The Chateau

by Budman

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Author’s Note: As with most of my stories, you will get very lost if you don’t read this story from . I encourage you to go back and take the chapters in order if you aren’t already.

Chapter 6 – A Bondage Orgy Continues

I looked around the room and everyone was staring at Heather. Everyone but Paula and I had stripped off some or all their clothing and all the guys were sporting erections. Most nipples were hard as well. I moved directly to Paula, kissed her hard and then started unbuttoning the front of her dress. That served as a starting signal and everyone else started in twos or threes to make out.

Heather was ignored for a few minutes and I’m sure, in her hood, blindfolded, she was wondering what was happening. The cream oozing out of her cunt was already proving Paula’s use of plastic was a good idea, and nobody had touched Heather yet.

Mal was between Maggie’s legs and Carl was in her mouth when she pushed both of them off and took them by the hand towards Heather. Maggie pulled the gag out and planted her cunt directly over Heather’s mouth, pushing her head down. She pointed to Heather’s tits and suggested Mal use his talented mouth on them. It took Mal a little maneuvering to get his head between her folded back leg and breast, but he moved her arm enough to get his mouth on her right nipple.

Carl had already moved to Heather’s ass and was squirting lube on her cunt. Maggie’s mouth had gotten him as hard as he could ever remember being, and he couldn’t wait to drive it into this wanton slut on a board. But first he had Carl help him put a couple of blocks under the plywood to raise it up and test the position. Satisfied he could get into both holes; he rolled a condom as Mal went back to Heather’s tits.

Heather was trying to do a good job on Maggie’s clit. She actually had no idea whose clit was in her mouth, whose mouth was on her nipple, or whose penis was about to impale her. With the hood on, all sound was muffled, and she couldn’t always identify voices. But she WANTED an orgasm, and she was going to do anything and everything to cooperate. She felt the tip of a penis on her labia and just that touch caused her to pause licking, until Maggie tapped Mal on the shoulder, and he bit down on the nipple he was sucking, hard! Heather quickly went back to licking, then heard a muffled conversation. Mal stopped licking her tit and then she felt the board lifted.

Now Heather felt the tip of a penis move from her labia to her asshole and back before plunging balls deep into her vagina in one hard trust. OH GOD, it felt so good she almost bit Maggie’s clit.

“Warn me before you do something like that,” Maggie laughed, “I could have lost a clit.”

“OHHH, she is so tight!” was all Carl could moan.

“Enjoy it,” Mal laughed, “Because she won’t be in a few hours.”

Heather was lost in her own world, she was mechanically sucking and licking a clit like a baby on a tit. Carl was pumping in and out very slowly. She hardly felt Mal on her tit except when bit down to get her attention.

Carl pumped slowly in and out. It took all his self-control; he was about to burst. Heather just wanted him to fuck her, fast and hard! He felt so good against her g-spot. But Carl didn’t want to ruin it for the others, he wanted to make Heather wait. So, when Heather’s whole body started to tense up, he looked up at Maggie, mouthed ‘move’ and when he saw Maggie lift off Heather’s mouth he pulled out and rammed back into her ass. Heather screamed and Maggie was glad she wasn’t still in her mouth.

The whole room looked up. Maggie looked around then said with a sadistic grin, “He fucked her ass!”

There was a general chorus of encouragement including “Fuck the slut!”, “Go man!” and Reese asked, “So which hole feels better?”

By now Carl had thrust several times and was balls deep in her ass. “Oh, this ass is so tight, it feels great! I don’t think you all should bother with her cunt at all.”

Heather had been SO close. One or two more thrusts from this penis head on her g-spot and she would have cum. Now, the shock and pain of having him thrust suddenly into her ass backed her quickly away from that orgasm. Carl didn’t care, he kept pounding and pounding and she felt him unload in her ass. Heather started crying, ragged sobs. She had been SO close.

“Look man,” Mal pointed out, “you made the slut cry! Let a real man take over.”

“Go for it man,” Carl said as he moved away to clean up.

Mal moved to Heather’s ass, dropped to his knees, and started fingering and licking her.

Maggie, meanwhile, had drifted away from Heather and joined Paula and I on top of our opened sleeping bag. We had both succeeded in stripping each other naked and were in a 69 position with Paula on top of me bobbing up and down on my dick. I couldn't see, with my face between Paula’s legs, but apparently Maggie started nibbling on Paula’s ass. She had learned, in an earlier lovemaking session, that Paula had a thing for bite marks on her body, especially her ass. Maggie varied from little nibbles to clamping down with her teeth and leaving red angry bite marks. Every time she did, I could almost feel Paula’s clit throb.

Maggie then went around and put her head beside Paula’s and said, “Let me have a taste.” Paula moved her head aside, still laying on top of me, and Maggie started working my penis. For several minutes they alternated licking, sucking and generally driving me wild. Then Maggie left my shaft to Paula and moved between her legs. My mouth was still sucking and licking when I saw Maggie’s fingers enter Paula. She also started biting her ass and thighs again. Maggie stroked and bit while I licked and sucked. That combination didn’t take long before Paula came, when Maggie bit down extra hard. I thought she was going to forget to let me breathe and was about to buck her off when Maggie had mercy on me and slapped Paula on the ass, right on one of her bite marks. Paula jumped off my face and glared at Maggie, then they both laughed.

Meanwhile, Mal had licked Heather enough to restore her sexual high and he moved up and thrust into her. Mal wasn’t as long as Carl, but he was thicker. And for the moment, nobody was distracting Heather with a clit in her mouth or sucking on her tits. She just concentrated on squeezing Mal as much as she could. She desperately wanted to beg him to finish her – but she kept quiet.

I looked over and Reese was on her back on a sleeping bag. Cradic was sitting on her face and Tim was holding her hips up and had impaled her. I couldn’t see from my angle if he was in her vagina or her ass. What initially surprised me was that Cradic and Tim were kissing. Heather had mentioned, on that first day, that some of the guys were bisexual.

After Carl cleaned up, he was just standing beside Heather watching Mal pound her. Heather noticed he wasn’t occupied and with a nod to Paula and I went over and grabbed him by the balls, dragging him to an unused sleeping bag.

Mal sensed that Heather was reaching another orgasm and much to her extreme frustration, pulled out.

“Awww. Is the little slut going to cry again?” He asked. “Let me give you something to take your mind off your cunt.”

And Mal, taking his condom off, went around and stuffed his throbbing dick into Heather’s mouth. Mal usually found it hard to come just from a woman’s mouth; he would have liked Heather’s or anyone’s fingers around his cock while she sucked on his head. But this whole scene, Heather trussed up in front of him, helpless, the noises she was making, her desperation, it all pushed him over and after just a few thrusts into her throat he came. Heather choked. Cum came out of her nose. She thought she was going to drown in cum until Mal pulled out and she could turn her head to the side and cough it out. It took her several minutes to get her breath. Mal stuffed her gag back in, then flopped down in a chair and grabbed a wine bottle.

After she recovered a bit from her orgasm, Paula rolled me over on my back and mounted me cowgirl style. She started rolling her hips in the most amazing way, front to back. I could tell the base of my penis was rubbing her clit and it was having an effect but there was no way I could keep from exploding soon. I looked up at Paula’s magnificent breasts flopping up and down with each sway and I lost it.

The evening went on with all the guys taking their turn either eating Heather, plunging into her cunt or her ass and all the women but Paula having a turn on her face. Nobody had given the poor slut an orgasm yet and she was getting frantic. She had been pounded so long and hard that she was getting sore and worn out. She had begun to believe she would never be able to cum.

Paula and I sat on the blanket enjoying the debauchery around us until Paula noticed I was getting semi erect watching Cradic make Heather gag on his cock.

“Go on, I know you want to be the one to give it to her,” Paula said.

“You know me awfully well for the short time we’ve known each other. You don’t mind?” I replied.

“I like you, but I’m not territorial when it comes to good sex. Fuck whoever you want, just come back, and lay in my arms when you’re done,” she said.

“Why don’t you come help me?” I replied. “You’ve only gotten off once.”

“Twice, but the second one was just a little one," she replied, “Your tongue and Maggie’s bite is more talented than you give credit.”

“Do you know where Heather’s penis vibrator is?” I asked and Paula produced it from Heather’s bag.

I went to Heather’s head and removed her gag and blindfold. It was the first time she could see since we strapped her to the board an hour ago. She blinked as her eyes adjusted and then looked at me with tears but stayed silent.
“Don’t worry slut, you’re about to cum,” I told her. Her intense smile was heartwarming.

“But first,” I added, “You need to make Paula cum. The quality of her orgasm will determine the quality of yours.”

I wanted to try Heather’s ass first, so as Paula mounted her face, I rolled on a condom, lubed up the condom and her ass and eased in. It was already pretty loose from previous abuse, but it still felt wonderful.

As I slowly pumped in and out of Heather’s ass, feeling myself get harder with each stroke, the slut was licking Paula’s clit for all she was worth. “Slow down cunt,” Paula growled, “I’ve already come twice, you need to use some technique. If I get numb from that sandpaper tongue of yours, you aren’t ever going to get off tonight.”

Heather must have gotten the message because Paula started to breathe faster and seemed to be having trouble standing. I guess Tim had sympathy for Heather because came over, pressed his back up against Paula and wrapped his arms around her, taking a tit in each hand. I didn’t think, from what Paula told me on the beach, that she had ever made it with anyone but Carl, and me of course. I couldn’t hear what he was saying in her ear, but he was alternating between nibbling on an earlobe and saying something that was sure turning Paula on. Even so, It took a while, but Paula finally came with such intensity that if Tim hadn’t been there to hold her up, she would have collapsed on the floor.

I immediately pulled out, rolled on another condom, and thrust into Heather’s cunt while saying “what a good girl getting all these people off. I think you deserve your orgasm.”

I looked up and the whole group was standing around except for Reese who was kneeling in front of Cradic, sucking him. Talk about performance anxiety. Paula recovered enough to come stand beside me and whisper encouragement. Then she took Heather’s vibrator and started massaging Heather’s clit with it. Heather couldn’t cum without vaginal stimulation, but she sure didn’t mind adding that vibrator to the mix.

Once Heather’s mouth was no longer occupied, she started to beg, “Oh yes, Fuck me please! Pound it in! Faster please! Harder! Oh god it’s killing me, do it harder, harder!”

“She likes it hard, give her all of that dick!” Paula said in a sultry voice while continuing to vibrate Heather’s clit with one hand and reaching under Heather’s butt and grabbing my balls with the other.

“Let’s make sure the whore drains these completely," she said as she continued to massage my balls in the most delightful way.

I forgot about the observers, most of whom were making out or feeling each other up while watching. I forgot about anything but the feeling of Heather’s cunt around my shaft and Paula’s hand around my balls. I was lost in the feeling but aware enough to realize that two mouths were sucking on Heather’s prominent nipples. Someone was pressing down on her tummy right above where my dick was hitting her g-spot. Cradic must have come in Reese’s mouth because after hearing him grunt loudly I saw Reese give Heather a deep French kiss after which I heard her say “Swallow it bitch!”

Heather came. For a minute I was afraid she was going to upset the plywood table she arched so hard. The primal scream she emitted sprayed some of Cradic’s cum that was left in her mouth and she continued to shake for several minutes while I continued to pump. But that scream and the way her pussy clamped down on my shaft sent me over. I came almost as hard as Heather did.

Heather, whose vow of silence was finally over, could only utter “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” over and over.

It’s hard coming while standing up. It makes thrusting in and out of a cunt easy and powerful but once the orgasm hits, your legs just want to collapse. After Heather and I both came, there was a few seconds of total quiet and then applause. Fucking applause. Paula and I both started laughing. I’m not sure Heather even noticed.

Paula let go of my balls, turned off the vibrator and put the blindfold back on Heather. She started to put the gag back in but then realized that Heather was barely conscious and still had a mouth coated by Tim’s cum, so she thought better of using the gag.

Carl and Mal had come in Heather’s ass and mouth before me. Most others achieved at least one orgasm with someone or multiple partners. But Heather and my performance had set off another round of pairing. I was too exhausted to keep track, Paula and I fell onto her sleeping bag, and I just curled up in her arms.

After I had relaxed and recovered a bit Paula asked, “So the poor slut only gets off once tonight?”

I looked up and Paula was smiling, “I’m spent.”

“A few of the guys may have a hard on left in them, and we haven’t had dessert yet.” Paula reminded me. “Besides,” she added, “my strapon never gets tired.”

Dessert, I had almost forgotten.

“OK, go get the desert ready, and the strapon!” I smiled.

Maggie had given Heather a few sips of water to rinse her mouth and rehydrate her. When Heather whispered her thanks Maggie said, “OH, now the slut talks,” and just smiled.

When I looked up again, Cradic was pumping in and out of Heather’s cunt and Tim was down her throat. I didn’t interrupt them but when Paula came back with the Reddi-whip, cherries, and chocolate syrup, I did announce, “time for dessert everyone.”

Heather’s legs were going to be in the way, so as soon as Tim and Cradic dumped their loads, I got the padlock keys from the nail in the kitchen and unlocked Heather’s transport chains from her collar. That made it possible for her to let her legs down, but her hands were still cuffed to the belly chain. She had been balled up for so long that she groaned as her hips straightened out.

Paula started with the Reddi-whip. Heather was still pretty zoned out from her massive orgasm, just lying there with her eyes closed, until Paula squirted a dollop of ice-cold whipped cream on each tit. Heather’s eyes popped open, and her mouth formed an ‘O’, so Paula filled it with whipped cream. Everyone around the table laughed.

I opened the jar of cherries, popped one in Heather’s open mouth then topped each tit with a bright red cherry. I also put one in her belly button for good measure.

The trick to sloshing with chocolate syrup is moderation. Licking up too much of that stuff is just too sweet. So, you put very thin lines over the body in strategic locations. I put several decorative lines of brown syrup radiating out from her breasts. I made sure to get the inside of her thighs, where her neck and shoulders met, her earlobes, and especially her toes. Meanwhile Paula was liberally squirting whipped cream everywhere. Every time she would depress the nozzle on the Reddi-whip it made an obscene sound and Heather would squeal from the cold.

As Paula and I stood back to watch, there were four mouths and 12 hands all over Heather. And of course, there were various dicks in her cunt and mouth. Several of the women also rubbed whipped cream and chocolate syrup on their labia and clits and planted them in Heather’s face. The pace was almost slow and sensual and Heather was going from laughing hysterically as someone would suck her neck, or slowly lick between her toes, to moaning through another orgasm. I’m not sure anyone, including Heather, kept count but I’m betting she had six to eight by this point.

The guy’s dicks and most of the women were all worn out at this point and focusing on licking up dessert, however. I looked over and Paula had buckled on the strapon and was lubing it up. This thing looked dangerous. Seven inches long and 3 and ½ inches in girth, black and ribbed with realistic veins. I envied the man who had modeled for it. I’m not sure I envied Heather.

When Reese pulled her cunt away from Heather’s face Paula went and stood before her and dropped the end of the monster on her nose. “You want some of this slut?” Paula asked. “Doesn’t matter, I’m ramming it in you anyway, I just wanted you so see how fucking huge it is, so you know what’s splitting you in two.” As Paula moved around to Heather’s cunt, Tim and Mal each took one of Heather’s legs and raised them straight up.

It suddenly got quiet except for Heather, softly whimpering, “oh shit, oh shit, OH SHIT!” as Paula pushed the monster into her cunt. Heather kept saying “Too big, too big, Ow, shit.”

Paula started a rhythm: in, out, in, out. The dildo must have been bottoming out on Heather’s cervix because each time Paula went in, she was leaning towards Heather on her tiptoes, and there was at least an inch of the dildo still outside Heather. I could tell the back end of the dildo was having an effect on Paula’s clit too as her head flopped back and she started holding the base of the strapon and moving it up and down.

Heather kept getting louder and louder with her protest until I suddenly realized she had changed tunes and was not screaming “Fuck me, fuck, fuck, please don’t stop, harder, fuck!” And then she stopped with her mouth open in a large O, held her breath, shuddered for a full minute then pushed out and down with her legs so hard Tim and Mal lost their grip. Heather’s legs collapsed.

“Well, that was fun!” Paula said as she unstrapped the monster. “Now I need to cum again!” she declared as she grabbed me by the balls and led me to a sleeping bag. My dick was semi hard, but I wasn’t going to get it back up this quickly. I just managed to grab the vibrator Paula had used on Heather as she pulled me away. Putting her on her back with her legs up against the wall I used my fingers in her cunt and started slowly massaging her clit with the tip of the vibrator.

After just a few minutes Paula almost shouted “Quit fucking around and get me off! Bite my thighs!”

“OK,” I thought, “let’s try this.”

I stuck three fingers into Paula as far as my hand would go, curled them so they hit her g-spot and lifted up. I lifted her ass right off the floor. With the other hand I pressed the vibrator up against the side of her clit. I picked what I thought would be a tender spot on her thigh and bit down. I didn’t nibble, I tried to draw blood. I didn’t break the skin, but it had the effect I was after and Paula came in seconds, gushing all over my hand and the sleeping bag. I’m glad it was her sleeping bag. She was going to smell this orgasm all night.

While I was abusing Paula’s cunt, Maggie had grabbed the strapon and was continuing to pound Heather. Reese had put syrup on her ample bosom, bent over and stuck one of them in Heather’s mouth. That left Reese’s ass in a perfect position for Carl to kneel down and start fingering her clit and ass. From the sounds I heard I’m pretty sure Maggie came again, although not as hard this time.

Paula and I had curled up in a nice snuggle. As I watched, Maggie passed the strapon to Reese who was getting ready to give Maggie another pounding. But as Reese approached Heather's cunt, I heard her say with alarm, “Oh my god, the whipped cream is red!”

Paula was up and halfway to Heather before my brain even processed Reese’s statement. Everything in the room stopped. Paula knelt down between Heather’s legs with Maggie standing right behind her.

“Somebody get me the paper towels!” Maggie said.

“And unstrap her!” Paula said.

Paula and Maggie gently cleaned Heather’s crotch while I helped the guys undo the cargo straps.

“It’s just a small tear,” Paula announced with relief, “It’s almost stopped bleeding already. But this party’s over!”

Once we had Heather unstrapped, I unlocked the bottom of the transport chain from her ankle cuffs.

“Take her to my sleeping bag and let’s get some real food in her,” Maggie said, taking charge of her friend.

“Maggie,” Heather said weakly, “I want to go home.”

“I know baby, we’ll talk about that tomorrow. We can’t go to London tonight.”

“NO!” Heather moaned, “I want to go home!”

“Well,” Carl said looking right at me, “It was fun while it lasted.”

“Let’s get you over to my sleeping bag Heather,” Maggie said kindly.

“NO, Maggie I want to go to MY home.” We could barely hear Heather, she was so exhausted, but she was being very emphatic.

I started to unlock Heather’s cuffs from her belly chain, and she batted at the key as best she could and tried to roll away. “No.” was all she said.

“Paula,” I said thinking about it, “you remember when we talked to Heather when we came back from the beach. Do you remember what she said when you asked her If she was OK?

Paula thought for a minute and then said, “She said she felt like she was home.”

“Home,” Heather said, sounding as if she was in a daze.

The change in the room was sudden and startling. All night Heather had simply been the slut, the sex object strapped to the table. She had simply been holes to use, and even dessert. Then when they thought they had injured her, she was human again, worthy of their concern, compassion, and care. But now that she had effectively begged to be put in her cell again, after all the abuse they had given her, she became just a slut again. You could see it in everyone’s expressions and body language.

“Carl,” I said taking charge, “You and the guys grab her shoulders and legs and carry her downstairs. Maggie, find Heather’s sleeping bag. Paula, fix some soup or something else she can eat. And Reese, we need something to clean all the whipped cream, syrup, and lube out of the slut or she’s going to get a UTI or yeast infection, Paula’s enema and douche kit should still be in her cell. Oh, and we’ll need some warm water.”

“Yea, the kit is still down there.” Paula said.

“All us ladies could probably all stand to use that douche kit,” Reese laughed.

The guys got Heather downstairs without dropping her and she was asleep a few minutes after she hit her mattress. Reese and Maggie had to wake her up and get her to stand by the sink while they helped her clean up. In addition to cleaning her out with the warm water, her whole body was a sticky mess that took soap and buckets of cold water from the sink. Nobody had brought the handcuff keys down, so they just left her hands locked in front of her. Paula brought some leftover stew down and hand fed her most of a bowl before laying her down and covering her with the sleeping bag Maggie brought down.

The next morning, when Mal went down to check on her and bring her some peanut butter toast for breakfast, Heather was still sound asleep, but the sleeping bag had been stuffed through the bars of the gate and was outside the cell. Heather was curled in a fetal position and didn’t stir when Mal left her toast.

Days turned into weeks. I spent most of my time at my apartment, running the business and looking for ways to expand distribution into this part of the world. Custom laws, duties and tariffs, shipping and local taxes all had to be considered. I dropped by the chateau every few days to share a meal, have Heather suck me off, chat with the group, or bask on the beach. I also spent more than a few nights in Paula’s sleeping bag. Paula would also ride her bike over to my apartment sometimes in the evenings and would spend the night. At first, she made the excuse that my bed was more comfortable than her sleeping pad and bag. But somehow, we always made love both before falling asleep in each other’s arms and again in the morning.

I still spent considerable time reviewing, mostly in fast forward, the security cameras from the wine cellar. For the first few days after the orgy, nobody bothered Heather, they just fed her and took out the cartridge from her toilet. But slowly, the guys first, the group started making use of her mouth. And after a week, Carl, who seemed to have a thing for anal sex, had Heather bend over and would take her ass right through the bars of the gate. Other than that, Heather was spending a lot of time in her cell, alone, ignored.

I was always watching the video, looking for an excuse to turn the group against Heather and especially an excuse to get the group to punish her. But Heather was a model prisoner except that she was spending more and more time sleeping. Sometimes she wouldn’t even get up when someone brought her meals.

“That slut is starting to piss me off,” Mal said as he came back upstairs one evening when I went over to have dinner with the group.

“Why is that?” I asked.

“I took her some really nice leftovers from last night, I even put ketchup on the potatoes, and she didn’t even roll over.” Mal said in disgust.

“Well, that’s easy to fix. We’ll discuss it at dinner,” I suggested.


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