The Dream

by Chris Powell

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© Copyright 2005 - Chris Powell - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; sbm; bond; cbt; tape; toys; cons; XX

He was depressed of late. Work was long at night and he missed his wife. They had just spent two days off work together but hardly saw each other. They both had so much to do. They needed time together. He knew it would be a while before that happened, but he could dream. He dreamed of coming home from work.

He went to the bed room to check on her and found a note on the bed. It read:

“You are my slave today! Go into the bathroom and shower. Once finished return to the bedroom and follow these instructions. From this point on you may not speak. Tie yourself spread to the bed, use the spreader bar on your ankles and ropes on your knees. Make sure you are spread nice. Put in an anal plug of your choice, pick out your ball gag, blindfold and put on the collar locking it in place . Use 40 hair clips, placing 5 on each nipple, 20 on your ball sack and 10 on your shaft. Gag and blindfold yourself and wait for me. ”

He did as he was told and waited. The clips cut into him as he waited, but a feeling of excitement was over coming his body. He awaited her arrival not sure what to expect but excited never the less. In about half hour he heard her come in. She had not told him to use ear plugs so he could hear her move around the room. He heard her gathering things and inspecting him as she did. She tightened the knee ropes spreading them further apart. She also tightened the ropes hooked to the spread bar to stretch him tighter.

Next she placed ropes just about the elbows and pulled them tight making his arms so he could not more them. Last the hand cuffs are removed and replaced with rope which she pulls tight to the head board.

She runs her hands over the clips on his body, playing with them. Then he hears duct tape. She tapes his hands and fingers shut, so there is no chance he can get free. He feels ear plugs being stuck into his ears and is told to raise as bondage tape is run around his head and over his blind fold holding the ear plugs and blindfold in place. Last more duct tape is placed over the ball gag, holding it in his mouth so he can’t push it out.

More rope is then attached to the collar and his head is tied to the head board. She plays with the clips some more and then moves to his feet, the only thing he can really still move. Again he faintly hears duct tape and feels it be wrapped around one foot then the other. He can now not move anything. He also can’t hear her. Then he feels her wet tongue playing with the clips on his shaft as she licks and sucks and he starts to get hard. This makes the clips hurt more. She plays for a while and then all at once stops.

He was not sure where she is and then he feels the first of many clothespins. She starts on his arms and works her way down. All the way down his leg. Then back up the other side. She places them on his stomach and chest. She removes the small hair clips on his nipples and replaces them with the larger clips putting on as many as she can. Finally she removes the hair clips from the ball sack and places big clips there as well. Last she moves the clips around on the shaft reattaching the hair clips in different spots.

Next she places a vibrator on each side of the shaft between the clips. Next duct tape was wrapped around the vibrators and shaft to hold it in place. They are then turned on full. His shaft is not plugged with the glass penis plug which surprises him. He moans into the gag as he gets more and more excited. Then he feels her lean on the bed and something cold is pushed into his shaft, followed by more and more. They are ice plugs he had made a long time ago and left in the freezer. They melted fast as they entered his hot hole. She pushes the last one in and follows it with the glass penis plug. Then he hears duct tape again and the plug is sealed inside him.

The clips are starting to hurt more, but he knew better then to say anything, so he took it. He knew finally he would not be able to stand it any longer, but for now he was ok.

She was now stretching him, she had placed the clover clips (the ones that get tighter) on his ball sack and another set on his nipples, moving the clothespins around to make room for them. She then tied ropes to the clover clip chains and put them over the hooks in the ceiling he had installed. She pulled them tight and tied the end of the ropes out of reach. Finally another rope was tied around his shaft and it was also pulled to the ceiling.

She now decided to leave him for a while. She left the room and left him to his dry orgasms and pain. She knew he could not take it long but she wanted him to get the full effect.


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