The Awakening

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2017 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; rope; chairtie; outdoors; hood; bfold; pool; bedroom; drug; chastity; cuffs; gag; boots; bdsm; nipple; denial; ringgag; oral; cons; X

Please! Lori begged John again, he just shook his head no as she sat struggling in the chair tie she had been placed in after she had begged him to tie her arms tightly together behind her back. This he did gladly and proficiently quickly wrapping several loops around her elbows using each loop to draw them tighter together. Once her elbows were crushed together he added three more wide bands of tight rope on her arms and wrists.

John had her arms cinched tightly, two above her elbows and two below then he had sat her down and tied her legs to the chair pulling her ankles up to her ass before tying them even tighter in place. Now she struggled, twisting her arms around each side of the chair desperately trying to reach her legs raising her hips while she flexed her body against the chair. The tiny bikini Lori wore barely staying in place covering her damp pussy and bouncing breasts. John watched her struggle while he drank his beer then got up and pulled her captured wrists to the lower cross support of the chair legs and tied it off. The new rope pulling hard on her wrists made it impossible for her to reach around her sweating body.

She smiled at him still flexing her hips driving him to wrap her toned waist with a wide band of rope and cinch it until it dug into her tanned skin, locking her to the chairs back. Lori gasped as the tension forced the air from her lungs and sat twisting as far as the tight ropes allowed and watched John go back inside, whining slightly as he closed the door then redoubled her efforts to free herself.

John stood in the kitchen shaking his head wondering how he ever get mixed up with such a sexy lunatic. Then John thought about her wriggling under him all the times she had been bound and gagged while they had made love and knew he was a lunatic too. John thought this time she wanted too much. He drank about half of his beer then grabbed another and went out to the sun bathing Lori and sat the cold bottle between her legs making her squeal as he sat down beside her in the shade. Lori was gasping when she asked for a drink and watched him sit and point at the bottle between her legs. John said “That’s yours, drink up” and smiled as he took another long drink from his bottle.

Lori grunted as she renewed her struggles unable to move any part of her sweating body mumbling something about being an asshole. John smiled again as he finished off his beer and leaned over taking the one from between her legs saying “Since you don’t want it”. Loir grumbled again and watched him open it and take a long drink before sitting it down and walking past her and stepped into the pool. Lori groaned knowing how cool the water would be against her overheated skin almost wishing she hadn’t goaded him into tying her now.

Lori watched him float around the pool before saying “Ok that’s enough I would like to take a dip sometime today too.” John ignored her as she began pulling and yanking on the ropes and thinking how good he had gotten at tying her. John eased out of the water and dried himself off grabbing his beer as he walked past her into the house. John left her again to struggle in the hot sun while he cooled off inside and got another beer. John got her rubber blindfold and rubber half hood with the large pump up gag and walked back out behind her running the cold bottle over her erect nipples then setting it between her legs.

John slipped the blindfold over her eyes causing Lori to buck and squeal as the cold bottle ran across her body. Lori then settled down immediately as the blindfold covered her eyes blocking all light and pushing hard on her eyelids. John rubbed her tanned gleaming body making her moan and wrapped the half hood around her chin and neck as he guided the gag into her mouth. John pulled the straps tightly sealing her lower face and making it difficult for her to turn her head. John pumped the gag until he could see her cheeks bulging through the rubber and Lori had started to complain.

John ran the cold bottle over her breasts again as he groped them twisting and pulling on her sensitive nipples making her squeal and twist in the chair then quickly leaned her backwards and started to drag her to the edge of the pool, Lori squealing the whole time. John slipped off her high heels and slid into the pool and leaned the struggling woman back again as he pulled the chair into the water with a large splash.

The cold water made Lori squeal loudly behind the gag and struggle harder as she felt herself sinking. John held the chair firmly as it settled to the bottom of the shallow end of the pool saying “Didn’t you want to take a dip today?” Lori had calmed herself and sat grunting and cursing him through the gag. John laughed and said “First you wanted to be tied, then you wanted to be in the pool I give you both and you still complain”. John let the chair rock forward on its front legs leaving Lori up to her neck in the cool water and waded to the side and got his beer and sat watching the struggling woman.

Lori had no way of knowing that he had placed her on the very edge of the slope to the deep side of the pool and with each struggling pull and thrust she was slowly scooting down the slope into deeper water. Lori calmed herself and sat enjoying the cool water noticing that now it was up to the base of her throat and sat whining as she listened for John to make sure he was still nearby.

John climbed out of the water and told her to be very still while he went to the bathroom and got another beer and walked inside. Once inside he quickly ran to the fridge and returned to the porch and watched her sit quietly. Lori sat for several minutes before she started flexing her hands and slowly started struggling until she was thrashing and twisting again. Lori was making her bound body slip further down the slope until she could feel the water climb to her gagged mouth. Lori froze leaning forward and stretching her neck as far as she could to keep her mouth out of the water.

John stood quietly drinking his beer and watching her stretch herself and waited, for twenty minutes she sat quietly, only making small moaning sounds. Lori was flexing her fingers before leaning back carefully, her back had just touched the chairs back and she squealed loudly as she felt the chair start to slip down the hill while it flipped backwards. John dashed for the edge of the pool stopping when he saw her lean forward again stopping the chair from flipping and stopping her movement down the slope.

Lori sat panting with her nose now just out of the water. She stretched her body waiting to hear something from John and hoping he was nearby as she felt the chair slip a little bit further forcing her to lean her head back as far as the hood allowed to keep her nose above the water. For another twenty minutes John sat and watched her struggle to keep her nose out of the water. He had already eased carefully into the water and inched his way close to her. John listened to her gasping and whining when the chair slipped again and now she was only able to stretch and gasp for air. When Lori relaxed her nose would slip just under the water.

Lori was starting to panic when she felt the chair tilt backwards and felt her head go under the water as she slid on down the slope into the deeper water. John held his breath and watched Lori carefully standing next to her as she struggled in the chair now on its back with her arms trapped under it. John watched until he could hold his breath no more and grabbed her raising her head out of the water and they both took a deep breath.

She sat coughing into the hood and he quickly loosened it and pulled the gag from her mouth letting her clear her nose and take in a lung full of air. Once they both had settled down she began cursing him and felt the chair tip backwards again and then stop with just her face out of the water. Lori began apologizing and John let the chair rock forward again smiling. Lori was still bound to the chair and blindfolded an hour later. Lori’s body was still submerged in the cool water while John swam some laps and drank a few more beers and chatted with her as she sat and struggled.

Lori finally broke down and used her safe word and felt herself being drug out of the water into the direct sun where John said “Once you dry off then maybe I’ll release you”. John walked inside again leaving Lori in the hot sun to struggle in her ropes and think about what she had been begging him to do.

Lori’s skin was beginning to turn pink when John came out and cut her hands and arms free and said “I’ve got to go” handing her the scissors then walked out the side gate. Lori sat rubbing her arms and wrists lifting her blindfold and smiling as she cut her legs free lowering them to the ground letting the cramps ease. Lori stood and went inside and noticed she had been bound outside for almost five hours. Lori thought to herself as she replaced the half hood that had been hanging around her neck and pumping the gag up further “Yeah he’ll do it”.

Lori went to get her vibrator to give herself a much needed massive climax. Lying back on her bed she pulled the blindfold down and started to message her pussy before turning on the vibrator. Lori lay dreaming about going to sleep and waking totally bound, gagged. Lori dreamt she was blind folded and alone, the drugs she had been given by a doctor friend guaranteed she would sleep through the binding process. The drugs would also keep her mind foggy for much longer and make her confused for several hours after she awoke.

The doctor had listened to her desires carefully one night while she talked to a friend at a party. He told her of some pills she could take that would force her to sleep deeply and unless she was given the counter agent the effects would be to wake up confused and unable to tell what was real or not. When she had asked about what they were normally used for he told her it was what they used before surgeries. The medical field had found out years ago if the counter medication wasn’t given the patients woke with extreme paranoia and had no memories about what had happened or where they were. The company had come up with the counter agent and it worked very well with little to no side effects, but the counter agent had to be put through the IV drip so she wouldn’t be able to use it anyway.

Lori had talked with him many times, he would not prescribe the pills only giving her one dose at a time and only two times. He gave her one to try it out with a pill she could be given afterwards to ease the effects and one for when she was ready to try her experiment. Lori had always wanted to go to sleep and wake up thoroughly tied and not know why or who had done it to her. The idea of not knowing for how long she would be bound and it finally seemed she could do it.

Now she would need to talk John into tying her after she had gone to sleep. Lori then wanted him to torment her once she woke up playing on her fears and desires to keep her unaware of what was going on for as long as possible. Lori knew the doctor wanted to participate but she did not know him well enough to let him have that kind of control over her. Lori had asked John but he had been refusing because he didn’t like her taking the drugs but she felt him giving in and hoped he would agree to it soon.

Lori exploded in a massive orgasm yelling and gasping around the over inflated gag as it crashed over her shaking body. The lack of air made her black out only to come to a few minutes later moaning and rolling around on her bed. Removing the blindfold and deflating the gag once she remembered where she was and hoped the next time she felt that feeling of helplessness and confusion it was for more than a minute or two.

Lori continued to beg John to help her, egging him into placing her in several long term positions over the next few weeks. The last position being an all night hogtie while wearing her strict leather hood over her largest cock gag. The gag would keep her suckling on it all night while John teased and tormented her not letting her orgasm or sleep until early in the morning. Lori was desperate for sexual release but when John drifted off next to her the exhaustion from struggling all night in the tight arch she had been placed in made her fall asleep. Her wrists were still bound tightly to her knees and her ankles pulled up taunt to her shoulders making her lay on her clamped breasts and hips until she awoke being vibrated roughly.

John teased her for another two hours making her total time in the hogtie fourteen hours. While Lori grunted and wiggled in her hogtie John kept telling her it would be much worse as he kept turning the vibrator off and on. John was watching her sweat covered body twitch and thrash as she grunted and squirmed under his attention. When she was finally released she found her chastity belt locked on and was informed if she could make until Friday without begging him to remove it he would do it, if not than she would never bring it up again.

Lori sat, still gagged looking at the steel around her hips and covering her pussy and nodded her head in agreement. During the rest of the week Lori almost broke down a few times. Her overnight bondage had left her unsatisfied and very horny and with the thoughts of living a dream she almost couldn’t stand it. Lori resorted to restraining herself with her large gag daily just to keep from begging John to let her orgasm.

Friday came and Lori hoped she would be released from the belt before she took the pills giving her a chance to masturbate before falling asleep. John had no intentions of letting that happen and watched her carefully while she performed an enema flushing herself completely before he reattached the plate covering her pussy then handed her the pills. John sat watching her take them and lay back and quickly fall asleep.

The doctor had told him that she should be basically unconscious for three to four hours then confused and paranoid for another four or five once she wakened. John waited until she had been asleep for half an hour before picking her up and moving her and getting no response from her at all. John started to bind her in the position she had requested with a few additions from him. Lori had wanted to be bound by rope, she always loved being helpless in lots of rope, her hands and arms bound tightly together behind her and her legs bound tightly together with her leather hood covering her head.

John started with her arms sitting her limp body up he bound her arms above and below her elbows crushing them together smiling as he noticed how much easier it was to get her relaxed arms pulled together. He then tied and cinched her wrists with a wide band of rope before tying her hands across her palms locking her hands palm to palm making it impossible for her to be able to try and release herself.

Now that her hands were securely bound he laid her back and took her rubber blindfold and slipped it over her eyes, inserting the silicone ear plugs deep into her ears then carefully worked the large cock gag into her mouth buckling the strap tight. John pulled the leather hood over her head and laced it tightly checking her breathing and making sure the small holes lined up correctly with her nose.

Wrapping the tall posture collar around her thin neck he buckled it in the well worn notch then pulled the collar for the hood down over it and buckled it snuggly. John smiled as he locked the front and back d-rings to the posture collar making it impossible for her to turn her head. John stepped back and sighed as he looked at his bound sleeping beauty then removed the plate covering her pussy and ass. He took the large steel plugs she had begged to have and attached them to the plate and roughly inserted both inside her. John knew she had never been able to force the plug into herself and would be shocked when she found out she had been wearing it the whole three days she was going to be kept in the belt after she woke up.

Locking the belt after adjusting it to its smallest setting John had to squeeze her hard to close it then he attached the thigh cuffs and locked them to the belt. Now she was sleeping in the thick leather hood with a blindfold on under it. Lori had told John once that she could see light coming in the hood around her nose so he made sure that wouldn’t happen this time. The large cock was filling her mouth with her ears were plugged cutting out all most all outside sounds. Lori’s arms were bound impossibly tight behind her back and he wasn’t but half done.

Now that the thigh cuffs were locked on he slipped her feet into her ballet boots and laced them tight before locking her steel cuffs around her ankles. These like the belt were on to stay until he released them. John planned to leave the hood and gag on much longer than she would want but he was sure but he would eventually release them so she could see and eat for the rest of the long weekend.

John began looping lengths of rope around her legs, making wide bands in four places below her knees cinching each one tight setting the rope deep into her skin before moving up to the next one. Over her knees he made three more bands around her thighs, two below the thigh bands and one above it. Now Lori was completely immobilized, she would be unable to move her head from the tall collars. With her arms bound together behind her she could not move them and now her legs were welded together with what looked like miles of rope. John looked at her then wrapped another band around her feet across the tops then under her arches locking them together as well.

John stepped back and drank a beer looking at the clock and watching her mouth moving under the thick leather and could tell she was suckling the cock in her mouth instinctively. He almost wished he could stick his cock into her mouth and see if she would suck it while she was unconscious. Almost finished he carried her to the heavy wooden chair, her favorite thing to be bound to and sat her down in it and started working on her final bonds.

Pulling her arms over the chairs back he secured them to the lower support then quickly tied her shoulders to the back to keep her in place until he was ready. Wrapping several loops around her chest above and below her breasts he pulled each tight before cinching them in the middle and on each side making them pinch her firm breasts. The ropes were wound tightly making them swell and begin to turn red. John slipped single strands of thin chord under the breast harness and criss-crossed her bound tits carefully making a lattice of chord over each of her bulging breasts. John then began tightening each thin cord pulling the lacing tight making the tender flesh between them pucker. He continued to tighten them until she had a tight breast harness that was squeezing her breasts under the lattice of chords, leaving her nipples exposed in the center.

John knew is time was growing short so he hurried and secured her torso and thighs to the chair with more rope than needed but he knew she liked overkill. He moved to her legs and bound them tightly to the cross bars making it impossible for her to move any part of her body. Lori was now tied under hundreds of feet of white rope, her head locked inside a leather hood over the tall collar keeping her head erect. Lori’s welded together arms were stretched tight to the lower cross bar and her legs were secured similarly to the desk chair she sat in.

She would be unable to see, hear or say anything once she woke and would have no idea how long she had been tied up and if all worked right, wouldn’t be able to remember for some time. She would have no way to know who had or why she was bound so securely. The tight shiny chastity belt would hold the two intruders deep inside of her for the remainder of the weekend. It would not allow her to satisfy herself while she waits for John to return and release her but only after she satisfies his needs first then maybe she might be allowed to relieve her frustration. Lori fully expected to wake up struggling on her bed then be released to achieve and orgasm but since she had harassed him for so long he was going to make it last for both of them.

Why can’t I move! Why can’t I see? If I try to scream I begin to choke on whatever is in my mouth. I can feel my arms behind me but I can’t separate or move them hardly at all! Kick, kick hard, Lori thought to herself only to feel her legs were welded together and secured to something just like her arms and wouldn’t move.

Flexing her body Lori could feel her breasts being cut into a hundred slices and whined as the pain from them radiated through her and stopped flexing her body. As the pain from her breasts subsided Lori wined louder as her ass and pussy felt like they were being ripped apart from the inside. She tried to move and felt the plugs shift and moaned as the pain increased but she felt strangely aroused and fought to move harder while she whined and moaned as she struggled.

Lori’s body was cramping all over, her feet felt like they had been strapped to boards holding them flat with her toes pointed to the floor. Lori’s arms seemed to be encased inside something keeping them hanging between numb and painful as she continued to struggle wondering why she was getting so aroused from this and why she couldn’t move.

John had watched her for six hours before Lori started to really struggle and moan, he had almost been ready to cut her out and call the doctor when she whined for the first time. Now she sat panting, testing her bonds and flexing and twisting what she could only making herself whine more. He watched and waited for her to remember the safety song letting him know she had indeed awakened and knew what was happening.

For the next five hours Lori whined and struggled still unable to remember why she was bound and gagged or why the cock in her mouth made her suckle it constantly but she felt she should. The plugs had stopped hurting and now were arousing her even more but every time she struggled in an attempt to relieve herself she felt her breasts start to ache and it made her stop. John had been watching Lori for almost twelve hours, the site of his bound beauty struggling in the chair was making him incredibly horny so he left the room and got something to eat and drank a beer before returning to a panting and moaning Lori.

If I can just get my hips to move a little more I think I can get the things filling me to move enough to finish me off then maybe I can think straight, a little further…. Damn it! All Lori could hear was mmmmph, as she found out that no matter how hard she tried she could get enough motion to help her climax. She relaxed her body and started weeping from her situation and her frustration begging in mumbled words to be released and asking why she was being treated this way.

John stood wide mouthed as the effort she had shown trying to move stunned him, even the ropes were creaking and showed some slack in them after she had pulled so hard. He thought she was trying to escape not knowing her overheated pussy was driving her to try to cum more than try to escape. John continued to watch her for another hour as she slipped back into an exhausted sleep letting him quietly take her last torment and place the small cups over her still erect nipples. John started pumping the vacuum pump until she woke whining as her nipples slowly slipped deeper into the cups as the vacuum stretched them.

Why are you doing this to me Lori grunted as she whined and twisted desperately trying to dislodge whatever had her nipples in its grip and making them hurt so badly. John disconnected the hose leaving the cups keeping the vacuum pulling on her nipples and sat down to wait for the signal wondering how long Lori would milk this making him sit and watch her enjoy herself. Lori tried shaking her head but couldn’t move it hardly at all as she shifted herself and moaned loudly.

Lori screamed as she started thrashing and twisting ignoring all the pain. She wanted to be released and continued to struggle for twenty minutes before calming and slumping in her bonds. John watched as Lori sat panting through her nose, It had been over six hours since Lori woke up and she still hadn’t given the code. John was starting to think she was just making this last longer so her slapped her legs with the thin cane making her scream under the hood and continued to whip her yelling give me the code!

Oh my god , they think I have some sort of code for something that’s why I’ve been kidnapped and they have been torturing me for it! The pain radiated through her crotch Lori from her struggles making Lori think I hope they don’t stop as her orgasm grew closer. John whipped every available patch of skin listening to her moans increase but when he started whipping her bound breasts she started screaming and thrashing around in the ropes.

John started yelling again thinking he was really getting to her but Lori had finally exploded in a massive orgasm as she fought the ropes and the stinging whip. After several minutes of her body thrusting and shaking Lori stopped moving and sat panting calmly under the hood now more confused and lost in her own mind than before. John threw the cane on the floor and walked off saying “I’ve had enough you want to stay as you are fine I’m going to sleep”. It had been over eighteen hours since this had started and he was frustrated and exhausted so he lay down on the bed next to the gasping captive and quickly fell asleep. Lori had only heard part of what he had said during her massive orgasm and no longer cared as she sat enjoying the afterglow of the best orgasm she had ever had.

Several hours later Lori was wide awake and could feel her body aching all over and hummed her release song, as she hummed it again she fought the ropes desperately trying to reach something and stroke her sore body and wished John would release her. As her energy ran out she started thinking about what she had just gone through and wondered how long she had not remembered what was happening. She knew it had been longer than normal and could feel her orgasm start to build again as she remembered the totally helpless feelings she had when she thought she had been kidnapped. She had even had thoughts of being a spy and smiled and hummed as her damp pussy started to tingle again. Lori no longer caring about her ass hurting from the large plug or how her feet hurt in the toe boots. Lori continued to remember being questioned and whipped for the code and really hoped the video would show her struggles as she started struggling again unable to hear John snoring five feet away.

John finally woke to see Lori struggling in the chair and he dragged himself to her side and picked up the whip and started whipping her legs again making Lori squeal and thrash in the chair. The ropes were much looser now and she could actually flop herself back and forth as she struggled. Lori was screaming and moaning as she struggled, her nipples were really hurting as she felt his whip begin to move up her body towards her sensitive breasts. Lori tried to hum the song but kept squealing and whining so she could never get it out but knew she was hurting all over and wanted out.

John stopped and yelled “Give me the code!” she quickly wined the song and heard him grumble “It’s about time” then nothing. Lori sat with the pain radiating through her clinging to the edge of another orgasm while John had gone to take a shower and clean himself up before returning and said “Are you sure you want out now?” Lori thought about it for a second before grunting she did and felt John begin to cut the ropes around her ankles. John worked up to her waist Lori realized he was only cutting the ropes holding her to the chair. When John reached her chest he reattached the hose to the cups and pumped it a few more times before unhooking the hose again and listening to her moan as she felt her sore nipples stretch a little further.

John cut away all the ropes holding her to the chair and lifted her up and sat her on the bed making her moan as she stretched her legs and could move her arms more. Once on the bed she felt him loosening the hood and felt him pull it up to her nose then un-strap her gag and pull the long cock from her mouth. Before she had time to flex her jaw he quickly stuffed a large o-ring gag back in and buckled it tight.

Lori started to protest when she felt him slap her legs hard and tell her to be quiet, “You will satisfy my needs now and if you do it well enough I might release your arms before I go home”. Lori quieted and started to slide to her knees groaning as he helped her to kneel in front of his erect cock and felt him thrust it in deep and stood waiting for her to start to suck on it. Lori normally enjoyed giving head but now she just wanted to be released so she could take a hot bath and dream about her adventure. Lori also knew it was only fair to pay him back for helping her live one of her fantasies so she redoubled her efforts. Lori knelt thrusting back and forth on his cock until he grasped her head and pulled her in tight and exploded into her mouth grunting loudly and holding her so close she couldn’t breathe.

After his release Lori knelt quietly while he sat and recovered and reached out to her and started cutting her arms and wrists free leaving one of the bands around her elbows and sat her back on the bed. “Did you enjoy yourself?” John asked, Loir grunted and nodded her head slightly. “Good are you ever going to ask me to do this again?” Lori giggled and shrugged her shoulders then nodded yes as she giggled some more. “In that case I’m going to make you earn it, then we’ll see if it’s still worth it”

Lori grunted questionably as she felt him cut the last band of rope around her arms letting them pop out and drop to her sides with a long relieved groan from her. Lori was flexing and rubbing her arms when she felt him press the scissors into her hand and said “Call me when you get loose and I’ll explain it to you”. John stood up and left leaving Lori still bound on her bedroom floor.

Lori removed the hood and blindfold from her sweat soaked head unbuckling the gag before peeling the posture collar off and looking down at her throbbing breasts. Lori smiled as she rubbed her jaw at the intricate rope work he had done and pressed the release button on one cup then the other letting the vacuum hiss out. Moaning as her nipples tried to return to normal and gently pulled the cups off looking at her enlarged nipples sticking out and knew it would be days before she could wear a bra again.

It took Lori another hour to carefully cut the ropes holding her breasts having to stop and let the pain ease as she cut the thin chords. After freeing the lattice work she pulled herself to the bed and lay back rubbing her breasts and moaning loudly. Rolling over she drug her welded together legs up on the bed and fell asleep rubbing her tits.

Awaking a few hours later Lori was moaning as she tried to sit up and quickly cut the remaining ropes around her chest. As she started cutting the ropes on her thighs noticed the thigh bands and smiled weakly hoping the key was still where she had left it. Reaching her ankles she saw the steel cuffs around them over her boots and groaned knowing the key for them wouldn’t be where she had left it. Lori finished cutting the ropes around her pointed feet and stretched her arms and legs before standing on shaking legs and stumbled to the kitchen and got some food and water along with several ice cubes.

While she ate she rubbed the ice all over her body while she wiggled on the plug filling her ass and mumbled “I guess I asked for it”. Looking at the clock Lori gasped when she realized she had been bound for over thirty six hours and sat stunned as she wondered how long he was going to keep her locked into her belt and boots. Lori was trying to decide if she wanted out sooner or later and carefully walked back to bed room turning off the recorder. Lori lay down smiling as she rubbed her sore body and said “Maybe when I wake up next time I’ll call him and start begging to be released, the plugs aroused her more as she twisted under the covers dreaming about being kidnapped and tortured all over again.

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