The Chateau

by Budman

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Storycodes: F/m; group; objectify; slave; chastity; hum; cons; X

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Author’s Note: As with most of my stories, you will get very lost if you don’t read this story from . I encourage you to go back and take the chapters in order if you aren’t already.

Chapter 17 – New Relationships & Trial Planning

That night we had another meeting at dinner. This time Tim was present, sitting right beside Lucija. He was kind of an elephant in the room, nobody wanted to look at him or talk to him. He just sat there and ate in silence.

“To continue our discussion from last night, I hope everyone had a chance to talk to their roommates. “I’m just going to use ‘roommates’ for now. To start things off, I’m going to say that Paula and I had a rather short discussion because we quickly agreed on three things.” At this point I looked at Paula who nodded for me to continue as our spokesperson.

“One, we’re committed to each other. In fact, I want to announce to the group that we declared our love for each other last night. I think we’ve known we were in love for some time, but we gave that love a voice last night and we want everyone to hear it from us tonight,” I said to a round of applause and comments like “about time,” and “whoo hoo.”

“Second,” I continued, “we are both completely OK with open relationships. We are confident in our feelings for each other and can separate recreational sex from our romantic feelings. And we believe we can communicate through any problems that result.”

“Third,” I finished, “We both recognize that we enjoy variety in both people and acts within our sex lives. However, that’s us, and we’re also fine with whatever the rest of you decide. Also, as most of you know, we have committed to doing our share to sexually frustrate and use our slut. To that end we spent last night keeping her bound, frustrated, and wet.”

After a minute or two of silence, Reese looked at Mal who nodded, and Reese started speaking for the two of them. “Mal and I like each other, a lot. He’s probably ready to use the ‘L’ word more than I am, but I’m getting there. I just don’t take those labels lightly and Mal, bless his heart, understands. But we also are committed to an open relationship and miss being with the rest of you. How did we ever let that happen? SO,” Reese continued, “We would like to invite anyone, couples or individuals, into our bed at any time. And we would hope that we would be invited into yours.”

When Reese finished, Cradic and Maggie started talking at the same time. “We…” They looked at each other and laughed and started again.

“Want to borrow a coin?” I asked jokingly.

Cradic made a bowing gesture to Maggie, and she continued. “Cradic and I have come to realize, over the last few weeks, that we are probably never going to make that level of commitment to each other. We’re just too different and we don’t love each other. But we have become really good friends, friends with benefits as that saying goes, cause the sex is really good! So obviously we’re fine with open sex. We were worried that we might be a threat to other evolving couples because we don’t consider ourselves monogamous, so we’re kind of relieved.”

That started a chorus of comments, “No, not really,” or “don’t be silly.”

“And,” Cradic added smiling, “we have also discussed spending more time tormenting the slut. We took the second shift last night.”

“Just for the record,” Mal chimed in, “Reese and I were headed to the basement last night, but it was already pretty crowded down there.”

“Well, I don’t think later tonight is taken and tomorrow she normally spends inside, sewing and working out.”

“So, what about me?” Lucija said quietly when the conversation paused.

“I’d like to say something," Tim cut in.

“NO, you would NOT!” Lucija snapped at him. “I told you, if you’re a good boy and sit there quietly then I’ll let you rub my feet later. I was going to let you look at my breasts while you rubbed them, but you just lost that privilege. If you don’t behave, you can forget the foot rub and sleep in the living room tonight.”

That raised a few eyebrows in the room, but nobody said anything. I couldn’t decide if the guys were secretly wishing they were Tim or if they felt sorry for him. I knew the women were silently cheering.

Paula broke the silence. “So, what about Lucija?”

Maggie asked, “Paula, are you asking about Lucija and Tim? Or just Lucija?”

“Why would she ask about Timmy?” Lucija asked innocently. “Any of you ladies are welcome to fuck this tiny misogynistic dick any time you’re feeling foolish or are really bored. Of course, after his piercing heals, you’ll have to borrow the key to his chastity device from me and return it when you lock him back up. Or you can just use his mouth. But he’s welcome to have CONSENSUAL sex with anyone who will have him OTHER, “she said with her voice rising, “THAN COMPLETELY HELPLESS WOMEN,” she almost screamed, then speaking quietly again, “who trust us to care for them.”

“OoooKaaay then," Maggie said. Everybody knew, through the grapevine, that Lucija had ordered Tim to get a PA piercing and was just waiting for a steel chastity cage to lock him up. But this was the first time it had been spoken aloud. Tim just sat there looking down. He had his hands between his legs like he was protecting something, but he said absolutely nothing. I couldn’t help but wonder what was going on in his head. Lucija had made it plain, publicly plain, that she detested him, that she would never have sex with him. But she had also made an art at giving him just enough hope, just enough contract, to keep him firmly in tow. I wondered just how much coaching Paula had given Lucija and how much of this was instinct.

“Then back to my original question,” Paula asked again, “what about Lucija?”

“I’m tired of being treated like a child,” Lucija said firmly, “I want to get laid!”

“Look, I get it,” she continued, “I’m a decade younger than most of you, but I am an adult. You’ve all seen me naked, most of you have seen Paula whip me to near unconsciousness, I’ve been testing sex toys all over the chateau. I’m not a virgin so nobody has to draw straws to see who gets to pop my cherry.” That got a laugh from the group.

“But I’m also still sort of an outsider. You’ve all accepted me, and I feel loved. But I’m also the third tire,” she said.

I interrupted, “It’s ‘third wheel’ but we get what you mean.”

“Whatever. How,” she finished, “do I get over that and make you all comfortable with me, because I WANT TO GET LAID!”

Tim was visibly squirming in his seat now. I’m sure he was dying to say “oh, me, me, pick me!” Poor guy.

Carl had been pretty quiet during dinner. I assume it was because he was no longer ‘attached’ since Paula and I hooked up. Carl had also been the de facto group leader.

Carl looked over at Lucija and said, “I’m about two decades older than you, probably your father’s age. You’re welcome in my bed anytime. If I can sleep with you, anyone should be comfortable having sex with you. You are an adult, and a damn fine looking one at that.”

If Tim’s eyes had been lasers, Carl’s head would have been flaming by now.

“Look,” I said, “I’m sure any of us would love to take a tumble with Lucija but getting around to everyone could be slow and awkward. I was going to propose another orgy for the slut, but I have another idea if it’s ok with the group, and if Lucija approves. This is Thursday, tomorrow night is our usual Friday night trial for the slut’s demerits. How many does she have anyway?”

“Four this week so far,” Carl said looking at the app he had written to track those and her iPad points.

“And how many iPad points does she have socked away?” I asked.

“Just a couple, she spends those as fast as she earns them,” Carl replied.

OK, let’s give the slut a night to remember, Friday. Let’s punish her for the demerits and let’s fuck her silly. And Lucija can be a full participant in that torment,” I proposed.

“Wait,” Lucija protested, “how does that get me laid? And what the hell means ‘socked away’?”

“Let me finish,” I continued, “and before banks, people used to keep their money in their sock drawers, so the term ‘socked away’ meant saved.”

“OK, and why is fucking silly?” Lucija said, still confused.

“I’ll explain it later, just let me continue please. The following weekend, after the slut’s regular Friday night demerit trial, we have another orgy, but this time in Lucija’s honor. We all share and share alike but we focus on Lucija and make sure she gets to try every dick and cunt she wants to.”

“Sounds like fun!” Lucija said, “but I have to wait a whole week?”

“You’ll live. The slut deserves some fun this week. And I doubt you’re going to be celibate this week,” I smiled.

“What’s the slut’s role in the second orgy? Do we just put her back in the cellar after her trial?” Cradic asked.

“Oh,” I said, “We won’t need to invent any points. She can have a fair atonement for her demerits, then she can stay for the orgy. I would never want to leave her out, even if she’s just an observer.”

“Hmmm,” Lucija said thoughtfully, “I have an idea, but I’d like to talk to you and Paula privately first.”

That got everybody’s curiosity up.

Saturday morning, after everyone had lunch and most of the group were off on their various tasks and projects, Paula put the slut in her chains and took her to the garden. Friday was usually outside exercise day, but Paula wanted to save the slut’s energy for the trial, so she didn’t put her on the slut walk. “Besides,” she said, “the garden needs weeding and pest control.”

Paula did not believe in insecticides or weed killers. Cradic had found her a big cement block, the type with two large openings in it. When she wanted the garden weeded, she would unlock Heather’s leg irons, put her feet through each side of the cement block and then lock the leg irons back on, effectively keeping her legs in the openings of the block.

It was an ingenious form of bondage. First of all, the slut had to drag her block with her, along the ground, wherever she needed to go. The block was one of the big ones, and heavy, around 40 lbs. or 18 kg. It was also extremely rough, the slut had to be very careful, or it would scrape the skin right off her ankles. She also could not stand up for very long because she had to hold the block off her feet, or they would be crushed and abraded, therefore she couldn’t walk at all while chained to the block.

The slut had to lay in the garden dirt with her feet trapped in the cement block. It was very hard to roll over because the block had to be flipped over with her legs. As she moved down the rows, she had to stop at about every foot, reach down and drag the block along a foot. Paula required her to go row by row dragging her block between the rows of plants. First, she had to lay on her stomach, crawl forward and examine each inch of soil, pulling any weeds or unwanted plants. Once she had done an entire row, she flipped over so she could sit up on her butt and inspect each stalk, leaf and vegetable looking for bugs.

Paula had given her a clear plastic bag which the slut stuffed in her belly chain. Every time she found a bad bug in the garden. she had to crush it with her fingers and put it in the bag. She was to leave the pollinators alone (and the slut was thankful that meant she didn’t have to grab any bees).

Normally Paula wasn’t this strict, but for today she made it VERY clear that she would inspect both the bag and the rows of plants. Every crawling bug she found still on the plant was a demerit. Every pollinator she found in the bag dead was ten demerits. Then she drilled the slut on what pollinators were prevalent in this part of the world. This was the third week the slut had been on bug and weed duty. The first week she had learned to keep a small rock with her. Paula may have said to crush the bugs with her fingers, but there was a breed of caterpillars in Croatian that stung like fire. She quickly learned to dispatch those with a rock and pick them up with the bag.

Lucija was fixing a cup of coffee when Paula and I came in from the garden. “Walk something by you?”

“It’s ‘run something by you,’ but sure.” I smiled. Talking to Lucija sometimes felt like a Mork and Mindy routine.

“So, I was thinking about keeping Timmy out of trouble during the next two orgies and also about how Heather could participate,” Lucija started. “I’m assuming both weekend parties are outside. What if we tie Timmy to one of the big trees in the back so he has to just watch. Then next week we could chain the slut at his feet and have her edge him all night. That should keep them both busy.”

“Is his piercing healed enough for that?” Paula asked.

“And why in the hell would he agree to that?” I added.

“Yea, the piercer said that he should be good to go in another week. If the slut is just teasing him enough to stay hard, I don’t think it would be a problem. If she wanted to, she could even squeeze, flick or punch his balls,” Lucija explained with a smirk. “As to why, well, he just would.”

“OK,” I said firmly, “there is more going on here than you’re telling us. Spill it!”

“Um,” Lucija paused, obviously deciding how much to say, “he doesn’t exactly have a choice. A few days after he abused Heather for the last time, I took his passport out of his stuff.”

“LUCIJA!” I exclaimed.

“Yeah, and I also bought a USB drive at the University bookstore. I told him that I had downloaded the video of him raping Heather’s ass onto a USB drive while you weren’t in the office.” She continued.

I just looked at her.

“And, um, the Passport and USB are both in a big, sealed envelope in my father’s safe at City Hall,” she finished.

“Shit,” was all Paula could manage.

“Does he know?” I asked.

“Oh yea,” she replied. “I talked him into letting me handcuff him to the bed. I might have given him the false impression that I was going to blow him or something,” she smiled. “Then, standing across the room, I showed him the envelope and translated what I had written on the outside. ‘For Tim Malach, Do not give to owner without looking at contents of USB Drive.’ Then I left him there while I went into town and had my father lock the envelope away.”

I couldn’t decide if I should be worried or impressed. “Does the Mayor know what’s on the USB?” I asked.

“No,” Lucija replied. “He knows Timmy’s passport is in there, for safe-keeping, and I implied that Timmy had gotten involved in some minor trouble, and the ‘evidence’ was on the thumb drive. As his friend, I was just making sure he stayed out of trouble. Father, of course, gave me the third degree, mostly concerned that I was involved in this ‘trouble’ somehow, but I convinced him to trust me.”

“Shit,” Paula said again.

“Yea, that bastard thinks he has two choices, go to Croatian prison for rape or do exactly what I say until I get him his passport back.”

“The trouble is, Lucija, if your Father ever looks at that video, we’re all in trouble as accessories. I’m also not very happy about you using my computer and downloading videos,” I said sternly.

“OH, I would never do that,” Lucija replied quickly, “The USB is blank.”

Paula and I looked at each other, then broke out in nervous laughter. “Poor Tim,” Paula said, smiling.

“Tim is one person I don’t feel sorry for,” I replied. “But we keep this between the three of us. Agreed?”

“Agreed,” Paula and Lucija said.

“Oh, and his custom stainless steel chastity cage should arrive sometime this week,” Lucija added.

“Run me into town in the Land Rover,” Paula asked when we finished talking to Lucija, “I need to buy food for the cookout and for next week. It’s more than I can carry on my bike.”

“Safe to leave the slut outside?” I asked. I knew that Paula was the DIC today.

“I put a water bottle at the end of each row and asked Lucija to step out back and check on her every hour. She’ll be fine. There are 12 rows. At the rate she is able to work with that block she won’t finish in time for lunch. So, we have plenty of time to run to the store. Plus, if she screams, Lucija can hear her from the office,” Paula said smiling.

“Scream often, does she?” I asked, doing my best Yoda impersonation.

“She did when she sat on that stinging caterpillar the first time she weeded for me. Those things sting like fire, and it lasts a while. Say, that gives me an idea for tonight,” Paula said with a smile.

On the way to the store I asked, “Did you check Heather’s anus?”

“As long as it doesn’t get infected it will be OK, no permanent damage, but I do want to get some hemorrhoid cream with antibiotics at the store,” Paula said.

“We probably need to lay off her ass for the next week or two.” I suggested.

“Yeah, we’ll just have to be more creative with her other holes," Paula smiled.

We returned to the chateau, Paula and I put the groceries away, then she went out to the garden to check on the slut and apply the hemorrhoid cream to her ass. An hour later she took Heather’s lunch to the garden and made her eat on her cement block for a table. At lunch we discussed the next two weeks with the group in the kitchen.

“As usual, I have some ideas for this week’s demerits trial and orgy, but I’m just throwing this out there, I hope everyone will contribute ideas.” I started.

“Fire away," Carl said.

“So, Tim did a number on the slut’s anus. By not using lube and forcing himself in over several days, he’s split the anus in two places, and it still bleeds easily. It’s probably going to be a week or two till she’s available for butt sex,” I said this without ever looking at or acknowledging that Tim was at the table. I didn’t have to look at him, every other pair of eyes was glaring at him with a mixture of hate and disgust.

“How long,” I asked to no one in particular, “has it been since the slut’s had an orgasm?”

“I think the last one was when you let her play with that fancy vibrator when she did the slut walk in 55 seconds,” Carl, who tended to keep up with these things, said.

“Right. So, she’ll be horny but not super desperate. That’s OK. I propose we do a mix of predicament bondage and orgasm torture but stay out of her ass,” I suggested.

“Picture this: we build a nice campfire on that flat area in front of those two birch trees on the back part of the property. We leave the slut outdoors all this afternoon. Instead of cleaning her up and making her all pretty we just leave her covered in dirt and sweat. Then we tie her in a spread eagle and spend the whole evening singing songs, roasting marshmallows, tormenting the slut, drinking wine, giving her an orgasm, making out, tormenting her, making out, giving her orgasms, rinse, repeat.”

“I thought you said we were going to leave her dirty?” Lucija asked.

Everyone groaned.

“It’s another American expression, Lucija,” I smiled, “It just means to do something over and over again, like a washing machine cycle. I bought some clothes pins this afternoon; I think someone suggested them a few weeks ago. I also bought some “Heat” type ointment, I don’t think it’s as powerful as some stuff, but it should still make her tender spots burn for a while. But we may not use all of this tonight. I’d kind of like to keep this evening fun for everyone. That’s not to say we don’t give the slut the pain and bondage she craves, but we mix it in a fun bowl with lots of sex.”

“I’ve been practicing my whip skills!” Lucija said, “I’d love to try them on someone other than Timmy. Perhaps the single tail on her tits for some of the demerits?”

“Perhaps save the whip for another day,” I said. “But a big strapon might be fun.”

“How many demerits does she have?” Maggie asked.

“Well, that’s the thing,” Paula chimed in, “she only has five, all of them for pretty minor offenses. There were crumbs from her breakfast toast on the floor of her cell when I picked up her breakfast dishes. Then I think Mal gave her one for forgetting to say ‘Sir.”

“Yea, and I gave her two for not having her teeth brushed before I went down to get her to take her out to her sewing station. I gave her two because she was playing on her iPad instead of getting her teeth brushed,” Reese said.

“But,” Paula continued, “I can give her as many, completely legitimate demerits as I want this afternoon. I don’t want to go overboard because it’s kind of cheating and I think we all agree that we want the demerits system to be fair. If she doesn’t think it’s fair, it will stop motivating her.”

“How are you going to load her up on demerits, Paula?” Maggie asked.

“Simple. Bugs,” Paula said. “I always tell her that after she finishes picking the bugs off our garden, I’ll go back and inspect, and she’ll get a demerit for every bug she missed. For the last couple of weeks, I have just made a cursory inspection. The first week I made a point of finding one just to keep her worried about it the next week.”

“But you could find more than one," Maggie said.

“Absolutely. We could all go out there and work all afternoon, inspecting every stalk, leaf, bloom, and vegetable. And I could go back 10 minutes later and find dozens of bugs. They crawl out of tiny places, out of the ground, they fly in, they just appear. Bugs are sneaky little bastards,” Paula explained.

“So,” I asked, “how many demerits do we want her to have?”

“Couple of dozen would give us lots of excuses for tormenting her,” I pointed out.

“24 it is," Paula agreed. “I can’t wait to see her face when I start picking bugs off those plants.”

“Mal,” I asked, “Can you come up with four iron pipes, around 4 ft. long and, say, 1 inch diameter?” I asked.

“I could go buy some?” Mal replied, “But if I’m thinking what you’re thinking, I have some 4 foot sections of ½ inch rebar that should work.”

“Oh, that would be good. Let’s cut four sections of that large chain, about 2 ft long each. I want the slut to feel helpless and hopeless.” I smiled.

“Yea, if we drive the rebar right through a chain link then bend it over, it’s not going anywhere,” Mal added.

“Let her drive the rebar in with the sledgehammer, that way she will KNOW how secure it is,” added Reese.

I just loved the way the whole group was getting into the planning!

“And the following week is just a good ol’ fashioned orgy?” Maggie asked.

“That’s what I’m thinking, except we focus on Lucija, everybody tries to save at least one orgasm for her. Everybody but Tim that is. Lucija talked to Paula and I and she has a very interesting idea,” I said. Tim was looking dejected and worried at the same time.


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