The Challenge

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Chapter Fifteen: Endgame

Part One: Past and Present

Sunday November 15, 1998

...Janet closed the last of Erica's Journals, dated 1992, tears in her eyes. She cried, and placed her head in her hands, and sobbed loudly, no longer caring if she awakened Tina or not.

The tears splattered on the leather of Erica's last journal, like raindrops. Wetting the dry leather that had remained in the safe for years until Tina's chance discovery six months ago.

"Oh Erica!" Janet cried, "I forgive you, I know you loved me. Why couldn't you tell me when you were here that you were dying?"

Suddenly it was all clear to Janet, why Erica had lied about the reason for her leaving her position as Mistress. How she did not want to be an object of pity, but wanted to go out in a memorable fashion.

Looking at the dates involved, Janet realized that Erica had lived a long time with her leukemia. Perhaps it had gone into remission, maybe even a cure?

But Erica had not returned to reclaim her estate, instead she had let Janet continue and develop into the Mistress that she had been trained to be.

Janet dried her tears with a tissue, even as more tears flowed. She remembered how Erica had placed herself in submission to her last slave, and Janet's harsh use of her, finally drawing blood.

"Now I understand, Erica," said Janet to herself.

Erica's mistreatment at the hands of her first Master, then being beaten by Lauren. Janet now understood why Erica came to be the good Mistress that she was.

Erica may have been a demanding Mistress who had tested Janet to her limits, but she had never forced Janet to do anything without her consent. Janet had never been humiliated by her, in public or in private.

Finally, Janet had come to love her Mistress Erica, even as Erica was planning to put her in competition with Tiffany. Not knowing that Tiffany had allied herself with Lauren, her enemy.

Janet glanced at the clock, and saw that it was already past one in the morning. Monday morning! And she had an important business meeting at nine!

She replaced the last volume in the safe, then closed and locked it, along with the wooden panel. Janet closed the lights, and ran off to bed.

Part Two: The Humiliation

Monday November 16, 1998

Janet placed her briefcase on her desk before she hung her coat up in her office. It was raining, and she had worn her London Fog raincoat. She had chosen to wear a conservative DKNY blue business suit since she would be making her presentation at a major staff meeting.

"Janet," greeted Clara, her secretary.

"Yes, Clara. Lousy day, isn't it? Is there any coffee?"

"The President called, he said to join him in his office the minute you arrived."

"I'll be seeing him at a meeting in a half hour, I have to go over my notes."

"He said immediately," stressed Clara, concern on her face.

"Ok, I'll go over there now," answered Janet as she grabbed her purse from the desk.

"I'll call and say that you're on the way."

"Thanks," said Janet, wishing that she had gotten some coffee first.

Walking to Ron's office, she wondered what was so important. The project was completed, she would make her presentation, and everything was on schedule. So what was going on?

"He's expecting you," said Audrey, Ron's secretary, "go right in."

"Thanks," answered Erica as she knocked, then opened the door.


Janet opened the door, and entered Ron's office. He wasn't alone, also in the office was Steven, one of the corporate attorneys.

"You wanted to see me?" asked Janet as she closed the door.

"Yes, Janet, please sit down. You know Steven."

"Yes, we met last year," answered Janet as she sat down in front of Ron's desk.

"I don't know how to begin this Janet. Do you remember that takeover attempt last year?"

"What about my presentation?"

"Canceled, along with the meeting."

"What! I've been working on that for weeks!" cried Janet.

"That's academic now, Janet. Please listen, this is very serious. Last year, we fended off a takeover attempt. Now it's back, with a vengeance."

"I don't understand? What does this have to do with me?"

"In the last few months, a firm that we never heard of before has bought enough of our stock to hand over control to the buyout firm that wanted to sell us off last year."

"You're not making any sense, Ron. How does this relate to me?"

"CB Enterprises, Hong Kong, has said that unless you're fired and accused of misusing your expense accounts, we'll be acquired within days. I'm sorry, Janet, but you're the price of our independence. Here's a letter for you, I don't know the contents."

Ron handed Janet a sealed letter, which she opened with her index finger. Janet read:

Dear Mistress Janet,

Either you accept being fired in a humiliating manner or Xylex gets sold off.

Cheryl Branford

"Can I think this over in my office?" asked Janet.

"Sure, call me when you're ready," answered Ron.

Janet sat in her office alone. She had a cup of steaming coffee in front of her, and wished that it were a sherry instead. Outside, it was lightly raining, which matched her mood perfectly.


'Who's calling me on my cell phone?' thought Janet.

"Janet here."

"Morning, Mistress."

"Cheryl?" asked Janet.

"Gotten the news yet?"

"What news?" asked Janet surprised to hear from her slave, "wait a minute, CB Enterprises, Cheryl Branford Enterprises, that's you!"

"Correct Mistress. Don't make too much of a scene about your public humiliation before you leave, there's more to come. I suggest that you accept the terms of your dismissal. Including the misuse of your expense account, and so on. It'll go easier on you if you do. Once you've cleaned out your desk, come join me in the Diner down the road. Quickly please? Bye."

The connection was cut on the other end, and Janet was in shock again, for the second time since Midnight. She stared at the cell phone, wanting to smash it to little pieces on the floor. Tears fell from her eyes, as she contemplated her firing.

"Good morning, Mistress," greeted Cheryl, seated in a booth, "please join me."

After Cheryl's phone call, Janet was delivered a sealed note from her suggesting that she accept her terms of dismissal. Tearfully, she had gone back to Ron's office, and agreed to the humiliating terms of firing. Which would include a small notice in the Wall Street Journal the next day. Then Janet had been allowed to clean out her desk, and had left Xylex for the last time. She had then pointed the car towards the Diner, and the meeting with Cheryl.

"Why?" demanded Janet.

"Take off your coat first Janet, we're going to be here for a little while. Before you drip all over the seat."

Janet removed her raincoat, and hung it on the nearest rack to their booth. It was late morning, and the rest of the breakfast crowd was still leaving.

"That's better, Janet. Much more ladylike."

When they were seated, Cheryl called a waitress over for coffee for the two of them, but did not begin speaking until they were alone.

"How does it feel being fired?" asked Cheryl.

"I've been fired before. Why Cheryl?" Janet demanded.

"Because you liked that job, that's why," answered Cheryl, "no other reason."

"I never used you outside of the estate, and Lori only used you in her house. I don't play public games with my submissives," Janet insisted.

"True, except that I have decided on a whim to exercise my financial power in the corporate world where I reside. Which includes having you fired in a humiliating way," answered Cheryl.

"What you did was blatantly illegal and immoral," protested Janet, "I could have CB Enterprises hauled up in front of the SEC for what you've done."

"True," Cheryl agreed, "except that would be a Pyrrhic victory if they decide in your favor. I could still expose you, couldn't I?"

"Yes you could," agreed Janet.

"You've been an honorable Domme for too long, Janet. Have you forgotten what the real world is like? Corporations and people do dishonest and illegal things everyday, and get away with them! There are no safewords in the corporate world, Mistress."

"Is this how you intend to hurt me?"

"Just the beginning, Mistress."

"Do you own CB Enterprises?" Janet questioned, changing the subject.

"The family firm."

"Is that the price you wanted?" asked Janet, fearful of the answer.

"No," answered Cheryl, sipping her coffee, "that was just a little demonstration of my power. Yours is with the lash and crop. Mine is with the purse."

"What do you want?"

"Don't rush things, Janet."

"All right, then. I'm listening."

"Good," said Cheryl, "you trained me very well, Janet. I can't look at a woman with a leather skirt on without wetting my panties, and the thought of being cropped gets me excited. I'm a slave."

"Is that what you wanted to tell me?"

"This Friday night, Janet, I want to use you, alone in your Dungeon. Just the two of us, without Tina present. Perhaps you could send her off to Lori, I'm sure that she'd love that cage in the playroom."

"You want to use me?" asked Janet, "how very predictable."

"Yes, naked and in your own Dungeon, but with me in control, Janet. So you can feel my lash."

"No," Janet answered.

"If you refuse, I have several packets of information about you that will be delivered to local reporters, gossip columnists, and others. Your world will crash in on you Janet, you will be the object of scorn and derision in Greenwich."


"I made three requests on you, and you have honored two. It's time to do the third else you will no longer be a Mistress. Not in Greenwich, anyway," threatened Cheryl, steel in her voice.

"If you want to use me out of anger to punish me physically, and to hurt or harm me, no. I did not train you that way and you did not perform in that manner when I offered you the chance to use others. If you want to use me sensually as I have used you to demonstrate what you have learned from me, then perhaps. But not alone," protested Janet.

"Mistress, I am a very rich woman, able to buy and sell companies at a whim. I even own an island in the Caribbean with a staff loyal to me. Now I could have had a Dungeon built there and had the two of you abducted, serving me as slaves forever. Or have Tina silently taken while I force you under the lash. Instead I want to do this without force, so please send Tina away. Then I'll use you only once, and you'll never see me again."

"I did exactly what you wanted me to. I trained you like any other slave, with love and respect, without hurt or humiliation. This is how you reward your Mistress?"

"Yes, in a manner of speaking. Do you know who I am?"

"No, you stopped me from investigating you, remember?"

"Yes I did. On Friday night, after I unlock you from the thrashing I'm going to give you, then I'll tell you who I am. Then you shall never see me again."

"Why are you doing this to me?"

"That's for me to know, Mistress. Do you accept my use, or even more humiliation? Decide now, Janet. All it takes is one phone call."

"Yes," cried Janet softly after a short period of time.

"What was that, slave?"

"Yes," answered Janet, tears in her eyes, "I accept your use, Cheryl."

"Friday, Mistress, I'll be in touch. You can pay for the coffee. Just be glad that I don't relieve you of your money and Credit cards and embarrass you further."

Janet was left alone in the booth, crying silently, tears in her eyes. In less than two hours, she had lost a job that she had liked and enjoyed. Then she had been forced to accept humiliating terms of dismissal to save the jobs of her friends and co-workers.

Now Cheryl had revealed that she had been behind it all, with a demand that she wanted to use Janet for her own reasons. Janet took a few bills from her purse and placed them on the counter, put on her coat, and left for home.

"Mistress?" greeted Tina, "why are you home so early?"

"I was fired, Tina. For misusing my expense accounts," answered Janet as she handed her wet raincoat to Tina in the foyer.

"Mistress, you barely used those accounts," pointed out Tina.

"Yes, Tina. That's quite correct, I wish to be alone in the library. I do not wish to be disturbed."

"Yes, Mistress. I understand."

Janet locked herself in the sanctuary of the library, and poured herself a stiff drink now that she was finally alone. She sat behind her desk, and wanted to cry. But she was out of tears for the moment.

Humiliated. She had been humiliated by a woman that she had placed so much effort into training correctly.

They had been together in the diner, with Cheryl clearly wearing the small leather collar around her neck and Janet's ring on her finger. Cheryl had first humiliated Janet by the manner of her firing.

Now the price of her continuing as a Domme was her use by Cheryl, alone. What kind of person would Cheryl be when holding the lash? Janet had agreed, there was nothing else that she could do.

Just like when Cheryl had forced herself upon Janet in June, blackmailing Janet into training her. Now Janet was blackmailed into being used by her own slave.

In the safe was the money that Cheryl had been giving her for her training, just like the rest of Janet's other clients. Janet's blackmail was of a quite different kind, a physical one. First it had been to train Cheryl, now it would be her own body under the lash as the roles of Mistress and slave were to be reversed.

Except that when Janet had used Erica, she had been a Domme for more than a year. Cheryl, meanwhile, had been a slave for just six months, and had used another slave only twice before.

Part Two: The Interval

Wednesday November 18, 1998

"Tina?" asked Janet.

"Yes, Mistress."

Janet and Tina were in the library together, going over the reports on Janet's other slaves in training. It was strange again being home without her job and she missed both the work and getting out of the house.

When she had arrived back home on Monday, Tina had been a little suspicious. Janet had told her that she was fired, and had fled into the library, but had said nothing else.

Then on Tuesday there was a small one-inch long piece in the Wall Street Journal saying that she had been fired because of misusing her expense account, and her position at work. Tina had found the piece, and came running to show it to Janet.

"I don't believe it," said Tina, "you've rarely used your expense account, never had a company car, and refused that promotion. Why would they let you go in an embarrassing manner like this?"

"That's private, Tina."

"No, Mistress. That's very public what they did to humiliate you."

"Thank you, Tina, that will be all."

Tina had never mentioned it again, but Janet knew that look in her eyes. Janet knew that Tina had not believed her, and was suspicious of the explanation.

So Janet had plunged back into her work as a Domme, and had realized that Cheryl had taken up a lot of her time. When she had weighed herself on the scale this morning (naked, of course) she found that she had lost five pounds.

But it was seeing herself nude that had really scared her. The thought that she was going to be naked again, and under the lash of Cheryl that was potentially frightening.

"What if she does want to hurt me?" asked Janet to herself.

Janet spent most of her time in both her library, and downstairs in the Dungeons, looking over the place where she had been introduced to submission. What had she done differently with Cheryl that now made her want to possibly hurt her Mistress? Even though Cheryl had said that she did not want to hurt Janet, the tone of her voice betrayed her.

She had been a Domme long enough to recognize when a person was lying, and Cheryl clearly was. Cheryl had not come to her as a complete novice that was certain. Now Janet had willingly submitted herself into harm's way, just as she had done once before. Her skin was covered in Goosebumps from fright.

Later they worked together, discussing Dinner, running the Mansion, and slaves, which was Janet's main concern. But when to broach the subject at hand?

"Tina, I have to tell you something," Janet began.

"Yes, Mistress."

They were seated at the kitchen table, manila folders spread out on the table, drinking Cokes together.

"I have arranged that on Friday night, you are to be used by Mistress Lori. You can take the Toyota to Brookline, be used by her Friday and spend the night, then return on Saturday."

"Mistress?" asked Tina, shock on her face.

"That's right, Tina. Just a one day use by Lori."

"Yes, Mistress, it would be interesting to be used by Lori," answered Tina.

Janet looked directly into Tina's eyes and saw that her slave was lying. Tina would have no intention of going to Lori's. Instead Janet knew she would go to Stephanie's and tell her the whole story, on Friday.

"Thank you, Tina," Janet replied.

"What about Cheryl this weekend, Mistress?"

"I shall be alone with her, Tina. I'm quite able to handle her myself, thank you."

"Of course, Mistress," answered Tina.

Janet had avoided talking to Tina for the rest of the day when the phone buzzed into life.

"Mistress Janet, is it all arranged?" asked Cheryl.

"Yes, damn you. It's all set, Tina will be going off to Lori's on Friday morning."

"Very good, Mistress. I see that you know how to take orders as well as give them. I hope that you perform as well under my lash."

When the connection was severed on the other end, Janet felt like smashing the cordless phone against the floor.

Wednesday night had been a disaster for Janet. Dinner had no taste at all and she had no appetite for eating. She had tried to entertain herself with books and television, and nothing held her interest.

Then Tina had walked into the library wearing nothing but a robe, collar and leash, and asked Janet to use her. Janet had refused, and Tina had left her alone, disappointed.

Finally Janet had gotten into bed, and after a short time, Tina had joined her. They had made love together slowly, and Janet had a series of disappointing orgasms, and had failed to excite Tina at all.

"I'm sorry Tina," said Janet, "my mind isn't into sex tonight."

"It's about Cheryl, isn't it?"

"You know I won't talk about that, Tina. Please don't ask again."

"Yes, Mistress," answered Tina, concern on her face, "then talk about Mistress Erica."

Janet lay back on the pillow, in all of the years that they had been together, Tina had never asked about Erica. Until now.

"What do you want to know?" asked Janet.

"Why did you want to serve a Mistress?"

"I was always having problems with the strange submissive feelings that I felt deep inside. When my friend told me about Erica, I jumped at the chance to serve her."

"Did you love Erica?" asked Tina.

"Yes, very much," Janet answered, "more than I loved another person in my life. Even though every weekend I served Erica I had new stripes afterwards."

"Did she ever hurt you?"

"No, never. She tested my limits all right, scared me a few times, but no. It was Lauren that hurt me, remember?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Tina, I don't want to be rude, but I've had a bad couple of days. This is the best pillow talk we've ever had, but I want to sleep. We'll continue this another day, please?"

"Yes, Janet," answered Tina, "but I can't help thinking that somehow Cheryl and Erica are connected somehow, that the reason for Cheryl's presence is because of Erica."

"Go to sleep, Tina," said Janet as she kissed Tina on the lips.

"Yes, Mistress."

Later that night, Janet awakened. She looked at Tina sleeping peacefully next to her, softly snoring. Janet had been unable to sleep decently, and now she was again awake.

Even though she was wearing a pair of flannel pajamas, and they were sleeping under a thick winter quilt, Janet was cold. It was a comment that Tina had made hours before that kept repeating itself in her mind.

'Cheryl and Erica connected?' Janet thought to herself, 'how?'

Realizing that she wasn't going to get any more sleep, Janet silently left her bed, trying not to disturb Tina. She removed her warm terry bathrobe from the closet, and her slippers. Janet walked quietly out of her bedroom, and closed the door silently.

She walked downstairs, opening the lights as she went. Finally, in the library, she opened the safe, and removed the first few volumes of Erica's journal. Taking a Coke from the small refrigerator that she kept in the library, she began to read again from the first years of Erica's journal.

It was just one line somewhere, and in almost the beginning of her story. When Erica had been Alana, daughter of wealth not destined to be a sex slave.

"So they are connected," said Janet softly to herself.

In the rear of the safe, out of view, Janet's hand brushed against an envelope that was taped to the steel, which she felt as she went to replace the last volume. Janet removed several of the Journals, then carefully pried the envelope away from the safe's rear.

"What next?" Janet asked, as she seated herself behind the desk, then carefully examined the envelope.

On the front, in Erica's distinctive handwriting were the words "To Mistress Janet Davis, July 1994."

Janet opened the envelope with a letter opener, then unfolded the single sheet of paper, and read what Erica had written on her short visit after the competition; when she had placed herself in submission to her former slave.

Part Three: Legacies

Friday November 20, 1998

Janet watched from the front door as Tina took the Toyota out for the trip to Mistress Lori in Brookline. They had packed a small suitcase, and Janet had kissed Tina on her way out.

But Janet knew that Tina would disobey her, that she would instead drive to Stephanie's and tell her the whole story on how Cheryl had forced herself upon Janet.

All of the events of the last six months had come to this. Training Cheryl and deceiving Tina and Stephanie about her. Now she was all alone, having delivered herself to Cheryl as the price of her remaining a Domme.

She went back to the library, and took a seat. Janet tried to work, hoping that it would change her mood. Instead, she felt like screaming.


"Good morning, Mistress," began Cheryl, "have you done as I've asked?"

"Yes, Cheryl. I'm alone. Tina has gone away to Brookline."

"Excellent. How would you like to join me for lunch, at the Rye Town Hilton?"

"Can't you find somewhere closer?" asked Janet.

"Greenwich isn't all that far from Rye, Mistress. Less than a half hour."

"All right, what time?"

"Late, Mistress. About two, I have to do something first."


"Just be glad that I don't ask you to dress like a slut, Mistress. I could ask you to dress in a skimpy top, short leather skirt, and five inch heels."

"Thank you, Cheryl."

"Your normal clothes will do, Janet. You're such a good dresser, by the way."

"Thank you," Janet answered.

"Bye, Mistress," answered Cheryl as the connection was cut.

When Janet returned to the Mansion, she kept glancing at her watch. Cheryl had never shown up at the hotel, even though Janet had waited over an hour for her. In frustration, Janet had eaten alone, wolfing down a hamburger in the restaurant while keeping an eye out for Cheryl. Angry, Janet then returned home.

Janet stripped her clothes off in the bedroom, then padded around naked as the tub filled.

"What?" said Janet to herself when she saw movement behind her when the closet door suddenly opened.

It was then that she felt a cloth pressed to her face with the sickly sweet odor of chloroform before she passed out, the walls spinning.

"Good afternoon, sleepyhead," said Cheryl.

When Janet came to, she found that she was naked, collared, and bracelets were locked to her wrists and ankles. She was seated on the floor with her back to the bed, wrists locked behind her back, and a spreader bar locked to her ankles.

"Thanks for undressing Janet, that made my job a little easier," said Cheryl, who was wearing a sweatshirt and jeans.

"Cheryl, how?"

"While you were out, I paid someone to let me in the house. Money can buy everything, you know."

"What are you going to do with me?" asked Janet.

"Worried aren't you?" smiled Cheryl when she answered.


"Anything that I want, Mistress. You're helpless, and at my mercy. I can use you any way I choose, to my heart's desire."

"You said you wouldn't hurt me," protested Janet.


"Ah!" cried Janet.

Cheryl had been hiding a riding crop behind her back, and she had cruelly struck Janet's breasts with an unexpected stroke. An evil grin spread across her face.

Then Cheryl got to her knees next to Janet, and began to lick and suck at Janet's nipples, teasing them erect. At the same time, her right hand snaked between Janet's thighs and began to trace the outline of her sex, making Janet moan with anticipation.

"No Janet, I'm not going to give you a climax, not yet anyway. You're quite a sexual person, aren't you?"

"What do you want with me?" asked Janet.

"I've got everything that I want right now. The famed Mistress Janet, helpless at my feet. Do you mind if I wear some of your clothes?"

"Go ahead, I can't stop you," answered Janet.

"Oh how very droll, Mistress. I'll give you something to think about while I'm dressing."

Janet watched as Cheryl opened her night table, and removed a vibrator. Cheryl flipped the switch on and it made a buzzing noise.

"Open wide," ordered Cheryl.

Janet obliged, and Cheryl forced the vibrator into her sex all the way that she could. The buzzing vibrator instantly excited Janet, making her hot and wet.

"Keep that in your cunt," threatened Cheryl, "or there will be worse to come."

Janet watched as Cheryl stripped off her clothes, revealing that she wore no underwear. Naked, Cheryl walked around Janet's bedroom, and opened her dresser drawers. She stood naked in front of the large mirror.

"Look at me!" cried Cheryl.

From her vantage point on the floor, Janet turned her head to look at Cheryl.

"What's wrong?" asked Janet.

"I wear your collar, ring, and ankle chain. Even when I am not in this house, I am reminded that I am your slave," answered Cheryl.

"I never forced you to wear the objects of your slavery, it was always your decision, Cheryl. You were pleased when I offered them to you," stated Janet.

"Look at my stripes!"

"I have done nothing to you that was permanent, Cheryl. After you return home, they will fade, in time."

"Except that I now desire these stripes, Mistress, that can never fade," answered Cheryl.

Cheryl traced the recent marks that Janet had placed on her the previous weekend, when she had been whipped and cropped without complaint. Indeed, she had enjoyed her last use by Janet.

"You wanted to be trained and used as a slave, and I have done so. I fulfilled my contract with you, Cheryl. You are a far more sensuous woman now than when you originally came to me," answered Janet.

"So I am, Mistress," said Cheryl as she walked back to Janet, then straddled Janet's body and placed her sex at Janet's mouth.

"Before I came here, I prepared myself as usual, Janet. Can you smell the perfume between my legs?"

"Of course, Cheryl."

"Give me an orgasm now, Janet. Or I'll start by beating you here," threatened Cheryl.

Janet thrust her face forward between Cheryl's legs and began to service her captor. Using her tongue and lips, it did not take her long before Cheryl was moaning with pleasure. Then finally she exploded in a single orgasm that left her shuddering on her feet.

"Very good, Janet. To give me an orgasm with the vibrator in your cunt must take real skill."

"Thank you, Cheryl. But I think that living in California has gone to your head. I'm not some defenseless heroine, but a Dominatrix for a number of years. I'm stronger than you, much stronger."

"You won't feel quite so smug under the lash, Mistress."

"That remains to be seen," answered Janet.

Cheryl then slapped Janet across her cheek, leaving a red mark behind. Then she opened Janet's dresser drawer, and began searching for something to wear.

"Nice collection of undies, Janet. Bet you must be Victoria's Secret's best customer. Good thing that we're about the same size."

Cheryl selected a matching bra and panty set of black lace, and put them on quickly. Then she removed one black silk panty from the drawer, along with a single black stocking then closed it. Cheryl then advanced on Janet, who remained helpless on the floor.

"How's that cunt of yours?" asked Cheryl.

"Fine, thank you."

"Vibrator still inside?"

Cheryl then reached between Janet's legs and tweaked the buzzing vibrator. It was still held firmly in place.

"You must have one trained sex, Mistress," commented Cheryl as she balled up the panty she was holding, "open wide."

Cheryl then stuffed the panty into Janet's mouth, then wrapped the stocking around then tied a knot at the back of her head.

"Mmmmmmph!" cried Janet.

"You're mine, Mistress. All mine for one night. I'll do with you as I please, everything from a spanking to suspending you from the ceiling and striping that lovely body of yours. And you'll never know the reason why," taunted Cheryl as she walked into the closet to select some fetishwear.

Cheryl sat in Janet's chair, wearing her black leather bodysuit and a pair of high heels. Even though she was acting as a Dominant, she had not removed her collar, ring, or ankle chain. On the carpet knelt Janet, naked and helpless. Once Cheryl had dressed she had unlocked the spreader bar and removed the vibrator. Then she had pulled Janet to her feet, and had marched her down to the Dungeon, pushing Janet to her knees.

Janet had not resisted or fought, or even tried to run. Instead, she had allowed herself to be taken down to the Dungeon. She knelt with the gag still in her mouth, in the pose of submission that she had taught Cheryl.

"I would have thought that you would have tried something, Janet. The fact that you are here at my mercy doesn't scare you? The whip, the crop, and the cane are all available for my use. I could hurt you badly, Mistress."

Instead of grunting through her gag, Janet remained silent. She bit down on the panty inside her mouth, glad for the dignity that the fabric gave her.

Frustrated, Cheryl rose to her feet and untied the stocking, and pulled the panty from Janet's mouth, leaving Janet gasping for breath as Cheryl resumed her seat on the throne like chair.

"Thank you, Mistress!" panted Janet, her chest heaving from the deep breaths that she now took.

"You're welcome, slave."

"Do you mind if I ask you some questions?" demanded Cheryl.

"Go right ahead," Janet answered.

"You live quite modestly Janet, for a person not born to wealth. I would have thought that you would have bought furs, expensive clothes and jewelry, new cars every year. But that's not the case with you."

"I cannot be too flashy, Cheryl. I have to be quite circumspect and keep my name out of the papers, given my position as a Dominatrix in Greenwich."

"Very good, Janet."

"Thank you, Cheryl."

"Tell me, how does it feel to begin life in a working class home then reside in great wealth?" questioned Cheryl.

"I have been fortunate because of a unique chain of circumstances that have led me to this position. One that I shall never abuse," Janet answered.

"Bravo, Mistress."

Janet remained silent wondering what part of her life that Cheryl would inquire about next.

"I went through your closet, Janet. Very nice, indeed. You must have learned a lot working in Macy's, didn't you?"

"Yes, in particular the difference between needs and wants," Janet answered.

"Very good, Janet."

"Why do you want to hurt me?" asked Janet.

"What did you say?" demanded Cheryl.

"I have trained you with the utmost care and respect that I was capable of, I tested you to your limits but never exceeded them, and treated you as a caring Domme and now you want to hurt me. Why?"

"That's my affair, Mistress," curtly answered Cheryl.

"You said that you had me investigated before you forced yourself upon me. What did your investigations show?"


Janet watched as the question that she had planted in Cheryl's mind brought her to mental confusion. A few moments earlier, she had been gloating over having Janet helpless at her feet.

"What did you find out about me?" asked Janet.

"That, that, you were a good Mistress," slowly answered Cheryl, her voice breaking.

"Have I hurt you? Humiliated you in any way? Treated you badly?"

"No, Mistress," answered Cheryl.

"Made you kneel on the floor and eat out of a dog dish, for example?"

"No, Mistress, you did not."

"Or take you to a clothing store, have you try on clothes and have the salespeople see your marks?"

"No, Mistress," Cheryl softly answered.

"When you left here every Sunday, how did you feel?"

"Pleased," Cheryl answered quietly, as if she was ashamed of the answer.

"So you liked your treatment?"


"And you found out that I was an honorable Mistress, didn't you?"


"There was no need to drug me, Cheryl. I said that I would willingly submit to you, and I was going to bathe and prepare myself. Instead, you invaded my home and drugged me. Why?"

"Because I didn't believe that you would submit, Janet."

"I have done everything that you asked and more, Cheryl. Even letting a male Dom use you."

"Why did you have to do that?" suddenly cried Cheryl tears in her eyes.

"Because I thought that you might want to be used by a man, and Craig was visiting. He told me later that you were a good submissive, in the Dungeon and later in bed."

"I'll never be able to separate my normal sexual feelings from submission because of you, Mistress!" cried Cheryl.

"My purpose as a Domme is to determine your sexual needs, Cheryl. Even if you don't understand them yourself."

"But I didn't want to be used by a man!" protested Cheryl.

"For a true slave it makes no difference if you submit to a man or a woman."

"I was sexually attracted to Master Craig!" protested Cheryl.

"So you were."

"Thanks to you I'll always desire to be used by a man," cried Cheryl, her body shaking.

"You have learned submission, Cheryl," observed Janet as she pulled at her bonds.

"If you're thinking that I'll release you, I won't. I have you at my mercy, Mistress. I won't let you go."

"I haven't asked to be released, have I?"

"No, Mistress," answered Cheryl as she wiped away the tears with a tissue.

"Then why do you want to hurt me?"

"Because you made me face my own sexuality, Mistress," angrily answered Cheryl.

"Are you the worse for your discovery that you are a submissive?" asked Janet.

Cheryl suddenly was silent, not answering Janet's question. Her inner conflict now played itself out on her face.

"I'm not a submissive!" cried Cheryl, "NO!"

"Then you are certainly a good actress, Cheryl. You have been trained and have performed very well in the last six months. I know when a person is acting, and when they're not. You're a very good submissive Cheryl. You enjoy the cuffs on your wrists, the spankings and other discipline, and your use in bed."

"NO!" Cheryl shouted in response, "NO!"

"Face the truth Cheryl, you're a submissive and you enjoyed my training!"

"I'm going to use you Mistress, here and now in your own Dungeon. I'm going to make you cry and moan, just as you did with me. Use you as harshly as I want to because of what you've turned me into, a sex slave."

"I did as you asked, Cheryl, treated you like another novice coming to me for training. I gave you every chance to back out, warned you of the possible consequences, told you that in placing yourself in submission you were going down a road of no return. Do you remember?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"All right, Cheryl. Just use me as I trained you, with love and respect."

"For a person helpless on the floor, you're in no position to dictate terms to me!" exclaimed Cheryl.

"Yes, Mistress," Janet answered softly.

"When were you last whipped?" asked Cheryl, "I'll bet that it must have been a long time since you've felt the whip."

"Six months ago," answered Janet, "just before you arrived. Once a year I submit to Mistress Stephanie so that I may never forget what the lash feels like."

"How proper you are."

"Thank you, Mistress."

"I'm going to spank you now, slave. Perhaps also a few strokes with the paddle on your bottom. Get ready, Mistress!" said Cheryl.

Cheryl then pulled Janet again to her feet, then marched her over to the padded bench. She then sat down, and pulled Janet over her knee. Janet noted that Cheryl had already placed the paddle on the bench in advance.

"You may count each stroke, slave. And thank me after every five."

"Yes, Mistress!"

Cheryl raised Janet's bound arms, and then struck a savage blow with her hand.





"Five! Thank you, Mistress!"

Janet felt the skin on her bottom slowly warm as it was struck. She had not been spanked for a long time indeed.





"Ten! Thank you Mistress!"


"Ah!" cried Janet, the force of the paddle staggering her with its effect.

"Continue, slut!"



"Fifteen! Thank you, Mistress!"




"Twenty! Thank you, Mistress!"

"Very good, Janet," commented Cheryl as she let Janet kneel on the floor.

"Thank you, Mistress!"

"Did you like the paddle?"

"Yes, Mistress."

Cheryl offered the paddle to Janet, and she kissed it without having been ordered to. Then Janet knelt in silence, awaiting Cheryl's next use of her.

"I want to flog you," said Cheryl.

"Yes, Mistress."

"Nothing, no resistance? Or protest?" asked Cheryl.

"No, Mistress, none. I would have submitted to you without the chloroform."


"Because I trained you, Cheryl. Because you know right from wrong. Or at least I hope you do," answered Janet.

"You're not going to beg me to stop?" asked Cheryl.

"No, Mistress. Please flog me?"

Cheryl then slapped Janet across her cheek, the sound clearly audible in the Dungeon. Janet fell to the floor, as she lost the balance that she had on her knees.

"Why can't you be scared of me?" screamed Cheryl.

"Because I was nearly killed by a Domme who was evil," Janet answered.

Cheryl then pulled Janet to her feet, then over to the ceiling chain. Releasing her wrists from behind her back, Cheryl then locked Janet's wrists to the chain. She then activated the motor control, and soon Janet was hanging by her wrists.

"Prepare to be flogged, Janet!"

"Yes, Mistress."

"No need to count, Janet."

"Thank you, Mistress."

Cheryl had selected a flogger made of heavy leather strands that would mark on contact. She hefted it in her hands, feeling the weight. When Janet looked into her eyes, Cheryl looked back at her in anger.

"I'm going to leave your skin on fire, Janet."

"Thank you, Mistress."

Cheryl then began to strike with the flogger leaving red marks wherever it landed. Janet's entire body shook with every stroke.




"Ah!" cried Janet with every stroke.

Janet dug her nails into her palms as she was flogged, her body one mass of pain as Cheryl would strike her in one place, then move on to another. Her underarms, breasts, thighs, and sex all were the target of the flogger, and Cheryl didn't stop.

Each stroke left Janet gasping as she cried out after each one marked her. Tears fell from her eyes.

"Open your legs, slave."

Janet did as she was ordered, and the flogger found it's way onto her sex and the inside of her thighs. Cheryl relentlessly continued to use Janet without pause or mercy.

"Slut!" cried Cheryl, "you're a slut, Mistress!"

"Painslut, Cheryl," gasped Janet, "I'm stronger than you, Cheryl. Much stronger."


Cheryl ceased using the flogger, only to take a crop from the cabinet to replace it. She flexed it in front of Janet, holding it in her hands.

"Kiss the crop," ordered Cheryl.

"Yes, Mistress."

Janet kissed the crop, only to be rewarded with a series of slicing strokes across her breasts and thighs. She hung in her chains, moaning when the crop would strike her especially hard.

"Twenty," stated Janet.

"What was that?"

"You used twenty strokes on me, Mistress," said Janet.

"I wasn't counting, slut."

"You should have, Cheryl. Because I taught you to be responsible."

"What does that mean?"

"To properly care from the submissive under your control, and to know the amount of use that they can take."

Janet looked at herself in the Dungeon mirror, and saw that her naked body was well striped from the crop and the flogger. Her skin was not broken or bleeding, but bore the signs of being used by Cheryl. The only question was how much harder would she continue to be used by her tormentor?

Recessed into the ceiling were the lights, which could be bright or dim depending on their control. Janet looked up, and saw that one light had begun to flash on and off. The security system override had been activated.

"You forgot to ask me for a safeword, Cheryl."

"Go ahead, then, Mistress."

"Alana Peters."

"NO!" screamed Cheryl, "NO! NO!"

She grabbed a ballgag, then thrust it into Janet's mouth. Cheryl then picked up the single tail whip, and lashed at Janet with all of her might, breaking Janet's skin, the blood flowing down her back.

Stroke after stroke hit Janet, tears falling from her eyes. The gag prevented her from pleading, just like before.

The only thing that existed now in the universe was the whip as it cruelly struck Janet and wrapped itself around her naked and helpless body. Each stroke of the whip fell on a different part of her body, and her breasts and thighs quickly bore the marks of the fearsome weapon, in the hands of a woman inadequately trained in its proper use.

Cheryl continued to beat Janet, oblivious to anything else. The thick Dungeon door burst open, and Tina and Stephanie raced inside. The look of horror on Tina's face was shocking.

"Janet!" screamed Tina.

Tina broke into a run and tackled Cheryl violently, knocking her off balance. From her belt Tina removed a pair of handcuffs that she cruelly locked on Cheryl's wrists. Then she placed a ballgag in her mouth, and drew the roller buckle tight.

Stephanie removed Janet's gag, then they both released her. Tina held onto Janet as they sat her on the bench, Janet's blood on their hands.

"Are you all right?" asked Stephanie.

"I hurt," said Janet, "nothing that some rest won't cure."

"You're bleeding," said Stephanie, "I'll dress these wounds immediately."

"Yes," Janet weakly answered.

Tina dragged Cheryl to her feet, then forced her to her knees in front of Janet.

"What do you want me to do with her, Mistress?" asked Tina.

"Take her to the library after my wounds have been treated," ordered Janet.

"Why shouldn't I hang her from the ceiling and whip her until she bleeds, Mistress?" angrily questioned Tina.

"Because you're holding Erica's sister, Tina," Janet calmly explained.

After Stephanie had dressed the wounds, Janet had dressed in her nightgown and bathrobe. Janet then asked that they go to the library to conclude the events of the evening.

With Stephanie helping her, Janet had opened the hidden safe and removed Erica's last Journal, with the envelope inside the back cover. Then Janet had been seated in her desk chair, with Stephanie beside her. Cheryl sat in a chair on the other side of the desk, her arms still bound behind her back, and the ballgag still in her mouth, with Tina next to her.

"Janet, you really should go to bed, you've suffered a tremendous shock," said Stephanie.

"I'm all right, Stephanie, thank you. I'll rest later. Thank you for being my friend."

"I'll always be your friend, Janet," answered Stephanie.

"You might not be after we're done tonight."


"Because I must now reveal a painful truth, Stephanie," answered Janet, "now we begin. Tina, you may remove her gag."

"I'm not saying anything!" protested Cheryl when her mouth was free.

"You don't have to, your sister will do the talking. Stephanie, I have a confession to make. Erica and Andrea didn't die in the plane crash in Mexico back in June 1993. She really died three years later from a car accident, in a new life that she had created. Andrea is still alive, and lives in Taos New Mexico."

"Why?" cried Stephanie.

"Because she was dying of leukemia that didn't respond to treatment at first. From 1992 on, just after I had begun to serve her, she was sick. I always wondered why she never took me to bed, even though I was eager to please her. She was sick and dying and did not want to be an object of pity and sympathy. Instead, she wanted to choose her replacement in a grand manner, in the competition between Tiffany and myself."

"I never knew, I saw that she tired easily, but Erica never said a word to me!"

"That's all right, Stephanie. Now we come to the question of Cheryl, here. Tina, unlock her handcuffs. She has some reading to do."

"Yes, Mistress."

"Six months ago," Janet began, "after I returned from my vacation to Stephanie's, at the Charity event last June. Cheryl forced herself upon me, threatening to expose me if I did not train her as a slave and fulfill her demands. I agreed to them in order to avoid public exposure and humiliation. Cheryl did not want me to investigate her to discover her true identity, which is that she is Erica's younger sister. Cheryl, I want you to read this letter that I discovered in my safe this morning."

Tina removed the cuffs, and passed the letter to Cheryl, who still looked bitter and resentful. She began to read silently, then tears formed at the corner of her eyes.

"Read it aloud, Cheryl."

"My dear Janet," Cheryl began, her voice breaking with emotion, "There is one part of my life that I never told you about, nor did I write about it in my Journals. When I submitted myself to you as a slave, I failed to tell you of my younger sister, Cheryl Branford, who lives in San Francisco. Mine was not a happy family, Janet. When I had you investigated I discovered that you had been raised in a proper house with a mother and father. How I envied you, for money is no guarantee of happiness."

"Continue, Cheryl."

"I was born into a wealthy household that was wracked by constant arguments and fights. Finally my father left for California, and my younger sister with him. My mother changed back to her maiden name, and changed my name as well. Cheryl chose her father's name."

"I did not stay in contact with my sister, but she did say that she was guilty about not being closer with her mother. When Eve died of a sudden heart attack, she grew to hate me, saying that I had abandoned her to live my life as a slave, having changed my face and name after my car accident."

"In the year after my faked death in Mexico, I met with my sister a number of times. She has been curious and has spoken about placing herself in submission to you. If she does so, I am certain that you will treat her with the same love and respect that you learned from me."

"For you are my heir, Janet. From the beginning, I had a secret plan for you to succeed me. Please forgive me, Janet. I used you, denied you my bed, sent you to Stephanie, striped and beat you to ready you for the competition with Tiffany."

"Read the end, Cheryl," Janet ordered, as she noted that tears were falling from Cheryl's eyes.

"I want to say in closing that the reports that I have heard indicate that you have more than lived up to my expectations for you. You have done well, Janet. I shall always love you, deeply and with all of my heart. Please forgive me, Janet. I love you, signed Erica Riken."

Cheryl broke down in tears, the sounds of her crying filling the library.

"Erica died two years later in a car accident, she never called to tell me about Cheryl," described Janet, "I'll never know if she was responding to treatment, or dying. But once I assumed her position as Dominatrix, she never came back to reclaim her title or estate, which she gave to me as the victor of her competition."

"I'm sorry, Mistress!" cried Cheryl, "you trained me properly, showed me love and respect, yet I hurt you."

"But you did not learn to accept your submission, Cheryl. You failed to understand what I taught you. But worst of all, you used me in a manner where I could not plead for mercy. Do you understand the severity of your mistake?" asked Janet.

"Yes, Mistress, I'm sorry, I beg your forgiveness," sobbed Cheryl.

The only sounds in the library were those of Cheryl softly crying and Janet's labored breathing, caused by the beating of her slave. Stephanie and Tina both kept their eyes riveted on Janet, waiting for her response.

"Do you now truly understand both what it means to place yourself in submission Cheryl, and that the Domme is responsible for the safety and well being of the submissive?" asked Janet.

"Yes, Mistress," answered Cheryl, as she knelt on the carpet, "I'm sorry for what I have done, for both misunderstanding my sister, and for what you have taught me. Please forgive me," begged Cheryl.

Janet rested for a short while, and sipped at a glass of water that Stephanie held for her.

"I forgive you, Cheryl. Coming to terms with your sexuality can be very difficult, especially submission. I agonized for a long time about enjoying my submission when I served Erica, and all the while she had a plan for me to replace her."

"Thank you, Mistress Janet."

"Stephanie, I think I'm ready for bed now," painfully stated Janet, her injuries catching up to her.

"I'll always be your friend Janet. Always."

"Thank you, Stephanie."


Six Months Later

The leather conference was in Los Angeles, and Janet and Stephanie had decided to make a true vacation out of it. They had taken Tina and Camille with them, to make it a truly memorable experience.

The conference was held over a weekend, and the four of them attended numerous panels and discussions, and had played with many other Dommes and their slaves. They had filled a couple of suitcases with purchases of toys to bring back home.

Then they had gone to Disneyland, since Janet had never been to California before. They spent days there, with Janet determined to ride and see everything. In the hotel room, they had set the camera to take an automatic picture of all four of them wearing fetish attire and Mouse ears.

Before they left for home, there was one final duty to perform. They had driven to Santa Monica, to a quiet cemetery. Purchasing flowers before they entered, Janet remembered that Erica loved flowers. There were always fresh flowers in the house whenever Janet would serve her Mistress.

The grave was a simple one, with the name "Alana Peters" 1957-1996 chiseled into the stone. Janet and Stephanie placed the flowers into the small cups near the grave.

"She was my Domme, who I loved so much," said Janet, her voice choked with sobs.

"Mine too," added Stephanie, "I never knew that the Domme who saved me from Lauren was the same person who I saved from that car wreck until you told me. Erica said that she had a secret, but never revealed it."

"Why did Erica have to conceal everything?" asked Janet.

"Perhaps she was insecure."

"Maybe, we'll never know."

Janet paused and closed her eyes, her lips moving silently.

"What did you pray for?" asked Stephanie.

"To tell Erica that I forgive her, in her journal she was torn with guilt over what she was doing."

"I think she would like that," said Stephanie.

"I know she does, Stephanie. Let's stay here a while, then go home."

The four of them stayed in the cemetery in silence, seated on a stone bench not far from Erica's grave. Tears would fall from Janet's eyes as she recalled Erica, and all of the things that had happened to her.

"Are you all right?" asked Stephanie.

"Fine, Stephanie, I'm alright. And I know that Erica is at peace, too."

After a time, they all returned to the car to leave. But Janet couldn't resist one last look at the site.

'I'll always love you Erica,' Janet thought to herself.

>From the Diary of Cheryl Branford

It is now six months since I have left Connecticut, and serving Mistress Janet. And my life has been changed forever.

My penalty for using Janet without a chance to plead for mercy was to serve her for 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for a month. Which I readily agreed to. My punishment, in addition to being used by Janet (once she had recovered from my beating) and Tina, was to read my sister's entire journal from start to finish.

Mistress Janet offered to give me Erica's diaries but I refused, as she is the one who Erica designated to have them. But she did ask if I wanted a copy of them, and I accepted.

When I was set free to leave, Janet drove me to the airport and pressed an envelope into my hand. She said I would know when to open it.

Two months after returning home, I passed a sex shop in San Francisco and went inside. I was immediately sexually excited by the scent of leather and latex.

When I went home, I opened the envelope. Within was a list of Masters and Mistresses, all friends of Janet in California.

But the one I wanted was the first, Master Craig. I called him, and have been serving him for months now. Every weekend I drive to Los Angeles where he lives, and he uses me. I wear his ring, collar, and ankle bracelet. And carry his love inside my heart.

I went in search of my sister's sexuality to hurt her heir and replacement and in the process I discovered my own submissive feelings. I enjoy the lash and crop, the ballgag and paddle. Just as Janet told me, she understood my own sexuality better than I do. The feeling of freedom and release when I submit to Craig, and when he takes me sexually I am fulfilled.

One day, I shall return to Greenwich and again place myself in submission to Mistress Janet. Only after I have served Craig and he allows my use by another, for I am now his slave.

There is no way that I can repay the agony that I placed Janet through in the six months that she trained me, fearing the viper in her midst. Strangely, she bore me no ill will. Instead, she made certain that I understood the nature of Dominance and submission.

As I sit here alone, writing my journal I feel a strange kinship with my sister that I never had before. Alana must have put herself through hell making the decision to shed her life and become Erica. I now partially understand what she must have felt emotionally.

I have asked Craig if I may wear Janet's ring on my hand also, and he has agreed. For Erica lives on in Janet, of that I am sure.

In the last twelve months I have experienced the lash and the crop, bondage, and the love of other women. My body has been used in ways that I never conceived even when I devised confronting Mistress Janet.

In serving Craig I am happier than I have ever been before, a lover who will place me on my knees or over his. I go to work with a sore bottom, and stripes under my designer suits.

When I am naked and collared, and serving Craig, I am free for the first time in my life. For that I must thank Mistress Janet, who I shall forever love as my first Domme. Just as Janet, I believe, loved Mistress Erica.

Mistress Janet confronted me with the truth about my submissiveness, which I did not want to accept at first. But now that I understand my sister, I have also come to understand myself as well.

The End


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