The Challenge

by [email protected]

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Chapter One: The Challenge

Part One: A Day in the Life

Thursday June 4, 1998

When Janet finally awoke, Stephanie was gone from her bed. Stephanie's bedroom was nicely furnished with a large bed, dresser, small desk and chairs, and an attached bathroom. Stephanie had used Janet the previous evening, first in the library then the bedroom. Janet lay beneath the sheets, which were a mess from their lovemaking. Feeling her skin, Janet was sticky from her sweat and juices from herself and Stephanie, and she desired a hot bath.

Around her neck was locked a leather collar, with matching bracelets on her wrists and ankles. The collar was chained to a ringbolt set in the wall above the bed, so Janet would not be going anywhere until she was released.

Janet fingered the stripes on her naked body, remembering how during the last week that they had been administered by both Stephanie and Camille. She traced the red marks, wincing when she found a tender spot.

Today was the seventh day of her service to Stephanie, Monday.

"Good morning, Mistress Janet," greeted Camille as she stood in the doorway.

"Good morning, Camille," Janet answered.

"Your week is up, Mistress," stated Camille, "time to release you. Your vacation is over."

Janet stood up from the bed, and Camille first released the collar chain. Then she unlocked the collar, wrist and ankle bracelets. For the first time in seven days, Janet was free of the instruments of slavery. She rubbed her wrists, and looked at herself in the mirror.

Naked, her body was clearly marked from her week in slavery to Stephanie. She saw the marks that the whip and crop had left behind. Her breasts, stomach, thighs, and bottom all bore the marks that she had been used again as a slave.

"Your bath is waiting, Mistress," said Camille.

"Thank you, Camille."

Janet followed Camille to the bathroom, where she had already drawn a steaming hot bath, with soap suds floating in the water. Gingerly, Janet stepped into the bath. She winced at the hot water, but gradually lowered herself into the steaming bath. The hot water made her wounds sting and smart, but it felt good and sensual in the scented water. She lay back in the tub, almost ready to go back to sleep.

"Ahh, that feels good, Camille, thank you," said Janet as she sat back in the steaming tub.

"You have a busy day planned, Mistress Janet. And Mistress Stephanie is waiting downstairs with breakfast," pointed out Camille.

"Yes, thank you."

Janet was bathed and pampered by Camille. Her sweat was washed away, her skin treated for the marks of the whip. Her hair was washed and set, her nails trimmed and polished.

Then Janet was dressed for the first time in a week, having worn only the collar and bracelets. She put on her panties and bra, and applied perfume between her breasts then behind her ears. Janet then put on a blue business suit, and finished by applying a red lipstick and a light rouge on her cheeks.

Janet looked at herself in the mirror. While she had been a slave just an hour before, she now looked like any career woman. Except she wondered just what most people might think of her career!

"You look very nice, Mistress Janet," complimented Camille.

"Thank you, Camille. It was a pleasure being here for my vacation, and being used by you and Mistress Stephanie. Except that next time, you can use the crop on me more firmly. I won't break," advised Janet.

"I'll remember that next time, Mistress. Breakfast is waiting."

Janet led Camille downstairs, and they went into the dining room. Stephanie had a glass of orange juice in front of her, along with an open copy of the Times.

"Welcome back, Mistress Janet," said Stephanie, rising as she kissed Janet on the cheek.

"Thank you, Stephanie," replied Janet as she kissed her friend back in return.

"Breakfast will be ready in a few minutes, Mistress," stated Camille.

"Thank you," replied Stephanie.

"Pour yourself some juice, Janet. So, did you have a nice time here on your vacation?" Stephanie asked.

"Yes," answered Janet as she poured a glass of juice from a tray on the table and seated herself, "I was just telling Camille that she could have used the crop on me a little stronger."

"You certainly have a strange way of taking a vacation, Janet. I know of no other Domme who asks to be a slave for a week. I may ask Blanca to use me sometimes, just so that I don't forget what the whip feels like. But to be a slave again for a whole week! Sometimes I think that you enjoy being a slave more than a Mistress!"

"Really," Janet answered, "I'm sure that my slaves would beg to differ, the way I use them."

"Just so long as you enjoyed yourself," said Stephanie.

Camille, who had prepared a breakfast of omelets, home fries, bacon, toast, and coffee, interrupted them. She served the two of them, then withdrew to the kitchen.

"Mmmm, I'm hungry," said Janet.

"Yes, getting used does wonders for the appetite," observed Stephanie.

"I lost five pounds this week, Stephanie. You really should run a diet center," commented Janet.

"That's an idea, except I wonder if any of the commercial diet centers would let me use a riding crop," laughed Stephanie.

"I don't think that the FDA would approve," replied Janet.

Janet and Stephanie both broke out in laughter together. For a week, Janet had served Stephanie as her slave, in all of the often solemn and serious aspects of slavery. But now Janet was again free, and they laughed and chatted like two good friends.

They made small talk as they ate, consuming breakfast quickly. Just yesterday, Janet had been serving Stephanie. Today, she was restored to being a Mistress again. It felt a little strange wearing clothes once again!

Janet drank one cup of black coffee after another, enjoying the hot bitter taste as it went down her throat, warming her. It was nice, Janet thought, to be served, and not have to serve.

"Thank you Camille," said Janet when they finished, "that was very nice."

"You're welcome, Mistress," answered Camille as she began to clear away the dishes.

Both women rose from the dining room, and Janet followed her friend into the library. Stephanie seated herself behind the desk, and Janet took a chair. How often the two of them were in the library together.

"How does it feel to be leaving?" asked Stephanie.

"Great. Ask me that when I get home," Janet answered.

"What has Tina been doing for the last week while you were here?"

"Entertaining her parents. I paid for them to fly in, gave them a tour of New York City, a Broadway show, and so on, so Tina has been very busy," stated Janet.

"That's very good of you," said Stephanie.

"Thank you. Tina is now my assistant so I think that it's the least I can do for her, don't you agree?"

"Yes. I'm sure that they might have a different view of you if they knew how you used their daughter," laughed Stephanie.

"Quite," Janet answered.

"What else is on the agenda?"

"Paperwork, interviews, reports. Plus I have a report due at my job, so I want to get that done today," stated Janet.

"Janet, I don't know why you want to work," pointed out Stephanie.

"I want to keep busy, I don't just want to be one of the idle rich. No, my job gets me out of the house, gives me something to do, something to look forward to."

"Just so long as you like it," answered Stephanie.

"Well, I have to be going," said Janet as she looked at her watch, and rising from her chair, "thanks again for the vacation."

"Any time," Stephanie answered.

Janet and Stephanie both rose, and walked to the foyer. Stephanie handed Janet her purse and car keys, then opened the front door. It was June, and already quite hot, so even a light jacket wasn't necessary.

"Have a nice day, Janet," said Stephanie.

"Thank you," said Janet as she kissed her friend.

Janet's Miata convertible was waiting at the landing, and she got the keys from her purse. She opened the door, seated herself, started the car and drove off. Revving the engine, Janet enjoyed the sound of the exhaust. Stephanie opened the gate for her, and Janet drove out into the street.

'Why go home?" Janet asked herself, 'I've been in chains all week, I want to drive!'

Janet pulled over to a parking lot and removed a scarf from the glove compartment, and tied it over her hair. Inside was also a pair of sunglasses, and then she removed her cell phone from her purse. She called Tina to say that she was going for a short drive, and to hold lunch.

"Okay Mistress," Janet said aloud, "let's drive!"

Pulling out of Greenwich, Janet found her way onto a country road where she could open the car up, and she enjoyed the sound of the exhaust and the wind blowing onto her face. Never breaking the speed limit (in her position as a Domme, the last thing she wanted to do was to call attention to herself) Janet drove fast and hard.

The car, a red Mazda Convertible, had been a gift from one of her slaves. Jessica had recommended a friend of hers, Helen, to Janet two years earlier. Janet had trained her, but she was never sure if the woman had even liked being a slave. Until one day when the car was delivered to her house! Janet had accepted the car, and kept it registered for only six months during the year. It had displaced the Toyota in the garage, which now stayed outside.

After enjoying a nice drive, Janet aimed the car for home. It would be nice just to keep driving, without a care. But Janet Davis, Dominatrix, had responsibilities to fulfill. Just as Stephanie would now be sitting down to her paperwork, Janet would have to attend to hers. Tina would have her complete schedule. Slaves to be trained, reports read, interviews. Janet had discovered that the life of a Domme was a busy one!

Tomorrow, Janet and Jessica would be attending a fundraiser in Greenwich for a new cultural center. Janet, being a member of Greenwich society, had made a contribution, and was now expected to make an appearance.

To give Janet a cover in Greenwich, Jessica had arranged a part-time job for her at one of the companies that she owned stock in at their corporate offices at a nearby office park. Janet was now a woman of means, who owned an estate, and had a job also.

Actually, Janet thought to herself, it was good putting a suit on again, and going to work a few hours each week. She had an office, and a secretary, and put to use the skills and experience that she had gained from her own work experience. Janet had remembered the advice that Erica had given her, and had taken it.

Janet swung her car into her driveway, and punched the button for the gate. She drove inside, and up to her landing. While Janet may have been on vacation, she didn't have any bags when she was serving Stephanie as a slave.

"Mistress Janet," greeted Tina as she opened the front door.


"Did you have a nice time at Stephanie's?" asked Tina.

"Yes, Tina," Janet answered as she entered the foyer, and Tina closed the door behind her.

"Your schedule is on the desk in the library, Mistress."

"Thank you, Tina," said Janet.

On top of the printed schedule was a greeting card, Janet opened it, and found it was a thank you card from Tina's parents. When Janet looked up, she saw that Tina had entered the library and was looking at her.

"Did you and your parents have a nice time?" Janet asked.

"Yes, Mistress, thank you. We had a wonderful time. But how did you get those tickets to that show? They've been sold out for months," said Tina.

"Let's just say that someone in that theatre happens to be my slave, Tina."

"Thank you, Mistress," Tina walked over and gave her Mistress a hug and kiss.

"You're welcome, Tina."

"Mistress, can I show you something?" asked Tina.


"During your vacation, I was cleaning the paneling here in the library, and I found something," said Tina.

"What was that?"

Tina walked over to the wall, and began to knock at the wood. She banged away, until a section sounded different than the others.

"It's hollow, Mistress. Like there's something behind the wood," suggested Tina.

"You're right, Tina," said Janet.

Janet banged away at one section at a time, and established the boundaries of the open area within.

"Interesting," mused Janet, "in the movies, there's usually a catch somewhere."

Janet pressed away at one spot and another, and finally her efforts were rewarded when the paneling clicked open.

"Hmmm," said Janet, "success!"

"I wonder what's inside?" asked Tina.

"One way to find out," said Janet as she opened the panel further.

"A safe!" said Tina.

Janet tried the handle, and found it was securely locked. She turned the combination lock a few times, and the door still stayed closed.

"Locked. Damn!" exclaimed Janet.

"Perhaps you should call Mistress Blanca," suggested Tina.

"Not a bad idea," Janet answered.

Janet picked up the cordless phone, and punched in Blanca's number. She was surprised to find her lawyer on the other end.

"Janet, what can I do for you?" asked Blanca.

"I'm glad to get you in the office."

"Just back from court, what's up?"

"Found a wall safe in the library, that's locked. Did you know if Erica ever had a safe?"

"No, but it wouldn't surprise me," answered Blanca.

"Any ideas on how to get it open?" asked Janet.

"Sure, Sing-Sing is just over the border," laughed Blanca.

"Remind me to spank you when I see you next."

"Sorry, couldn't resist. Anyway, let me go through my rolodex and I'll find someone in Greenwich to help open it...There we go."

Blanca gave Janet the name of a company in Greenwich to call.

"Thank you, Blanca."

"Glad I could help, have to go. Clients coming in," said Blanca.

"Bye," said Janet.

Janet heard the connection cut on the other end, and she replaced the phone on its cradle. She looked at the number she had written down on a notepad.

"Are you going to call, Mistress?" asked Tina.

"I don't know," Janet answered, looking at the safe, "can I be alone Tina?"

"Yes, Mistress," replied Tina.

Janet sat down in the chair, after Tina had closed the doors behind her. She stared at the paneling, suddenly full of fear and apprehension.

"Damn you, Erica," said Janet to herself.

It had been two years since Andrea had written Janet to say that Erica had died in a traffic accident. Janet had learned that the name of her Mistress had been Sharon Taylor, from the newspaper article that Andrea had sent her at the time.

Or was that really Erica's name? Janet sat back in the leather-covered chair and realized that the name that Erica had died using might not have been her real one either.

Erica Riken. Alana Peters. Sharon Taylor. Janet wondered just how her Mistress had known just who she was at any one time.

Now she stared at the safe. The smart thing to do, Janet thought, would be to close the panel, and forget that it was even there. But Janet had always wondered what other secrets that Erica had kept from her.

Janet remembered the haunted look that Erica had when she last saw her, when she was driven away by Mistress Monique years ago. A look of impending doom on her face, of fatalistic acceptance of something.

"I shall not pass this way again, Janet. I just have to go, I'm sorry," Erica had said.

Remembering Erica's last words to her brought chills up Janet's spine. She had only seen a person look that way when they had been diagnosed with a serious disease, knowing that they were going to die. Was that what Erica had been keeping from her, and why?

Suddenly, Erica's stated reason for her giving her estate to her two slaves, that she was getting married and starting a new life, seemed pretty hollow, which Janet did not question at the time.

But now, two years after Erica's death, and after having established her own reputation as a Dom herself, Janet looked at the safe and knew that she would have to open it.

Janet picked up the phone and pressed the buttons for the number.

"Hello, my name is Janet Davis, I live in backcountry Greenwich. I have a problem, I need a safe opened..."

After a brief conversation, the locksmith said that he would be over shortly. Janet replaced the receiver on the cradle, and stared at the safe. She wondered just what Erica had placed within. Would she find dust, papers, money, or something else?

It was the unknown that was what worried Janet the most. For the first time in years, of having lived her own life as a Dom, Janet now wondered if Erica could reach out from beyond the grave to affect her life somehow.

"Mistress, are you all right?" asked Tina.

"Sorry, I was lost in thought, Tina. I'm fine. Good thing you're wearing a normal outfit, we're about to have guests. Someone to open the safe. Said they'd be right over."

"Have you read the interviews yet?" asked Tina.

"No, I was lost in thought."

'Worrying about the contents of the damn safe,' Janet thought to herself.

Janet attended to paperwork for a short time, then the gate buzzer sounded. Janet hit the button, and a truck drove up to the landing. A man in a uniform got out of the truck, and Janet greeted him at the door.

"Someone called about a safe?" he asked.

"Yes, that's me," Janet answered.

"Where is it?"

"In the library," said Janet, as she directed him inside the house.

He looked at the safe, turned the combination lock around a few times, and turned to Janet.

"Can you open it?" Janet asked.

"Sure, just have to get some tools. Have it open in no time," he smiled.

Janet watched from her desk, pretending to read her papers as he set up his tools then managed to open the safe in less than a half-hour.

He showed Janet how she could reset the combination, told her about the manufacturer, and she wrote a check for him. Janet was again left alone in the library, except the safe's open door both attracted and repelled her at the same time.

Taking a deep breath, Janet finally looked inside. The safe's door gave no indication just how big the interior really was. There were two shelves holding the contents. On one were some manila folders & envelopes.

But on the other, in chronological order were a series of date books, neatly beginning in 1980 and continuing to 1992. Janet removed the first volume, and opened it. There, in Erica's distinctive handwriting, was her diary.

The Diary of Alana Peters 1980

Janet's blood suddenly ran cold. Here was the answer to the question that she had posed to Stephanie a few times in the last couple of years. Would she ever know Erica's secrets?

Now Janet knew that the name that Erica had used when she had been in submission to Janet years ago had been her real one. A chill went though Janet as she suddenly wondered what else she would discover about Erica. If the first page contained a bombshell like Erica's real name and identity, what else did the Diaries contain?

Years ago, after Erica had departed, Janet had asked Stephanie if she would ever know Erica's secrets. Now she held Erica's diary in her hands, feeling as if Erica were again in the library with her.

"Be careful what you wish for in life," Janet said aloud, "you just might get it."

Janet closed the diary, her hands shaking. She felt like she was actually holding Erica in her hands, and she wanted to cry. Janet realized that she still loved Erica, or Alana, and always would. She clutched the book tightly in her hands, her skin turning white from the effort.

Replacing the book inside the safe, Janet decided that it was not time for her to read Erica's Diaries. No, that would have to be done in the quiet of the evening when she could be alone.

Even so, she looked at the spine of the book dated 1992, and another chill washed over her. For that was the year that she had asked her friend Sally to enliven her dull sex life, and had been introduced to Mistress Erica.

Janet resisted the temptation to reach out, and open the book and read what Erica might have written about her. How Janet had worshipped Erica! Erica had placed Janet into submission, used her body under the lash, and taken her sexually. But had never hurt or humiliated her, all the while teaching her how to be a proper Dominatrix, readying her for the competition with Tiffany.

Then Janet removed the Manila Folders, and found them full of Medical Records! Janet had expected bonds, or stocks. But Medical Records? She tried to read the doctors handwriting, but couldn't.

'Why can't doctors write like normal people?' Janet thought to herself.

Janet was startled by a sudden knock on the library door, and she looked at her watch.

"Enter," Janet directed.

"Lunch, Mistress?" asked Tina.

"Thank you, Tina, yes."

"In the kitchen, Mistress?"

"Yes, we have some reports to discuss. May as well make it a working lunch," suggested Janet.

"Yes, Mistress," answered Tina.

Janet replaced the records that she had found back in the safe, and locked the door, spinning the combination and double-checking that the safe was indeed locked. Erica's secrets were safe, for now.

Tina had prepared a lunch of salad, sandwiches, and they ate together at the kitchen table, making small talk together. Tina told her of entertaining her parents in New York, and the fun that they had. Janet in turn told her of serving Stephanie, how her body was now again marked.

"Did you enjoy yourself?" asked Tina.


"During my 'lease period' to Stephanie, I found her to be quite an exciting, sensual Mistress to serve," commented Tina.

"I'll tell her you said that," answered Janet, "perhaps you might want to be used by her again."

"Only after you use me first, Mistress Janet," replied Tina with a smile on her face.

"That can easily be arranged," Janet answered, a smile on her face.

In spite of their eating together, Janet and Tina did not discuss the reports, which remained unopened. Instead, Janet was glad to be home again, in her own house, with Tina. They discussed Tina's trip to New York, her caring for the Mansion, and other things.

"What was in the safe, Mistress?"

"Just some papers, Tina. Mistress Erica's papers."

"Are you going to read them?" asked Tina.

Janet pursed her lips together, her emotions raging. She had managed to contain them when she had locked the safe, but the thought of knowing more about Erica!

"Perhaps later. And for being such an insolent, curious slave I can guarantee that you'll be used today, Tina."

"Thank you, Mistress Janet. I've missed you for a week," said Tina, as she rose to clear away the dishes.

"And I've missed you too, Tina."

The kitchen clock chimed, and Janet saw it was 2PM. The day was just wasting away, and she wasn't getting anything done!

"Tina, I'm going to go into the library and work on that company report that's due tomorrow. Hold all my calls, please?" asked Janet.

"Yes, Mistress."

Janet rose and removed a can of soda from the fridge, then adjourned to the library. She opened her briefcase, and removed her papers, then started working. She was in charge of sales for a company department, and it was her job to co-ordinate the various campaigns. Her part-time status was made possible because she was really just assisting. But still, Janet was determined to prove that she could do her job, and she had asked everyone's advice both above and below her in the company. She wanted to show that she really earned the sizable paycheck that she was getting, not that she was there just because of Jessica.

She had started one year ago, and Janet finally knew her way around. Janet learned what her job was, and her suggestions were received and finally having an effect. It was gratifying to see the sales figures improve, how the others now welcomed her ideas.

Janet smiled when she thought of how strange it really was. No doubt the company gossip was that Jessica and Janet were lovers, and that Janet had merely been brought in because she was bedding the largest stockholder. Instead, she wondered what the company's gossips would think if they knew the truth that Jessica would be naked, and bound, with a ballgag in her mouth, at Janet's feet in submission to her!

She worked, writing down ideas, checking one company report after another, finally making her decision. Then she turned on the computer, and really started working, typing out her report. Janet was completely lost in thought, and didn't even see how the time passed.

Finally, the report was done. She transmitted a copy to work, since the meeting would be tomorrow, saved a copy both on the hard drive and 2 disks, then printed out a couple of copies on regular paper.

Janet realized that she had not even changed out of her business suit that she had donned at Stephanie's, that she could have worked in a jogging outfit. Or nothing at all.

"Mistress?" asked Tina from the doorway.

"Yes, Tina."

"Dinner is served," announced Tina.

"Thank you, Tina, your timing is excellent," said Janet as she glanced at her watch, "six o'clock! Why didn't you tell me earlier?" demanded Janet.

"Mistress, you were so involved in your work I didn't want to disturb you. Besides, you said that the report was due tomorrow, so I waited until you were finished."

"Thank you, Tina, you're right. Are we having a barbecue?" asked Janet.

"No, Mistress. Look outside," directed Tina.

Janet had been so wrapped up her work, so deep in concentration, she had failed to see that what had been a bright sunny day was now dark with storm clouds. A sudden gust of wind came through the open window, rustling some papers on the desk. In the distance, Janet saw a flash of light and seconds later, the sound of thunder.

"What's for dinner?" asked Janet.

"Fried Shrimp, Mistress."

"That will be quite nice," Janet answered as she closed the library windows and locked them, "and you shall be the dessert."

"Yes, Mistress," replied Tina.

Janet had dressed herself in one of the other bedrooms in a simple leather bra, skirt, and a pair of modest heels. Stephanie's marks would take some time to fade, and Janet remembered just how she felt when her friend had administered them.

Now, Janet was again Mistress. She admired her trim figure, kept that way through exercise. No extra pounds on her!

Janet entered her own bedroom, and kneeling naked on the carpet was Tina. She was outfitted in collar and bracelets, which Janet had locked on her earlier.

Seeing her submissive on the carpet made Janet's heart beat faster with desire. For the past week, she had been in submission to Stephanie and Camille. She had been used again as a slave. But now Janet was restored to the position that she had inherited from Mistress Erica. Janet was again in control of her own slave, and she wanted it to be a memorable night.

"Are you ready, Tina?" Janet asked.

"Yes, Mistress."

On the dresser was a collection of Janet's toys: riding crops, a short whip, straps, chains, a flogger, ballgags. She had selected them with great care from the Dungeon downstairs.

"Do you submit to me of your own free will, without coercion or duress?"

"Yes, Mistress Janet."

"That your body belongs to me?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"That you will obey me without question?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"What is your safeword, Tina?"

"Mercy, Mistress."

"Then we shall proceed," concluded Janet, "place yourself over the desk, slave," ordered Janet.

Tina rose and laid her torso down on the empty desk. Janet had ropes ready, and secured her arms and legs, coiling the ropes and finally adding a single cinch to bind Tina more closely to the desk's legs.

Janet noted that Tina's breaths were short, and she knew that Tina's heart was already beating fast with anticipation. After being Janet's slave for so long, she could read all of Tina's body language perfectly. Janet knew that Tina was aching with desire to be used by her Mistress.

Janet reached her hand forward and began to massage Tina's upraised bottom, feeling the warm skin (which was going to be a lot warmer before the night was over); and making Tina squirm with want. Then she reached between Tina's thighs, and found that Tina's sex was already engorged with blood, her pussy wet with her juices.

"Did you long for your Mistress?" sternly demanded Janet.

"Yes, Mistress Janet."

"Did you use any sex toys while I was gone, a dildo up your sex, perhaps?" asked Janet.

"Yes, Mistress," quickly answered Tina.

"In spite of my direct orders for you not to do so in my absence!"

"Yes, Mistress. Sorry Mistress! It's just that I..."

"If I want your answer, I'll ask for it," said Janet, "for being a disobedient slave, you shall bear the consequences."

Janet found the leather-covered paddle, one that would redden Tina's bottom nicely. She displayed it to Tina, then whacked it against her palm for effect a couple of times.

"How long since I last used the paddle on you, Tina?" Janet demanded.

"I don't know, Mistress."

"You should know. You should remember every time an instrument is used on you, so that you can report to your Mistress," stated Janet.

Janet smiled, remembering that after every session that they did with a submissive Janet and Tina quickly wrote down what instrument they used, how many strokes and their severity, and how long a session lasted. Also how the slave responded to discipline, and if the session was pleasing to them or not. All of that went into the slave's file, both so Janet knew how their training was progressing and if the submissive understood what was happening to them. Then Janet would make certain that they would have to write in their Journal their feelings about their submission.

Being a Dom involved a lot of paperwork!

"Did you desire me while I was with Mistress Stephanie?" Janet demanded.

"Yes, Mistress."

"Then your desires have been answered," replied Janet.

Thwack! Janet struck Tina's bottom with the paddle with a mild stroke, one that left a red imprint behind. Thwack! Janet struck Tina's other buttock. Thwack! Janet struck again.

"Thank you, Mistress!" Tina cried.




After a series of mild strokes, Janet would pause, only to begin again. Tina would moan and cry, and pull at the ropes tying her to the table. But Tina was tied quite tightly, and couldn't really move in her position.





Tina's bottom, which had been pink before, was now turning a deep shade of red as Janet continued her discipline. Janet glanced at Tina's face, and saw that Tina was smiling as each stroke was delivered.

When Janet had counted to twenty, she stopped.


"Thank you, Mistress Janet," cried Tina.

"Kiss the paddle," ordered Janet.

Janet offered the paddle to Tina, who kissed it as ordered. She then reached between Tina's reddened ass cheeks into her sex, making Tina squirm and moan.

"Wet, aren't you?" demanded Janet.

"Yes, Mistress," Tina answered.

Still standing behind Tina, Janet reached forward and took Tina's breasts in her hands. Janet began to pinch and fondle Tina's breasts, and finally located her erect nipples. Janet pinched them with a gradual and ever increasing pressure that made Tina moan in her captivity.

"Don't come!" ordered Janet.

"No, Mistress," moaned Tina in return.

"I am not finished yet," said Janet as she selected a riding crop with a leather pad at the tip.

Janet then started to deliver very mild strokes of the crop under Tina's arms, which barely marked her skin. The new strokes drove Tina ever wilder with desire, and she pulled at the ropes holding her.

"Mistress, please!" begged Tina.

"Not yet, slave," Janet ordered.

Janet continued using the crop on the back and inside of Tina's legs, where she knew that the skin was the most sensitive. Tina moaned with every stroke, even moving the table when Janet struck a particularly sensitive area.

"Enough with the crop!" stated Janet, as she offered it to Tina, who kissed it just as she had the paddle.

"Thank you, Mistress," cried Tina in response.

Janet began to loosen the ropes that bound Tina to the table. When all four had been released, Janet stepped backwards from her slave.

"You may rise, Tina," commanded Janet.

Tina slowly got to her feet, putting on her weight gradually before she stood erect.

"Thank you, Mistress," said Tina.

Since it was June, the bed now had a light summer quilt, which Janet had thrown backwards. On the night table was a dildo, a small riding crop and quirt.

"On the bed, Tina," Janet ordered.

"Yes, Mistress."

Janet locked Tina's collar to the chain hanging from the ringbolt set in the wall. Just the night before, Stephanie had done the same with Janet, after using her severely. In truth, Janet did not even need to dress up, but she wanted to. It was her turn again to wear her Domme outfits, instead of being a naked submissive.

"You will now serve me, slave," Janet commanded.

Janet unzipped her boots, undid her leather bra and skirt, and was promptly nude. She got on the bed, and opened her legs.

"Service your Mistress."

Tina placed her head between Janet's thighs and her tongue reached between the lips of Janet's labia, quickly arousing her. Then her tongue played with Janet's clit, making her moan with desire. Janet pressed her head back into the pillow as her sexual excitement quickly increased from Tina's attentions.

"Make me come!" Janet ordered.

Tina continued, thrusting her tongue inside Janet's sex, licking the walls of her Domme's sex, and making her moan with want. Janet bucked against the bed, her aching sex nearing climax.

"Aaaaah!" Janet cried as the sexual tension inside her was released in a series of powerful orgasms that left her breathing ragged. She bounced on the bed, with Tina still between her thighs. Gradually, the sensations subsided, and Janet regained her senses.

"Thank you, Tina," said Janet.

"You're welcome, Mistress."

"You may now lay down," ordered Janet.

"Yes, Mistress."

Tina now lay upon the bed, and opened her legs, even though she had not yet been ordered to. Janet picked up the dildo, and ran her hands over the plastic surface. The dildo was a flesh colored shaft about ten inches long, and Janet placed it between Tina's thighs at the entrance to her sex.

Tina arched her back to make the penetration easier, and Janet thrust the shaft within. Tina's sex was already wet with desire, and Janet had no trouble pushing the dildo inside, making Tina moan and shake.

"Have you missed me?" Janet demanded.

"Yes, Mistress," moaned Tina.

"Then I shall make you scream with pleasure, slave."

Janet thrust the dildo within, then partially removed and thrust it again and again within Tina's sex. Tina moaned with pleasure, then bounced on the bed as she quickly reached orgasm. Once she climaxed, Janet withdrew the dildo, and buried her face between Tina's legs.

Janet made love to Tina's sex, tonguing her labia and finally bringing her to climax again by stimulating her clit. She brought Tina one orgasm after another, making her scream her pleasure out in spasms of joy.

She moved up the bed, and enfolded Tina in her arms, passionately kissing her Tina after time. Janet tasted her own juices on Tina's lips, and Tina tasted herself on Janet's. Hugging and kissing her slave, they warmed each other up, sweating in the summer heat.

When they finished, Janet looked at the clock. It was after midnight, the bed and sheets were a mess and sticky with their sweat. Janet fell asleep after Tina, a smile of contentment on her face.

Part Two: The Challenge

Friday June 5, 1998

The next morning, Janet unlocked Tina's collar. They showered together quickly, since Janet had to get to work. After a fast breakfast, Janet dressed in her blue business suit, got her case from the library, and was off to work.

Her job at Xylex did not demand a lot of her time, unless she was working on a special project or report. When she arrived at the company, her secretary had copied the report as ordered, so Janet would make her presentation on time.

The meeting was brief and to the point. Janet delivered the report and her findings, made her suggestions, and everything was done by noon. The other executives removed their papers from the desk as the meeting broke up, and Janet prepared to check in her office, then leave for the day.

"Janet?" asked Ronald Jarvis, the company president.

"Yes, Ron."

"Could you stay for a moment, please?" he asked.

"Sure," Janet answered, not moving from her seat as the others left.

Janet studied Ron's face, wondering what he wanted. Was she going to get canned again?

"Janet," he said when they were alone, "you've done a fine job here. I admit that I was a little skeptical of the way you were brought on board, but you've proven yourself."

"Thank you," Janet answered.

"Which is why I'd like to expand your position to full time. You'll get a bigger office, a car, an expense account, and travel too. You've earned it."

"Thank you, Ron, but no. I have to refuse, I'm sorry," Janet said in reply.

"But why?"

"Ron, I don't need the money, I'm quite well set in life. I have something else in life that occupies most of my time, so this is a nice change of pace for me, really. But I don't want one to impact on the other."

"The job is always open, if you want it," he said, disappointment clearly evident on his face.

"Thank you," Janet answered.

They left the boardroom together, making small talk. Janet checked in with her secretary, did some minor paperwork, and was off the premises by two PM.

Driving back to the estate, with her briefcase on the car's floor, Janet wondered just how Ron might react if he knew that one of the company's stockholders, Jessica Danvers, was Janet's slave. Just before her vacation to Stephanie, Jessica had stayed over for two days. Jessica had been naked, collared, and kneeling on the floor with a ballgag in her mouth, waiting to serve her Mistress.

Now that was a thought!

Later that evening, after doing her Domme work at home, Janet changed into a modest designer dress. Then she picked up Jessica at her home, and they drove together to the fundraiser.

The Cultural Center was a place for artwork, concerts, and book readings. As a member of Greenwich society, Janet had contributed. Now, she was expected to make an appearance.

Janet recognized some of the people there from the newspapers, and Jessica could identify almost everyone there. In her position as a Domme, Janet had kept a low profile in Greenwich. She was polite when introduced, and when someone tried to draw her into conversation she politely answered a few questions and moved on.

She was known as the woman who had inherited the Riken Estate, and little else. Janet was determined to keep it that way, which was why her job was so important as a cover story.

After an hour and a half, with the band playing in the background, Janet was about to seek out Jessica and suggest that they leave. Janet did not have any sessions planned for tonight, so she wanted just to sleep. She got a drink from a passing waiter, and stood, alone for a moment.

"Janet Davis?" asked a female voice, behind her.

"Yes," Janet answered, turning to face the woman.

Her companion was a smartly dressed woman in a designer gown, which Janet had glimpsed twice in the last hour. She was in her thirties, with an attractive figure (Janet undressed every woman with her eyes), black hair, a pretty face with high cheekbones, and red lips.

"Could I speak to you privately?" she asked.

"I'm really just about to leave," Janet replied as she sipped at her drink.

"It's about a business and personal matter."

"What can I do for you?" asked Janet, ready to give the woman Blanca's number, and let her lawyer warn this person off.

"My name is Cheryl Branford. Here is my card," she said, pressing it into Janet's hand, "read the front and back."

On the front was Cheryl's name and phone number. On the back, neatly typed, were the words:

Mistress Janet Davis, I know all about you.

If you wish to remain a Mistress,

I want to be trained as your slave.

Else I will expose you.

Janet's blood ran cold when she read the words, even though it was quite warm. The sweat on her back suddenly turned to ice.

"Do we understand each other?" asked Cheryl.

"Is this some kind of joke?" Janet asked.

"No joke," answered Cheryl, "I'm deadly serious."

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"Let's not play games, Mistress," Cheryl softly replied.

"What do you want, money?" asked Janet, suddenly afraid of blackmail.

"It's not money that I'm after, Mistress. I'll even give you the usual gift that your other affluent slaves bestow on you. I want to be trained by you, no other Mistress will do."

"This isn't how I work," Janet answered.

"Then you'll just have to learn to accept me, Mistress. Unless you want me to expose you as a Dominatrix in public and face the embarrassment. You have my number, call me to arrange a schedule. I'll be waiting. You have a week, do you understand?"

"Yes," Janet answered.

"Lastly, you must not tell Mistress Blanca Sanchez or Mistress Stephanie Richards about me, or have me investigated in any way. I shall tell you this again in a package that I will have delivered to your house on Monday morning."


"That's for me to know, Mistress Janet. I'll expect your call in the next few days."

With the threat still in the air, Cheryl walked away, just in time for Jessica to suddenly appear at her side.

"Janet?" asked Jessica, "are you alright? You look like you've seen a ghost."

"No. Please drive me home, Jessica. I don't feel very well."

"Yes, Mistress," answered Jessica softly.

Later than evening, after Janet had tried to sleep, she awoke at 2 AM. Her sleep had been filled with nightmares, which made her feel even worse. Tina had slept in her own room, and had not asked Janet what was wrong when she locked herself in her bedroom sobbing.

Janet put on a light robe and slippers, and walked down to the kitchen for a drink. After a glass of water, she went to the library, and poured a large sherry.

"Now what?" Janet asked herself.

Janet walked to the wall safe, unlocked the wooden panel, then opened the safe itself. She removed the first of Erica's Diaries, then seated herself behind the desk. Taking a deep breath and a swallow of sherry, she opened it to the first page, and began to read...

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