The Chair

by Chris Powell

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© Copyright 2005 - Chris Powell - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; bond; breathplay; toys; cons; X

Here he was, tied tight in a chair in the basement. He did not know for how long. She had caught him as he came into the house. He was quickly handcuffed and told to hold still. A blind fold was placed over his eyes and a ball gag was forced into his mouth. His pants and underwear was pulled off and he felt scissors cutting his shirt free. He was nude with his hands handcuffed behind him. A collar was placed around his neck and locked.

Something was tied to the collar and he was told to walk as he felt something pulling on his collar. Then he was told that there was steps ahead, be slow and careful. He felt her hold him from behind and he stepped down the first step then the next. It took a few minutes but he finally reached the bottom. She turned him to his right and lead him across the floor.

“Stop!”she said, he then felt a rope being placed around his waist and pulled down between his legs, but not pulled tight. She told him to bend over and he did. She lubed his anal area good and then he felt the anal plug being pushed into him, he moaned as it entered him. She said, “Stand up” and she pulled the rope around his waist and through his legs tight. He moaned again as the plug was forced deeper into him. She unlocked the handcuffs and he heard her pull a chair over.

“Sit,” she said. He sat and the plug was forced even deeper into him. She turned the remote on for the anal plug and it started inside him. He moaned again into the gag. She started be tying his wrists together then pulling his elbows as tight together as she could, she wrapped cord both above and below his elbows.

Next was his waist and chest. She wrapped rope around his upper body and pulled it tight, with each wrap. He was not moving when she finished. She moved to his head and placed ear plugs in his ears. She then wrapped bondage tape over his gag and over the blindfold sealing it all in. Next she move to his ankles. She pulled them to each side of the chair and tied them to the legs. She then roped his knees tight. Next came the nipple clips. She placed a clip on each nipple the kind that when you pull on them they get tighter.

She tied something to the chain and then pulled it and tied it off on something. It pulled the clips on his nipples and they got tighter. He yelped a little as she tightened them a little more. Then she touched his shaft. He moaned at the touch. She rubbed it with her fingers, making him excited. It grew and grew. Finally he was nearing orgasm and she stopped. He moaned into the tight gag. She pushed the plug into his shaft and sealed it with tape. It was not coming out.

Next she placed two vibrators next to his shaft and taped it all to the chair seat between his legs. Last she placed a small egg vibrator right on that special spot under the tip of his shaft, she knew it would drive him crazy. She was finished for how and turned on the vibrators. He jumped as they came to life.

"Enjoy yourself!" she said as she pulled the nipple clamps and left.

So here he sat in the chair in the basement. The vibrators driving him crazy but not being able to finish because of the plug inside of him. Dry orgasm after dry orgasm took his body. Each time pulling on the nipple clips and making them tighter.

She returned but he did not hear her. She took pictures from several angles. She pulled the nipple rope and he yelped. He knew she was their now. She removed the tape and vibrators from his hard shaft. Now she had to work fast. She had a surprise for him. She placed a plastic bag over his head and tapped it closed around his neck. Now all the air he had was in the bag.

She started to work his shaft with her hand and mouth, his breathing increased and the air in the bag was being used up. He was close and then he came and came, one of the most powerful orgasms he had ever had. She was ready and caught his cum in a pair of her used panties. She untied the bag and then unwrapped his head. She removed the gag but left the blindfold and ear plugs in place. He caught his breath and finally settled down. She ask him if he was ok and he said yes.

She retrieved the panties and stuffed them into his mouth. He could taste her juices and his own. She placed the ball gag over top the panties and pulled it tight into his mouth. Then she rewrapped it and the blindfold with bondage tape. She unclipped his nipples from the nasty nipple clips, he moaned. He felt closepins being placed on his body. Up his legs and sides to his neck then back down the other side. Up his arms and back down. All over his stomach and over his nipples. Last he felt them being placed on his balls. Then she placed hair clips on his shaft. Again his shaft was taped down to the chair and vibrators placed next to it. They pushed into the hair clips. She turned them on, but did not plug him this time.

She said, “Cum as many times as you can, I will be back soon.” She took some pictures and went up stairs and he moaned into the gag as the first orgasm over took him.

She was gone for about half-hour. He did not hear her return. She touched the closepins and he knew she was there. She played her hands over them as he moaned into the gag. Slowly she began to remove them one by one. They hurt like hell and he yelped into the gag. Finally after about 15 minutes she had the clips removed. Last she removed the tape, vibrators and atlast the hair clips.

He felt something being again wrapped around his shaft and the plug being put back in. The shaft was again taped back down and vibrators taped in place. She turned them on high and said, “I am leaving you like this for a while. I have some shopping to do. Enjoy yourself!”

With that she left going upstairs. He is not sure how long he had been left this time. She was gone for a long time. His arms were hurting and he was spent having dry orgasm after dry orgasm. He needed to cum really bad. Finally she returned and untied him. As soon as he was free he took her in his arms and lead her upstairs. He lay her on the bed and made love to her. God he loved this woman and thanked God for sending her to him. His love only grows for her and their little games draw them closer together each time.


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