A Fantasy of Hers

by T S Fesseln

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© Copyright 2020 - T S Fesseln - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; Sbf; insert; sex; blindfold; collar; handcuffs; ring-gag; hotel; nipple; toys; trick; rom; cons; X

Disclaimer: This is a work of amatory fantasy. Any resemblance to people living or dead is purely coincidental. If you are under the age of 18, please stop reading here. If you are a bit squeamish about graphic depictions of sex and bondage, please stop reading here. The author takes no responsibility for those who wish to reenact anything written below.

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It had always been a fantasy of hers to be tied up and used by a stranger and now Irene was going to live that fantasy, at least, for the most part. She always dated boys that her mother and father would approve of; the ones that were “safe”. That was true even after her parents had passed away. It was ingrained in her very being. But her BFF Ginger had convinced Irene that it was time to live a fantasy or two and this was one that she had harbored inside of her for a very long time.

The plan was hatched while they were at Ginger’s place half-heartedly watching re-runs of ‘Riverdale’ when conversations turned to sexual fantasies. Ginger revealed she secretly desired to be gangbanged and a few years ago, she almost got a chance to when her boyfriend at the time said he wouldn’t mind and he would do what he could do but it never happened. Ginger also admitted she would like to be with a woman but never worked up the nerve to do it.

Both ideas never had entered Irene’s head. She was and always would be a one-guy kind of gal. But she did tell her friend about being kidnapped and used. Irene revealed her fantasy in detail; being gagged and blindfolded and tied tightly so she couldn’t resist. Ginger hung on every word then dragged out her Chromebook and started to troll bondage sites on her couch with Irene.

“You know, your fantasy is completely do-able,” Ginger said.

“You think so? I don’t know...”

“You have been dating milquetoast for as long as I have known you, girlfriend. It’s time to step it up. Now let’s get you a profile or three out there and see what we catch. I’ll have your back, Irene, you know me. BFF’s, right? Now look here, here’s a site that looks like just what we want.”

They both read through profiles, both subs and doms, to get an idea of what to put into Irene’s profile. Irene was pretty in a girl-next-door kind of way; Light auburn hair, raven black eyes, a little spray of freckles across her nose and slightly pouting lips. Her glasses emphasized her brains and her morning jogs emphasized her slender body. Ginger knew that she would be a magnet for any wanna-be Master out there.

It didn’t take long for them to come up with her sexy subby bio. Ginger swore that it made her friend blush a time or two but they were both satisfied with what they had come up with.

“Now for a pic,” Ginger announced.

“I really don’t know about that, Ginger, what if someone I know recognizes me? I would just die!”

Ginger didn’t even hesitate as she got up and headed to her bedroom, “I know just the thing for you, girlfriend.”

She returned with a small, pink Sterilite container and quickly popped open the lid. Inside were a few vibrators, lotions and such. Ginger pulled out a bright red ballgag and dangled it in front of Irene.

“Here,” Ginger tossed the gag to her friend.

“What am I supposed to do with this?”

“Put it into your mouth. It’s a gag.”

Irene frowned, “I know what it is. You want me to wear this for my profile pic?”

Ginger rolled her eyes. Irene reminded Ginger of a gazelle; beautiful and slender and timid as all hell.

“Of course. You’re looking for Mr. Bondage Master, right? You have to show them your game, girl.”

Irene opened her mouth and put the ball behind her teeth and buckled it tightly in place. Her friend with the curly, garnet mop of hair and green lioness-like eyes seemed to be more into all of this than Irene. But, Ginger was right, she needed to step out of her plain, little white box and do something adventurous for once.

“Now this,” Ginger produced a bright purple silk scarf and stepped around in back of Irene, pulling it over her eyes and blindfolding her.

The gag was not as uncomfortable as Irene thought it would be and she found it a little erotic. The same went for being blindfolded by the scarf. She felt a twinge of a guilty pleasure trickle through her as she posed.

“Perfect. Say ‘sexy’.”

Ginger took a few snaps with her phone and downloaded them into her computer as Irene unknotted her blindfold and took the gag out.

The two girls looked through the pics together.

“I think this one is the yummiest. Even I could devour you looking like that.”

Irene liked that one too. Her head tilted down and a little to the right, her auburn hair draped over one eye. It was really hard to believe it was herself she was looking at.

Irene’s profile was done. All they needed to do was to hit submit.

“Go on,” Ginger nudged her, “Click on it.”

Irene caught her breath, drifted the cursor over the submit button and clicked. It was done.

Now all she had to do was wait for the right one to come calling.

Irene felt as if she had swallowed a ton of feathers; each one tickling at her libido. The fear of what she was about to do fanned those feathers even more. She was a walking orgasm bomb just waiting to go off.

She had dressed like Ethan had asked her to: A sleeveless, strapless little black dress, thigh-high black nylons, her only pair of high-heels and nothing else. Well, almost nothing else. He had sent her a small egg vibrator that had a remote that he would keep for himself. She was afraid, however, the little egg might slip out of her so she also put on a filmy black g-string. She had never owned one before so she had to order one online. Thankfully it got there before her big fantasy night.

Irene checked in at the front desk at the Embassy Suites where the clerk politely looked at Irene and then at her I.D. and gave Irene her keycard. The only other thing she had brought with her was a small black clutch with her necessities and blushed a little at the thought of what was going through the clerks’ mind.

She opened the door to what was the living area of the two room suite. There was a sofa and chair along with a table with a bright red-wrapped present tied with white ribbon. Irene knew the items in the package were for her and she knew what they were.

Picking up the package, she carried it into the bedroom where she was to get ready. Sitting down on the edge of the bed, she took a deep breath. Irene knew that Ginger was watching her back; waiting for Irene to give a call in an hour that everything was good and she was safe. They reviewed each reply to her profile together and decided together which ones to contact and which ones to blow off. Ultimately, Master Ethan was the one they chose.

The chats that Irene had with Ethan quelled most of the fears she had. He was one of those safe and sane guys that weren’t into pain. They went over safe words and hard limits. He was attractive, too: Tall with close-cropped dark curly hair, an easy smile and green eyes just like Ginger’s.

Ethan was an easy choice.

Irene carefully unwrapped the small box. Inside were two pairs of shiny handcuffs, a black satin blindfold and a red ballgag just like Ginger owned. She laid out each item on the bed, folded the wrapping paper inside the box and set it aside on the night stand along with her purse.

The gag was first and buckling it in place sent trickles of bliss through her just as it had when Ginger had taken her pic. The cuffs around her ankles were next, drawing her feet up onto the bed, she clicked the cuffs shut around each ankle, shackling them together.

Irene leaned back on the bed and tested them. She wasn’t going to be going anywhere fast in the cuffs and the only person that had the keys to them was ‘Master’.

The soon-to-be-helpless Irene took another deep breath, enjoying the feeling of the afternoon sun coming through the sheers in the bedroom, bathing her in its golden warmth, treasuring the moment.

She fastened the second set of handcuffs on her right wrist, leaving the other cuff open while she slipped the blindfold on and tightened it into place.

She took a deep breath, whispered a silent prayer, then put her hands behind her back and clicked the other cuff shut. She squirmed a little, enjoying her self-inflicted captivity and the warm waves of pleasure derived from being bound.

Irene was now at the mercy of her ‘Master’.

The buzzing from her vibe caused her to jump as the shock of ecstasy engulfed her, almost sending her over the edge. The egg pulsed its greeting and Irene moaned into her gag. So immersed in her pleasures she did not hear Master Ethan come into the room.

“Remember, no cumming unless I command you to,” he said softly into her ear.

Irene nodded, mewling into her gag, her libido cascading nearly out of control.

“Now let me take a look at you, my pet,” he said as he helped her to her feet.

The smell of his cologne drifted around her as she stood there knowing his eyes were feasting on her curves and shadows. She felt more desired than she had ever felt in her life and she so wanted to be his willing prey.

“Turn,” he softly ordered.

Irene did as he commanded, slowly turning around to display herself. The anticipation of his touch was fueling her flames. It seemed like forever before he spoke again.


She felt Master Ethan fasten something around her throat; a leather collar. It was snug without being uncomfortable and it made her feel ‘owned’ somehow; not an unwelcome feeling.

“Let’s get you into something a little more comfortable,” he said as she felt some rope being draped over the back of her neck and being pulled under her arms and knotted behind her neck to fashion a harness. Ethan then unlocked her handcuffs and gently crossed her wrist. Irene compliantly kept them crossed as he wound rope around them and cinched them into a pair of rope handcuffs. Lastly, he drew her bound wrists upward and tied them to the rope harness, keeping her hands pinned behind her upper back.

“Much better. Laying on those metal handcuffs can be a pain.”

Irene felt him kneel in front of her and unfasten her ankle cuffs, and just like her wrists, he bound them together in a tight hobble. With every little touch of hand and rope, a flicker of wanton delight licked inside her.

She felt him clip a leash onto her collar and he gave it a small tug. Unsteadily she followed him around the bed to the floor length window at the far end of the bedroom. He turned her so she could feel the afternoon sun on her face.

Irene then heard the sheers being drawn open.

She was petrified, unable to move or say a word, like a deer trapped by blind terror. The thought of her being seen like this...

His hands cupped her breasts, his thumbs flicking over her taut nipples.

“No need to be afraid. You are the most beautiful woman in the world right now. Any man would want you,“ he whispered before he began kissing her behind her ear.

The magic of his caress was stoking her fires. His hands ran over her body, almost making her forget that she was in front of the window for the whole world to see.

Then his fingers found the hook in the back of her dress.

Irene whimpered into her gag as she felt the zipper of her dress being pulled down. His warm hands reached inside her dress and pinched her nipples lightly. Her body began to sway under his touch as she pushed herself against him.

Her Masters’ hands trailed down over the flat of her stomach to the waistband of her g-string.

“What do we have here? I am sure that was not on my list.”

Irene moaned her apology as his fingers slid underneath the thong into her moist curls. He worked her g-string over her hips and down her legs until they draped over her ankles’ bindings.

He stepped back, “Slave, undress.”

‘How?’ she first thought but she soon realized that nothing but her own body was holding the strapless dress up now. She wriggled and squirmed until she felt the dress slide off over her breasts and pool at her feet.

Ethan started to caress her again; his hand kneading her breasts as the vibe continued its’ teasing pulse inside her. The sun bathed her skin in its heat as they stood in front of the window. His hands ran down over her hips and to her nest of curls. His finger touched lower between her swollen lips. . .

Irene gasped as the fiery fingers of pure bliss nearly consumed her.

“Do not cum until I order you to, slave.”

His fingers continued to work their magic, slipping up and down her slit and teasing her clit. The pyre within was burning hotter and hotter and she did not know if she would be able to contain it any longer.

“You want me?”

Irene bawled loudly into her gag as she nodded her.

“Will you be my slave until tomorrow?”

Irene paused only a second before nodding her head yes.

“CUM!’ he ordered.

A white hot bonfire engulfed her in a fury of pleasure. She bucked and twisted and moaned in Master Ethan’s arms as he stroked her and the ecstasy kept on coming in heated waves until she collapsed into his arms completely.

Ethan scooped her up and carried her over to the bed, laying her down. Irene was overwrought by the intensity of the moment, surrendering herself completely to the sorcery of the ropes. She felt him untie her ankles only to retie each of them to her thighs. Her scent mixed with the smell of latex as he rolled a condom over his erection. He cradled her hips in his hands and lifted her up; his cock brushing against her sex.

After he pulled her vibrator out, he eased himself into her, filling her completely.

His strokes were slow and strong, pushing inside her as far as he could. She tried to grip him but she was nearly spent. But her embers were not out and more flames of bliss flared within her, making her moan deeply.

His pace gradually quickened like a lion gaining speed during chase. Pleasure consumed her soul as her body was wracked with another burning orgasm she was unable to stop. She heard him groan as well as he thrust himself deep inside of her and held himself there as his cum filled the condom.

Ethan collapsed beside her, catching his breath before unbuckling her gag and undoing her blindfold.

“How are you doing, my slave?”

Irene leaned over and kissed him the best she could, “Wonderful.”

She curled up next to him and laid her head on his chest and just relished the moment as he combed his fingers through her hair. It was more than she had ever imagined and she was glad that Ginger had talked her into living it.

Her phone in her clutch began to chime its tune.

“Expecting a call?” Ethan asked, leaning over to get her purse.

Irene nodded and struggled, “My safety buddy. She’s calling to see if I am alright.”

He opened her purse and got her phone out.

“Untie Me?”

“I thought you were going to be my slave tonight? Let me get your phone.”

She did not know how much more passion she could take but she had agreed to spend the night. Maybe they could check off another fantasy or two.

He swiped the phone and set it on the pillow beside her.

“I’ll let you have your privacy. Let me know when you are done,” he whispered and left the room.

“How’re you doing, girlfriend?” Ginger asked

“More than wonderful. Thank you for pushing me into this. It has been a dream. I can’t wait to tell you about it and help you work on getting your fantasy to come true.”

“Already working on it,” Ginger replied.

“Without me? I was so hoping to help you with it like you helped me with mine,” Irene pouted

“Girlfriend, of course I’m going to let you help. You’re my BFF, remember? I want you to be a big part of it.”

Irene smiled, “I am sure we can find a good group of guys for you, Ginger.”

“Uh-huh,” Ginger replied.

“I decided to stay the night, Ginger, to be his slave for a little longer.”

“Are you sure that’s what you want? Do you want me to give you another call later?”

Irene pondered a bit, “Yah, give me a call in the morning just to make sure but I am in very good hands, Ginger.”

“I’m sure you are. You have a good night, girlfriend and I will see you later. Laters.”

“Bye,” Irene said as Ginger disconnected.

There was a knock on the door frame, “All done?”

“Yes, Master Ethan,” she purred, though disappointed he had put his slacks back on. He was carrying a black nylon bag which he plopped on the bed.

“So let’s look through my toy bag, my slave, maybe you’ll see something you’ll like while my batteries recharge. We have some time before I order dinner for the both of us.”

Ethan poured the contents out onto the bed. Besides more coils of rope, there were plenty of leather straps and cuffs that matched Irene’s collar. There were several different gags including one in the shape of a penis and a red leather one shaped like an ‘O’.

Ethan caught her eyeing the ring gag.

“You want to try it, my slave?” he asked.

“Yeh, sure, why not since I am trussed up anyway?”

“I love this gag,” Ethan said as he crawled around in back of Irene, “It is practical and it allows my slave to do other things. Now open wide.”

Irene complied. He positioned the ring behind her teeth and fastened the straps. The tang of leather filled her mouth as she ran her tongue around the rim. It was then that Irene decided she liked being gagged even though it caused her to drool. He put his fingers to her lips.


Her tongue reached out and lapped at his fingertips. Irene could very much see why Master Ethan liked the gag. He eased Irene back onto the bed and retrieved the egg vibrator that was inside her earlier. He nudged it inside of her and turned it on.

Erotic flames flared once again inside her. Her horniness had never gone away but instead been slow simmering coals waiting to be stoked. As she moaned and rocked her hips, she felt something dangling in front of her nose: a gleaming pair of clover clamps for her nipples.

There was a slight pain as he clamped them down on each of her erect nipples but it was replaced by a wanton numbness that helped edge her closer to another orgasm.

Then the phone chirped but it wasn’t Irene’s.

“Hold on, my pet, do not cum.”

Irene moaned her disapproval but there was nothing she could do about it.

Ethan took his phone and went out of the bedroom, closing the door behind him.

Irene tried to think of something other than her building need as the vibe buzzed its magic, but it was nearly impossible. She had been spending weeks planning on this and dreaming about this and fingering herself over this and now that she was living it, her fantasy was consuming her.

Ethan came back into the bedroom followed by Ginger dressed in a little leather nothing that screamed ‘fuck me’.

“Hi girlfriend,” she smiled as she came over to the bed, twinkling her fingers in greeting, “Just had to come and see you for myself. God I could just eat you up now.”

Irene was mortified; frozen in her bindings and blushing bright red.

“No worries, Irene, remember BFF’s?”

Irene squirmed in her bindings trying to hide herself from Gingers stare.

“You okay?” Ethan asked Ginger, kissing her on her cheek.

“I’m just fine, Bro. Thank you for doing this.”

Ethan grinned, “Any time Sis. Just bring back my toys. You know how bad you’re about that.”

“No worries,” Ginger replied.

“It has been a pleasure, my slave,” Ethan kissed Irene on her forehead then turned and left, leaving Irene alone with Ginger who looked at Irene with a leopard’s hungry eyes.

“It has always been a fantasy of mine, girlfriend...”


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