The Chateau

by Budman

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Author’s Note: As with most of my stories, you will get very lost if you don’t read this story from . I encourage you to go back and take the chapters in order if you aren’t already.

Chapter 3 – Sex on the Beach

The roofers were making good progress patching and replacing tiles. I watched them for a while after lunch. Then I helped Tim, Cradic and Reese move all the ivy they had pulled off the walls into the dumpster the Roofers had rented. We also moved a bunch of other limbs, branches, and trash into the dumpsters. By the time we finished it was late afternoon and we were all sweaty. The chateau didn’t have hot water (yet, I’ll have to work on that) so Reese suggested we get some wine, cheese, crackers, and all go down to the beach.

Paula and Maggie had been leaning and trying to make one or two of the upstairs rooms usable and we hollered for them to join us. Carl had borrowed my Land Rover and gone into town for supplies, so we left him a note, and all headed for the beach. We were about five minutes from the house when Maggie suddenly felt the handcuff keys in her pocket. Heather had been standing in her cell for over four hours now. Maggie was about to run back, feeling horribly guilty about leaving her that long, no matter how angered she and Paula.

“I’ll go back with you,” I volunteered. “I want to collect some rent anyway.”

Most of the group thought they understood. Maggie suggested I just take the handcuff key and go by myself, but I insisted she come with me.

As we approached the chateau, I asked if Maggie could take me to Heather’s backpack. We took the pack downstairs with us, leaving it out of Heather’s reach by the steps. I fished around in the pack until I found the almost mythical vibrator. I was surprised it wasn’t more exotic. It was basically just a cheap, plastic, smooth vibrator. The type where you twist the knob on the end to get slow or fast.

When I turned it on, Heather could hear it clearly across the basement, and Maggie and I could hear her gasp. We walked over to where Heather was chained up and Maggie unlocked the gate padlock, taking the key back and putting it on the nail along with the handcuff keys. Without any communication, Maggie knew exactly what I intended.

Heather was a mess. At this point I had not watched the video of what had unfolded between the time I left the basement and Paula and Maggie had each come down. But I was pleased to see my dried cum still on Heather’s face all these hours later. Heather looked exhausted. Standing in one place is more tiring than you expect. Further, she hadn’t had lunch nor any water all afternoon.

I held up the vibrator, “Maggie feels horrible about forgetting you were chained up in handcuffs for this long. We almost went to the beach and left you here longer. I think we need to make it up to you.”

I turned on the vibrator and Heather stared at it. When I just stood there holding it, she looked at my eyes, then back to the vibrator, then back to me. In just a few seconds she was on the verge of crying.

“Do you want something Heather?” Maggie asked.

“Yes Ma'am, Sir, I need to cum!” Heather sounded pitiful.

Without speaking I moved the tip of the vibrator to her crotch. She spread her legs as much as the handcuffs would let her and started breathing deeply. I found the opening to her vagina with the tip and pushed it a few inches in. Heather’s head went back and her mouth opened. I pushed it the rest of the way in and, since it was only about six inches long, it disappeared into her cunt.


Heather instantly knew that was going to be impossible. Her juices were flowing heavily, she was SO wet. She could feel the vibrator slipping already. But she needed it so badly. She clamped down with all her strength and tried to pull her tired legs together.

When I stood up next to Maggie, she grabbed my neck, pulled my head down and kissed me, hard. I don’t think Heather initially noticed even though we were right in front of her. Heather was lost in her own haze. But as I responded to Maggie’s surprise kiss, we got passionate enough that Heather had to have noticed. About that time, we heard the vibrator hit the floor and rattle on the hard cement.

“Well,” Maggie said, breaking the kiss, reaching down, and turning it off, “I thought you needed to cum. That’s OK because I do.” And without waiting for Heather’s plaintive response, Maggie practically threw me down onto the thin mattress and pushed me over on my back. “I hope this thing is ready because I really need a cock in me!”

What had gotten into Maggie, I wondered? She almost seemed angry at Heather for being into BDSM. Hell, I didn’t care as she undid my shorts and practically ripped them down to my knees along with my jockeys. “Oh, yea, that’s going to work just fine, Look at how big and long this thing is Heather!”

Maggie was kneeling with her knees on their side of my left leg facing me. With her left-hand Maggie started stroking my cock, with her right she fished a condom package out of her sundress. Damn, did all of these girls keep a supply on them? As she started rolling the condom down my dick, I felt her starting to hump my left leg, so I bent my knee up to make it easier on her.

I looked up at Heather who looked like a wild animal that could not take her eyes off her prey. Her body was slumped and hanging by her wrists at this point, but her eyes were hungry, and she was literally drooling.

Once Maggie had the lubricated condom on, she hiked up her sundress, mounted me and started a slow rocking motion. Oh god, that felt good.

“Oh, it’s so BIG Heather,” Maggie moaned. “I feel completely full. I can feel the tip pushing on my G spot.” Whoever this Maggie was, she was being downright sadistic.

Maggie kept changing up the pace and angle of attack. She got up on the balls of her feet and started bouncing up and down on my dick, all the time moaning, “So good! So deep! So Full!”

Between the physical sensation, the constant moaning, and the deeply lustful gaze of Heather, I didn’t last long. “Oh god Heather, he’s exploding inside me! I’m gonna cum, I’m cummmmmmiiiiiiiinnnnnng,” Maggie screamed.

After Maggie collapsed on top of me, we just laid there for a while. After just a few minutes I realized just how horribly uncomfortable this thin mattress was, especially with another body lying on top of you. And the plastic was sticking to my skin and just felt weird.

“We should catch up with the others at the beach!” I said, hoping to get Maggie off of me.

She got the hint and got up, straightened up her dress and just smiled at Heater, “Did you enjoy watching that? Cause I sure enjoyed having my pussy filled.”

Heather, totally defeated, let her head flop forward in resignation and said nothing.

Meanwhile I used the sink to remove the condom, clean my dick and button up. I thought about dumping the contents of the condom over Heather’s head but decided she had endured enough for now. After we locked the cell, Maggie handed me the handcuff keys and I reached up and unlocked Heather from the bars. Her wrists were raw and red, perhaps I should order some leather cuffs.

I was intending to leave Heather the vibrator, but Maggie was still in bitch mode apparently because while Heather was at the sink gulping down water, Maggie turned the vibrator on and set it on the floor just about a foot beyond where she thought Heather could reach. Later we would find the vibrator almost at the far wall. In looking at the video later, Heather tried to stick the entire mattress through the bars of the gate and drag the vibrator back. In trying, she only succeeded in knocking the vibrator further away. If it had only occurred to her to remove the mattress cover and use that, she might have succeeded.

Oh, and the video of sex with Maggie was so HOT that I saved the file and watched it many times over the coming years.

As we made our way down to the beach to catch up with the group, at first Maggie was very quiet.

“Um, thank you? That was some of the best sex I’ve ever had, you were amazing?” I said, trying to break the silence and because it was true.

“Yea, it was,” Maggie said quietly, not looking at me.

“Are you OK?” I asked.

“You got laid didn’t you, what are you complaining about!” and she punched me in the arm in anger.

“I’m not complaining,” I said quietly, not reacting to her outburst, “it was amazing. I’m just worried that you regret it.”

Maggie was quiet for a while. “I enjoyed the sex, it’s not that. It’s not your fault anyway, I practically raped you.”

“Practically?” I smiled.

“I just don’t know where that version of me came from, I just fucked you in front of my friend to torment her... and I enjoyed it,” Maggie said dejectedly.

“Uh Oh,” I thought, “she is starting to have sympathy and regrets, I need to deflect this quickly.”

“I don’t think Heather is your friend anymore,” I said thoughtfully, “I think she has given in to her fantasies and become a slut who will do or say anything to get them fulfilled. She will use you or anyone else to get her turn on. Did you once hear her say anything to you just now, other than begging for an orgasm I mean? Did she ask you to release her? Did she complain about your taunting her? Did she reek of sex more when we left than when we got there?”

“And she’s not capable of thinking about you. A friend would be happy you got laid. So, what if you enjoyed taunting her, there is a little middle school mean girl in all of us, and it feels good to let it out now and then, especially when a bitch deserves it,” I added.

Maggie looked at me with a little sly smile, “Yea, it did feel good and somehow made the sex even better!”

When we reached the beach, someone had built a fire, and everyone was gathered around it listening to music. This wasn’t a sandy beach, it was made of small, rounded pebbles, but it was still a nice place to relax.

“Took you a while to unlock handcuffs,” Paula said, looking at Maggie.

“Well, there was something else we had to take care of.” Maggie said, looking directly at me.

“You did remember to unlock her?” Paula said.

“She’s good, still a very frustrated slut, but good.” I replied.

Since Paula had spoken to me and no one else was sitting on the foam pad with her, I decided to sit next to her. At first, she ignored me, but as the wine bottle passed around and the evening’s cool air started to settle in, I noticed she had edged closer to me so that we were now leaning on each other. The tone of the gathering got quieter and quieter, and I noticed that several people had drifted off to sleep. Paula was talking less and less and next thing I knew, her head was on my shoulder, and she was asleep.

I had intended to go back to my rented room for the night, but I gently lay back keeping Paula’s head on my shoulder and drifted off to sleep on her foam pad.

I awoke, sometime in the night, with a hand stroking my penis. It was hard. I don’t know if I’d sprouted morning wood and Paula was taking advantage of it, or if she had started it. All I knew was that, despite my being ‘raped’ by Maggie last evening, it was hard and ready to go.

I’ve never been an exhibitionist. I don’t think I’d ever had public sex before having Maggie ride me in front of Heather. And somehow, since Heather was chained up and zoned out, that didn’t seem to count. And I had seen members of this group engaging in sex acts in front of each other in the kitchen and living room. But I’d only known them for a few days, could I relax and enjoy this? The first light of morning was starting to peek over the horizon and in that dim light I looked around. Everyone else seemed to be sound asleep.

Before I had much time to think about it, Paula must have sensed my unease because she sat up, flipped a leg over, hiked up her long lightweight dress and sat on my face.

Didn’t any of these women wear underwear?

In sitting on my face, Paula completely covered my head with her skirt, cutting off my view of the others.

But I had another problem. Lots of wine last night. “Uh, Paula,” I mumbled from under her cunt, “I really need to pee.”

Her reply, muffled by her thighs, wasn’t what I expected, “Go ahead.” And she wrapped her lips around the head of my cock.

I wasn’t really into bodily fluid exchange. In fact, yellow porn kinda grossed me out. But somehow the way Paula just casually offered to drink from my dick made me harder than ever. So hard that there was no way I was going to relax enough to pee, even though my bladder was throbbing.

“Uh, Paula,” I tried, “I’m too hard to pee.”

She took her mouth off my dick for long enough to say, “Sucks for you, cause I’m not letting you up till you make me cum with your tongue. Oh, and I have to go too, and I tend to squirt when I come. A lot.” And then she went right back to sucking my cock.

“Great,” I thought as I started to complain again only to have Paula drop the full weight of her hips on my face for what felt like forever while her mouth went all the way down on my cock several times.

I started licking, and sucking, and licking for my life.

It was hard to focus. My bladder ached, my penis throbbed, Paula barely let me breathe. But her mouth was working its magic, and apparently, I wasn’t doing too bad either. Between needing to pee and having my balls drained just a few hours before, I lasted a long time. Paula never let up, even when she gushed all over my face. I’m pretty sure I gave her two, perhaps three orgasms.

When I finally came, it wasn’t a lot, but Paula sucked it all and not a drop escaped. She then rolled over and collapsed beside me.

I wiped my face with my t-shirt and after just a few minutes of lying there catching our breath we both sat up almost simultaneously and said, in chorus, “I really gotta pee!”

Laughing we walked away from the group, found some rocks where Paula could squat and we stood there, side by side, relieving ourselves. We laughed again when we both said “Ahhhh.” At about the same time. Paula produced a Kleenex from somewhere and wiped, then we walked further up the beach and sat down on a long boulder to wait for the sunrise.

“That was nice.” I said, looking back towards the campfire so she knew I meant the 69 and not the peeing.

“I was beginning to wonder if you were ever going to hit on me,” she said in mock anger, “So I just took matters into my own hands.”

“Or mouth, as the case may be,” I smiled.

“Well, I thought you were too suspicious of me to ever accept an advance,” I added, “But I must admit, I like getting raped twice in one evening.”

When I saw her quizzical face I added, “Maggie jumped me, in front of Heather earlier.”

“I kinda figured something like that when it took you guys so long. I think Maggie’s mad at Heather. She doesn’t understand her fetish and she also misses having a close friend,” Paula explained.

“Well, she sure took that anger out on my dick, all the while rubbing it in by taunting Heather, pun intended,” I laughed.

“So, you know I’m a small business owner from the states who likes bondage and inheriting chateaus. I know nothing about you, what’s your story?” I asked.

“Not much of a story,” Paula said slowly, “My husband got drunk and crashed his car going 170 kph.” After a minute she added, “with our children in the back.”

What do you say in response to such a revelation? “I’m so sorry! I didn’t know,” I said after a period of silence.

“The group knows. I don’t talk about it. It’s my life anyway," she said almost angrily.

I tentatively raised my arm and looked at her as if to say, ‘may I hug you?’

She leaned towards me, and I put my arm around her. she didn’t cry, but I could tell her breathing was ragged, like she was trying not to cry.

“I really don’t mind when people cry,” I said.

“No, I’m cried out. It’s all I did for the first few months. That and drink. Once the estate was settled and my family was buried, I didn’t know what I was going to do. Then I got a routine group email from our cycling club telling me a group was planning a six-month tour of Greece and environs. I was completely out of shape, but I realized I was drinking myself into oblivion, so I signed up,” Paula explained.

“So now this is your family?” asked?

“God no," she replied too quickly. “Carl is the ‘father’ of this group, I’m just one of the group.”

“Ahhh,” I said, “that explains why they call you the ‘house mother’ and why you’re always organizing schedules and yelling at people for having sex on the kitchen table.”

“I can’t help myself, I guess, I’m just naturally dominant," she replied.

“Well, that was an interesting choice of phrase,” I thought. She didn’t say I’m just a natural mother, she said dominant. I decided to press further, I looked at her and asked, “Did you dominate your husband?”

She understood immediately what I was asking. “None of your fucking business!” and she stood up and started walking back to the group.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” I replied to her back.

The sun was fully above the horizon as we approached the rest of the group. The fire had gone out long ago. It seems like everyone was hooking up. Mal and Cradic were on either side of Reese who was laying on her side. Mal had entered her from behind and Cradic was sucking on her nipple and, I assumed, waiting for his turn inside. Reese was making animalistic noises. Maggie was laying on the pad face down with her ass elevated and Carl was laying on top of her. Without wanted to get too close or stare I couldn’t tell if she was getting her ass reamed or just a normal fuck but she sure was moaning.

“I need to take Heather her breakfast,” Paula said, ignoring the activities in front of us.

“I’ll go with you,” I offered, “It doesn’t seem like I’m needed here anyway.”

She laughed.

On the walk back up the trail I asked, “So what do you know about the rest of the group?”

“Ah, not much,” she replied. “I think everyone but Heather is a recent University graduate taking a gap year. They were planning this trip most of their senior year. It was nice of them to let me ride along since I wasn’t a part of their group and was almost 10 years older than most of them. I think they felt sorry for me. It also didn’t hurt that I let Carl mercy fuck me one night when I was extra depressed.”

“Doesn’t sound like they planned as well as they thought?” I asked.

Paula laughed, “Yea, not a lot of real-world experience in the group. They saved up enough for airfare and some expenses, but they were convinced they could ‘live off the land.’ Stay at hostels, eat cheap, do odd jobs along the way to earn cash. But they bought too much pot and wine, discovered that there just weren't enough odd jobs to be done. They also learned that farmers want you to work for months, until the crop is in, and that’s hard work.”

“But you stuck with them?” I asked.

“It’s been fun. It’s helped me at least numb my grief. I’ve got money and I’ve offered to help, and they have allowed me to ‘loan’ them cash from time to time. I probably would have flown back to London soon until you showed up.”

“Wow,” I said smiling, “I didn’t realize I was that good a lover.”

“Oh,” she added with a mock scowl, “trust me, you aren’t. Actually, I stayed to protect Heather from you!”

“Yea,” I replied, “I figured that out the first day. Look, I don’t want to harm Heather. I just realized that as a dominant man, I had a rundown chateau, a sexually liberal group squatting in it, and an obviously submissive female on my hands. I decided to see what developed.”

“Do you feel like I’m forcing Heather to do anything she doesn’t want to do? Do you feel like I’m harming her or any of the others.?” I asked.

“No, not at present. But you are spending a lot of time and money on the group.” Paula pointed out.

“Not really. It’s not costing me anything to let everyone stay. And the power bill is tiny. They are buying a lot of beer and wine, but I’m helping them to drink it.” I smiled.

We had reached the Kitchen and Paula had pulled out some sliced meat and cheese out of a camping cooler to make Heather’s breakfast.

“Why don’t we fix Heather a real breakfast, with some coffee. She’s been a good girl these last few days. Then we can take it down and have a talk with her, make sure she’s really doing ok,” I said. “Would that make you feel better?”

“I thought you set a rule that she couldn’t have cups or utensils?” Paula said.

“I make the rules, I can suspend the rules!” I pointed out.


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