The Contract

by Michelle Stevens

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© Copyright 2012 - Michelle Stevens - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; M+/f; bond; corset; rope; gag; susp; pole; display; sold; xframe; dungeon; machine; sex; oarl; anal; climax; cons/reluct; XX

Sue was always short of money, so when she read the add in the morning paper, it looked like an answer to her problems. It asked for slim attractive females with supple bodies and an open minded attitude. Sue was only five feet one inch tall and weighed forty nine kilograms, so she thought that she fitted the bill as far as her body went and she was, she considered, very attractive. All in all, she was gorgeous with her short blonde hair and hourglass figure, so she picked up the phone and dialled the number.

A woman answered and Sue said she wanted to apply for the advertised job. The woman asked a few questions about her looks and body and then asked seriously, “Do you have an open mind and are you willing to do anything we ask? This is a modelling position and will be required to do all kinds of things that may seem unusual to you.”

Sue said that she was willing to do as they asked and so an appointment was set up for that afternoon at three pm. The woman told Sue that she need not dress up for the interview, as she would be required to wear some of their clothing. Sue agreed and it was all arranged.

At the appointed time, Sue arrived wearing skin tight leggings and a slim top that was like a mini dress. She had on black ankle boots with quite high heels to give her a little more height. She thought that models were usually tall so she needed all she could get.

The office looked very respectable, but Sue was shocked when she entered and saw the woman she had talked to on the phone. She was very tall, at least six feet, with long auburn hair that went down to her narrow waist, but what was surprising, was her clothes. She wore an extremely tight dress that was shiny and very short. It had long sleeves that hugged her slender arms perfectly. Sue guessed it was made of rubber as it shone so much. The woman also had on a pair of extremely high heeled shoes that strapped around her ankles and the straps looked very tight. Sue wonder how she could walk in them.

The woman said her name Elvira and Sue could well believe it as she looked a little like the movie star with the same name. Elvira told her to sit down and placed a paper in front of her, saying, “You certainly have to looks and the figure we need, so read this and if you are happy with it, sign it and we can get on with some work.”

Sue read through the document and raised her eyebrows a few times. If she signed it, she would be giving Elvira total control of her and as the document stated, Elvira could do absolutely anything to her. Sue thought about leaving, but she needed the money and besides, what could Elvira do to her that would be all that bad? So Sue picked up the pen and signed her name to the document. Elvira picked it up, looked it over and then put it in the filing cabinet.

She told Sue to stand up and when she came close, she towered over Sue. “We will have to do something about your height. Take your boots off. While you are at it, take off the leggings too, oh, and your panties.”

Sue was surprised that she was asked to remove her panties, but she had signed the paper and she had to do everything Elvira said, so she removed them along with the other things. Elvira then handed her a pair of black stockings and told her to put them on. Sue felt a little better with the stockings on, even though she was naked under her top.

Then she was handed a pair of ankle boots that were unbelievable. They had six inch platform soles and the heels must have been ten inches high. Sue sat down and put them on, doing up the laces tight as instructed, then Elvira told her to stand up. She doubted if she could, but struggled to her feet and found that she could stand in them quite easily. Walking might be a different story though. Elvira came close again, but this time she didn’t seen quite so tall.

Sue’s next shock came when Elvira put her arms around her and pulled her close. Sue looked up at her and Elvira bent and brushed her lips on Sue’s, “Don’t be scared, its only a kiss.” Sue had never kissed a girl, but this was exciting and she returned the kiss with passion. She felt a stirring in her loins as Elvira’s tongue went inside her mouth and the kiss became more feverish. Then Sue felt Elvira’s hand slip under her dress and touch her clit. Sue moaned as the touch drove her wild with excitement. She thrust her hips as the hand and fingers slipped inside her and began to fuck her. She pushed back in rhythm and it wasn’t long before she was on the verge of a massive orgasm, but Elvira stopped and moved away. Sue breathed heavily, feeling frustrated and being brought so close and then to be denied her pleasure.

Sue was rocking on her heels from the pleasure she had felt, but she steadied herself when Elvira returned with a very strict looking corset and a new attitude, “Strip slut, then I am going to give you a figure that you won’t believe.”

Sue did as ordered and soon she was naked except for the ridiculously high heels and stockings. Elvira wrapped the corset around her and fastened the metal clips at the front. She looked Sue over and smiled, “I think you need to be silenced before I lace you up.”

Sue wondered what she meant by silenced, but she soon found out when Elvira produced a large rubber ball gag and ordered her to open her mouth wide. Sue obeyed and Elvira rammed the massive ball between her teeth and began strapping it in. Once the straps were fastened, Sue knew she could not get this ball out no matter how hard she tried, so she tried to relax.

As Elvira went behind her and commenced the lacing up, Sue started to regret signing the paper, but it was too late now, she had to do whatever this Amazon wanted to do to her. As the laces tightened, Sue started to struggle for breath as the garment tightened around her and she could feel her waist being reduced to microscopic proportions. Once Elvira had finished, she pushed Sue in front of a long mirror. Sue was amazed at her figure, Her waist was tiny and her hips flared magnificently, but her tits had never looked so good as the corset pushed them into perfect orbs.

She tried to say how great she looked, but the gag prevented any talking. Elvira went and brought back what looked like a leather dress, but it wasn’t a normal dress, it had laces and strange sleeves on it. In fact, the sleeves were actually one sleeve and positioned at the back of the dress. Elvira helped her step into it and as it was pulled up, Sue saw that is went all the way down to her ankles and was hugging her legs so that she had to keep them close together. As the dress was pulled higher, Sue was ordered to put her arms behind her back and the sleeve was pulled over them. Elvira pulled the dress all the way up and the high neckline had a stiff leather collar built into it. This was placed around Sue’s throat and strapped up so tight that Sue gasped for breath.

Elvira obviously didn’t want Sue to get out of this restraint as she went around putting padlocks on all the buckles, even the ones on all the straps holding the gag in place. Sue felt quite comfortable as she became used to the tight corset and mouth filling gag, but then Elvira began lacing up the dress. She started at Sue’s ankles and laced up her legs. As the laces tightened, Sue’s legs were forced hard against each other and seemed to feel like one leg. The lacing continued right up to her neck and Sue began to feel like an Egyptian mummy. Looking in the mirror, Sue thought she looked like one too, only encased in black leather instead of white bandages.

Once the dress was laced to Elvira’s satisfaction, she started to lace up the sleeve, drawing Sues arms closer and closer together until she felt her elbow touch. Elvira still kept tightening the laces and soon Sue’s arms also felt like one. Sue shrugged her shoulders, but found that she could hardly move, so tight was everything. She examined her situation and decide that she could put up with this for a little while, she presumed while Elvira took pictures. Although why she should want pictures of Sue like this was beyond her.

To Sue’s amazement, Elvira hadn’t finished with her yet as she now dumped a massive pile of ropes on the table next to Sue. Sue didn’t believe that she could be retrained any more than she already was, but she was about to be proven wrong.

Elvira started at her feet and tied rope under the arches and around her feet, pulling it so tight that Sue almost fell over. Next her ankles were tied just as tight and then the roping continued up her legs until it reached the top of them. Each rope was only about an inch apart from the next on and Sue’s legs were a sea of gleaming white rope. Then Elvira did exactly the same to her arms and soon the too were encased in super tight ropes. Elvira then did her upper body and Sue was amazed how much rope was tied around her and how tight it all was. Now she couldn’t move at all, well not without falling over.

Although, it seemed that was what Elvira wanted, as she grabbed Sue and laid her on the floor. She tied more ropes around Sue’s ankles and also tied it to a hook that was hanging from the ceiling on a chain. Elvira picked up a remote control and pressed a button. Sue’s feet were lifted and went higher and higher. Sue was dragged along the floor and soon her head left the ground and she was hanging upside down. Elvira kept lifting her until her head was on a level with the tall girl’s. Sue writhed around, but she knew it was futile as she had been tied so well. She had absolutely no chance of escaping her bonds.

Elvira came close to her and unlocked the back strap of the ball gag. Sue hoped she was taking it off, but instead it was tightened even more, forcing the ball deep into Sue’s mouth, the lock was replaced and Sue almost cried.

Elvira began to kiss Sue again and because the ball was so far into her mouth, their lips touched easily. Sue tried to enjoy the kiss, but the super tight bonds made it difficult. Then Elvira pushed another button on the remote and vibrations started coming from the dress in the area of her clit. Sue hadn’t felt the protrusion in the dress before, but she certainly felt it now and she moaned around her gag. Elvira’s kiss became more fervent and Sue was allowed to climax this time. She shuddered violently as the wave washed over her. So intense was her orgasm, that she begin to feel that she could enjoy bondage after all.

Yet, still Elvira hadn’t finished with her. “OK you little slut, let’s get you ready for the night. You should be quite dizzy by morning and then you will be ready to go into our collection, but don’t worry, you will be fed and kept healthy, just restrained. You’ll get used to it after a few months and after a couple of years you should be perfectly happy.”

She grabbed a large roll of some sort of bandage and approached Sue again. She pushed soft wax into Sue’s ears and everything went quiet. Then she wrapped bandage around Sue’s eyes and over her ears, going around and round until Sue was totally deaf and blind and of course she couldn’t voice her protests at the prospect of what Elvira had said was going to be done with her. Sue realized that there was absolutely no way she could escape at the moment, so she didn’t bother to try.

The next morning came slowly and Sue was feeling very light headed from being upside down all night.

Sue didn’t know Elvira was back, in fact she hadn’t known if she had even left. All her senses had been taken away from her and she knew nothing except the incredible bondage she had been placed in. The first she knew of anything was when the bandages were being removed. Eventually she could see again and then the wax was taken out of her ears and she could hear again, but the ball gag remained in place. She was lowered to the floor and Elvira picked her up and carried her through a door. She was taken out through another door into a large yard that was surrounded by a high wall. There was a car there and Sue was put into the boot and the lid slammed shut.

It seemed to Sue that they had been driving for a long time, but also she felt that had been going in circles, probably to confuse her. At last she was taken from the car and into another building. She was placed on her feet in the centre of a large room and left alone, but not alone, around the room there were many other girls, all unbelievably bound and gagged and in very strict positions.

There were signs in front of each girl, explaining exactly the bondage she was in and how long she had been in this position. It even told of the vicious gagging that each girl was suffering. Sue knew that this was the talked of collection and also knew that she was to become a part of it.

Elvira returned and laughed at her, “Do you like our collection. No point in introducing you and no-one will talk to you and you won’t be talking to them. Now lets get you ready for display.”

Sue attempted to speak, but the gag was unrelenting and she was completely silenced. Sue was carried to a platform and stood on it. The ropes around her feet and ankles were taken off and replaced by some leather lined chrome steel cuffs. The cuffs were welded together so Sue’s ankles were still pressed hard against each other. The cuffs were then attached to rings set in the platform, by short chains that were padlocked at each end. The chains pulled Sue’s ankles down and made it more difficult to stand in the ridiculous shoes, but there was nothing she could do about it.

The rest of the ropes on her legs were taken off and replaced with strong leather straps that were fastened so tight that Sue couldn’t believe it, then all the buckles were locked with more strong padlocks. The was a pole behind Sue and somehow, all the straps had been attached to it and her legs were fixed to the pole and she couldn’t move them at all.

Now her arms were released for both ropes and leather sleeve, but she was too weak to do anything with them. Sue hadn’t noticed the pole or the steel cuffs that were welded to it, but she knew they were there when her arms were pulled back and locked into them. Her wrists were touching and then her elbows were pushed into other cuffs that held them together as well. More cuffs went around her forearms and all the cuffs were padlocked. Sue was grateful that the cuffs had leather linings so they would have hurt much more than they did.

The ropes around her body had already been removed, but now Elvira was fastening wide leather straps around her and the pole, but before she tightened them she put a steel belt around Sue’s waist. It was also welded to the pole and Sue was forced back as the steel band closed around her tiny waist. Elvira did some adjustments on the belt and it tightened more and more, then she locked the mechanism with yet another strong padlock. Sue was one with the pole and she could only move her head, her body and limbs were totally immovable.

Elvira had a smug look on her beautiful face and she said, “Just a few more things and you will be ready for the display when it opens in a couple of hours. Firstly your feeding tubes and other things.”

Another woman came in, carrying a medical box. She went behind Sue and somehow, a tube was inserted into Sue’s wet pussy then another one in her rear hole. Then a needle was injected into her arm in a place where it was hidden from view. They told her that the tubes would take care of all her needs and the woman left.

Now Elvira stood before Sue. “Now lets see, you haven’t choked on that ball, so I think a nice penis gag will be good to use on you. The customers love a slave that has a huge penis down her throat.”

Elvira took out Sue’s ball gag, but Sue couldn’t speak even with it out. Then Elvira held up Sue’s new gag and she gulped at the sight of it. It was made of rubber, a realistic penis shape and was at least eight inches long and very thick. It had many straps attached to it and looked very evil to Sue. She strained against her bonds in a futile effort to avoid the huge cock, but she knew deep down that it was useless. So when Elvira ordered her to open her mouth she meekly obeyed. Elvira told her that the penis had a breathing hole through its centre so she could breath through her mouth, even though her mouth would be full and her throat blocked.

Sue was shaking in her tight bonds as the tip of the shaft was placed against her lips. She was thankful that she had never had a gag reflex, but still though this wouldn’t be pleasant. Elvira inserted the cock between Sue’s lips and it forced her teeth further apart. Sue had sucked a guys cock many times before and this felt quite normal at the moment, but Elvira kept pushing and the massive shaft went deeper and deeper until it wedged in Sue’s throat. She began to breathe through the hole and found it was easy at least, but the feeling in her throat was new to her and she wasn’t sure she liked it much. Elvira buckled the first strap behind Sue’s head and pulled it up extremely tight, forcing the shaft a little deeper, then she padlocked the buckle. She began doing up all the other strap just as tight and each one was locked on until Sue’s head was a mass of strapping that wouldn’t be removed easily.

Happy with the gagging, Elvira placed a very wide stiff leather collar around Sue’s neck and fastened the three straps that closed it tightly around her throat. Of course all three were padlocked shut. It also locked to the pole and held her head firmly.

Elvira stepped back and looked at the helpless girl, “There you go slut, all ready for the show. I like the fear in your eyes. Try to keep it there, the customers will love it. I was going to blindfold you, but I think I’ll leave it for now. If business ever drops off, we may let you go, but it has been going for five years now and gets busier every day, so I wouldn’t hold out any hold any hope there.” Elvira left her.

Sue cried and later looked around the room at the other captives. There were at least twenty that Sue could see and all were bound in positions just as hopeless as her own. Some where even more severe than hers and she wonder how they could stand it day after day. She drifted off into a world of her own, which looked like the only place she had.

* * *

As the days dragged by, Sue took more interest in the other girls. One was tied spread eagled in an upright position, but her high heeled feet were two feet off the ground so that she was hanging by her wrists. The ropes were so taught that she had no movement whatsoever. The sign in front of her said that she had been here for three years and her gag was even worse than Sue’s, a twelve inch penis that must have been well down her throat.

Another girl was suspended by her tied together wrists that were high above her head and her feet were four feet off the floor and her legs were tied so that you could only see the extremely tight roping, but worst of all was the huge steel weight that hung from her feet and must be causing her to stretch a lot. It said her gag was an inflatable one that was pumped up to the size of a large orange and the pressure was checked regularly to make sure in didn’t deflate at all. It must be stretching the girls mouth enormously.

Sue also found out that every four hours, the tubes that had been inserted into her, began to pump her out so she had no need to use the toilet. The needle obvious provided nourishment, but the best thing of all, was on Mondays the collection was closed and so the girls were released and allowed to exercise in a walled in yard. It took all of then several hours before they could move much at all, but it still gave them time for some exercise. After that, they were all returned to their positions again, although the positions of each girl was changed.

This week, Sue was taken to a different platform where she was retied. This time, she was the one with the steel weight. When the gag went in Sue steeled herself for the inflation and her mouth stretched to it’s absolute limit as the ball inside grew to huge proportions. The tubes and needle were reinserted and Sue resigned herself for a week of being like this. The only other distraction was when the customers came through, a sleazy looking crowd that ogled and leered at the girls, some even wanked themselves off in front of them. They were even allowed to touch the girls and Sue was happy that her legs were bound tightly together, but they did play with her tit’s a lot and felt her tiny waist. All in all it was quite disgusting to Sue, but at least it was a change for the routine of just being their totally helpless.

It must have been Thursday when something different happened. One of Elvira’s helpers came in and let her down from her suspension. Her hands were untied and also her legs, even the gag was taken out. Sue had to be helped to walk as she was taken from the display room.

In the next room, Elvira sat talking to two men. They looked reasonable respectable, not the normal sleazes that came here. Sue was sat on a chair facing the trio. She felt exposed as the long leather dress had long ago been replaced by a very short one that was just as tight. Still with no panties she wondered how much the men could see up her dress. She kept her legs tight together.

Elvira saw her concern and smiled, “Don’t worry about these men, they are to be your new owners as they have bought your contract from me. In a moment we will get you ready for shipping, but for now I want you to parade for them so that they can see they are getting good merchandise.”

Sue remembered that evil piece of paper that had give control of her over to these people and stood up on shaky legs. She stood for a while until she got her balance and then began to walk up and down the room. The men watched her intently and Sue held the hem of her dress down so that they wouldn’t see too much of her, but that didn’t really work as one of them got up and came over and whipped his hand under her dress, grabbing her pussy hard. She flinched at the sudden intrusion. Suddenly the man kicked her legs apart and his fingers slid inside her. Sue could do nothing as he held her legs apart with his foot and she was still weak. What really surprised her was the fact that she was extremely wet. The man revelled in fingering her and she found herself pushing back against his hand and moaning.

The other man came over and in seconds his fingers were up inside her rear hole and she squealed. One of them kissed her and she responded seductively. The men agreed that she would do nicely and ask for her to be prepared.

Sue was taken away to another room that was filled with ropes and all kinds of bondage gear. Two male helpers came in and said they were to prepare her. She was told to remove her dress and when she did they started tightening her corset. Sue didn’t think it could be tightened any more, but with two men pulling the laces it did.

They made her put the dress back on and laced it up as well, then the put a corset like thing around her neck and laced it up really tight, then they pulled her hands behind her and pulled them up between her shoulder blade. Soon they were tied tightly together and fixed to the back of the neck corset so that they stayed high up her back and she couldn’t move then down even a fraction. More ropes were tied around her arms so they were totally held together then ropes were tied around her body and arms to make extra sure she couldn’t escape.

A large rubber ball was forced into her mouth and the vet wrap bandage wound around her lower face so that the ball was held securely in her mouth. Ear plugs went in and pads were placed over her eyes, then more vet wrap wound around her head. The bandage was tight and wasn’t coming off, but they placed a leather hood over her head and laced it up tight. All sight sound and speech was gone and apart from her legs she could hardly move.

They brought up a large wooden box and helped Sue to step into it, then they reached in and began tying her legs together. Once they were tightly tied with lots of cinched ropes, they forced her onto her knees. The leg ropes became even tighter as she sat on her feet, then they tied her feet to her thighs so they would remain there. Now Sue couldn’t straighten up, but it became worse when they pushed her body over her thighs and tied lots of tight ropes to hold it there. Sue must have looked like a ball all tied up like that.

Now compressed into the bottom of the box, some tubes were pushed into her nose that led to the outside and then they poured polystyrene beads over her, filling the box. They over filled it so that when the lid was pressed down, the beads packed in around Sue and she couldn’t move even a fraction. At least she could breathe. The crate was loaded into a van and Sue was taken away from Elvira’s torture house.

Even so, Sue was worried what these men would do to her. So far it wasn’t looking good.

Sue could feel the crate being unloaded but knew little else. Everything was silent and not even a hint of light came to her. The beads surrounding her was packed in so tight that she thought they would crush her and being bent over as she was and wearing the ultra tight corset was very uncomfortable.

Eventually the pressure eased and she was lifted from the box and placed on the floor. Some ropes were attached to her and she was hoisted up in an odd position. The best she could work out, her arse was pointed upwards and with her hands securely tied up between her shoulders, there was no way she could protect herself. She felt hands on her butt as her short dress was pulled up to her waist and then something cold and oily was put on her hole. She felt something touch the opening and then pain shot through her as the cock rammed into her anal hole. Sue had never been fucked up the arse and it really hurt, but the man started a constant pumping deep into her. He eventually exploded his load into her and withdrew.

Sue was then lowered and they began untying her. They removed all the ropes, but left her head encased in all its wrappings. Once untied she was lifted and laid on some sort of table. Her arms were pulled up over her head and her wrists tied to something that was very solid. More ropes were tied all the way up her arms until they were completely pinned to the device, then they did the same with her legs, spread wide and tied from ankles to the very tops. Her waist was also tied down and once again she could barely move. Suddenly she felt her legs being raised and they went up and back over her head and she could only guess how exposed she must be. Then a cock went deep into her arse again and fucked her harshly.

After that anal fucking the device lowered her legs again and her pussy was fucked repeatedly. After a couple of hours of intense fucking, some of her head restraints were removed, leaving only the blindfold and ear plugs. Then a harness was put on her head and it was pulled down so that her head was bent back over the end of the device.

She still couldn’t see or hear, but she felt the cock pressed against her lips and knowing what was expected of her and the futility of trying to resist, she opened her mouth. The guy wasn’t gentle either, he rammed his huge cock deep into her throat and fucked it hard. With no air hole like the penis gag, Sue gasped for air as the huge shaft filled her throat, but he did pull back occasionally to let her catch a breath, then he’d continue fucking her mouth until he shuddered and blew hot cum into her. It went straight down her throat and swallowing wasn’t even an option.

Sue was kept on this device for hours and hours and lost track of how many times she was fucked. Sometimes it was her pussy, other times her legs were hoist up and over and her arse got a pounding and sometimes she was made to deep throat another massive cock.

Sue spend many days tied to different devices that allowed the men unlimited access to all her body parts and they used them to the full extent. Then one day they told her that someone had made them an offer for her that was hard to refuse and they were considering selling her again. Sue wished she could burn that infernal document and be free of this torture, but she knew they would never allow that.

So a few days later, Sue found herself in a new home. This time her home was a dungeon with many torturous looking devices. At the moment she was free of all bonds and completely naked, although she doubted that would last for very long. She had been bought by a couple and the woman seemed very vicious. The man appeared to be more considerate, but only just, so later in the day when they entered the dungeon, Sue cringed and backed away. On being reminded of the paper she had signed that said she must do anything her owners told her, she submitted to their wishes.

The woman made her partner fuck Sue so they could get that out of the way and get down to their favourite thing to do, administer some severe torture.

She was taken over to one of the devices, a large diagonal wooden cross. It was very thick wood and appeared to be hinged in certain places. They handed Sue the most severe looking corset she had ever seen and ordered her to put it on, but before she did, the man inserted a massive penis dildo into her virginal and then a slightly smaller one into her arse. Sue flinched at the intrusion, but she was quite used to be penetrated this way so it wasn’t too bad. Sue stepped into the corset that was closed at the bottom, like heavy duty panties, and pulled it up over her body, the fastened the heavy steel catches at the front.

The couple then went behind her and soon the laces were unbelievably tight and Sue could barely breathe. The woman had a remote control and when she operated it the corset tightened more and Sue gasped for air. The woman smiled and then released the extra pressure for now.

Sue was then placed in a dress that was very unusual. It was made of metal, a little like the chain mail armour of days gone by. It had long sleeves and a high neckline that can right up Sue’s neck and under her chin. The hemline was very short and left little to the imagination. Then they made her put on a pair of boots that were made of the same sort of material as the dress. They came up to the tops of her legs and had heels so high that walking in them would be impossible.

A steel belt was put around her waist and locked on, then she was backed up to the cross and made to stand on a wooden block. This brought her waist in line with the centre of the cross and as she was pushed back onto it, the steel belt clicked into a fixing on the cross. Sue tried to get free, but she was locked securely to the wood.

The man grabbed a small step ladder and placed it in front of Sue, then climbing up he pulled her arm onto one of the beams and placed a steel band around her wrist. He had an electric drill and with it he screwed the band to the wood. It was extremely tight and Sue yelped as it tightened. Her other wrist was fastened the same to the opposite beam and then the man continued down her arms, screwing steel bands every few inches until her arms were bonded to the timbers.

Next, her legs were parted and fixed to the beams in the same manner as her arms and Sue felt she was part of the cross. The woman used her remote and to Sue’s surprise, the dress tightened around her everywhere it touched, even her throat. The corset also tightened again and Sue felt crushed.

The man had left the room and now he returned carrying a strange looking device. What Sue noticed first was the enormous penis shaped dildo that was attached to a strong steel rod coming from the device. He climbed up the step again and began attaching the device to the beams around her arms. Sue wasn’t happy as the dildo was positioned right in front of her face and it was really huge. Once the device was fixed to the wood, yet another clamp was put around the back of her head and fastened on with steel bands. When if was firmly in place, the tip of the dildo was against Sue’s lips, but as she couldn’t move at all, there was nothing she could do.

The woman approached with an evil look in her eyes, “I am going to teach you a lesson you filthy whore. You fucked my husband and now you are going to pay for it. Open your mouth slut and suck the dildo. No point in resisting or it will only break your teeth.”

Sue resigned herself and opened her mouth. The woman pressed a button and the dildo moved forward and into her mouth a few inches. Sue’s mouth was stretched to its absolute limit as the shaft went between her teeth and started a slow rhythmic pumping in and out, The woman laughed, “This will keep you busy overnight. It is set to go deeper as time passes. You will have to catch breathes between stroke later when it is down your throat. But that is the least of you worries. There are timer devices on everything. Your corset and dress will get tighter as time goes on, they may even release for a while, but then they will tighten again and the dildos in side you are very unique, you will think they are fucking you as they grow, vibrate and squirm inside you. Oh, and the cross is clever too as you will soon find out. It’s a pity you can’t scream, but I really wanted to use the mouth fucking device on you. We will watch for a while and then you can enjoy your torture all night and probably all day tomorrow.”

The couple sat down to watch Sue’s torment and sudden like the cross began to move. It bent backwards and Sue was arched back and stretched to breaking point. She tried to scream, but the massive cock in her mouth prevented any sound. Everything was so tight that Sue didn’t think she would survive this torture so she decided that this was the end. At least she would be free of these vicious people.

The cross moved it all sorts of directions, sometimes bending her forwards, sometimes to the sides, but the worst one was when she was arched right back.

As the night dragged on, Sue became more and more tortured. At first, the dildos in her were enjoyable and she even climaxed a few times, but now they were getting bigger and bigger and more violent in their movements. The dildo in her mouth was now unbearable as with each stroke it went deep into her throat and seemed to be getting bigger as well.

By morning, not that Sue knew it was morning, she was exhausted and the woman had said she would have to endure this all day. She remembered the long hours of torturous bondage she had endured at Elvira’s and tried to use that as a measure of what she could stand. Although that had been just severe bondage positions, this was literally torture. How could everything be so unbelievably tight and painful? The day dragged on and on and eventually the woman came in and turned everything off.

Sue relaxed and the woman looked her over, “You seem to have done OK with that. Starting tonight we will get down to some really serious torture. You can rest for an hour while we get organised for your next treat.”

Sue was shattered.

The vicious woman left to make her preparations for Sue’s demise and shortly after the door closed behind her, the man came in carrying some items of clothing. He removed the dildo mouth fucking device and then started unscrewing Sue’s bonds. The belt around her waist was also removed and Sue stepped down. She was very shaky after her hours of torture, but managed to stand. The man handed her the clothes and said, quickly, put these on. I can’t let you take that dress as it cost a small fortune.”

As Sue was removing the dress she wondered what the man was doing. He said, “Keep the corset on, we don’t have time, just put on this dress and the shoes.”

Sue did as ordered. The dress was nothing like she had been used to lately. It was made of proper material and wasn’t all that tight, in fact it looked almost normal, although very sexy. The shoes were white, as was the dress, but they had very high heels and straps around her ankles.

When she had put them on the man handed her a piece of paper, “Take this and get out of here. Sorry about the shoes, but they are all we have here. By the way, do you know that no-one could really have held you to that contract, I mean who would we complain to if you refused to cooperate? Take it and go before my wife comes back and good luck.” He handed her the paper and a thick envelope and led her to a door. When Sue opened the door she found herself outside, with no walls to keep her in. She turned and kissed the man and thanked him, then ran off down the driveway as fast as she could on the high heels. She found the road, which was a country lane and headed to the left. She had no idea where she was, but she was happy to be free.

A few cars passed her and she tried to flag one down, but they saw her attire and sped past. Eventually one stopped and Sue climbed in. It was driven by a rather handsome guy about her own age and Sue noticed that he was looking at her with longing eyes.

Sue told him that she needed to get to her home and he agreed to take her all the way there. They talked as they drove and became friendly as time passed. At one stage, Sue asked him if he had a girlfriend and he said no, as he couldn’t find the right girl that liked the same things as him. Sue asked him what things did he like and what sort of girl did he want and he looked at her and said, “Well I’d like a girl that looked like you and especially one who dresses the way you do, but most of all I would like a girl that is kinky.”

Sue thought this was a normal male desire and asked how kinky would you like her to be?

He looked at her and took a deep breath and said, “Well to tell the truth I would like a girl that wanted to be tied up a lot.”

Sue knew that there were many men that liked girls tied up, so he wasn’t being any different from other guys. He was definitely good looking and Sue felt she should repay him for helping her out, so she put her hand on his arm and smiled, “Would you like to tie me up?”

His head spun around and he said, “Yes I would, but I should warn you, I like very strict bondage and if I tied you up I would want to do it very tight and maybe even keep you tied up for an hour or more.”

Sue laughed at this and said, “That’s OK, you can tie me up anyway you like and as tight as you like. Oh and you can keep me that way for as long as you like.”

He couldn’t believe his ears, but Sue had decided that being tied up by him would be different from the forced restraint she had been through and besides, she sort of liked being tied up.

They changed course and drove to his house. Sue was stunned when she saw it. It was a mansion set in beautiful grounds. He explained that he was very rich and this was his house. Sue didn’t mind that at all.

They spent the next three weeks with Sue in many harsh bondage positions, but she loved every second of it, especially when he fucked her. She even told him he could use any hole he desired, so he did and after the three weeks, he asked her to marry him. Sue did like him and so she said yes. At last her money worries were over.

Their lives were great and they even went back to the couples house and put the woman on the cross and gave her a couple of days of her own medicine. The man sat back and let them do it.

They visited the collection as customers, with Sue in disguise and started making plans to abduct Elvira and put her in some serious bondage for a few months. They couldn’t locate the two men who had owned Sue, but she wasn’t all that interested in getting even there.


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