A Good Hunt

by John Bannergram

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© Copyright 2020 - John Bannergram - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; outdoors; collar; kidnap; naked; catsuit; costume; drug; hum; toys; permanent; gag; reluct; XX

The Bargain

It was a beautiful spring day, but Sandra wasn’t enjoying it. It had all started off so well. One of her fellow convicts had managed to get her the last part she needed to short circuit the cellblock door. The guards had been lax, and she was able to sneak out of the prison with surprising ease.

Only when she got outside, she found that the car her confederates were supposed to leave for her wasn’t there. The prison complex was in the middle of nowhere, so she had to run for it on foot through the woods. Her orange prison jumpsuit stood out in the greenery like a sore thumb. Sandra could hear dogs in the distance, and she wasn’t optimistic about outrunning them for much longer.

At least things can’t get any worse, thought Sandra.

Which is an assumption you should never make. 

Sandra ran into a clearing, only to be confronted with...

A hunter. He was in his 50s, athletic, and well dressed. He wore the kind of expensive hunting gear that suggested that he had plenty of money, and that he had had plenty of money long enough to have the good taste not to flaunt it.

Sandra’s thoughts of overpowering him were ended by the large shotgun pointed at her stomach. She searched for something to say. 

“Lower your gun. This isn’t what it looks like.”

The hunter laughed. “You’re running in the opposite direction of the women’s prison, wearing a prison uniform, and unless I’m mistaken, I hear the sound of bloodhounds in the distance.”

“Look,” Sandra said desperately. “I’m facing a ten year sentence.”

“I fail to see how I’m responsible for that.”

Please, don’t turn me in! I’ll do anything!”

The hunter got a gleam in his eye. “Anything?

So it’s going to be like that, Sandra thought. She was by no means busty, but her pretty face and athletic figure had won her her share of fans, both in prison and out of it.

“Yes, anything. You name it, I’ll do it.”

He smiled. Sandra wasn’t sure she liked the way he was smiling, but at this point she’d take what she could get. 

“It’s a deal, then. Let’s get to my truck before the hounds catch up with you. I’m Thomas Mitchell the Third, by the way.”


“A pleasure.”

As they walked Sandra noticed that Thomas kept his shotgun at the ready. 

I better play along for now, she thought. Even if I won the fight any gunshots would bring the prison guards in a flash.

When they arrived at Thomas’s truck he stopped and waved his gun at her. 

“Turn around, get down on your knees, and put your hands behind your head.”


“I have a gun, you don’t. Do as you’re told, girl.”

Sandra shot him a dirty look and got down on her knees with her back to Thomas. She heard him rummaging through the glove compartment.

What the hell’s he doing?

Sandra jumped as she felt a touch against her neck. Thomas put his hand on her shoulder and pushed her back down onto her knees. “Stay still!” 

Thomas buckled something around her throat-and she heard a metallic click.

“What the fuck?”

“You can get up now.”

Sandra brought her fingers to her neck, and felt...

“Is this a dog collar?

“I’m not taking any chances. What you are wearing is a shock collar left over from a hunting dog I used to have. He was a big dog, so it’s quite high powered. Don’t try anything if you don’t want me to use it on you.”

Sandra was indignant. “I am not wearing a fucking dog collar!”

Thomas laughed. “That’s too bad, because I padlocked it on. And if I were you, I wouldn’t talk too loudly, it has an anti-bark feature. Now get in the truck.”

He pulled out a remote and held his thumb over the button. Sandra took the hint and sat down in the passenger’s seat. She began to wonder what she had gotten herself into. It occurred to her that Thomas had buckled a collar around a woman’s neck with surprising ease...

The ride was mostly silent. When Sandra did talk, it was in a soft voice to avoid triggering a shock. The pressure of the collar around Sandra’s throat intimidated her in ways that were hard for her to define. Being restrained was nothing new to her- after all, she’d spent the last few years in prison. But the collar felt different. It didn’t just make her feel like she’d been restrained, it made her feel that she’d been taken. Like she’d been marked by Thomas as his own. Then she saw something that took her mind off of her collar.

Holy shit, Sandra thought.

Thomas’s house was enormous. It was like something from a movie. She could see as they went over the hill that the countryside around it was heavily forested. Thomas pulled up to the front of the mansion and a butler came to the door to let them in. Oddly enough, he made no comment on the fact that his employer had returned with a girl in a prison jumpsuit.

Now that’s what I call employee loyalty! I guess he’s one of those old-school servants that never asks questions.

Soon enough Sandra had changed into some old clothes and was eating a sumptuous dinner with Thomas Mitchell. The food was excellent. It was almost good enough to make her forget the collar she was wearing. Almost. The dining room was in dark wood, with a disturbingly large number of animal heads mounted as trophies on plaques on the wall. Presumably, Sandra thought, animals that her host had hunted. Someone seemed a little obsessive. Over their after-dinner wine Thomas broached the subject of their deal.

“You mentioned that you would do anything if I didn’t turn you in.”

“Yes...” Sandra said cautiously. The way he was avoiding saying exactly what he wanted was causing her to worry. She thought about the collar locked around her neck. “What did you have in mind?”

“Here’s my offer. As you have undoubtedly noticed, I like to hunt. I’ve hunted everything you could think of. Except…a beautiful woman.”

Sandra froze in her chair. Oh fuck! He’s a psycho!

“You mean you want to kill me?”

He laughed. “Heavens no! The pleasure is in the hunt, not the kill. And I’d hate to waste such beauty. No, I would use non-lethal means.”

Sandra let out the breath that she had been holding.

“So, if I do this hunt thing you’ll let me go?”

“I think I can make a better offer than that. I am willing to end your troubles entirely.”

Sandra perked up. “You mean you’ll bribe the warden?”

“Not exactly. Let me state the rules of the hunt a little more formally. You will dress in a costume that I will give you that will be suitable for hunted prey. The game will last for three days. On each day, I will try to catch you using my tranquilizer gun, humane traps, and other non-lethal means. If I fail to catch you by sunset on any of the three days, you win the hunt. On the other hand, every day that you lose I’ll think of some penalty for you. If you lose on all three days, I win.

If you win the hunt, I will give you a hundred grand, a false passport, and a plane ticket to South America.”

“Seriously? What’s the catch?”

“The catch is that if you lose, you become mine.”


Sandra started to raise her voice, then remembered the shock collar around her throat.

“Yours? What does that mean?”

“It means what it sounds like. As with any trophy, I’ll own you as my property and do with you what I like. However, you would be alive and unharmed. Do you accept my offer?”

“If you’d seen my prison record, you’d know that I’m more likely to be the hunter than the hunted…”

“You’re welcome to take that approach during the hunt if you like.”

“You’re crazy.”

Thomas just smiled. “Think it over.”

Sandra did. She certainly didn’t want to be some rich guy’s fuckslave or whatever weirdness Thomas had in mind. But if she could evade him for just one out of the next three days, she’d have a whole new life. That was worth a gamble.

“Ok, it’s a deal.”

“Excellent! Now, I think you should get some rest. I want my prey at her best tomorrow.”

Thomas led her to an elegantly furnished bedroom. As he closed the door behind him, Sandra heard the sound of a bolt being slid shut. She opened her mouth to yell out a protest, only to remember her shock collar. She was locked in for the night.

As Sandra went to bed, she tried not to think of the look on Thomas’s face when he had called her his prey. She didn’t succeed.

Day 1

Sandra didn’t sleep well. The collar bothered her. Thomas hadn’t actually used it to shock her, but the pressure of it against her neck was a reminder that she wasn’t in control. That there was a man downstairs who could do anything he liked with her. It was a distraction that crept into her subconscious, leaving her with half-remembered dreams full of slavery and degradation.

In the morning, Sandra was served a light breakfast in bed. Thomas came in afterwards and removed her collar. He led her to a small room where two women, obviously servants, were waiting. 

“What’s all this?”

“As I explained, when I hunt you, I want you to dress for the occasion. These women will prepare you.”

This was sounding more and more ominous. But it was too late to back out now. Even if Sandra ran for it, she doubted she’d get more than a mile away before Thomas called the cops on her. And there were too many servants around for her to jump him.

Sandra bowed to the inevitable. She surprised herself with her submissiveness. Maybe it was because the way the collar had felt was still in the back of her mind. Or maybe it was the strangeness of the situation. But whatever the reason, Sandra couldn’t make herself feel assertive. She just stood there and let the servants strip off her clothes and dress her like a doll. Her back was to the mirror, so she couldn’t tell what they were doing to her. One of the women dressed her, while the other applied makeup and hair dye. They finished by gluing something to the top of her head. When they were done, they turned Sandra around so that she could see the results of their work.

Sandra was astonished at what she saw. They had dressed her as a deer. She was wearing a catsuit covered with a thin layer of brown and white fur dappled with white spots. It clung to her skin, putting her athletic body on display. Her feet were clad in dark brown booties that resembled hooves. The tip of her nose had been painted brown, and her hair had been dyed slightly to match the suit. Subtle makeup had been applied to her eyes to make them look bigger, the eyes of a frightened animal in the presence of danger. And glued to the top of her head were two little antlers. 

Sandra felt a sense of disassociation. She had always thought of herself as one of society's predators. But this costume made her feel more defenseless than if she’d been naked. Thomas was right. This was the way prey looked.

When she joined her host downstairs she felt oddly shy. Prison had ensured that Sandra was used to being stripped and seen naked, but the way Thomas stared at her in her tight costume made her feel vulnerable in a way that was foreign to her. He was dressed for the hunt and had an expensive looking tranquilizer gun in his hands. He was clearly eager to get started. 

“You look great. Perfect. Are you ready to begin?”

Anxious to regain some control of the situation, she retreated to sarcasm.

“I think you forgot the tail. And isn’t it male deer that have antlers?”

“The tail comes later. As for the antlers, I couldn’t resist. They suit you. They look cute.”

That wasn’t what Sandra wanted to hear. “I am not cute.”

Thomas just smiled at her. 

Sandra shrugged. She wasn’t going to win that argument. Not while she was wearing this ridiculous costume.

“So, how do we work this?”

“Simple. You go out those big glass doors, then across the back patio into the forest. You have a 15-minute head start. Try not to let me catch you until the sun goes down. That’s it.”

That seemed easy enough to Sandra. She didn’t have any more questions, and she wanted to get this over with. Without another word she left for the safety of the forest.

A few hours later Sandra felt like she was in pretty good shape. Thomas hadn’t found her yet. He wasn’t even close enough for her to hear him. Slowly she began to get her confidence back. 

Maybe I can turn the tables on him, she thought. If I can jump him, this stupid game ends right now.

The thought pleased her. Sandra had always seen herself as someone who was not to be fucked with. The idea that she might outhunt the hunter and kick his pompous ass was delicious. She decided to wait. Once she heard Thomas coming she could set up an ambush.

After a few hours had gone by, Sandra began to get hungry. She wished that she could have brought some food with her. Then she saw it-an overgrown path leading to an apple tree.

Perfect! I can finally get something to eat. And maybe a branch I can use as a club...

Sandra threaded her way through the weeds until she reached the foot of the tree.


Something slammed shut around Sandra’s ankle. She looked down in surprise to see a humane variation of the classic bear trap- it had triggered when she stepped on it. In place of the usual sharp metal teeth, the jaws of the trap had a layer of tough rubber that held her leg firmly in place. Then Sandra saw the rest of it. The trap was chained to the tree. Which meant that Sandra was chained to the tree.

Her face turned red as she realized that she’d been caught by a baited trap just like a real animal. Sandra’s dreams of out-hunting the hunter, of proving her predatory nature had evaporated. Suddenly she was nothing more than a witless animal that had been defeated by the oldest trap in the book.

She struggled against the trap, but she wasn’t able to free her ankle, or to undo the metal chain that tethered her to the tree. She pulled at the jaws over and over again. Every time she moved the chain tinkled, mocking her, reminding her of her status as captured prey that had been too dumb to avoid falling for a simple trap. Eventually she wore herself out with her struggles and gave up. There was nothing to do, so she just sat and waited to be found, chained to the tree. 

The sun turned to clouds, and the clouds to a light spring rain. The tree afforded little shelter, leaving Sandra shivering and cold in her thin costume. Eventually Thomas found her. Sandra looked up at him. She tried to say something defiant, but she felt too helpless and defeated to think of anything. Thomas didn’t say anything either. He just smiled and pointed his tranquilizer gun at the soft white belly of her costume. As she began to lose consciousness, the last thing she felt was Thomas’s hands on her body as he retrieved his prize...

Sandra didn’t know what chemicals were in that dart. But she spent the night having strange dreams that all had the feel of delirium about them. She dreamed that she was still at the apple tree. She was tethered to it by a simple rope tied around her neck. The tree was loaded with red apples that glowed like neon, and the grass was brilliant green in the circle around it. But outside of the circle was only darkness. And in the darkness were eyes. Sandra kept reaching her hand to her neck to untie herself so that she could flee. But every time she did she felt a hand stopping her. Over and over she heard a voice whispering the same sentence in her ear:

“It’s safer here”.

Day 2

When Sandra came to the next morning, she was seated across from Thomas in a comfortable chair at the dining room table. He smiled at her.

“It was a good hunt yesterday.”

“Um, thanks, I guess.” Sandra shook her head to clear her thoughts. “You said when I lose a hunt there’s some kind of penalty. When does that happen? And what’s the penalty?”

Thomas chuckled. “I can answer both questions at once. You’re wearing your penalty.”

Sandra looked down at herself. She was wearing the same deer costume. Only-

“My hands! What the fuck?”

Sandra’s hands were now covered with padded, fingerless gloves that resembled hooves.

“Is this really necessary, Thomas?”

“No. It’s very entertaining for me though.”

“I’ll bet, asshole!”

But in spite of her bravado, Sandra couldn’t make herself feel her usual level of confidence. She kept thinking about how she had spent much of the previous day wet and chained to a tree by her ankle, waiting for a man to catch her and take her to shelter.

A servant arrived with breakfast. Thomas had a large steak with a side of eggs placed before him. Sandra, on the other hand, got some sort of sugary granola mixture. It was served in a kind of shallow trough. She started to reach for her fork, only to realize that she wasn’t able to pick it up with her hooves. Her face turned red as she pawed helplessly at it. Thomas watched her humiliation with a faint air of amusement.

“I took the liberty of having something made that you could eat without having to use your hands. It’s quite nutritious.”

“Thanks, you're all heart.”

Sandra leaned over her granola and began to eat. She found breakfast to be...uncomfortable. Thomas was normally dressed, and tucked into his meat-heavy meal with enthusiasm. Sandra, on the other hand, was in her revealing costume grazing from a feeding trough. Afterwards Thomas took out a damp cloth and cleaned the food from her face. She wasn’t able to do it herself. The whole experience made Sandra feel small and vulnerable. She was relieved when it was all over and she could begin to make for the safety of the forest. 

Sandra had given up on trying to attack Thomas. With the soft hooves that she wore over her hands she wasn’t able to put up any kind of a fight. The effects of her new handicap weren’t just physical, either. The hooves were a continual drain on Sandra’s confidence. It was hard for her to feel capable when she wasn’t even able to use a fork or wash her face. Sandra was painfully aware of how helpless she was. If Thomas caught her, there was nothing she could do to defend herself. Her only option was to copy the animal she was dressed as, to run like hell and hope that the hunter wouldn’t find her.

But that was more easily said than done. Thomas seemed to be doing a better job of tracking her today. She kept hearing the sounds of his pursuit from behind her. Sandra had to shake him somehow. The problem was that she wasn’t experienced at covering her tracks. Everywhere she went she left signs of her passing that Thomas, as an expert hunter, could read like a book.

Then Sandra saw the perfect opportunity. There was a tall chain link fence ahead of her with a gate. Beyond it was a small stream. If she walked downstream, she wouldn’t leave any tracks for Thomas to follow. This was her chance. Sandra sprinted as fast as she could to the gate. But when she got there she stopped dead-and stared at it in horror. 

There was a latch on the gate. It wasn’t locked, but the hooves covering her hands made working it impossible. She was unable to open a door, just like any forest creature. Sandra pawed desperately at the gate like an animal. The rattling of the gate was a mocking reminder of her helplessness. She shook the gate over and over again, trying with all her strength to open it. She was still trying when Thomas caught up with her and put a dart in her ass. The last thing she remembered was Thomas wrapping his arms around her waist and draping his new catch over his shoulder to take home with him, the result of a successful day of hunting.

More dreams. Sandra was in a fenced-in pen with grass and leaves for grazing. The gate was wide open. Sandra rushed towards her chance at freedom, but then she stopped. On the other side of the gate she could see a crowd of people. They were all staring at her with undisguised malice. Sandra cowered. She was tame and they were wild. She needed to be protected. To her relief, the gate closed, trapping her in her pen. She heard a voice: 

“It’s safer here”.

Day 3

When Sandra came to the next morning she didn’t have to ask what new penalties she had received. She could feel them.

Sandra’s costume now had a cute little tail. Unfortunately, it was anchored by a buttplug that was thrust deep into her ass. The costume had also been altered to include a large dildo that filled her pussy. She wasn’t sure how it was made, but every time she moved the sensations were amazing.

“It was a good hunt yesterday,” said Thomas in a manner that suggested that there was nothing out of the ordinary.

Sandra glared at him across the dining room table.

“Get these plugs out of me!”

She had meant it as a demand, but it came out sounding more like a plea.

“That’s your penalty, you’re going to have to live with it.” 

Sandra would have argued further, but she was afraid of being told no again. Of being reminded that she didn’t have a say over what happened to her. She tried to make light of things.

“Well, at least I can get some enjoyment out of the dildo.”

Thomas smiled. “Thanks for the flattery.”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“Both of the dildos are made from a mold taken from my penis. I’m glad I was able to give you some enjoyment.”

Sandra was mortified. Somehow that made the whole thing personal, a show of Thomas’s dominance over her. It was like she had been marked as his territory. She pawed at her crotch, trying to dislodge the dildos, but her hooves made that an impossible task. The exertion only made the plugs shift inside her, producing an involuntary gasp.

She noticed that Thomas was watching her struggles with amusement. She tried to change the subject, to take her mind, and his, off of his control over her.

“How am I supposed to run with these things stuffed in my ass and pussy?”

Thomas smirked. “That’s not my problem.”

“You said you wanted a good hunt!”

“Well, I don’t think it will make too much difference. You know, it’s amazing how much you act like the other animals I’ve hunted. It’s like you’re made to be my prey.”

Sandra didn’t know how to respond to that, so she stayed silent. Breakfast was even more humiliating today. The chair ground her new tail deeper into her ass. The only way she could sit comfortably was to get on her knees in her chair and put her hooves on the table while she ate from her trough. She bore an unfortunate resemblance to a pet trying to sneak food from her master’s table. Thomas ate well, but he kept staring at Sandra in a way that made her uneasy. She could tell that he was already thinking ahead to when he had won the game and she became his property.

The hunt started as usual. Thomas was close behind her today. He’d clearly learned all of her habits. Sandra fled through the woods, never able to rest. She found it increasingly difficult to keep from feeling like she’d already lost. Sandra had already been denied the use of her hands, making her as powerless as the animal she was dressed as. Every step she took drove the plugs deeper into her ass and pussy, a continual reminder of Thomas’s dominant role over her, and of the closeness of his victory. The feelings of humiliation and pleasure from the dildos were continual distractions, making it hard for her to plan intelligently. She found herself overwhelmed by primitive drives and emotions. Pleasure. Fear. Flight. 

Thomas nearly had her. She was worn out, physically and emotionally. In one last desperate act, Sandra dived into a nearby pile of weeds and underbrush to hide. With any luck he’d go right past her. At least she’d get a chance to rest.

It nearly worked. But she didn’t count on the ants. There were little ants in the weeds where she was hiding. They kept crawling over her, and the feel of them on her body kept making her flinch. Every time she moved, so did her dildos. Sandra hadn’t gotten any sex in a long time, and she’d had those dildos grinding into her pussy and ass all day. With each passing moment she found it more and more difficult to control her lust.

Keep it together. Just keep it together. You just have to survive this one day.

Thomas stood almost on top of her, suspecting that she was hiding somewhere nearby. 

An ant scurried across her leg. She flinched. The replica of Thomas’s member shifted inside of her. And with a soft, involuntary moan of pleasure, Sandra revealed herself. The game was over.

Thomas looked down at her and smiled. 


The Trophy

Sandra was still wearing the deer costume. Thomas had permanently glued it to her body, formalizing her new status. A helpless animal. Captured, and now tamed and domesticated.

Sandra was on her hands and knees behind the wall, her neck and head thrust through a wooden plaque. The hidden ring gag that had been glued into place forced Sandra’s lips into a surprised “O” shape that made her mouth permanently available. Like all of the other big game trophy heads mounted on the wall, Sandra, still crowned with her antlers, was something for Thomas to brag about to his friends.

“It was a good hunt, Steve, you should have seen it.”

“I wish I could get in on something like that.”

“Well, maybe next time I talk to the warden I could arrange for a larger prison break, a girl for each of us. That way you could get a trophy of your own.”

Thomas looked down at Sandra and ran his fingers through her hair.

“And you could get a little company.”

After Steve left, Thomas stood in front of her plaque and unzipped his trousers. Sandra gazed up at him submissively, her wide eyes and O-shaped mouth helping to create the impression of a meek animal that had been surprised while eating. A grass eater, perhaps, defenseless and easily frightened.

Sandra had learned to be enthusiastic about blow jobs. The touch of Thomas’s penis on the ring gag activated the vibrator that now filled her pussy. Like the dildo before it, the vibrator had been molded from Thomas’s member, a permanent reminder to Sandra that she was his property. The neck of Sandra’s suit had been modified to lower the volume of her voice, but the sounds as she orgasmed could still be faintly heard, the timid cries of an herbivore used to hiding. After Thomas had been satisfied he zipped up his pants. 

Thomas took out a small bag from his pocket and poured some sugared berries into his hand. He held them under Sandra’s mouth. Her well-practiced tongue eagerly lapped them up then licked his hand clean.

He smiled indulgently and scratched his trophy behind her antler. Thomas leaned down and whispered in her ear.

“It’s safer here.”


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