The Doctor Is In

by Lancer175

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© Copyright 2022 - Lancer175 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/mf+; bond; strip; tape; gag; chair; gynochair; urine; enema; wheelchair; cbt; clamps; revenge; nc; XX

“Well, good afternoon Mrs. Blades, how have you been?” office manager Marjorie Hastings sheepishly asked . 

“Not too fucking good, I need to speak with my husband, NOW!” responded Dr. Harold Blades' wife in an angry voice. 

“At the moment he’s on a conference call and will probably be a while. It would probably be a good idea for you to come back in about an hour.” 

Rita Blades glanced down at the phone on the office manager’s deck noticing no outside phone lines were lit. Rita Blades quickly locked the office door and pulled a small caliber gun. 

“Listen bitch, my guess is he’s in the examining room with that big titted nurse, though I am sure you and my husband have had sex on more than one occasion.”

“Well, honestly, we had an affair some time ago, but that’s long been over and I am just his employee.” 

“I’m not surprised” yelled Rita, “Harold has never been able to keep his dick in his pants.” 

“OK Bitch, strip!” 

“But, but, Mrs. Blades, you really, I mean I can’t really.” Just then, Rita forced the weapon between Marjorie’s legs. “If you plan on having any big dicks planted in your pussy in the future, I suggest you do what I say. Now Strip.” Marjorie slowly unbuttoned her blouse, and dropped her skirt. 

“All of it, I mean strip everything.” Marjorie dropped her panties to the floor and removed her bra. A set of magnificent melons exploded forward. Rita picked up the panties and put them in her pocket for future use. Rita again pointed the gun, “Sit down and place your arms behind the chair.” Afraid Rita was so angry she actually may harm her, Marjorie did exactly what she was directed to do. Rita grabbed a set of colorful scarves Marjorie wore to work and used the scarves to silence her. 

Rita spotted clear packing tape on Marjorie’s desk and used it to quickly secure her hands together and tape her mouth shut. Rita made Marjorie put her hands together so she could tape them solid. She wrapped the clear tape around Marjorie’s head several times forcing Marjorie’s scarves to fill her mouth and bulge her cheeks. 

Rita taped Marjorie’s legs together several places and stretched tape around Marjorie’s upper thigh and abdomen through the back of the chair so Marjorie was very secure. Rita got a rather devious idea and taped an X directly across each nipple. Rita then took more tape and taped the two breasts together, forcing them into an almost inhuman mass of skin. She could imagine her husband playing with Marjorie’s massive fun bags, if only he could see her squished together breast now.

“Well, Marjorie. Now that you are comfortably secured, time to make my grand entrance.” With that, Rita quickly swung open the door into the examining room and stood shocked. There was her husband, bound and gagged, taped to a wheelchair with his mouth firmly sealed. His manhood stood rock solid reaching for the ceiling. And there she was, Nurse Cynthia Bowling, on her knees just about to put her ruby red lips around her husband’s erect shaft. 

“No one gives my husband a blow job but me!!” screamed Rita. Nurse Cynthia’s eyes widened with fear as the infuriated wife burst into the office. 

“Oh my God, Mrs. Blades, your husband made me do this! He’s crazy, always asking me to tie him up or tape him in a chair. He’s weird, just plain weird. I am afraid he will fire me if I don’t do what he says.” Rita and her husband have enjoyed many bondage tryst in the past, so maybe the nurse was somewhat accurate in her statement. Rita also knew Nurse Cynthia had a reputation from her previous employer as a homewrecker. Nonetheless, It was her husband the nurse was about to hum and this nurse needed to be taught a lesson. “You can give my husband some enjoyment, strip!” The scared nurse removed her uniform. “All of it bitch, I want my husband to enjoy your show. Throw me your panties, I can make use of them later.” 

Rita took several mounds of gauze and stuffed them in Nurse Cynthia’s mouth. Cynthia’s chipmunk cheeks bulged out as Rita wound excessive lengths of medical tape over her mouth and several times around her head to secure the packing. 

“Climb in the exam chair, sweetie!” Nurse Cynthia looked at the gun in Rita’s hand and the anger in her face and was convinced to do exactly what she demanded. As the nurse climbed into the chair and leaned back Rita demanded she placed her ankles in the stirrups. Rita proceeded to secure Cynthia’s legs into the stirrups with large silver duct tape. Rita found some rope that the nurse probably used to secure her husband and tied the flailing nurse’s hands above her head onto the top of the exam table.

Even with her hands and feet secure, Nurse Cynthia kept raising her ass in the air, almost bounding off the table, each time her massive boobs freely flopping. “Well, Harold. It seems you are enjoying this show.” Rita scornfully said to her husband. She made sure those bountiful boobs were stopped by taking wide medical tape directly over the nipples and flattened both tits, attaching the tape to the table. “OK Nursey, that should do for the time being.” Rita then turned her attention to her husband.

“Harold, you always joked you should never waste a good hard on. I agree.” And with that, Rita stripped off her clothes. She teased her husband as she guided her massive tits up and down his cock. She gently backed on to her husband’s phallic squeezing her love muscles around the rod. “Oh God, Harold! I don’t believe I have ever felt you so big and hard.” Bound tightly to the wheelchair, the rhythm of their sexploit bounced the wheels off the floor as they nearly rocked the chair over. They simultaneously came at the same time in the fireworks of orgasm. “See, mamma took care of her boy. But, with pleasure comes punishment to your nurse and you for being a bad boy.”

“OK sweet tits, time to rise and shine.” Rita pressed the up button on the exam table and came face to face with Nurse Cynthia. Rita removed the gag and took the gauze from her mouth. As Cynthia started to shout profanities at Rita, “You fucking crazy bitch!” “You ain’t seen crazy yet” yelled Rita back as she walked over to a nearby sink and filled a large milkshake sized cup full of water. She made Cynthia quickly drink the entire cup of water. As soon as the nurse finished, Rita made her drink another cup, then another until Rita was sure the nurse’s bladder was ready to burst. After completely repacking Cynthia’s mouth with mounds of gauze, Rita turned toward the nurse and pressed hard on Cynthia’s bladder. 

Cynthia moaned and groaned and tried hard not to pee, but the pressure was too great and a massive waterfall shot from her vulva directly into a large plastic tub.

But the diabolical Rita was not done punishing her husband’s whore. Rita moved an IV pole next to the bound nurse and hung a water bottle full of hot soapy water. Cynthia suddenly realized the next punishment for her was an enema. “Well Harold, you know your little playmate has three fun holes. I know you have had the pleasure of her mouth and pussy and wanted to make sure you didn’t miss her other areas of possible enjoyment, except I doubt she will enjoy this experience very much.”

Rita placed KY Jelly on the end of the hose and stuck the bulb end into Cynthia’s sphincter as far as possible. With the twist of a small valve, the hot, soapy water was entering the nurse’s bowel creating a pressure to evacuate. Harold felt sorry for Cynthia as he looked at her firm ass and could see the sphincter muscles begin to move. Cynthia moaned through her gag with excruciating stomach pain as a volcanic eruption from her colon exploded into the plastic tub. “I hope you have learned what your holes are intended to do and keep them away from my husband’s cock!!”

“OK Harold, fun time over,” as Rita rolled him into his office for his punishment. She unleashed him from the wheelchair and made him stand at attention as she tightened several rubber bands around his still partial erection. Rita took her own panties and stuffed them into his mouth using extra wide medical tape to secure the packings. As Harold stood naked, Rita took his nipples and pinched and rolled each nipple to get each one excited and extended as much as possible. She then placed black stationary clips over each nipple. She made him put on the bra of Nurse Cynthia and stuffed each boob hatch with cotton balls pressing against the clamped nipples until Harold had 46 tits. She made him put on nurse Cynthia’s uniform leaving the top unbuttoned so his boobs stuck out. She tied his hands around his back. “For your punishment, you are now a doctor’s office sex toy, when I get you home you will wear their clothes, taste their panties and feel their nipples until bed time tonight.” 

When Jose’ the custodian entered the doctor’s office the next morning to clean, he could not believe his eyes when two statues of naked womanhood were bound together in front of him. Marjorie and Cynthia were bound back to back secured to an IV pole. Strategically placed surgical tape, combined with sutures secured on each nipple kept the women from moving. Their mouths were fully packed with their panties. Tape was secured around their mouths and heads assuring their heads could not move. They pleaded with their eyes and muffled through their gags to be set free. 

After freeing the startled women, the custodian sat memorized as they told an almost unbelievable story of violent burglars that broke into the office the night before as they worked late. Maybe the story was unbelievable, but at least they would keep their jobs. 


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