The Cuckold Dream/Nightmare

by Sensual Robert

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© Copyright 2020 - Sensual Robert - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; MF; boxed; denial; chastity; creampie; cuckold; heels; maid; cons; X

Copy editor:Zephyr

Time: 10m

Story codes:

I find myself tightly mummified inside a small crate. I struggle to free myself but it is useless. The wrappings are tight and I can barely move in the tight mummification. I am being shipped to an unknown place and to a strange man! I think back on how this all started.

Day 1 - Telling my wife my fantasy

It's early in the morning and I finally have the guts to tell my beautiful wife about my cuckold fantasy. Maddie is a beautiful 30 year old woman, 5 foot 6 inches, blonde and she has an amazing body. Maddie listens to my fantasy and I'm not sure how she is taking it, whether she hates it or is disgusted with my sexual fantasy. I get dressed for work, a suit and tie for the office.

I get home late around 7 pm and Maddie surprises me with a few things. She is open to my fantasy and embraces it. She went out to some stores and bought me many items. She shows me my new panty drawer… full of sexy pretty panties. As I'm touching and feeling my new lacy and satin panties I find out all my old underwear has been thrown out. I now only have panties, satin camisoles, garter belts, silk stockings as my underwear. My wife explains to me that I can wear these items under my regular suit and no one will know that I'm wearing panties.

The next day my wife lays out the silk stockings, pink garter belt, pink lacy panties and pink satin camisole for me to wear under my suit. It's true my regular suits hide the lingerie, but my pants are a little tight and you can see the outline of the garter belt! At work I struggle to hide this from others and them seeing my lingerie underneath my clothes. Going to the bathroom is a challenge, I try to use the stall for privacy but sometimes I have no choice but to use the urinal where someone next to me can see my pink panties.

Day 4 - Chastity device arrives

My wife shows me my fantasy chastity device and quickly puts it on me and locks it. My six-inch cock is now locked away in a pink plastic chastity device and I love it! Then she shows me another surprise that's hanging in my closet....a black satin french maid outfit with a white fluffy petticoat. Maddie tells me that I can wear the french maid outfit on the weekends when I'm cleaning the house!

That night we make love, I lick and suck my wife's pussy for nearly an hour until she has an orgasm. We then lay in bed, kiss and cuddle as my wife teases my locked cock. She has the key around her neck and wears it as a necklace. She wants to unlock me, so she can get fucked with my cock But I tell her no. My fantasy is to have my cock lock up for a period of time before being released. She looks at me with sad eyes and respects my cuckold fantasy.

Day 12 - Cuckold fantasy becomes reality

It's a Saturday and I'm wearing the black satin french maid outfit. I just finished cleaning the kitchen and doing the dishes when my wife orders me into our office room. I have gotten used to the new 4 inch high heels as I walk into the office. My wife orders me to kneel under the desk and to lick her pussy as she works on the computer. I'm on my knees in my sissy maids dress, with my locked chastity device on, licking my wife's pussy as she begins communicating with her coworker Leroy. As I lick I can hear both ends of the conversation, at first they are professional but now they are flirting with each other.

They start to talk about sex and Leroy states they he has a huge cock and my wife says "Oh, how big? I bet all the women love to get fucked by you." Leroy just laughs and then asks about her sex life as I listen and eat my wife's pussy. My wife then talks about me as if I'm not under the desk. She tells Leroy she has no sex life and then quickly changes the subject. To my surprise my wife says to Leroy "Why don't you come over to my place so we can work on the presentation together?" Leroy says yes and will be there within the hour.

I quickly protest and then tell my wife to help me out of the satin french maid outfit before Leroy shows up. My wife then fiddles with the back zipper and then I hear a click! "What was that? What did you do?" 

My wife says "I just locked your maids dress on you. You can not remove it. I need a french maid to tidy up the living room before Leroy arrives so I can get ready." I can't believe I'm locked in a French maid outfit, high heels and cleaning the living room for her male co-worker.

An hour later my wife reappears from our bedroom wearing a short red tight dress with her cleavage showing. She is wearing her 5-inch red “fuck me” heels. Then the doorbell rings and I'm stunned when she orders me to answer the door. I'm scared and embarrassed as I open the door wearing my sissy french maid outfit and see this huge muscular man; he looks like someone that can play professional football. Leroy enters our home and my wife quickly kisses him on the lips and begins to shower him with compliments about his clothing and body.

My wife introduces me.."This is my husband, my now sissy husband, my sissy french maid." She then orders me to lift up my petticoat and pull down my panties. My face is turning red as they both inspect and laugh at my pink chastity device. She then holds my locked cock in her hand and says to Leroy: "This is what I have to satisfy my pussy." My wife then shows Leroy the key and he asks for it. She then hands him the key to my chastity device! Someone else, a man now has the key to my freedom!

Day 23 - The end of my cuckold dream

It has been over a week since Leroy first stopped by our home. At the office people are noticing the outlines of my garter belt and lacy camisoles. I continue to lick my wife's pussy as a submissive husband and Leroy still possesses the key to my chastity device. Leroy and my wife have been spending more time together. One night after Leroy left our home, my wife ordered me to lick her pussy and then I could taste it… cum, Leroy's cum! Leroy had been satisfying my wife's sexual needs with his huge cock!

The next day Leroy comes over for good! Leroy and my wife go into the bedroom and minutes later my wife orders me in! Leroy and my wife are naked! I stand next to Leroy much smaller than him and then my wife pulls out my locked cock. She then holds and strokes Leroy's large 9-inch cock as she compares the two. My wife then says "Leroy knows how to please me and how to fuck me so Leroy is now moving in!" 

I start to protest when Leroy says "Don't worry, I found you a new home!" That's when Leroy puts me in a chokehold until I'm knocked out.

When I wake up I'm totally mummified and being placed inside a small crate. My wife says "Leroy was able to pull some strings together and sell you to a man who will enjoy having a sissy wife. It works out better for the both of us, I get a man to fuck me every night and you will get fucked like a true sissy that you are!" As the lid is being closed I see Leroy still holding the key to my chastity device! My cock will be locked away forever!

I can do nothing as the crate is being lifted and placed on a cargo ship. I can only squirm and struggle in my mummification and I can feel a lot of precum coming out of my sissy cock! My new life awaits me... as a sissy wife to a strange man who will force me to suck his cock and will fuck me!


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