A Knotty Proposal

by dinodino3

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© Copyright 2023 - dinodino3 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; fpov; bond; gag; rope; outdoors; cuffs; mast; oral; toys; enclosed; transported; spank; rom; cons; X

Part 1

“Do you remember the night that you proposed?” Amy whispers.

Ella is laying on top of her. The two women are nestled together on a sofa, covered in an avalanche of blankets and quilts. A few strategically placed cushions have transformed the heap of blankets into a makeshift shelter.

Ella shifts her weight, turning her body to look at her partner. Amy winces as an elbow presses deep into her stomach. The pain subsides when Ella settles, draping herself across her lover’s body. They gaze at each other, nearly nose to nose. Neither pay attention to the buzzing television.

“Yes,” Ella replies.

“Tell me how it happened.”

Amy examines her partner’s warm eyes and messy hair. A soft smile creeps across Ella’s face, as if she’s lost in a memory.

"It was so long ago… I can't remember,” Ella teases.

“You’ve already forgotten?” Amy laughs.

“You were there, too. Why don’t you tell me what hap—?”

Ella is interrupted by Amy’s lips. She returns the sudden kiss. Amy runs a hand across her partner’s back, caressing soft skin. Both women are breathing heavily– a byproduct moreso of their unventilated refuge, than their arousal. The warm air trapped by the blankets is filled with the scent of each woman: a flowery aroma from Ella’s perfume and tart green apple from Amy’s recently shampooed hair.

Amy pushes her partner back slightly to say something. Ella whines as her lips are forced away.

“I haven’t forgotten… That’s not why I asked… I want to hear your side of the story. I only know my half.”

“Okay, fine.”

Ella blushes as she remembers that weekend.

“Where should I start…?”

“At the beginning.”

“I had the ring… a plan… it was going to be perfect. A romantic weekend, just the two of us. We were driving to the cabin we rented up in the mountains.”

“I was driving. What were you doing, again?”

“Let me think…” Ella replies. “Oh, I remember now.”

I struggled against the bindings around my wrists, but the tightly cinched rope refused to budge. More rope was tied around my ankles. Escape was impossible. I grunted in dismay at my predicament. The floor of the trunk vibrated softly as the car accelerated down the road.

Bags and suitcases were piled around me in the dark. Earlier, you had tossed them on top of me before slamming the trunk shut. It was embarrassing how easily I was overpowered, caught by surprise while packing up my clothes. The first thing you did after pinning me to the bed was shove a knotted scarf into my mouth. It was still tightly tied around my head, and the cloth was becoming increasingly damp around my mouth. I moaned into my gag, but no one could hear me in the dark trunk.

I tried to settle in for the long drive. Even if I wriggled free from the ropes, I was still stuck in the cramped trunk. It was getting difficult to ignore my urge to pee. I squirmed instinctively, but it only served to make me acutely aware of the ropes pressed into my wrists and ankles.

My mind slipped into an idle daydream. I imagined the rest of my weekend, captured and used as your plaything. Fucked, teased, whipped… I could only guess what you had planned for me. No one would hear me scream out in the woods…

“You make me sound like such a villain!” Amy laughs.

“You had me in the trunk of your car!” Ella responds.

“You didn't seem to mind. I recall double checking with you multiple times, before stuffing you in the trunk. And you forgot to mention the air horn I left with you in case of emergency. ”

“Maybe… just let me tell the story, okay?”


Ella’s face flushes just remembering how horny she was, trapped and bound in the trunk. It really was a dream come true. She recalls trying to hump a suitcase at some point during the ordeal. She tries to ignore the embarrassing memory.

“Anyways… I was very annoyed, because I planned to propose to you during the drive out. I wanted to get it done early, and enjoy a nice weekend with my new fiancée.”

“Ah… So that’s why you told me to make a detour towards the end of the drive… somewhere secluded and scenic, you said…”

“Yes. And you completely misinterpreted what I was saying!”

The car slowed to a stop. I assumed we had already arrived at the cabin. I heard the car door open and slam shut, but the engine was still running. I clumsily patted the back pocket of my jeans with my bound hands, ensuring the engagement ring was still safe.

The trunk opened and the light was blinding. I squinted up at your silhouette. You were towering over me, with a wicked smile on your face. You raised an eyebrow at the small suitcase wedged between my legs.

I was excited for the chance to be untied and propose to you, but your expression was quite unnerving. I glanced down, noticing the strapon buckled around your hips.

You lifted me out of the trunk. I was in disbelief that you would consider putting that thing inside me on the side of the road. My gag muffled my complaints. You seemed to understand my concerns, regardless.

“Don’t worry, I found somewhere secluded just like you asked,” you said confidently. “This is almost a mile down a side-road with a dead end sign. No way we see anyone out here! It’s pretty scenic, too. What do you think?”

As my eyes finished adjusting to the light, I examined my surroundings. Tall trees towered over each side of the road, affording a thick blanket of foliage. The paved road was in disrepair, cracked and pitted. Still, any car turning the corner would be in for a shocking view. The fear of being caught had my heart racing.

You grabbed my shoulders, turning me around and shoving me down onto the closed trunk. The painted metal pressed against my chest, and I twisted my hips in a vain struggle. My bound hands found the edge of your shirt and gracelessly pushed you away. Despite my protests, I was desperate for you to fuck me right then and there.

That predicament was not at all what I originally intended. It seems you had a different plan… I would have to improvise.

My cheeks burned as you slid your fingers under my waistband and pulled my jeans down my legs. I thought your hands would brush against the box containing the ring, but thankfully you didn’t notice it. The cool breeze on my bare skin sent goosebumps across my body. The indecency was making me squirm. I hoped you wouldn’t notice how wet you were making me.

“Looks like you’re having fun,” you taunted.

You teased me with the tip of the toy, rubbing it across my skin. The teasing was maddening. My body reacted impulsively to the sensation, swaying in desperation. I arched my back to give you access to my pussy.

You took the opportunity to spank me hard. As I recuperated from the stinging blow, you slipped the toy into me. I moaned into my gag, burying my face against the cold metal of the car to stifle the noise.

My own gasps and the gentle rumble of the car’s engine were all I could hear on the quiet road. Even the forest seems to be listening attentively to our spectacle. You slid the dildo in all the way, and began slowly fucking me with it.

Normally, I wouldn’t climax from penetration alone, but the pleasure welling up was unmistakable. My mind and body were already on edge from my earlier predicament. Every thrust drove me closer and closer. You continued stroking my exposed ass, caressing and groping my body like you owned it.

My legs began to tremble. I couldn’t take it anymore—

I tried to stifle my scream as every nerve fired simultaneously. My jaw clenched around the scarf in my mouth. Your hand met my ass, repeatedly striking me in rhythm with your thrusting. The pain electrified me, intensifying the pleasure that rolled over my body. I started to squirm as the bliss faded. You slid out of me, while I struggled to regain my breath.

“I think that crow saw us,” you teased. You didn’t see me roll my eyes.

You helped me straighten up off the trunk of the car. I was still trying to regain control of my limbs, still trembling from the climax. I tried to reach for my pants. From my struggling, they had fallen around my ankles. You stooped down to pick them off the ground for me.

“Sorry, no pants for you! Only good girls get pants.”

I whined through my gag.

"Ride in the front with me, for the rest of the drive. We have about an hour left.”

I quickly realized I would not be able to propose there. You threw my pants into the backseat. The sadistic smile on your face told me I probably wouldn’t be retrieving them anytime soon. 

You helped me sit down in the passenger side seat, arms and legs still bound with rope. You buckled the seatbelt around me—

“You were going to propose after coming on the side of the road?” Amy interrupts.

“I was impatient! I couldn’t wait for you to be my wife.”

Amy leans her head up to give Ella a quick kiss. The peck turns into something more passionate. Giggling, Ella pushes her partner’s head back into the couch.

“No! I started my story, and I’m going to finish it. No distractions.”

The rest of the drive was comparatively relaxed. You loosened my gag and slipped it down around my neck as we navigated over quiet roads. I was tired and a little annoyed about my foiled plan.

I leaned back, considering my opportunities for trying again before our vacation was up. You sang along to the radio. I was glad to be out of the trunk, as I stared out the window at the beautiful forest passing by. I dozed in and out of a restless sleep. I swayed gently in my seat as the car swerved back and forth along the quiet road winding up to the cabin. I was quite relaxed.

The rumble as we pulled into a gravel driveway startled me awake. Planning my next proposal had fallen by the wayside. You quieted the radio, turning to look at me.

“Almost there, honey. What do you want to do tonight?” you asked.

I stopped to consider.

“Something romantic…?” I suggested.

“Okay! What about dinner and a movie?”

“Sounds nice…”

It seemed like the perfect plan was laying itself out for me. After an intimate dinner and a romantic movie, I would finally propose.

The cabin was silhouetted like an ‘A’ against the dark forest. Tall glass panes and wooden logs framed the door. We stood in the driveway admiring the cabin, holding each other in the cold. I considered proposing right there, but my pants were still in the car. I would have to wait.

You finally untied me, loosening the ropes around my wrists and legs. It was nice to stretch, but a bit sad to feel the ropes slip away. I had grown quite fond of them, like a piece of comfortable clothing. I quickly went to the car to get my pants, slipping them on and checking for the ring. You were already stomping up the wooden steps that led to the cabin.

The interior was comfortable and decked in earth tones. Soft lighting filtered down past exposed wooden beams. I finished unpacking our clothes while you cooked.

During dinner, we sat together enjoying the food, wine, and company. Everything tasted amazing— a testament to your skills in the kitchen. After finishing, I showed you my gratitude for the meal. I shifted my chair closer to yours, allowing you to pull my head in for a kiss. The food wasn't half as delicious as your lips.

After dinner, we changed into pajamas. While you showered, I used the solitude to sneak the ring with me towards the sofa we would be using to watch our movie. I stuffed the box between two couch cushions, for safekeeping. I was worried you would notice it in my pocket, if you got frisky during the movie. Before you returned, I casually laid back—- grabbing the remote and flicking through channels.

I thought it was odd how you were holding your hands behind your back as you returned to the room. Your smile was wicked. For a moment, I thought you were going to propose to me! What else could you have behind your back, but a ring?

You dispelled that notion by pouncing on me, pinning me to the sofa. We were both laughing as you wrestled me onto my stomach and trapped my arms behind my back. Playfully vying for the upper hand had us both out of breath. It wasn’t much of a match.

You quickly had my hands cuffed behind me and a ball gag in my mouth. I pushed at the rubber ball with my tongue. It was strapped tight. The cuffs clicked as you tightened them around my wrists. I let out playful whines as you flipped me over on my back, pinning my hands beneath me.

My gagged mouth was peppered with kisses. I struggled under your weight, enjoying my helplessness. My shirt rode up, exposing my midriff. Your hands caressed the bare skin. I let out a desperate laugh as you started to tickle me. I writhed in vain, failing to buck you off of me. Your hands started moving up to my chest. I moaned into the rubber gag as you toyed with my nipples.

You sat up, pulling me into your lap. I could feel you breathing softly against the back of my neck. I nestled between your strong arms, pressing my back against your chest. I hoped you would keep touching me, but you grabbed the remote and turned on a movie. Always such a tease.

“Alright, sit still for the movie,” you commanded.

I tried to pay attention, but I had trouble following the plot. Your hands kept wandering— gently caressing under my shirt or slipping under my waistband. Every time I tried begging for more, you would withdraw your hands and force me to cool off. I tried grinding my ass into your lap, but you didn't seem to be affected. I rubbed my back against your breasts. My whole plan seemed to be backfiring— if anything, I was the one getting turned on.

“Pay attention.”

I wanted to listen, but you were making it difficult.

As the movie went on, my plan to propose weighed heavily on my mind. Beside us, between the cushions of the couch, the ring box was hidden away. I tried wriggling away from your lap to quietly grab it; but with every attempt you would pull me back into your arms, pinching my nipples over my shirt as punishment. I would squeal, and behave until I worked up the courage to try again.

By the end of the movie, neither of us were paying attention. Your fingers brushed against my clit carefully, in agonizingly slow strokes. You started kissing the side of my neck. One hand down my pants, the other up my shirt, you continued teasing me. I hoped the noise of the movie was enough to hide my whimpering. I closed my eyes, focusing on your touch.

The credits began to roll. I was contorting and shivering at each caress. I was desperate to cum, but also to propose. My chances were getting slimmer by the minute. It seemed you were planning on torturing me all night. I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t reach the ring— but I still needed you more than ever.

“Do you want to cum?” you asked.

I nodded my head desperately.

“Ask me with your body,” you commanded.

I started grinding my ass in your lap, turning my head to try and meet your eyes. My hips circled up and down against your hand. The muscles in my core and thighs tensed, responding to the feverish heat building in my pussy.

“Good girl. Cum for me.”

The words sent me over the edge. Relentless waves of pleasure crashed across my body. My cuffed hands reached for you— shaking as they clung to your shirt. The chain between them was pulled taut by my struggles, digging the metal restraints into my skin.

Each stroke of your hands seemed designed to prolong and heighten my orgasm. My mind went blank.

You giggled as I sagged down into your body– completely spent. You let me enjoy the afterglow for a few moments before carefully pushing me off your lap and onto my stomach. I saw the place where the ring was stuffed. Despite my fatigue, I squirmed feebly to try and retrieve it. A cuffed hand slipped down between the firm cushions, just barely grazing—

“What are you doing?” you asked me. “Let’s go snuggle in bed.”

You bent down and lifted me over your well-built shoulder. I whined into my gag as you brought me away from the couch. I stared back at the location of the ring as you carried me into the bedroom.

“Ah, I see… so I ruined that attempt as well…” Amy mutters.

“Well, yes. But it was nice, either way…” Ella blushes.

“Cute! How does it end?”

“Oh, there is plenty more to tell. I may have been thwarted twice, but I can be quite persistent when there’s something I want…”

“And what is it you wanted?”

“You! For the rest of my life!”

A huge smile crosses Amy’s entire face.

“Enough talk. I have something else for your mouth to do.”

Ella laughs at her.

“Fine, but I’m finishing the story afterwards.”

Part 2

Amy struggles to regain her breath. Her thighs are still twitching as she recuperates from her climax. Ella leaves her post between her partner's legs. She slides up next to her lover's body to give her a quick kiss. 

"Shit… I need some air…" Amy says between heavy breathes.

The two women are still inside their blanket fortress on the sofa. Amy pushes a corner of the blanket pile up, letting cold, fresh air pour into their shelter.

"Alright. That's better… Can you finish your story? You had just failed a proposal for the second time."

"Yes, that's right… we finished the movie and—"

You threw me onto the bed and pulled a quilt over my body. The warm blankets were amazing, a shield against the cold night. As my hands were uncuffed and my gag unbuckled, I tried to crawl out of bed to go and grab the engagement ring.

However, when you laid down and wrapped me up in a big hug, I was instantly stuck. Not physically trapped, I could have squirmed free from your loose grip— mentally trapped. Your tranquil breathing and warm skin on mine was a natural sedative. My tired mind relaxed, and I fell asleep in your arms.

It was still dark when I woke up, but you were already out of bed. I sat up and looked out the window of our bedroom. The forest was blanketed in fog. I could see the first hues of dawn across the sky through gaps in the forest canopy. The serene view made me quite excited for today's main activity— our hike.

I was quite groggy that morning. You occupied my dreams: memories of the past day intertwined with fantasies about our future. It was a struggle to get out of bed.

You made a quick breakfast while I showered. The hot water did little to wake me up, but it was relaxing. I changed into outdoor gear: yoga pants and a snug thermal top. You wore jeans and a vest. I made myself a cup of coffee to try and kickstart my morning.

I rummaged through the couch while you packed in the bedroom. I had left our engagement ring in between two of the cushions last night. A remnant of my failed plan. I fished it out and slipped it into the front pocket of my jacket.

I crawled back into bed while I waited for you to take your turn showering. The warm blankets must have cast a spell on me-- I fell back asleep.

I jolted back awake as you jumped on top of me. I heard a familiar clicking of cuffs as I regained my senses. You picked up the handcuffs sitting on the end table next to my unfinished cup of coffee, and placed them around my wrists.

"Falling back asleep? Right before our hike? I can't believe it!" you said with mock anger.

It seemed hypocritical to me that you were mad about me delaying our hike-- when this was sure to be a bigger distraction. I tried to voice my criticisms, but you were one step ahead. As soon as I opened my mouth, you slipped a ballgag into my mouth.

Normally, I loved being gagged. In fact, I usually insist on it. Having my plans derailed by this impedance again was exasperating. Everything hinged on me being able to properly ask you the 'big question'. I would have to improvise, once again, because that gag was not coming out anytime soon. I imagined myself kneeling in front of you, trying to mumble 'will you marry me?' while drooling.

"All right, Ella. Up and at 'em! Let's get your shoes on."

I watched you kneel on the floor as you slipped my boots onto my feet. You smiled up at me as you tightened them. I tried not to show my reaction as you yanked each lace tight, finishing each boot with a secure knot. It was an oddly familiar sensation.

I could feel the subtle weight of the ring box in my jacket. Luckily it was not left behind, as you led me out the front door. My plan to propose was not yet in complete tatters.

You took my hiking pack alongside yours, throwing each of them over a different shoulder. I was glad to be relieved of the heavy burden, but embarrassed that I couldn't carry it myself. Even when my hands aren't cuffed behind my back, you always offer to carry it for me.

The cool morning air was refreshing. Our hike led us up a wooded hill. The winding path was poorly maintained-- plantlife infringed on the borders of the path.

Deep trenches and fallen logs impeded our progress as we trekked onwards. You helped me navigate the obstacles, lending a hand or a shoulder whenever necessary. It would have been easier to just uncuff me, but I suppose you were enjoying my reliance on you.

Unseen birds chirped loudly in the tall trees. We stopped to listen to them, while standing quietly side by side. You put an arm around my shoulder and pulled me close to you.

"Get to the good part," Amy whined.

"I'm setting the scene. The details are important…" Ella replied. "You're the one who always tries to teach me patience."

"All right. Sorry. Keep going."

After about an hour of hiking, we could hear the rumble of rushing water. Another minute, and the waterfall came into view. The stream poured down over the rocky cliff, spraying mist everywhere. It wasn't the biggest waterfall, or the tallest, but it was ours.

We settled into a nearby clearing. You threw down a blanket for us to lay on. I pushed my cuffed hands up to you, asking to be let out. I wouldn't be able to reach the front pocket of my jacket until you released me.

"Not yet," you teased. "You need to earn it first."

I laid down on my back, spreading my legs invitingly. You laughed at me, throwing down your heavy packs and kneeling down on the blanket beside me. Your hands ran over my clothes, feeling the soft fabric, and drawing lines across my curves. You started kissing my upper lip. I wanted to kiss you back, but the rubber gag in my mouth kept my mouth spread. I tried anyway.

A bit into our makeout session, I tried to sneakily pat my front pocket, checking for the ring box stowed away there. You noticed.

"Need something?" you asked.

I panicked, eyes widening in fear, as you reached towards the pocket. It was too soon! You were about to ruin the surprise. I mumbled something behind my gag, trying to turn away. Your hand slipped into the pocket and pulled out…

Lip balm.

I signed with relief as you uncapped the stick, and gingerly applied it to my spread lips. I gave you a quick smile behind the straps of my gag, feigning gratitude for the kind act. In reality, I was grateful you somehow failed to notice the box stowed there.

Once again, you kissed me. I felt your hand snake past the hem of my shirt and under my bra. I gasped as you pinched my nipple playfully. Your hands were icy on my warm skin, but I was still sad when you withdrew them.

You started to stand back up. I crossed my ankles behind you, hoping you would stay, but you pushed past them easily. You walked over to your pack, and started rifling through it.

Bundles of rope landed next to me on the blanket. I feigned concern, wriggling against my cuffs, and rolling away on my stomach. You came over and straddled my legs and started wrapping my elbows tightly together. I grunted as you yanked my arms just a little bit closer together before cinching the tie.

With just one more rope, I felt a hundred times more helpless. It was far more difficult to roll over, to flail my arms, to do anything. The familiar strain on my shoulders was a welcome pain. I laid still as my cuffs were discarded in favor of rope around my wrists. Each of my legs was welded ankle to thigh. I could spread my legs apart from each other, but manage little else.

You helped me sit up, lifting me into a kneeling position. It wasn't the traditional type of kneeling for a proposal, but maybe I could make it work if I could just get the ring and say the right words. Unlikely given my circumstances.

A wicked smile crossed over your face-- my favorite kind. You stood up and left me kneeling on the blanket. You headed once again to your pack, and pulled out a vibrating wand. The battery operated toy was an old favorite of mine. The fact you were using it now, made me quite nervous for the sanctity of the surrounding forest.

"I'm going to tie this wand over your clit," you said. "And you're going to eat me out."

I groaned nervously behind my gag.

"If I cum first, I'll let you out. If you cum first, you'll be mine for the rest of the day. Fair?"

I nodded my head. Even immobilized, I was confident. My mouth and tongue were well-trained from years of practicing with you. I wouldn't fail.

I tried to ignore the wary pit in my stomach as you knelt down and looped a rope around my waist, then down between my legs. The head of the wand was nestled between the double stranded ropes, wedged firmly against my clit through my tight pants. The fabric barrier would be a small pittance against the powerful toy.

As you switched the wand on, I gasped into my gag. It felt incredible. I was so turned on already, I realized my victory was in serious jeopardy.

You slipped your pants down to reveal your bare pussy. My eyes never left your pussy as you slid your pants all the way down and stepped out of them. I couldn't manage words as you unbuckled the gag and let it fall out of my mouth. My mouth hung open as my mind grappled with the tormenting vibrations. 

I quickly breathed in as you grabbed my hair and pulled my mouth between your legs. I looked up past your body to your smiling face. The way you looked at me set my heart on fire-- like I was your favorite toy. I wanted to propose, but you had a different task for me.

I tested my restraints, but my arms had no room to wiggle. My bound legs shifted pointlessly. The position was suffocating, but I couldn't pull away from your grip. I sucked in air, inhaling your scent. You smelled like roses. That was unusual-- you must have borrowed my perfume.

I explored the lips of your pussy, enjoying how each stroke of my tongue caused your hands to grip tighter around my hair. I put my mouth around your throbbing clit, tracing circles around it with my tongue. You gasped lustfully. It was rare to see you make such an uncontrolled noise. I enjoyed the small amount of power I wielded over you. I loved how you needed me.

It was hard to focus. The vibrations between my legs were becoming impossible to ignore. I didn't worry about the noise in the quiet forest— I didn't worry about being caught, or wild animals. I focused on you. The way I felt— I wanted to feel that way for the rest of my life. The ring box in my jacket suddenly felt heavy. I wanted to take it out, and propose to you, right then, but my bound hands were stuck fast.

Instead, I came. I moaned loudly into your skin as my legs trembled. My tongue continued sliding up your pussy and across your clit, but the motion was a clumsy, arrhythmic affair. My mind was filled with pleasure and relief, even though I had technically lost. 

As the climax faded, I started to struggle. The toy was too powerful on my sensitive clit, even over my pants. The sensations were colored with pain, pleasure and discomfort combined in equal portions. You held my head fast, bidding me to finish my work. I looked up into your eyes, pleading for mercy. You looked down at me, begging me to continue.

You watched each of my contortions and listened to my every whimper. I could feel with my tongue how turned on you were, watching me struggle. Watching me service you. Fighting against the rope. I could feel you start to come despite my distracted technique. 

You weren't the only one beginning to tremble. I squeezed my legs together around the wand. I was quickly spiraling towards another climax. I continued my work, desperate for you to finish and release me. As soon as you began to moan in ecstasy, I was sent over the edge. My mind went blank, but I tried to focus on pleasing you.

I felt so connected to you, as we shared the blissful moment. You continued grinding yourself against my mouth. My tense muscles fought against rope and hand as I weathered the intense climax.

I tried to hold onto the fading pleasure. Eventually, you also let out a long breath. You drew back and knelt down to switch the vibrator off.

"You lost, Ella. Now you're mine for the rest of the day," you said breathlessly.

The words echoed in my mind.

Still kneeling, you started kissing me earnestly-- refusing to yield your pursuit as I leaned back. My bound hands awkwardly supported my weight behind my back as I tried to free my mouth from your lips. You pushed yourself forward, chasing me. I shook my head, and you drew back.

I tried to catch my breath, to calm my shaking legs. I had something important to say.

"Wait, just a second. Reach inside my pocket," I asked you.

"Need more lip balm? Your lips should be plenty moist…" you replied. I could see in your eyes that you were desperate to continue our embrace.

"Just do it," I said, with conviction.

You obediently reached inside my front pocket.

"What's this?"

You flipped open the box, and gasped.

"Amy. I lost… but I don't want to be yours for the rest of the day…"

I paused briefly as your eyes widened.

"I want to be yours for the rest of my life. Will you marry me?"

Your mouth hung open. A hand went up to cover it shyly. You wrapped me in a hug, crying--

"Wait, stop." Amy laughed. "I can't take it. It's too embarrassing!"

Ella continues the story, ignoring her. "You hugged me, and we kissed. And cried. The waterfall roared quietly in the background, barely obscuring our sobs. I felt so safe, bound by ropes and your warm embrace."

Ella looked into Amy's moist eyes. Ella continues her story.

"We were so happy. I don't think I've stopped being happy since that moment. Even the bad times have felt like a dream with you."

"Oh, Ella… You should have asked me way sooner!"

"I tried!" she replies, laughing. Amy laughs with her.

Amy speaks between her giggles and sobs. "It's such a great story… the version we tell our friends and family is way less exciting… finish it, would you? What happened next?"

"You untied me. We went back to the cabin. You punished me for losing the challenge, but it didn't feel like a punishment to me. It felt like a dream come true. The rest of the weekend… well that's another story."

Amy is still giggling, even as a tear rolls down her cheek and onto the sofa below her.

"Tell the rest another time. I have something else for you to do."

"The two women lived happily ever— Oh!"

The End.


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