The Contest

by R G Bargy

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© Copyright 2006 - R G Bargy - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/ff; D/s; bond; bdsm; tickle; toys; cons; X

Jane awoke slowly. It had been a strange and disturbing dream in which she had been forcibly stripped and carried to a place she did not know. She had dreamed of bondage before but this was different. Normally she saw her captor. Her hands were always placed behind her back and legs tied together but this time she had been left spread-eagled and vacant. She was desperate to waken and leave these images behind. As she woke she involuntarily stretched, her arms going wide above her head, and there they stayed. She could not bring them back down, in fact she could not move at all! Even her head was immobile. Her eyes strained to focus but as they did she had to blink to be sure it was real.

At first Jane thought she must be looking into a mirror. It would explain why she could not move. The girl in her sight was spread-eagled inside the legs of a table turned on it’s side and missing it’s top. Her arms and legs were spread to each corner and there was a lattice of ropes hugging her body bunching her breasts and holding her still. She was gagged which would explain why Jane could not cry out, and the gag was tied to the table at both sides. Her hair was caught in a pony tail, cinched with rope that held her head steady, also being tied off to each side. Looking more clearly it was clear that this was not a reflection, the girl in her vision had dark hair while Jane’s hair was blond, also her eyes were not looking back at Jane. Jane now identified her sister in bondage as Paula, a “Fresher” like herself, but a resident of Berry House. They were the enemy! The rivals to Acorns where Jane lived. Why would Jane be tied up with this girl?

With so little movement it was difficult for Jane to decide where they were. She had only been at college for just over six weeks and thought she knew every part of the campus. From the little she could see Jane identified the room as the resident’s common room in Orange sector where she lived. Each sector had several houses and a joint common room for the resident students. There were tea and coffee making facilities, a television, the usual mixture of furniture for socialising or relaxing. Jane was not in the least bit relaxed. The idea that anyone could come in and see her like this was producing some very strange feelings inside her. She wondered for a moment why this was until her eyes drifted down the body of Paula opposite her. The ropes had been very carefully placed including a “crupper”. Jane suddenly realised that this rope was more than decoration but was holding something inside her. Jane could only guess what it might be, but the idea was outrageous. Her eyes caught sight of a card table with some items laid out on it. There was a ruler, some rather wicked looking clamps and weights, a feather, and two small control boxes which Jane identified immediately as vibrator remotes. No prizes for what they might be controllers for!. This was some kind of sexual torture, but why? And why her? Why Paula?

Jane had heard about initiation ceremonies but this was too elaborate for that. She also knew that there was a running rivalry between Acorns and Berry. She had tried to keep out of such things but knew that some of the girls took it very seriously. There had been competitions of all sorts from the downright silly to tennis and cross country races. One thing now concerned Jane. It seemed fairly clear what this competition was about, and she was not going to be able to avoid it, but why her? How could they have known that she was actually into this sort of thing? She had brought none of her toys with her to college. Her long running playmate was still working over a hundred miles away, as far as she knew. Her only weakness was the Internet and that was only on her personal laptop. Either someone saw, or someone had actually hacked into her system. What ever the reason, she was now involved in some sort of sexual contest involving bondage and these toys. She wondered whether Paula was as experienced as she was? It was strangely gratifying to think that she was wanted. It was also tremendously embarrassing to have herself displayed naked in front of so many strangers. It appeared she would also be having a public orgasm, something she had dreamed of in her wildest fantasies but assumed would never happen. Her reverie was disturbed by some movement in front of her.

Paula seemed as confused as she had been. Jane watched dispassionately as the girl in front of her came to terms with her predicament. For a moment their eyes met, but there was no affinity. Her thoughts were disturbed by the sounds of people entering the room.

“I see our competitors are awake.”

Jane recognised the voice as being Veronica, the college bully. The only reason Jane had been spared was that she was in the same house. Somehow Veronica must have learned of her interests. Jane wondered if this was an annual event or one invented just for her. Someone else must be into this, she thought, to come up with both the idea and the means to carry it out. Maybe Veronica was a Dominatrix on the side? The idea had some appeal, but for the moment Jane was fighting to control her conflicting emotions. She liked this, she knew it, but she was also mortified that now everyone else would know it as well. Veronica appeared in Jane’s eyesight.

“Hello my sweet bondage slut,” she said her finger tracing a line along Jane’s quivering breast. “My name is “Whiplover”.

With that everything fell into place. Damn those chat rooms!

Veronica turned to those around her.

“This is “Subjane” and “The Brat” she announced.

Jane recognised both girls immediately. She was the only sub in this “menage a trois”.

The Brat and Whiplover had been trying to persuade her to play for several weeks. She had no idea that they were living so close. She must have let something slip for them to identify her. Was Paula a willing participant or had she been captured as well? Veronica was the instigator, and the one in charge Paula did not seem to be very happy so chances are she had had no advance warning either. It would be interesting to see if the Brat could take it as well as dish it out.

Veronica continued. “The contest will be in four parts. Spanking, Tickling, Nipple Torture, and Orgasm. In the event of a tie” the word sounded ironic, “the winner will be decided by the one who achieves the most continuous orgasms.” She turned back to the two helpless contestants. “We will need to remove your gags. I trust that there will be no histrionics?”

Jane could not even nod in agreement. As the gag was removed she licked her lips. The hold on her hair still prevented much movement. It was pointless to argue or cry out. No one was going to stop this charade having got this far, so she may as well join in.

“Bring it on.” She said boldly. Veronica nodded in approval. The Brat scowled. Jane knew she had a high pain tolerance, but the tickling was another matter. The last time she had been tickled she nearly burst a blood vessel. She was as turned on as she had ever been, so if the orgasm test was about time she would loose. One burst from the vibrator inside her and she would be in ecstasy. On the other hand the prospect of multiple orgasms was one she relished. This could be interesting.

“To indicate that you have had enough you just say stop,” Veronica informed them. “The first test is Spanking. We will start with a type of auction. You tell us how many swipes with this ruler you can take. The highest bid is the one we will try. The loser goes first. If both reach the required number we go again. Bitch, your bid please.”


Veronica looked at Jane.


There was a gasp from the room.

“Thirty one,” her voice betrayed uncertainty


This brought even more gasps from the now captivated audience. Jane was not bothered. She knew her limits, thirty was a proverbial piece of cake, fifty was pushing it but she was confident she could handle it. Paula on the other hand looked mortified.

“Your on your own,” she gasped, a touch of fear in her voice.”

“Rules say you go first,” Jane smiled back at her.

Paula struggled violently but there was no escape.

“Fifty strokes,” Veronica announced brandishing the ruler. Paula was still struggling. Jane watched with dispassion. Paula was too tense: this was going to hurt.

Veronica took it upon herself to dish out the treatment. After a few swipes Paula was crying out. The total reached twenty and Paula called a halt.

“Hmm,” mused Jane, “I should have left it at thirty one.”

“Fifty you said,” Veronica reminded her, “To win you must reach your total.”

“I guessed as much,” Jane answered her voice as flat as she could make it. “Go on then,” she paused, “I can hardly stop you.”

Veronica disappeared from Jane’s sight. Jane closed her eyes, relaxing her buttock as much as possible. She knew what to expect.


Jane did not recognize the voice.

“She is in your house, someone else should administer it.”

There was a pause. Then the first hit struck home, it was hard. Jane barely reacted. From behind she heard Veronica start to count,”

“One, two..... 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50.”

Jane opened her eyes.

“I win,” she said quietly. Her bottom felt like it was on fire. The beating had been harsh but the girl had tired half way through. Jane was glad no one could feel inside her pussy. She was soaking wet and ready to explode.

“Round one to the Subjane.” Announced Veronica. “Next we have Tickling. Jane you have the choice, first or second?”

The use of her real name took her by surprise. There was new respect in Veronica’s eyes. It was a shame that she would soon be disappointed. Jane was as ticklish as hell.

“Second,” she said trying not to display the fear that was welling up inside her.

Veronica brandished the feather. “Time starts: now.” She started under the left arm. Paula hardly flinched. Veronica’s efforts became more desperate, she tried under the ribs, inside leg, Paula was unmoved. Out of desperation Veronica bent down and played the feather on the sole of the bound girl’s foot. Paula jumped involuntarily, but it was too late, Jane knew she was beaten.

“I concede,” she announced.

“But you haven’t even tried,” Veronica queried.

“I am ticklish,” Jane stated. “If you try I will just say stop. I can’t stand it.”

“So be it,” Veronica conceded.

“Tickle her!” Snapped Paula, “make her squirm.”

“There is no point.” Veronica stated, “she has conceded. One all.”

There was a stunned silence, followed by a few mutters of disappointment.

“Nipple torture. The first to give in looses.”

Jane was not fond of nipple clamps but her last playmate had liked them and had used them often. Jane looked at her opponent. She had small, almost non existent breasts with large firm nipples. Jane had “D” cups and her nipples were soft and pliable, even when swollen. This could be a trial, but one she had to win.

The familiar spike of pain greeted the attachment of each clamp. This was the hardest part, but it would ease with time. Once again Jane was in a world of her own, eyes closed, concentrating on her pain control. Suddenly her eyes flew open. A weight had been attached to her left clamp quickly followed by the right. Without the encasement of ropes her breasts would have sagged but all the pressure came on the nipple. She let out a gasp, before closing her mind to the pain. She dare not look at Paula. She just needed to concentrate. Time dragged. Her nipples hurt terribly. Jane gritted her teeth, determined to hold on. Her resolve was starting to go when there was a shout. She could hardly hear through the pain.

“The Bitch concedes,” Veronica announced, “Two one to Acorns.”

There was the familiar surge of pain as the blood rushed back into her tortured nipples. Jane was now sweating profusely. She was tiring from all this exertion. She was desperate for release, in more ways than one.

“Now the orgasm test. First one to climax looses.”

It was a hopeless scenario. The combination of pain and restriction had brought her to the height of arousal and the little bullet inside her was more than enough to take her skywards The moment the vibrator leapt into life Jane climaxed, her body jerking within the confinements of her bonds, it took all of her will power not to cry out. She did not know how many people were watching and to be truthful, she did not care. She welcomed the release and waited expectantly for the next one. It seemed unlikely that Paula would be so ‘trigger happy’ so that made it evens.

Veronica had said that this would mean counting multiples and that was just what Jane wanted now, another orgasm.. It soon engulfed her. Her eyes closed again, she was in a world of her own, but this was heavenly. The waves kept coming and nothing would stop them her muscles tensed involuntarily but the ropes held firm. She lost count of how many times she actually climaxed and only vaguely wondered whether any one else had counted either. All sensations were a blur until suddenly it all ended. She was vaguely aware of being cut free and collapsed when her feet touched the ground, her body still shaking from the aftershocks of orgasm.

Jane came to her senses to find herself covered in a blanket with just Veronica looking over her.

“Did we win?” It seemed almost surreal.

Veronica smiled. “We lost count and Paula conceded.”

Jane smiled. “I would have let you do this willingly you know.” She paused, “Mistress Whiplover.”

Jane had found a new partner, one who would get her through college and beyond.



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