The Conversation

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2022 - Mikel - Used by permission

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Chelsi was shocked when she heard what Mary had said. Mary had been Chelsi’s mentor through college having become good friends seeing each other regularly. Today they had met for lunch and when the topic came up about Chelsi’s husband, she had told Mary that she was becoming concerned about him losing interest in her, “You know, sexually.” she said leaning close and whispering it to Mary.

Mary smiled and declared “I’ve been in charge of my husband’s cock and balls for eighteen years.” The statement and the volume she had used shocked the younger woman. Mary smiled seeing the stunned girl looking at her and said “Oh honey, men don’t have any sense, when it comes to thinking they do it all with their dicks.” Chelsi sat back open-mouthed quickly looking around to see if anyone had heard her mentor talking so openly about men’s dicks.

“Johnny decided to screw around on me after four years of us being married.” Mary continued “I was going to leave him and take everything he had since I had concrete proof he was seeing someone else.” 

Chelsi was even more stunned to find out Johnny had cheated on Mary. “But I thought you two were so happy?” 

“Oh, we are now, you see he knew he had screwed up and begged me for another chance. I have always loved him but I was unsure if I could trust him anymore.

“After a few weeks of stewing about it and doing a lot of research I found a way to not only guarantee he would be faithful but maybe give him a little payback in the process.” Mary said grinning. 

Chelsi was over her initial shock smiling at her mentor’s evil grin leaning forwards asking, “What did you do?” 

“During my research I found a link to male chastity, I followed it and soon I was lost in the whole thing.” Mary said smiling

Chelsi sat back again “I didn’t even know that was really a thing.”

“Oh yes, very much so and getting more popular all the time” Mary said brightly. Mary went on to explain she had found a support group of sorts that helped her to understand the different kinds of chastity and the different meanings for different people. Chelsi looked confused so Mary gave her a brief explanation.

“Some people use it as a training tool. Others use it as a way to express their love and devotion to their partner while others use it as a punishment tool only.” Mary continued, “There are multiple variations but that gives you the general idea.” Mary finished seeing she hadn’t cleared up the young girl’s confusion. Chelsi started to ask a question stopping mid-sentence obviously not knowing how to word the question.

Mary tried to explain further, “In my situation I wanted a way to be able to trust Johnny AND punish him, at least a little so I suggested if he allowed me to lock him up then as long as I held the keys we could stay together.” 

“And he agreed?” Chelsi asked, surprised. 

“No, not at first but after a few conversations with my attorney he learned what it was going to cost him so he finally started talking to me about it again.”

Chelsi didn’t understand how someone would live with their privates literally locked up and asked Mary to explain how it worked. Mary pulled out her phone and started pulling up pictures showing Chelsi different devices explaining the principles behind how each worked. Chelsi was embarrassed again being shown pictures of men’s cocks locked in steel and plastic at the table in public.

“Of course, I went for the full-blown heaviest model I could find, ordering it with only the slightest of measurements not fully understanding what I should have done.” Showing Chelsi, a picture of what looked like a very heavy steel unit squeezing the man’s cock and balls tightly. 

Chelsi was staring at the picture intrigued by what she saw asking “Does it hurt them?” 

Mary laughed as she said “That one sure did! I had ordered everything wrong, way too small of a ring, too narrow and short,tube and shape was all wrong for him” laughing as she looked longingly at the picture.

Chelsi only took a second to ask “Is that picture of Johnny?” 

“Yes dear, you don’t think I walk around with pictures of strangers’ dicks on my phone, do you?” 

“They are all of Johnny?” Chelsi asked, shocked at how many Mary had already shown her. 

“Yes, all of them, we tried out so many before we found the right one for him and then I found I liked changing them up and of course when he was punished, I had to use the right cage.”

“What about when he was good?” Chelsi asked sheepishly. 

“Oh, honey, he’s never good enough, but I do allow him to be comfortable when he’s not being bad.” The women laughed as Chelsi asked to see the pics again, searching through them until she came across a serious looking device that had a shiny belt attached to a formidable looking plate covering him completely. “How long did this one last?” she asked, showing the picture to Mary.

Mary laughed saying, “That’s his daily belt, has been for two years now, he hates it but it’s not too uncomfortable for him and it gives me lots of options. Matter of fact he hasn’t had it removed in six months, hum maybe it’s time to shuffle things around a little.”

Chelsi stared at the belt, “Six months?! How does he stand it? It can’t be comfortable” Chelsi stammered. 

Mary smiled, turning to catch her waiters’ eye and ordering two stiff drinks before telling Chelsi “I think it’s time to acquaint you with what comfortable really is.”

“When he agreed to let me control his sex life, we only agreed on two things, nothing permanent and nothing painful.” Mary continued, “The discussion of painful took a while because I didn’t want him using “it hurts” every time he wanted out.” 

The women continued discussing the devices with Mary stopping to show and explain several that, “Hadn’t worked out.” showing pictures of them to Chelsi who had forgotten where they were, giggling and squealing at some of the different devices they had tried.

Chelsi saw one that was shaped like an egg showing it to Mary with a ‘what is that’ look on her face. Mary took the phone smiling “Ah the egg, that is one of my favorites, he hates it because it completely encases his entire package and is very heavy.” 

“Doesn’t the belt do the same thing?” Chelsi asked. 

“Yes, but the belt is very secure and it doesn’t hang from the base of his cock and balls so it’s more comfortable than the egg since it’s made of steel. It's very heavy but I sure did like making him wear it, maybe that’s what we'll change him into tonight.” Mary said grinning.

“If he doesn’t like it, why would he let you put it on him?” Chelsi asked naively. 

“Oh, he has no choice in what I choose for him, he hasn’t in years.” 

“Well, I’ve seen him; he could stop you, couldn’t he?” Chelsi asked.

“Oh, he is always quite secured when I do a change, matter of fact when he is not out of the house he is always secured.” Mary answered. 

Chelsi had toyed with bondage during college. Wanting to know if that was what her mentor was talking about so she asked, “Secured? What do you mean?”

Mary smiled as she explained she would restrain Johnny before changing his units, she went on to tell a stunned Chelsi he was almost always chained and usually gagged when he was at home. “In fact, I left him with his wrists chained to the ceiling and a leather hood laced tight over his head making sure he can’t see anything or spit the gag out somehow to come visit you today.” 

Chelsi flopped back in her chair again “We’ve been her for hours!” 

“Oh, he’s used to it. I have kept him bound and gagged for days. I think he started to enjoy it a few years ago because he stopped complaining about it.” Mary said, smiling.

Mary was looking at her phone again, chuckling as she handed it back to Chelsi “That’s him this morning.”

Chelsi stared at the man in the picture, his wrists had silver bands around them connected to a chain pulling his arms out and up behind his back. The black hood didn’t look like it had any openings and she could see a large bulge under it where his mouth should have been. Chelsi studied the picture seeing the silver from the strap running in between his butt cheeks noticing the silver bands around his ankles.

“What is hanging from his chest?” Chelsi asked. 

“Oh, those or nipple clamps, he likes them!” Mary said, chuckling. 

“How do you know he likes them?” Chelsi asked, doubting anyone would like being clamped. 

“Every time I use them, he starts moaning and bucking his hips, so he likes them,” Mary finished laughing, ordering another drink. 

“Have you ever worn a belt?” Chelsi asked shyly. 

“I have, matter of fact I’m wearing a full set, belt, bra and thigh cuffs. The keys are locked under his hood right now.”

Chelsi looked shocked again “Why?”

“I found I liked having my body locked sometimes too, it’s exciting knowing I’m trapped with the, items, I have inside me.” Mary said grinning. 

“Items? What are you talking about?” Chelsi blurted out before slamming her hand over her mouth and squealing “Oh my god, you have vibrators in you right now?” making Mary laugh out loud and nod yes.

“Are they running, I mean how can you stand it?” Chelsi whispered loudly. 

“They come and go but are set to only come on high when I’m near him unless I stay away too long then they will go off for about thirty minutes then come back on high until they go dead or I get close to him.” Mary explained with a dreamy look on her face. “They are kind of my alarm to make sure I don’t stay away too long.” Mary finished.

Chelsi was still reeling from learning her mentor was currently locked in steel underwear slamming her third drink before asking “Can I see it?” she asked. 

“See what?” Mary asked coyly. 

Chelsi rolled her eyes and said “You know, the chastity belt.” 

“Oh, that. If you wanted to come by the house, I would be glad to show you, maybe you could try one on while you were there.” Mary suggested.

Chelsi grabbed her bag and said, “Let’s go! But you better drive.” 

This made Mary smile as she stood up seeing Chelsi’s face as she heard the chains rattling “Is that noise coming from you!” Chelsi blurted out laughing as they walked towards the door. 

Chelsi followed Mary, admiring how good she looked remembering she had always been impressed by her fitted clothes and her firm body. Today Mary was wearing a snug brown leather pencil skirt that now that Chelsi knew what she was wearing under it she could see the faint lines of the belt and cuffs around her thighs.

Chelsi was very horny when they reached the car, the vision of Mary in the tight leather with the steel under it and their conversation mixed with the alcohol had eliminated her inhibitions. Mary’s home was almost a two-hour drive so the women had a lot of time to continue their conversation making Chelsi even hornier. 

Chelsi was getting excited about seeing Johnny and Mary in their steel but the idea she might be able to try it out really excited her. Chelsi’s original thoughts had gone towards her being a slave girl or something but now learning how chastity had saved and strengthened Mary’s marriage had her thinking about trying it first. The more Mary spoke about how she had blended bondage into the keyholder relationship the more Chelsi liked the idea of chastity. 

Chelsi’s biggest concern was who should be locked up, not sure how it worked if they were both locked up. Mary explained they would need a third person or service as a key holder laughing as Chelsi quickly asked if Mary would do it. Mary smiled saying it would be her honor but she would have to understand the rules and agree to them all before she would even think about it. 

Mary slowed the car down telling Chelsi it was getting near the time the vibrators would turn on high. “Since we have been talking, I have become very aroused so I do not know if I can control myself as I normally could when this happens.” Chelsi was interested but concerned since she was driving. 

“Oh, I’ll pull over if I feel it’s going to be too much, I just wanted to warn you”. Mary said, gasping.

Mary managed to make it to the house without stopping but Chelsi had noticed her sweating and even the pitch in her voice changing a few times. Once parked Mary got out on shaking legs waving to Chelsi to follow her into the house walking straight into the room where Johnny had been left hanging with Mary putting her finger over her mouth telling Chelsi to be quiet. 

While Mary fought the leather hood only loosening it enough to wiggle the remote out from under it, Chelsi walked around studying Johnny. Chelsi was getting more aroused seeing Johnny naked except for the steel covering his cock and the steel belt around his waist.

Chelsi looked closely at the cuffs around Johnny’s wrists and ankles seeing how thick they were noticing the locks set deep in the steel. She wondered how it would feel to be bound with her arms behind her back like this for hours at a time unable to release or even have anyone around to release her.

Chelsi stared at Johnny’s arms held high behind his back, smiling as she studied his firm ass that had two chains running across his ass cheeks and a thin steel rod running between them. Mary smiled at Chelsi staring at her husband and kept tightening his hood. Mary finished with the re-tightened hood asking Johnny how he was doing and getting a nod indicating he was ok. 

“I have someone with me, I would like to bring them in to meet you but I know you like to keep our playtime secret.” Mary told him. 

Johnny was starting to struggle slightly as Mary told him, “I won’t uncover your head but you have already met her and I think she is of shared opinion of our habits and it would mean so much to me to be able to share you with her.” 

Johnny calmed down, nodding his head and moaning he was ok with her guest. Mary stroked his chest as she purred into his ear complimenting him on being such a good pet before turning and walking out of the room. Mary was back in control again and said, “Now back to us.” walking to the small bar pouring both of them a tall drink of her favorite whisky. 

They sat chatting for a minute before Chelsi said “Ok, I’m here. let me see it.” 

Mary laughed saying “Ok, follow me” leading the young woman into their equipment room. 

Chelsi was turning in a slow circle staring at all the equipment and gear in the room finally turning to face Mary seeing she had already stepped out of the pencil skirt with the wide belt and white top lying on the chair next to her. Chelsi stopped turning and stared at Mary standing in the high heels with only a silver bikini that had two wide bands of silver around each of her thighs.

“Well, what do you think?” asked Mary proudly. 

Chelsi stared at Mary’s toned body wondering how old she really was because she had the body of a twenty-year-old, hell it was better than hers, she thought to herself. Chelsi could only stare as she walked around Mary unable to stop her hand from reaching out and touching the wide band of silver around her waist. “Is it supposed to be that tight?” Chelsi stammered.

Chuckling Mary answered, “Yes silly if it wasn’t tight, it wouldn’t be an effective deterrent” What Chelsi didn’t know was Mary hadn’t been free of the belt in almost two months with another six weeks before she could request her keys from the service that has them. 

Mary was as much a prisoner of the steel as Johnny was except, she had his keys. Chelsi murmured as she stroked the belt making Mary purr, “Can I really try one on?” 

Mary took her hands looking her in the eyes and said, “Try on and so much more.”

Mary led Chelsi to the nearby bathroom explaining what she wanted her to do asking if Chelsi had ever had an enema before being told she had been into high colonics when they were popular. 

“Excellent, go flush yourself and wash up and I’ll be ready when you come out.” Mary said warmly. 

Chelsi was lost in her arousal, following her orders and actually enjoying the enema then the quick scrub of herself before returning to the room carrying her clothes. Mary smiled warmly, walking to her and taking the clothes and telling her, “I knew you had a wonderful body under those things.” Mary led a nervous and excited Chelsi to the middle of the room. 

While Mary talked, she stretched out Chelsi’s arm holding it to a steel cuff hanging from the ceiling and carefully closed the cuff around her wrist. Mary continued talking, watching Chelsi’s eyes as she locked her other wrist in a cuff leaving Chelsi standing naked in the middle of the room with her wrists cuffed out to her sides.

Chelsi said nothing, only standing staring at Mary as she walked around her, stroking her body telling her the rules and that once she agreed there was no going back. Chelsi listened carefully, nodding when she understood as Mary continued telling her what to expect, ending her tutorial by asking if she understood and wanted to continue. Chelsi smiled broadly pulling gently on the cuffs then saying in a whispered voice, “Yes, I understand and want to begin my new life.”

Mary smiled hugging the woman, almost squealing in excitement then picking up a shining silver belt showing Chelsi all the options that had been added. Mary informed the young woman she would begin her journey wearing the full set and once she had mastered life in it then they would get her a custom made one for her. 

Chelsi nodded she understood, listening as Mary told her Henry would have the keys to the chains only and that Mary would control the keys to everything else, for a while. Chelsi hesitated. 

“The reason I will keep the keys is because Henry’s desires make him weak and when it gets tough for you, he would open the steel not only to make you happy but to satisfy himself as well.” Mary calmly explained.

Chelsi slowly nodded her head having not thought of Henry or how he would take her decision to commit to Mary like this. Mary noticed her hesitation placing a hand on her stomach telling the nervous woman she would explain everything to Henry so he would know that Chelsi had done this for him. 

Chelsi felt much better knowing how well Mary could communicate her thoughts and actually understood what Chelsi was wanting to do better than Chelsi did. Mary wrapped the belt around Chelsi’s waist making her take a quick breath as it touched her skin and pulled on the chains holding her arms out. 

Mary quickly squeezed the belt into the center section easing the crotch strap upwards carefully feeding the pre-lubed phalluses into Chelsi. When she was sure everything was seated she pressed the strap up hard sealing it against Chelsi’s body and with a loud snap the belt was on.

“See that wasn’t bad was it!” Mary said brightly. “It’s ok you can breathe now.” she joked patting Chelsi on her stomach again. Chelsi wiggled a little asking if it was supposed to be that tight getting a chuckle from Mary “Oh, just wait the adjustment will make it much tighter.” Chelsi stood wiggling and looking down at herself for a few minutes while Mary readied the next piece to the puzzle.

Mary watched Chelsi carefully before saying, “Your breasts are a little fuller than mine were when I wore this but I think once everything adjusts it will fit fine, and besides the tighter this is the more fun it is.” Mary placed the metal bra over Chelsi’s breasts. 

Mary closed the main strap around Chelsi’s chest pulling the two metal straps up and over her shoulders before wrapping the collar that everything was attached to around her neck. Chelsi was really getting excited and scared, her arousal was obvious from the shiny streaks down her thighs and her fear by her body trembling so she said nothing as Mary continued locking pieces onto her body.

Mary locked the thigh cuffs next, smiling as she noticed the streaks coming from under the steel plate squeezing the thigh cuffs until Chelsi moaned. Mary stretched the chains up her thighs connecting them to the belt by pushing the pins on the D-rings into their respective holes until they clicked. 

Mary told Chelsi everything attached cannot be removed until the belt and bra have been opened because the release latches are on the inside of the belt. Mary had Chelsi step into a very high heeled pair of shoes carefully wrapping the straps around her ankles before locking the steel ankle cuffs over them. 

The shoes could be removed without the cuffs being opened but Mary liked the way they looked locked under the wide steel. Small chains were attached between the cuffs with small padlocks, these chains had longer ones trailing from each ankle and were laid on the floor.

Mary smiled as she watched Chelsi standing there in her new steel with her eyes closed remembering the first time she had been locked up. Mary ran her hand over Chelsi's caged body slipping her finger tips under the belt whispering about how Chelsi will never be allowed to be touched or touch herself unless Mary thinks she had earned it. 

Each night when you return home you will lock the chains on without complaint or having to be asked, turning yourself over to him to be his willing slave. Chelsi nodded and moaned as Mary continued telling her the new way, she would treat Henry and be treated by him, you will attend to Henry’s needs whenever possible and do as he asks without delay or question. 

“Every weekend you will spend with me, if Henry agrees and we both think you have earned it I will allow your body to be released for whatever duration or use we decide.” Mary continued in a firm voice telling Chelsi about her new life, “All your future sex will now depend on how well you please Henry and myself, you should only be thinking about how to please us giving no more consideration to your own needs or desires.” 

Mary watched her words soak into Chelsi waiting for her to object or demand to be released and ready to unlock her young friend if she didn’t agree. Mary was hoping what she had read in her eyes all those years ago was correct and this is really what she wanted. 

Chelsi nodded again that she agreed, weakly asking if the cuffs could be locked onto her wrists as well. Chelsi was told that will be done later, now we give your body time to get used to the steel before we adjust it for the first time. Chelsi smiled meekly, feeling the steel hanging on her body even as she twists and flexes in the steel.

Mary showed Chelsi the head harness motioning for her to open her mouth and smiling as Chelsi did it automatically, allowing Mary to strap the large ball into her mouth and pulling the straps tight before leaving the room. Chelsi watched the beautiful woman walk from the room listening to her chains jingling as she walked away thinking how beautiful it was, thankful she had met her when she had.

A few hours later Mary returned to Chelsi stroking her body listening to her moan as she inspected the belt and bra. Mary stood behind Chelsi and asked “Are you still sure you want to begin this stage of your life?” 

Chelsi quickly nodded “Yes.” Having stood helpless alone thinking the whole time about the conversation she had with Mary. Everything she had told her made perfect sense to her explaining a lot of the feelings she had been having her whole life never understanding why. Chelsi suddenly knew why the direction her life was heading now seemed to be perfect for her.

Mary rested one hand on Chelsi’s shoulder inserting the barrel key into the back of the belt, turning it, drawing the belt and crotch plate tighter. Chelsi felt the steel getting tighter thinking at first it was just Mary was sticking her fingers under it. Chelsi started squealing as she felt the steel squeezing her much tighter than when she had first put it on whining and twisting. 

Mary twisted the key watching the small marks moving on the back of the belt knowing it had to be adjusted just right to be worn the way it should be. Chelsi was whimpering as Mary removed the key, inserting it immediately into the back of the bra making the young woman moan louder as the bra shrank around her chest.

The bra not only was squeezing her chest but compressing her breasts that had finally stopped throbbing. Mary ignored Chelsi’s whining, twisting the key harder, remembering when she had let Johnny tighten her up the first few times and smiling at the memories.

Mary stopped turning the key telling Chelsi “Only one more adjustment and you’ll be all set.” Patting her on her ass that was now bulging around the strap running through it. Mary rubbed the steel covering Chelsi’s breasts making her throw her head back and moan loudly as the heat from Mary’s hands and the feeling of them being groped increased her arousal and feelings of helplessness.

While Chelsi stood alone whimpering in the tight steel Mary was having fun with Johnny teasing him adding weight to the nipple clamps and raising his bound hands higher behind him forcing him to bend over. Johnny wanted more than anything to bring his mistress to a screaming orgasm unaware she wasn’t able to remove her steel even though she desperately wanted to. 

The hornier she became the more she tormented her slave needing the whines and moans to help her own desperation. The whines and moans from Johnny were making Mary pant harder in her own steel as her deepening frustration made her bite her lip and moan slightly.

When Mary returned to Chelsi, she stood quietly behind her watching her shift in the tall high heels pulling at the chains still holding her arms outstretched. Mary knew Chelsi had no idea how long she had been restrained, only feeling the aches and pains caused by being held so immobile for so long. 

When Mary touched Chelsi, the young woman began moaning and whining, shaking her head twisting as far as she could to look into Mary’s eyes. Mary knew the realization of her new situation had sunk in and she was trying to beg Mary to stop. Mary smiled warmly holding Chelsi’s gagged face looking her directly in the eye, “You agreed you wanted this knowing once we started there was no going back.” Chelsi shook her head “No” again pulling at the chains moaning and shaking her head.

Mary explained to Chelsi she would be having many new emotions and the feelings of desperation from now on, smiling as she said “Sometimes you even forget you’ll never be able to cum again unless someone else lets you, rarely but it happens.” 

Chelsi started whining loudly and flailing wildly desperately wanting to stop the whole thing. When she stood gasping and weeping Mary walked up behind her inserting the key. “Now you will know how true desperation feels… get used to it.” and started turning the key as Chelsi thrashed in her chains.

Chelsi was weeping almost hanging from her wrists when Mary finished the adjustments and left the room smiling as her hands rubbed her own steel. Mary was reliving the moment she realized she didn’t want to go any further in her training, laughing as she thought about the fact that she had done it to herself. 

By the next morning Chelsi was kneeling with her head hanging down, her wrists still clamped tight in the cuffs holding her up right. Mary walked in dressed in a tight black leather dress crushing her knees together in towering high heeled boots wearing a collar stretching her neck holding it rigidly erect. 

Chelsi looked at her as she walked around the kneeling woman getting aroused by the sight of the incredibly powerful woman now in control of her. 

“Good news!” Mary said brightly. “I spoke to Henry explaining what you wanted and the agreement we have and he was very open to the idea of the whole thing.” Chelsi looked up at her nodding her head trying to stand, showing Mary the thigh cuffs wouldn’t let her stand.

Mary grabbed the woman lifting her to her feet unbuckling the gag removing it as Chelsi worked her jaw whining as it started cramping again. Mary brought a bottle of water to her lips letting her gulp it down smiling asking if she was ready to start her day. 

Chelsi nodded as she was whispering “Sorry I freaked out.” Mary held her face telling her it was okay it happens to everyone that’s why I shackled you first. Mary released one wrist pulling it around until it touched the other connecting them together before releasing the chains and slowly lowering them down.

Mary attached a leash to Chelsi’s collar then led her out of the door into the house dragging the chains from her ankles passing Johnny wandering around still bound and hooded. Mary sat Chelsi in a large chair connecting the chain from her ankles to the legs then guiding her arms behind the back of the chair. 

Once Mary had her wrists secured to the chair she asked “What would you like for breakfast?” Chelsi lowered her head answering “Whatever is easiest for you ma’am”. Mary smiled at her answer thinking she really is a true submissive.

Chelsi sat in her chains watching Mary prepare a large breakfast getting hungrier as the aromas wafted around her listening to Mary as she explained many of the feelings and sensations she would be having. “I speak from experience. I went through them all as well but they will pass and you will accept this is what you really want in your life.” Mary explained.

Chelsi sat watching Mary eat her breakfast, never being offered anything, waiting until she felt her stomach growl quietly asking “What about me?” feeling so helpless she almost started to cry. Mary reminded her she had said “Whatever is easiest and nothing was the easiest.” 

Chelsi nodded in agreement seeing her mistake. “You have to learn to always answer the question you are asked, and then when not to.” Mary said playfully. Chelsi smiled looking down then quickly taking what Mary offered her, letting Mary feed her as she explained more rules and ways to mentally cope with her new situation until she accepted it. 

After eating Mary unlocked Chelsi’s wrists from each other, taking the chains from her ankles and adding another one through the O-ring on her collar locking them to her wrists. Chelsi didn’t struggle when Mary changed her restraints looking at her stunned when Mary said, “Now clean the kitchen up.” 

Chelsi slowly stood on her high heels testing the limits of her chains picking up the plates and silverware carrying them to the counter. Mary shimmied off in her tight dress to check on Johnny leaving Chelsi to clean the kitchen and think about what she had done wondering if Henry was really going to accept it or if he would insist her to stop the whole thing.

Chelsi worked cleaning the kitchen turning around when she heard someone behind her seeing Henry standing next to Mary. “See, doesn't she look sexy?” Mary exclaimed, getting a stunned nod from Henry as he stared at his wife. Mary said, “I’ll leave you two alone to talk then we’ll all get together to talk about the next step and how we will approach it.” 

Mary shimmied off again being heard yelling at Johnny to turn to the right. Henry sat down still staring at Chelsi who smiled at him slowly turning to show him the whole outfit. Henry asked, “Is this what you really want?” Getting a slow nod from her. “Why didn’t you come to me first?” 

Chelsi smiled. “None of this was planned, we just had a conversation and it kind of progressed from there.”

Chelsi asked if he was really ok with this being surprised when he said he had often fantasied about living a similar life but had been afraid to bring it up to her. They tried to hug finding the chains didn’t allow either to reach around the other laughing about it. 

Chelsi admitted she had doubts but had agreed to let Mary be the keyholder until she thought Henry was ready to do it himself. Henry thought about it saying, “I can see why, she knows that I love you and would cave easily.” Chelsi smiled telling him about last night warning him she might do it again telling him he would have to be strong.

Mary stood around the corner listening and smiling as she thought about training Chelsi and Henry. She told them both to go upstairs to spend some time with each other and they would talk later, watching them both nod and walk off, leaving Mary smiling at their submissiveness. Mary removed Johnny’s hood, kissing him deeply and telling him how much she loved him, thanking him for helping her be trained so well.

They spent the next day with Chelsi serving them and never being allowed to sit or speak and when she broke training and spoke Mary handed Henry the head harness directing him how to put it on and tighten it correctly. Chelsi spent her remaining time gagged, shuffling in her high heels. Chelsi listened to Mary instruct her husband on how to treat his wife, getting more desperate to express her opinion and wanting out of the steel on her body. 

Mary asked if the steel was feeling okay patting her on her ass getting a nod from Chelsi who snatched her hands up pulling on the chains connecting her wrists and mumbling loudly. Mary quickly snatched her hands down, clipping the chain to her belt, limiting her even more. 

Pulling on her collar Mary led her to a post in the playroom. Attaching another clip to her collar Chelsi was forced onto her toes to keep from choking herself. “Come Henry, I’ll introduce you to Johnny and show you how the other half lives.” They left Chelsi struggling and moaning.

Henry told Mary he didn’t know if he could treat her that firmly saying he understood why Mary would need to keep the keys. Mary smiled telling him she had been trained much the same way and that there would be moments she would fight him and her choice but they both had to stay strong. 

They visited with Johnny who stood locked to a cleat in the wall only wearing the chastity belt, his hands still locked behind his back talking for several minutes. Mary unlocked his hands, taking the leash and leading both men into the living room where they continued talking while Mary went to check on Chelsi.

Henry asked a lot of questions about Chelsi’s training changing the subject to Johnny’s training asking about the belt surprising Johnny with his knowledge of chastity cages. When Mary returned, she was laughing at how mad Chelsi was telling Henry, “She will want to remove the bra first, it will seem very tight to her but this is just a step because next she would want everything off.” 

Henry said he understood asking about Mary’s and Johnny’s relationship sitting and listening to each answer crossing his legs trying to hide his erection. Before it was time for Chelsi and Henry to go Mary asked if Henry wanted to try a chastity cage of his own, pausing to add, “No I won’t keep the keys, until you want me too.” 

Henry hesitated before declining and asking about how rigid should he be once they left the house. Mary told him, “You cannot ever give in or show weakness if this is going to work. After a week or two she’ll calm down and by the end of the first month she’ll start enjoying herself again.”

Mary went and got her new trainee leading her to the front door telling both of them to call anytime and to be here Saturday morning or Friday night if they wanted to. Mary handed the leash to Henry telling Chelsi, “Remember what I told you and be a good girl.” Looking at Henry reminding him of the small notebook she had given him to take good notes and we will go over them when they come back.

As they two were leaving the house Mary handed Henry a small box saying, “For your own curiosity.” Waving goodbye she turned to Johnny and commented: “I’ll have both of them serving me in a month.” Johnny told her about the conversation he had with Henry with Mary laughing before kissing Johnny again asking if he wanted to take a nap with her. “It’s been a long couple of days.”

The couple was at the house Friday night ready to play having called multiple times during the week with Chelsi having to stay home from work a few days because she was fighting Henry and her restraints so hard. Mary told both of them to strip since Chelsi was wearing an oversized coat leading Chelsi by her leash to the playroom adjusting the straps on her head harness tighter before clipping her hands to her belt and her collar to the post again. 

Mary returned to Henry who was standing naked in the living room holding her hand out waiting for a moment, “The keys.” she said firmly. Henry pulled a set of keys from his pants pocket laying the pants down again before handing her the keys. “I’m disappointed in you letting her get by so easy.” Pointing to another room following him asking him if he was ready to start HIS training.

Henry had agreed to learn from Mary and Johnny having no idea what that meant as she locked a padlock through the end of the tube attaching it to a chain already locked to the wall. His cock was already fighting the steel he had placed on himself after seeing Mary’s firm body wrapped in something clear and incredibly tight from her chin to her calves. 

Mary went back to Chelsi checking her belt and chains, twisting the key in both latches several times, making Chelsi whine around the gag and slapping her on her ass telling her, “I don’t want to hear that this weekend.”

It had been a rough week for Mary. Johnny had spent most of it in town because of work leaving her alone and frustrated with no one to take it out on as a distraction. Adding to it was the desperate phone calls from both of her new subs reminding her of her early days of being trained getting mad when she would get a call from Chelsi without Henry knowing about it. 

Mary went back to Henry asking him, “Are you serious about training your wife?” Getting a stammering, “Yes” from the frustrated man who was very confused. Mary stroked his ass and balls making his dick swell even more saying, “Maybe it’s because you haven’t been trained properly?” Getting a shaky nod from him, “Well if you wanted to fix that we could start today, but remember once we start, we will finish.” getting another nod from him. “Good boy.” She said stroking his balls feeling the flesh of his straining cock through the bars of the cage.

“I can train you so you can have the bliss we have but you will be uncomfortable to start but once you accept it you can be comfortable and enjoy everything more.” Henry nodded again, opening his mouth when ordered to, letting her strap a large panel gag over his mouth as she apologized for the cock shaped gag attached to it. With him gagged Mary was already feeling better, pulling his arms behind his back and cuffing them.

Mary unlocked him from the wall using the chain locked to the cage to lead him into the playroom to see his wife standing on her toes grunting as she tried to keep from being choked again. Mary sat him down cuffing his ankles to the chair legs before using two large leather straps to pull his back tightly against the chairs back welding him to the seat. 

Chelsi watched her wriggling around in the tight dress securing her husband to the chair. Whimpering when she squatted in front of him and took his caged cock into her mouth, licking and sucking it while Henry moaned and whined and his cock fought the steel cage.

Mary teased Henry for an hour using ice to ease his suffering only to make him swell again using Chelsi several times as a whipping post watching his reaction to each scenario. Mary left the two alone clamping Henry’s nipples before shimmying to the kitchen to get a glass of wine. Mary was smiling as she thought she would have two new submissive’s by the time her keys were returned to her. 

Going back to the play room both people were very quiet with his head hanging down and Chelsi still gasping for air each time her feet lowered. “I see you’re wearing the shoes I gave you.” Mary said inspecting Chelsi more carefully seeing her look over at Henry. 

“Did he make you wear them all week?” Mary asked. Getting a nod from Chelsi he had. Mary turned to Henry and said “Good for you, you might make a dom yet.” Seeing Henry’s eyes were glazed over she added, “Did you do it because you liked seeing her in them?” getting a nod from him “Yes.” 

“Well, that’s too bad I had hoped it would be to dominate her.” Mary said in a disappointed tone.

Mary unlocked Chelsi’s wrist from one end of the chain pulling her arm up behind her back before pulling her other arm connecting them together before connecting the other end of the chain to them. This left Chelsi’s arms pulled up between her shoulder blades pulling on her collar. Chelsi began fighting for air as the post pulled up and her arms pulled back on the collar.

Mary let her struggle, watching Henry’s cock swell again, smiling as she unlocked Chelsi from the post and backing her to the large cross facing Henry. Mary attached Chelsi’s collar to the cross before connecting two more chains to the sides of her belt. Chelsi could now see Henry chained to the chair gagged with his nipples clamped looking at Mary with wide eyes. 

“Oh, I think you should worry about yourself right now,” Mary said menacingly.

Chelsi felt Mary unlock her ankles from each other pushing them apart lowering her body and feeling the chains holding her to the cross tighten as Mary locked her ankle cuffs to the legs of the cross. Mary stood bent over in front of Henry letting him watch her ass in the tight dress as she secured his wife further. 

When she was done, she stood up gasping, turning around asking her captives “What do you think of my dress?”

Henry nodded, making Mary turn to Chelsi saying, “I made it myself, it’s called pallet wrap.” she said proudly. “It takes a steady hand to make it perfect but I think I got it right, what do you think?” looking Chelsi in the eye watching her look at the dress nodding her approval. 

“The neat thing is it always tries to return to its original size meaning it always stays tight, if you stretch it while wrapping.” Mary turned back to Henry walking to him slowly, still talking about the dress, “It’s very hot and no matter how many times I stretch it out it stays tight and continues tightening on my body.”

Mary is having a good time watching Henry’s reaction to her rubbing and stroking her body as she slowly walks to him reaching down and touching his cock before quickly spinning around and walking back to Chelsi. Mary starts rubbing and stroking Chelsi again making her pant around the tight gag whispering to her, “Do you want to cum my dear?” getting an enthusiastic nod from the gasping women. 

Mary spun around and asked Henry, “Should we let her cum my dear?” getting another affirmative nod from him.

“Isn’t that sweet” Mary said tauntingly. “Well, I think I agree, but we have a problem if I let her cum that means you won’t be allowed to cum.” Mary said, pointing at Henry. Henry still nodded towards Chelsi. 

“Ah that’s too bad because a good dom always thinks of themselves first and since you are so generous, I think we will keep you locked up for the whole week.” Mary said, turning to Chelsi and grabbing both steel covered tits and saying, “That means you get to cum this weekend and he will have to suffer with you until next weekend, isn’t that generous of him?”

Chelsi shakes her head “No” leaning her head towards Henry. “What now you don’t want to cum?” getting more nods and whines from Chelsi. “See that’s a good sub wanting to take care of her dom but neither of you seem to understand that when you are here, I am the only dom!” 

Mary teased Chelsi in front of Henry for hours before opening the plate over her damp pussy toying with her for another few hours never allowing her to cum. “Well, it’s late.” Mary said yawning, “We have a busy two days ahead of us so I guess I will go to bed, see you both in the morning.” adding as she left the room, “Sleep well. You will need it.”

Mary went to her room more frustrated than she had been in a long time grabbing her restraints and gag twisting the timer on the headboard without looking. The gag was a full muzzle type that would seal her mouth completely with multiple straps to hold it in place. 

Mary locked the cuffs around her ankles leaving a short chain dangling from them before locking the cuffs around her wrists. Before turning to sit down she spotted the roll of pallet wrap sitting nearby picking it up she began wrapping herself again starting over her sealed mouth. 

Mary wrapped herself down to her high heels then back up repeating the procedure several times until she felt like she was being crushed by the tight plastic. Satisfied she lay back wriggling and twisting in her cocoon until her feet were centered on the bed having to struggle to fling the chain from her ankles over the edge of the bed. 

Once it was over the edge Mary reached to the night stand slipping her favorite sleep mask down over her eyes closing the straps making sure to route them under the straps of the muzzle gag. Mary lay back panting from her struggles calming herself before reaching back finding the small handles sticking from the head board. 

As soon as she grabbed the handles, she pressed her cuffs to the plates under them, feeling them pull her wrists hard against the headboard. Mary let go of the handles pulling herself upwards feeling the chain at her feet was also stuck to the mag lock and she was now trapped in place like her subs in the other room. 

Mary smiled around the gag thinking about the only difference between them and her, she knew she would be freed when the timer ran out and their long weekend was just beginning. Mary struggled all night with the ever-tightening plastic covering her while Henry and Chelsi were forced to stare at each other, keeping both aroused as they watched the other struggle.

Mary had orgasmed twice before the timer was to release her, falling asleep warm and bound just like she liked to be. Mary was sleeping so deeply she didn’t hear when Johnny walked into the room and stood watching her plastic wrapped body sleeping.

Johnny eased over, twisting the knob on the timer all the way, sealing her fate for an additional twenty-four hours and smiling, knowing she would think something had gone wrong. Johnny went into the dungeon peeking in to see the two helpless slaves hanging limply in their bonds.

Johnny and Mary had an agreement that if one catches the other playing by themselves, they have to be their slave for forty-eight hours. It had been a long time since he had caught her playing by herself having had many thoughts of what he was going to do with her.

Johnny’s dilemma was what he was going to do with the playthings now bound and gagged in the dungeon, smiling when an idea hit him. “I’ll use Mary as a demonstration of what happens to slaves when they don’t obey!” Johnny started to put together a plan using Mary’s bound body to show the new slave’s different punishments. “It’ll be perfect.” He mumbled to himself.


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