The Challenge

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Chapter Eleven: The Test

Part One: The Betrayal

Friday October 2, 1998

It was good, Janet thought, to get out of the house and her normal routine. The pressures of her job, her Domme duties, and now training Cheryl, all added to up a frustrating combination that threatened to overwhelm her. So Janet had asked Tina if she wanted to change and go into Greenwich for a little shopping as a break. Tina had declined, so Janet had gone alone, eventually finding herself at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Wandering the sales counters, Janet felt like a teenager again, when she had gotten her first job at Macy's in Queens. Still in High School, and before College, she had found a part-time job starting as a cashier. Gradually, over the years she had finally worked her way up to the expensive dress department in Women's wear which was the most glamorous department in the store. She had worked there to earn money, and to get the employee discount for buying clothes. Janet had worked there all during College, full time during the summer and Holidays and then on weekends after she had started working full time.

It was therefore startling to realize that she now had a wallet full of charge cards with credit lines more than she had earned during a whole year as a Secretary. Now Janet could afford all the jewelry, Hermes scarves, Gucci dresses, and Louis Vuitton luggage that she might desire.

Except that Janet didn't need, or want, any of it. Sure, she would buy a new dress or gown each season in case she had to go to a charity event. But just to buy on impulse was a waste of money, for Janet had learned to distinguish needs from wants.

But there were other memories for Janet from those years. The men who offered to take her out, who wanted to seduce her. Both single and married! Janet laughed at the time she and a boy had nearly been caught making out in a stockroom one evening.

It was the memory of Angela that Janet remembered most. How the older woman had maneuvered her into an empty office, had begun to kiss and arouse her. Angela had embraced Janet, kissed her, and forced her tongue into Janet's mouth, scaring her. Then Angela had inserted her hand into Janet's blouse, and fondled her breasts. Janet was sexually aroused, and hot with desire for the older woman. Just when Angela was going to continue, she suddenly ran out of the office, leaving Janet alone and frustrated.

Angela had then transferred to the flagship store on 34th street, never to return. Janet had always wondered why, if it had been related to her, or if Angela had committed some other sexual transgression in the Queens store.

Janet smiled to herself, standing at the jewelry counter, where Angela had worked. She wondered how Angela might gasp if she knew that Janet had become a Domme and a lover of Women!


The sound of her name brought her back to the present, and Janet was shocked to see who was addressing her from behind.

"Tiffany," said Janet, stunned at seeing her former companion.

"Janet, please," plead Tiffany, "I have to talk to you."

"No," said Janet, "we have nothing to say. Bye."

Janet began to walk, but Tiffany grabbed onto her forearm and held her tightly.

"Please, I've waited months for this, hoping I might see you in town. Please, just a few minutes?" begged Tiffany.

"Let me go, you're making a scene," said Janet.

"Please?" begged Tiffany, "please, Janet?"

Janet noted that tears had formed at the edges of Tiffany's eyes.

"Is this person bothering you?" asked a man in a dark suit who had suddenly appeared, and Janet knew that he was store security.

"No, it's all right," said Janet, "just an old acquaintance, thank you."

"All right," said the man, who walked away, but remained in visual range.

"Let's talk," offered Janet, "in the restaurant, someplace private."

Inside Saks was a pricey restaurant, with private booths. Janet and Tiffany had taken one, and Janet had ordered coffee for two. It was only after they had been served and were alone, did Janet properly begin the conversation.

"Okay, Tiffany, what do you want to say?" Janet demanded.

"Buy me from Lauren, please! She's a cruel, horrible, Mistress," stated Tiffany.

"Why should I do that?" Janet asked.

"For the love we once shared, for Erica's memory," cried Tiffany.

"Which you betrayed," accused Janet, "tell me, why did you betray Erica?"

"Janet, there were weeks when I didn't see Erica. She didn't send me to other Dommes, so I got fearful that she wanted to dump me. So one night, when I went to a bar, I met Lauren. I didn't know that she was a Domme, or even that she knew Erica either. But I was seduced by her, she used me, pumped me for information about Erica, and soon I was serving her, I was in love with her," explained Tiffany.

"Really, how convenient," mocked Janet, "except that Erica loved you, just as she loved me. You were always a little too emotional, Tiffany, a little too impatient, always wanting immediate gratification. And was that the reason why you betrayed Erica?" accused Janet.

"Yes, and I'm sorry, Janet. For everything that happened."

"Including trying to kill me," bluntly stated Janet.

"I didn't know that was going to happen, honest! All Lauren had said was to bring you to the house, and she would do the rest. I had no idea that you were being set up until..."

"Until I had a ballgag in my mouth and she was beating me without mercy?" demanded Janet.

"Yes," Tiffany cried, "Yes!"

"Why didn't you stop her?" Janet asked.

"The others restrained me, kept me back, placed something in my drink."

"Really," said Janet, sipping her coffee, "was that also why you defended Lauren in front of Stephanie? I heard it from my bedroom, I wasn't asleep, damn you."

"She filled me full of lies, I was programmed like a robot."

"How touching," sarcastically replied Janet.

"Janet, no sooner than you traded me for Myra did Lauren have my breasts ringed, and a medallion on Erica's ring on my labia. Now she's talking about having me branded! She keeps me naked most of the time, a collared slave in her house, for her amusement, and that of her friends. She beats me terribly, all the time!"

"Which was the fate that she had planned for me, no doubt. So she got you instead, as consolation prize."

"Why did you keep me chained, always bound, before you traded me?" asked Tiffany.

"Now surely you didn't think that I was that dumb, did you Tiffany? How could I let a potential killer run free in my house? I even asked Stephanie to keep you for a while, and told her to place you under strict bondage at all times, so I wouldn't be tempted to hurt you, in retribution for what you did to me."

Tears flowed from Tiffany's eyes.

"Janet, I'm sorry I betrayed you and Erica. If I could do things differently, I would, believe me. But when I go back to her house today, I'll be naked, and in chains again for weeks, maybe months, before she lets me out again," cried Tiffany.

"Do you know what would have happened had I won and you didn't try to kill me?" asked Janet.

"No, Janet, please tell me."

"I would have kept you as a slave for a year, then promoted you to a Domme. Which was what Erica would have wanted. Instead, I traded you for Myra who recognized the difference between Lauren and myself. You made your choice, Tiffany. I'm sorry, I really wish that it didn't turn out this way."

"Please buy me, please," begged Tiffany.

Janet noted that some of the other patrons were staring, pretending not to hear. It wasn't every day that a woman was begging another to buy her, in public.

"No. I'm sorry Tiffany, you made your choice," coldly stated Janet.

"I'll be a good slave, I'll do whatever you ask, at least you won't beat me till I bleed all the time," cried Tiffany.

"Good bye, Tiffany," said Janet as she gathered her purse and rose to her feet, "I'm leaving."

Janet left Tiffany in the booth, and pressed a twenty in the hands of the surprised waitress. Tiffany remained alone, sobbing, her blonde hair becoming a mess, tears falling to the table.

When Janet reached her car, she paused before starting the engine. She remembered all of the times that she had made love with Tiffany, how they had been allowed to use each other with Erica's consent. Tears flowed from her eyes.

'First Cheryl, and now Tiffany,' Janet thought to herself, 'what next?'

Somehow, Janet really didn't want to know the answer.

Part Two: The Test of Submission

"Mistress, Cheryl has arrived," stated Tina.

It was the early evening and Cheryl had arrived for her usual weekend to serve Mistress Janet. She had spent the day doing work for her company, and writing reports about her other slaves, and other assorted tasks.

She had also assisted Tina in dirtying the house. When Janet had been a slave to Mistress Erica, she would often wonder why the place always needed a cleaning. Either Erica was either a total slob, which was highly unlikely given how organized she was in other sectors of her life, or else she was always hosting wild parties in the Mansion, which was improbable as well.

The answer had been that in order to give Janet (and Erica's other slaves) something to do, Erica and Andrea would dirty the place before every slave would visit. She had found notes to that effect when she had been cleaning out Erica's papers one day.

"Good, I want to talk to her," said Janet, "please conduct her into the library."

"Yes, Mistress."

After her visit to Saks earlier in the day, Janet had felt like buying something, but not paying the ridiculous luxury prices that they wanted. So she had driven out of Greenwich to the local mall, walked into JC Penny, and had purchased a few new fall outfits.

Once, while shopping with Stephanie in Macy's, she had found a nametag that an employee had dropped, and Janet had taken it for herself, quickly placing it in her purse. Over the intervening years, she had lost hers. The tag that she had found was a link back to her earlier and less complicated life, and she wanted to have it.

Seated behind the desk, she was wearing an outfit that could be worn both to work and out on a date, a brown jacket with matching skirt that she rather liked.

Cheryl had worn a tight fitting blue dress that had shown off all her curves. While a dress that like might wind a man around her finger, it would do nothing for her when Janet had Cheryl naked and under her lash once more.

When Cheryl was seated and they were alone, Janet finally began the conversation. Cheryl, as usual, looked like she had stepped out of a magazine cover.

"Good evening, Cheryl."

"Good evening, Mistress Janet," Cheryl answered.

"I have been reviewing your records, comparing them to the progress made by my other slaves. You have done quite well," complimented Janet.

"Thank you, Mistress."

"How do you feel about being a slave?" asked Janet.

"That is what I want to be, Mistress. Your slave, and yours alone. I have taken your crop, been taken to bed, bound and gagged, and used as a slave. I am perfectly satisfied, Mistress," stated Cheryl.

"No regrets?"

"No, Mistress."

"Not even after I had beat you severely with a flogger? Or impaled you with the phallus?" asked Janet.

"No, Mistress, none."

"Or even after I let you use one of my other slaves? How did you feel about holding the crop yourself?"

"I enjoyed it, Mistress, thank you."

"I am going to test your submission this weekend, Cheryl. Test you to your limit and in ways that will surprise you, do you understand me?"

"Yes, Mistress."

Janet was doing everything in her power to break through Cheryl's wall of resistance. To make her admit the reason that she had forced herself upon Mistress Janet. But nothing had worked after Janet had forced Cheryl to realize that she was a slave.

"You can still back out," Janet offered.

"No, Mistress Janet, thank you. I'll stay."

"Tina!" called Janet.

"Yes, Mistress?" asked Tina from the library doors.

"Please ready Cheryl then return her to me in the library," ordered Janet.

"Yes, Mistress."

From the Dungeon Janet had selected a few items that she would begin to use on Cheryl in the library. That would be a prelude before she took her slave down to the Dungeon before tonight's test would begin.

"Mistress?" asked Tina on her return, "Cheryl is prepared, as you have ordered."

"Thank you, Tina. You may stay with me, I may need you."

"Yes, Mistress."

Cheryl was naked once again wearing just bracelets, with her wrists locked behind her back. Tina had not placed a collar around her neck, unlike any other time before.

"What are you missing, Cheryl?" asked Janet.

"Your collar, Mistress."

"Very good, Cheryl," answered Janet as she opened the top right desk drawer.

Inside was a small wooden box, which Janet withdrew and placed on the desk.

"Kneel," ordered Janet.

Cheryl did as she was told, in complete silence.

Janet rose to her feet, and walked around the desk to face Cheryl. She opened the box, and removed the collar within. Closing the box, she replaced it onto the desk.

"Before I place it around your neck, look at the collar," ordered Janet.

"You've placed my name on this one, Mistress," observed Cheryl.

"Correct," said Janet as she locked the collar around Cheryl's neck, "this collar is yours. Whenever you are used in this House, you shall wear it around your neck from now on. You have earned your own collar, Cheryl."

"Thank you, Mistress Janet."

"You may not be so thankful after tonight," firmly said Janet.


"Tina, help Cheryl to her feet. Have you ever heard of something called an armbinder?"

"No, Mistress," answered Cheryl.

Tina assisted Cheryl to her feet as Janet opened the closet door, and removed a very large triangular leather object, with numerous straps attached.

"Unlock her arms, and Cheryl I want you to keep your arms straight behind your back," ordered Janet.

"Yes, Mistress," replied Cheryl as Tina unlocked her wrists, thankful for even a brief moment of freedom.

"This is called an armbinder, and it will render you totally helpless. It can also be quite dangerous to the wearer, since it can place enormous strain on your shoulders. I shall place it on you very loosely, and if it hurts, you must tell me immediately and I shall remove it. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress."

Cheryl stood in silence, her arms behind her back and her legs slightly open, as Janet opened the armbinder by unzipping it along its entire length. She displayed it for her slave, showing her where her arms would go, the exterior straps that could also confine her arms, and finally the main long straps that would loop over her shoulders and be buckled back onto the main body of the armbinder.

"Are you ready, Cheryl?"

Cheryl nodded her head in silence, as Janet placed Cheryl's arms within the device then slowly zipped up the leather halves. Even though there were a number of straps along its length; Janet refrained from using them. After she had closed the zipper, she then looped and crossed the straps around Cheryl's shoulders, then closing the roller buckles.

Cheryl was totally helpless and at Janet's mercy. She tried to pull against the leather, and found that impossible. All that she could do was to move her hands (which were closed palm to palm) a few inches. The armbinder forced her pretty breasts to protrude, making them even more available to whoever might want to use them.

"Are you in pain, Cheryl?" asked Janet.

"No, Mistress, I'm fine, thank you," answered Cheryl.

"This model has a ring at the end," Janet pulled on the ring, "which can then be chained to your ankles, or a vaginal or anal probe," stated Janet.

"Thank you, Mistress," said Cheryl.

"I want you to wear the armbinder for a while before I remove it. Tomorrow I shall make you wear it for some time, so that you may become used to it."

Cheryl nodded in silence. Janet took inventory of the marks on Cheryl's naked body, then reached out with her left hand and pulled on the D ring on Cheryl's collar.

"Are you my slave, Cheryl?" asked Janet.

"Yes, Mistress," quickly answered Cheryl.

Janet pinched Cheryl's already erect right nipple with her right hand, making Cheryl flinch under her attentions.

"I can do anything that I want with you, Cheryl. Do you understand what that means?" asked Janet.

Cheryl nodded in silence instead of answering verbally.

"Ahhhh!" cried Cheryl when Janet brutally inserted her fingers into Cheryl's slit, "Ahhhh!"

Cheryl tried to pull away, but Janet held firmly onto her collar with her left hand. She was totally helpless and Janet would not release her.

"Tell me, Cheryl. When you are all alone at home, do you desire my use and my lash?"

"Yes, Mistress," Cheryl tearfully answered.

"Have I turned you into a slave?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Good," said Janet as she released Cheryl, and she cleaned her hand with a tissue.

Cheryl walked a few steps with the armbinder, having trouble maintaining her balance. Janet had ordered Tina to place a pair of modest heels on her feet, and Tina followed Cheryl every step, prepared to catch her, lest she fall.

After a half-hour had elapsed, Janet called Cheryl over and ordered her to remain still. Cheryl stood silently as the armbinder was removed, and then she was free of the leather device.

"You may rub your wrists together, and move your arms to restore circulation," ordered Janet, "now."

"Thank you, Mistress," answered Cheryl as she did as she was told, moving her arms as instructed.

Janet replaced the armbinder back in the closet, only to remove something else. It was a long thin piece of wood that looked rather innocent, at first glance.

"This is a cane, Cheryl. I have not used this on you yet until you were ready. You are now. I want you to bend over the footstool, but you shall not be bound."

"Yes, Mistress," dutifully answered Cheryl.

"The cane is a fearsome thing also," Janet began, "and it can be dangerous and hurt badly as well if not correctly used. I rarely use it, since I prefer my hand, the crop, flogger, or even the whip. But I want you to experience it, Cheryl."

"Yes, Mistress."

"This will hurt, but I shall deliver only a few modest strokes."






"Owwwww!" cried Cheryl.

"Thank you, Cheryl, that was quite brave of you to remain in one place as I caned you."

Janet had struck Cheryl on her bottom and on the outside of her thighs. Had she struck on the inside, Cheryl would have been screaming for her life right now.

"Mistress, that hurt!" cried Cheryl, as she rubbed her sore flesh.

"As I told you it would. Tina, you may rub some salve into Cheryl's flesh and help her to recover for a while. Then take her down to the Dungeon. I shall be getting dressed upstairs, and will join you shortly."

"Yes, Mistress," answered Tina.

Janet left the library without another word, and she continued to hold the cane in her hands. She placed it under her arm as she ascended the stairs, holding onto it like it was a good luck charm.

While she was naked in her bedroom, she glanced at the day calendar on the table. October brought back many memories for her.

Six years before, Erica had loaned her to Mistress Stephanie, who had treated Janet harshly, then placed her on the rack. How terrified Janet had been, scared out of her wits with every click on the fearsome device that she was restrained on. However, no lasting harm had come of her experience, and she had learned that Stephanie's bark was really worse than her bite.

Janet selected a long sleeved PVC Catsuit that covered her totally, plus a pair of matching knee high boots. Now that the weather had turned colder, she could wear what was her favorite outfit that hugged her like a second skin.

When she entered the Dungeon, Cheryl was naked and kneeling on the carpet, as ordered, with Tina standing nearby, holding Cheryl's leash. Tina had not changed out of her satin Maid's outfit since early in the morning, and Janet considered having her change into something a bit more appropriate for doing a scene.

In the center of the Dungeon was something hidden under a single white sheet, which betrayed no indication of its purpose. Cheryl stared at it, until Janet broke her concentration.

"Good evening, Cheryl. I trust that Tina had tended to your wounds?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Be warned that after a time, you shall learn how to take many strokes with the cane. Even harsher ones than the mild ones that I gave you."

"Yes, Mistress Janet."

"Do you ride a horse?" asked Janet.


"I asked if you ride a horse. Are you one of the horsey set at the country club that plays polo on weekends?"

"I know how to ride, Mistress, but I don't own a horse," answered Cheryl.

"Well, that's a start, when did you last ride?"

"Some time ago, Mistress."

"It's been too long then," observed Janet, as she removed the sheet from the object, revealing what looked like a large A made of wood that had eyelets for attaching chains.

Cheryl gasped when she guessed the purpose of the thing, which she had never seen before.

"It's called a horse, for obvious reasons, Cheryl. And you're going to ride it this evening, before I use you. Help me, Tina."

Cheryl was helped to her feet and her leash removed and her wrist bracelets unlocked. Then she was made to mount the horse, and her wrists were again locked behind her back, then Janet locked her ankle bracelets to the horse. Finally, Janet locked one of the ceiling chains to Cheryl's wrist bracelets, pitching her forward.

"Your entire weight now is resting on your sex," described Janet, "which will become uncomfortable very quickly."

"Mistress, please?" asked Cheryl, "release me?"

"I said that I would test you, Cheryl. You shall remain on the horse until I decide when to take you down, and not before. Besides, it is far less painful than the cane, unless you would prefer a few more strokes with that instead," offered Janet.

"No, Mistress."

"I could have placed a phallus on the horse, which you would now have inside of you. Instead, since this is your first time, you shall ride without it."

"Thank you, Mistress Janet."

"Tina you may go and change into something a little more suitable for the Dungeon," ordered Janet.

"Thank you, Mistress," answered Tina as she bowed slightly, then walked out of the Dungeon, leaving Cheryl and Janet together.

Janet walked over to her throne-like chair, sat down, and opened the newest issue of Vogue. So this was where Tina had left it! She had been wondering where it had been, and Janet had wanted to read it.

Cheryl, in her uncomfortable position on the horse, tried to shift herself so that the pain would lessen somewhat. Instead, nothing that she did had any effect, and she cried silently to herself. Janet would glance at her occasionally.

She had given Tina a hand signal to indicate that she should take nearly an hour to change, then return. Janet wanted to be alone with Cheryl, in order that she could properly gauge Cheryl's reactions from being on the horse for a long period of time.

Under the sleeve of her PVC Catsuit, Janet wore a small watch on the inside of her wrist. She would check the time every now and then, but not be too obvious about it.

"Mistress, please!" begged Cheryl.

Janet rose from her seat, and closed the magazine. She walked over to the horse, and played with Cheryl's erect nipples.

"Ahhhh!" cried Cheryl.

"What's wrong, Cheryl?"

"My pussy, Mistress. It's being split in two!"

"Would you rather that I slice your bottom again with the cane? That is the choice that I'm giving you tonight. Either the horse or the cane, Cheryl. Those are your only alternatives today," coldly stated Janet.

"Please, please," begged Cheryl, tears in her eyes.

Janet reached between Cheryl's legs, and pulled at a few of Cheryl's pubic hairs. She played with Cheryl's pussy, feeling the hot pained flesh between her slave's legs.

"Owwww!" cried Cheryl when Janet pulled a few out.

"Perhaps your next punishment shall be to have that lovely bush of yours shaved. If you think that having a bikini wax at a salon can be painful and embarrassing, you should have your pussy shaved for a few months. It will give you a new meaning to the word naked," suggested Janet.

"I think that nipple clamps are in order, don't you?" asked Janet.

Janet unzipped her Catsuit, for in advance she had secreted a pair of clamps in her black lacy bra that she was wearing under the PVC material. She removed them, and without further taunting, placed them onto Cheryl's erect and extended nipples.

"Ahhhh!" sobbed Cheryl.

"That's better, now be quiet, lest I place a gag in your mouth, Cheryl," stated Janet.

Janet noted the mournful look on Cheryl's face as she resumed her seat, and began to read again where she had left off. Her slave looked rather pained in her place on the horse.


"Yes, Mistress."

"I am not seated here to be callous," explained Janet, "but rather to teach you a lesson. A bound slave should NEVER be left alone, under any circumstances, do you understand?" asked Janet.

"Yes, Mistress Janet," sobbed Cheryl.

"Especially if they are gagged," added Janet.

"I understand, Mistress."


Janet was interrupted when the Dungeon door opened to admit Tina, who had now changed her satin Maid's outfit for a leather vest and pants. Plus a pair of elbow length gloves to complete her outfit.

"Excellent choice," complimented Janet.

"Thank you, Mistress," answered Tina, "I desire to wear something besides the Maid's outfit sometimes."

"Would you like to use Cheryl?" offered Janet, "and I shall be happy to assist?"

"Yes, Mistress, thank you," gratefully answered Tina, "how may I use her?"

"In any way that you desire, and in the harshest possible manner, which was what I had intended to do with her."

"Thank you, Mistress," answered Tina.

Janet smiled, for if Cheryl resented the fact that Tina would now be using her instead of Janet that would prepare her for Saturday, when Janet's real plans for her would unfold.

"She's yours," said Janet.

"I see that you've placed nipple clamps on her," observed Tina.

"Yes," answered Janet.

"Owww!" cried Cheryl when Tina pulled at one.

"I thought that you were going to use me, Mistress!" cried Cheryl.

"I have trained Tina both as my slave and assistant," described Janet, "and she is perfectly capable of handling you in the Dungeon as well as the rest of the house."

"I want to be used by you, Mistress!" protested Cheryl.

"You're not in a position to demand anything," coldly answered Janet as she rose from her seat, removed a riding crop from the cabinet, then handed it to Tina.

Cheryl looked in shock at the two women facing her, not certain what to say next.

"You may begin, Tina."

"Thank you, Mistress."

"What is your safeword?" demanded Tina.

"Sin, Mistress," answered Cheryl.

"Very good, Cheryl," replied Tina, as she struck her first blow with the crop onto Cheryl's skin.

Because of the way that she was bound to the horse, all that Tina could strike with the crop was the outside of Cheryl's legs, her breasts, and bottom. But that was enough, as Tina delivered light strokes that made Cheryl moan and fight her place on the horse.



"Aaaaah!" cried Cheryl each time that she was struck with the riding crop.

After Tina had delivered about a dozen small strokes, she offered the crop to Cheryl's lips, and the bound woman kissed the crop without any complaints. Then Tina roughly removed the clamps, making Cheryl moan in response.

"I want her removed from the horse, she needs to be flogged," ordered Tina.

"Yes, Mistress," answered Janet.

In reality, it took both of them to release Cheryl from the horse, then help her down. Sitting on her sex for a prolonged period of time had made Cheryl stiff and sore, so she was given time to recover from her ordeal. In preparation for what would be her next trial to come.

"Spread-eagle her on the table," ordered Tina.

The table was one of Janet's newest purchases. It was a table with chains at each corner, which could be raised or lowered depending on how it was to be used.

Cheryl was placed upon it, and her wrist and ankle bracelets were locked onto each corner. She was then slightly elevated, and tipped forward to allow for easier use by Tina.

"Thank you, Mistress Janet," said Tina.

"You're welcome, you may proceed," ordered Janet.

Tina selected a common leather flogger, and presented it to Cheryl's lips to kiss before use.

"Kiss the flogger," ordered Tina.

"NO!" screamed Cheryl, "I want to be used by Mistress Janet."

"I suggest that you obey Tina, Cheryl," suggested Janet as she resumed her seat, "I did give you to her for the evening, and she can be quite nasty if provoked."

Tina then began to strike Cheryl with the flogger. She had chosen a leather one, and the heavy strands made a dull thud as they impacted onto Cheryl's flesh. She pulled at her chains in an effort to free herself, but the leather and steel that restrained her was implacable.

Cheryl moaned as each stroke left it's imprint on her naked body, and she cried as Tina continued her relentless use of her. Tina would strike at her breasts, belly, the inside of her thighs and sex, and her underarms.

"Ahhhhh!" cried Cheryl.


Stroke after stroke, Tina made certain that no part of Cheryl's body remained unscathed by the use of the flogger. Cheryl may have been defiant at the beginning, but she would not be at the end of her use.

"Sin!" screamed Cheryl, "Sin!"

Tina stopped the use of the flogger, and Janet rose from her seat, and they both unlocked Cheryl from the table. She sat on a bench, sobbing into a tissue that Janet had produced.

Tina then took Cheryl into her arms, and held her closely as she dried Cheryl's tears. Cheryl remembered when Janet had done this before, when she had been used nearly to her breaking point.

"Are you all right?" asked Tina, softly.

"Yes, Mistress. Can I rest?"

"Of course you may," said Tina.

Tina held Cheryl closely in her arms, then took her upstairs and to bed. Janet put everything away in the Dungeon, and closed the lights and locked up.

They had set up everything together in advance of course, and Cheryl would never know that. Janet had wanted to drive Cheryl to her safeword without actually hurting her. It was an excellent lesson for her.

Part Three: The Next Day

Saturday October 3, 1998

In the morning, after breakfast, Janet had asked Cheryl to join her in the library. Cheryl was naked, wearing only her collar and bracelets and heels. Tina had bathed her, and soothed her punished skin with salves and creams. Cheryl's skin was a dull red, but Tina had not broken the skin nor really hurt her. Tina was too experienced a Domme for that to happen.

"How do you feel?" asked Janet when Cheryl sat across from her in the Dining Room.

"All right, Mistress," Cheryl answered.

"Did Tina hurt you?"

"No, Mistress. Not really, I was scared and frightened. I am sorry that I called my safeword."

"That is where you are wrong, Cheryl."


"You must never be afraid to call your safeword, because that may be what will save your life," answered Janet.

"I don't understand, Mistress."

"One day I'll tell you the story, when you're up to it. Until then, regard what happened here as a lesson."

"Yes, Mistress."

"Attend to your work with Tina, we have a guest coming later."

"Yes, Mistress," answered Cheryl as she rose and bowed to Janet before leaving.

"Please conduct our guest into the library," ordered Janet, as she glanced at Cheryl, who looked suddenly worried.

Tina conducted a man in his late thirties into the library. He was tall, fit, and thin, dressed in black, and very attractive. Janet watched as Cheryl's eyes opened wide with desire.

"Craig, I would like to introduce Cheryl. She is my newest slave, still under training."

Cheryl had looked like she was going to introduce herself, but remained silent.

"You may kneel on the floor, Cheryl, address him as Master, and speak only when spoken to," Janet ordered.

"Master Craig," said Cheryl after she had assumed her place on the floor.

"I have been training her in private for a few months, and she has not been shown to any other Masters or Dommes yet, so she has not yet been trained in public address yet. But she will learn," described Janet.

"What is your name?" asked Craig as he sat in a library chair.

"Cheryl Branford, Master," shakily replied Cheryl.

"How have you been trained?"

"I have been spanked, whipped, flogged, and cropped, Master," replied Cheryl.

"Always thorough," Craig said to Janet.

"Thank you. It is now time that I test Cheryl's submission, don't you agree?" asked Janet.


"Cheryl, since you have proven yourself, I would now like you to suck Craig's cock and give him an orgasm with that mouth of yours," ordered Janet.

"Mistress?" answered Cheryl with a look of horror on her face.

"That's right, Cheryl," Janet answered.

"I, I...," stammered Cheryl.

"Craig, could you excuse us please for a moment?" asked Janet, "I would like to have a word in private with Cheryl."

"Of course," he answered, rose to his feet, and left the library, closing the door behind him.

"You have angered me greatly, Cheryl, in refusing a direct order of mine and embarrassing me in front of a guest."

"Mistress, I thought that you were only friends with other Dominatrixes!" protested Cheryl.

"If you are still worried about me loaning you to another Domme, that will be arranged shortly. Master Craig is here from California, he is a good friend of mine, and I want to show him my newest slave. That means you, Cheryl," said Janet coldly.


"If it's a health problem that you're worried about Cheryl, he will be wearing a condom. But is it something more? Did you think that you could be submissive to a Domme here in the East without that affecting you when you went home? Is that it?" asked Janet.

"I don't know, Mistress!" cried Cheryl, "don't embarrass me this way, please?"

"You have proven that you desire the lash and the crop, have been trained in the use of your mouth and bottom, and are my slave. Once you return home Cheryl, you will desire to be spanked and used, whether it be by a Master or a Mistress. You are my slave, Cheryl, by your own admission and behavior."

"Mistress, I have never done that to a man before!" protested Cheryl.

"Only with sex toys?" asked Janet.

"Yes, Mistress!"

"Well then, I think that it's time that you put your knowledge to proper use," said Janet.

"Please, Mistress, no, not with a man?" begged Cheryl.

"Are you going to act this way when I loan you to another Domme?" questioned Janet, displeasure evident in her voice.

"No, Mistress."

"What you have failed to understand Cheryl is that you are a submissive. That means obeying the orders of men and women, Masters and Dommes. You are now going to suck on Craig's cock, then he will use you in the Dungeon, and then probably take you to bed. Do you submit, Cheryl, if not then you are free to leave, never to return," lectured Janet.

"I submit, Mistress Janet," cried Cheryl, "I submit."

"Take a tissue from the box and dry your eyes, Cheryl. Craig will not want to see you crying as you suck his cock, do you understand, else you will be embarrassing me. And you don't want to do that, do you?" asked Janet.

"No, Mistress."

"Then you will compose yourself, and be prepared to be used by a Master, Cheryl. You will submit your body, your mouth and probably your sex to him. And if you fail to please him, you will suffer the consequences."

"Yes, Mistress," answered Cheryl.

After Craig was returned to the library, he removed his boots, black jeans, and pulled down his shorts before seating himself in a chair. Janet passed him a condom, and his cock sprang to erection.

"Come here," ordered Craig.

"Yes, Master," answered Cheryl.

"You know what to do," said Craig as he passed her the foil wrapped object.

Cheryl unwrapped the condom, then unrolled the latex onto his swelling organ. Then, hesitantly at first, she took his organ into her mouth, sucking slowly at first.

Craig did not push or force her, instead sat on the edge of the chair and let Cheryl proceed at her own pace. She was clearly embarrassed because of the blush on her cheeks, but she continued to suck on his cock and draw it deeper back into her throat.

Mistress Janet sat behind her desk, watching the activities as an interested observer. There were no sounds in the library except for the occasional sucking sound from Cheryl and Craig's small moans of pleasure. Tina had been ordered not to join them, and Janet stayed quiet.

Once Cheryl had gotten over her initial embarrassment and fright, she took Craig deep into her mouth. Her tongue tickled his glans, and she could feel his pulsating cock deep in her throat. Her mouth puckered every time that she sucked on him.

Craig was known for his ability to restrain himself, but Janet could see that he was weakening. For Cheryl had clearly excited him, and was showing her ability to delight a Master.

"Ahhhh!" cried Craig, as his body shook with one orgasm after another.

Janet watched as Cheryl sucked at the latex, suddenly warmed by Craig's hot come. It was only after Craig had stopped his climaxes did Cheryl remove her mouth from his limp organ.

"Thank you, Cheryl."

"You're welcome, Master," said Cheryl from her kneeling position on the floor.

"The bathroom is behind that door," pointed out Janet to Craig.

"Thank you, Janet."

Craig rose to his feet, and picked up his jeans, and walked into the bathroom, closing the door behind him.

"You have done well, Cheryl. I told you that one day that you would make a Master happy, and you have done so."

"Thank you, Mistress."

"Once Craig has cleaned and rested, he will want you in the Dungeon. I shall be attending, since Tina has the night off."

"I understand, Mistress. Thank you for training me."

"You're welcome, Cheryl."

Dinner that evening was a strange affair. Craig had placed a suitcase in a bedroom after Cheryl had serviced him, then fallen asleep from his trip.

Afterwards, Janet and Craig had been served Dinner, which was Shrimp Scampi that Tina had prepared and Cheryl had served. Dinner had gone off without a hitch, and Janet noted the way that Cheryl looked at her guest.

There was no doubt that Cheryl was attracted to Craig. The way she stood nearby while serving him, how she knelt before him. Cheryl was clearly attracted to her Male Dom guest.

They had eaten late, and talked while Cheryl and Tina first ate together then cleaned up. Tina would help to bathe and prepare Cheryl, then she would be going out by herself.

Janet would be assisting Craig in the Dungeon, just as she had assisted Tina that night before. She wondered just how Cheryl was going to react this evening.

"What is your safeword, Cheryl?" asked Craig.

It was late in the evening, and Craig, Janet, and Cheryl were now downstairs in the Dungeon. Tina had prepared Cheryl, then showered and dressed, and had taken the Toyota.

Craig was wearing a leather vest, black jeans, and boots. Janet had chosen a simple leather bra and skirt. Cheryl was of course naked, wearing only her collar and bracelets.

"Sin, Master," answered Cheryl from her kneeling position on the floor.

"Do you consent to my use, given by permission of Mistress Janet?" asked Craig.

"Yes, Master."

Craig was very attractive in the outfit that he had chosen. His firm muscles rippled under his skin and the black leather every time that he moved, and his black piercing eyes looked like they could discern one's very soul within.

"Thank you, Mistress Janet," Craig said to his hostess.

"You're welcome."

"Prepare to be used."

"Yes, Master," Cheryl answered.

Cheryl knelt on the carpet, her legs open, hands on her knees. She looked eager for whatever was going to happen next. Even if that meant that she was going to be painfully administered by Janet's guest.

"Janet, place her against the post, I want to crop her," ordered Craig.

"Yes, Sir!"

Janet pulled Cheryl up by her collar then locked her hands onto the post above her head. Then she locked a spreader bar on her ankle cuffs so Cheryl would remain open for whatever Craig might deign to use her for.

"Done, Master," said Janet when finished.

Craig then walked over to the cabinet, and opened it, removing a crop that he flexed in his hands. He motioned Janet over to his side.

"Owwwww!" cried Janet after Craig had struck her unexpectedly with the crop.

"You failed to hand me the crop," admonished Craig, a smile on his face.

"Yes, Sir!"

"Now onto Cheryl," said Craig as he walked over to the bound woman, "kiss the crop."

"Yes, Master," answered Cheryl as she kissed the handle when it was offered to her.

"You will count each stroke, and thank me after every five," ordered Craig.

"Yes, Master."





"Five, thank you, Master!"

Janet watched her friend at work and smiled. Craig would deliver a series of five strokes of every increasing force, then every tenth stroke, use his hand to rub Cheryl's heated body.




"Fifteen, thank you, Master!"


"Twenty, thank you, Master!"

Craig was not using strokes harsh enough to really hurt, just mildly sting and would leave a mark behind. The crop's tip would land on Cheryl's bottom, her underarms, and between her legs.

After a time, Janet observed that Cheryl would deliberately stick her behind out. Quietly, she circled around to see the look on Cheryl's face during her use.



"Twenty-five, thank you, Master!" panted Cheryl.

'She wants him,' Janet thought to herself, 'she's submitting herself to me for whatever reason, but Cheryl wants a MaleDom.'

There was no doubt in Janet's mind as she saw the unmistakable look of desire on Cheryl's face. It was the look of a person who not only wanted, but needed a Master (or Mistress) to fulfill all of their desires.

'I helped Cheryl to bring out her submissive desires, to train her sexually in submission. But she doesn't want a Dominatrix to serve, she wants a Master,' Janet thought in silence.

Craig then looked past Cheryl to Janet, and she gave him a knowing glance, then nodded in silence. Craig understood, and replied in kind.

"Thirty, thank you, Master!"

"Kiss the crop," ordered Craig, as he presented the handle to Cheryl's lips.

"Yes, Master," answered Cheryl.

"Janet, you may release her and let her rest for a short time, before her next ordeal," ordered Craig.

"Yes, Master," replied Janet.

Janet unlocked the spreader bar, then released Cheryl's wrists. The woman was shaken, but not truly hurt. She was covered in red marks and sweat, but was holding herself quite well, considering her use in the last two days.

"You have done well, Cheryl," said Janet as she conducted Cheryl to the bench to rest.

"Owwww!" cried Cheryl when her sensitive bottom touched the leather of the bench.

"You'll be alright."

"Thank you, Mistress."

Cheryl was allowed to rest, and drink some water and compose herself. Her breasts rose and fell with every breath that she took, but she looked different somehow. In how she held herself.

"Cheryl?" asked Craig after a period of time had elapsed, "are you ready to proceed?"

"Yes, Master."

"Janet has told me that Tina used you yesterday with a flogger. Is that correct?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Because you have been used with the crop and flogger within the last two days, and you are experienced according to Mistress Janet, I think that it is only correct that you select the instrument of your next use."

"Master?" replied Cheryl, a look of shock on her face.

"Go to the cabinet and select the instrument of your next use," ordered Craig.

"Yes, Master," answered Cheryl.

Sheepishly at first, Cheryl rose to her feet and walked over to the cabinet. She opened it to reveal all of the instruments of her use in the Dungeon. Tina had taught her how to care for all of the things within, and it was usually Erica who used them upon her.

Naked, Cheryl looked over all of the various instruments that had caused her pain and pleasure during her training by Mistress Janet. Finally, she selected a coiled leather whip, walked back to Craig, and fell to her knees in front of him, presenting the whip to him in her hands.

"Please use the whip, Master?" asked Cheryl.

"Are you sure that is what you want?" asked Craig.

"Yes, Master, the whip," stated Cheryl.

"I could hurt you with it," cautioned Craig.

"I know that you will not."

"Janet, please suspend Cheryl from the ceiling chain, opening her arms and legs with a spreader bar?" asked Craig.

"Yes, Sir."

Mistress Janet did as her friend Craig requested, and soon Cheryl was hanging from the ceiling chain, her arms and legs locked to spreader bars in the shape of an X. Within her bondage, Cheryl held herself tightly erect, proud in her appearance.

"Cheryl is ready, Sir," announced Janet.

"Thank you, Janet," said Craig as he coiled the gleaming whip in his hands.

Craig looked over Cheryl, and ran one of his hands from her shoulders to the swell of her breast, her flat stomach, her mons, and open slit. Cheryl moaned slightly as he tenderly caressed her.

"Are you ready?" asked Craig.

"Yes, Master," confidently answered Cheryl.

"Remember your safeword," cautioned Craig.

"Sin, Master."





"Aaaaah!" cried Cheryl.

Janet watched as Craig carefully used the whip on Cheryl. In expectation of the lash, she had held herself tightly, and Janet saw the tension in her muscles before she was struck with the whip. Craig was a Dom who was very experienced with the lash, and knew how to use it correctly.






"Are you all right, Cheryl?"

"Yes, Master," answered Cheryl.

Craig moved a few steps forward and ever so gently used his fingertip to feel where the whip had struck Cheryl's flesh. Her nakedness was now adorned with fresh stripes from his whip.

"Do you want to continue?"

"Yes, Master," Cheryl confidently replied.




Janet noted how Craig would sometimes crack the whip in the air a few inches from Cheryl's body, so that Cheryl would think that her body was being struck. Other times, the whip would wrap itself around her body. But those strokes were delivered with such little force that they rarely marked at all. Craig would only strike her with the whip in such a way that the flesh was not broken, but only marked. A stroke that was delivered with only a carefully measured amount of force designed to sting and not maim.

"Are you all right?" asked Craig.

"Yes, Master, please continue?"

Without pause, Craig continued his use of Cheryl. She would flinch every time that the whip would strike her body, but she did not cry or scream. Instead, she looked confident during her use.





"You have trained her well, Janet," complimented Craig.

"Thank you, Master."




"Aaaaaah!" cried Cheryl.

"Are you all right?"

"Yes, Master, I'm fine."

Stroke after stroke, Cheryl's body was laced with stripes from the whip. But Cheryl did not scream or panic, instead holding herself resolutely with her bondage, absorbing every stroke as Master Craig used her to her limit.







"Janet, you may take her down," ordered Craig, "your session is over."

"Thank you Master," panted Cheryl.

When Cheryl was seated on the bench, her chest still heaving from the ordeal, Craig offered her the whip's handle. She kissed it without even being ordered to.

"You have been well trained by a good Mistress," stated Craig.

"Yes, Master, thank you," answered Cheryl.

"Do you want to join me in bed this evening?" asked Craig.

"Yes, Master, I would like that very much."

Craig sensually ran his fingertips over her striped, sweat stained body.

"You were very brave, Cheryl. To take the lash from a Master that you did not know."

"Thank you, Master."

"Janet, please give her a bath and have her ready in my room in about an hour," ordered Craig.

"Yes, Master," answered Janet.

Janet helped Cheryl to her feet, and walked with her to the door. She did not bind Cheryl, nor did she have to. Cheryl now obviously wanted the evening to progress onto the next phase, by the spring in her step.

Next Janet stripped, and drew a hot steamy bath for Cheryl, which she immersed herself in. Cheryl moaned with pleasure when Janet bathed her, washed her hair and cleaned and prepared her.

"Mistress Janet?" asked Cheryl.

"Yes, Cheryl."

"Why did you bathe me?"

"Because Craig ordered it, and it's been a long time since I did that for another woman."

"You've done that before?"

"I wasn't always a Mistress," explained Janet.

"Thank you, Mistress, for training me."

"You're welcome, Cheryl. Now Craig awaits! You don't want to anger a Master, do you?"

"No, Mistress, I do not!"

When she was finally ready, Janet escorted Cheryl to Craig's bedroom, where he was sitting in bed, reading a book from Janet's library.

"Thank you, Janet. That will be all," ordered Craig, as Cheryl walked into his bedroom naked, and closed the door behind her.

Part Three: The Discovery

Monday October 5, 1998

Doreen Kelly closed the last of Erica's Medical Reports, she had been reading them at Janet's request. A slave of Janet's, she was an LRN at a local hospital.

She closed the file folder, and walked from the Dining Room to the Library, where Janet was staring at her computer monitor.


"Please be seated, Doreen. And thank you again for your help. What do those Medical Reports say?"

"This woman, this Erica Riken. Who was she?" asked Doreen.

"That is of no consequence, Doreen. What do they say?" demanded Janet.

"Erica was seriously ill, Mistress. She was badly anemic, and had leukemia. She was receiving treatment, but it doesn't seem to have been working. Erica may have been dying, but the reports don't say anything past June 1993."

"Thank you, Doreen, that will be all. Not a word of this to anyone, do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress."

After Doreen had left, Janet opened the file, reading the notes that her slave had written about Erica's condition. Dying!

Janet broke down in tears sobbing, for she had truly loved Erica with all of her heart. The woman who had introduced her to the pain and pleasure of submission had been in reality hiding a deadly secret from her, even when she had come to see Janet months after she had won the competition.

'Erica you didn't stop being a Domme because you got married, you stopped instead because you were dying,' Janet thought.

Tears ran down Janet's cheeks, so that was why Erica had referred to Janet as her last slave. That had been the real reason why Erica had devised the competition between her and Tiffany.

The Medical reports had begun in 1992, just after Janet had begun to serve Erica. Janet looked at the diary dated 1992, and wondered if she should skip ahead and read that now. But she was still in 1989, and resolved to read them in sequence.

'Erica, now I know why you were in a rush to train me as a slave, because you felt you didn't have much time left. No wonder Andrea later told me that you loved me so much. I was going to be your final slave and legacy!' thought Janet as she cried in the library.

>From the Diary of Cheryl Branford

The Sunday Times lays unopened on the coffee table in the living room, and no matter how I try to interest myself in reading it, the news of the outside world just doesn't interest me.

I sit in a chair, crying, trying to sort out my feelings. But I cannot, because I am now a storm of raging emotions.

Last night, after a session with the whip at the hands of Master Craig that should have left me screaming in pain, I shamelessly joined him in bed. I have never been so attracted to a man in all of my life.

Craig took me into his bed, and used me as fiercely with his cock as with the whip. He impaled with his shaft, and I clung tightly to him, my legs curled around him as he thrust time after time inside me. I have never had sex with any other man like him before.

Three times he took me in my pussy, and by the time he was finished I was stiff and sore. Then he rolled me over, placed a new condom on his cock, then spread plenty of lubricant in my bottom and took me from behind. I opened myself to him, enjoying the fullness of his cock in my ass. He penetrated me, and I moaned with pleasure, not pain.

In my book reading about submission I now remember that a Dominant is supposed to keep a slave off balance, constantly challenging them with one new experience after another.

Mistress Janet has certainly done that by providing me with the man of my dreams, who would look at home on the beach at Venice. Except that this man would not hesitate to place me over his knee to spank me, or hang me from the ceiling to be whipped.

When I began this mad scheme, Janet warned me that I was going down a path of no return. I should have listened and fled back to California.

Instead Janet has awakened the submissive inside me, and I now desire the lash and crop.

But most of all, I want a Master to own me, and use me in the way that I desire. And to make me his slave, forever.

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