A Game for Some

by Walt A.K.A. Xan

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© Copyright 2020 - Walt A.K.A. Xan - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/f+; costume; roleplay; bond; strip; gag; rope; spank; tease; oral; cons; X

All characters are fictitious and any similarities to any persons, living or dead are purely coincidental.

Continues from

Part 5

Happy with their report of hiring someone that would make all, or most of the costumes for our cosplay adventures, I decided that Janey needed her spanking as a reward. She didn’t quite see it as a reward, but the words were sometimes more intimidating than the actions taken.

I had Janey dress up like a secretary, and all four of us met up in the library, for the proper setting. Sam was playing with his new self-stabilizing rig for his DSLR camera, learning what all the adjustments were for, and Beth had another, smaller hand-held video camera. According to their arrangement, Sam would take the overall video of me in my role as the mean and insensitive boss and Janey as his submissive little secretary. Beth wanted to focus on Janey’s reactions during our play.

While she was putting her outfit together, I put on a suit to look the part of her boss. For years I’d kept some clothes here, like this suit for when I visited. This time Janey was outfitted to be more alluring than slutty. That would come later. Under a relatively tight, white satin blouse and a fairly snug gray pencil skirt that went down to a couple inches above her knees, Janey had put on a very flimsy black demi-cup bra, black garter and seamed hosiery. Her matching black panties were pulled up over the suspenders of her garter. Next came her clear-glass spectacles with the horn-rimmed frame, held around her neck on a thin gold chain. I threw Janey a matching vest. Janey twirled and posed in this outfit for me, and with my hearty approval, we went in the library for some cosplay that would end up in my secretary getting a spanking.

With thumbs up from both of them Janey and I started. She sat at the terminal and I got up from the desk. Sam panned the room to set the scene, and Beth kept her camera on Janey.

“Miss Jones, I need a word with you. Get up and come here.”

“Yes Mr. Smith? What may I do for you?”

“Your performance is deplorable. You have no usable office skills. My word woman, you can’t even spell, and you’re using a word processor with spell-check. Don’t you even know what those squiggly little red lines mean when they appear under a word?”

“I thought they were just to highlight the important words.”

“I’m going to have to let you go, Miss Jones. Pack up your things and leave. I’ll send your final check in the mail.”

“Oh Sir, please, no. I need this job. My father is sick, and he needs me.”

“Then go to him. I have no further use for you.”

“But Sir, I’ll do anything to keep this job.”


“Yes Sir, anything. Anything at all. Even that,” and she was pointing at the hard-on tenting my pants.

“Stand still.”

With a sniffle, she held her head up while I started taking her clothes off, starting with the vest. Staring straight ahead, her arms were held straight down at her sides and her fists were clenched into tight little balls. She was also biting her lip. She put on a brave front as I unfastened her skirt, tugged it off her hips and let it fall. I indicated that she should step out of it. As she did, she kicked her four-inch pumps off.

“Put those back on, now,” I said with my voice raised. “If they come off again, nothing you do will save your job. Understand?”

Sniveling, she said, “Of course, Sir,” and she stepped back into them. Unbuttoning her blouse, I squeezed one of her tits as I slipped the blouse off of her arms. She squeaked and jumped but made no effort to stop me.

“There’s some rope in my desk drawer. Get it out and bring it here.”

“Rope? What are you going to do with that, Sir,” she asked, whining?

“What does a man usually do with rope and a half-naked woman? I'm going to tie you up.”

“You don’t have to do that Sir. I’ll cooperate with you, Sir. I said you could do anything you want, but please don’t tie me up.”

“Doing anything I want with you includes me tying you up and spanking you to punish you for your poor performance.”

“Oh please, Sir, you don’t have to, …”

“You said anything, so hold your hands out.”

I tied her wrists in front of her, leaving about a three-inch separation when I cinched them. Miss Jones futilely fought against them after I knotted the rope and sniveled as a tear escaped her eye and rolled down her cheek.

“Now take your panties off,” I ordered, sternly.

Crying now, she wriggled and shifted her hips as she tugged her panties off, with difficulty, because her hands were tied. Picking them up off the floor, I wadded them up, grabbed a handful of hair, pulled her head back and shoved them in her mouth. Sobbing, she looked at me while I pulled my thin tie off and wrapped it several times around her head, pulling it between her teeth, forcing the wadding deeper as I cleave-gagged her. Tears streamed down her face.

“Now I won’t have to listen to you whining anymore. Anything, huh?”

Pushing her forward until she was bent over at the waist and holding onto the desk, I reached around with my left hand and buried my fingers in her pussy. When she tried to step back, I hit her butt cheek with my open right hand. She squealed and moved forward, and my fingers in her pussy made her jump back. I smacked her other cheek this time, and this started a seesaw back and forth. This back and forth action went on for a long time.

Sam was moving slowly around trying to get the best angles on both of us, while still keeping Beth out of the frame. Beth was watching him, moving and crawling around to stay out of Sam’s way and still capture Janey’s thespian abilities while I spanked my secretary.

Janey’s entire ass was a healthy red color and she finally quit squealing as the action of my fingers started to turn her on. Instead of trying to move away from my fingers, she started to move into them while I smacked her ass.

“Well, I see that you’re finally getting into this, so now it’s time to move on to phase two. Stand still.”

I grabbed another piece of rope, made several loops around her middle, right above her hip-bones, and then brought the loose ends down and through her wet pussy. Miss Jones squealed again and tried to stand up. I pushed her back down against the desk as I tied off the crotch-rope with a hitch before bringing it back through and tying it off again in front. Then, after extracting a small but powerful vibrator from my pocket, I turned it on and pressed it against the rope through her pussy, just over her clit. Throwing back her head, she screamed into her gag as I started hitting her ass much harder than before. This time I was focusing the impacts to bruise her more deeply, rather than just redden the surface. I really pounded her ass for a while and before she could object, the vibrator accomplished its purpose and my secretary exploded in an orgasm. She shook and moaned, trying to gouge her fingers into the desktop as I scraped my fingernails across her ass.

I stood her up, untied her hands, pulled her arms behind her and tied her wrists behind her back. With another rope, I tied her elbows as close as I could get them. She moaned. Pushing her down on her knees I ripped my tie off, pulled the wadding out of her mouth, unzipped my pants and shoved my hard-on in her mouth. Miss Jones/Janey went to work. Reaching down, I mauled her tits, roughly pinching her nipples and when she stopped to take a breath, I slapped her. She immediately went right back to sucking my dick.

Janey’s talents and enthusiasm got me to pump my wad in her mouth fairly quickly and as she cleaned my crotch with her lips and tongue, I said, “And now it’s time for you to learn how to spell.”

Both Sam and Beth took this cue to cut their efforts and I picked Janey up and kissed her, saying, “You were great darlin’. You’re a natural at this.”

She smiled and asked, “You really liked it Sir? It seemed a lot like a porno to me. I’ll write some better dialog for the next one. I know I can come up with a more believable scenario for a slutty secretary. I tried to put myself in the place of a scared little secretary. Did they get it all recorded? I can’t wait to see it. Sam? Beth? Did you like it?”

“Janey, darlin’, I didn’t do this for the cosplay,” I said. “This was to introduce you to a good spanking. How’s it feeling? Did you like having your butt spanked?”

“My wonderful master, I loved it because ‘you’ did it to me. You know I love everything you do to me. So, did you like the cosplay with your slutty secretary? I have sexier outfits.”

I grabbed her and mussed her up. Janey giggled, smiling brightly.

“Oh honey, you were great. I want to call Human Resources and report this guy,” and Beth laughed as she hugged her new bestie.

Sam said, “For a test run it was alright. I got some good shots. Janey, you’re a good little actress, but I want to do another one. Beth, go put on something pretty, so Bat can tie you up.”

“Any suggestions,” she asked, a little petulantly?

“No.” Sam said. “I just want you to look pretty for the camera. Now scoot. Go get pretty for this next scene.”

All of us were looking at Sam and I said, “Janey, come with us darlin.”

I put my arm around my old friend, and we left the room. Janey followed. In her bedroom Beth sat on her California King, hid her face in her hands and cried for a minute or so. I untied Janey while she did. Suddenly Beth got up and started to tear her clothes off.

“Damnit. Why can’t he be more like you sometimes? You tell Janey what makes you happy to see her wear, for you, and she just puts it on. Then you ravish her and both of you are happy. Why can’t my Sammy do that for me? I’ve never been a clotheshorse. I don’t have a lot of pretty clothes in my closet. What does he expect me to wear to be pretty? Pretty! Pretty is in the eye of the beholder, and he never tells me I look pretty, so I wear the same things day after day. Now he wants me to put on something ‘pretty’, so he can play with his new toy. Not so he can play with me, but with his new camera. That man makes me crazy sometimes, and so angry at other times.”

Winking at Janey and nodding towards Beth, the two of us hugged her, and then started to take all of Beth’s clothes off. With my hand on her arm I half guided, half dragged, a naked Beth over to her full-length dressing mirror. I picked up her brush and handed it to Janey, who started to brush her long luxurious black hair. I waited patiently until Beth looked my reflection in the eye. Staring at each other, I smiled and lifted her arms up, positioning them until they were in the classic, ‘show me your biceps’ pose. I poked her on the bottom of each arm, playing with her triceps.

“No flab. No jiggle. Not like many of the other women I know around your age. Look at yourself. Don’t turn away,” I said firmly.

I poked her belly, lightly pinching her flesh, barely pulling up any skin, much less loose skin.

“Still flat and toned. No flab, just good muscle tone. Probably from riding all the time.”

Standing a little behind her I cupped her tits.

“Yea, you’ve had some work done, but they’re right back to being perky and tits like these draw a man’s eyes to you. Smile.”

Turning her slightly I cupped her butt-cheek and then swatted it.

“Still round, firm and ready for a good beating. Again, a feature that attracts a man’s eye. I am qualified to make judgments like that.”

Down on one knee I ran my cupped hands up and down her legs.

“Smooth, firm and nicely shaped. Probably from swimming. Men love looking at legs like these. Now go up on your toes and hold that position. Good. This is how hot they look in heels. Why is the manufacture of high-heeled shoes a billion-dollar industry and sold all over the world? Because they make a woman’s legs look this good. I know you don’t like wearing heels because they make you feel too tall. We talked about this a long time ago. We were different people back then. Back then you told me I couldn’t pull off a mustache, yet just the other day you whispered to me that if I grew one now it would work for me. Back then you felt a little self-conscious wearing heels and being taller than a lot of the men you interacted with. Now, you don’t have to impress them anymore. The ‘only’ one you have to impress is Sam. Both of us are 6’3”, so any height of heels you wear is fine with us. And he told me just the other day how impressed he was that you were wearing heels and how much he liked it. Now don’t fuzz up into that whole, ‘why doesn’t he tell me’ thing. I’ll work on that with him. He just had a breakthrough about opening up about his feelings, so cut him some slack. Telling you how he feels is new to Sam. Have patience. You love him. He loves you. No doubt about that. He still thinks you’re beautiful. He loves that you’re being more feminine after hanging out with this lovely woman. Just bear with me a while longer. Okay?”

With a tear developing in her eye she nodded and moaned at how good it felt having her hair brushed. Janey smiled and kept it up.

Keeping up my patter I said, “Beth, you’re still a good-looking woman. Yea, we’re all getting old, but you still look good. You’re not 20-something anymore, but you were blessed with genes that give you something that still turns a man’s head. You don’t have to take my word for it. Just look at your reflection. The evidence is there. Accept it. Thrive on it and listen when I tell you that my best friend knows it too. He likes what he feels when he touches you and he likes what he sees when he looks at you. He wants more of it, which is why he tells you to go put on something pretty, so he can capture how beautiful you are with his new toy. Men are visual creatures. We like knowing that when we can’t reach out and touch the woman we want to touch that we can plug in a video and watch that woman. That works for us. In many ways we’re just simple creatures. Why do you think the porno industry is so big? Sam wants an extensive collection of the woman he loves to look at. He really likes how you look when I tie you up. Naturally, he can make you helpless, but my ropework is more artful. That’s why he always wants me to tie you up. He told me that he still has all the videos that you and I made. And now, he wants more of the same. He doesn’t want to publish them. He just wants them. Is that so hard to understand and accept?”

With emotional tears leaking out of her eyes, Beth shook her head.

“You’ll work with him,” she asked plaintively, in a whisper?

“Yes. Will you work with Janey on updating your wardrobe?”

Janey, all smiles popped up with, “Sir, I have an idea.”

“Go on. You know I trust you.”

“Beth and I just hired a seamstress, who’s been to design school and knows fashions and the way they pertain to the different types of women’s bodies. What looks good on me might not work for Beth’s body. Why don’t we take our fashion consultant on a shopping spree for Beth? Sam wants her to be all pretty for him, and Beth needs clothes to make that happen. I can keep Vonny from turning Beth into a fashion plate for what normal society wants to see, steering her towards the fashions fetish-oriented perverts like us appreciate,” and Janey flashed me a big smile.

“That’s her name, huh?”

“It’s actually Yvonne, but she likes Vonny. It’s a good idea, isn’t it, Sir?”

“Yes, darlin. I think the both of you should buy pretty stuff for a couple of fetish-oriented perverts like Sam and me. Getting this new girl up to speed on our slightly askew tastes is a very good idea. I’ll smooth things over with Sam,” and I pulled out my wallet and started to hand Janey my credit card.

Beth looked at me and said, “Nope. Put that away. This is on me. My man wants me to get all pretty for him, so I’m going to spend a chunk of his money doing just that. Both of us will come back all pretty and prepared to make the two of you appreciate us the way we want to be appreciated. Now go play with Sammy and let us women do what we do best. Shop.”

A man knows when he’s being dismissed, and I was being dismissed. Sam was talking with Jimmy and I told his majordomo to go warm up the big SUV and to be ready to take the women on an expedition into town in the Ford Expedition. Sam just cocked his head and looked at me.

“You wanted Beth to get all pretty for you, and now the two of them are going out to get what she needs to get all pretty, for you. They’re going to pick up their new fashion consultant and spend a chunk of your money getting all pretty. So, what do you think that we ought to do in the meantime?”

Chuckling, he said, “I think we ought to unleash one of my horses and go with them. I’m sure we’ll be able to figure out some way to have fun with this.”

Naturally, the horse Sam wanted to unleash was a 2020 Mustang Shelby GT500 sitting in his garage. I laughed when I saw it was lime green. He smiled like a proud papa.

“I wanted these good folks in their red pick-ups to be able to see my mean green machine, and not run over us. You want to drive it?”

“No, I get all stupid in fast cars, pretending I’m Captain Kirk and shit.”

Sam laughed and threw me the key. You can only say ‘No’ so many times before you just have to go for it. I said ‘No’ once, and that satisfied my personal obligation to sanity. As soon as I heard the roar of those 760 horses under the hood, I knew this was a horse that I wanted to ride, and I wanted to ride it hard. This horse needed to be unleashed.

Sam used his tracker app and we found Jimmy and the women fairly easily. Janey and Vonny just gawked when we roared up next to them at Vonny’s loft and Beth just shook her head. I pumped the pedal a couple of times to make some noise and then left a little rubber and some blue smoke for them as we took off for the Fayette mall. Jimmy followed a bit more sedately and we caught up to them again in Forever 21.

Dipping our Auntie Anne’s soft pretzels in cheese sauce we wandered around behind them giving them our opinions on the colors and styles of what they held up for our approval.

They spent time in Macy’s, the Gap, Victoria’s Secret and several other shops before we parted ways. Bored with the shopping process, Sam and I spent our time in Spencer Gifts, Sbarro, Hot Topic, Cold Stone Creamery, The Disney Store and Great American Cookies, in that order. Jimmy reported that the women had decided to go to a few specialty shops outside of the mall that Vonny thought might suit their tastes. Sam and I decided to do guy stuff.

Sam called a friend of his that was fairly high up in the State Police. With his conspiratorial recommendation Sam told me to get on I-75 heading south. I opened up the Stang, took it up to 150, and stayed there for several minutes. And I still had pedal left before I slowed it down. I was a happy camper, but the little voice in my head told me I didn’t need to push our luck. I’ve learned over the years to listen to that little voice. Minding our manners, we did a meager 70 going back to the ranch. Sam called his friend and thanked him for the assist, promising him a bottle of his favorite small batch and an invite to one of the barbeques Sam threw fairly regularly. All was well until we walked in and met Vonny in the living room.

“It’s my fault Sir. I forgot I still had some rope marks on my wrists from our earlier play. Vonny asked, and seemed very enthused, so Beth and I talked a little about it and Vonny now has a much better idea about the costumes we’ll be wanting. She swears she’ll be very discreet.”

Yvonne/Vonny was a tiny little Goth, probably around five-foot-tall and maybe a hundred pounds, if she was carrying a good-sized rock in her pocket. The height of her platform boots made exact determinations difficult. Her hair was black and kept back in braided pigtails. Heavily overdone eye make-up hid the small eyebrow piercings in each brow. Side-mount and septum rings pierced her nose and she had a lip piercing in the center of her lower lip. Deep purple, almost black lipstick emphasized the look, as did the matching nail polish. Black lobe stretchers were set into each earlobe, along with rhinestone studs right below the cartilage piercings. Her long-sleeved lacey dress was black, with an irregular hemline over black tights. Lengths of thin chain dangled loosely on her dress, and her dog collar was studded with pyramids.

I smiled, nodding and said, “I bet the good church-going folk around here love you. Hi. You can call me Bat, and personally, I like the look. First question, how many more piercings?”

In a contralto voice she said with no hesitation, “Tongue, one nipple, belly button and a clitoral bar. And your next question?”

“I don’t see any tats. Whatcha’ hiding?”

“I’m filling in my arm sleeve with some color and I have a large raven on a tree branch across my back. Two other small ones, the OM symbol, and a broken heart in chains are all I have so far. I’ve been trading my sewing for work from this guy on Dixie Highway. He’s done my piercings too.”

Still smiling and nodding, I said, “Thanks.”

“You,” she asked?

“I’ve got a ritualistic scarification of my Army unit insignia and motto on my shoulder. You can barely see it. I never wanted ink on me, but I appreciate ink on other people. Let me introduce you to my best friend, …”

“Everyone around here knows Sam. Sam, you’re a very lucky man to have a woman like Beth here. She’s special and good people. And Bat, you have a gem here in Janey. She’s just a sweetheart, all bubbly and very anxious to please you. All I heard all day was, ‘My Sir will love this’, and ‘Do you think my Sir would like to see me in this’, from her. So, you’re all into bondage and SM, huh? I had a girlfriend that used to tie me up all the time for this guy I was seeing. He couldn’t be bothered to learn how to wrap ropes, but it sure got him hot looking at me all tied up. You guys any good, or just starting out?”

“My Bat’s a professional rigger, and he taught out in LA. North Hollywood wasn’t it, Sir?”

“Yea, I know my way around ropes and a woman’s body. Been way more than a hobby since I was a kid,” I said.

“Okay. You just tell me what you want to see me sew up for your cosplay and I’ll put a little extra effort into it now, knowing that you guys are as pervy as I am. I love seeing older folks still getting their kink on.”

Sam looked at her and chuckling said, “We ain’t that old. Welcome aboard Vonny. We’re going to keep you busy. All of us are really getting into this cosplay stuff and having a lot of fun with it.”

“Just tell me what kinds of outfits you want, and I’ll sew them up and bring them over when they’re done.”

Sam asked, “Are you a fixture in that loft?”

“No. I’ve got a couple of months left on the lease and then I was thinking about finding someplace cheaper.”

“How’s free sound? Janey, you know I’m building you and Bat a house of your own on this property, and until it’s built, you’ll be staying in the suite in the west wing. So, figuring you won’t be needing it anymore, I want to buy your doublewide from you. Just name a price. I’ll pay to have it moved here on the property and I’ll set Vonny up in it as her studio. That way I can offer Vonny a considerably cheaper place to live and keep her close. She’ll have plenty of space to work, and live, along with some storage space for her craft. We’re definitely going to be keeping her busy so she should be close. Vonny, you can come and go as you please, but please keep the parties fairly sedate. Does that sound alright with you?”

“Perfect. You won’t have to worry. I’m not much of a partier. I may smoke a little pot, but I don’t do hard drugs and I only drink wine occasionally to celebrate something. You are still going to pay me, aren’t you?”

“Of course. Whatever they offered you is what I’ll pay you. We’ll buy your material, buttons, zippers and all that stuff that you’ll need that I know nothing about. Just make a list, give it to Jimmy and I’ll pay you for your service for sewing these costumes up for us.”

“But Sam, the fees we agreed on were for me buying the material, trim and hardware out of my end, and then basically just selling you the finished pieces as I made them.”

“Well, I guess this way you’ll be making a little more per piece than you would have before. Don’t argue with me when you’re on the winning end of this deal. Just go with it and we’ll all be happier. Anything else?”

“Sam, if you want me to sew through leather for you, I’ve got to get a heavier machine. Will you advance me the money to get it?”

“Jimmy will just get you the machine you need. Give him all the details. With all the stuff we’ll want you to sew up for us, you’ll need a new heavy-duty machine. Get a good one. The one you want. Good enough?”

“Wow. When you hire someone, you must really want them happy and productive. Jimmy said you were a good boss to work for. If I need something special, should I come to you or Jimmy?”

“Jimmy. I’ll be too busy dressing up and playing with this lovely lady over here, when she’s not too busy writing novels with Janey. Beth and I have been married for quite a while, but I still love her, and she’s the only one I reach out for when I want to be happy.”

“That is so righteous Sam. The four of you are inspiring.”

“Good. Now you’ll stay for supper of course. Just go in the kitchen and tell Pete what you want, and he’ll make it for you. Anything you want. In the meantime, let’s see what you ladies picked out for us today. Vonny, when I ask my beautiful wife, …”

“Slave-wife Sammy,” Beth said. “Vonny knows it takes more than just some vows to stay together this long. She knows we’ve got a very special relationship, and she’s cool with that.”

“Okay then, when I want my slave-wife to dress up for me, then I’m an exacting task-master.”

Beth just about choked on her iced tea and Janey and I started to laugh.

“Task-master huh, Big Bwana? Slow your roll and just let her get ‘all pretty’ for you” I said.

“That was my plan all along,” he said.

“Speaking of plans, we’re going to have to carve out some time to transfer Janey’s stuff out of her doublewide and store most of my stuff, except for my clothes. Janey deserves her own toys. Not my leftovers. Some of that stuff has a weird energy still lingering around it from all the other women. Janey’s my life now. Not the Ghosts of Christmas Past, so most of my toys have got to go.”

“Bat? I’ll take anything you don’t want any more or anything you’re going to throw away. Your ghosts won’t bother me, and I kinda’ need to add some more things to my toy bag,” said Vonny.

“If you’re sure and you really want them, I do have some nice pieces that I’ve collected over the years. Like I said though, Janey deserves all new toys for me to use on her, so, I guess my old toys have found a new home.”

“This just keeps getting better and better. Does all your old rope go with this? I mean, I can always find rope, but if you’re just going to throw it all away, well, I’m sure I’ll eventually find someone to tie me up. I do like to be tied up. I think it’s fun to try and get out, and, well, …”

“It’s yours. I’ve got a couple thousand feet, of all types. Have fun with it. When I met Janey, she had all sorts of her own ropes, so we’ll use hers. Ropes are ropes to me. The other stuff just has memories I don’t want anymore.”

Beth went in and put on this backless, painted-on-tight, slinky, fuchsia, halter-necked floor-length gown. An oval neckline-keyhole showed some cleavage. Slits on the sides showed a lot of leg every time she posed. Shiny black tights covered her legs and matching fuchsia cage-sandals graced her feet. I was surprised because they had a five-inch arch and a stiletto heel. Along with this gown was a wide black belt and black opera-length gloves. Her hair was swept back and twisted into a bun on the back of her neck. Beth looked good, and I gave her a smile and a thumbs-up when she came out.

Janey had squeezed into a white vinyl catsuit. It was stretched tight on her. Along with her black corset over the catsuit, she wore her knee-high black boots with the six-inch heel and a three-inch wide collar around her neck. A long, ½-inch leather lead was snapped onto the single ring of the collar. She handed it to me and then knelt close, with her arms held behind her back. I went in and got the Irish-8s and locked them on her wrists in back.

“These are new and have never been used on any other woman. They are a bit different from regular handcuffs. Even the hinged type.”

“I’ll say. Wow. These are so confining,” and she giggled as she wriggled around trying to find a comfortable way to wear these.

In the habit of wearing a slightly oversized two-inch bondage belt, I took it off and with one wrap around her upper arms I buckled it in front of her, just above her tits. This helped her find a slightly more comfortable arm position with the Irish-8s, and it stretched her upper arms closer together behind her. She stayed like that until we all sat down for supper.

Sam and Beth had disappeared somewhere and when they rejoined us, Beth was all mussed up and disheveled. All bets were that she’d had fun and the smile on her face was a dead giveaway. Sam just looked smug, smiling like he’d just gotten a blowjob, which was probably not that far off the mark. Not really wanting to release Janey, she knelt beside me and I fed her the chicken breast and green beans on her plate, while I ate my NY-cut and wedge-cut fries.

Vonny seemed transfixed by how happy Janey seemed to be submitting like this. She barely touched her salad, or her main course of grilled trout and wild rice. Basically, facing away from Vonny, Janey wriggled in her bondage and made happy little noises as she took her bites of food out of my down-stretched hand as I fed her. Vonny however could not keep her eyes off our interplay. Sam and Beth smiled watching this, focused on Vonny’s reaction. Janey, as always, was a delight to be around. Her submissive side glowed through her actions. No one could doubt that she was very happy being on her knees and enjoying her role as my slave. Vonny though looked like a rabbit frozen in the light, too petrified to run and equally horrified of standing still.

“You’re not fooling around with this. You’re seriously into this,” Vonny finally exclaimed, still staring at Janey.

“Tying up and spanking your lover is a game for some,” said Sam. “For us, it’s a lifestyle. Bat, Beth and I have been enjoying this lifestyle since before you were born, young lady, and Janey is no newcomer to this either. We found what we like, and we own our sexuality. Although discretion, and sometimes pretense keeps our play private, we are never ashamed of how we express our love for one another. Yes, we’re older and still getting our kink on. We’ll probably be doing that until we’re too old and infirmed to get out of bed, and then we’ll watch videos of how we used to play.”

“I’m going to like working for you guys. This is kind of a dream come true. I want to be like you when I grow up. You rock this.”

Beth looked at her and said, “I’ll never forget the time that Bat and I were visiting this other couple, and some of their friends just started playing right there in the living room. Both of us were just freshmen in college and relatively new to all of this. This young girl stripped to the waist, leaned against the fireplace, and her boyfriend flogged her, right there, in front of all of us. No rhyme or reason, just a good flogging. It was an eye-opener at the time, that they could be so casual with this.”

“I remember that,” I said. “We were just thinking about making our first videos, and we were running with the only kinky people we knew, at the time, other than Sam and Moly. I wonder what ever happened to them?”

“You made videos, Beth,” asked Vonny incredulously?

“Yea, Bat got me started in the industry. He was my rigger for several years and co-starred in many of our productions.”

Chiming in, Sam said, “If you think she’s hot now, you should have seen her back then. Beth became very popular as a fetish and bondage model. Bat’s tight bondage made her just glow with a sexuality that was palpable.”

“I’m going to have to search the dark-web for copies of these videos. You can barely find any decent videos on the public share-sites anymore. I wonder if I can still find any of your videos on the dark-web?”

“I’d love to see some of them too,” added Janey. “Either send me the links, or make copies for me, please.”

Sam chuckled, and smiling, Beth said, “Everything I ever did is in a locked cabinet in the basement. Even the stuff Bat wasn’t involved in. We even had copies transcribed to a digital format in case the VHS tapes and the DVDs ever degraded from age, which as we all know they eventually will. There’s no getting around that, so we digitally preserved everything.”

“You know, I wonder if there really are copies out there on the dark web. This woman was very popular, and Bat made his bones as the guy rigging the ropes she wore so beautifully. He became very popular as a rigger when he got back from the service. Buddy, why didn’t you ever make any more videos?”

I just glared at him and said, “You have to ask? C’mon.”

Beth backhanded him in the arm. Sometimes a little slow on the uptake, Sam’s eyes widened and said, “Oh. Sorry. I was thinking about something else. Janey, you’re family, so you can watch them any time you want to, but Vonny, let’s see what you can find on the dark-web first.”

“Okay, I can do that. I’ve never been around real lifestylers before. Many of my friends play at this, but they aren’t into this like you guys. Have you ever been to one of those professional clubs?”

Janey looked back at her and said, “Remember, I told you my Sir used to teach out in LA. That was at one of the big dungeons out there.”

“Wow, really?”

“Yea. You might be surprised at the vast number of people that don’t know how to wrap, cinch and knot rope, or are just too lazy to appreciate it. My lessons made it really easy for them. So many used leather cuffs, or handcuffs, because that was easier. Rope makes a woman’s body so much more beautiful. Personally, I’ve always loved rope.”

“And I love that he does,” chimed in Janey. “That’s the main reason I was drawn to him. He uses rope, and he’s damned good at it. Who doesn’t love rope? I know I do, and when I’m getting tied by someone as good as my Sir, well, I can feel the love with each wrap of rope he ties around me. That makes me a very lucky woman, happy to submit to anything he wants to do to me. Any time he wants me, I’m there for him.”

“Bat, will you tie me up sometime?”

“Not until I know you better. Right now, there’s a lot on my plate. Janey and I are still in our honeymoon phase, and I really want to focus on her. I’ll do ropework for Beth, but these two and I go back decades. They are my oldest and best friends in the world. Maybe after I see some of the work you’ll be doing for us, well, we’ll see. All I want to do now is gag my slave, and stare into that zone between the top of her gag and below her bangs. Her eyes fascinate me when she’s very helpless and staring at me with love in her eyes. When a woman can’t speak, and all she can do is wriggle, squirm and communicate with her eyes, well, that’s magical, and makes me happy, and my Janey does that so well.”

“I would love to find someone that wants to tie me up, gag me and just stare into my eyes. That sounds so hot.”

“Vonny, I looked for a man like my Bat for many long and lonely years and finding a man like him makes submission worth everything you put into it. Beth and I can help you, but you gotta find the right man, or woman, and then do whatever is necessary for them to want to keep you. You can’t be complacent with a dominant. Real dominant men only want women that actively participate in their submission. Do-me subs are just place settings.”

“Okay,” said Sam. “Tomorrow we all head west. We’ll take Jimmy, Carla, Vonny and a couple of ranch hands for grunt labor. Sound good?”

“You want me to come?”

“You want to be a part of this family, or just a hired hand,” asked Sam?

“Can I get a ride home tonight for some clean clothes, and will you pick me up in the morning?”

“Okay, the way I see this going is Bat and I will drive the Stang. He finally likes one of my horses. Jimmy will chauffeur Beth, Janey, and Carla, in the Expedition, and he can pick you up on the way out of town Vonny. Billy and Joe can rent us a truck from U-Haul and bring plenty of boxes and tape to pack up what we want to keep and bring back with us. We’ll do Bat’s place first. Most of his stuff can just stay in the house for the next person I rent it to. Then we’ll go to Janey’s and pack her stuff up. While we’re there I’ll make arrangements to have it transferred to the property here. Janey, you can decide what furniture you’ll want to keep for your new house, or you can donate it all to Vonny and we’ll just get you and Bat all new things. I think you two ought to have a California King like Beth and I have, but that’s up to you. We’ll play it any way you want to play it. Bat, do you have any furniture that you just have to bring back with you?”

“You know me. Furniture is just stuff, with no reason to get personally attached to any of it. I want my clothes, and there’s a few tools and mementos I want to keep, but that’s all. Vonny will get my gear. The rest is just stuff.”

“Good. You and I will talk about how you want your house designed on the road, and then we’ll sit down with an architect. I know a good one. Janey, let Bat know if there’s anything you specifically want. It’s going to be your house too. I’m figuring your own office so you and Beth can write your books is a no brainer. It’ll have plenty of floor to ceiling bookshelves and plenty of room to be comfortable for the two of you. Bat and I will design a playroom big enough that the four of us will enjoy many a long night indulging in our perversions. A big bedroom for your more private play with Bat, and a modern kitchen and dining room. Anything else you can think of?”

“A living room and maybe a den might be a good idea. I wouldn’t mind a hot tub and sauna either. And plenty of closet space for our new costumes. And I want a wide wooden porch out front and one of those long old-western hitching bars out front, like you see in the movies to hitch our horses up to when we have to run in for something.”

“And those swinging saloon doors as part of your front door. Not that Bat and I will be doing much bourbon drinking there or anything,” and both he and I just broke up laughing.

“I can so envision our living room looking like a saloon out of the old west. We can keep our den a more civilized place for guests, maybe with a side door, but with this whole cowboy persona we’re developing, walking through swinging half-doors and straight into an old-timey saloon, well I like the idea. The shelf behind the bar lined with small-batch ‘red-eye whiskey’, maybe a player piano on the side and Janey’s brass bed for when I have to have her right then and there. I really like that idea.”

The next day, when they started to pack up Janey’s doublewide, she got entirely too excited. Running back and forth, trying to do everything at once, she was not only getting in the way, but she was bossy to the level of being annoying. When they started to complain to me, Janey got tied up to her stripper pole again, but this time she wasn’t gagged or blindfolded. She was still directing the crew as they packed up her belongings, but she wasn’t getting in the way or slowing down those that were packing her stuff up. Beth just shook her head watching her stand there.

“You amaze me Janey. I’d be screaming so loud they’d have to gag me.”

“Sam did tell me that he is delighted seeing you wearing heels again. Especially when he puts his arm around you and feels a corset around your waist. He really does love you; you know.”

“I know it in my heart, but I do wish he would tell me more often, instead of telling everyone else. Just how high are those heels?”

“These are just a four-inch arch. They look higher because of the platform. I can stand in these for a very long time, especially when my Sir ties my elbows back like this. They’re so tight I barely even notice my feet. He promised me that we’d work on my flexibility until they flopped together behind my back like yours do. Every girl’s got to have her goals.”

Beth just rolled her eyes, shook her head and went back to folding up Janey’s clothes and packing them. Masochism took many forms. While she did, she and Janey talked about the book they were writing. Vonny was all up in Janey’s closet, getting a better idea of what she liked to dress in and how she styled herself. Carla was very reserved, as usual, and just quietly packed up Janey’s incidentals and sealed the boxes for transport. Billy and Joe hauled the boxes out to the truck, and Jimmy was stacking them up so they wouldn’t shift on the way back. Sam ordered pizzas and sandwiches for everyone and then went back to organizing things. He’d arranged for us to sit down with his architect when we got back tomorrow, and he called someone and arranged for them to move the double-wide. I was packing up all of Janey’s gear. Even though it was just a single, we’d be keeping her brass bed, her heavy wooden chair and her stripper pole. Most of her other furniture would be donated to Vonny. We’d be getting new stuff.

I’d donated several boxes of my old gear to Vonny, and she was beyond delighted. All smiles and wide eyed, she told me that she was more determined than ever to find someone to use all that stuff on her. I did notice that Joe, one of the ranch hands, was paying more attention to Vonny. He was hanging around her and they were talking. Vonny was telling him all about the quality of the floggers, the single tails, and all the other gear I’d given her. She told him she’d be resizing all the cuffs to fit her wrists and ankles, and, in my eyes, he looked hungry. I might be pressed back into service again as a teacher. Hopefully, they’d learn to scratch the BDSM itch developing between them.

Over the next few weeks my mustache grew in thick, and it was getting bushy. I got some wax to start training the ends into handlebars. My new house was almost finished, and the womenfolk got into a habit of spending an hour a day, usually at the crack of dawn and before breakfast on their horses, riding around talking about their next writing project. Although I accepted it, I still couldn’t wrap my head around why women found riding horses so damned fascinating. They still smelled, drew flies and shit everywhere.

Sam and I would go out and spend hours in various furniture shops across the state finding just the right pieces to stock our photography studio. The building was up, but relatively empty. Basically, it was just a big box with insulated aluminum walls. We had one side set up as staged rooms and the other side designated as storage. Whenever we’d get a new room set up, our ladies would get tied up in their roles for our play. Joe was our stage manager and would set up our rooms, going so far as to set up our stationary cameras, hiding them so they wouldn’t be noticed during our videos. Vonny made sure that we were all dressed and costumed appropriately, and when we’d close it down and go back to the main house, she and Joe would play their own games.

Once a week or more frequently if we could, the four of us would gather in the basement playroom and spend significant time together. We’d watch one of the videos from Beth’s heyday, and talk about what we liked or didn’t like about it. Then we’d watch one of Sam’s new efforts and give it critical acclaim too. At every gathering the girls would read sections of their new book for us, and we’d discuss it, sometimes improving the plot with suggestions, and other times we’d just enjoy the adventure. All in all, it was good sharing so much quality time together.

Beth got tied up a lot, probably more than she did back in the days of our videos. I tied her. Sam tied her, and even Janey tied her up a couple of times, saying that they wanted to surprise us. I was convinced that it was because Beth was wearing heels regularly and dressing much more alluringly than she used to. In all reality, Janey got tied up just as much, but she was used to being tied up for a large percentage of her day. Beth wasn’t, yet.

Janey’s elbows finally touched behind her back. The single-sleeve that Vonny had sewed up for her helped to stretch her arms, and she wore that to bed almost every night, claiming it was more comfortable than the ropes. She did sleep a bit more quietly wearing her sleeve. Also, for sleep I didn’t pull it as tight as I did when we were playing. It still stretched her shoulders out for the times when I wanted her forearms to touch behind her back.

We were surprisingly happy as a perverted little family now.


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