The Bondage Club

by Napoleon Leopold

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© Copyright 2013 - Napoleon Leopold - Used by permission

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Part One

Chapter 1

Kendall hesitantly walked in through the front door to the club passing into a foyer. The walls on each side of the hallway were decorated with murals of nude woman bound in different positions with all types of materials. Some in leather, some in ropes, some in metal or wood with others bound in combinations of several different materials. All looked restrictive and some even painful.

Kendall walked slowly down the foyer stopping for a moment at each painting to look and take in what she saw. At the end of the foyer there was a desk where she stopped and waited. Within less than a minute a door to the right of the desk opened and out walked a brunette about 25 years old, maybe as old as 27. But not much older than that.

"Can I help you?"

Melissa looked at the woman. She wore very high heals, a short skirt, white blouse, maybe without a bra underneath? Melissa wasn't quite sure, and a tight leather collar with a ring in the front around her neck.

"Um, yes. I'm here to look for my sister."

"Your sister?"

"Yes. Her name is Kimberly though mostly she goes by Kim."

"And what makes you think she's here?"

"Well, I know she came here last Friday night with a few of her friends for a party. Her friends had returned home but Kim hasn't. Her friends said that she got separated from them here at the party that night and they thought she might of left early, but we haven't seen or heard from her in a week, so I'd thought if go looking for her. You know, in case she's in trouble or something."

"Just a minute, let me go and get the head mistress. You can have a seat right over there while you wait." Pointing to a flat leather covered bench over near the wall but not pressed against it.

"I'll be right back." She said exiting the room through the same door she entered.

Kendall went and sat down on the bench. With no back to the bench to support her, in less than a minute she was squirming around trying to get comfortable.

Suddenly, the door opened and was held by the woman that had greeted her as she allowed another woman to pass into the room first.

Kendall stood up, glad to be off of that bench as the woman approached.

She was a striking woman. Tall, probable 6' 1" but the high heals she wore made her stand even taller. She wore a black leather mini skirt topped with a white cotton blouse and definitely no bra underneath. Must be the uniform of the day Melissa thought to herself. But this woman's clothes were much more expensive. More so then the women who greeted her. She too wore a leather collar but it was much more elaborate with carved dragons tooled all around it and no ring compared to the one the other woman wore.

She had long silver hair which fell to below her shoulders. Straight and beautiful. Her blue eyes seemed to penetrate Kendall as if she could look and she her inner most thoughts.

"Hello, I'm Mistress Amanda. I run this establishment. Dawn here tells me your here looking for someone?"

"Yes my sister, Kim."

"You must understand that we are a very exclusive club and many of the members and their guest don't necessarily use the proper names. So even if your sister had come here as a guest of a member, she may not hadn't used her own name wanting to remain a bit private, so to speak."

"Oh I did not think of that." She said reflectively. "Do you think it might be permissible for me to look around for her?"

"My dear, I'm sorry but or members and their guest highly value their privacy. I can't just have anyone off of the streets wandering around our halls disturbing our members, now can we?"

"No, I guess not. But I was hoping to find my sister."

"Hold old are you girl?"

"I'm 18." Kendall answered.

"Why you're barely old enough to be in here on your own. But I'll tell you what. I see this is important to you so I'll escort you around the premises so you can look to see if your sister is still here, though I find it highly unlikely."

Kendall looked hopeful. "You'd do that?"

"Yes but there is a condition."

"What is it, just name it."

"You understand that we are a fetish club, correct."


"Then I can't have have you walking around dressed in street clothes as it may make some of the members a bit curious if not nervous."

"What do suggest then?"

"That I attire you in more appropriate clothing for our club."

"Um, okay I guess."

"As Mistress, I will dress you as I would one of my slaves and lead you around the club, so you can look for your sister."

Kendall thinking that it would similar to what both women were wearing agreed.

"Come with me then." She said turning. The brunette opened the door to allow Mistress Amanda to pass through first and Melissa followed. Down the hall to a small room.

"Please, take off all your clothes, fold them and place them on that bench over there. I'll be back in a few minutes."

Melissa heard the door shut behind her and then slowly began to undress.

She was down to just her bra and panties when Mistresses Amanda returned.

"You'll have to lose the undergarments too." She said and handed Kendall a full body leather cat suit. "You'll need to use a lot of talc on your legs and arms to get the cat suit on. Let me know when you have it on." Turned and left again.

Kendall struggled, but after 10 minutes, she had the suit pulled up on to her legs and her arms through the sleeves and was now struggling to pull the zipper up in back when Mistress Amanda walked back into the room. She did not knock. She placed the bundle of what she was carrying down on the bench and told Kendall to turn around. Pulling the cat suit firmly over Kendall's shoulders, she grasped the zipper and pulled it up.

The leather suit tightly enclosed all about Kendall. It was almost as if the suit was tailor made for her. It narrowed just above the hips and squeezed her abdomen in. Her 32 B-cup breasts squeezed into two built in leather cups. Something inside them poked at her breasts, but she tried to ignore it. She didn't realize that the inside of the cups each had 25 tiny needless meant to irritate her breasts but not break the skin. Slightly embarrassed, Kendall watched as her nipples poked through two small holes cut out of the front of the leather garment. "Strange" she thought to herself.

"Very good. Now step into this and pull it up over your hips." Amanda said as she handed Kendall a white leather corset.

Kendall did a she was told and pulled the item up over her hips and around her waist. The under bust corset was heavily boned. Once she had it in place, Amanda began to buckle the straps in back pulling them tightly around her. There where four straps in all, and as each were buckled the corset squeezed Kendall's waist drawing it in smaller and smaller. When all four straps were buckled, Amanda went over them again, pulling each one, one notch tighter, squeezing Kendall's waist a full two inches smaller  from 24” to 22” and making it somewhat difficult for her to take any deep breaths.

This also had the impact of pushing her 32" breasts further into the cat suit cups pressing them against the unknown needless. She had also noticed how more than just her nipples were now poking through the small breast cup holes. It was if her aureola’s were trying to escape through the small holes too. Amanda then took four miniature padlocks and locked down each of the four buckles of the corset. There was no taking off the cat suit until the corset was removed. Without the keys, that wasn't happening any time soon.

"Alright, lets get your gloves on next." Amanda said and reached for her right hand. Kendall offered it with no resistance and watched as the glove, no rather a bondage mitt which covered her whole hand was pulled up to her wrist and buckled on. Amanda then took a hold of her left hand and did the same to it. Two more miniature padlocks made sure the mitts would not be removed.

When Amanda stepped away to retrieve the next item Kendall lifted her hands to look and realized how trapped they now were. At this point she knew she had passed the point if no return. For some reason that seemed to excite her though she did not know why.

Amanda turned and had an open faced leather helmet in her hand. She quickly and expertly pulled Kendall's long black locks into a high pony tail and slipped the helmet over her head pulling the pony tail through a hole near the top of the helmet. She then had Kendall hold her hair up out of the way with her mitts as she laced the helmet closed in the back. The laces pulled from top to bottom which also covered her slender neck.

A 3"leather collar was then buckled tightly around her neck and padlocked. When Kendall complained about the tightness, nearly choking her, Amanda said it had to be otherwise it would chafe.

"Do you dance?"


"Do you dance? You know, ballet, jazz, waltz."

"I used to take ballet lessons when I was younger."

"Then you're going to love these boots I have for you." She said holding them up for Kendall to see. "They're called ballet boots."

Amanda knelt down after setting Kendall on the bench and taking up her right foot, guided it into the boot. Immediately, Kendall's foot squeezed into an en point position within the boot and Amanda began to lace it up her leg tightly all the way past her knee to mid thigh. She repeated the the with her left leg. The boots now covering most of Kendall's long pins. Kendall could feel her calves beginning to crap as she wasn't used to holding her feet in such a position. Looking at the high 7" stiletto heels, she knew it was going to be a bitch to walk in if not just painful.

At the top of each boot where the laces ended was another strap and buckle. Locking these down with miniature padlocks ensure the laces could not be gotten to.

When Kendall wasn't paying much attention to Amanda as she was looking at herself wondering what she had now gotten herself into, Amanda was now behind her grooming Kendall's long black hair gently with her fingers.

"Do you have a boyfriend?"

"No, not now but I used to."

"Did you enjoy sucking him off?"


"You know, blow jobs. Did he have a big cock for you to sick on?"

But before Kendall could answer the question, Amanda yanked back painfully on Kendall's long pony tail.

"Because I have a big fat one for you to suck on, now open wide."

Before Kendall had any chance to react Amanda shoved a large thick rubber dildo into Kendall's mouth.

Kendall was taken totally by surprise. She reacted by bringing her hands up to her face, but gloved as they were, they were helpless.

The large dildo pushed into her mouth deeply, almost to the back of her throat. It forced her to keep her jaw stretched wide open and pinned down her tongue. Backed by a leather panel, it covered the bottom half of her face from just below her nose to her chin. Two straps on either side of the panel were quickly buckled to each side of the leather hood and four miniature pad locks quickly applied. Even if Kendall had use of her hands there was no way now she would be able to remove the monstrosity from behind her delicate lips.


"Don't worry dear, you'll get used to sucking on it. Now lets take care of your arms. I have a lovely leather mono sleeve for them."

Pulling Kendall's arms behind her back, she slipped the leather binder over her hands and up over her arms trapping then together. Two straps went under her arms and across the tops of her chest over the opposite shoulders to buckle back onto the sleeve itself. This prevented the sleeve from slipping back down her arms. Next the zipper was pulled up closing the sleeve and forcing her arms together. After folding the flap over the zipper to hid it as well as to prevent the zipper from being pulled opened, Amanda then took each of the six thick leather straps over to its corresponding buckle and pulled them tight enough to force Kendall's elbows to touch. Lucky she was very limber from the daily gymnastics practice she did in high school.

Once they were buckled, heavy padlocks were added to each one. Kendall knew there was definitely no escaping now. A thin strap hanging down from the front of the corset was pulled up between her legs cleaving her sex in two and pulled up between her buttocks and attacked to the end of the mono sleeve. This effectively pinned her bound arms to her body forcing Kendall to arch her back even more so from just the mono glove.

Grabbing the ring in front of her collar, Amanda tugged on it and told Kendall to stand up. She did as she was told teetering in the ballet boots.

Now she looked as though she wanted everyone to see the nipples of her breasts as she stood there with her back arched thrusting them out.

"A few more accessories and we'll be ready to go."

What more could this crazy woman add Kendall thought to herself. 'She already has me bound tight like a Thanksgiving turkey'. What she didn't realize that redundancy was the norm in the world of bondage.

Amanda produced two sets of cuffs. The first were buckled and locked around her ankles with a short 8"chain linked between the two. The second set was locked around her thighs just above her knees with even a shorter chain linked between the two. Kendall knew walking in the ballet boots were going to be difficult, but with the addition of the cuffs and chains the difficulty just went up exponentially.

"And now for your leash." Amanda said and snapped the end of one to the ring in front of Kendall's collar.

"Come along slave. I suggest you try and keep up." Amanda turned, tugged on the leash and headed out of the room with Kendall in tow.

* * *

Chapter 2

Kendall followed Mistress Amanda out of the dressing room and down a hall towards a door at the end. Just before entering the main room of the club Amanda turned towards her and said, "There's some rules you need to follow as of this moment to act as my slave; First off I'm your Mistress. You will obey all my orders or you will be punished. You will refer to all Doms as Master or Mistress depending upon gender. You will always walk behind me and when I'm seated you will kneel on the floor by my feet. You will always keep your gazed lowered. You will speak only when spoken to. Understand?"

Kendall did her best to nod her head.

Amanda turned and walked through the doorway and into the club. The leash pulled tight and Kendall stumbled in after her.

The place was dark with low level lighting. There was a bar, a dance floor and a stage. It was like most places other then the clientele. That's where the difference lay. The members and guest were all into the bdsm scene. Some as subs and others as doms while others switched hit.

As they walked through the club Kendall tried to look for get sister Kim. Mostly what she saw was members dressed out bound in leather or latex. They passed one table where Kendall recognized the man sitting there as a famous rock star. Next to his table were two girls, nude except for their bonds. A collar, arm binders, ballet booties and a full cover discipline helmet with no eyes, ears or mouth holes. Each was bent over at the waist with their collars chains down to rings on the table while the rock star had his hand playing with one of the girl's exposed pussy while he talked with another man Kendall did not know.

Amanda walked all over the club with Kendall in tow. She shuffled along the best she could atop the ballet boots. Many times her leash was tugged and she stumbled forward trying to keep up. Once Amanda stopped short to speak with someone and not noticing Kendall hobbled into the back of her. Amanda turned to look at her over her shoulder and said in a low mean voice, "You will pay for that later bitch."

Not knowing what she meant by that, but the way she said it scared the hell out of Kendall.

After awhile they came to Mistress' reserved table. "Let's get you settled and then we can relax and have a drink." She said and lead Kendall to the side of her chair to weekday looked like a half its wooden barrel laid on its side mounted to the floor. Amanda moved her over to it and undid the hobble chain between her knees.

Reaching between Kendall's legs she unzipped that part of the cat suit exposing Kendall's pussy. Pressing down on her shoulders Amanda forced Kendall to straddle the half barrel on her knees while her ankles, still hobbled together were forced to sit on top behind her. To keep her from falling forward there was a pole standing straight behind the barrel. To this Amanda affixed a chain from the pole to the back of Kendall's collar. Though still tilting forward, it kept Kendall from falling forward. Her position left her pussy pressed upon a rubber knobby surface.

"There, I hope you're comfortable on the Sybian. From there you'll be able to see most of the club and anyone who approaches the table to look for your sister."

Kendall could only moan in reply.

"Oh, I almost forgot. We don't want you to get bored just sitting there so let's provide you with a little entertainment, shall we?" Amanda picked up a small box with wires connected to the Sybian, flicked a switch and turned the knob to low. The Sybian came to life and the rubber knobby surface began to vibrate against Kendall's pussy getting the teen excited and wet, but not strong enough to take her over the edge and cum. Kendall moaned in frustration.

Several people made their way over to Amanda's table to say hello and to pay their respects. Though Kendall got some glances she was mostly ignored. Then a waitress appeared next to the table. Her bondage was a strict as Kendall's if not more so. Her arms where encased in a red and black leather arm binder. A red & black under bra corset restricted her waist and left her bare breasts naked and exposed. Black leather ballet boots adorned her feet and legs. A short hobble chain connected her ankles while a short metal spreader bar kept her knees separated. A leather strap cleaved her pussy and buttocks where Kendall could see the outer edges of two large dildos shoved up into her sex and ass both held in place by the leather strap. What she did not know was that both dildos were alive, vibrating inside the girl. A black leather discipline helmet covered her face. The leather strap cleaving her sex was attached to the top of the leather helmet in back, forcing her to keep her head pulled back up against a stiff red & black leather posture collar she wore. She had eye holes on the leather helmet which allowed her to follow a guide marked on the ceiling so she can find her way around the club in order to serve it's patrons.

Kendall saw that the worst part of the waitress' outfit was the serving tray. The metal tray was strapped around her waist in front of her. On each forward corner of the tray was a thin chain each which was pulled tightly and connected to rings inserted in the woman's nipples which in turn stretched them forward.

Mistress Amanda waited several minutes before ordering. "I'll have a glass of raspberry Merlot and a pint of cum for my new slave." She said as she patted Kendall on the head.

The waitress turned and left only to return five minutes later with a glass of wine and a plastic bag with a milky substance on her serving tray.

Mistress Amanda took the both off of the tray and laid them on the table. "You're dismissed." She said to the waitress who turned and left again.

She took a sip of wine and licked her lips. Then looking at Kendall she said, "You must be thirsty by now. Well I got a nice bag of warmed up cum for you to enjoy. Its full of protein."

She hung the bag on the pole behind Kendall but above her head. Taking a plastic tube she attached it to a small knob protruding in front of her face mask and then the other end to the bag of cum. "Now you just suck on that nice cock in your mouth and you will get your nourishment. But I want to encourage you to drink up the whole pint, so......" And as she spoke she tugged on Kendall's exposed nipples and without warning attached a metal nipple clamp to first the right and a then second clamp to the left nipple. Tears filled Kendall's brown eyes from the pain. Next a half pound weight was added to each nipple. "Every ten minutes I will add another weight until you have completely sucked that bag of cum dry. Your training starts now!"

Kendall closed her tearful eyes and began to suck. Slowly, the milky liquid flowed from the bag through the tube, into the cock gag and into her mouth where she was forced to swallow the warm salty tasting cum into her gullet. By the time she had sucked the bag dry Mistress Amanda was on her second glass of wine and Kendall had a pound and a half of weights hanging from each of her nipple clamps. Though Amanda had removed the bag tube from her mask, she left the nipple clamps and weights in place as she over saw the activities of her fetish club.

For then next couple of hours Kendall knelt in place over the Sybian humming into her wet puss. Her arms bound tightly behind her back with her shoulders aching in pain. Feet crammed into ballet boots with her calves sore from cramping up. Her jaw sore from being stretched open over the cock gag in her mouth. Her nipples stretched downward by weight bearing nipple clamps. Her eye red from crying wondering what had she gotten herself into and would she ever be set free?

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