The Chateau

by Budman

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Author’s Note: As with most of my stories, you will get very lost if you don’t read this story from . I encourage you to go back and take the chapters in order if you aren’t already.

Chapter 8 – Tormenting The Slut

“So,” I asked Paula, “Do you still consider yourself a switch?”

“I haven’t subbed in years,” she said thoughtfully, “but yeah, for the right person, maybe.”

“Let’s go see what’s happening downstairs,” I suggested.

When we got to the wine cellar, Maggie had taken the old chair and put it outside the bars right in front of Heather. She was sitting there lightly rubbing the tip of the vibrator against Heather’s clit, which was sticking out prominently between the crotch ropes. Heather was already starting to sweat.

As we approached the cell, Maggie looked up and smiled the most sadistic smile.

I whispered to Paula, “improvise with me.”

I then stood behind Maggie and talked directly to Heather. “Slut, I don’t hear you thanking Maggie for being so nice to you,” I said.

“Thank you, Ma'am,” Heather said between pants, “Thank you! Please make me cum, please Ma'am?”

“Stop a minute Maggie,” I said. “Slut, listen to me closely. Are you listening?”

“Yes Sir,” she said, wide eyed at my tone and the lack of vibration.

“This is my chateau and I make the rules, understand. Not Paula, Not Maggie, Not Carl, ME.” I reminded her.

“Tonight, I have decided to give you two choices. You can beg Maggie to give you an orgasm. If you beg pitifully enough, if you make her believe you really need it, then I’m sure she will give in. But Heather, I’m growing tired of this game. If you have an orgasm tonight, you will immediately go upstairs, and I will lock the Cellar door, and you will never be allowed down here again. Do you understand slut?”

“Yes Sir," Heather suddenly sounded genuinely scared.

“OR, you can ask Heather not to let you cum. I’m sure she’s going to keep playing with you, in fact we all may play with you, so you better beg all of us not to let you cum. Because if we make you cum, your time in this cell is over, permanently.”

“Oh, Sir. Please.”

Paula looked at me with a raised eyebrow. She didn’t have the confidence I did in the power of Heather’s kink.

Maggie just went back to playing with the slut’s clit.

“Please what Slut?” I asked.

I think I short circuited Heather’s brain because her face went through a wide range of expressions in about 10 seconds.

“Well slut?” Maggie said as she forced the vibrator between the strands of the crotch rope and inserted it part way into her cunt.

“Oh god, oh god, feels so good, oh god,” and then she wailed in the most pitiful voice, “PLEASE take it out Ma'am. Don’t make me cum, please don’t, please!”

I looked down at Maggie and she was shaking her head in disbelief. I don’t think she would ever completely understand Heather. But I also know that Maggie was discovering a sadistic side. When we finished tormenting Heather, Maggie would rush back upstairs and practically rape Cradic because he was the first dick she encountered.

For now, Maggie kept pushing the vibrator in and out of Heather’s cunt.

“Oh please, oh god, no, no, please don’t make me cum," Heather wailed.

“That doesn’t sound very sincere to me, does it to you Paula?” I asked.

Paula had moved inside the cell and was standing behind the bound Heather, “Nope, not after all the days of begging for an orgasm. Girls just don’t change their mind that fast. I know I could use an orgasm right now; this scene is hot!”

“Let’s help Maggie help the slut get off,” I offered.

“Oh, oh, please, no, don’t make me cum, stop please, I don’t want to cum, oh god, it feels so good, I’m close, please stop,” Heather continued to wail.

Maggie was angling the penis vibe where the top must have been right on Heather’s g-spot. She was also rubbing circles around her clit with a finger. Paula started fingering and playing around Heather’s anus and started lightly spanking Heather’s tight ass. I started playing with both of Heather’s nipples, rolling them between my fingers and alternating squeezing and massaging her breasts.

I heard Paula lean into Maggie and whisper in her ear, “I know baby, I know. Mother Paula will help you. Every time you say ‘Cum’ Paula will help take your mind on how good that vibrator inside you feels.”

It was a classic ‘good cop, bad cop” play.

“Oh, make her stop Ma'am, please I don’t want to cum!” Heather wailed again.

On the word ‘cum’ there was a loud smack and Heather’s body slammed against the bars. Maggie and I were both surprised but recovered quickly. Paula had smacked Heather’s ass, HARD. I mean, leave an angry red handprint hard. Heather sucked in a breath and screamed. I pinched her nipples and Maggie stuffed the vibrator in deeper.

After she got her breath back, Heather went right back to begging, “Oh, no, no, no, mercy please, I’m gonna cum!” SMACK.

“Please don’t make me cum!” SMACK.

“Oh, I’m so close Ma'am, I can’t control it, I’m gonna Cum!” SMACK, SMACK, SMACK.

And while Heather was screaming again, Maggie turned off the vibrator, stood up and walked away, taking the vibrator with her.

Cradic later said, after Maggie came upstairs, that he had never been fucked by a wild animal like that before. After Maggie rode him until she came three times, she used Heather’s vibrator for two more while he watched.

Heather slumped in her ropes, utterly exhausted. I untied her crotch rope and Paula caught her and lowered her to the floor.

“Good girl!” I said, “You have proven yourself worthy, the LandLORD of the Chateau will allow you to stay.”

“Thank you, Sir," Heather mumbled as she crawled to her mattress, rolled on her back, and started fingering herself.

“God, what a slut.” Paula exclaimed as we locked the gate.

On the way up the stairs she laughed, “LandLORD of the Chateau, where the hell did that come from.”

I just smiled.

I spent the night in her sleeping bag and ate her out twice before we fell asleep.


I had a crate coming into the local freight terminal, so I needed to head to the port in town right after breakfast.

“Mal and Reese, remember to take Heather to the back yard this morning,” I reminded them. “She may not want to leave her cell, in fact it may scare her into thinking you’re releasing her, so put the full body chains on her, just like we did for the orgy.”

“And do what with her?” Mal asked.

“Whatever you and Reese decide, but I’d chain or tie her to that huge old oak tree at the back of the yard. Just remember, don’t put a rope around her neck unless it will let her lay all the way on the ground OR one of you is going to stay with her all morning. We don’t want any hangings. If you want to make her stand you can tie a rope to her waist chain and tie it to an overhead branch above where she can reach,” I cautioned.

“I’ve got some bug repellent and sunscreen.” Paula volunteered.

I know she’s lily white, but let’s leave the sunscreen off for an hour or two. She will be in the shade. Paula, if you’re going to be around the house all morning, check on her every few hours and if you think she’s getting too much sun, apply sunscreen. Also remember to give her water. Perhaps change her position or location. Have fun, like I said last night, don’t forget she’s a human sex toy.”

I wished later that I had installed a camera in the back yard. But as I suspected, when Reese and Mal showed up and announced they were taking her outside, Heather panicked. After her discussion with Maggie last night, she was terrified they were releasing her. Surely, they knew that her screams last night were from the spanks Reese was delivering and not an orgasm. The LandLORD had said she could stay! But then she saw the chains and her thoughts changed to “what, another orgy, right after breakfast?”

After they chained her up, Heather found navigating the stairs, and even just walking, was getting easier with practice. Of course, she didn’t have the hood and blindfold on now, but she had also learned to bend over just the right amount, to take just the right length steps and to pace herself.


When I returned from my errands, I went around the house directly to the back. Heather was tied hugging the Oak tree. Her hands had been released from the handcuffs and were tied around the huge oak trunk, which was at least twice as large as she could reach around. Her breast and belly were held tightly against the rough bark. I was pretty sure there was cum dripping out of her ass. I was also sure she was trying to hump the tree, to desperately rub her clit against the bark.

Paula walked up quietly behind me. “She’s only been like that a few minutes. She spent most of the morning standing under the branches, chained, and tied just like you suggested. But Mal came home for lunch from his current construction gig. After he ate, he announced that he had been thinking about fucking Heather all morning and he needed to make sure he could concentrate after lunch. He got Tim to go with him and they fixed her like you see.”

“And, from the looks of it, he took her in the ass?” I asked.

“Yup, and Tim took sloppy seconds,” Paula added.

“So, have you checked her ass? Did it recover enough from the orgy to handle two reamings?” I asked.

“No, but I probably should check it before we take her down,” Paula agreed.

“How about you check it now?” I asked with a smile.

“Sloppy thirds?” she asked.

“Well, as long as it’s OK with you,” I answered.

“I don’t own your dick,” Paula said, looking serious.

“No, but you are starting to own my heart, so if you didn’t approve, I wouldn’t,” I answered.

“We’ve talked about this Heath; we both can separate any growing feelings for each other from just sex. If I want your body, I know how to take it!” she finished with a grin. “The rest of the crew is in the kitchen. Go join them for lunch, I’ll go check on our slut while you eat.”


Lunch was a cold pasta and vegetable dish that Reese had whipped up, and it was very good.

When Paula came back into the kitchen, she reported that “Heather’s ass looks ok, but her chest and belly were scratched up and she rubbed the area above her clit almost raw trying to rub her clit against the tree bark.” She smiled at Mal and Tim as she said it.

Paula handed me a condom package out of a pocket in her dress. I had finally come to realize that these women were NEVER without a condom handy, day or night. I guess it was self-protection; never rely on the man.

I ate quickly then took a bowl of the pasta out with me and put it on the ground next to Heather.

“I hear that you were kind enough to have Mal and Tim pre-stretch your ass for me slut,” I said in a lighthearted tone as I rolled on the condom.

“Yes, sir. I think they did a good job too, sir," Heather said. After being out here all morning, and ass raped twice against a tree, she was still in a mood to banter with me.

I untied one of her wrists and she dropped to her knees in relief.

I let her stretch for a minute then cuffed her hands with the handcuffs that were still hanging on her belly chain.

“Eat your lunch Slut,” I told her.

When she started to pick the bowl up with her hands I reminded her, “That’s not how a slut eats.”

Heather put the bowl back down and stuck her face in it, which wasn’t easy since her hands were again cuffed to her belly, and she knew I wanted her to keep her ass up.

I knelt down behind her, stuck two fingers in her cunt and coated them with her liberal juices, then smeared them over her asshole and my dick head. She stopped eating in anticipation.

“You better finish that before I finish or I’m going to take it away,” I warned.

Heather went back to eating and I thrust into her ass.

She did finish before I did, but just by a few seconds. I may have been sloppy thirds, but that woman had a tight ass. She timed her eating with my thrusts. When I pulled out, she took a bite, when I thrust in, she pushed back against me. The whole situation was so hot that I came long before I wanted to.

After I regained my breath, I had Heather lay on her back so I could inspect her asshole again and check her breast and tummy. She looked OK but I would let Paula do some first aid on her front. Then I untied the rope that had held her to the tree from her other hand, Tied it to her collar as a leash and led her inside to the kitchen.

“I’ve got some work stuff to do, can someone put this sex toy away for me? Oh, and Paula, we might need to clean these scratches on her breast and pussy and put some antibiotics on them.”

“I’ll do it, since Mal and I scratched her up!” Tim said. “Slut, crawl up on the table face up.”

Before lunch I had picked up a wooden shipping crate from the docks. It wouldn’t fit in my rented Land Rover, so I paid some dock workers to open it and unpack the eight cardboard boxes inside. It took two trips to my apartment, but I got them all inside by lunch. At my request, my U.S. distribution had shipped me ten each of every item we manufactured and sold. I unpacked two of each item and put them in my vehicle. Then I drove to Madam Cosecu’s gift shop. As I expected, she was thrilled to be able to buy wholesale. But the language barrier was simply too high for me to explain some of the more technical toys to her, like the remote controlled, programmable egg vibrator, or the chastity cage with remote shock capability. So, I didn’t sell her any of those, that would have to wait until I could find a good translator. Mal’s mastery of the local language was improving rapidly, but mostly he was learning construction terms. Paula’s understanding was also improving but wasn’t far enough along to help yet.

On the way out of the shop there was a stunningly attractive young lady shopping. She was wearing a long flowing flower print dress, had long black hair and a smile that would make any man melt. I knew she was young. I would later find out that she was days away from her 18th birthday. By the time I realized I was staring, she gave me the most beautiful smile then looked from me to the door to the back room that I had just come out of, and back to my face.

She said something in the local language that I didn’t understand. “I’m sorry, I only speak English.” I said, assuming she would at least understand ‘English’.

“OH, that’s awesome!” she said, “I haven’t been able to practice my English since last summer!”

“Well, it’s excellent,” I replied. “Where are you from?”

“I was born here but I spent the last few summers with my aunt and uncle. They live in the US now and he represents our local wine industry in San Francisco.” She explained.

Looking back to the door at the back she asked, “Did you find something to share with your wife?”

I’ve sold sex toys for years, but for some reason, in front of this young lady, I was momentarily embarrassed. “Oh, no,” I said. “I wasn’t buying anything, I design, manufacture, and sell toys. And I’m not married.”

I immediately shut up. In trying to keep her from thinking I was a creepy customer buying sex toys I admitted to much more. Then I threw in my marital status like I was trying to hit on her. I just needed to leave.

But she didn’t seem to be offended or even to notice. “Well, I’ll have to get Madam to show me her latest stock.”

I guess I must have looked shocked because she added, by way of explanation, “Remember, I spent summers in San Francisco?”

“Right,” I said. Then a lightbulb came on, “Would you like a job?”

“What,” she asked, “I suppose you need a tester or a model?” She wasn’t smiling anymore.

“OH, NO, nothing like that. Nothing inappropriate. It’s just that I can’t communicate with Madam Cosecu and other potential customers. And all the instructions are in English, French, and Spanish. And I could really use a good translator that, uh, isn’t embarrassed by what I sell.”

“I’ll think about it. It would have to be after school, I have another few months before graduation. Airdrop me your number and I’ll call you if I’m interested.”

When I did the Airdrop, I noticed her name was Lucija.

Madam Cosecu had been listening in from the back room, she didn’t understand much of what we said but she understood ‘job’. After Lucija left, she walked right up to me and started shaking her finger in my face. I couldn’t tell if she was angry, but she was certainly emphatic. When she realized I wasn’t getting a bit of it, she pulled out a piece of paper and wrote me a note, handed it to me and said, “Google Translate” in broken English. Then she practically pushed me out the front door.

When I got to my laptop later that day I typed in her note and then asked Google to translate it. The basic message was “If you want to hire a young, single girl in this town you better talk to her Father!”

After I left the gift shop and swung by the home improvement store and bought 200 ft of 1/4 inch steel cable, cable clamps and turnbuckles. I also bought the chateau, well, actually Mal, a full multi drawer tool cabinet with 450 tools. Everything from socket sets to screw drivers. And I bought a full set of battery powered hand tools in a box, circular saw, drill, sander, jig saw, with all the accessories. The salesman was thrilled and offered to deliver it the next morning for free – which was good since the Land Rover wouldn’t have held the tool chest.


Later that night, sitting around after dinner I told the group about my encounter with Lucija and asked if any of them knew her. Yea, Mal knew exactly who she was, the Mayor’s daughter. Oh shit, now I understood Madam Cosecu’s warning. I wasn’t planning anything illegal or even immoral, I really just wanted a translator, but pissing off the town Mayor would not be a good idea, especially after Reese had built us so much good will in the community.

I wanted to discuss an idea I had with Mal. Mal was absolutely thrilled that I had bought the tools. He had accumulated a few hand tools, but he was getting tired of borrowing stuff from his new construction buddies.

The two of us discussed my design to exercise Heather while keeping total control over her. Mal would run the cable, about nine feet off the ground, between two massive trees. He would slide the pulley I purchased on the cable then tighten it with turnbuckles until it didn’t sag. We could then run a chain from the pulley down and around Heather’s waist. If we wanted her to be able to rest, the chain could be long enough for her to sit. If not, it could be short enough that she had to stand.

I stayed over again to sleep with Paula and also to get an early start on the cable. I had to run into town because I hadn’t thought about a ladder, and we needed one at the chateau anyway. Once we had a 12 ft. fiberglass ladder we made short work of installing the cable. Mal even suggested using an old water hose to wrap the part of the cable around the tree to protect the tree.


After lunch Carl and I went down to get Heather. I was pleased to find her, in Nadu position, waiting patiently. We locked Heather in her full transport chains and marched her upstairs and out to the back. She was so focused on walking in her ankle cuffs she did not, at first, see the cable. But when we locked the chain hanging from the pulley to the back of her belly chain, she understood.

“You need exercise, slut,” I announced.

“That you sir,” she said somewhat hesitantly.

“Put your ass up against that tree,” I instructed. Then I got ready to start the timer on my iPhone. “OK slut, I want you to go as fast as you can and touch your forehead to the other tree. GO!”

Heather started too fast, her leg cuffs pulled her up short and she almost fell forward. She kept trying to move her feet faster, but in her brain, faster meant longer steps and the chain was unyielding. I took her a minute and ten seconds to walk the entire cable.

“Come back slut, faster this time!” I ordered.

Heather did slightly better, “That took you a minute and five seconds slut,” I announced. Then I took a new toy out of my back pocket and turned it on. It was a penis vibe that my company sold under the brand Penis Rabbit; and it was SO much better than the plastic toy Heather owned. It was a full seven inches of realistic Silicone with two AA cells powering a powerful vibrator at the base. And like a rabbit vibe, it had a two-inch appendage on top that, when it was fully inserted into a cunt would sit right on top the clit and effectively transmit those vibrations, not only around the vaginal opening but directly on to the clit. The reviews on the website were all five stars. The only negative comments were from husbands and boyfriends who said their women would rather use the Penis Rabbit than fuck them.

When I held it up, Heather’s eyes went so wide it was almost comical. When I turned it on, and she watched the silicone shimmer and heard the noise she looked desperate to try it.

“I’m going to leave you out here to practice walking, slut. I’ll come check on you from time to time. When you think you’re good enough walking in cuffs to make it between trees in less than 50 seconds you tell me. I’ll time you,” I explained.

“If you make it in time, I’ll let you play with my friend here and have an orgasm. In fact, for every five seconds under 50 seconds you can have another orgasm. So, let’s say you make the walk in 35 seconds, you could play with my toy here for THREE orgasms.” As I explained this, Heather’s eyes were glued to the Penis Rabbit.

“BUT, if you tell me you’re ready and you fail to make 50 seconds, you don’t get a second chance. For wasting my time, you don’t get to try again until next week. Understood?”

“Yes Sir?” Heather said.

I turned off the vibrator and stuck it in a limb of the tree where Heather could clearly see it but had no hope of reaching it. As I walked away, she had already pushed her back against the tree trunk and was starting her slut walk to the other end, counting under her breath in an attempt to estimate the time.

Mal had gone off to a construction job once we got the cable up. Carl was coding. But Paula, Tim, and Maggie, who were frequently around the house during the day, had gathered at the back door to watch.

“What did you say to her to get her to walk that fast in cuffs?” Maggie asked.

“I told her she could use that vibrator I stuck in the tree if she could make it between trees in 50 seconds,” I answered.

“And I’ll bet you timed it so there is no way she can ever walk that fast?” Tim assumed with a smile.

“No, actually I think she can if she practices enough. She needs to train her legs to take just the right length steps, even when she’s trying to walk fast. She needs to do it enough to build muscle memory,” I answered. I want her to believe she can do it; I wasn’t trying to set an unreasonable goal. I’m OK rewarding her with the occasional orgasm, it will keep her on her toes,” I smiled.


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