Electric Lady

by Techster

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© Copyright 2003 - Techster - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bondage; electrical play; cons; X

Electric Lady
By: The Techster

It is no secret that my lover, Techie, got me well with her last treat and torment.
The combination collar/wrist/ankle spreader and cbt device had me helpless and displayed in out annual halloween party.

Now it is my turn and I promised her I would do "her right"

If my plan worked my marriage partner of 30 + years, wife, lover, part time slave and part time dom, was going to experience the strongest orgasm she had ever experienced.

The plan was that she would be on her back her head, neck and wrists restrained by heavy wooden stocks, her buttocks elevated by an pillow, her feet would be coupled to her wrists and pulled in towards her butt. To make movement impossible her knees would be pulled apart by cuffs and ropes thus thoroughly exposing her sex. 

The electrodes would be attached by modified electrical clips that I made "gentle" by filing the teeth off the edges and sanding them smooth. There would be some pain from the clips, but I wanted to minimize that so as to maximize the effect of the electrical stimulation.
  Attached to each private part there would be an electrode:
1. anal electrode
2. vaginal electrode 
    2.a. internal electrode that will contact her "G" spot.
3. Right and left Labia Major electrode
4. Right and left Labia Minor electrode
5. Clitoral electrode set
   5.a. Clitoris shaft base electrode
   5.b. Clitoris head or tip electrode
   5.c. Clitoris shaft left side electrode
   5.d. Clitoris shaft right side electrode
6. hood area of the pubic mound electrode.

Each electrode had a neat little label on it telling where it would go.

Next I located an old cam type programmable timer that had a 12 volt DC motor. The motor had a 1000 to 1 gear reduction to the unit. I hooked it up to an old car battery and field-tested the rotary. It made one complete revolution every 3 minutes. This unit had 15 rotary switches. Each rotary had 10 contacts.
The total of 150 contact positions would permit me to create many interesting patterns of current flow.

Next using a plastic electronic project box and 15 push button switches I wired up it, the cam and the power supply so I could have either manual or automated controls.

In the interest of safety I powered the whole system with a battery. Next I searched an electronic catalog and discovered a test signal generator that would allow me to generate sine waves, saw tooth waves, square waves or half wave out put at a variety of frequencies ranging from 50HZ to 440 HZ. Having "personally experimented" with electro-stimulation I prefer 1/2 wave of ac converted to DC or 360 HZ. 

This frequency tingles and stimulates. Unlike the lower frequency which creates a slamming shock or the frequencies above 500 HZ which create a burning feeling 360 HZ teases but does not feel too good or comfortable. 

I decided that she would be "mounted" on a rack of 3/4-inch plywood that would be covered with a soft deep pile carpet.

Her neck and head would be immobilized with a wooden stock that would attach to the rack base. Her ankles and wrists would be in leather cuffs. After she lay down I planned to install an eyebolt on the rack that would restrain her ankle and wrist on each side. That way I could draw her legs up exposing her sex. 

Next I made and adjustable set of stocks that would restrain her neck and head.
This was attached to the "rack" with a steel hinge on the right side and a locking hasp on the left side. 

A heavy old tool belt was attached as a body restraint. I didn’t want any movement.
Finally I took an old medical tool called a retractor and welded a flat plate of metal to each end. Each plate had had holes drilled and tapped in them. Two other flat plates were attached using bolts with wing nuts. The right plate had a thin layer of plastic to serve as an insulator. That way I could separate current delivery to either the right or left labia major. The fixture would used a retractor that is used to spread open ribs and muscles during surgery. 

In this case each set of clamps would be attached to her labia major or lips of her sex. Then with a turn of the control knob her labia major, the large lips would be spread open wide to make it easier to attach the electrodes to her labia minor, and the multiple contacts to her clitoris.

Finally the day arrived. I inserted the anal electrode and my wife lay down on the rack and said, “ I hope this works. Remember I am expecting to experience the Mother of all orgasms with this thing!” 

I looked at her as I locked the head stock into place and asked, ”Do you want a gag? We don’t want to wake up the neighbors.”

She looked up at winked and said, ”Of course! I don’t want to let the world know how much fun I’m having. You better put a towel under me to absorb any juices that might flow.”

I unlocked the head stock and she sat up as I put the red ball bag in her mouth and tightened the belt.

She arched her back as I slid a towel under her butt and sex.

She mumbled something as her head, neck and waist were locked into position.

I put the wrist cuffs on her wrists and knees. I could feel her shudder as I locked them into place. 

Next the ankle cuffs were locked into place and her ankles were drawn up and inward to touch her hands. This made her knees spread. 

Her sex was now slightly opened and exposed. Using the retractor I clamped the plates onto her labia and opened her sex wide so I could attach the electrodes. 

Her eyes opened wide and she mumbled something as she felt her sex opened wider than it had been since childbirth.

The vaginal electrode assembly is made of nylon, it has 2 metal electrodes, one to the vaginal opening is a ring of stainless steel. The other electrode is a curved plastic probe with a metal tip that contacted her “G-spot”. After gently sliding into her and rotating it so the G-spot contact was made the wires were pulled snug and wrapped around her ankles to hold it in place. Then the power wires were connected.

I quickly hooked up the electrodes and switched on the power supply.

“Let me know if this is too severe.” I said as I pushed the buttons that connected the electrode to the tip of her clit and the vaginal electrode.

She gasped, smiled and squirmed as one by one I cycled the different electrodes.

“Blink you eyes if that is ok.” I queried.

She looked up at me and gave me a long blink.

“OK, I’m switching over from manual to auto cycle. You have 30 minutes to go.” 

I hit the switch, sat down and watched her body writhe as she struggled against the bonds. What I forgotten was that as she got aroused her juices would flow. These juices would improve the electrical connection making things even stronger. Her clit was swollen to about the size of her little finger and I could see her juices leaking out onto the towel. 

She puffed and panted as the system cycled. 

Then suddenly all movement stopped as she lay still.

She had passed out. I was worried about her breathing.

The system was switched to manual.

I quickly released the headstock, removed the gag and locked the stock back again.

I gave her a long deep kiss, then I manually cycled the clit to G-spot electrodes. She jumped as the current startled her and then took a long deep breath, opened her eyes, smiled and exclaimed. “WOW! What a ride! I came six times in about 5 minutes. Let me relax for a few and I’ll ask you to switch it back on. In the mean time could you please cycle a few switches and I’ll tell you which I like best?”

“Of course. Here goes.” I hit the G-spot and clit tip electrodes.

“That has to be the wildest. Press that button again and you can send me into an orgasm anytime.”

“Like this?” I asked as I hit and held the buttons.

She gasped and came again. “Yes, just like that!”

“Now I’ll try labia minor to labia minor. How is that?” I asked as I pressed the buttons. 

“That is a tease, a pure tease. Leave it running while I relax.” 

She relaxed and took a brief nap.

In about an hour I increased the settings on the current flow and rotated the flow to her clit. Labia, anus and G-spot.

She awoke, her eyes open wide, body struggling in her bonds. She was trying to mumble something. 

I slid my hand under her head and released the gag. As I removed the ball from her mouth she said. “At the moment I am the height of horniness. You better make me come a few more times or I am going to assault you when I get free.”

Her wish was my command so I turned up the current and blasted her through 3 more orgasms. Finally she stopped struggling and lay limp on the rack. 

“Enough?” I asked.

“Enough!” she exclaimed. “You’re going to have to carry me to the bathroom. I am so weak I don’t know if I can stand.”

I released her restraints, removed the electrodes and carried her to the bathroom where I placed her on the commode as I drew a warm bath for her. I slid her limp body into the bath and washed her sex and body. Then I picked her up, and as she held onto me dried her before placing her on out bed. In about 5 seconds she was fast asleep. 
I decided to use the opportunity to grab a quick nap so I stripped and lay down along side her

When I awoke I was bound spread eagle on our bed. 

“I’m still horny as hell and you will be my instrument of pleasure.” She whispered as she stroked my now erect cock.

She mounted me and gently slid up and down until I was about to come. Then she stopped, curled up with her head on my chest and her hand holding my balls.

I lay there trembling horny as hell, but unable to come.

In about 30 minutes she awoke and teased me again. ( and again) Finally I was allowed to come, but only after I agreed to take her out to dinner.

I think married life is so much more fun when you wife is your playmate.