The Contest

by Katt44tng

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Storycodes: MFF/f; F/f; bond; toys; kidnap; nc/cons: XX

Entry from the S(A)X Leather Bondage Story competition 2005

My company sent me to Australia to negotiate a deal with Nicholas Ian, the CEO of Ian Enterprises. My boss had enough confidence in my ability to let me any excess time as a working vacation. It was fortunate for me that the company's headquarters was located in the same city as SAX Leather's main store. I use their online catalog to purchase most of the special items in my bedroom closet.

After, I made my final offer to Mr. Ian this morning, I decided to use the time to do some serious shopping, so, I headed for SAX Leather. The saleswoman was extremely friendly and greeted me just after I entered. She was very helpful describing how to use many of the items I was interested in. I did not see them at first. Actually, it was Suzi, the SAX Leather saleswoman, while helping fit the leather harness bra and garter belt on me, over my white silk blouse and blue suede skirt, whopointed them out to me.

"Those three are up to something," she said, glancing behind me at the trio of two girls and a guy.

It was difficult to stop looking in the mirror at how the leather accentuated my 36DDD/26/38 figure. Even over my blouse the harness bra added lift. But, somehow, I managed to turned my head to get a glimpse.

All three looked to be college age or just older. The full-figured blonde was cute and had a shape similar to mine. She was an inch taller possibly and slightly larger, but, not plump by any means. Her shoulder-length hair curled under and framed her face, adding to her beauty. She wore a tight black t-shirt with some band's name and logo on it and tight jean shorts. I judged she was excited to be here by the way her nipples protruded. Even from across the room I could see the stress they put on the material. Her legs were tanned and muscular. She enjoyed pointing the toes of her sneakers to show-off their shape.

The taller red haired girl was thin in comparison. Her hair was longer than the blonde's and pulled into a ponytail. Her face, though covered with freckles and much paler skin tone, was pleasantly pretty, by my standards. An oversized purple t-shirt with the same band's name on it hid her frame, and a pair of long-legged white satin sweat pants hid her legs. However, the pants did very little to hide the fact that she wore no undies beneath them. The sunlight, coming through the store front window, brought the red of the hair covering her mons through the thin material.

Both girls wore the same brand sneakers, but, Red seemed to nervously shifted from foot to foot, swaying back and forth between her other two. Also, she seemed more reserve, waiting for the blonde to laugh or make a comment, before she reacted to their male companion's actions.

He on the other hand was loud and showy. Obviously, he was or wanted to be a surfer dude. His bleached blond unkemptwind-blown hair, dark tan, day old growth, muscle shirt top, knee length baggy shorts, and sandals fit this look. So did his ripped body, all 6-foot of it. He was the leader of the three. He looked older and was much more confidant.

Goosebumps tickled my skin, when I saw him take the red ball gag with its leather strap from the display and forced it into Red's mouth. Blonde, grabbing the gag's leather straps, made a commented, loud enough for us to hear, about how he wouldn't get any head from her with this in her mouth, as she buckled the straps tightly behind Red's head. Muffled screams of mock protest filled the store as Red raised her hands to remove the gag.

Blondie snatched a pair of metal handcuffs from the display and quickly snapped one onto Red's left wrist. Then, pulling it behind the surprised girl's back, she grabbed her free wrist and snapped the other cuff on, locking the girl's arms behind her back. Red began twisting, acting as though she was struggling to get free. Blondie pulled a leather riding crop from the shelf and began swatting Red's ass playfully. All the while, Surfer Dude had one hand cupped to his eye and used the other to make large circular motions at his ear, as if filming the whole episode.

"I'm sorry," Suzi said to me. "I have to deal with this!"

She turned and made her way toward them, politely, asking them to leave the display pieces alone.

"Don't worry about it, babe. I plan on paying for them." Surfer Dude replied. "That is if you're through playing touchy feely, with big tits over there. And, are capable of ringing up our shit."

He gave me a look, that, I normally ignore from guys like him. But, this time it sent a chill down my back. Quickly, I turned back to my shopping and tried to get his look out of my mind, by picking up the Leather Slave Hood, that had caught my eye as soon as I entered the shop. It was soft and smooth, with a zipper over the mouth and snaps around the eyeholes for a blindfold to be attached. The lacing up the back would allow it to fit most any head size or shape. I had seen it in their online catalog and nearly ordered it. I had to fight an overwhelming desire to try it on, so, I put it back and stepped over to the wrist and ankle restraints.

There were several restraints, I previously had purchased from them online, in the display area. I loved my soft leather wrist and ankle restraints. They were gentle on the skin and using two double ended snaps, I could bind myself, whenever, all of my closest girlfriends were occupied, even though I enjoyed it more when they bound me.

On the wall, hanging in its packaging, was a silicone penis gag just like the one I had bought from them. It was my favorite gag to use when I bound myself. The leather ring is my preferred gag when either Helen, Theresa, or Kelly Lynn tie me. It keeps my tongue available for them to use at their pleasure. However, those few times, when one of them found me bound with the penis gag, they would add the 10cm penis extension and enjoy it as well. The leather strap buckles easily behind your head, holds very well, and is quite comfortable.

"I'm glad they're gone," Suzi said, taking me from my thoughts.

"Oh...Ummm...Yes..." I stammered, slightly embarrassed. "I hope they don't come back to bother you, again."

"Well, actually, they bought quite a large amount of merchandise," She smiled. "$1000 worth.... And, cleaned out all of our black bondage rope, both sizes."

"Must be planning an awesome party," I grinned, laughing. "Think we're invited.....hahahaha...."

"Well, to be honest, not with all the dildos and strap-ons they bought." She shivered. "And, that anal gel, Innuendo, they bought two tubes of it..... So, no, that's one party I want to be excused from, I think....heehee..."

I talked with Suzi and looked around for another couple of hours, before, I made my final selections and drove to my hotel. After, parking in front of my second floor exterior entrance room, I slid the magnetic key in the door lock and opened the door. The curtains were drawn closed making the room dark and with my arms full of bags from SAX Leather, I could not turn the light on, so I entered the dark room.

It took a few moments for my eyes to adjust, and when they did I saw Blondie sitting on the edge of my bed. But, before I could scream or question what she was doing in here, a hand with a vice-like grip covered my mouth and an arm circled my chest, pinning my arms to my sides.

Surfer Dude had been behind the door. As soon as, I was far enough in, he pounced, silencing any chance for an outcry and making my arms useless.

"Shut the fuck up, Tits." He whispered in my ear, turning my head toward Blondie. "You cooperate and she won't use that."

Blondie brandished a huge knife an inch from my heaving chest.

"If you understand and are going to behave," he continued. "Begin stripping!"

I immediately removed my blue suede blazer. Tossing it into the chair in the corner, followed quickly by the matching skirt and white silk blouse. He told me to keep my stockings and pumps on.

"MMMMMMMM....I like that," Blondie cooed, at the sight of my white satin corset. "You know how to turn me on, you slut....."

I lifted my arms, as I was ordered to by Surfer Dude. Blondie knelt down unsnapped my stockings from the garters, then, released the side hooks of the corset and let it drop to the floor. She ran her thumbs up along my stockings to my hips and slipped them under the sides of my white satin thong. Putting her nose to my crotch and taking a deep breath, she slid my thong down my legs where I stepped out of them.

Then, Blondie reached into one of my bags from SAX Leather and, smiling, pulled out the leather harness bra and garter belt, I bought. I stood with Surfer Dude's hand over my mouth, while, she put them on me. The harness, after being tightened, under my breasts and around my chest made each breath difficult, as well as, forcing my breasts to expand. The halter strap was tightened adding extra lift, making my breasts look even fuller. Blondie could not resist the opportunity and took complete advantage of my forced cooperation. The way she sucked, licked, and toyed with my engorged nipples had me moaning with lust by the time she laced the garter belt around my waist and attached my stockings to it.

Squeezing my ass she dove her tongue deep into my innermost wanton desires. However, before I could climax, Surfer Dude stopped her, leaving me panting and yearning.

Keeping his hand tightly clenched over my mouth, Surfer Dude forced me parallel to the foot of the bed. It was then I noticed three things. First, Red had been standing at the rear of the hotel room behind a video camera and tripod, taping my adventure. Second, two eyebolts had been screwed into the floor 4-feet apart. Lastly, there were two more eyebolts screwed into the ceiling 6-feet apart, directly above me.

Before, I could react to these revelations, I watched Red toss Blondie a red ball gag with leather harness. It was the same one I saw at SAX Leather.

"I'm going to remove my hand. You will be a good girl and not make a sound, while Bridget puts that on you.... Understand?" Surfer Dude asked, threateningly.

I nodded my head, yes, and thought at least I know Blondie's name.

She pushed the ball deep into my mouth. It felt like I may loose my front teeth, when, it suddenly plopped in past them. It was huge and filled my mouth. Or, I just thought it did, cause when Bridget pulled the leather straps around my cheeks and buckled them to the last notch, it sunk in even deeper.

"MMMMMMMMMM!!!!!" I moaned in protest, as she buckled the chin strap and pulled the other straps over my head fastening them as tight as possible to the back buckle.

I twisted and turned my head fighting the head harness' tightness.

"Get a close up of that, Hillary." Bridget told Red.

I heard the sound of the camera lens moving, focusing tightly in on my gag distorted facial features, no doubt. I wanted to turn my head away from the camera, but, the feel of rope being looped around my right wrist and my arm being lifted toward the an eyebolt in the ceiling made me look directly into it.

Surfer Dude quickly and efficiently, bound my arms spread out to the ceiling. He middled the long lengths of the black bondage rope and began looping it six times around my right wrist before knotting it tightly. Then, he slid both ends through the eyebolt, pulled them taunt, and tied it off with a half-hitch. He did the same to my left wrist and arm. I stood there with my arms bound, while he looped the smaller lengths of black bondage rope around my right ankle, knotted it, then, slid both ends through the eyebolt on the floor closest to my right foot. He pulled the rope until my foot was against the eyebolt, then, he looped it around my ankle again before tying the ends to the eyebolt. Soon my left leg was secured as my right.

"Good job, Teddy." Bridget said, pulling on all the ropes.

I now, knew all their names, but, their plans for me were unclear. That was until, Hillary stepped from behind the tripod and turned, giving me a unobstructed view of the deluxe strap-on and purple 21cm long, 5cm thick dildo, she had tightly buckled about her.

"You are going to take control of the camera for this, aren't you, Teddy?" Bridget chuckled, stepping back into my room from the open room connecting door. "Hillary and I are going to be a bit to busy to get the proper camera angles...."

"MMMPPPPHHHHH!!!!!" I gasped into the gag, at the sight of her wearing Hillary's twin strap-on and dildo.

Bridget lubed both of the dildos, while, Hillary opened a tube of INNUENDO and squeezed a fair amount in and around my rectum. The cool gel sent sensations through me. My ass muscles spasmed then relaxed, as my senses became hightened around my anal area.

"Ready, Mrs. DeMille?" Teddy laughed, aiming the camera at me as the two women sandwiched me between them. "On the count of three, ONE, TWO, THREE........"

Both women slid their attachments into me simultaneously. Bridget began thrusting easily into my wet hot pussy, but, Hillary had to use a bit more force on her first few thrusts. However, once the Inneundo gel did its job, Hillary matched her double penetration partner thrust for thrust. The first climax came instantaneously. The second hit about 2 minutes later. And, the third was interrupted by the sudden entrance of a fourth player.

"You started without me, I see..." The new player said, snertly. "The security guard was going to follow her up here. I intercepted him. And, I did get all the video we'll need of her shopping."

She looked familiar to me. I knew I had seen her at Ian Enterprises, but, could not place where. With her short black hair brushed back, I was drawn to her deep blue eyes. She strode over, lifted my chin, and informed me, I would satisfy her one way or another, even, if it took the rest of my life. Of the four of my kidnappers, she worried me more than the other three combined.

Teddy called her Serena and she immediately took control. Before I had time to rest, she had him tie me in a kneeling hogtie and Bridget exchange my ballgag harness for a leather ring gag. As soon as she stripped and sat in front of me on the end of the bed, I knew what she expected. Ten minutes after I started using my tongue on her clean shaven pussy, she was writhing in ecstacy.

My bonds were changed continually. The women would alternate using me two at a time, while the third along with Teddy would video the action. My body was exhausted. I could not count the number of orgasms I had or had a part in. Serena made another bondage suggestion and soon my legs were again tied spread apart to the floor eyebolts. But, this time my arms were bound behind my back with the black bondage rope. My wrists and elbows were tied together. He middle one of the longer ropes and used it as a cinch rope on my wrists, before, slipping the ends thru the two ceiling eyebolts. As he pulled on the ends my arms lifted forcing to bend at my waist making my head move closer to the foot of the bed.

Serena grin and handed Bridget a silicone penis gag and told her to replace the ring gag with it. I was to exhausted to resist. After,Bridget buckled it, Serena attached the 10cm extention to the front and laid back on the end of the bed. Teddy pulled a bit more on the rope, forcing the extension between Serena's spread legs.

She grabbed the leather strap buckled around my cheeks and guided the extension deep into her wanting pussy. Bridget had moved behind me, after, changing dildos in her strap-on, and slid the thicker dildo into my aching ass. Their loud moans were suddenly silenced by a knock on the door.

"Ms. Thorson.... Ms. Thorson...It's me, Nickolas Ian." A man's deep voice echoed into the room. "I wanted to come by and give you the good news, personally."

He knocked a few more times, before, saying he should have called first. I wanted to scream or make any kind of noise to alert him, but, Serena wrapped her legs around my head pulling the penis extension completely into her and used her groin area to muffle any type of noise I could make. My body slumped, as much as my bonds allowed, at the sound of his footsteps disappearing.

"Look out the window and see if you can spot him," Serena told Bridget.

She could not see him, so, Teddy told her to open the door a crack to get a better view. Bridget turned the knob and barely opened the door. Suddenly, the door burst open, sending Bridget sprawling backward knocking Teddy off balanced.

The form of a man well over 6-feet tall filled the doorway. Before Teddy could regain his footing, the man leaped at him and landed his left fist solidly under Teddy's chin. His head snapped back as the blow sent him flying into the air.

I watched Teddy's limp body land with a thud on top of Serena, pinning her onto the bed. The man pushed Bridget, with his open palm, sending her crashing into the wall, knocking her unconscious. She lay a crumpled pile on the floor to my left.

"MMMPPPHHHH!!!!!" I screamed, thrusting my head toward Hillary in an attempt to warn Mr. Ian about her.

"I'm not going to have any problems from you, am I?" He said, threateningly to Hillary, as he stepped over to me. "You're safe now. Let me get these ropes off you."

Joy washed over me and tears welled up in my eyes. An overwhelming feeling of relief rushed thru me, but, only lasted for a few moments.

"Did you get that?" Mr. Ian said to Hillary, as he rubbed his hand around on my ass. "I always wanted to be the hero, rescuing the damsel in distress....."

"That was great, dad..... Look at her face." Teddy said, shifting to a sitting position.

I was stunned. I couldn't breath. I couldn't move. My face wore a blank expression.

Mr. Ian watched the horror grow over my face, as he began to remove shirt and trousers. Bridget winked at him as she stepped aside giving him a clear path to stand behind me.

"I called your boss.... He is lending you to me for three weeks." He said, pulling his huge throbbing cock from his undershorts. "I told him I had a hard issue in front of me and I needed your ability to work through such problems..... I knew with your aid I would come through this satisfied....hahaha.... You can thank my daughter Serena, over there, she set all this up as soon as she saw your pictures on the net."

"MMMMMMMMPPPPHHHHHH!!!!!!!" I screamed, as his enormous cock forced its way into my abused anus and he began rocking his hips back and forth.

"We have three weeks to enjoy her and make as many movies as possible," He said to the four other people in the room, then, leaned down to whisper in my ear. "Your going to make me more money, after I sell these videos online, than what I'm going to pay your company for their services.....hahahahaha!"

I closed my eyes to try and hold off the growing climax. I knew it was going to win, I just wondered how many more were heading my way in the next three weeks.


"That's the story I submitted to Gromet's for the contest," Katrina Adele Tessa Thorson, Katt to her friends, said, laying the last sheet of the story she had just read to them on the table."So, what do you think? You think I have a chance of winning?"

She glanced at her three friends, Helen, Kelly Lynn, and Theresa. All four ladies had at Floretta's Coffee Shop for lunch, as they have three times a week for the past two years.

"You have as much as chance as anyone," Kelly Lynn grinned. "I'm just glad to get a mention in it....heehee."

"So, if you win, what will you chose to buy?" Helen asked.

"No doubt about what I'd order....heehee," Katt giggled. "That leather ladies harness bra and...... I'd have to get that leather slave hood.. They'd look great together on me or any of you...heehee."

The others had to leave to get back to their jobs, so, Katt paid the bill and chatted for a minute with Fiona, their waitress. Fiona had waited on them nearly every time they came to the shop. She was in her sixties and had retired from a government job. She told them she worked here to keep in touch with people. Her ease and personality relaxed all four of the friends to the point where they did not hesitate to hide their personal intimacies in front of her.

When Katt got to her car there was an ornate envelope setting in her front seat. Inside the envelope was an invitation to a gathering for those interested in meeting others who enjoy wearing leather and the BDSM scene. A phone number for more information was on the bottom of the invitation.

Part Two

On her way home, Katt used her cell phone and called the number.

"Leather and all things enjoyable, this is Sarah, may I help you?" A young woman's silken voice answered, pleasantly. I received an invitation" Katt hesitated, unsure of how to continue.

"To a leather and BDSM get together?" Sarah broke in. "Don't worry, you have the right number. What can I help you with?"

"Ah, good," Katt sighed relieved. "It said to call this number for information..."

"All I need is the code in the lower left hand corner of your invitation and I'll be happy to answer all your questions." Sarah replied.

"KT69FLW," Katt responded.

"Excellent, Ms. Thorson, let me give you the gist of things. Then, if you have any other questions, I'll be glad to answer them." Sarah said, before going into her explanation.

Katt learned there were some local people, who formed a group, that meet once a month at a private club to interact. Twice a year the members are allowed to invite someone else to attend. They must meet the main requirement of enjoying leather and some form of BDSM, of course. Anyone who accepts the invitation is brought to the club and seated at separate private tables. An in-house phone system allows members to chat with any invitee. This can be used for screening or as a chance to meet new and interesting people. Should both chatters decide to have a more intimate face-to-face dialog, there are manyprivate booths set aside for that.

Katt was intrigued, but, wanted to know who had invited her and why.

"I have that information here, give me a second to find it, please," Sarah's sultry voice said. "We try to be as open as we can."

"Ah, yes, here you are... Katrina Thorson....mmmmm..... You lucky lady!..... You were invited by Lady Whitherspoon....She is a wonderful woman.... Let me see.... Reason for invitation....Ah... So you are the one! She wrote here that she has read all of the stories you posted online....So, have I by the way, loved them.... And, having enjoyed them, tremendously, she wanted to give back some of the pleasure she has received by offering you this invitation." Sarah continued. "By the way, Lady Whitherspoon is her member nickname. They're used to protect our member's true identities.....I'm sure you understand. And, if you are chosen, and, you choose to join, you will receive one as well."

"If you choose to attend, I'll have a club car come by at your home at 6:30 p.m. to bring you to the party." Sarah added. "You must wear leather and the driver will have a questionnaire you need to complete, before you arrive..... So, what do you think?Do you want to join us?"

Katt assured Sarah, she would be coming. So, Sarah reserved a table for her and arranged for her transportation. The rest of the way home, Katt worried about what to wear.

Her worry was wasted. On her bed was a beautifully wrapped present. The card on the bow read: "Enjoy the party, from H, KL, and T". Inside, Katt found a formfitting leather catsuit, that zipped up the back. Matching shoulder-length leather gloves and thigh-high leather boots were attached to the it.

Giddy, Katt stripped, then, carefully put the outfit on.

She felt the tightness and warmth of the leather as she zipped it up. There were no seams showing for the gloves and boots, it was all just one piece. Reinforced leather belt loops were sewn on both sides of her wrists and above her elbows. More loops were at her thighs, above and below her knees, and at her ankles. Zippers were sewn into the suit under each breast and between her legs. The suit fit her like a second skin, so, she had topose and strut in front of her mirror forgetting the time.

Looking at the clock, it occurred to her she would not have time to call any of the three to thank them for the gift. She decided to call them all as soon as she returned, with a huge thank you and a full report of the evening. She just wasted to much time admiring herself in her new outfit.

She made a final check of her make-up and hair and grabbed her leather trenchcoat, as the entranceway clock chimed once. It was 6:30 p.m. Katt pulled the coat's leather belt to the last notch, as she stepped through the front door. The giddiness returned for there, in her drive, a chauffeur stood at the backdoor to her chariot.

The questionnaire kept Katt occupied, so, she did not see the route taken to the club. She finished it as the chauffeur opened the door for her to exit. The building looked like an older warehouse, but, the plush interior was awesome. Thick shag carpets covered the floor. Eye-pleasing tapestries and curtains hung from the ceiling separating the various rooms. Beautiful artwork and sculptures were everywhere.

The sound of music and joyous voices filled the air, as Katt was escorted to her table. She felt like a queen taking her throne with all the heads that turned to see her enter. Their eyes remained glued on her as she sat and thanked the handsome man, who had escorted her. He look dreamy in his leather body harness, briefs, and master's mask.

She watched his tight muscular body walk away lost in the thought him tying her tightly in her new outfit. She jumped, startledby the immediate ring of her tablephone.

Katt sat there answering call after call. What she hoped would be a sensuous evening was turning into nothing more than a dreadful waste of time. Every caller fit two patterns: Either they just ordered her to meet them in a booth for a quick fuck. Or, they rambled on and on about their dungeon. How after spending time there with them, she would feel more alive, like a true woman should feel, subservient to a dominant man.

Her frustration burst through with the last caller. After his montage of accumulated toys and how he would use them on her to fulfill her destiny as his dutiful slave, she blurted out loud enough to be heard by most in the room.

"Does your mommy know what you do and did you get her permission to turn her basement into a so called dungeon?"

The phone went quiet, as did the room.

Katt looked at the faces staring at her and knew she would never be invited back. Like she would ever accept another invitation to come back, if it were offered. She, at least got an amazing outfit out of this ordeal. She would make sure the girls were thanked properly for it. The deluxe strap-on and new dildo she ordered from SAX Leather would be a good start.

She turned in her chair to get up to leave, when, the phone rang.

Taking a deep breath, expecting to be told to leave, but, ready to cut loose on any idiot, who was foolish enough to call immediately after she threw such a tirade, she answered the phone.

"If you want to know why all of the calls you received were from assholes, meet me in booth 10..." A sensuous female voice said through the phone, then, hung up.

Curiosity was Katt's hardest vice to overcome. And, this call piqued her interest at the highest level. Not only the message and the fact that this was the only woman to call her fuel it, but, that voice sent quivers of excitement through her.

She got up and ran, well, ran as best as she could in 6-inch heels, to booth 10.

A woman, wearing a leather cat mask and hood, greeted her at the booth's door. She was taller than Katt and wore a skin-tight leather mini-dress. Matching shoulder gloves, corset belt, and thigh boots completed her ensemble. Her overall demeanour gave Katt an overwhelming impression, that, this was a woman not to be trifled with. And, who not only was, but, enjoyed being in complete control.

"Sit..." She said, pointing to the chair between her, the table, and the wall.

Katt, obediently, leaped into the chair.

The woman leaned over Katt's shoulder, her perfume filled the air around Katt, it was wonderful.

The woman sniffed the air and smiled.

"You are aroused, my dear...." She whispered into Katt's ear. "I like that....I like that very much...."

She picked up four snap hooks, from the pile on the table, in front of Katt and opened them.

"Your arms! Behind your back, now...." She ordered.

Katt's body obediently responded, though her mind tried to stop her.

Using the snap hooks and the reinforced loops on Katt's suit, the woman locked Katt's right wrist to her left elbow and her left wrist to her right elbow. She then, slid her arm between Katt's thrust out chest and the table, reached down between Katt's thighs to lock a snap hook on the loops between Katt's thighs and the ones above and between her knees.

Katt was hobbled.

"There, I don't think you'll attempt to run, now." She smirked. Oh, I have a gift for you.."

She pulled a wrapped box from under the table.

"I'll have to do the honors, seeing how your hands are unavailable at this time....." She laughed and opened the box.

Katt's eyes widen and she gasped aloud as the woman lifted the same leather slave hood, Katt admired in the SAX Leather catalog, from the box.

"Just for you," she said pulling it over Katt's face and fitting the nose sheath. "It goes well with your outfit...."

"Thank you..." Katt whispered, puzzled at the recent events.

"You're welcomed, dear," she said, lacing it tightly. "You look delicious....."

"Now, we can chat," she added, after checking to make sure all was as she wanted.

"The reason you had so many foolish men call you, was simple..... I told them you were a slut looking for a master, who could control you. But, he had to prove it on the phone."

Her breath was sporadic and she trembled as she stood next to Katt.

"They all put $100 into a pot, the first one to get you to a booth and make you orgasm would win..." She pulled the hem of her dress up and slid a tiny tube from the leather panties beneath. "This is called a micro tingler.... It's a wonderful toy..... And, has brought me to orgasm six times this evening.... I believe it has at least one left in it for you......"

She ordered Katt to stand.

Unzipping Katt's crotch zipper, the woman slid the micro tinglerinto Katt's wet pussy, then, zipped the crotch, leaving the wire connecting it to the controller room enough to slip through. She then clipped the controller onto one of the loops on Katt's thigh and turned it on high.

Her body feeling the sudden buzz between her legs made Katt close her eyes and shudder, then, moan loudly.

"MMMMMMMMMM...." Katt moaned. "That feels so gooooood....."

Katt opened her eyes and watched the woman pull her cum soaked panties down her booted legs and step out of them.

"Oh no!" Katt protested, watching the woman rolled the panties into a ball. "You're not sticking them into mymmmmmmppphhhhhh...."

Katt thrashed her head around, trying to prevent the woman from gagging her with the panties. She lost the battle.

As soon as the woman forced the entire wad into Katt's mouth, she closed the mouth zipper, sealing the panties in.

"MMMMMMPPPHHHHHH!!!!!!" Katt moaned, the taste of this woman's juices and the micro tingler pushing her body toward climax.

"You're not the only one who shops online at SAX Leather," she said, triumphantly. "You'll learn to like my taste... You already do in outfits.... After, all I bought that for you... Took it to your house and invited you here to model it for me."

"MMOOOO!" Katt asked. "MMO MRR MOO?"

"I'm Lady Whitherspoon, but,you know me as..." She grinned, removing her mask. "Fiona, a simple waitress and the actual owner of Floretta's..... I use it to find suitable talent to fill my stable..."

Katt was bowled over.. Even if she were untethered she could not have moved, she was so shocked. Then, due to her bonds, the micro tingler, and her relaxed state, it happened. One of the most powerful orgasms she had ever experienced exploded through her body.

"MMMMMAAAAAHHHHHMMMMPPPHHH!!!!!!" She moaned loudly, her bound body quivering with each electrical surge running through her.

"That's makes me the winner of the contest, too..." Fiona laughed.

She pulled a black leather bondage posture collar with 3D-rings from the box and buckled it around Katt's neck.

Katt had to lift her chin higher because of the wide collar.

"I knew you would prefer being abducted rather than just offering yourself up as a slave...." Fiona said, pulling a leather leash from the box.

After, clipping it to the front D-ring on the collar, Fiona gave a sharp tug, pulling Katt to her feet and snapping her mind back to reality.

"What did she say... slave.... And, what did she mean by stable," Katt thought to herself as she hobbled along bound and gagged behind her owner.

"Oh, one last item," Fiona said, smiling. "There's no need for you to see where you're going...."

She turned to Katt and snapped the hood's leather blindfold over Katt's eyes.

"Much better, Now you've no choice but to trust me....." She said, gleefully.

"Shall we go home and play, my pet... hee hee." Fiona laughed, leading Katt out of the booth and into her future.



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