her on even more. She quickly threw on some shorts and a t-shirt she could hardly wait to continue on in bed.

She strolled out into her bedroom and from behind the bathroom door stepped a man, he quickly put his hand over her mouth. Elly started to struggle and even managed to break free of the hand and make a run for the door, she uttered one short scream before she was wrestled to the floor and and the breath knocked out of her. Then in quick efficiency he started, he pulled out a roll of duct tape from his pocket, he glanced around him and noted the open wardrobe. He quickly pulled a strip of tape off the roll and stuck firmly over Elly’s mouth. He then fliped her on to her front as if she was as light as a feather.

With lightning efficiency he had a pair of cuffs on her wrists, she flailed her legs trying to kick out at him. This did absolutely nothing to improve her situation instead all it did was earn her a sharp slap on the ass. The cuffs were followed by a rope tied below her breasts and another around her waist, these anchored her wrists to her back. He then pulled her to her feet and walked her over to the wardrobe, not saying a single word. He forced her to sit into the wardrobe and reached up to a shelf and pulled down a handfull of underwear.

For the first time he looked at her, his brown eyes finding her green ones, “You didn’t think I was going to gag you like that, did you?” He smiled grimly at Elly’s face. He pulled off the tape and before Elly could even draw breath had rammed the underwear into her mouth, he kept packing more and more into her mouth until her cheeks were bulging. He then tore off three strips off of duct tape and smoothed down the first one over her lips, the second just above that and the third down onto her chin. Elly could now do no more than moan, her jaws felt welded togther and her legs had gone numb from him sitting on them to put in the gag.

Quickly and efficiently the man turned around and crossed Elly’s ankles all the while sitting on her calves thus preventing any movement at all. He started to wrap the tape around them so much Elly thought he must have used the whole roll. “Hold on one moment” he said and suddenly smiled at what he had just said. He strolled into the bathroom and came out again with the belt of her dressing-gown. He tied one end of this around her neck, not so tight that breathing would be a problem but snug enough for her to know that there was no getting it off until someone came and cut it off. The other end he reached up and tied over the rail in the wardrobe, Elly was now well and truly stuck and terrified.

He leaned in and struck her across the chest the blow landing firmly and painfully across her right nipple. She mumphed, and jumped, nearly strangling herself on the rope around her neck. “Sorry, I just had to make sure about your noise levels” said the man smiling.

He then reached down and started to stroke the outside of her shorts, Elly squirmed and tried to move away but only succeeded in making the ‘leash’ more uncomfortable. He moved his hand inside the shorts and started to stroke her pussy, Elly could feel the familiar wetness and was embarassed that her body could still react like this even such a situation. Before she knew it the familiar sensations started to take over and she began to try to arch her body to put her pussy in a better position for him. Suddenly she felt a finger inserted into her and start caressing the walls of her pussy. She gasped into her gag as she felt the first waves of the orgasm hit her, her body tensed and then went limp, but his fingers never stopped and then suddenly the second wave was upon her like a tornedo. She snorted through her gag, eyes wide, surprised at what had happened.

“Okay, well we’re done here, he should be here in awhile, but with him you never know, it’s been a pleasure.” He grabbed a scarf from a shelf and before she knew what had happened she was in the dark, then once again she heard the duct tape being unrolled. He wound it round and round her head making the blindfold secure. Then he closed the wardrobe door, locked it and the next thing Elly heard was the front door close.

Elly was left in a sea of emotions not knowing what or who was coming next. She did not know why this had happened to her and could not guess who was coming to her apartment. She did not have many friends and those she did have would never have pulled a prank on her like this, let alone have touched her like that man had done.

James imagined what it would be like all day as he worked. It would be a tremendous shock for his secretary, she was nothing like his normal type of woman, but when he saw her on her knees in his office he knew that he had to have her. She would never even see it coming. He spent the next few hours contemplating what he would do to her, break her first, then perhaps a tattoo and did he need another slave? Life just had too many good choices for James today.

Chapter 2: So it begins

James looked down at the struggling frightened girl and smiled. Elly had no idea that anyone had entered her apartment and was mewing behind her gag and covered in a sheen of sweat from her struggles. James sat down in front of her and caressed her breasts, Elly frooze in terror and then started to mew louder in the hope that help had arrived. James got up and headed for the kitchen for a knife, when he returned Elly was struggling again.

“Elly, if I were you I would not move an inch beause I am about to use a knife next to your delicate skin, and we don’t want any accidents do we?”

The struggles stopped, slowly enjoying every moment James cut her clothes off, he enjoyed the feeling of the damp cloth, the glow of sweat off Elly and the smell of arousal that emanated from her swollen pussy.

He cut her leash free from the wardrobe and hauled her to her feet, he tugged at her leash to guide in the direction he wanted to go. Elly was forced to bunny hop after him or risk falling to the floor or worse strangulation. Once at his destination James yanked hard on the leash and sent Elly tumbling on to the bed. He grabbed her under the arms and pulled her up the bed, the leash was quickly attached to the headboard of the bed. He then set about settling Elly to his liking.

“I see your elbows have not been tied, and there is nothing that helps a woman’s posture more than that.”

With that James pulled a length of rope from his pocket and proceeded to pull Elly’s elbows together, he stopped two inches before cinching them as Elly’s mew had become pitiful .

“You are going to need to become much more flexible than that Elly, those elblows will need to touch.”

James then proceeded to turn his attention to Elly’s ankles.

“This is not a great bed for bondage Elly, but don’t worry you won’t be needing it again, where we are off to there is no shortage of proper equipment, but I guess for the moment we will just have to make do, won’t we?”

He quickly ran a rope under the bed and tied it off, he then cut Elly’s ankles lose saying, “Elly you can do absolutely nothing to stop this happening but if you make things in any way annoying for me, you will regret it, do you understand me, hum twice to agree.”

Elly was lost, the world she has always known was falling apart, she hummed her agreement slowly, disconsolately, “mmmpfh, mmmpfh”. There was no hope for her and she knew it. She felt a pillow being forced under her ass to make things easier for her assailant, but this barely penetrated her conciousness. She lay there lost in darkness, then suddenly she felt a spark in the darkness, her pussy was being rubbed again. She had never come more than once in a go, and already she had orgasmed twice and now it looked like she was to be forced to cum again.

She tried to control her body’s responses but it was betraying her, she let out a moan. James smiled, just as she reached the peak he stopped, Elly mmphed behind her gag. James slapped her hard on ass, “you don’t get to decide when or if you climax anymore Elly that is my decision, so I suggest you behave if you ever want to cum again.”

With that James pulled off his trousers that had been imperfectly concealing his arousal and thrust deeply inside Elly’s throbbing pussy. He pullled her ass in to him again and again until finally he collapsed on top of Elly, his cum oozing out of her pussy. There was a short knock on the door, James quickly pulled his trousers on again, he had wanted another go but there was no time, the movers were here. Two men entered, James pointed without a word to the bed and walked out.

The men got to work immediately, the ropes holding Elly to the bed were cut and so were the ropes tying her wrists, elbows and ankles, they left on her gag and blindfold. Elly was so weak from the enforced bondage that she had no struggle left in her, she didn’t even try to move as she lay spread-eagled on the bed with no ropes holding her down. Then one of the men left the room and wheeled in what looked from the outside to be a coffin. It took both of them to lift the lid and if Elly had not been blindfolded she would have been horrified by what she would have seen.

The box was lined with the a soft spongy material and poking out from the corners and sides of the box were steel cuffs there was even a neck one. One of the men pulled Elly to her feet, she would have fallen except that he held her.

“Do you need to use the toilet?” Elly nodded. He half dragged, half carried her to the toilet then he pushed her down on the toilet. “You have two minutes.” He waited and Elly so ashamed could not go, she felt she would rather burst.

“This one won’t go,” the first man called out.

“Fine, you know what to do” called the other.

Elly felt herself dragged to her feet and her hands cuffed behind her back. “You brought this on yourself.”

Elly mewed loudly as she felt something rammed up her ass, then she had the oddest sensation, she started to feel incredibly full, then the feeling started to turn into cramping, she mewed again. She was shoved down onto the toilet and Elly thought she had never felt such relief as so much fluid exited her body.

“Now, if you don’t want a catheter shoved in next I suggest that you take a piss.”

Elly trembled but was too afraid not to obey. When she was done the man wipped her clean and to her surprise it was very gentle. He then pulled her back into the bedroom, her wrists were uncuffed and she was moved over to the coffin. Elly felt a dildo being shoved up her ass and she thought that it was never going to end, she tried to relax her muscles and accept it in. Then a vibrator was rammed into her pussy and it burst into life. A belt was then strapped around her waist and an extra strap pulled up between her legs to create a chastity belt and to prevent the invaders from falling out. She had never felt so full in her life. Elly was forced to lie down in the box and the steel cuffs snapped shut around her ankles and wrists. The steel collar was closed snuggly around her neck preventing any movement whatsoever. The two men picked up the lid and manouvered it on and locked it down. Elly was ready for transport. The next few hours were a blur to Elly, she lost all track of time after her fifth orgasm, and the whole journey turned into one long orgasmic haze until she finally passed out.

When Elly awoke she was once again on a leash, though this time it was a chain. A steel collar of strange design was around her neck attached to a chain that came out of a hole in the wall, but at least she was no longer bound and gagged. She was in what appeared to be a cell, there were no windows, and her only furnishings were a steel bed bolted to the floor in one corner and a bucket in the other. She had just enough slack to get from the bed to the bucket.

All of a sudden a voice filled the room, “slave get ready for stage one of your training, stand with your hands on the wall behind you.”

Elly turned around and saw for the first time two indentations in the wall behind her. She was furious, who were these people and what gave them the right to call her a slave. She went and started to hammer on the door.

“Slave has failed her very first trial, punishment is imminent.”

Suddenly the chain around Elly’s neck started to retract at a very fast pace into the wall and Elly had to move quickly to keep up with the chain. She found herself face to face with the indentations on the wall, but she still refused to place her hands on the wall. Her collar began to tighten and Elly started to see stars. The last thing she heard was the door opening.

Elly woke to find herself standing upright, naked and cold. She was gagged again, this time with a ballgag, and there was a puddle of drool on the floor below her, she noticed. She was locked in what felt like old-fashioned stocks, which was what was keeping her upright. She tried to look around at where the noise from the open door was coming but she could not move her neck. Then a woman walked into Elly’s line of vision, the woman was wearing a black skin-tight latex catsuit from her neck down to her 5” stilletto heels which highlighted a perfect figure. Her long red hair was pulled high onto her head in a ponytail and most ominous of all she carried a cat-o-nine tails in her hand. Elly started to struggle as she realised what was coming next. The woman laughed and stroked Elly on the cheek, “you need to accept your new life kitten, this is it for you, anyway it is time to get you started.”

Suddenly Elly felt the whip across her back, it was almost like someone had set fire to her. The domme kept going, she whipped her back, legs, and this was agony because the stray fronds would often whip Elly’s pussy. The fire had spread all over Elly’s body. Her last thought was whether she would actually live through it.

“Enough” came the voice from the voice from the hidden speakers, “we don’t want to kill her, now settle her for the night.”

“My pleasure” answered the woman as she started to release the unconcious Elly from the stocks.

Elly slowly came to conciousness and thought that the whipping was still going on, she cried out in agony. She was once again chained in her cell, a voice announced again that she was to put her hands on the wall. Elly dragged herself to her feet, moaning in agony and placed her hands in the holes in the wall. Immediately the holes got smaller so she could not free her hands. Then from two slight indentations in the floor rose a set of shackles. The woman from her punishment the previous day entered the room.

“Morning Elly, today we are going to see to your personal hygiene,” she said bending down and snapping the shackles shut around Elly’s ankles, thus preventing her from closing her legs.

Elly turned her head in surprise and stared at the woman, “why are you doing this to me?” cried Elly.

“Slave, you seem to want to do everything the hard way,” the woman said bringing a crop out from behind her back. ‘Crack’ it went across Elly’s ass. Elly screamed.

“You are never again to look me directly in the eye or address me without permission and when the permission is given you will always address me as Mistress Minerva.” The woman hit her again to emphasise her point.

“Yes Mistress Minerva” Elly whispered, staring at the floor.

Another woman entered the room, she was blond with blue eyes and was about 5 foot. She was dressed in a nurse’s uniform, the difference being that this was made out of skin-tight latex and had holes cut out in front through which her heavily ringed nipples poked through. Her small waist was made even smaller with a white latex corset, and she wore 5” stiletto shoes that were locked on her feet. She was gagged with an enormous white ball-gag.

“This is Minx” said her red haired mistress “she is going to turn you into a proper slut.”

With that she turned and walked out of the room. Minx set to work, she sat down between Elly’s legs and started to lather up her up, and when Elly started to protest she took a piece of duct tape and simply shut her up. When Elly was hairless from the neck down, Minx started to leave. But then suddenly she turned around and came back into the room and got down once again between Elly’s legs. She started to lap at Elly’s pussy, sucking and nippling in all the right spots to get Elly going, and there was nothing Elly could do to stop her. Then Minx thrust her tongue deep inside her, Elly could feel a fire starting to build deep inside her. She moaned quietly to herself.

James was watching all of this on the camera screen in his office, “So Minerva” he said to the red haired woman crouching under his desk with his cock in her mouth, “how is this helping turn my once secretary into my new slave?”