Eliza's Coming Over

by Adrienne

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© Copyright 2014 - Adrienne - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; drug; captive; bond; bfold; gag; hood; corset; latex; catsuit; toys; insert; enslave; denial; cons/nc; X

This is a work of my personal fantasy.

I’ve been planning this night for a long time. My girlfriend Eliza will be coming over and she has no idea what I have in store for her. We’ve been dating for only a few months but I know that she’s the one for me. I want to make our relationship more permanent. She arrives just on time for dinner. I’ve been cooking all day trying to make this a special meal. Eliza is 5’8 with perfectly wide hips and small waist. She’s blessed with natural red hair just past shoulder level and beautiful green eyes.

I have her sit in a special chair at the head of my dining room table while I get the food ready for dinner, not letting her see what she’s about to have. The anticipation for what’s to come after dinner is getting me very aroused. I place her plate and drink in front of her and sit opposite of her at the table. We’re having swordfish with a baked potato and chardonnay something I know she loves. We’re having a great conversation when she starts to speak a little more slowly. She starts to lay her fork down but ends up dropping it into the plate. I see her and can’t help smiling. I’ve given Eliza a special drug that immobilizes her while still keeping her conscious and aware of everything that will soon be happening to her.

You see; when I said make things more permanent between us I didn’t mean a proposal of marriage; I meant I will be making her submit to me and keep her constrained and restrained against her will until her will changes, hopefully for her…

Now that she is incapacitated I can start her induction to her new life with me. I start by using thin Velcro straps to attach her wrists and then ankles to the chair. I place a spreader bar between her knees. I start to tell her that this is how I like my women, how I knew she was the one for me and how I know someday she will enjoy this. I give her a kiss on her immobile lips, look her in the eye and tell her I love her.

Letting go of her head allows it to droop a bit while I go get the rest of my supplies. Next is the start of mentally breaking down her opposition to bondage and my doing things to her against her will. Regardless of her being unable to move I still need to get her dressed and in a position for training. I start by placing a ring gag into her mouth, making sure to keep her lips from getting stuck between her teeth. I attach the straps behind her head and tighten them as tight as I can. Next comes a large, long and flexible penis gag that screws into the ring gag. This gag goes far into the back of her throat and if she could, she would be gagging due to its insertion. This gag will make any noise she attempts to make a low deep sound which I find extremely sexy.

After that I close her eyes for her and place a blind fold on her. I feel depriving her of sight after depriving her the ability to move just deepens the feeling of helplessness and drives home my ability to control everything about her life from now on. After that I go to the kitchen and retrieve a set of scissors. I run the tip of the scissors up her arms and down her neck till I’ve gotten all the way down to her crotch. I’m hoping that I’m causing her some anticipation and fear of what I will be doing to her soon.  

I stated earlier she is sitting in a special chair. I had the chair specially designed for her. The chair’s arms disconnect from the seat and move out. The chair also leans back and the legs rise up for better access. I lean her back in the chair and move her arms out to the sides. I start to cut away her clothing. First her shirt, then her skirt making sure to move the scissors slowly up her torso to her neck and then cut slowly from the hem of her skirt to her crotch. I pull the clothing away from her and the chair. I use the tip of the scissors to play around with her belly and chest again. I then hover over her bra and snip the sides under her armpits first then a shoulder strap and lastly pull it away from her. This exposes her nice large breasts. Last I cut her lace panties which weren’t coving much anyway.

With her casually bound, incapable of moving, blind and silent I can’t help myself from exploring her body now that I have full control over it. I spread out the legs of the chair and lean her back more to get better advantage to her crotch. I straddle her and start massaging her breasts while pressing my large jean encased penis to her exposed crotch. I can tell she’s aroused, despite however she’s feeling, when her nipples start to contract from my attention. I cannot help myself, I start pinching and pulling them. I start sucking one and rolling the other under my thumb and index finger. I start to get hard and want to take the opportunity for release. I don’t, I have too much work to do on her tonight.

I get off her and put my fingers into her crotch: it’s dripping wet. Its getting harder for me to restrain myself from getting naked and plunging my cock right into her. Next I place ear plugs in her ears, tie her hair up in a ponytail and place hard cones into her nasal passages for safe breathing during her time in bondage. I pull a tight latex hood over her head and lace it down tight to her face. This hood only has small pin holes underneath her nose and a hole on top for her hair. After that I place her posture collar on and then I tuck her hood into the collar. I lock it with a small pad lock. The click of the pad lock should help make Eliza’s mental state even more frantic.

I then release one arm at a time and place her thumb and fingers into a fist. I place small cloth fist size mittens on her hands and then wrap them with tape and reattach her arms to the chair. Next I fit the bondage bra with holes for her nipples to poke out onto her. This bra is a little snug and will fit uncomfortably for her. It causes the excess breasts to plump up over the top of the bra. I then place a thin but sturdy latex corset around her torso and buckle it loosely for now. I get a large dildo and push it inside her pussy, pulling it out and pushing it in several times slowly and then finally settling it deep inside her.

Now has come the time to work on her from behind. I lift her up and carry her down to her new room in my basement. The room has one entrance, is soundproofed and fully equipped to keep her bound to my will. I place her on a latex covered table on her belly. This is where I tie down her corset to a very uncomfortable 18 inches. I also insert a moderately sized butt plug and pull up a set of latex panties one size too small. This causes some excess butt cheek to push out the sides of the pantie.

After this I work up a clear latex cat suit starting with her feet and stretching it tight over her all the way up to her neck. This suit has small pockets for her now permanently fisted hands, holes for her nipples to poke out and it holds her feet in an enpointe position with hard plastic pieces inserted into the ankle area. I zip it up and watch it stretch to tightly encase her entire body. The suit also has an attached hood with on open face that covers her head.

Last is to get her ready for the night. I pull her arms up above her head causing her biceps to be against her ears which further deafens her hearing. I use a thick Velcro strap on her wrists, one above and below her elbows as well. I put a thin cushion between her knees and her ankles. I then start to place straps around the insteps of her feet, her ankles, above and below her knees and one around her upper thighs. I can tell the medicine is wearing off at this point and can start to see her trying to move a bit in her restraints. I can hear that sexy low groan in her throat. I turn her on her back again and start to twist her nipples making her groan even more and attempt to move her arms and legs.

I say to her loudly, but with the ear muffling it sounds like a whisper, “You are mine now, Eliza, exactly where and how I want you. There will be no escape from this except the mental escape of acceptance of your situation. I promise you that you’ll learn to enjoy bondage and being my slave.”

With that as the last thing she hears she begins to try to scream and buck around to escape but soon exhausts herself. So far she has not learned to conserve her oxygen and the restriction of only breathing from her nose is getting more difficult with her activity. After that I strap her down to the latex table and go get dressed for bed.

Now that I am comfortable and she is extremely uncomfortable I unstrap her from the table and move her to the bed. I attach her ankle cuff to the foot board and her wrist strap to the head board. I get into bed next to her and pull the blankets up. I turn her on her side and start to spoon her while massaging her breasts and clit with my hands.

She tries to shake me off but has no leverage to successfully move me and soon begins to moan deeply from my attention. I twist her nipples and pinch her clit and can hear she is responding positively to my hands. I have my cock pushed up tight to her ass and I know she can feel how aroused I am. I have waited all night for release and soon my erection is too hard to ignore. With Eliza all sealed up I cannot use her to get off so for tonight I masturbate while looking at her tied to my bed.

There’s always tomorrow…

To be continued


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