Dobson's Choice

by NickHC

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© Copyright 2020 - NickHC - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/mf; kidnap; bond; gag; pain; training; nc; XX

‘Sonia was that sort of person. Always the driver, never a passenger. Tall, muscular, blond crop headed and not noticeably very feminine. Dressed as usual in scuffed cowboy boots, faded jeans and a lumberjack style shirt with the sleeves rolled up. She gave the casual greeting without removing the gum that she chewed incessantly. Sonia jumped down from the van and walked around to the rear. Her partner in crime, Tracey exited the other door and joined her. Tracy was the exact opposite of her driver. A head shorter, long dark wavy hair, pretty face and a ready smile, fashionable ultra-tight ripped jeans and a short-sleeved crop top that revealed she must work out a lot judging by her arm muscles.’

Part 1

It wasn’t raining but it was damp, grey, slightly misty and the evening was fast closing in. The light was starting to fade as it always did so much earlier up there at this time of the year. The dirty white van bounced and rolled along a narrow country lane littered with potholes as it wound in and out of the rocks and heather, heading south, mission accomplished.

They were driving back from the North of Scotland, and it had been a long, long trip! The fact the roads they’d had to use towards the end of the journey were single track, decidedly bumpy and with only the odd passing place hadn’t made the trip any easier nor their temperament. Not that the infrequent ‘passing places’ had been needed. They hadn’t seen another vehicle for the last twenty odd miles of their journey, in or out. They seemed to have driven for miles through the wild open scenery which had made little impression to the pair in the front of the van. Tourists they were not, both were definitely city gals!

“Why the fuck would anyone wanna live this close to the North fucking Pole,” Tracy grumbled moving the heater control up a couple of notches. “Only fucking Reindeer and Eskimos’ this far North."

“Don’t think they have them in Scotland,” her partner in crime replied. “Deer maybe and the odd butch bearded Highland Woossey in his fancy pleated clan skirt, but no Eskimos."

“They call them kilts sweetie! Anyway, why the hell would anyone wanna live out here? God, it's gonna be half a week before we see civilisation again and can stop for the night and I’m effing knackered, not to mention bloody horny!”

Sonia shifted her chewing gum around in her mouth before replying. “You’re always horny bitch after a delivery. They live out here cos a) the can afford to, an b) cos they got that whacking great white chopper parked on the lawn so’s they can pop out to the nearest MacDonald’s for a Big Mac or whatever stead of roughing it on these fucking cart tracks and c) cos they can play whatever nasty games they want without the slightest possibility of anyone getting near enough to be curious. That’s why here, sweetie.”

“Well you get randy too, or do I get a night off this time and you go down first?”

“In your dreams kid, you don’t want me to teach you who’s top gal again, do ya?” Sonia laughed.

Tracy joined in, “Mmmm, only if I’m in that sort of mood. Anyway, you smacked far too hard last time; my damn butt was sore for a week!”

Sonia chuckled, “Better a week than a month like poor Cutiepie, eh?”

Tracy shrugged, “Bitch pissed me off; I don’t think she’ll get stroppy again anytime soon, not unless she wants her ass cooked again!”

“Fucking sure she won’t and that my sadistic little companion in crime is why these folk’s live way out here and why we done a good half dozen or so deliveries up to this friggin wilderness in the past couple of years!”

“Wilderness is bloody right on!”

“Well just to remind you in case that big dumb empty void behind your pretty face has forgotten! We bought our lil’ pad off of that fucked up rock star freak for one hell of a price t’other year and how long did it take to find summit good, eh? Him what freaked out thinking about World War Three and London being the first target and his little bit of it being top of the Kremlin’s nooooklear hit list cos of all his ‘High Up’ neighbours and the like.”

“‘Tis pretty cool.”

“Yup baby, we got us the safest most secure spot in London, probably bar a few Government bigwig places. A couple of extra levels below the basement with all the mod-cons you could ever need and no one, I mean no one, can hear you scream down there, an all because we make these sorta bloody wilderness trips regular like for a nice fat payoff.”

“C’ept the bloody tube trains. Hate those fucking noisy things rattling away when I’m down there. Always think one of the fuckers is gonna come through the wall.”

“The line’s far enough away even if we do get a few rattles. Anyway, damn noise they make, no passengers ever gonna hear you playing with Cutiepie!”

They drove on in silence for ten minutes or so, then they slowed by an isolated road sign that leaned somewhat to one side. Tracy read the directions and distance to the nearest ‘big’ town and scowled, muttering under her breath.

“Maybe we should get one of those camper vans, least we could pull over and relax a while in comfort and enjoy the view when there ain’t nowhere else available. All we got in the back of this heap is that filthy old mattress.”

“What view, it’s getting dark. Anyway, too many tell-tale windows, Honeybuns, and who the hell pays any attention to a dirty white van like this? Gotta be a zillion of them on the roads,” Sonia patted the dashboard in front of her. “Anyway, nothing wrong with this old heap served us well and 100 per cent legit, which reminds me….”

Tracy laughed, “Shit, you gotta be joking Big Lady, you really gonna change the plates over out here, out here where the buffalo or whatever roam, not even a bloody tree in sight let alone a house. Who the fuck are we likely to snatch around here, Eskimo bloody Nell?” She laughed again.

“You never know kiddo, be prepared like the boy sprouts say! Outbound with the goods in the back we’re one hundred percent legit, no collection this trip so nothing in the back for the pigs to poke their nasty inquisitive snouts into going home if they did happen to check the plates and pull us over. Less, of course, we gets lucky.”

“Lucky, up here, lucky!” Tracy exclaimed incredulously. “I’m not taking any bloody Eskimos home, I’ve seen them on the telly, short, squat and fucking ugly, and I bet they all stink of fish or summit!”

Sonia smiled, pointed to a sign saying half a mile and a few minutes later pulled into the gravelled space allocated for vehicles to pass each other and avoid the prospect of trying to do so on the unstable peaty surface of the surrounding terrain.

“You know what to do sweetie; I’ll just sit here with the heater on and keep my seat warm for little old me.”

“Bastard," Tracy zipped her coat up, pulled the hood over her head and angrily exited the passenger seat, slamming the door closed behind her. Still muttering curses under her breath, she opened the back doors of the van and lifted the cover of the compartment that housed the spare wheel.

She swore again as she barked her knuckles on the inside of the compartment trying to pull open the narrow rectangular door to a small concealed locker. There was one either side of the wheel compartment and a larger one at the back. Here they kept various items that they would prefer not to have discovered should anyone decide to take a closer look into their vehicle.

It would be a different matter of course when they had one or more of the ‘special deliveries or collections’ in the back. All the hidden compartments in the world wouldn’t have helped them then. Maybe they should spend a bit of the dosh they accumulated on something a bit more secure with, like, a couple of much bigger hiding places. Then again perhaps not, as Sonia said, the old van was just so, so fucking ordinary!

She took out a screwdriver and a bundle of fake number plates. Selected two and returned the others to the compartment. “Fucking bossy bitch,” she muttered. “If I break a nail again….”

Sonia tossed away her second cigarette butt as she heard the rear doors bang and a moment later Tracy climbed in still scowling and blowing vigorously on her cold hands. As she steered the vehicle back into the narrow lane she heard some muttered comment about ‘bloody Polar bears’! She was about to say probably sheep, then decided against it. Trace was not in the best of tempers now, and she wanted her and especially her tongue in a nice compliant mood when they finally stopped somewhere for the night, not in one of her bitchy, uncooperative, sulky ones.

They drove on into the descending darkness. Tracy’s good humour returning as civilisation became ever nearer with the prospect of booze, bun, bed and fun becoming more likely. Sonia was right; you never knew when a suitable opportunity might arise, so there was no harm in being prepared. They didn’t come along very often. They were primarily paid to deliver, not acquire which was a far more specialised job. She pushed the heater knob up to maximum and settled back into a comfortable semi-doze recalling pleasant memories of the last such opportunity.

Despite keeping her attention firmly on the narrow winding Road, Sonia was also reminiscing about poor little Aubree. Such a cute name. Someone somewhere should be damned for all eternity for letting that tasty bit of fluff go off on her own she thought. Poor Aubree, so delightfully innocent till they’d got their wicked hands on her.

They’d been coming back from Wales of all places. The only trip they’d ever made in that direction, and that hadn’t been the best of trips. Another of those way off the beaten track locations so beloved by the affluent perverts their employer dealt with. Another cold, wet, windy, miserable day, driving home after a less than satisfactory night spent in a dubious roadside pub Bed & Breakfast. The bar meal had been lukewarm and inedible, the beer piss poor, the beds lumpy and the bugs had bitten! They were sure from the many red marks on their legs the next morning that the latter had found them both much more edible than they had found the pub food the previous evening!

Consequently, after a row with the surly landlord, they skipped breakfast and made an early start. About halfway home bowling along an underused ‘A’, road having had the foresight to avoid the motorway due to a reported accident, it was Tracy who’d suddenly bawled “Stop. Stop!”

Sonia concentrating purely on the road hadn’t even spotted the diminutive drenched figure standing forlornly by the roadside with its thumb out. She braked and pulled into the kerb. “S’up?”

“Dunno, maybe something interesting, hitch-hiker, let’s check it out, might even be a keeper if we’re lucky.”

Sonia looked around and then toward the figure hurrying towards them via the passenger side mirror. “K, no harm, nobody much on the road and with all this foul muck coming down, hard to see anything anyway.”

It would be by no means the first time they’d offered the hospitality of the third ‘in-between’ seat in the cab to a stranger. Usually, they’d had a better chance to see who and what they were getting. The subsequent conversation would then decide whether that person ‘stayed’ with them right till the end of their journey to enjoy some ‘additional long-term hospitality’ or was dropped off en-route. In almost all cases such passengers went on their way a short while later blissfully ignorant that fate had spared them, occasionally one less lucky hadn’t been!

Aubree was French, petite, shapely, elfin pretty and had only turned eighteen a few months before. This was one time when Tracey and Sonia didn’t even need to bother to look at each other. Bingo! Two greedy pussies still on a high from the ‘more entertaining’ part of the night before in an ancient double bed and the lingering effects that every delivery or collection stimulated in them, immediately went into reheat!

Poor Aubree, all the King's horses and all the King's men probably couldn’t have helped her at that moment, and none were in sight anyway. Nothing was in view other than a gloomy empty road and heavy, persistent drizzle. Just a van that wasn’t quite as old as it looked and a couple of very predatory, sadistic lesbians!

Aubree was extremely pretty, vivacious and far too talkative which was unfortunate for her. Far better had she been less chatty, less garrulous, much tighter lipped with the two strangers and not been so forthcoming about herself. Well maybe not. Her doom was sealed from the moment her two new found friends got a good look at her. Their rapacious interest grew by the second as she unwrapped the various wet layers of outer clothing in the dry warmth of the cab of the van.

Her English was good; good but not excellent she told them, but oui, yes, she must practise to get better, no? She was on a six-month exchange course at university. No, she was there by herself, the only one, two of her friends had gone to one in London. She had a room she shared with another girl on the campus, but the other girl had gone home last week with flu, bad flu she thought, maybe not to be back for another week.

Yes, she missed her parents, family, friends, boyfriend and her cat. The cat possibly more than the boyfriend she confided to them with a few giggles. He becomes, how you say, a bit heavy and kept talking of amour, love, but she thought his interpretation of the subject was not the same as hers. I think he wants only to go inside my pants as you say over here.

It had been a spur of the moment decision. A concert she’d decided to attend. Yes, she could have gone by train or maybe a bus, but the English pounds were a bit low. Papa was sending a cheque, OK but not so good for now so she’d decided to hitch-hike. She often did back home in her small village to get a ride to town. Oui, yes, they said dangerous, but she was careful. She would not have got in had they been men, of course not, she was not stupid!

Sonia and Tracy had smiled, nodded and mostly listened. They looked at her, mentally licked their lips and looked again then finally shared a glance over her head. Neither needed to speak, nod, wink or perform any other gesture. Both minds were as one, and nothing else was needed.

“Over there,” Tracey had said, pointing ahead ten minutes or so later. She smiled at the smaller girl beside her. “Bathroom break, there isn’t a decent place for miles yet on this road, and I need to spend a penny urgently behind a tree or a bush,” she winked at the girl.

Sonia carefully steered the van fifty yards or so up the bumpy dirt track that ran into the small wooded area. Tracey opened the glove compartment and took out a small brown tinted glass bottle and a folded white hand towel. The Cork stopper came loose with a slight ‘pop’; then she liberally poured some of the contents onto the towel before carefully standing the bottle on the dashboard. A sudden sickly-sweet odour filled the cab that just as quickly turned to a more putrid one.

Aubree had immediately made a face at the smell, her pretty nose wrinkling in sudden disgust. Perhaps then for the first time, she had a premonition or maybe some other primitive instinct kicked in with a warning that all was not well.

It wasn’t. Sonia unbuckled her seat belt then twisted sideways to grab Aubree, quickly pinning her arms to her sides and held her in a tight iron grip while Tracey clamped the foul-smelling cloth over their victim’s horrified face. “Relax baby,” Sonia whispered softly and gave her a quick kiss on the back of her neck.

Aubree struggled vainly and tried not to inhale but had no option but to take a few breaths; it only needed four of five before she began to go limp. Sonia maintained her grip while Tracey refreshed her cloth and applied a second dose. All resistance ceased. Tracey checked the girl’s heartbeat, and her breathing then disposed of the cloth in a plastic bag, placing that and the bottle back in the glove compartment.

They both got out of their respective doors and took a good long look around, both going a little way into the wood before returning to the van. Tracy opened the rear doors, and a moment later they’d hauled the unconscious figure out of the cab and secured her onto the old mattress in the rear.

Not even ten minutes later and they were back on the road heading for their pad and to what they both knew was going to be a far more pleasurable evening than the previous one. A long evening and night with all the time in the world and all the necessary wicked little toys available to entertain themselves with this soft sexy plaything they’d just acquired. They knew she was soft and sexy; eager hands and fingers had strayed into lots of areas as they utilised the contents from one of their secret stashes to gag and bind her for the remainder of the journey.

Oh yes, Sonia remembered, Aubree had undoubtedly been a lot of fun, that had been a wild three weeks of virtually 24/7 lust and sheer wanton debauchery with a generous measure of erotic sadism thrown in. A big decision, in the end, well one of several they’d had to make. She’d been a virgin, all holes and never had her cute little talkative tongue anywhere near a hungry dripping lezzi clit either. They’d both wanted to bust her of course, Sonia laying claim to the front door and Tracey the back but in the end, financial common sense had precluded that. They’d got the one bitch already, and they still owed a bundle for her and on their exclusive nuke proof pad.

So, they settled for training her unwilling little tongue to become so obliging and cooperative. They’d had a great three weeks and then sold her to the organisation that employed them for the special deliveries and collections and other occasional more interesting jobs. Big, big money. That little deal they’d cut for Cutiepie had cost them, and she’d been a forty-year-old reject not a pretty eighteen-year-old, with an intact hymen and virgin asshole to boot!

Naturally, they would have got even more for her if they hadn’t taken those first few little bites themselves. They’d got their fervent hands on a tasty little cake but rationed themselves to a slice or two. Hell though, they might leave the juicy cherry on top untouched, but that didn’t mean that they couldn’t lick a bit of the cream off or have a few nibbles did it?

Tracey opened her eyes, blinked a couple of times, yawned and sat up a bit straighter in her seat, “Where are we?”

“Christ knows, a bit bloody further on in the wilderness than the last time you asked. ‘Bout five miles further I reckon to the main road, and I can see lights over there, must be the town we passed earlier.”

“Roll on; I am famished, dry and fucking randy in that order!”

“Well another ten minutes and we can start looking for somewhere suitable. Who knows, once we get clear of the wilds, we might even have found us another little Aubree all alone and lost. Damn weathers about to go bad on us again. Just been thinking about her”

“Fat chance. Wonder how she’s getting on over there with Miss Teeny-bopper, Pop Princess cutie. Miss tiny tits with her fucking gleaming white teeth, skirts up to her navel and hair down to her kneecaps. Not so cute with the bitches she keeps down on that private ranch of hers, or so I’ve heard.”

They both laughed. Poor little Aubree. That was one delivery they hadn’t been called upon to do. Boxed up and shipped via private jet to the USA, courtesy of some back-door customs agreement with a Caribbean island tax haven and no doubt a few well-greased palms on both sides.

Sonia sighed. “Well, she wasn’t a bad little clit licker after you’d warmed her ass a few times. Bet she’s a whole lot better now, pity I couldn’t have popped her tight little cherry though.”

“Sadist. Probably just as well. Sheesh, you can still make Cutiepie scream when you bone her, and she’d had twenty odd years of practise with poor old hubby most likely before you started dicking her.”

Sonia gave an evil laugh, “Size counts baby; you should know that by now. Better take care of me real good tonight, or maybe I’ll give you a taster of what Cutiepie soooo loves when we get home. The big Black knobbly one maybe?”


A few minutes later they turned onto the smooth tarmac of the main road and soon saw a green information sign: petrol filling station, basic chain motel and a burger bar, one mile.

Two hours later they lay side-by-side on the surprisingly comfortable king-size double bed, disinterestedly watching a late-night movie and sipping beer from a couple of the cans the filling station convenience shop had provided. The detritus from several take out fast food meals lay partly in and mostly scattered around the waste bin near the bathroom door.

Sonia took a long gulp then looked at the can she was holding, “Not bad, never seen this one before."

“Made by the local bloody Eskimo’s I expect."

Neither of them cared anyway. They were full, they weren’t fussy, burgers and fries with extras just as good as a five-star restaurant meal when your belly was empty. Probably way better, much more bang for a hell of a lot less buck.

The beer was OK and so were the chocolate bars. They’d just spent the better part of an hour screwing each other and, in a few minutes, they’d kill the crappy movie, finish the beers and enjoy some ‘seconds’. They were replete, almost and all was well with their world, almost…

“I still want one,” Tracy announced suddenly.

“Want one what Baby?”

“A fucking dog slave that’s what. I seem to be sucking on a hind tit most of the time with Cutiepie the way you keep dragging the bitch off to play with your plastic dick collection. I want something screaming down in the playroom 24/7 not waiting on your sloppy seconds.”

“You get to play as well, join in sometimes.”

“Yeah, sometimes, and sometimes no times. I want my own toy. Time we expanded anyway. We got the room and an ace pad. Shit, look at some of the places we done deliveries too. Damn cupboards some of them compared to our little bit of nuke proof heaven, we got what, just the one and how many have we seen in some of the other places?”

Sonia laughed. “Well, I wouldn’t exactly say cupboards baby.”

“You know what I mean,” Tracey replied sulkily. “Us just having the one old bitch is a bit of a waste, much more fun when we don’t have to share all the time.”

Sonia thought about it as she felt her bed-mates hand reach out and start to stroke her belly, slowly, ever so slowly, moving downwards. “Maybe, gotta think about things for a long time you know, a dog just ain’t for Christmas and the odd bit of fun, you know, gotta think long time baby.”

Tracey finished the last of her beer then tossed the empty can over towards the waste bin. It almost made it, just caught the rim, bounced off and rolled across the carpet.

“Fuck, nearly," She rolled over and began to kiss and lick at the area her fingers had just been gently massaging. “We got the gear or can get it,” she said in between long hard licks. “How long did we leave our old slag last summer….no big deal was it. Anyway, we got contacts; sure, we can find a suitable kennel for a week or two as a ness?”

Sonia repeated Tracy’s action with her empty beer can, with even less success, then lay back with a contented sigh and folded her long legs around her lover, pulling her closer, her mind drifting back some months.

True, they had left the resident bitch entirely on her own for a fortnight while they jetted off to blue sky, warm sea and all the comforts of a very upmarket and highly expensive luxury Mexican resort. In contrast, Cutiepie had spent the period locked in the big basement cage complete with camping chemical toilet (a big one), a large stack of bottled water and a generous two weeks supply of healthy dry food and fresh fruit, even a rare treat in the shape of a couple of chocolate bars. Hell, the bitch had even put on a bit of weight while they were away.

Bet the old slag enjoyed her little break. They’d kindly left her with the small portable TV, even a few books. OK so the books were all of a kinky lezdom theme but what the hell. Bit of job research wouldn’t hurt her, would it? All that and not a single household chore to perform plus two whole weeks without a hungry clit to lick out. Two full weeks of complete abstinence for her ass and cunt before she got dicked or flogged again. What more could she have wanted?

Sonia sighed contentedly and moved into a slightly more comfortable position as she let Tracey continue her ministrations. Maybe they should expand a bit.

“Tally ho, bandits at eleven o’clock,” Tracey yelped and pointed ahead.

“Jeez, no way you gotta be joking,” Sonia growled, looking at all the traffic ahead of them, in the lanes coming the other way and at what she could see coming up behind in her mirror. “Looks like friggin rush hour for half the damn county, this ain't no damp misty empty country road baby!”

“Stop, stop, anyway, that way, pull over before we miss it.” Her finger still pointed to the fast-approaching layby and the solitary car with the bonnet open, into which a figure was bent over.

Sonia swore under her breath, flicked the left side indicator, slowed and pulled off the main highway and down what had many years before been part of the original main road and into the part that was now a little used parking area. “Probably wouldn’t hurt to look and anything for a quiet life,” she muttered.

They drove slowly past the broken-down car, a small blue hatchback and pulled up a few yards further on. Two people. A young guy was poking tentatively about under the bonnet, and a tiny, stylishly dressed blonde girl was sitting in the passenger seat, who looked as though she was trying to swat flies with her cell phone.

“False plates and a dirty white van just like a zillion others, your words not mine,” Tracy reminded her companion. “C’mon let’s go play peek-a-boo.” She jumped down, rummaged around under her seat and emerged clutching a couple of empty soda cans and the greasy wrapped remnants of a long-deceased takeaway.

“Problems?” she asked nonchalantly after depositing the trash in a nearby waste container.

“Didn’t sound right, sort of a knocking sound started, so I pulled in here” the guy said, backing away and standing upright. “Now it won’t start at all. All I did was switch the engine off then try it again. Dead. Totally dead, just the starter motor turning over but zilch happening, not a peep!."

Tracey and Sonia both obligingly peered into the engine compartment of the elderly little vehicle. ‘Cute’ was the word that was going through Tracey’s mind. He was cute, sorta innocent looking, clean shaven, fresh-faced, crisp shirt and jeans with a crease in them. Sheesh, jeans with a crease! Taller than her but not by much, short hair, nary a tat or piercing in sight. Just so…so cute with a capital Ceeee!

Sonia knew precisely what was going on in her smaller lover’s mind. There were times, and she knew that this was going to be one, when there was a definite, well not a leadership challenge, but a temporary role reversal. It invariably happened when Trace was about to embark on some nasty little piece of devilry. Well, as Trace had pointed out, she was the one who’d wanted the false plates on the van so…. anyways, what about the little bitch in the front. She felt a stirring in her crotch. Like Trace said, no harm in having a peek-a-boo. Guys just left her cold unless she had a whip in her hand, and they were screaming. Pussy on the hand was a much more exciting proposition, especially if it was fresh!

“This is just so inconvenient,” Chelsea fumed yet again as the four of them all stood by the still open bonnet, introductions having been made. “I told mummy we wouldn’t be late and now this...this catastrophe.” She angrily waved her cell phone around again in a vain attempt to connect. “You’d think by now they’d have got the whole country covered, but no, damn lazy politicians or whoever!” She stamped one dainty foot in irritation.

This time it was Sonia’s turn as she cast frequent sideways glances at the exasperated little blonde. Well if Trace has got her evil eye on a prospective puppy dog, my evil eye and a certain other spot are telling me that I’m getting the hots for this expensively dressed, hoity-toity little dolly. How do we play it though? She cast a quick glance at the traffic thundering past on the main road now some distance away and then at her partner.

Chelsea was just starting the tirade about stupid old cars and certain people not having the sense to get them serviced, and they could have hired one, for the second time, when Tracey intervened.

“Not much either of us can do,” she informed the crestfallen pair. “We drive em, but us gals just about knows where the ‘go juice’ goes in but nothing else.” She paused in apparent thought then gestured down the road with one finger. “If memory serves me right,” she lied, “a couple of miles down that away there’s a big filling station. Bound to be able to get a signal there or be a public phone or better still maybe a tow truck or summit. Problem is we haven’t got anything to tow with.”

“I think there is an emergency kit with a rope in the boot,” James said and made to go fetch it.

“No good” Tracey shook her head. “Nowhere to fix it on our old van. There was one place - but it broke off the other year when we tried to help pull that family's caravan out of a ditch, remember Son?”

Sonia nodded obligingly; she kinda knew where Tracey was heading. She gave Chelsea another surreptitious sideways glance and realised that she’d just involuntarily licked her lips, couldn’t help herself. Yup, that scrumptious little doll was worth any sort of risk almost. She herself stood six one in her bare feet, and she’d always had a thing about much smaller girls. Tracey was smaller but this one, this one she could pick her up, tuck her under one arm and then carry her upstairs to bed with ease. She’d fantasised for years about having her own real live kicking (and screaming) little dolly, and maybe she’d just found it.

Behind them, the traffic still roared along the dual carriageway, but it was a good hundred yards away from where they stood. Sonia glanced round. Jeez, Trace must have brilliant eyesight to have spotted this breakdown. The remnant of old Road had probably served as a truck pull in at some point, further down there were a few discarded oversized tyres and a rusted, boarded-up old caravan that had clearly once served burgers and the like.

“The best thing I think,” said Tracey thoughtfully as if she hadn’t known what she had in mind all along. “Only got three seats in the front, if we take Chelsea with us, we can drop her at the filling station, think there’s a café there, she can phone for assistance….”

“I’m not going anywhere without James,” Chelsea interrupted quickly, “why can’t we both go, we can get a taxi or something and get away from this beastly godforsaken place it’s not as if this…this stupid wreck of his is worth anything. Good riddance if anyone steals it, I say.”

James opened his mouth as if to protest about this casual dismissal of his pride and joy but wisely decided against it after a glance at his prim little partner's livid expression.

Sonia intervened. Her cue she instinctively knew. She shook her head. “No can do, I’m afraid. Only three seats and three seat belts in the cab, I know it's only a couple of miles but if the cops see us cramming four up, well if I get any more penalty points on my licence?” She blew a long raspberry.

“He,” said Chelsea firmly and pointing to her boyfriend. “He can ride in the back if you have room, you said only a few miles. We can put the suitcases in there as well; he can sit on them or something.”

Bingo, Sonia gave a very quick wink to her partner. Sod the busy traffic, the pull-in had been a part of the original main road, now re-routed slightly with the modern dual carriageway and was set a good bit back. Too far back for any distant dashcam to capture much and closer the angles would be all wrong for them to be in shot. Ultra-common dirty white van, false number plates equalled a big Black Hole about to swallow up two people’s private little galaxy. Mmmm, little Chelsea looked a very nice package, and underneath it all, that expensive looking wrapping mummy and daddy had no doubt provided…? Mmmm finger twitching, clit itching time for sure!

“Why are we stopping here?” Chelsea queried a bit peevishly fifteen minutes or so later.

“This is why,” Sonia told her. It was a repeat of the little Aubree scenario except this time Sonia used one hand to smother the girl's mouth for a few seconds before Tracey applied her pad. Didn’t want lover boy in the back to hear anything did they. One at a time. One down or rapidly going down, one to go.

“Sleeping Beauty,” Tracey said a moment later. “How we gonna play it with lover boy back there?” She gestured behind her toward the rear of the van with her head.

“Don’t ask me Numero Uno, is clever little Miss Blowfield’s criminal mastermind brain fresh out of ideas, shame on you pet!”

“Ha bloody ha, well I just got you a nice new toy so how about a bit of help Ms Sarky Double Oh Seven with mine then?”

Sonia grinned at her. “Got plenty of that nighty night juice left? Good. When in doubt do it the simple way. Watch and learn baby, watch and learn….and be ready with that stuff, c’mon”

Deja vu. They were back in a wooded area. Forestry Commission land, acres of tall pine trees divided by long fire breaks and the odd track. It was up one of these Sonia had steered the van until the main road was well out of sight and little Chelsea had begun to get a bit, a bit awkward!

Nothing to see but precisely laid out rows of tall pine trees and virtually no ground cover. You could easily see every which way and not a soul in sight. Almost too easy Sonia thought. She knew of other more complicated operations. Ones where the desired and designated targets were observed for weeks even months at a time and then often highly complicated but realistic ‘accidents’ arranged to cover their abductions.

The wrecked and burnt out car complete with the unrecognisable charred corpse of some poor homeless person, the private plane that disappeared, the kidnap where the ransom was never collected, cold feet it was assumed on the part of the criminals, but the abductee was never returned either and so on. Of course, the advent of DNA techniques had meant that even more care had to be taken.

In this instance, Sonia proposed to apply a much less sophisticated solution to the present problem as the pair gather by the rear doors.

“You sure you’ll be OK?”

Sonia raised an eyebrow as she looked down at her smaller partner then raised her hand to the top of her head as if measuring herself then moved it to over Tracey’s head. “I’m six feet plus in my bare feet, six four and a bit in these heels. You are five five. My new little midget dolly in the front I bet can’t even hit four foot seven and lover boy in the back here I noticed barely topped you. Watch and learn kiddo. You soak your cloth when I open the doors. Ready?”


Sonia rapped on the doors with her knuckles then opened it. James has been seated on a suitcase at the far end; he looked a bit wild-eyed and dishevelled. On hearing the knock and seeing the doors open, he hastened forward.

“What’s happened? Are we there?” He stopped at the threshold. “I hurt my right arm; I fell over you went way too fast” he accused petulantly. He paused then to look rather bemusedly at all the trees.

“Tough titty dogmeat,” Sonia snarled as she grabbed a handful of crisp fresh ironed shirt and yanked him forward.

“Wha…. ohhhh,” He cried as he plunged forward out of the van looking for a brief moment as though he was going to fall smack on his face but somehow recovered and landed awkwardly but off balance on both feet with a bewildered expression on his face.

Sonia had let go after the initial pull to take a step backwards. She remained exactly where she was looking perfectly calm and composed, but her booted right foot swung forward in a vicious high kick. The bewildered look was replaced by one of anguish as James doubled up clutching at his groin making a loud anguished but entirely unintelligible noise. Sonia reached down to grasp his neck firmly with one hand and a handful of hair with the other. Tracey rushed forward cloth and bottle to hand to apply the coup de grâce quickly.

The van slowly ate up the miles as it sped Southwards. They still had a long drive ahead of them, but they weren’t bothered. They’d need to stop a time two to check on their passengers’ bindings and gags, maybe when they paused for a coffee and a bite to eat, one of them could quickly slip into the back, but they were in no real rush. Anticipation is always a major part of any treat, and they were both quite content to use their imagination to play many wicked little scenarios of the forthcoming fun in their minds to pass the time.

“Pity about their car,” Tracey said suddenly. “Cops are bound to find it.”

“Yeah, but that’s all: no fingerprints or anything from us. We looked, but we didn’t touch. Ground was bone dry so no tracks. Best they can get is maybe a couple of vague descriptions of us and a dirty white van. Everything was tanking past at speed both ways. Even if someone got us on dashcam it wouldn’t do them any good, false plates and we won’t be using them again, and we kept our backs to the road. Plus, most of those dash cams are real cheapo Chinky junk with plastic lenses only good for a dozen yards straight ahead!."

“Yup, pretty neat snatch methinks,” Tracey noted and then they both fell silent for several miles.

“So, what ya going to call him, it I mean?” Sonia broke the long silence as she reached for a fresh stick of gum having just lowered her side window to dispose of its predecessor.

“No idea, early days, no rush. Haven’t even got a collar on it yet. What about yours?”

“Same, not Chelsea though. Way too posh sounding for a jumped-up little clit licking dolly slave like her. Something much more demeaning and juvenile I think."

“Put her in a kiddie dress with pink ribbons and bunches in her hair, Mary Jane shoes; she’d look adorable like that.”

“Something in that. You notice the designer labels and the killer heels I took off, prissy little bitch trying to elevate herself in the world!”

Tracey laughed, “Well she ain’t gonna be using that ‘oh I am so superior, plum in her mouth mummy says so’ tone any longer. You want me to blister the little bitches ass for you?”

“Umm, maybe, gotta think about it. Bet you anything that this one’s also got a nice fresh untouched virgin pussy and if it's not then her ass hole will be. I know the type. No naughty nooky before we’re married James,” Sonia mimicked. “Plus, we ain't-a gonna sell these two. No need after what we got for our little French friend."

“Yeah, well be careful darling, don’t get over enthusiastic, she won’t have been well used like Cutiepie, so you try using Big Blackie on that little bit of fluff and she’ll end up deep throating it…and not via the mouth if you get my meaning. Bloody things almost as big as she is!”

“One step at a time kiddo, I got the time and the toys. Plenty of time to stretch the little bitch till she graduates to the big buggers. Talking about big, you remember the other year when they had us ride shotgun on those special packages they sent to Texas?”

“Yeah great trip, and not just the luxury private jet, tequila, weather and the cowboy scenery. No old van on that trip," Tracy laughed. “Still can’t believe that last night. Never seen the like. Señora Fernandez and her ponies, both types!”

Sonia laughed as well. “Yeah, the two-legged ones and the four-legged ones. Remember the look on the faces of the packages when they saw the sort of things that tiny Mexican Dame was into?”

They both laughed again.

“No way that little piece in the back could cope with anything that sorta size. Maybe my new doggie could mount her just for fun occasionally?”

“Nope,” Sonia shook her head. “No way,” she said firmly. “I’m gonna be the one to bust that little dolly and the only cock she gets from now on will have me on the other end of it, period!”

“Pigpen ahead” Tracey warned.

The two bored police officers in the parked patrol car were drinking coffee from a thermos flask, plastic lunch boxes open on their laps. A dirty white van drove past. Neither of them gave it a second glance, it wasn’t speeding and there was a zillion like it on the roads. Two people in the front continued to enjoy their pleasant anticipatory daydreams while for the two in the back only unimagined nightmares awaited!

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