The Crossing

by Maxxster

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Part I

March 29-2017

There are times in one’s life, that a simple decision to take a much-needed trip turns out to be more than one asks for. That doesn’t mean that the original intention of taking that trip was ill advised, or that the measurement after the fact is nothing more than playing a Monday Morning Quarter Back after the Sundays Game, it just gives one the ability to Ponder Life’s Destiny and Life’s Meaning.

I enjoy taking vacations and trips, I am getting good at being able to navigate my way around easily. I must share that there is nothing better than breaking new ground and seeing new places for the first time.

This trip was the first time for me going to where I was heading, nothing new with trying something new, yet this trip was different for many reason’s. I was going to be heading across the border and would have to pack accordingly.

To those of us who have a hard-wired existence to Handcuffs and Chastity we tend to not leave Home without them, LOL and I am no different. Maybe it can be said that I have a strong identification with wearing a Chastity Belt for extended periods of time and enjoy the feeling of being powerless while handcuffed. Yet it is what defines my interests for sure.

 As I was getting ready for this trip I decided that to keep things simple, I would just place my Chastity belt, leg-irons and several different pairs of handcuffs in the suitcase along with a blindfold, Posture Collar, lead chain and gag. I knew that taking the flight would mean going through security and this way I would not have to worry about the baggage check at the boarding gate and any uncomfortable conversations.

I made sure the single key to the chastity Belt was placed in the Carrera Style Stainless Steel Chastity Belt. A very secure and very comfortable steel belt, which over the years has brought many enjoyable experiences wearing it.

I still wear the belt quite often, even though I don’t have a Key Holder anymore, yet that didn’t stop me from finding ways of keeping the belt locked on and me unable to take it off, example, the Timed Key Safe, good for up to 10 days at a time. I would usually go 30 days at a time, relocking the safe when the key was available to be taken out of the safe, I would just re-lock it again. Call it something like a personal goal sort of thing.

It was my intention to put the belt on after I arrived at the Hotel and place the Key in the Managers Safe for my 5-day vacation with Strict directions for the envelope to not be released prior to my departure day and that way, I could ensure I was belted the whole time away.

My trip had a twist as well in it, I was going to meet someone for the first time after a lengthy period of conversations. It was somebody who I was introduced to by another person on a casual basis, yet didn’t want to get ahead of myself or anything like that. It was just nice to be able to sit down for a coffee while being close to where I was headed this vacation.

My plans were selfish as you can hear, as nice at it was to think about a casual meeting, my intentions were genuine and having the belt available and locked on, ensured that I would keep with my own personal interests. I don’t share with everyone my desire of being Locked in a Chastity Belt.

Time was moving fast now and getting close to when I had to leave, I double checked everything and made sure all was in order and placed my luggage in the car and headed for the airport. The process of getting through security was uneventful as was the flight, yet I was glad when I landed and got through lines at the car rental desk and placed my luggage in the trunk.

I backed out of the stall and looked for the exit in the parking lot and turned and started heading towards the freeway onramp to downtown where my Hotel was. I heard the Sirens of the Police car behind me with it’s lights on. I was surprised, I wasn’t speeding and just pulled out of the airport parking lot, yet pulled over as directed.

 An officer approached the car and asked me to roll down the Window all the way, I was surprised at the looks of the officer, she was female, not that unattractive and clearly acting professional. I complied her with her requests and lowered the window down. I was asked for my drivers Licence and vehicle registration which I provided and she took the documents and went to her car.

 A few Minutes later she returned with a scowl of a look on her face and asked me to step out of the vehicle. I opened the door and exited the car and immediately she told me to place my hands on the car. I was shocked and before I could say a word, she told me again in a much firmer tone. I turned and placed my hands on the car.

I was asked to remain calm and at that point she grabbed my right wrist and pulled and twisted it at the same time behind my back. I could hear and then feel the Handcuff being locked onto my wrist, the left hand was then pulled behind me and locked into the Handcuffs.

I was instructed to spread my legs and went through the standard pat-down all the while she remained holding the cuffs in either one of her hands.

I asked what was going on? And was informed that I was driving a Stolen car. I replied I just rented it at the airport and had the keys and paperwork, there must be a mistake. The officer informed me that the paperwork I had was for a different vehicle and did not match with this car. The car had just been reported stolen 10 minutes before from the airport car rental company.

I stated this was obviously a misunderstanding and could easily be corrected if I could just go into my suitcase and show my flight manifest or make a quick call to the airport rental company, they could clear this all up immediately.

The officer then told me to listen to her carefully and she read me my rights and right to remain silent. I was asked if I understood these rights read to me? And I replied I did.

The officer explained that this was out of her hands now and I was being arrested for Grand Theft and would be taken to the detachment for the booking process.

The officer took her handheld radio and requested a transport van to take me to the detachment. I could hear the response that none were available and she would have to use the enhanced transport protocols for my transfer. I thought, what is enhanced protocols?

The officer directed me to the back of the car and using her keys, opened the trunk and pulled out Ankle Cuffs and proceeded to lock them onto my ankles. A set of handcuffs attached to a waist Chain was pulled out as well and locked around my waist and the handcuffs placed over top of the original set of cuffs which were not removed. My hands were now locked in 2 sets of handcuffs to my waist.

I couldn’t believe it….. Everything I tried as a reasonable person just rolled off this officer without any realistic response.

I was directed to the back of her cruiser and placed inside. The officer then reached over me and grabbed the seat belt and placed it on me. She looked at me then, with a smirk on her face and stated, “Safety First”.

I have been handcuffed too many times to say, yet this was the first time I was Handcuffed in public by a cop and one that was a woman. I pulled on the Handcuffs and could easily tell they were Hinged cuffs, with my palms facing out, I knew I was not getting these off, or even if I could, what would be the point? This was totally different than usual handcuff games with one’s partner, this was serious.

The officer closed the door and got into the car. I asked her about the rental car and my luggage in the trunk and was advised that the car would be towed as a stolen vehicle to the detachment for processing. And looking at the time of day it was and being Friday, the chances of me posting bail was slim at best, I would be detained for the weekend until Monday before I could go in front of a judge.

This was shocking and I couldn’t believe it, this was insane, there was no way I spending the weekend in jail over something I didn’t do and was just a simple misunderstanding.

The officer received a call on her phone, and then slid the partition glass closed and spoke for several minutes to someone about my claims of innocence. The officer then informed me that I was going to be taken to a satellite office where I could speak with a Supervisor before being booked in the downtown lock-up for the weekend.

There was some relief to hear that finally I was catching a break and this could be resolved quickly and easily.

The officer left the car and opened her trunk, walked toward the rental car, popped the trunk and pulled out my suitcase and walked back to her cruiser and placed it in the trunk and closed it.

When the officer returned to the car, she informed me that the rental car was going to be towed back to the rental company lot and save me additional towing fees and storage and would be released to them.

There were options available to me should it be decided that things worked out to get a taxi downtown to my hotel, or they would transport me to jail for the weekend, both of which saved me costs. I thanked the officer and she started the car.

The officer apologized for the traffic being so heavy and that there was allot of road construction going on, it didn’t help it was rush hour and the Satellite office was further in the opposite direction of Downtown and would take about 45 minutes.

Things could have been much worse for sure and at least now I can see that this officer was actually not that unpleasant and was rather cordial. Considering I was handcuffed in the back of her car and unable to get out, what else was I going to complain about.

We arrived at what appeared to be standard government looking building, brick façade, square windows, nothing to distinguish it from any other government buildings. The officer pulled around the back of the building and a rolling steel door opened and we drove in. The door closed behind the car and the officer exited the car and I was told to be patient, she would return in a few minutes.

I sat in the back of the car and now started to pull on the handcuffs, yet clearly couldn’t, it never even fazed me to have realized that the seat I was in was a formed plastic seat with an imprinted molding for your arms and hands behind your back to not be sitting directly on them.

I looked down and tried to reach to undo the seatbelt, yet my hands were unable to reach the buckle to undo it. I was definitely stuck, that’s for sure.

 After Several minutes, I heard a door open and saw several officers walking into the garage. They positioned themselves at different points around the car. The arresting officer came around to my side of the car and opened the door, she leaned her head in and asked me, if I was going to comply with her directions? I stated, of course and then she opened the door farther reached across me, undid the seat belt and asked me to get out.

As best as I could, cuffed as I was, exited the car and with her assistance and I could stand up. I instantly could feel the steel ankle cuffs and the cold steel stares from the other officers.

A glance around at these other officers with my embarrassed face revealed they were all woman. Different ages, sizes and ranks on there uniforms, yet appeared to be professional.

I was escorted by two female officers on each side of me holding the upper parts of my arms, into a intake area with high counters on it. I was led to the front counter and asked to remain standing where I was. The arresting officer then took a key out of her upper shirt pocket and proceeded to unlock and undo the Hinged cuffs behind my back.

The freedom one feels when hinged cuffs are removed is amazing, one for the strictness of the cuffs, yet another of the movement you regain in your hands, even if I was still locked into the other cuffs and waist chain.

Another female officer approached and instructed me to spread my legs and I would be patted down again. I was asked if I had anything illegal I wanted to declare before she proceeded and I stated no. I was then patted down once again.

My wallet and cash, were taken and my pockets turned inside out, all the while remaining cuffed. I went to ask a question and was told to be quiet and in time I could ask my questions to the supervisor.

I was again escorted by two female officers to a waiting room with benches and instructed to sit down. I could see a metal bar behind me and a single handcuff was slid across it to where I was sitting and locked to the centre of the handcuffs locked on my wrists.

One of the female officers bent down and pulled out a single cuff and locked it through the chain of the ankle cuffs reducing my ability to move my legs forward from a sitting position.

The arresting officer came over to me and stated “good luck to you” the supervisor is on her way and will speak with me when she arrives probably in 30-45 minutes. If I remain calm and cooperative, things should go smoothly and this can get worked out. I thanked her for her thoughtfulness and she left.

Time passed very slowly, it isn’t the most comfortable position being handcuffed sitting on hard wooden bench with your legs attached to the back wall so as to prevent you from moving them forward or stretching them. The handcuffs locked on my wrists were not to bad, I managed to twist my wrists after the hinged cuffs came off, so they are far more comfortable now.

The thoughts of the afternoon were flooding my mind, what a mis-understanding this has been, hard to believe actually, yet I had hope it would all work out soon and I could get to the Hotel, not that anyone was waiting for me, my time was still important for me.

There was allot of things going on around me, I could see this was a busy station and it was strange that I had yet to see a single male officer anywhere, it appeared this was all staffed by woman. Hmmmm, whatever.

I saw allot of buzz around a woman who appeared to be the Supervisor, allot of staff approached her upon her arrival and she engaged in several conversations with different people at the desk.

At one point, the arresting officer was talking with her and turned and looked at me and then continued to talk. I then observed her leaving through the door apparently, they brought me through and returned carrying my suitcase.

My thoughts instantly went to what I had packed and avoided any conversations about at the airport security desk. I was Nervous now for sure, yet, thought, they would have no reason to open it, let alone have the probably cause to search it, yet, a very uncomfortable feeling came over me.

The officer walked past the intake desk and proceeded to enter a room with a security keypad outside it after pressing several keys the door opened and she entered and the door closed behind her.

I pulled on the handcuffs thinking to myself that this could very well be a very awkward moment for sure, should I have to explain the chastity belt inside it. Yet the handcuffs held me as I was and I was clearly not getting out of this position until they decided.

Several more minutes passed and then two officers approached and asked me if I was going to comply with their directions? I again stated yes, and found it odd that was the second time being asked the same question about compliance, what did they think I was going to do, cuffed as I was?

The two cuffs holding the ankle cuffs and handcuffs were released and I was instructed to stand up. I was then told I was going to be taken to interview room 3 for follow up conversation with the supervisor.

I was then led by two female officers on each upper arm to a room that had a desk and chair bolted to the floor.

The officers directed me to stand in front of the chair and handcuff was placed through the ankle cuff chain and closed, ensuring I was not moving from the chair. The officer then undid the lock connecting the waist chain in the front and it fell behind me. I was again asked if I would comply with instructions and I answered yes.

I felt one handcuff being undone and my hands being pulled in front and the handcuff was immediately relocked on my wrist. The officer then directed me to turn sideways and she placed another pair of handcuffs on my wrists and tightened them. The Waist chain handcuffs were then removed, leaving me now handcuffed with my hands in front.

There was a recessed ring in the middle of the table and it was lifted and my hands were attached to it with an additional pair of handcuffs. I was now handcuffed to the floor and handcuffed to the table. The two officers then left the room and I sat there for quite a long time before the door opened.

When the door opened, I was stunned for a second, I couldn’t believe my eyes, this was not the woman who I had seen earlier talking with the arresting officer, this was someone different. This woman stood at least 6’3 and was very attractive in a business suit, well dressed and gave the aura of a real matter of fact type of woman.

In any other circumstance, I would have stood and shook her hand, yet, I was clearly in no position to do that. She looked at me and stated her name was Daria and she was the Superintendent and the Supervisor asked her to review my circumstances personally.

Daria then stated if what I had shared was true, I was a very lucky man to have a review so quickly to be on my way.

Several questions were asked and answered about arrival time, bookings and confirmation of the car rental. All of which I informed her I had the paperwork and could easily show.

The Superintendent got up, opened the door and then asked for my suitcase to be brought into the room and placed onto an adjacent table next to where we were sitting.

The officer who placed the suitcase onto the table looked at Daria and stated” Feels somewhat heavy” and turned and left the room. I received a scornful look and asked if that was my suitcase? I answered it appeared to be yes.

Daria then stood up, walked over and asked if she could go into my suitcase?

I gave a long pause and answered “Yes” the paperwork is in the top compartment.

Daria then unzipped the entire suitcase and flipped it wide open. My face immediately turned crimson red and she asked me if there was anything illegal inside my suitcase?

I answered no and she responded by stating “my reaction says otherwise”.

The first moment of embarrassment came when she pulled up a pair of handcuffs and looked at me while holding them at the end of her index finger. She smiled and asked me if there was anything I would like to share? Were these for professional use, or personal use? I answered her they were for personal use. Her smile widened and turned back to the suitcase after placing the cuffs on the table beside it.

Daria then proceeded to remove every item of bondage I had packed, all the handcuffs, ankle cuffs, ball gag, blind fold, Posture collar and hinged cuffs. There was a pause from her and it was when she lifted out the unlocked Stainless Steel Chastity Belt. I pulled on the handcuffs, making a large clanking sound as they were still attached to the ring in the table and she responded by looking directly at me, smiling brightly and asking me “Are your uncomfortable now”?

My response was difficult, yet I shared, Yes, very uncomfortable actually.

Daria held the belt up and looked at it with a silent interest, turning it, feeling the steel and clearly recognizing the seriousness of the belt. It was apparent that she knew immediately what it was and what the purpose of it was.

She looked at me and asked “ do you wear this?” and I answered Yes

I was asked “Why do you wear this? I answered by saying it is a long story………

Daria looked at me and stated “ We have time, go on, tell me about why you wear this” and sat down in front of me.

I shared for the next 20 minutes about the reasons why I wear it, how it feels to be locked in it and unable to get it off and that I don’t have a keyholder or relationship.

I was asked about using the bathroom etc and cleaning, which she thought was brilliant that it didn’t have to be removed.

I was asked why did I bring it? I answered I intended to wear it while I was here on vacation.

Daria stood up and said she wanted to see what it looks like, locked on and me unable to take it off. I couldn’t believe it. Yet, before I could say anything, she said it was a simple request, agree to it and I could be out of there quicker, if not, it could take some time to do the paperwork as she smiled.

What choice did I have?

I looked down at the handcuffs at the same time she did and her response was priceless, “Those are not helping you right, now are they?”

Daria looked at me and asked me if I was going to put the Chastity Belt on? I answered I thought that would be the best outcome for me to just do it.

She smiled and then instructed me of the process she wanted to use to allow me to put the Belt on. Her process was quite simple, she would release my hands and leave my feet locked to the floor. I would take the belt and put it on and sit back down when I was finished. I was asked how long it takes to put the belt on and I said just a few minutes. Daria, then pulled a key from her front pocket and proceeded to unlock the first handcuff and then the second.

I was instructed to remain sitting until she left the room and then I could start and put the belt on. I couldn’t believe what I was about to do, as if there were any other options for me, I slowly stood up and picked up the belt. The first thing I noticed was that the key was missing from the lock. I knew it was in there before I left, so the only explanation is that Daria just left with it.

I proceeded to put the Chastity Belt On and locked it, pulled up my pants and then sat down.

A couple minutes later Daria opened the door and walked in with two other officers. The two Officers swiftly walked up to me and pulled my hands behind my back and locked them once again in Hinged Handcuffs. They then turned and left the room, closing the door behind them.

Daria then stated she watched me through the camera putting the belt on and it looked very simple, yet very unforgiving without the key. I was asked if I had they key and answered it was in the belt, Daria Smiled and said, I didn’t need it now, she had it, and would take care of it for me.

There was a brief pause and I was instructed to stand up, Daria walked up in front of me and stood easily 4 inches taller then me, she then said she wanted to see what it looks like and has to check to make sure it is properly locked.

I couldn’t believe this woman was so comfortable standing over me and was going to undo my pants to check the Chastity Belt. I have never felt so small before.

Daria undid my button and lowered my pants, probably too low, yet low enough where they were around my knees and lifted my shirt. She took along time observing the belt, and touching it where it goes around the waist, feeling the tightness and then the front shield. 

She placed her whole hand over the front of the tube and stated, it was warm and again smiled.

After a few agonizing minutes of humiliation, my pants were pulled up and my shirt tucked in and button returned. I felt like a little kid being dressed, except I was handcuffed and chained to the floor.

Daria returned to the other items I brought in my suitcase and started to pick them up one at a time, turning them and looking at the difference in the Handcuffs.

I was asked what was the purpose of bringing so many different handcuffs and I answered her that they all serve a different function. I was asked to explain this and did, she stated I had a very good understanding of there function and use.

I was then asked about the posture collar, I explained it was for a very specific function and purpose and gave little movement when wearing it. I was surprised when she walked over to me and proceeded to place it around my neck, pulling the straps to make it tighter.

She then sat down across the table from me and asked me if was uncomfortable? I answered her both yes for embarrassment but not the position. She Smiled.

Daria then leaned in and asked me if I was ready to be released? I immediately stated yes, and she then laughed and said, not quite yet, I have a few calls to make to ensure your information, and then we should be able to clear this up.

Daria then asked me to look to my right, which I did and she stated that was a single cell which would be more comfortable than sitting in the chair and I will be placed in there while she does her final process of this incident.

Daria then instructed me to stand and she walked over and undid the lock connecting the ankle cuffs to the floor. I was then turned and walked into the single cell and she closed the steel door behind me. I was instructed to face the back wall and not move and back up until my shoulders touched the bars, which I did.

A few seconds later I felt her hands pass through the bars and she placed the ball gag in front of my mouth and told me to open my mouth. I did as was instructed and could feel the ball gag being pulled tightly into my mouth.

I then felt the blindfold being placed over my eyes and suddenly the light disappeared. When she finished doing that, she told me to turn around and face her voice. I reluctantly did this and felt the collar being pulled forward and heard a chain being pulled through the bars and felt it attaching the front of the collar. I couldn’t move my head away from the bars.

I pulled on the handcuffs and yet I was stuck and knew it. Daria told me remain calm and she would be back as soon as she made her calls to clear this up, I was told to enjoy myself and she walked away. I could her steps and the door open and close and knew she was now gone.

I pulled and struggled as best as I could, yet I was stuck, and chained to the bars of a cell door. My mind was having a field day of thoughts and emotions were quite strong.

It must have been about 45 minutes or maybe an hour before I heard the door open and heard shoes which sounded like those of Daria, the Superintendent, who placed me like this. I could smell her perfume and understood she was standing right in front of me. I felt the collar chain being loosened and was instructed to turn around.

The gag, blindfold and collar were removed and I was again instructed to turn around which I did, I watched Daria placing all my items back into the suitcase and carefully placing everything in nicely before closing the lid.

She walked over to me and asked if I was OK?

My answer was I was doing better now and she said that’s good, just wanted to give you a good experience.

Daria looked at me and said she had good news and bad news, what did I want first?

I said the good news for sure, she said, I was going to be released and would receive a ride to my Hotel and that everything checked out, yet they had to follow protocols and she gave me her apologies, yet thought I was none the worse for wear, and had a great story to share with those I wanted to share it with.

I then asked what was the bad news? Daria looked at me and stated, that the arresting officer was the one who first searched the suitcase and must have apparently took the key home with her and she was now on days off and wouldn’t be back until the following Tuesday. Would I be able to come and pick up the key then, or should they just mail it to me?

I paused and looked at her smiling at me, knowing full well they knew when my return flight was and that I could stop in and get the key before leaving.

My reaction was calm and as well knowing that I was going to be stuck in this belt while I was here anyways, so I guess I could stop in and get the key.

Daria then stated an officer would be by shortly to get me to take me to my Hotel and wished me a nice vacation along with another apology. In closing she stated, that belt is awesome and looks great on you, sorry your going to be stuck in it, yet I think you will be just fine and turned and walked out of the room.

It was at least another hour before I heard anything and just sat and stood and walked while still handcuffed in the cell to which I was left in. You would think that if I was cleared, I would be out of this cell and the Handcuffs would be taken off me, Yet here I am waiting.

A different female officer entered the room and proceeded to walk over to where I was locked in the cell and informed me that I was now going to be transported and would I comply with her directions calmly? I again stated yes, and then asked Transported where? She smiled and stated, to your Hotel Sir….

I asked if I could have the Handcuffs off and she replied she could not remove them at this time, it was out of her control and she was only following orders. She did apologize and stated that she had heard of my circumstances including the chastity belt and she empathised with my situation.

She then asked me to step to the back of the cell and turn around and face the wall. I did as instructed and heard the cell door open, to which I was then instructed to turn around and walk to her. This rather attractive officer then held my arm and guided me through the room to the outer door which she opened and we walked through.

I was surprised to see that there were several officers (all female) smiling at me as I was guided by. I looked at the officer walking with me and she had a huge smile on her face as well. It appears that everyone knows about my predicament and situation, yet I am still handcuffed and now locked in a Chastity Belt until the co-worker returns in 5 days’ time. I would be smiling as well if I was one of them, a male locked in a chastity belt doesn’t come through any detachment everyday, so I should feel proud.

The officer escorted me to an police cruiser and I was placed in the back and the seat belt was locked into place and the door was closed. It appeared over the top to have me still handcuffed even though I have been cleared of any wrong doing, yet there was no one who was going to be coming to save me.

The officer soon returned carrying my suitcase and placed it in the trunk of the car and closed it. She then got into the car and started it and informed me she was cleared to take me to my Hotel.

The drive was uneventful and we shared a conversation about her duties and responsibilities, which she informed me that this was a good day in her job, it was easy to transport me and I looked great in a Chastity Belt and handcuffed in her back seat. She confided she liked handcuffed men and I was a real gentleman about the whole ordeal.

I swear she took the long way to get there, for it took over an hour in the car before we arrived. I was then assisted out of the back of the car, the ankle cuffs were removed, as were the handcuffs and my suitcase was given to me and I was told to have a nice vacation and sorry for any problems.

 I felt odd standing at the front door of my Hotel after getting out of the police car, yet apparently, the bell kop had no problem with it and welcomed me and apologized for all the confusion, yet was grateful I arrived so quickly without any further issues.

When I approached the check in counter, I was greeted by the manager who stated, my room rate had been greatly discounted and they were happy to assist me in any way.

I checked in and went to my room.

End of Part I


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