The Challenge

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Chapter Eight: Progressions

Part One: The Power and the Responsibility

April 1984

"Mistress, are you all right?"

The question startled Erica out of her thoughts back to the real world. She had gone down to the Dungeon to think, and had entered a dream world all her own. Glancing at her watch, she saw the reason for the interruption. It was long past the time that Lisa was supposed to serve lunch, and she had gone down to the Dungeon to find her Mistress.

"I'm fine, Lisa," replied Erica.

Erica was seated on the leather-covered bench in the basement Dungeon, still not quite believing what she had created. What once had been the family playroom was now a room of quite a different kind.

Gone were the bar, pool table, large screen TV, and all of the other amenities necessary for the affluent to entertain their guests. Taking its place were two Dungeons, a cell with bathroom (so a slave could spend the night); and even a vinyl prison that Erica called solitary. Erica had also purchased a set of stocks and a vinyl covered sawhorse, an X frame, and had hung chains from the walls and ceiling.

In short, it was every toy that a Dominatrix could ever want. Erica had spared no expense because she didn't have to. She could afford everything that she had ever wanted because it was all pocket change.

After the dust had settled and Erica had taken possession of the estate she had asked around and found a contractor in the scene that would convert the basement into a Dungeon. But first she had an elevator installed and had hidden the basement steps behind a false wall. Only someone who knew its location would be able to enter the Dungeon, and Erica had also installed locking systems.

"Lunch is served, Mistress," announced Lisa.

"Thank you, Lisa, I'll be right up," Erica answered.

Erica rose from her seat, and walked past Lisa, who quickly followed behind her Mistress. They entered the elevator together, and Erica punched the button to the first floor. She exited, and made her way to the Dining Room and sat down at the head of the table.

"Lunch will be out in a minute, Mistress," stated Lisa.

"Thank you."

Lunch was a quiche that was still warm from the oven, French bread, salad, and a bottle of white wine. Erica decided that Lisa was quite a good cook, and she wondered if her Maid's skills exceeded her own.

Erica ate leisurely, since she didn't really have anything else to do. In fact, since she had quit her job and inherited the Mansion her only job had been designing and contracting for the Dungeon. Gone were the power lunches on Wall Street, or the forty-five minute ones at the liquor distributor.

But now, in her position as Dominatrix, things seemed different. Gone were the times that she could serve Master Keith, who made decisions for her. Now she was the one holding the lash, a submissive under her control. With the power that she now had came responsibilities that she had never thought of before.

"Lisa?" asked Janet when the Maid was clearing away the dished from the table, "could you please join me in the library when you're finished?"

"Yes, Mistress," quickly answered Lisa.

Erica rose to her feet and walked out of the Dining Room. She often wished for a companion, someone to share meals with. Having a slave was nice, and Lisa would do all of her bidding. But it was getting lonely.

Seating herself behind the desk, it was still hard to believe that the house was really hers. Erica opened a report that she had been writing, and wondered when IBM would be sending along the PC that she had ordered.

Erica heard a knock on the library door, and she closed the report that she had been writing.

"Come," Erica ordered.

"Yes, Mistress."

"Sit down, there's something that I have to discuss with you."

"Mistress?" asked Lisa as she did what Erica instructed.

"Last night, why did you fondle the new slave, Ingrid?"

"Just a little fun, Mistress," answered Lisa.

"You were clearly ordered to strip and prepare her, NOT to enjoy yourself. As Mistress, I have to evaluate why she places herself in submission and plan methods to encourage her to continue. This does not include a wanton use of her, before she is ready."


"Place yourself in her position. You go to a strange place, and are stripped naked, made to wear a collar and bracelets, and are made helpless. You are to be used by a Mistress for the first time, and are scared out of your wits. The very first thing that happens to you is that the Maid pinches your nipples and thrusts her fingers into your sex."

"I thought..."

"What you thought was unimportant," Erica answered, "your conduct with a new prospect was improper. What you fail to understand is that I am ultimately responsible for everything that occurs in this House. That includes the selection, assessment, and training of possible slaves."

"That wasn't the way that Mistress Judith conducted herself," protested Lisa.

"I am going to be different than Mistress Judith," replied Erica, "and if you cannot abide by my rules, then you shall not be serving me."

"I was a good slave to Mistress Judith," protested Lisa.

"You were, that was why I chose you. But as a slave, you know that you have to obey orders, paramount above all. For disobeying me, we shall now go down to the Dungeon, and I shall use you."


"I said now, Lisa. Being a slave means that you are available for my use twenty-four hours a day. Or have you forgotten?

"No, Mistress."

"Then I want to see you in the Dungeon, naked on the carpet, waiting for me. I want to go dress in something, street clothes aren't quite correct."

"Yes, Mistress," agreed Lisa.


Erica watched as Lisa scurried out of the library, fright evident on her face. She had not meant to frighten Lisa, but the girl had more than once disobeyed her.

Rising from the desk, she walked upstairs to her bedroom. Every time that she visited NYC, she visited a fetish shop and purchased a new item of clothing. Slowly, she was creating a nice wardrobe for herself.

Erica stripped down her panties, and admired herself in the mirror. Her body had healed from the car accident, and the only reminder of her near fatal ordeal was the occasional pain and ache.

She stood five feet seven, with moderate sized breasts and a tight ass that was very attractive. In her bare feet, she rummaged through the closet, trying to decide what to wear.

The Catsuit was nice, but a little too confining; though she loved how she looked and felt while wearing it. It gave her the feeling of power, with all of her curves covered in latex or PVC. Perhaps she would order one made especially out of leather for her birthday.

Deciding that simplicity was best, she chose a PVC bodysuit, sheet to waist pantyhose, and a pair of five-inch heels. She dressed quickly, and admired herself in the full-length bedroom mirror.

Lisa had come to her from Mistress Judith with good references. She could cook, clean, and maintain a house, serve Erica sexually, and assist her in the training of slaves. However, Lisa could not follow her orders, and Erica wondered if she was just badly trained or deliberately disobedient.

Finally, her unauthorized use of Ingrid had been the last straw, and Erica had now decided that this would be a good time to use her. To show Lisa that she must follow the instructions of her Mistress. Or else she would not be serving Erica for long.

When Erica opened the Dungeon Door she found Lisa kneeling on the carpet as instructed. Lisa was just five foot three, with natural blonde hair, a flat stomach, and small breasts. Still, she was very attractive, and her face was very pretty.

"Do you submit to your Mistress, slave?"

"Yes, Mistress Erica."

"Good," said Erica as she seated herself on the bench, "over my knee. I want to start by spanking you."


"Haven't you ever been spanked before?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Then get over my knee, slave!"

Lisa did as she was instructed, draping herself over Erica's lap. Her tight little bottom looked quite good when covered by a pair of designer jeans. It would look even better after having been warmed by Erica bare hand.

"Count out every time that I spank you," ordered Erica.

"Yes, Mistress, One!"

Lisa had thought that Erica would delay somehow, instead the Mistress had started immediately with a swift stroke that made Lisa rise with the impact on her bottom.





Erica delivered one blow after another, giving Lisa time to recover before the next one would redden her behind.




"Twenty!" cried Lisa, when Erica finally ceased her spanking.

Erica waiting in silence, surely she would not have to tell Lisa everything.

"Thank you, Mistress!" sobbed Lisa.

"That's better, Lisa. But the afternoon is young, and I have a lot of ground to cover. You may kneel," ordered Erica.

Lisa did as she was told, and awaited Erica's next instructions.

"Kiss my shoes. Now!"

Lisa bent to kiss Erica's offered black leather shoe, kissing the material with her red lips.

"At least you can obey some orders," commented Erica.

"Yes, Mistress Erica, I'm sorry," sobbed Lisa.

"That's better. Kneel!"

Lisa knelt again, her hands on her knees, eyes down, and silent. She awaited the next commands from her Mistress.

"Should I hang you from the ceiling, and whip you, Lisa?" asked Erica aloud, "will that make you obey my commands?"

"Whatever my Mistress desires," Lisa answered.

"Judith is a good Mistress, and a good trainer. But you must understand that you are in my house now, and that I intend to be a different sort of Mistress than any you have served before," stated Erica.

"I don't understand," answered Lisa.

"Lisa, if you wish to be my assistant, you will have to follow all of my orders. In this house, a safeword once established will be absolute. Slaves will not be humiliated in this house, no eating out of dog dishes or any other such nonsense."

"Yes, Mistress."

"I'm not going to beat you, just use the flogger on you for a few strokes, Lisa," said Erica.

"Thank you, Mistress."

"This is the first and only warning that you will get from me, Lisa. You will attract my attention by obeying my commands, not disobeying them. I must have a slave and assistant that I can totally rely on, in order to be the Dominatrix that I wish to be. If you cannot serve me, if I cannot rely on you, then I shall find another position for you."

"I shall obey you in all things, Mistress."

"Talk is cheap, Lisa. I shall judge you by your actions. Rise and lock the leather cuffs on your ankles and wait by the ceiling chain."

Erica watched as Lisa did as she had been ordered. She walked over, and locked the cuffs to the chain, then activated a motor that pulled the chain taut. She next removed a flogger of soft deer hide from the cabinet, and displayed it to Lisa.

"Prepare to be flogged," Erica cautioned.

Erica used the flogger moderately, almost sensually. She struck at the most sensitive and exposed parts of Lisa's body. Her breasts were first, followed by her underarms. The leather slapped against Lisa's body, making her moan and try to avoid the many strands as they struck her flesh again and again.

"Open your legs," ordered Erica.

Tearfully, Lisa did so, exposing her vulnerable sex next for the flogger.

"Are you wet, dearest?" asked Erica.

"Yes, Mistress."

"Do I have to fondle your cunt as you did with Ingrid to know that you are wet and excited by the use of your Mistress?" asked Janet.

"No, Mistress, I'm wet."

Erica then struck gently with the flogger between Lisa's legs, striking not her sex but the inside of her thighs. She noted that tears were flowing from the corners of the girl's eyes. Lisa had not been flogged enough to be in actual pain. Instead, she was close to orgasm.

The flogger was then used for a few more strokes before Erica ceased, and presented the handle for Lisa to kiss.

"Mistress?" begged Lisa.

"Kiss the handle," ordered Erica.

Once Lisa had done as Erica had requested, she had been ordered to stand motionless by the cabinet as Erica procured the next item. Erica then locked a belt around Lisa's waist, then attached a crotch strap, which locked with four small locks.


"It's a chastity belt, Lisa. I didn't want you to cum, not until I decide. Maybe later tonight, in bed, but only at my discretion."

"Yes, Mistress."

"Now run along and get on with your chores," ordered Erica, "and remember what I have told you."

"Yes, Mistress Erica."

When Lisa had left the Dungeon, Erica remained alone, by herself, in the leather bodysuit. Erica had watched her slave depart, with the belt locked around her waist. The freedom to cum was denied to Lisa, for the moment anyway.

'What is freedom?' Erica asked herself.

Part Two: Truth and Lies

May 1984

"Dr. Keith Simon to see you, Mistress," announced Lisa.

"Thank you, Lisa," answered Erica as she rose from the chair behind the library desk, "Keith, how nice to see you."

"Erica," greeted her guest.

Erica walked to Keith, hugged him, and kissed him on the cheek. She held him tightly for a moment, then released him.

"Lisa, we can be alone."

"Yes, Mistress," said Lisa as she bowed, then closed the library doors.

"Would you like a drink?" asked Erica.

"Bourbon," he answered, "straight."

Erica walked over to the bar, and placed two ice cubes each into two glasses, then poured Jack Daniels into the glasses. She handed one to Keith, and they clinked their glasses together.

"Skoal," said Erica.


"Have a seat, Keith. We have a lot to discuss."

They both drank from their glasses, and Erica thought that this was going to be very awkward for both of them.

"You lied to me," bluntly accused Keith, "you said that you weren't Alana Peters. Yet within weeks of being promoted to Dominatrix, you inherit the Peters estate. A complete stranger would not have inherited this estate. You changed your name, and face, but the x-rays didn't lie. You are Alana Peters."

"Yes, I am Alana Peters, or rather, I was. I am now Erica Riken," confessed Erica.

"You admit it now, but you lied to me when I took you as my slave."

"I had to," answered Erica, "just suppose that I had admitted who I really was? Would you have taken the daughter of one of the wealthiest families in the nation as your sex slave? You wouldn't have wanted anything to do with me."

"You could have explained, told the truth!"

"No. To you I would have been just a poor little rich girl out for a thrill. You wouldn't have taken me for a slave, would you?"

"I don't know what I would have done had I known."

"Master Keith, I'm sorry that I had to lie to you. As Alana, I realized the dangerous game I was playing after I recovered from the accident by first seeing a Professional Dominatrix in NYC; then going to clubs and being used. I couldn't continue much longer before I would have been recognized, then my picture would have been all over the papers. Daniel was a bad Master; he kept me ignorant and was abusive. You were a good Master, and you encouraged me, taught me to grow in my submission. But I couldn't have you for a Master, and you decided that I was better as a Domme. So please, forgive me," begged Alana.

"I don't know what to say."

"I had to give up who I was, and what I was, to become a slave. A graduate of Harvard, a future Wall Street Partner, born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I gave all that up so that I could be hung by my wrists, naked, and feel the lash. There was nothing else that I could do," explained Erica, swallowing the lump in her throat.

"That still doesn't justify your lying to me, Erica."

"I'm relying on your professional discretion as a doctor, and the fact that you were my trainer, to keep silent about who I really am. Or was."

"I would never betray your secret, Erica, you know that. But for lying to me..."

Erica rose from behind her desk, and knelt before Keith's chair. She crossed her wrists, and presented them to Keith.

"Please forgive me, Master, for lying to you, and this humble slave begs your forgiveness. I have lied to my Master, my owner, and my friend. I have equipped an extensive Dungeon downstairs with everything that you need to use your slave. Please discipline me as you see fit for my transgressions."

Keith remained silent, and looked down at Erica. She stayed in her position, kneeling on the carpet, her arms outstretched.

"For the offense of lying to your Master, I accept your offer of discipline. You may call in your Maid, Lisa," ordered Keith.

"Lisa!" called Erica, loudly.

"Mistress?" asked a puzzled Lisa when she entered the library and saw her Mistress kneeling before her guest.

"This is Keith, who was my Master. I have willingly submitted myself to him for a personal reason," explained Erica, "in the bedroom closet you will find a leather vest, and black jeans that he can wear in the Dungeon."

"Thank you, Erica," said Keith.

"Once he has dressed, you may collar and bracelet me, then take me down to the Dungeon for my discipline," instructed Erica.

"Yes, Mistress Erica."

Keith rose from the chair, leaving Erica on the carpet. She would remain in this position until Lisa came to get her, to be stripped of her clothes and prepare her to be used.

Twenty minutes later, after Erica had been divested of her clothes in the downstairs bedroom, Lisa was locking a leather collar around her neck.

"Mistress?" asked Lisa.

"Yes, Lisa?"

"Master Keith said that I should ask you the reason why he is about to discipline you."

"Because I lied to my Master," replied Erica, "that is the reason why you are going to see your Mistress punished."

"I have never heard of a Mistress going under the lash."

"Bind my wrists, place a gag in my mouth and a blindfold over my eyes, and attach a leash to my collar. Then you shall see me used," stated Erica.

After Lisa had done what Erica had ordered, her Mistress was pleased that her slave did not take the opportunity to fondle or use her in any way, even though she was helpless and at her mercy. Erica bit down on the rubber ball in her mouth, and tested the cuffs that held her wrists together behind her back.

She felt herself pulled along by a tug on her leash, and obediently followed behind Lisa. Erica had counted the exact number of steps to the elevator, and knew when she stepped over the threshold. She was wearing a pair of modest heels that Keith had ordered locked upon her feet, and the strap chafed her ankle.

When they finally reached their destination in the Dungeon, Lisa removed Erica's blindfold. The light had been turned way down, and Keith was seated in the throne like chair that Erica had selected because it looked powerful and imposing. Erica was then pushed to her knees in front of Keith, but she held herself proudly in her submission as he had taught her.

"Remove her gag," ordered Keith.

"Thank you, Master," said Erica the moment her gag was free of her mouth.

"Do you submit to me of your own free will?" asked Keith.

"Yes, Master," Erica replied.

"What is your safeword?" Keith asked.


"Hang Erica from the ceiling chain, Lisa, and attach her ankles to a spreader bar," ordered Keith, "I am going to use her."

"Yes, Master."

Without resistance, Erica was made to stand, then walked over to the ceiling chain. Lisa unlocked her wrists, then quickly locked them to the chain. A spreader bar was next locked onto her ankles, then Erica was pulled taut when a motor removed the small amount of slack in the chain.

"Erica is now ready for your use, Master," said Lisa.

"Thank you, Lisa," replied Keith as he rose from the chair, a riding crop in his hands.

Keith was wearing the vest and jeans, which Erica had bought for him for a future occasion. She had wanted to surprise him one day, instead they were more suitable for him to wear than the casual clothes that he had worn for just a visit.

"Kiss the crop," ordered Keith.

Erica kissed the crop handle when it was offered to her, her red lips leaving a small imprint of her lipstick on the leather.

"We now begin."

Erica was struck with the leather pad that the end of the crop, which slapped against her skin as one stroke after another impacted against her naked and exposed body. It had been months since Keith had used her last, and she was grateful that it was her former Master that was again using her.

The leather struck her underarms, her breasts, both the outside and inside of her thighs, her sex and her bottom. No part of Erica's body would escape the crop, and she had resolved that she would not call her safeword either. Just as she had done that climactic time when Keith had told her that she was better suited to be a Dominatrix.

Erica snatched a glance at Lisa, who stood back from Keith, ready to take any of his orders. The expression on her face was one of bafflement. Here was her Mistress, being used right in front of her. Surely this was just part of an incredible dream?

Keith made certain to strike her body in one place with one stroke overlapping another, then would move on somewhere else. From past experience, Erica knew that this meant that she was in for a through and severe punishment.

"Ahhh!" Erica cried when the leather struck her right nipple.

"Ahhh!" She cried again when the left was struck with equal force.

"Ahhh!" Erica cried when the pad struck between her legs in a metronome like fashion, as Keith swung it from the inside of one of her thighs to the other.

She had entered sub-space, where she felt, but at the same time, did not feel the pain of the crop. Erica had placed herself in submission to a Master, who was now using her as he had done many times before.

Her flesh had warmed by the crop, her mind once again on fire. The same feelings of both pain and pleasure that she had experienced when she had been in therapy and afterwards coursed through her body. She longed for Keith to throw the crop away, unchain her, and then take her on the Dungeon floor. But she knew that he wouldn't do that, and that brought a tear to her eyes.

"Kiss the crop," ordered Keith suddenly.

Erica had not realized that he had even stopped striking her with the crop, she had been so deep in thought, the pain forgotten from the session.

"Yes, Master," cried Erica as she followed his instructions.

Keith reached out, and began to pinch and play with her erect nipples, tweaking them between his thumb and forefinger. Erica felt like gasping each time that he did so, but stayed silent. She knew that she could absorb a lot of use, as she had done before.

"How do you feel, Erica?"

"Fine, Master."

"Then we shall continue with a flogger. Lisa, get me the deerskin flogger from the cabinet," ordered Keith as he handed the crop to the slave.

"Yes, Master."

Keith ran his fingers through the soft deerskin hide, feeling the strands on his skin. Erica watched, hanging by her wrists, her body still exposed to the next part of her punishment.

"Prepare yourself."

"Yes, Master."

Again Erica felt the impact of a deerskin flogger on her flesh, the strands slapping against her skin. She dug her nails into her palms, disassociating her body from her mind.

The brief respite from the crop had left her body soaking in sweat, and she knew that her flesh was red and warm to the touch. The flogging that she was now receiving would only increase the warmth of her flesh.

It was not Keith's style to insert his fingers into her exposed sex, and Erica knew that the flogging was making her sexually excited and wet between her legs. The first that this had happened during therapy it had shocked her, the association of pain and sexual pleasure together.

When she had served as a slave the mere sight of an instrument like the crop or the flogger would bring her juices flowing. Erica had always wondered if she really had been a painslut after all, as she had been called many times.

"Ahhhh!" cried Erica after a harsh stroke landed on her Venus mound.

Her whole body seemed on fire, like she was a human torch. She wanted to cum again and again, never to stop.

Erica did not know, or care, how much time had elapsed since her session had begun. The entire universe had shrunk to the confines of the Dungeon, and her use by her Master. Nothing else mattered, nothing else existed.

"Lisa?" asked Keith.

"Yes, Master?"

"Have you ever been in a state called flying?"

"No, Sir."

"Erica is in that state now, her body is on fire, yet her mind has divorced itself from her body."

It seemed strange for them to talk about her like she really wasn't there, but Erica did not answer, wanting instead to remain in her present mental state.

"Take her down," ordered Keith when he had delivered the last stroke.

Erica could not at first keep to her feet when the chain lowered her to the ground. Keith held her tightly to his body as Lisa unlocked her wrists, then ankles. He carried her over to the bench, and sat her naked form on the leather.

Then he sat next to her, and held her sweat covered and red marked body close to his, whispering things into her ears that Lisa could not hear.

Gradually, Erica returned to her faculties, moving her fingers, arms, and legs. Her chest heaved with each breath, her breasts rising and falling.

"Are you all right?" asked Keith.

"Fine, Master."

"It is now late in the evening, I have to go. Your final use this night will be at the hands of your slave. Lisa has been allowed to take you to bed, which I cannot."

"Yes, Master."

"Until that time, you will wear a chastity belt around your waist," calmly said Keith.

"Yes, Master."

Erica was taken to the cell, where there was a small sink and toilet. She was allowed to empty herself, but not touch herself afterwards. Lisa cleaned her bottom and her sex, then locked the belt around Erica's waist with Keith watching her closely.

"Very good, Lisa," complimented Keith.

"Thank you, Sir."

Lisa held her Mistress as the three of them went back upstairs in the elevator, and Erica was conducted to the couch in the library. She did not touch either the belt around her waist, or her exposed nipples.

The sky was now dark, and Keith changed back into his street clothes. He kissed Erica on the cheek, then bade good-bye to both Erica and Lisa.

"Are you all right, Mistress?" asked Lisa as she held a glass of water for Erica to drink.

"Fine, Lisa."

"I was going to say this later, when we are in bed. I am truly amazed by the amount of use that you took. I would have been screaming in pain, begging him to stop. But you took the strokes without calling your safeword."

"Thank you, Lisa."

"Do you want me to unlock you from the belt, now that Master Keith is gone?"



"Because he ordered that you were to take me to bed, and not remove the belt until then," pointed out Erica as she got to her feet, "at least he didn't put a dildo inside me until then."

Erica smiled, since the reason that Keith had locked the belt around her waist was so that she wouldn't be able to sexually relieve herself. Had he placed a dildo inside her, Erica would have cum immediately. Instead, her sex was imprisoned inside steel and leather, forbidden to her touch.

"Are you hungry?" asked Lisa.

"No thank you, I'll eat tomorrow."

Erica glanced at the clock, it was now Midnight.

"Let me clean up, and then we can go to bed," said Lisa.

"That will be fine," said Erica, as she stood shakily on her own two feet again.

Erica pulled at the chastity belt around her waist, and toyed with the small locks. A lifetime ago, she had interned for a summer at the offices of Vogue in New York. She gazed at herself in the library mirror.

"Mistress?" asked Lisa, "what are you thinking about?"

"This will never make the fall fashion collections in New York," stated Erica as she modeled her striped and naked body with her sex imprisoned by the leather chastity belt in the mirror, "never."

The summer following after she had worked at Vogue, she was again working in New York City. Except that she was at the very pinnacle of women's fashion. A friend of her mother had gotten her a job at Gucci for the summer. While it was true that the fall fashions were already sold, there was the work on the fashions for next spring, since fashion works six months ahead of the calendar.

She had done everything from modeling to sewing, to photo layouts. During that summer, she had been seduced by both a man and woman, and had bedded both. In all, her two summers working in the fashion industry had been interesting, but she finally decided that she didn't want to work there after all.

But it had certainly been fun for a young woman in college!

It wasn't until they were in bed shortly afterwards did their laughter subside, as Lisa used her Mistress sexually. Erica sucked at Lisa's cunt lips, plunging her tongue inside to excite Lisa's clit at the same time. Her slave moaned and bucked as Erica made love to her, but she did not tap Erica with the crop that she was holding. As if she was afraid to, given the harsh use that Erica had already sustained earlier that night.

The next morning, Lisa released Erica's collar and bracelets, then sank to her knees in front of her Mistress.

"Mistress Erica, may I say something?" asked Lisa.

"Of course you may."

"I never really understood submission before. I only thought that I did, and Mistress Judith always backed away from making demands that would truly test me. It wasn't until I saw Master Keith use you, saw you flying as Master Keith called it after such a harsh session did I really understand what submission really meant. And when you refused my offer to release you from the belt until we went to bed did I understand that your honor and your word were at stake."

"Thank you."

"I promise to obey all of your orders, to truly learn from you. I understand now that this isn't a game, but very serious business."

"Thank you, Lisa. Now let's have a bath and get cleaned up, and plan the future of this House together."

"Yes, Mistress Erica."

As Lisa knelt before her Mistress Erica sensed that her slave had meant what she had said. Lisa now held her body tightly, differently than she had before. Proudly in submission to her Mistress Erica.

Part Three: The Client

June 1984

Erica paced the library, walking back and forth. She had achieved the position of Domme, yet she had been disturbed by events in the last few weeks that she had not even been a part of.

First came the news that her former Master Daniel had promoted Lauren Singer to Dominatrix in a large S&M Club in Manhattan. He had thrown a huge party that everyone in the scene had attended, unlike the small gathering that Keith had thrown for her months earlier.

Then came the news that Daniel had died in a drunk driving accident. He had gone out drinking, then rammed a tree at over 90 miles an hour after falling asleep. Finally, alcohol that had turned him mean and vicious had helped to take his life.

But it was the last piece of news that had been the most shocking of all. All the time that she and Lauren had been Daniel's slaves, Lauren had been separated from her husband. He had died of a sudden heart attack, and Lauren had inherited his estate.

The thought that Lauren was a Dominatrix and now possessed financial power frightened Erica down to her core. Lauren was full of Daniel's ideas about power and submission. With all that wealth at her disposal she would be a dangerous Domme indeed.

"Mistress Erica, Joann Robins is here," announced Lisa.

"You may conduct her into the library," ordered Erica, as she resumed her seat behind the library desk, placing Lauren out of her thoughts, in order to interview a new candidate.

Joann Robins was one of the wealthy in Greenwich, who had not waited to inherit a fortune from her family, but had instead gone out and made one of her own. She had started two companies, then sold them, and then made a killing on Wall Street afterwards. She was thirty-five, beautiful, thin, muscular, and tanned. Her hair was a dark brown, an expensive salon had done her hair and nails, and she owned an estate outside of Greenwich.

She was wearing a blouse, white linen skirt, no stockings, and matching heels. Under the blouse, the outlines of her white bra could be seen, and under her skirt a pair of panties outlined her bottom. Joann was a very beautiful woman, indeed.

Alana Peters and Joann Robins had met once, at a formal ball in Manhattan. But that had been in another lifetime.

"Thank you, Lisa. Leave us," directed Erica.

"Yes, Mistress," replied Lisa as she closed the door behind her.

"I am Mistress Erica Riken," Erica said softly, "pleased to meet you."

It was early evening, and Erica now had the golden opportunity in her career as a Dominatrix. Joann Robins was a wealthy woman, prominent in Greenwich Society, who wanted to seek out a Mistress rather than travel to New York City. Erica had arranged for Joann to be "collected"; blindfolded so she would not know the location, then driven to Erica's house.

"I am not sure how to address you," replied Joann.

"Mistress Erica will do. Are you nervous?"



"Diet Coke would be fine, thank you, Mistress Erica."

"Two Diet Cokes, Lisa," ordered Erica after she pressed the intercom button on her desk.

They waited a short time before there was a knock on the door, and Lisa entered. She placed a large glass containing ice and soda in front of Erica and her guest, bowed, then closed the door behind her.

"Is she?" asked Joann.

"Is she what?"


"Yes," answered Erica as she sipped at her drink.

"Then this is all for real," said Joann.

"You do want to be used by a Mistress, don't you?" asked Erica.



"Last year, I was involved in a strange relationship. I went riding and misused the horse. My boyfriend took the riding crop to my bare bottom after he pulled down my riding breeches."

"And what happened?" asked Erica.

"I got wet between my legs, I was so embarrassed. Later on, he spanked me one night in bed. It turned me on! However, he went off to Europe, and I haven't found anyone since who could..."

"Fulfill your desires," said Erica finishing the woman's sentence.


"If you want to serve a Mistress who will fulfill your desires with the utmost discretion, then I am the one that you seek. I can answer your fantasies, and provide you with an experience that you will never have otherwise," stated Erica.

"I have these strange feelings," admitted Joann, "that I cannot reconcile with myself."

"Of submission?" asked Erica as she sipped her drink.

"No. Yes," confessed Joann.

"Do you envision yourself at the feet of a leather clad woman who will use your body, cover you in stripes, keep you naked and bound?"

"Yes," admitted Joann.

"You realize that these desires of yours place you outside the normal scheme of things, don't you?" asked Erica.

"Yes, Mistress."

"Are you prepared to feel the confines of steel and leather, be kept naked at all times, and endure the lash and crop?"

"Yes, Mistress, I am."

"You do understand that you are free to leave at any time, that I am not forcing you to become my slave?"

"Yes, Mistress Erica."

"Good," answered Erica as she took another sip of her drink, then reclined back in the chair.

"What do you want me to do, Mistress Erica?" asked Joann as she placed her empty glass on a nearby table.

There was dead silence in the library as Erica carefully considered her next move. What to do?

"Since you have not written your bio yet, nothing serious. But I would like you to strip so that I can see that lovely body of yours," Erica ordered.

"Strip?" asked Joann.

"Naked," answered Erica, "unless you know some other way."

Hesitantly, Joann rose to her feet, her eyes looking all around the library. Slowly, she unzipped her skirt, revealing white panties underneath, then folding her skirt and placing it on the chair. Her blouse followed, and then she undid her bra, then slipped her panties from her hips. She stood in silence, naked before Erica.

"Turn around," Erica ordered.

"Yes, Mistress," answered Joann as she followed Erica's instruction.

"Have you ever been naked in front of other women?" asked Erica.

"Sometimes in the steam room at the health club, Mistress."

"You have a beautiful body," observed Erica, "if you choose to serve me, you may be marked. You will either have to hide your marks, or explain them away somehow."

"Yes, Mistress."

"Get dressed," ordered Erica, "I shall not use you this evening."

"Not even to be spanked, Mistress?" asked Joann.

"Not until you have written your bio. Are you busy this weekend?"

"I was planning on going on a friend's yacht, if the weather is good, Mistress."

"Cancel it," Erica ordered, "you're going to be spending the weekend with me."

"Mistress?" asked Joann, a look of bewilderment on her face.

"You shall spend the weekend here, with me, naked and collared. Only after you have written a sexual biography will I use you for the first time. What time do you want the car to collect you on Saturday morning?" asked Erica.


"You have gotten your wish, Joann. I am a Mistress who can help you to experience your deepest and darkest sexual desires. If you do not take this chance now, I shall never see you again."

"Nine AM, Mistress," hesitantly answered Joann.

"Excellent," answered Erica, "think long and hard for the rest of the week about your sexuality, as you have never done before. If you have the slightest doubt about what you are to begin, then you should refuse me."

"Yes, Mistress."

"You are about to abandon your station in life, Joann. You shall be kept naked, on display at all times, free for my use or my Maid, so should I order. You will be wearing a collar around your neck, bracelets on your wrists and ankles, and your lovely body available for whatever use I decide. That includes my hand, the lash or the crop, or anything else that I decide. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress, I think so," shakily answered Joann.

"Good," said Erica as she rose from her chair, "once dressed, Lisa will call the car for you."

"Yes, Mistress Erica."

Erica and Lisa watched as the car pulled away, Joann riding in the back seat a pair of dark glasses covering her eyes. Erica had watched as Joann replaced the clothes that she had removed earlier, her guest blushing throughout.

"Will she be back, Mistress?" asked Lisa.

"Yes," Erica answered confidently, "yes."

Erica sat at her desk, sipping from a can of Diet Coke. She was staring at the words on the computer screen that she had just written. She chewed on the eraser at the end of a pencil, thinking.

There, on the screen, were her plans for training a slave. Having them strip, and wear only a collar and cuffs. Except if a woman was having her period, of course.

They would write a sexual biography of themselves, explaining what they had or had not done sexually. Erica would then assess what she would do, or not do with them, since she would never force a person to do an activity that might hurt them.

The memory of Daniel's cock forcing itself into her anus was all too recent, how she had begged him to stop. The pain she felt when he rammed himself into her hole.

'I'll never do that to a slave,' thought Erica.

She would explain what a safeword was, then never go beyond it if a slave ever used it. She would test a slave, of course. But never harm or cause injury.

She would not humiliate in public, or play sex games. Whether a slave was a woman of means or an average person, she would only use them within the confines of the Mansion. No going out to Dinner with a slave, and leaving them without money to pay the check.

Erica sipped at her drink, knowing that what she had written was just the beginning.

Keith's use of her last month had energized her, and had demonstrated to Lisa the commitment involved in submission. Lisa now obeyed Erica implicitly, following her every word.

Erica's journey as a Dominatrix had begun.

"Enter!" commanded Erica.

"Joann Robins is here, Mistress," announced Lisa from outside the library doors.

"Conduct her in here."

"Yes, Mistress."

Joann Robins followed Lisa into the library. It was now Saturday morning and she had been collected, placed dark glasses on her eyes, then driven to Erica's estate. She was wearing a loose sundress, and Erica wondered if she was wearing any underwear, since she did not seem to have a visible pantyline under her clothes.

"Welcome," greeted Erica, "Joann, you may be seated."

Joann assumed a seat in front of the library desk, and Lisa remained standing at her side. She was clearly nervous, the way that she was clutching her handbag.

"Yes, Mistress."

"Have you made your decision?" asked Erica.

"Yes, Mistress."

"What is it to be?"

"I want to serve you, Mistress Erica," softly answered Joann.

"Thank you, your trust in me shall not be misplaced. Lisa shall now conduct you to the bedroom where you shall be prepared. Have you done as I asked, thought deeply about your sexuality?"

"Yes, Mistress," quickly answered Lisa.

"Lisa," Erica ordered, "please prepare our guest in the bedroom."

"Yes, Mistress Erica."

Twenty minutes later, Lisa again interrupted Erica. Except that this time it was to bring Joann back to the library. The woman was now naked, with a collar around her neck, and leather bracelets on her wrists and ankles. Her wrists were locked behind her back, but her feet were not hobbled. She had brought a pair of modest heels with her on Janet's orders, and they were now locked upon her feet by a series of small leather straps.

"Thank you, Lisa. You may release Joann's hands, and lock her collar to the school desk.

Erica had pushed the leather chairs off to one side, and had placed and locked a school desk that she had purchased directly in front of her library desk. On the desk was a lined legal pad, and a pen and pencil.

Lisa did as she was instructed, and her charge was now locked to the motionless desk, which was in turn locked to the floor. Joann would not be going anywhere soon.

"Before you begin serving me, Joann, you are ordered to write a sexual biography of yourself. Your sexual experiences the fantasies that you have about yourself and others. Especially those that involve serving a Mistress."

"Yes, Mistress Erica."

"I shall leave you alone in the library, and you may call Lisa or myself if you want a drink or have to go to the bathroom. You must write, or else I shall not use you, do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"One last order, you must select a safeword. That will be your choice."

"Yes, Mistress."

Erica and Lisa then walked out of the library, leaving Joann alone to her thoughts and writing. She had pulled at the desk and her chain on Erica's orders, and found them to be implacable. She was a prisoner until released.

After three hours of working, and one call for a drink, Joann called and asked that Erica return to the library. Joann had written about a dozen pages in a clear distinctive handwriting that Erica would have no problem reading.

"Excellent," complimented Erica, "thank you, Joann."

"Yes, Mistress."

"Lisa, take Joann to the kitchen, and give her lunch. I'm going to read what she has written, and then have her clean house with you as instructed. I'll check on your progress a little later."

"Yes, Mistress," replied Lisa as she unlocked Joann from the school desk.

Erica sat down behind the desk to read, and she wondered just how Joann would take to being ordered around by a Maid dressed in black satin. But that would be after her lunch, of course.

In the past few weeks, Erica had sketched out the broad outlines of how she would conduct herself as a Domme. She would primarily service the wealthy women of Greenwich and the environs of Connecticut and New York. Though if someone interesting came along who couldn't pay her for the exclusive services that she offered, that would be forgiven. Perhaps payment was too strong a word, she would instead use the word "gift."

Erica read Joann's bio after lunch in the library. Joann may have been a wealthy woman with her name in the society pages, but she hadn't said anything when Lisa ordered her to put on an apron over her nakedness and assist her in house cleaning.

Having Joann come on Saturday morning really didn't allow for enough time for her training. Erica decided that from now on she would have a prospect come on Friday night. There was barely enough time to have her outfitted, do a few chores with Lisa, then serve a meal or two, and have a session on Saturday night before she would have to leave the next day.

That was going to be all part of her decisions as a Domme, and Mistress of her House.


Joann had been called from her chores by Erica, and was now kneeling in front of her on the library carpet. The apron had been left in the kitchen, and she was naked once again.

"I have read your biography, and have found you suitable. You have a desire for submission, and you want your body used by a Mistress. Is that correct?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"I gave you an order in the library besides writing down your bio. Do you remember what that was?"

"I had to choose a safeword, Mistress."

"Have you chosen one?" asked Erica.

"Yes, Mistress. I would like my safeword to be passion."

"Very good choice, Joann."

Erica looked at her watch. It was already five, and Dinner had been scheduled for seven. That had left enough time for Joann's first use, which would be just a prelude for her real use later that evening in the Dungeon.

"You told me that the first time you had been physically used was in the club, a man had taken down your riding breeches and used a crop on your behind. Is that correct?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"And you have been spanked as well?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"And how did you feel after both incidents?"

"I enjoyed them, Mistress Erica," replied Joann, her cheeks blushing red.

"Good," said Erica as she rose to her feet, then walked over to the couch, a hairbrush in her hand.

Erica noted the Joann suddenly grew nervous at the sight of the wooden hairbrush in the hands of her Mistress. What was before just an innocuous household object was now something quite different in the hands of a Domme.

"Drape yourself over my knees," ordered Erica as she sat on the couch, the brush in her hands.

"Have I done anything wrong...Mistress?" protested Joann.

"No you haven't, Joann. So far, you have obeyed all of my orders perfectly. Your reward then shall be your first use, a mild one on your bottom. So get on my knees, your training has just begun."

Meekly, Joann rose to her feet, then placed herself gingerly over Erica's lap. Erica admired her fine body, perfect figure and skin. She had decided that she would not invade Joann sexually until after her first spanking.

"Prepare to be spanked."

"Yes, Owwww!" shouted Joann as the hairbrush struck her bottom.

Erica had begun with a mild stroke, one that was barely harder than if Joann had fallen to the ground. Her shock was mainly due to the surprise that she felt on having her bottom used by a Mistress for the first time.




Erica would strike Joann's bottom in one place, then move on to another. Just a few weeks before, she had seen Joann's picture in the paper in the society pages. Now the same woman, a socialite, was draped over knees being spanked.




"Owww!" cried Joann each time that the hairbrush struck her behind.

Erica had imagined that Joann would rise to her feet, screaming about the indignity of her use by Erica, but instead she remained on Erica's lap, absorbing every blow to her bottom and perhaps her dignity as well.

"Enough," said Erica, "you may kneel."

Erica had moderately used Joann's bottom, so that her skin was a mild shade of red. She did not want to either use Joann so severely as to frighten her off, just enough to make her want more. Judging from her response to a spanking that had consisted of just ten strokes with the hairbrush, she was definitely interested in continuing with Erica.

"Very good," complimented Erica.

"Thank you, Mistress," answered Joann, her hair slightly in disarray and her entire body excited by the spanking.

"Are you wet?"

"Mistress?" asked Joann in surprise.

"I said, are you wet? You have permission to touch yourself."

"I don't, I mean..."

"While you are in my House, you are forbidden to touch your breasts or your sex, unless given express permission my myself or Lisa. You are also forbidden to give yourself an orgasm, or to sexually excite yourself. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress Erica."

"Good, I therefore give you permission to place your hand between your legs, and tell me if I have excited you."

Hesitantly, with a huge red blush on her cheeks, Joann inserted her right hand between her legs, then moaned slightly as her fingers penetrated into her womanhood.

"Ohhh!" cried Joann.

"You may remove your hand," ordered Erica.

When Joann did so, her index and forefinger were coated with her juices. Joann, it seemed, had been stimulated quite easily, by just a mild spanking. Erica wondered what the effect that the crop would have on her.

"Taste yourself."

Having crossed one divide, it was easy to cross another. Joann drew her fingers to her mouth, and sucked at her own juices from between her legs.

"Very good, Joann," complimented Erica.

"Thank you, Mistress Erica."

"Have you ever masturbated yourself in the presence of another woman or man?" asked Erica.

"No, Mistress," replied Joann, embarrassment evident in her voice.

"Here, you shall learn how to do just that, on my command."

"Yes, Mistress."

"Now go and rejoin Lisa in the kitchen. You are to prepare Dinner with Lisa, then serve me in the Dining Room. Later this evening, you shall be used."

"Thank you, Mistress," said Joann, still kneeling on the carpet.

"One last thing before you go. Now that I have used you for the first time, I have given Lisa permission to discipline you if you fail to obey and order or make a mistake. You are to take her orders as if they were mine, do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress Erica."

"You have taken your first steps into slavery, Joann. Do not disappoint me. You have my leave to go."

"Thank you, Mistress."

Erica watched as Joann rose to her feet, bowed, then left the library. Joann was clearly excited and afraid at the same time. It would be up to Erica to get her prospect over her worries to make her comfortable with her new found submission.

But that was her job as a Domme, of course. Just as Mistress Judith had done with her in NYC, and later Daniel (at least in the beginning) and Keith had done with her.

Lisa and Joann had prepared a somewhat elaborate Dinner for Erica, and it had all gone off rather well. Since it was summer, they had prepared Clam chowder, and baked flounder with salad, and to drink, white wine.

Joann had served under Lisa, and she had taken all of her orders perfectly. Erica wished that she could have had another Domme present, but that would be for the future. Time to make friends with other Dommes and learn from them, to develop a stable of slaves eager to serve Mistress Erica.

Erica was served coffee and cake in the Dining Room after the dishes had been cleared. Lisa and Joann would eat together, then clean up after Dinner was over. Lisa would keep Joann busy until she would be taken down to the Dungeon to be used.

While finishing her coffee, Erica had a strange thought, one that rose unbidden, from her days back on Wall Street: she wondered how many slaves it would take to amortize the investment that she had made in the Dungeon and all its contents?

Erica dressed that night in a black PVC Dominatrix dress that had long sleeves and the hemline of which ended above her knees. She had not yet totally gotten used to wearing very high heels, so she instead decided on a more modest pair. She modeled herself in the mirror, admiring the way the fabric molded itself to her figure.

Lisa had taken Joann down to the Dungeon, and was already down there waiting for her. It was after 10 PM, and Erica had wanted Joann to get a little rest. Her slave in training was going to be having a busy night.

Erica walked down the steps, only wishing that the Mansion had an elevator installed to reach the second floor as well. Still, it was exciting to wear a fetish dress in her House, to feel the PVC hug itself to all of her curves.

She took the elevator downstairs, then walked into the Dungeon. There, just as she had ordered, was Lisa and Joann.

Lisa was dressed in a black satin Maid's outfit with black hose and a pair of matching heels. The outfit was cinched mildly tightly around her waist, which expanded her bust. Erica wondered if she should buy a corset or basque for her to wear, since she had already bought some for herself.

Joann was naked, and kneeling on the floor. Her hands were locked behind her back, and she was wearing a blindfold and ballgag, and Lisa was holding onto a leash that was attached to her collar. Her prospect was already quite helpless.

"Very good, Lisa," complimented Erica.

"Thank you, Mistress."

Joann stayed silent in her position, then Erica signaled for Lisa to remove her blindfold. Joann blinked in the sudden light as her vision was restored to her.

Her eyes registered surprise as she took in the tableau in front of her, as she recognized the various devices that were now before her.

"You may remove her gag."

"Yes, Mistress."

"Thank you, Mistress," said Joann when the ball was removed from her mouth.

"Do you recognize what these things are?" asked Erica.

"Yes, Mistress."

"Do you submit to me of your own free will, without coercion or duress?" asked Erica.

"Yes, Mistress."

"That I shall have the freedom to use your body in any way I choose while you are here?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"That you will remain silent about what happens to you here?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"That you have consented to be my slave?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Then prepare to be used," said Erica.

"Yes, Mistress," replied Joann, softly.

"Lisa, tie her to the to the post," ordered Erica.

The post was something that Erica had seen in a catalog and had ordered. It was more like an inverted T, and a slaves arm's could be bound behind her and attached to the post, and her bracelets on her ankles would be bound to the ends of the bar. This would make her breasts protrude, and leave her sex exposed to whatever Erica could devise.

Once secured, Erica selected a riding crop with a leather piece at the end. It would leave a red mark and sting, but not really hurt. But it was perfect for introducing a new prospect to the crop.

"I shall crop you first, Joann."

"Yes, Mistress."

Erica began by using the crop on Joann's breasts. Every time that the leather struck her, Joann emitted a low moan. Erica struck her breasts, shoulders, stomach, thighs, and lightly on her sex.

She delivered her strokes in-groups of five, paused, then began again. Erica wanted Joann to slowly get used to the crop, and began with a series of very mild strokes that she soon increased in intensity and strength.

"Ahhh!" cried Joann.

"Are you excited, slave?" asked Erica.

"Yes, Mistress, yes!"

"Then I will continue, however," paused Erica.

Erica reached out and pinched Joann's right nipple, which had grown hard from her sexual excitement from having been cropped. Then she reached down, and ran her fingers through Joann's pussy hair, and stroked her Venus mound.

"How pretty a woman you are, yet you long to be whipped and disciplined by a Mistress. That lovely skin of yours will bear the marks of my lash and crop, and be virgin no more. Have you ever been to bed with a woman?" asked Erica.

"Just once, Mistress."

"Then in this House you shall also learn how to please your Mistress in bed. But that will be later."

"Ohhhh!" cried Joann as Erica gently inserted her index finger inside Joann's cuntlips, making her squirm and moan.

"Your body belongs to me now, Joann. I will use you in any way that I desire."

"Yes, Mistress Erica."

Erica then made Joann suck her juices off of her finger, then used the crop on her a few more times, leaving a series of red marks on her skin. Joann moaned and pulled at her bonds without effect, and she looked like she was about to cry, but did not.

"Kiss the crop and thank your Mistress," ordered Erica when she had finished.

"Thank...Thank you, Mistress Erica," stuttered Joann, in shock from her first real use.

"Lisa, hang Joann from the ceiling. I shall flog her next," calmly described Erica.

The use of the word "flog" had clearly disturbed Joann. As Lisa took her down from the post, then secured her wrists to the ceiling chain, Erica had glanced into the woman's eyes. Though Joann said nothing, and meekly submitted as she was again made helpless, Erica could just imagine what horrors must be going through her mind.

Once a spreader bar had been locked to Joann's ankles, Lisa had activated the motor and pulled her taut. Her feet were still resting on the floor, but now Joann was straight as a ruler.

Erica removed a flogger made of a soft felt material. It would strike the flesh, and leave a mark. But not really sting or hurt.

"Kiss the flogger," ordered Erica.

"Yes, Mistress," answered Joann as she did as she was told.

"You are ordered to count each stroke."






As she delivered each stroke Erica carefully watched Joann's facial expressions. In the beginning, Joann had been very scared. But after a few strokes, when she had realized that the flogger would not strip the skin from her, Joann had relaxed. She pulled at her chains, the muscles visible under her skin. But the fear slowly had dissipated.





Since this was her first real use, Erica did not want to scare Joann. On Monday morning, she wanted Joann to gaze at her marks with pride and she had been courageous enough to take them onto her body, and to want to return. Her strokes were modest, and stung, and left a mark behind. Their mild pain had been transmuted into pleasure.

"Twenty!" yelled Joann, slightly her voice slightly hoarse from counting out each stroke.

"Very good Joann," complimented Erica, "very good, indeed."

"Thank you, Mistress," panted Joann.

"Lisa, please take Joann upstairs, clean her up, then chain her at the foot of my bed? I'll want her about forty five minutes."

"Yes, Mistress Erica," smartly answered Lisa.

Erica presented the flogger to Joann, who kissed it without having to be told. From the way that Joann was pulling at her chains, Erica knew that Joann was now excited sexually in a way that she had never been before. If the mild cropping and spanking that her boyfriend had done before had made her wet, her first use in the Dungeon had brought her to a new level of sexual energy. It would be up to Erica to provide a release.

"Lisa, make sure that she doesn't touch her nipples or her pussy, could you? I don't want her to climax," ordered Erica.

"Yes, Mistress Erica."

"Thank you Lisa, I shall be in the library."

Just after Midnight, Erica entered her bedroom. Joann was kneeling on the carpet, naked and bound, as per her instructions. Erica had spent the time in the library reading while Lisa had prepared her slave.

Erica stripped off the PVC dress, and hung it in the closet. Then she walked into the bathroom, and quickly washed the sweat off her. She dried herself, then emerged back to the bedroom.

"Are you ready to serve your Mistress in bed?" asked Erica.

"Yes, Mistress."

Erica unlocked Joann's collar chain, then her wrists. She lay down on the bedcovers, then opened her thighs.

"Please your Mistress, else the crop awaits."

Erica was more than pleased to discover that she did not have to use the crop to encourage Joann. The woman was insatiable once she began to suck and lick at Erica's pussy, and drove her Mistress to one climax after another.

Then Erica used her own mouth and lips and released all of Joann's pent-up sexual energy in one shattering sexual climax after another. Then Erica used a dildo, which she pushed deep into Joann's sex, making her moan and buck with one climax after another.

Erica failed to notice what time they finally stopped making love, but she didn't much care either, since she was exhausted. She looked at Joann, who had fallen asleep first, and the woman had a pleased expression on her face. Even if her collar had been locked to a chain from a ringbolt on the wall.

"Will she be back, Mistress?" asked Lisa as they watched the car drive away with Joann in the back seat.

Joann had been bathed the next morning and had breakfast with Lisa, then she had been ushered into the library for an exit interview with Erica.

Erica had asked her all kinds of questions about her use, and she was sure that Joann had replied truthfully. The woman had enjoyed her first taste of slavery, and had wanted more.

"Yes," answered Erica, "she'll be back."

What Erica had not counted on was that after a few months of use, Joann would ask if she could send some of her girlfriends to be used by Erica, to experience submission. Mistress Erica and her Maid Lisa would be very busy in the months to come.

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