The Challenge

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Chapter Five: The Test of Wills

Part One: Submission

Friday July 10, 1998

Janet sat behind the library desk, chewing on a pencil. She had watched from the windows as Cheryl's limousine had pulled up to the landing; and Tina had then conducted her into the house. Outside, the rain was pouring down in sheets and flashes of lightning and sounds of thunder could be heard. In short, a typical summer thunderstorm for this time of year.

Her only concession to her Domme status was that she was wearing a leather skirt and silk blouse, with stockings and modest heels. Which was perfectly ordinary dress for a date.

Given the summer heat, she had told Tina just to wear a normal outfit, not made of any fetish fabric. True, the house was air-conditioned; but Tina still had looked disappointed by Janet's orders.

Janet had noticed that Cheryl had worn a rubber mackintosh raincoat. Once Tina had taken Cheryl into one of the bedrooms to be stripped and readied for use, Janet had looked over the coat in the hall closet. It was an expensive ladies English coat that Janet had seen when she had vacationed in London the previous year.

The only reason that Cheryl could have chosen to wear such a coat would have been to antagonize Janet in some fashion. Janet had specifically ordered her newest slave NOT to purchase or wear any fetish or scene attire at home without her permission. She recalled Erica's surprise when her Mistress had discovered just what Janet had been doing at home by herself; and the punishment that she had received for it.

Resuming her library chair, Janet opened the manila file that she had on Cheryl. Inside was all of the information that Cheryl herself had provided, plus everything that had been added since.

"Why, Cheryl, why?" Janet asked herself, softly.

During the past four weeks, Janet had introduced Cheryl to the world of submission. Cheryl had been stripped of her clothes, made to wear a collar and bracelets, and used. She had borne the crop and the lash, had her breasts and sex used by Janet and Tina, and was in the process of being trained.

The strange part of this entire situation was that Cheryl was actually responding well to her training. She bore her marks well; Tina had informed Janet that she was now ready for her bed; and Janet was now ready to probe her bottom and other actions.

But none of that answered the question of who she was and why! Janet reflected that if she had been Lauren, Cheryl would have been whipped until she bled to force Cheryl to confess her reasons. Instead, here was Janet, wearing her Domme outfits and heels, at the mercy of her submissive.

Cheryl had not once threatened since her initial interview to expose Janet. Janet thought that she would bring it up at every chance. Instead, Cheryl had gone tight-lipped into her training, obeying every order given to her.

Until now, with the raincoat. Should Janet even bring it up to her? Make it an issue, and thrash her for it? Or just ignore it totally, and get on with her usual schedule with Cheryl?

No, Janet decided that Cheryl had done this deliberately. Just as Cheryl had come out of the blue to impose herself on Janet, now she was defying a specific order. In less then just a month, she had broken one of Janet's rules.

But what would be the correct course of action? Beating her harshly in the Dungeon? Denying her sexual release? Locking her in the cell all weekend?

Janet reopened Cheryl's file looking for something that simply wasn't to be found. There was something in Cheryl's life that had propelled her to seek out Janet in particular.

And Mistress Janet Davis could not afford the luxury not to know why.

"Enter," Janet ordered.

Tina led Cheryl into the library, as usual. Cheryl was naked, and collared, with her wrists locked behind her back in a set of leather bracelets. Her ankles were locked in a similar set, and her feet were locked into a pair of high-heeled shoes. She was quite helpless in her current state.

"Thank you, Tina," said Janet, "on your knees, Cheryl!"

Tina pushed Cheryl to her knees on the carpeted floor, and stood in silence awaiting Janet's next command.

"Good evening, Mistress Janet," greeted Cheryl.

"Good evening, slave," said Janet in return, "you have been my slave for just one month, and you have already displeased me."


"That rubber mackintosh you just wore, shall I get it out of the closet? I gave you specific instructions that you were not allowed to wear anything made of leather, rubber, or PVC except shoes. And you have deliberately disobeyed one of my instructions to you."

"Mistress, I wore it because it was raining!" protested Cheryl.

"You break my heart, Cheryl. That's a special English mackintosh raincoat made by a firm in London that's not even imported into the United States. You didn't buy that at Macy's, Cheryl."

While she was talking, Janet opened the top drawer of the desk and removed the small crop that she always kept there. She held it between her hands, and flexed the rod to display her power.

"Mistress?" asked Cheryl.

"This is not a game, Cheryl, you have come here of your own volition. You have displeased your Mistress by a deliberate act of disobedience, even though until now you have performed quite well. For that, you are going to be punished."

"Mistress, no! I didn't mean any harm or disrespect!"

Janet rose from her seat, and walked over to Cheryl. She placed the tip of the crop under Cheryl's chin and forced Cheryl to look directly at her.

"What did you think that you were doing then? This isn't a trivial matter that you are involved in but deadly serious business," lectured Janet to her captive.

"What are you going to do to me?" asked Cheryl with fear on her face.

"Tina," softly asked Janet.

"Yes, Mistress."

"I want you to hang Cheryl by her wrists from the Dungeon ceiling so that her toes can just touch the floor. Then we'll leave her alone for a while so she can contemplate her disobedience to me."

"Yes, Mistress," answered Tina as she pulled Cheryl to her feet, "come, slave."

"No, please!" begged Cheryl.

"You still haven't learned yet, have you?" asked Janet.


Janet responded to Cheryl by slapping her across the cheeks with a stinging blow that brought tears to her eyes. Then Janet swiftly delivered one stroke with the riding crop across her breasts, leaving a single red stripe behind.

"It's time that you learned the true meaning of submission Cheryl, and by your own actions, this weekend you will find out just how strong that you can really be. Take her away, Tina."

"Yes, Mistress."

Tina pulled the sobbing Cheryl out of the library, and Janet returned to her place behind the desk. She would let Cheryl hang for about an hour, until her arms would feel like they were going to come out of their sockets. Then the real discipline would begin.

After an hour, Janet walked into the Dungeon. She had changed into a leather bra, a simple skirt, and a pair of modest heels. Hanging from the ceiling chain, as ordered, was Cheryl. She was clearly uncomfortable from her ordeal.

While Janet had ordered that she should be left alone, in reality Tina had always been close nearby keeping an eye on Cheryl. Janet reflected that when she had been here hanging in the same position Andrea had been with her.

A Domme, a good Domme, should never leave a slave alone and in bondage. Janet looked at the cell, from which she had released Tina from Tiffany's careless action.

"Good evening, slave," said Janet.

"Mistress, please!" begged Cheryl.

Cheryl's ribs showed clearly beneath her skin as she strained for her toes to reach the floor. Sweat ran down her flanks and between her breasts.

"Are you more tractable now?" asked Janet.

"Mistress, I'm sorry about the coat."

"Then where did you buy it?" demanded Janet.

"At that rubber shop in London, just like you said. I didn't buy it here, I had to go all the way to London."

"Very good, Cheryl. Tina, the whip, please?"

"Yes, Mistress."

Tina removed the whip from the cabinet and handed it to Janet, who ran the oiled leather through her fingers. The whip would leave marks that Cheryl would remember for quite some time.

"Kiss the handle," Janet coldly ordered.

Cheryl did so, meekly and in silence.

"I want you to count out each stroke. Failure to do so will result in five additional strokes. I will indicate when I have finished with you. Understand?"

"Will I only be whipped, Mistress?" asked Cheryl.

"No, slave. That will be only the beginning."

Janet lashed out the whip with a modest stroke, one that had the effect of curling the whip around Cheryl's body. It left a thin red stripe behind.






Janet noted that thin beads of sweat had formed on Cheryl's skin, which reflected the Dungeon's lights.





"Ten!" screamed Cheryl.

Janet coiled the whip in her hands, giving Cheryl as rest from her use. Tears dropped from her cheeks onto her breasts.

"Thank you, Mistress," said Cheryl, weakly.

"Your punishment is not yet over, Cheryl. It has just begun," calmly replied Janet.




Janet resolved to pause every five strokes to give Cheryl some time to recover. In the last few weeks, Cheryl had been used for progressively longer sessions. Now Janet was going to prove to Cheryl just how much of a submissive that she could be by using her beyond what she thought her limits might be.




"Twenty-five!" screamed Cheryl, sobbing.

"Twenty eight."

"Twenty nine."


Cheryl had just undergone thirty strokes of the leather whip, her body was covered in thin red welts. Janet paused to let Cheryl recover her senses. Just a little more.

"Thirty one!" screamed Cheryl when Janet started again.

"Thirty three!"

"Thirty five!" sobbed Cheryl.

"Enough!" said Janet as she coiled the whip, "Tina, release her."

"Yes, Mistress."

Janet held onto Cheryl as Tina activated the motor that lowered the ceiling chain. Cheryl was limp in Janet's arms, almost a dead weight. Janet released her wrists from the chain, and pulled her over to a leather-covered bench, and sat her down, followed by Janet herself.

"Tina, get a glass of water," ordered Janet, "and some tissues."

"Yes, Mistress."

Cheryl burst out into a flood of tears, and Janet held her closely. Their breasts touched, and Janet let Cheryl hold her tightly. Cheryl sobbed, and Tina brought her a box of tissues, which Janet used to dry the tears from her cheeks.

"You were very brave, Cheryl," complimented Janet, "and very strong."

"I didn't thank you for my punishment!" gasped Cheryl, "please don't hurt me again, Mistress!"

"It's all right, Cheryl," soothed Janet, holding her slave close to her.

Janet let Cheryl cry it out, she would wait until the woman regained her senses. For Cheryl was on fire, her mind and body ablaze with sensations that she had not felt before.

Cheryl had undergone a severe session with a fearful instrument, the whip. Her flesh had been marked, she had taken thirty-five strokes and had not called her safeword.

"Mistress, I'm so sorry, I'll never disobey you again," sobbed Cheryl.

"You did very well, Cheryl. You have proved your submission to me. Thank you. Are you alright?"

"I think so."

"Good enough to go upstairs?" asked Janet.

"I think so, can I have a drink?" begged Cheryl.

"Of course. Tina, please."

Tina held the glass as Cheryl slowly drank the entire glass of water down. The shock that she had undergone was now slowly fading. Cheryl was recovering from her punishment.

Janet lifted Cheryl to her feet, and held the slave to closely to her. She gently walked Cheryl to the elevator, and took her to one of the first floor bedrooms.

"Mistress?" asked Cheryl, "didn't you want to take me to bed?"

"Are you able to make love to me after your ordeal?"

"Yes, Mistress. Please?"

"Then we'll stay here, not in my bedroom this evening. Let me strip and rub some salve onto your skin. Then we'll see about making love."

"Yes, Mistress."

Janet walked into the bathroom, and filled a glass of water. In the medicine cabinet, indeed in every one in the house, was a full medical kit that both Janet and Tina had been trained to use by Stephanie in the event of a medical problem. Janet removed a tube of salve, and brought back both to the bedroom.

Cheryl was seated on the bed, and Janet passed her the glass. The woman held it for a few moments, her mind off somewhere else. Cheryl drank, without shaking, her grip firm and tight.

"Feel better?" asked Janet.

"Yes, Mistress."

"Am I really hurt?"

"No, just shock mostly. You're already over most of it, and you've learned to take the whip. After this, you'll be able to take even longer sessions under the lash, to divorce your mind from your body."

"I still hurt," said Cheryl.

"I can fix that."

Janet removed her shoes and peds, then her leather bra and skirt, and finally stripping off her panties. The aroma of the leather clung to her like a perfume.

"On your tummy," Janet ordered.

Janet opened the tube of topical anaesthetic, and spread some on the welts on Cheryl's back, moaning in response as it was applied and absorbed into her skin. She soothed the pain, relaxing Cheryl gradually.

"Feel better?"

"Yes, Mistress, thank you."

"On your back," said Janet softly.

Janet repeated the treatment that she had given to Cheryl's back. She gently applied the ointment, soothing Cheryl's welts. Janet spread some on her fingertips, then applied it to the inside of Cheryl's opened thighs. She had carefully delivered a series of strokes that had terminated between Cheryl's legs that had driven the slave to a frenzy of excitement.

"Are you all right?" asked Janet.

"Yes, Mistress. Make love to me?" asked Cheryl.

Janet remembered the times that Erica had whipped her, then soothed before Erica had taken her to bed. Now here she was, Domme herself; doing the same thing with her slaves.

"Tina said that you're ready to service your Mistress, Cheryl. Time to prove it.""

"Yes, Mistress."

Janet lay down on one side of the bed, with her head on the pillow and her legs opened. She had expected that Cheryl would begin by sucking on her clit.

Instead, Cheryl began by holding Janet tightly to herself and kissing her on the mouth, their tongues playing together. Cheryl's hands explored Janet's waist, thighs, and sex. Cheryl again kissed Janet on the mouth, then on the cheeks and neck. She sucked and playfully bit one of Janet's nipples, then the other. She left a trail of kisses as she gradually made her way down to Janet's sex.

Finally, Janet felt her outer lips being bit and sucked, then Cheryl's tongue on her erect clit. She moaned and bucked as Cheryl serviced her, bringing her to sexual climax.

There was no doubt that handing Cheryl over to Tina for this part of her training had been a good idea. First because Tina had proven that she was much better then Janet at teaching lovemaking; and secondly because denying Cheryl the privilege of Janet's bed only made her desire it even more. Just as Erica had done with her!

Janet's thighs exploded with one orgasm after another, and Cheryl kept her teeth and tongue busy making sure that her Mistress knew that she had been trained in the arts of love.

"Ooooh!" Janet cried as one orgasm after another raced through her body.

After what seemed an eternity, Janet was finally spent. There was no doubt that Tina had done her job well.

"Thank you, Cheryl," gasped Janet.

"You're welcome, Mistress."

"Tonight I do something different with you," said Janet.

Janet removed a belt from the night table, and strapped it around her waist. She removed another belt, which already had a phallus attached. Janet locked the second belt though her legs, so that the phallus pointed outwards.

"Ready, Cheryl?"

"Yes, Mistress, please!" said Cheryl as she arranged herself on the bed.

Janet climbed onto Cheryl, and guided the erect phallus into Cheryl's wet slit. She didn't even have to check to know Cheryl's condition, as there was no doubt that she was ready and waiting for Janet's next move. Janet pushed the shaft deep between Cheryl's legs, making her moan in response.


She next began a steady thrusting motion, and Cheryl returned each thrust of Janet's with one herself. Cheryl had become a willing, sensual lover, not just lying there unmoving as she had done the first time.

The erect shaft drove Cheryl wild with passion, and Janet's sweat mingled with Cheryl's own as Cheryl soon bucked and moaned with orgasm. Janet felt Cheryl's fingernails dig into her back, pressing her tighter to her Mistress.

"Aaaaah!" Cheryl cried when Janet and the phallus finally drove her to climax.

Finally, they lay together, side by side. Cheryl was resting, recovering from the climaxes that had driven her wild with desire. Janet undid the belt from around her waist, and placed the belts back in the night table and the phallus in the bathroom sink.

"Mistress?" sleepily asked Cheryl.

"Go to sleep Cheryl, I'll use you again tomorrow."

"Yes, Mistress."

Janet pulled a single sheet over the two of them, then fell quickly asleep herself. She had not even bothered to chain Cheryl's collar to the ringbolt above the bed.

During the night, Janet partially awoke and remembered one of her actions three summers ago...

After a year of being a Dominatrix in her own right, Janet had decided to redo the Dungeons downstairs. She had wanted most to get rid of solitary, that silly vinyl lined prison that had reminded her of an MRI.

So she had moved things around a bit and had solitary confinement torn out and had placed a small office and fridge back there. She had a desk, chair, another computer (linked to the main one upstairs); making the whole place quite nice to work.

In celebration, she had held a party, inviting many of her Domme friends and subs. They had a BBQ on the sundeck, and when the sun went down, demonstrations in the Dungeons.

Late that evening, after all the guests had left and Camille and Tina were cleaning up, Janet and Stephanie were alone in the Dungeon.

"Stephanie," Janet began, "are you mad at me for redoing Erica's Dungeons?"

"No Janet," answered Stephanie, as she sat on a chair, "I'm not, actually proud of you."

"Proud?" asked Janet.

"Yes. Had you left the Dungeons exactly like Erica left them, as some kind of Memorial to her, I'd have been very disappointed. You're a different sort of Mistress than Erica was. More caring, more sensual. Less addicted to props than Erica was," Stephanie explained.

"Do you remember that day shopping?" asked Janet.

"How can I forget?"

Since she was dispensing with solitary, Janet decided that she wanted to buy a cage of some kind. Since the fetish shops all wanted a premium over what the pet supply shops cost, the two of them had gone to a large pet store.

There they found the biggest steel cage for a pet (which was the exact same one from the S&M shop) and Janet looked it over. Finally, she crawled inside and locked the door behind her, explaining that if she was going to place her pet within, she wanted to check it out for herself.

The staff had tried to ignore her, and Stephanie tried not to look embarrassed and laugh until Janet had her fill of the cage. Finally, Stephanie let her out, and Janet got to her feet.

"Do you want it delivered?" asked the clerk.

"I'll call to order it," Janet answered.

When they were driving home, Janet said that she was going to dispense with solitary, and she didn't want a cage either, explaining that it didn't fit in with what her idea of what a Mistress should be.

"Okay, doggie."

"I'm going to paddle your behind for that, Stephanie."


Later that night, Janet had fulfilled her promise to Stephanie, who would remember her remarks each time that she sat down for a while to come.

Part Two: Changing the Plan

Saturday July 11, 1998

The next day, Janet decided would be a special one for Cheryl. Tina had taken her just after awakening for a beauty treatment. Tina had gone to school for that too, and was an expert at making a slave feel pretty.

So Cheryl first had been bathed, and her hair been done and set. Then her nails and toenails had been trimmed, and polished. Her lips and breasts had been rouged, and perfume had been sprayed several times between her legs, in order that the scent should linger.

It was true that her naked body was covered in red welts, but those were the marks of her position as slave. Finally, Cheryl had been readied, and Tina escorted her downstairs before Janet.

Janet had gone back to sleep in an effort to kill time as Cheryl was made ready for her. Still, she had awakened early, showered and dressed, read the Saturday papers, and finally started work on the computer.

"Mistress Janet, Cheryl is here for your approval," said Tina.

"Thank you, Tina. Cheryl, step forward."

Cheryl did as she was ordered, and stood rock still. Her hair shone, and was drawn backwards by a clip. Her nails were all done in a bright red, along with her lips. Janet looked over every part of her, inspecting her slave.

"Thank you Tina, you've excelled yourself today. She's beautiful."

"Thank you, Mistress."

"How do you feel, Cheryl?" asked Janet.

"Fine, Mistress."

"Did I hurt you last evening?" asked Janet.

"No, Mistress."

"Good. You will now learn how to take more and harsher strokes from me. You will desire the lash and crop. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"You may now prepare and serve breakfast."

Janet ate in the dining room, after Tina and Cheryl had prepared a meal of scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast. Janet ate leisurely, keeping an eye on Cheryl.

Her charge held herself, erect, almost proud to display the marks on her flesh. Even as Janet remembered how Cheryl had restrained herself from screaming in pain as Janet had applied them just the day before.

There was no better or effective action than to take a slave in your arms after a session, soothe their wounds and minds, and make them feel wanted and loved. Janet knew that Cheryl felt prized by the attention that Janet had given her after last night.

That stood in marked contrast, Janet remembered, how Erica had ignored her sexually for months only allowing her to make love to Tiffany. How Janet had pined for Erica, yet her Domme would chain her at the foot of her bed.

The same bed that Janet now encouraged her slaves to join her in, to show that they were wanted and loved, and that their stripes were not applied just for whims of a selfish, capricious Mistress.

For the rest of the day, Janet decided, Cheryl would be taught posture and submission. Tina had been teaching her that already for some time. But now it would fall onto Mistress Janet to teach her slave by herself.

"Cheryl, you may join me in the library after you have cleaned up and eaten breakfast," ordered Janet.

"Yes, Mistress."

Janet rose from the table, and left Cheryl and Tina to both clean up and eat themselves. She estimated that Cheryl would be with her in about an hour, and that would be just fine, as she had work to do.

"Enter," Janet ordered from her desk chair.

Cheryl entered the library and stood in front of Janet's desk, in silence, awaiting the next orders from her Mistress. Janet had been working on some Xylex projects, and on the desk were groups of paperwork and reports, with the Company name and logo displayed.

"Slavery of a different kind," commented Janet.

"Mistress?" asked Cheryl.

"Nothing, just thinking aloud."

Janet opened the desk drawer and removed a crop, nipple clamps, a butt plug and dildo, and a few other things.

"Do you know what these are?" asked Janet.

"The instruments of my slavery, Mistress."

"Yes. All of these things can produce both pain and pleasure in a slave," Janet described.

"Yes, Mistress."

"I want you to come and rest your hands on the desk, with your legs apart," Janet ordered.

"Yes, Mistress."

Cheryl did as she was told, and Janet got to her feet, walked around to Cheryl's rear, and probed deep into her sex.

"Ooooh!" cried Cheryl.

"You wet so easily, Cheryl. Did you always get wet so fast before you came to me?" asked Janet.

"No, Mistress."

"Then Tina's training has proven successful, hasn't it?"

"Yes, Mistress."

Janet picked up two small metallic objects in her right hand and displayed them to Cheryl by opening her palm.

"Do you know what these are?" asked Janet.

"No, Mistress."

"Clamps for those erect nipples of yours. Hold still."

Cheryl gripped the edge of Janet's desk tightly as the nipple clamps were first applied, then tightened onto her nipples. Since she was already sexually excited they had become erect and distinct.

"Aaaah!" cried Cheryl.

"It's all right to cry out Cheryl," said Janet, "I did the first that they were used on me also."

Cheryl bore her ordeal in silence, her eyes wandering over the surface of Janet's desk, her eyes finally fixating on the company stationary and reports from Xylex. She swallowed nervously, and memorized the company's name for future reference.

Janet next picked up the crop, and issued several stinging blows to Cheryl's exposed bottom, leaving a red stripe behind on her flesh. Cheryl jumped slightly after every stroke was delivered.

"Aaaah!" cried Cheryl, in response to Janet's last and most severe stroke.

"There now," said Janet, "now you're in the proper frame of mind. Kiss the crop."

Cheryl did as she was told, in silence. Her painted red lips left traces of color behind on the black leather surface of the crop.

"Now the real training begins. On your knees, Cheryl," Janet ordered.

"Yes, Mistress," Cheryl answered, as she assumed her position on the floor, her knees opened wide with her hands on her kneecaps.

"How do your nipples feel?"

"Numb, Mistress."

Janet noticed that Cheryl made no attempt to remove them. Good, that meant that Cheryl was learning her place.

"I'm going to put you through a series of postures, so that you will know many submissive positions. You'll continue to wear the clamps at all times, until I remove them. If you remove them, I can promise you at least twenty strokes with the crop. So the only choices that you have are the ones that have been given to you by your Mistress, or not to serve me at all. Do you understand?" asked Janet.

"Yes, Mistress," answered Cheryl.

"Then we begin," said Janet.

For the next hour, Janet taught Cheryl numerous submissive positions. Cheryl was made to place her body into many different postures, with Janet carefully teaching her each one.

When Cheryl couldn't properly do a position on her own, Janet showed her by assuming the position herself. Then forcing Cheryl into the position through the use of the riding crop.

Finally, after an hour, Janet ordered Cheryl to her knees again, then suddenly removed both nipple clamps, making Cheryl jump in response.

"Aaaaah!" cried Cheryl, as her nipples became pinpoints of fire.

"It will pass," said Janet.

"Thank you, Mistress."

"Once you've recovered, Cheryl, I want you to demonstrate all of the positions that you've just learned. Without the clamps this time."

"Yes, Mistress."

Cheryl did as she was ordered, and when she made one mistake Janet delivered a few strokes of the crop onto Cheryl's exposed thigh, leaving stripes behind.

"I hope that you're not planning on going to the beach this summer," Janet cautioned, "since welts are a little hard to explain."

"No, Mistress."


Cheryl's training was interrupted by a knock on the door, exactly at twelve noon.

"Come," Janet ordered.

"Lunch, Mistress," Tina announced.

"Thank you, Tina."

Janet was served a lunch of roast beef sandwich, salad, and iced tea on the sundeck outside. The weather was simply too good to stay indoors all day!

"Cheryl, you may eat with Tina, then resume your chores. I have some other work to do, though I may call you later."

"Yes, Mistress," answered Cheryl.

It was at four in the afternoon when the phone rang, and things began to go horribly wrong. Janet picked up the phone, wondering who was calling, since she had not been expecting anyone.

"Janet here."

"Janet, it's Lori. I'm so glad I got you, look I'm in trouble. My car overheated, and I'm on Lake Avenue, first exit I could find off 95. Since I was going to see you later tonight anyway."

"I'll be right over," offered Janet, "sit tight."


"Tina!" called Janet as she grabbed her purse.

"Yes, Mistress," answered Tina from upstairs where she and Tina were working together.

"Mistress Lori just called, she's stuck on Lake Avenue. I'm going to go get her."

"Yes, Mistress."

It wasn't until Janet was on the road that she began wondering what Lori meant that they would be seeing each other later that evening. After a drive of a few minutes, Janet saw Lori's car, a red Chevrolet, on Lake Avenue not far from the Parkway Exit.

Janet pulled her car to the other side of the road and parked behind Lori's, who came running to her.

"Janet, thank you, I wouldn't know who else to call," greeted Lori.

Mistress Lori was a Domme from Brookline, Massachusetts. Lori was just thirty, blonde, five feet five inches tall with a nice figure and a pleasant personality and was one of Janet's friend's in the scene. She owned a house that she shared with her sub, Gina. They had a small playroom in the basement that they used for entertainment, and Janet had been there a few times.

"Glad I could help, what's the problem?"

"I overheated, I think."

Janet raised the hood, and opened the radiator, which was empty. She always carried a gallon of water and anti-freeze with her, so she refilled the radiator. She had Lori crank the engine, which emitted a metallic whine.

"Water pump," concluded Janet, "you're stuck."

"Can it be fixed?"

"I know a garage that can tow it, and they'll fix it tomorrow. This is at least a three-hour job, Lori. Looks like you'll be spending the night with me," offered Janet.

"Well, since we're both going to that party for Nina at the Lock & Key this evening in Manhattan."

"That's next week," stated Janet.

"It's this week."

Lori opened her purse, and withdrew an envelope. She removed the invitation, and displayed it for Janet to read.

"Damn!" exclaimed Janet, "I thought it was next week!"

"Surprise! Glad I happened by. So we'll get my car towed, and we can all go into Manhattan together," answered Lori.

"Damn, there go all my plans," said Janet, thinking of Cheryl.

Janet withdrew her cell phone, and called the garage. They said that they would be over in about a half-hour to tow Lori's car.

"Tina," said Janet as she called home.

"Yes, Mistress?"

"I've made a terrible mistake! Dig out my desk calendar and find the invite for Nina's party, it's tonight!"

"Yes, Janet."

"Then make dinner for two, we'll be having Lori over as a guest, then send Cheryl home early and go to the party."

"Good thing we got our clothes already, Mistress."

"It will be a little tawdry for Cheryl to serve naked, so get her into a Maid's uniform and tell her to behave, or else!"

For the last month, Janet and Tina had been training Cheryl in how to behave as a slave. Janet also recalled that Cheryl had wanted to be given to another Domme. She wasn't ready yet, but she was ready to be displayed to another Mistress.

"Yes, Mistress," answered Tina.

"Thanks, Tina," said Janet as she cut the connection.

"Who's Cheryl?" asked Lori as Janet stowed away her cell phone in her purse.

"A new slave I'm training," Janet answered.

"Any good?"

"She has to learn submission. Where's Gina, normally you two are inseparable?"

"Her brother was injured in a car accident, so she flew home three days ago."

"Will he be all right?" asked Janet.

"I think so, at least that's what Gina said last night."


In due time, the flat bed truck arrived, and the two women watched as Lori's car was pulled onto the truck's bed. Lori had unloaded her suitcases and clothes into Janet's Toyota while they had been waiting.

The mechanic said that he could do the car tomorrow, and it would be ready by one or two. Janet thanked him, and the two women got into Janet's car. Janet started the engine and they pulled out into traffic and towards Janet's Mansion.

"One of the benefits of living in a wealthy area is that there's a shop open on Sunday."

"Guess the rich get special treatment, right?" asked Lori.

"Yes, at the business end of my crop," Janet laughed.

Janet drove towards home, and looked at her watch. It was already almost five. There was enough time for dinner, then showing off Cheryl to her guest. Then Janet, Tina and Lori would have to go into the city to the party.

"So, tell me all about Cheryl?" asked Lori as Janet drove home.

"Thirty five, nice figure, has never served a Domme before."

"I'm jealous," commented Lori.

Janet wondered just how jealous Lori would really be if she knew the truth about Cheryl, how the stranger had forced herself onto Mistress Janet.

"How is she responding to you?" Lori asked, clearly curious.

"Very well, but she disobeyed an order yesterday, so I gave her a punishment that she's not likely to forget."

"The whip?"

"Thirty-five strokes."

"I think that she'll remember that for a long time," observed Lori, "and how is she in bed?"


"I'm sure that when you're done, she'll be a superb slave," complimented Lori.

"Thank you."

Janet pressed the button as she pulled the car into the driveway, and the gate swung open then closed behind them as the car passed the gates. She pulled to a stop in front of the house and cut the engine.

"Home," said Janet.

They exited the car together, and walked up the landing, where Tina had already opened the door. Tina and Cheryl were dressed in matching satin Maid's uniforms, complete with a kerchief on their heads.

"Mistress Janet," greeted Tina.

"Tina, you know Mistress Lori."

"Yes, greetings Mistress," answered Tina, as she took a small curtsy.

"Tina," replied Lori, "nice to see you again."

"This is Cheryl, who is still being trained," introduced Janet.

"Mistress Lori," greeted Cheryl.

"Cheryl, you are owned by a truly wonderful Mistress. Learn from her."

"Thank you, Mistress Lori," replied Cheryl.

"Tina, remove Lori's clothes from the Toyota and place them in the guest bedroom. We'll freshen up and be in the library. When will dinner be ready?"

"Forty minutes, Mistress."

"Excellent," answered Janet, "come with me Lori, we have much to discuss."

"Dinner is served," announced Tina.

After their arrival, Janet had shown Lori to her bedroom and moments later, Tina and Cheryl had arrived carrying her bags and clothes. Janet and Cheryl had both taken a quick shower, then dressed into the clothes that they would be wearing into the city.

The birthday party for Mistress Nina would be held in the Lock & Key, an S&M club in the meatpacking district down in Manhattan. Since it would be highly impractical to drive down wearing their scene clothing, they would change at the club.

Janet was wearing a red DKNY dress that she had bought at Macy's, along with sheer nude pantyhose and sensible heels. Lori was wearing a blouse and skirt combination from Anne Taylor, in blue, with matching blue shoes.

After hanging her things in the closet, Lori had phoned the friends that she was supposed to dine with in Manhattan to explain about her car breaking down and she would be driving in with Mistress Janet. So Lori could dine with Janet without having stood up her other friends.

Janet and her guest had been talking in the library, drinking from a bottle of white wine and sharing scene stories together. Lori told her all about Boston, a city that Janet adored, but rarely visited. Lori was overwhelmed by New York, and could not imagine working or even living there.

"Thank you, Tina," said Janet, "come let's see what Tina has made for us."

Carrying their glasses, they two Dommes walked the few steps to the dining room. Tina and Cheryl had set the room for a semi-formal dinner. They would not have the time for a formal, multi-course Dinner. But the table was set with the best dishes, silverware, and flowers adorned the table.

Janet sat at the head of the table, and Lori at her side. Cheryl pushed their seats in behind them, then offered more wine.

Tina then rolled in a cart from the kitchen, and placed a large covered platter and two smaller ones on the table. She then removed the covers, placing them back on the trolley.

"Roast chicken, parsley potatoes, and steamed broccoli, Mistress Janet," announced Tina.

"Thank you, Tina, excellent," complimented Janet.

"Mmmmmm, smells good," agreed Lori.

Tina cut the chicken with a large knife and fork, then served each Mistress in turn. She gave both of them a generous helping of her cooking, which they consumed eagerly. Cheryl would only serve wine or water, as she was just a new slave in training.

"If I ate like this every day, I'd be big as a house," laughed Lori.

"Why do you think I have a weight room?" answered Janet.

"Do you have any exercise clothes for tomorrow?" asked Lori.

"Exercise clothes, who needs exercise clothes," laughed Janet, "you've never been in my sauna upstairs."

"You have a sauna?"

"Yes," answered Janet between sips of wine.

"I should visit you more often, Janet," Lori replied.

"I also have a constant supply of birch branches to use on one another, and towels are strictly optional in this house."

Lori laughed, and Janet joined her in mirth. The world of D/s was so serious, so solemn, it was easy to forget that humor helped to break the tension.

Dinner was a short affair, and had to end quickly. They both looked at their watches, and it was already nearly seven.

"Cheryl, once you've helped Tina clear the table and stow away everything in the kitchen, please come to see us in the library."

"Yes, Mistress," Cheryl quickly answered.

Janet was describing the training of some of her other slaves when Cheryl knocked on the door some time later.


Cheryl entered the library doors, and closed them behind her, but remained close to the doors.


"The table has been cleared, Tina and I have eaten, the dishes are in the washer, and the leftovers stored in the refrigerator, Mistress."

"Excellent, you may approach me, Cheryl."

Cheryl did as she was told, standing before her Mistress in silence.

"You may unzip your Maid's uniform and show your body and marks to Mistress Lori," Janet ordered.

"Yes, Mistress."

Hesitantly at first, Cheryl did as she was told. She was now displaying herself to another Domme, which was what she had requested.

"Very pretty, Cheryl," commented Lori, "now turn around."

Cheryl did as she was instructed, blushing and feeling embarrassed by displaying herself to another Domme.

"May I?" asked Lori.

"Of course, you're my guest," offered Janet.

Lori walked forward, and fondled Cheryl's breasts, pinching her erect nipples. Then she walked around to Cheryl's back, and traced the marks that Janet had placed there the previous night.

"You have been well used, Cheryl. With the whip?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Bend over," casually ordered Lori.

"Aaaah!" cried Cheryl as Lori roughly forced two of her fingers into her sex.

"Are you always that wet, Cheryl?" demanded Lori.

"Yes, Mistress," cried Cheryl.

"Thank you, Janet," said Lori as she withdrew from Cheryl.

There was a moment of silence in the library, with Cheryl and Lori both awaiting Janet's next orders.

"Cheryl, I'm sorry to say that I have to send you home. I have made a mistake about dates, and I have an engagement tonight. I am therefore sending you home, and will continue with you next weekend. Tina will free you, and has called the car. Good evening," dismissed Janet.

Cheryl looked like she was going to protest, and Janet could see both the disappointment and anger in her face. But she said nothing in protest.

"Thank you, Mistress," answered Cheryl.

Cheryl picked up her Maid's uniform that she had draped over a chair while Mistress Lori had examined her. She bowed, and left the library, closing the door behind her.

After she had left, Lori turned to Janet with clear concern on her face.

"Are you sure that she's a good choice to be trained as a slave?" asked Lori.

"Why?" asked Janet.

"Because she's dangerous, Janet. Watch yourself with this one," cautioned Lori.

"Thank you."

"You usually like to loan a slave out to another Domme so that they have someone to compare to their own Mistress. Janet I know that you use Stephanie or Blanca for that purpose. Once she's been trained, let me have her instead," offered Cheryl.


"Because I think that I've seen her before."

>From the Journal of Cheryl Branford

I have learned this weekend that I cannot confront Janet. At least, not yet.

I wore the rubber mackintosh raincoat in pure defiance of her orders, and was severely punished for my transgression. Mistress Janet ordered me hung by my wrists from the Dungeon ceiling chain, my toes straining to reach the floor for what felt like an eternity.

Next Mistress Janet used a long thin leather whip on me for thirty-five strokes that I was made to count out, one after another. I felt like screaming from fear as I thought that the flesh was being torn from my body, but I counted out every stroke of my punishment.

After my use was over, she released me. I thought that I was going to be left on the floor, a sobbing beaten woman. Instead, she tenderly took me in her arms, comforting my hurt mind and body. She helped me to one of the downstairs bedrooms, and rubbed salve onto my hurt flesh.

When I had recovered, I proved what I had learned by making passionate love to her. I have been both captivated and enslaved by Mistress Janet.

In the month that Janet has trained me, I have recently had to confront a disturbing truth about myself: am I submissive? When I devised this plan, I thought that everything that would happen to me here I could somehow wall off from the rest of my personality and self. Instead, I first found myself sexually attracted to Janet after her very first use of me. Now, in less than one month, I have found that strange, disturbing submissive feelings and fantasies that I had kept buried deep within my mind have become free to manifest themselves in my conscious mind.

I now actually enjoy Janet pulling me over her knee and spanking me until my bottom hurts. I become excited when I am suspended from the ceiling, and flogged until I cry.

I fear that when all of this is over, I shall be changed forever, just as Mistress Janet had cautioned me from the beginning. I now know that I am attracted to both women and men sexually. Now I realize that I crave the feel of the lash and crop.

What else will I learn about myself next?

The next day Janet put me through what she called posture training. I was made to stand, lay on the floor, and assume various submissive positions. My mistakes were quickly corrected with a crop, and I have no desire to repeat them. Saturday afternoon something important happened also. Janet got a phone call, left, and returned with another Dominatrix. I was dressed, and made to serve wine during Dinner.

After dinner, Mistress Lori fondled my breasts and sex, invading me sexually and subjected me to a close examination. I had wanted Janet to loan me to another Domme, and now one was seeing me naked.

When I glanced into Mistress Lori's eyes, I saw what I thought was the look of recognition. Has my plan collapsed already? I then realized that Tina and Janet had been talking on the phone about a party, and Janet had gotten the dates confused. I was going to protest in front of Mistress Lori that I wanted Janet to take me, then stopped myself. For I realized that my place as her slave was to be silent, lest she take me to her Dungeon and give me a thrashing for misbehavior. In addition any party that Janet would be invited to would also have Blanca and Stephanie attending, and I must keep my presence a secret.

I have learned one very important fact, that Janet has a job in Marketing for a firm called Xylex. Great wealth is of no consequence if it is not used occasionally.

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