The Elbow Bondage Club

by Elbowstogether

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© Copyright 2008 - Elbowstogether - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/fff; bond; D/s; hum; reluct; X

ELBOW BONDAGE CLUB  (Chapters 1 -5)

English is not my first language, so please excuse the occasional bad grammar/spelling/wording. This story is pure fiction and caters to the niche fetish of elbow bondage.


CHAPTER 1 - The Club

The 'Elbow Bondage Club' (EBC) was an exclusive fetish club located 38 miles outside of San Francisco. The venue was a large mansion which was owned by Julia Langly and Laura Parker, two eccentric millionaires who shared the same sexual fetish: beautiful women in stringent bondage.

The EBC was not a regular bondage club, it was 'females only'. And Julia and Laura made sure that only the most beautiful women were accepted as members. And, as the name suggested, this club was also limited to 'elbow bondage' fetishists.

As a member of the EBC one had free access to the mansion during the operating hours. There were more than 30 playrooms in which the members could act out their kinky bondage fantasies with either other club members or members of the resident staff. The staff consisted of stunningly gorgeous, but nonetheless harsh dominatrices. They chaperoned the club members, making sure everyone played safe and abided by the rules of the house. The staff were also responsible for supplying every member with all the bondage paraphernalia, fetish clothes and shoes she could wish for.

Julia and Laura had established a 'No Woman Is Safe' rule for the EBC, meaning no member was allowed to be exclusively dominant. So at one point or another every member would eventually find herself on the receiving end. No exceptions!

Despite them being professional dominatrices, the NWIS rule also applied to staff members. Although 'Junior' and 'Senior' club members were limited to engage staff members only as a dominant in their play, 'Premium' club members had the exclusive privilege to turn the tables on them. Once a month Premium-members could pick a dominatrix of their choice and make her a bondage slave for one hour. Premium-members usually savored their chance for payback and really enjoyed putting those smug dominatrices in their places by tying them up extra hard. Naturally the dominatrices didn't like that practice one bit.

Nonetheless a job as a dominatrix at the EBC was in high demand because of the extraordinary pay. But Julia and Laura always picked their dominatrices very thoroughly. Only those who passed an inaugural test were allowed to participate in the actual EBC training course.

CHAPTER 2 - Tamee and Nicole

Tamee Darcy was admiring herself in the mirror. She was a tall redhead who could probably win every beauty pageant in the state with ease. But right now she looked more like a model right out of a fetish catalogue. A tight, red rubber dress flattered her perfect figure, thin, black stockings covered her legs and on those 6-inch stilettos she was taller than most men.

Behind Tamee, sitting on the bed, was Nicole Stanton, a drop-dead gorgeous blonde. She was wearing a white business suit with matching white stockings and stilettos. Nicole seemed to be a bit nervous.

"Don't worry, Nikki. I am sure this job interview will go well. With our looks and experience the EBC would be nuts not to hire us." Tamee sat down next to Nicole. "You are hands down the second best dominatrix I know."

Nicole smirked, "You, of course, would be the best?"

Tamee grinned back at Nicole, "Well, they don't call me 'Queen bitch' for nothing."

Nicole took another look at the EBC info brochure. "The only thing I am worried about is the 'no woman is safe' rule. We may have a lot of experience with bondage, but not at the receiving end."

Tamee nodded, "I'm not too keen on getting tied up either, but for the money the pay, I'll swallow my pride."

Nicole laughed, "You, strictly bound and gagged? I'd love to see that."

Tamee let out a soft moan, "Actually I have often fantasized about YOU in tight bondage."

Nicole slowly closed in on Tamee until their lips where only an inch apart. "You are allegedly the best dominatrix in town. So why don't you just force me into bondage?"

Before Tamee could reply, the doorbell rang.

CHAPTER 3 - An Unusual Ride

The EBC had send a luxurious limousine to pick up Tamee and Nicole. As they got into the car, they were greeted by Melissa Goldstein, personal assistant of Julia Langly and Laura Parker. Also in the car was a 30-something asian beauty with platinum blonde hair. But she couldn't really greet them because of the bit-gag in her mouth. Tamee and Nicole immediately recognized her as Jenna Young, a fellow dominatrix.

Melissa started talking about the job interview procedure when Nicole interrupted her, asking about Jenna Young. Melissa glanced at the bound and gagged asian girl. "Oh, she is also applying for a job as a dominatrix at the EBC."

Tamee noticed that the cuffs locking Jenna's wrists and elbows behind her back were not fluffy love cuffs but unpadded metal cuffs. "But why is she bound and gagged?"

Melissa sighed, "That's what I was going to tell you. It's standard procedure for all job applicants. Julia and Laura, the owners of the EBC, are very particular. Even though we hire you as dominatrices, you will, sooner or later, be subjected to some tight bondage yourselves."

"You are talking about the 'no woman is safe' rule, right?" Nicole was getting nervous again.

Melissa nodded, "Exactly. Our premium club members are allowed to tie up our dominatrices. This is actually the main reason why regular members decide to upgrade to a premium membership. They are more than eager for a chance to turn the tables on you guys."

Melissa opened the large, black bag beside her and took out some ropes, cuffs, leather straps and ballgags. "Alright ladies, turn around and put your arms behind your backs."

For a brief moment Tamee and Nicole shared a concerned look, but eventually they obeyed. Melissa started with Nicole, using leather straps to lash her arms together. Nicole groaned loudly as her elbows were slowly pulled closer and closer together. Melissa showed some mercy and stopped when Nicole's elbows were only an inch shy of touching. "Well, usually I would make those elbows touch. But until we arrive at the mansion this will suffice, don't you think?" Nicole could barely breath, so she just moaned thankfully.

After seeing the distress the strict elbow tie caused her friend, Tamee asked Melissa to use cuffs on her. Because the cuffs were separated by a four-inch chain, Tamee figured those wouldn't force her elbows together too tightly. Melissa just smiled and snapped one pair of the cuffs around Tamee's wrists. But to Tamee's dismay Melissa reached for the black bag and produced what looked like two thin steel rings.

"These rings are electromagnetic. No linking chain necessary.", Melissa explained with a devilish grin as she snapped one ring around each of Tamee's elbows.

"Wait, I changed my mind. I think I better go with the leather straps.", Tamee sounded agitated.

"Sorry, honey!" Melissa grabbed Tamee's elbows and pushed them close together before she used her thumbs to activate the rings. With a soft "Cling" sound the rings touched, forcing Tamee's elbows extremely close together.

Nicole cringed as she heard her friend's groaning, but at the same time she felt a sexual rush go through her body. Seeing Tamee so helpless really turned her on. Tamee on the other hand seemed a little pissed. Although the harsh bondage was extremely uncomfortable she was more upset about giving up control. Tamee was a full-blooded dominatrix who has never been tied up before. Being tied like this made her feel very vulnerable.

"You girls ready for the gag?" Melissa was holding two huge ballgags in her hands. "Sorry about the big size, but unfortunately I don't have any smaller ones at my disposal."

Melissa had to push hard to get the balls behind the girls teeth, but eventually she succeeded. Nicole started drooling onto her white business suit within seconds whereas Tamee tilted her head back, trying to keep the drool in.

Melissa leaned back in her seat and smiled gleefully. "Try to relax, ladies. It's an hour long drive"

CHAPTER 4 - Arrival At The Mansion

The limousine pulled up right in front of the mansion's pompous entrance. Melissa snapped a soft leather collar around each of the girls neck and used five feet long chains as leashes. The limousine driver, a stunning 6-foot tall blonde, opened the car door and helped Melissa get the three bound and gagged ladies out of the car.

Nicole, Tamee and Jenna looked totally exhausted. Nicole's white business suit showed several large, wet spots. The big ballgag has caused her to drool profusely. Tamee could barely move her arms without groaning in pain. The thin, steel rings dug deep into her porcelain skin. Jenna was lucky that Melissa had used ordinary handcuffs on her elbows, leaving her more wiggle room, thus making her bondage slightly more bearable then those of her two comrades. Nonetheless, she looked like she was going to faint any moment.
Melissa tugged on the leashes, "Come on, ladies! Don't be shy!" Like pet dogs Nicole, Tamee and Jenna were forced to follow Melissa as she led them into the mansion. Once inside, the new arrivals immediately attracted a small crowd of rubbernecks.

Tamee recognized one of the women in the crowd as Lorraine Page. She was one of Tamee's most loyal customers. For over a year now Lorraine has been booking Tamee for BDSM sessions. Just last week Tamee had been dominating and disciplining Lorraine for a full day with tight bondage, hard flogging and verbal humiliation. A gleeful smile on Lorraine's face showed that she too recognized her former tormentor. Tamee felt extremely embarrassed and tried to avoid eye contact with any of the rubbernecks.

Melissa led the three girls to an elevator, "Miss Langley's and Miss Parker's office are located on the fourth floor." Melissa was about to press the button to call for the elevator when she abruptly stopped, apparently changing her mind, "Maybe we should take the stairs?" Nicole, Tamee and Jenna shook their head in unison, clearly being against this idea. But Melissa was already heading for the stairway and after a few yanks on their leashes the three helpless girls could do nothing but follow suit.

The stairway was located prominently in the middle of the large entry hall. There was no way anyone could have missed how the three tightly bound, gagged and leashed women were forced to walk up the stairs on their 6-inch stilettos. On every floor heads turned and giggles could be heard. Nicole, Tamee and Jenna had never felt more humiliated.

CHAPTER 5 - A Taste Of Her Own Medicine

Without knocking Melissa pushed the large door to Julia Langley's and Laura Parker's office open. Julia and Laura were standing in front of their desks with their arms crossed, already waiting for the new guests. Julia was wearing a conservative pin-stripe business suit, whereas Laura was clad in a black leather outfit that virtually screamed 'dominatrix'.

Melissa led Nicole, Tamee and Jenna into the middle of the room and introduced them. Laura immediately noticed that Tamee had been bound with the thin, steel rings. "Why did you use the steel rings on Tamee?", Laura asked Melissa, "You know very well we only use these for punishment."

Melissa stepped in front of Tamee, looked her deep in the eyes and smiled diabolically. "Well, you know her reputation. Tamee Darcy is cocky, self-absorbed and she loves punishing her slaves with the most extreme bondages. I just had to give her a taste of her own medicine and show her right away who's boss."

Julia walked to her desk, opened a drawer and took out what looked like a remote control. She aimed it at Tamee and pushed a button. The steel rings around Tamee's elbows opened and dropped onto the carpeted floor. Tamee couldn't help but scream loudly into the gag. Her elbows had been kept tied together for so long that their sudden release proved to be quite painful.

Laura picked up the rings from the floor and approached Melissa. "The problem is, you are not the boss, Melissa." Tamee watched gleefully how Laura snapped the steel rings around Melissa's elbows. Melissa knew arguing with Laura and Julia was futile, so she simply accepted her punishment. Laura activated the magnetic field of the rings and Melissa's elbows were immediately drawn together.

Five minutes later Melissa was lying tightly hogtied on Laura's desk. The harness bitgag was connected with her ankles by a very short rope, thus forcing her into an arch. Nicole, Tamee and Jenna on the other hand had been completely freed.

Julia apologized, "We are sorry that Melissa kept you bound and gagged for the entire ride. Standard procedure only requires you to get tied up once you arrive at the mansion."

Jenna couldn't get her eyes off Melissa. "How long will you keep her like this?"

But before Julia could answer there was someone knocking on the door. Two women entered, pulling a dolly into the room. Laura pointed to Melissa, "Take her to the exhibition room." The two women carefully hoisted Melissa off the table and onto the dolly.

While the two women were busy handling Melissa another woman appeared at the door. Laura beckoned her to come in, "Megan, please accompany our guests to the spa."

Nicole frowned, "But what about our interviews and the inaugural test?"

Laura affectionately patted Melissa's cheek, "Well, thanks to Melissa here you three are currently too exhausted for the inaugural test. We'll postpone it until you have refreshed yourselves in the spa."

Before leaving Julia's and Laura's office for the spa, Tamee approached Melissa who was now lying on the dolly. She leaned forward so she could whisper into Melissa's ear, "Don't you dare think we are even. I will make you pay for all the humiliation you have put me through."