by Mikel

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Storycodes: M/f; wager; bond; basement; steel; collar; chain; cuffs; gag; corset; chast; toys; insert; thighcuffs; video; stuck; denial; oral; climax; cons; X

Anne laughed at the proposal and said “It would be easy!” and the two agreed that next weekend would be when they did the experiment. During the week Anne thought about how silly Ken was to believe she couldn’t handle his little challenge, “I mean I spent four days shackled at the convention” she thought. Anne wore the two inch steel collar and cuffs twenty four seven loving how they made her feel loved. As the weekend grew closer she upped the ante by asking to be gagged, corseted and to have her hands locked behind her back. Ken agreed but added if she failed she would have to do the experiment again his way and she scoffed knowing she had worn everything she had asked for much longer than two and a half days.

Friday night came and Ken asked if she was ready going over the rules again: You will be chained by the neck to the wall in the basement, you will have no contact no light other than the small bulb across from you and will have just enough water to last while you are chained. Since you have chosen to be gagged there is no need for food but I will add the normal vitamins and supplements we usual use to keep you healthy. Once we start I will not visit you and no one will be able to hear you especially since you will be gagged. I have chosen your restraints so you should be comfortable enough for at least a few hours, on Sunday night I will release you unless you choose to use you escape button and accept the punishment which will be much longer and much more painful.

Anne knew the punishment would be wearing her smallest corset laced tightly and locked on by her chastity belt and thigh cuffs for two months another one of her ideas. The belt would have both steel phalluses installed during the entire punishment time forcing her to perform enemas and wear the uncomfortable belt and corset even while she was at work. Anne had worn the belt “fully loaded” as she called it for several days before hating it after only the first day. Anne knew the belt would become painful by the third day but was sure she could stand being chained for two days so she had agreed. Ken had already sent the keys to her belt to a service that wouldn’t return them for almost three months from the time he sent them away timing it almost perfectly for her punishment.

Ken wrapped a large steel collar around her neck, the collar fit her snuggly having been shaped to fit her neck and would be comfortable but would not be able to turn around her neck keeping the large eyelet in the back. Anne felt the lock snap closed reaching up to feel the heavy steel as Ken started lacing the corset. By the time he had finished lacing it Anne was gasping, the corset crushed her from her chest down to her hips smashing her breasts under the heavy leather. She knew the corset pulled her waist down almost four inches smaller than she normally wore one leaving her with a tiny waist the Ken’s hands could easily reach around. While she calmed herself Ken was busy adjusting the chastity belt to fit her smaller waist. Once it was adjusted her slowly fed the large steel phalluses into her pussy and ass making her close her eyes and moan as they filled her. She opened her eyes when she felt the tight thigh cuffs being locked on asking “why do they feel tighter?” “I adjusted them to fit better, they moved around too much before, you’ll get used to them”.

Ken asked about foot wear and Anne pointed to her favorite six inch heeled pumps, she loved those shoes and the small strap that could be connected to whatever ankle cuff she was wearing. Ken helped her step into the shoes and strapped them to the ankle cuffs she was wearing guaranteeing she could not kick them off. Anne’s ankles were locked together with a four inch chain then Ken removed her wrists cuffs locking a wide steel shackle around one wrist. Before he could lock the other onto Anne’s wrist she pulled her hands behind her back and giggled as Ken stopped and looked and her before nodding his head and locked the other wrist in the wide steel forcing her hands to remain about three inches apart. Anne was purring feeling the phalluses shifting inside her arousing her with each gasping breath.

Ken let her stand watching her adjust her breathing and get accustomed to her restraints for few moments before asking if she was sure she wanted to be gagged as well. Anne weakly nodded she was, her arousal and building frustration now driving her to want even more. Ken smiled and filled her mouth with the large soft rubber bung that would keep her mouth spread wide while filling it muffling any noise she could make. Ken fastened the straps around her head pulling them tight before adjusting the strap under her chin forcing her to bite hard on the gag. Anne moaned again fighting the cuffs and chains feeling she was right where she loved to be bound and helpless. Ken led her to the basement throwing her over his shoulder as they got to the stairs, normally he would watch her struggle down the steps enjoying her efforts to navigate the steps in her bonds and how it aroused both of them quickly but he wanted to get started so she would have enough time to recover if she actually made it.

Anne noticed the basement was darker than normal seeing the one small bulb on the far wall as she shuffled in her tall high heels to where he was guiding her. As her eyes adjusted she could just see a heavy chain hanging from the wall and the water tank with its thin tube hanging nearby. Ken stood her close to the wall asking her again if she was ready to start or wanted to quit now. Anne rubbed her shoulder against his chest purring again and nodded she was ready. Ken locked the heavy chain to the collar saying she was on her own as he walked away leaving Anne to try and watch him leave only losing him in the dim light as he walked upstairs. Anne tried to walk away from the wall finding she could only move about a foot or two before the chain pulled her back only realizing then that she hadn’t noticed any chair or bed. She continued to move about accepting she would be forced to stand during the entire “experiment”.

Anne stood chuckling to herself, “I’ll still beat his little ploy to tame me”. Anne found her panic button, a small push button on a cable hanging from the wall snorting again. For the first two hours Anne stood facing the wall resting her head against the cold bricks before shifting and resting with her back against it imagining herself chained forever left unsatisfied locked in the steel chastity belt for the rest of her life. As she dreamed about being bound and chastised her orgasm grew closer making her turn more often and start to wrestle with her bonds. After four hours Anne’s feet began to ache and her crushed breasts and waist had started to complain adding to her arousal. Anne was now grinding the air with her hips desperately trying to find something to ease her growing excitement only adding to the frustration as her hands flailed uselessly behind her back. The more she struggled the more she gasped around the plug in her mouth grabbing the steel belt with her bound hands trying to pull in up and down. After a few hours of failed attempts to arouse herself more she stood gasping, cursing Ken for putting the belt on so tight.

After twelve hours Anne was whining and twisting back and forth desperately wanting to sit or kneel almost frantic about being forced to stand against the wall. As she fought to calm herself her hand brushed the panic button and she pulled it from the wall ready to use it and deal with the punishment. She was almost yanked backwards by the short chain dropping the button hearing it skitter across the floor and screamed around the gag knowing she was now stuck with no way to get herself free. As she struggled and whined Ken sat watching her on the small camera on the wall across from her wondering how long she would really last. Anne struggled for hours losing all track of time before she became thirsty enough to find the tube and strain to get it to slip passed the plug in her mouth sucking on it feeling much better after a few minutes.

Anne leaned against the wall gasping already wishing she had not asked for the corset or gag but figured she had to be at least half way through the second day. Ken looked at the timer watching it count towards thirteen hours and wondered if she knew how long it had been. Ken feel asleep watching the monitor leaving Anne truly alone while she shifted her position every few minutes thinking it was at least an hour since she had last adjusted herself. Ken slept for almost eight hours missing her fighting and twisting on her tether desperately trying to find away to reach the panic button. Anne was no longer enjoying herself already starting to think she had been locked up longer than two days.

While he slept Anne was dropping down as far as she could pulling hard on the collar choking herself as she tried to reach the small button. Anne had been desperate to make sure she had not been forgotten, her mind had gone through all the possible options, Ken falling and going to the hospital or dying either way leaving her alone in the dark chained to the wall to die. She fought the collar and cuffs even tried to kick her shoes off having limited movement due to the short chain and shackles around her ankles. When Ken woke up Anne was leaning against the wall again making him think she had been standing like that the whole time. He grunted as he went to the bathroom and fixed himself something to eat missing her thrash and fight again now in tears as she was sure he had locked her down here so he could fuck someone else. She pulled and hung from the chain for fifteen minutes before having to stop and stood gasping with her forehead against the wall.

Ken sat back down in front of the monitor still impressed she had not freaked out yet, the study he had read said most people put in the same situation had barely made it past eight hours before freaking out and that was without being corseted with their hands behind their backs. The lack of being able to tell the passing of time combined with being restrained was too much for normal people to handle. Ken watched intently as she drank some more of the water mixture noticing she had already finished most of it and still had two full days left. He had adjusted the camera to make sure she would stay in the frame so the recording would be complete but couldn’t see the small button she had ripped off the wall lying on the floor just out of her reach. Ken watched her change positions shifting her weight from foot to foot as she struggled to maintain her balance. Anne was confused she didn’t understand why Ken hadn’t saved her yet and continued to struggle with why she had been chained and forgotten.

When Anne had sucked the last of the water from the bottle it made her positive that she had been left to die in the darkened basement and would never see anyone again the thought of being left helpless almost making her orgasm. Ken had made himself another meal visiting the bathroom when Anne had another struggling match with her bonds slipping once feeling the collar yank her head upwards cutting her air off immediately making her kick her bound feet on the floor before getting them back under her and standing up gasping as Ken walked back in and sat down. Ken watched her shifting positions for another eight hours before drifting off again leaving her alone to struggle with her mind and bonds. Anne was slowly accepting her situation and started getting aroused again as she struggled wishing she could rub her over heated pussy on anything.

Ken was still sleeping dreaming of his bound beauty and how horny she would be after being locked in her belt for two months no matter what happened and how many times she would beg him to release her and try to find ways to climax while trapped in the belt. Anne was still humping the wall banging the steel against the bricks dreaming she was being fucked by someone when her foot stepped on the cord to the button twisting it under her shoe and dragging it closer to her. As the two dreamed of each other Anne continued to struggle and fight with the steel and leather keeping her gasping and helpless when her other foot kicked the button setting off Ken’s warning alarm waking him. Ken jumped to his feet clearing his head quickly checking the screen to make sure she was not hanging by her neck and slowly walked to the basement.

Ken quietly walked up to the struggling girl watching her grind her pussy into the wall waiting for her to stop and turn around. Anne finally got tired of fucking the wall slowly turning noticing Ken standing there squealing behind the gag. Anne tried to rush to him getting yanked backwards whining as she banged herself against the wall. Ken let her get steady again before asking “Did you mean to push the button?” Anne was confused and stood wide eyed looking at him. Ken spotted the button lying on the floor bending over and picking it up and saying “Oh, it was an accident”. Anne kept staring and slowly shook her head it was. Ken smiled stroking her face around the straps and asked “Do you want to cut the test short or not?” He was feeling sorry for her noticing the scrapes and scratches on her shoulders and the dirt on her face from leaning against the wall.

Anne was still confused, was Ken real, did she want to be released or not she hadn’t been forgotten after all. As she stood staring at him she slowly nodded her head “no”. Ken laughed to himself at her resolve to beat him and said “OK, see you sometime tomorrow”. As his words sank in Anne was watching him disappear in the darkness again and tried to yell out and run after him getting her neck yanked again and fell back against the wall. The thought of being left alone again made her want to change her answer but he was already gone and she was still standing bound, gagged and chained to the wall. Anne struggled until she was gasping and whining, her jaw was aching and her breasts and feet were throbbing sending shots of electric pain through her body each time she took a ragged breath.

Ken watched her for another hour before he saw her yanking on the collar’s chain getting scared she was going to hurt herself and was about to go back down when she stopped and stood facing the wall. Watching her for a few more hours as she stood motionless, Anne was weeping now sure Ken was just her imagination and she was starting to die. As Ken was starting to drift off again Anne had turned her back to the wall and stood flexing her hands when she felt the chord and followed it up to the button grabbing it quickly and squeezing it. Ken jumped to his feet and ran down the stairs before thinking he hadn’t checked the screen stopping half way down the stairs to go back up then turned back around thinking “Stupid” and ran down to her. Anne could hear him coming and was weeping as he grew near thankful he was back and hoped he was real.

This time Ken wasn’t asking her and quickly unlocked the collar and scooped her up carrying her upstairs dropping her on the bed as he reached for the key ring. Ken quickly removed the gag pulling the large phallus out of her mouth then rolled her over and struggled to unlock the cuffs due to her fighting and twisting. Ken rolled her back over and asked why she was fighting? Anne kissed him deeply thanking him for rescuing her and for not leaving her alone. Ken laughed at her leaving her hands cuffed and lay down next to her on the bed. The two slept quietly for another twelve hours both dreaming of the other. When they woke up Anne asked to be left bound until Monday since she hadn’t lasted the time of the test asking if she could have her collar replaced. Ken obliged her enjoying her shuffling around the house in her chains and corset doing everything she could to make him horny so he would release her having no idea she was locked in the belt and corset and neither of them had a choice in it. When Ken reminded her of the deal and explained he didn’t have the keys she nuzzled his crotch while she sat between his legs letting him pull his aching cock out and sucked him dry. When she was finished all she could think of was how she was exactly where she wanted to be and how easy it was for her to get him to do this for her.

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