The Collar

by Pinky Roosevelt

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© Copyright 2009 - Pinky Roosevelt - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-f; M/f+; harem; bond; machine; bdsm; slaves; oral; cons; X

Cynthia began preparing for a landing.  She was piloting the small Bristol Scout bi-plane over the barren terrain of the desert, southwest of Transjordan.  It was 1920, just after the Great War.

Her father was a wealthy American businessman with strong interests in the oil business.  Cynthia was only 19, but knew how to fly and she knew the area well.  She had a secret package to deliver and her father trusted no one else to do it.

Cynthia was born in the States, but grew up on the move in Europe and in Arabia.  She was schooled by private instructors and lived a lavish and hectic life thanks to her father’s money and business.  She learned to fly from British pilots in Cairo.  She was a bit short but very well endowed with curly jet black hair.  She was intelligent but her wild side could not be tamed and she enjoyed the company of many a soldier through her teen years.

She was always hungry for adventure, so she jumped at the chance to take this mission.

She was to deliver a sealed package to a man only known as Asad.  He was a critical ally for her father’s company.  His location in the desert was a well guarded secret known only to a handful.  She had no idea what the package contained, only that it was crucial to be secretly delivered to him.

She spotted the encampment and brought the plane in for a landing.

She was greeted by several Arabs well armed.  They helped her out of the plane and towards a building.  They tried not to look, but could not avert their gaze from her.  She wore tight pants that showed off her very curvaceous legs and hips.  She wore no bra and her black, button shirt seemed to struggle to contain her very full breasts.  Her black hair danced in the wind.  Her face was full of passion.

The area was bleak and arid.  There was a very large stone building surrounded by many tents.  There was water here.  The building was just down slightly from a small oasis.  It was a perfect concealed spot.  Lots of water in what most people considered an inhabitable area.

She entered the building and was greeted by Asad.  He never met her before but knew her father well, and knew of her.

A businessman, he spoke English well.  “Welcome to my home, my dear.  You will stay the night and rest before your journey home.”  He was a very tall man, maybe 40 years old with a dark black beard.  She sensed great strength and experience in him

Cynthia replied, “It is an honor to finally meet you..  Here is the package for you. I would be happy to stay the night.”

She was given a room inside the main building.  A large area was set aside for her comfort and privacy. It was surprising cool inside.  The water from the oasis was diverted inside to create a very comfortable setting and climate.

She was served some food and water.  Even though it was just mid afternoon she quickly found herself asleep in a very plush bed, exhausted from the trip. 

After a few hours she woke up.  It was night, but she was not sure of the time.  The room was lit by oil lamps.  She noticed a lot of clothes laid out for her.  Robes and such for her use.  There were also some silky and lacey things.  She could not help but to try them on.  She loved to experiment sexually and to dress in exotic things.  She shed her clothes and put on a very flimsy and revealing top and a skirt that was not much more than a few draping scraps of silk.  She looked at herself in a mirror.  She smiled as she thought she looked like a belly dancer or a harem slave. 

Not to waste the moment, she decided to explore her surroundings a bit wearing nothing but these few things.  She knew Asad had cleared out this section for her and didn’t think she would be seen.  The thought of being caught wandering almost naked did have a great allure for her.

The hallways were lit by torches.  Everything was cold stone and brick, something out of a fairy tale.  The stone floor was cold on her bare feet.  As quiet as a mouse, she walked through the quiet, empty building.  She felt very excited as she fantasized that she was trapped here, nowhere to go and helpless.

As she walked she could hear the sound of rushing water.  There was a break in the wall towards the floor.  It looked large enough to crawl through, and that’s what she did.  As she slid her body through the opening, she thought she was crazy.  What if she got stuck?  What if there are snakes in here?  But she was in too far and could not turn her small body around..  After a few feet, she saw light and slithered through to the other side.  What she saw amazed her.

It was a harem.  There were palm trees and many plants.  Through the huge open room were pools of water and small waterfalls feeding them from the outside oasis.  There were windows up high, but it was night and the only light was from torches and candles.  The women slaves were all over.  Some in the water, some lounging or in chains.  Most were naked or nearly so.  No one had seen her and she crouched near the wall where she had entered.  She was in the shadows and felt safe.

Very near her was a bound slave.  She crept closer to see.  The girl was chained and tied to be kept on her chest and knees.  There were pillows under her head and a large pillow under her stomach keeping her ass up into the air.  Great care had been made to make this position comfortable.  There was a device behind her that was methodically moving a dildo in and out of her.  As Cynthia moved closed she got a good look at it.  There was a wheel being turned by the force of running water from up high.  The water wheel turned another wheel that acted like a piston, moving a long rod that ended in a metal dildo slowly fucking the slave girl.  Above her was a metal container that kept dripping small amounts of some lubricant on the metal penis, ensuring smooth movement inside her.

Cynthia wondered how long this girl had been bound this way.  She crept up very close as the girl seemed completely oblivious to her presence.  She could see that the girl was in a constant state of orgasm.  The sensuous piece of metal slowly and methodically fucked her.  It was endless and relentless.  The chains prevented any escape and she was unable to end this constant forced pleasure.  Sweat beaded on her beautifully shaped body and her muscles twitched to the repeating climax she was having.

A strong hand grabbed Cynthia.

“What are you dong here?” A strong voice bellowed.  “I would slice off your head if it wasn’t for your father.”  It was Asad.

Cynthia responded, “I’m sorry, sir.  I meant no disrespect to you.  I was walking and saw this hole…”

“Ha!  Look at you!  In my harem and dressed for it too!”

She felt his eyes scan her body.  She felt helpless and at his control.  It was an erotic feeling.

“I will go back the way I came,” she said.

“You are safe with me, my dear,” said Asad.  No outsiders have seen my harem, but considering who you are, let me give you a little tour.  As you can see, this girl is a good and loyal slave.  She is rewarded as such and given so much pleasure.  This device keeps her in perpetual pleasure for hours.  There are secret herbs I have given her that add to her experience.  Let me show you someone who disobeyed me.”

Asad pulled her along to another area where a naked slave girl was being punished.  Her chained hands raised together towards the ceiling, her feet tied together and barely supporting her.  Asad handed Cynthia a small leather whip.  “Strike her’” he demanded.  “She insulted me and must pay the price.”

Feeling the leather whip in her hand gave her a strange rush.  She was being told to punish this slave. 

“Whip her now, or I’ll whip you!” Asad ordered.

With little choice, she whipped the ass of the slave.  And again..  It was like a sexual act.  Each time the leather hit the delicate skin of the naked slave girl, Cynthia felt a sensual wave deep inside.

Asad had her stop.  “You are good at this.  You feel the power of this place.  Walk with me, girl.”

She laid down the whip and took one last look at the girl in chains.  Cynthia almost wished it was her hanging there.  Being punished for doing some bad thing to her master.

She walked on with him to one of the pools.  He motioned to one of the girls in the water to come to him.  She was naked and her wet skin glistened as she rose from the water and knelt in front of him.   He opened his robes and exposed his very large cock to her.  The slave took it into her mouth and hands and began to pleasure him.  As she stroked and sucked his penis, he looked over to Cynthia and said, “I am their master.  It is an honor for them to tend to my needs.”

The girl kept licking and sucking.  Cynthia was frozen there.  She knew Asad wanted her to see this and to feel what it was like to be a harem girl.  Finally he began to come inside her mouth.  He was a large virile man, and lots of fluid ejaculated into her mouth.  Too much to handle, some spilled out into her hands and dripping down her face and neck.  When he was done, she continued to lick him clean.  She took her hands and spread his come all over her breasts.

She kneeled down and kissed his feet before moving back to the pool.

“I think you’ve seen enough, my dear.  Time to go back to your quarters.”

And with that, she followed him out of the harem and back to her room through a maze of hallways.

He looked at her and said, “If not for the friendship I have with your father, you would never leave here.  I would force you into my harem.  The girl being pleasured could be you one day.  The girl being punished could also be you.  The lips servicing me could be yours.”

She didn’t know how to respond.  Was he making an invitation or a threat?

He went on, “There is a red door at the end of this hall.  You can leave this place in the morning and go home.  Or you can walk through that door.  There is a stair that leads to a long tunnel.  At the end of the tunnel you will find a slave collar.  If you were to put that collar on willingly, you will remain here as mine.”

“But…” she replied, “I have a life outside.  I have responsibilities.”

He said to her, “Things disappear in the desert never to be found again.  You can simply disappear.  Good night to you.  Maybe I’ll see you again tomorrow.”

He walked away leaving her alone to her thoughts.

The next morning she awoke.  She put her regular clothes back on and grabbed her things.  She made her way outside and stared at the plane waiting to fly her back to her normal life.

After what seemed to be an eternity, she turned around and made her way back inside and faced the red door.  What was she doing?  What was she thinking?  Her mind was racing and her heart beating fast.  It was as if she was losing her will.  The collar was calling for her.  She could stay here as a slave in his harem.  Her existence to serve her master.  To have pain or pleasure at his whim. 

Almost as if someone else was controlling her movements, she removed her clothes.  She would leave all her possessions behind her as she passed through the doorway completely naked.  The door closed behind her as she started down the dark staircase.   There was no light at all.  She had to feel the wall to continue on.  The stone was damp and cold.  She seemed to turn a corner and kept moving on through the darkness.  He heart was pounding and her body shivered in excitement.  This was thrilling and sexually thrilling beyond her imagination.  As she walked on, she could feel the liquid dripping from her vagina down her leg from her arousal.  After a bit, she finally turned another corner and saw a light ahead.  Now that there was some light, she moved quicker.  She came to a dead end lit by a single oil lamp.  In the center of the floor was a stone column maybe three feet high.  From the top of it was attached a very thick chain maybe five or six feet long.  At the end of the chain, on the floor, was the metal collar.  She went down on her knees and picked it up in her shaking hands.

It looked to be made of gold.  It hinged on one side and locked on the other.  The chain was attached to a ring fastened by the hinge.  As if by command, she put the collar around her neck, the hinge facing forward.  She felt the cold thick chain against the bare skin or her breasts.  She brought the locking ends so very close together to the back of her neck.  Her body was shaking almost to the point of panic.  Her breathing was hard and heavy. She was so very aroused and terrified by this.  The thoughts of the harem and what she had seen were flashing in her mind. But how could she submit to this?  Her will was fading.  Her desire was overwhelming.  As the lock clicked shut, sealing her fate, her body exploded into orgasm.


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