The Cell

by Scudder28

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Storycodes: M/f; D/s; collar; naked; cuffs; cupboard; gag; toys; insert; torment; forced-climax; reluct/cons; X

Her back chat and defiance was starting to really piss him off. He had tried punishing her by spanking her bare arse from time to time. Though as much as she complained he was sure she was beginning to rather enjoy this form of discipline. Possibly even wearing the bruises the next day as some kind of bizarre trophy. Though even if that was indeed the case surely she was struggling at work sitting on such a sore arse. He wondered if her work colleagues were noticing her flinch each time she sat down on a chair. He certainly hoped so as humiliation was one form of punishment she truly hated.

Half way through the day her phone vibrated. It was a text from him ... He who must be obeyed ... she laughed to herself. It read "This evening when I get home from work I expect you in your black dress, stockings, boots and certainly NO knickers. Wear you hair down and put a little makeup on. We are going out to dinner somewhere nice". Oh really she muttered to herself, good fucking luck with that. She was certainly not a girlie girl and loathed skirts and dresses. And for leaving the house wearing no knickers ... not a bloody chance. 

Later that evening as usual she was home before him. The text message now long forgotten. She decided to run a bubble bath to help escape the pressures of her working day. The job and employer from hell she would describe the place to her friends. After turning off the taps she disappeared into the bedroom to get undressed and find her dressing gown and slippers. 

He walked into the house expecting to find her ready to leave for their dinner date. It had in fact been a good while since they had gone out for a nice meal together. She was no where to be seen downstairs, so he went upstairs to see what the hold up was. There she was sat on the bed in a dressing gown chatting to a friend on the phone. "Oh grumpy is home I had better go, as he will be expecting his tea and I haven't even got in the bath yet" he heard her sarcastically mutter down the phone. 

With her back to him she was just reaching to put the phone onto its cradle. When all of a sudden a thick leather collar was forced around her neck. She had worn it a few times, when they had played in the bedroom but only to keep him happy. When he wanted to play Master and slut fantasies. Before she could do anything she felt the buckle fastened in place. But unlike any other time there was an addition deep "click" sound. He had fastened a heavy padlock through the buckle preventing her from undoing it. She started to complain and struggle with the collar but he just stood still and looked at her. Before too long she realised the collar was staying put. This resulted in her unleashing a verbal assault on him which he just took. When she had finally run out of breath and become quiet he made his move. 

He walked up to his foul mouthed bad tempered bitch and put several fingers through the D ring on the front of her secured collar. Turning to face away from her he started to walk out of the bedroom. Of course she had no choice but to follow, his fingers and ultimately the collar around her neck forcing her to practically run to keep up. Down the stairs they went and through the living room, kitchen and on into the conservatory. It was still daylight when they stepped into the conservatory. She was so glad she still had the dressing gown fastened around her waist to hide her modesty. There were no blinds or curtains over the windows so all the neighbours could see in if they wanted to, just as the thought about the dressing gown had entered her mind, he tugged at the belt holding it in place. She wanted to speak and shout ... No !!! But the words just wouldn't leave her mouth. There she stood completely naked except for the padlocked collar around her neck. 

He opened the conservatory door out into the garden. Placing his fingers back into the D ring on the front of the collar he again guided her in the direction he wanted them to go. She could try and resist but she knew he was much stronger than her. Outside they went and down the side of the house. As least the house provided some cover she thought, not as though they had walked out into the garden itself. At this point she noticed the breeze against her body. Her nipples immediately stood to attention. He noticed and had a smug evil grin on his face. But it was the cold air against her pussy she noticed the most. They had reached the door to the former coal bunker, or the cupboard under the stairs. The door being on the outside of the house not the inside like most other people. 

There was no padlock on the door, she remembered he had been clearing it out over the weekend and must have forgotten to put it back. He opened the door wide and pressed the switch to put the light on. She noticed all the clutter had indeed gone and the cupboard was empty. She had never paid much attention to this space under the stairs, though now noticed there was more than enough space for someone to be able to stand up in there. Suddenly she was pushed through the door and forced to stand side on with her back against the wall. The bare brick work felt rough against her equally bare back and buttocks. He reached behind her head and fastened something to the rear D ring on her collar. When she tried to move her head she couldn't, it was secured in place. All of a sudden she become scared very scared. Without her even realising her wrists had been also secured to the wall either side of her head. 

He stood back a little to survey his handy work. She looked him straight in the eyes. Then she swore ... "You bastard !!"

"Really", he said, "don't you think your in enough trouble already without further pushing your luck? Well you have only brought this on yourself my dear!"

As she opened her mouth to further complain he took his chance and forced a ball gag into her foul mouth. He secure the ball gag behind her head as tightly as he could. "No need to be annoying the neighbours this evening", he said to no one particular. Now he knelt down and tried to part her legs slightly, but she fought him refusing to part them. He slapped the thigh on her right leg several times and she relented. He placed a cuff around her ankle and clipped it to a ring on the wall. The process was repeated with her left leg as well. This time she gave no resistance fearing having him slap her bare legs again. 

So she was stood in the under stairs cupboard, secured in place unable to move and unable to draw attention to her situation due to the ball gag. Could this get any worse she thought. Well ... yes it could in fact. 

He was still knelt down between her legs but what was he doing. Because of the way the collar was secured to the wall she couldn't actually look down to see. What she hadn't noticed when being put in the cupboard was the ground plate secured to the floor. He was now screwing something in place to the ground plate. It was a pole that could be adjusted to different heights. Right now adjust its height was exactly what he was doing. All of a sudden she felt something solid pushing against the opening to her pussy. Her immediate reaction was to push herself up onto her toes trying to escape this invader. He laughed, that was exactly what he had wanted. Now he further adjusted the height of the pole upwards. On the end of the pole was fitted a large vibrator now just entering her pussy by say several inches. 

As he stood up he reached for something hanging at eye level on the other side of the cupboard, in fact the underside of their stair case itself. It was a black box with some buttons on. Holding it so she could see it he asked if she could guess what it was. Oh she could guess what it was okay. There are five speed settings on that vibrator ... 1 being the slowest and 5 the fastest.

"So how shall we decide what setting my dear? I know", he said, "shall we go with what week of the month it is. So eeerrrmmm oh this is a five week month and we are at the start of the last week. So it's only fair I press number five on the remote".

He immediately pressed the number 5 and she flinched feeling the vibrator kick in. Though not the full effect as she was still standing up on her toes. He gave her a kiss and said, "You won't be able to stay on your toes for much longer. Sooner or later, I am guessing sooner, your legs will give in. And your going to drop back to your flat feet, meaning that large mean vibrator is going to come into full effect. Your going to be impaled with that invader firmly deep in your cunt". With that laughing he placed the remote back on the nail in her full view. Then left the cupboard, shut the door and went back in the house to open a beer and watch the football. 

It could be worse she thought, at least I am not left in the dark. Just then the light gradually faded and she was left in the dark. He had fitted a dimmer switch over the weekend, the control being on the other side of the cupboard wall in the kitchen. It was at this point her legs did give in and her body weight forced the vibrator deep into her already dripping cunt. Eeerrrmmm and other such mutters were coming from behind the ball gag for no one particular to hear. 

Having watched the full football match and post analysis a good two hours must have now elapsed. He stepped into the kitchen and turned the dimmer switch but only a small way. 'No need to blind her' he thought, 'what with all the other sensation she must have been going through in her own private cell'.

Slow and as quietly as possible he opened the coal bunker door. Gazing in he saw his partner, or was she now to be considered a tortured slut, stood in a virtual trance. Tears streaming down her face her eyes looked all puffy and sore. Next he immediately looked down at her cunt which looked like it had been doing its own considerable amount of crying as well. The tops of her legs were soaking wet, and the smell in the air of her sex brought that evil grin again to his face. 

Reaching out slowly he gently stroked her face. This seemed to snap her out of her trace. She saw him though blinking due to the light she had only just become aware of. As she looked him in the eye complete fear over came her, mutterings and more crying followed. For tonight at least this girl was completely broken with no fight or ounce of sarcasm left in her. 

Reaching for the remote he switched off the vibrator still deep in her now extremely, he expected, sore cunt. She didn't even notice her body still shaking against the restraints holding her in place. Kneeling down he undid the pin holding the pole at its current height setting. She took a deep intake of breath as she felt the vibrator pulled out of its hiding place for the last two hours plus. He now stood up and just looked at her in this sorry state.

"So ... do you now wish you had followed the text message I sent you slut?"

There was a muttering sound and a strained attempt at a nod from this shell of a women in front of him. He knelt back down and removed the cuffs from both of her legs. Putting an arm around her ready to take her weight he undid the wrist restraints from the wall. All that was now left keeping this poor creature in the coal bunker, or would it forever now be known as the cell, was the restraint through the D ring on the rear of the collar. Removing this she feel forward but he was ready to take her weight. 

He walked her back in to house and placed her on the large sofa in the conservatory, where the dog normally slept in fact. After undoing and removing the ball gag he walked towards the kitchen to get her a glass of water. On his return she had curled up in the foetal position on the sofa. He undid the padlock and placed it on the floor. But when he tried to undo the buckle on the collar she some how managed to mutter the word "No", and shock her head slightly.

Confused he sat back on the floor to look at his partner now closing her eyes and apparently falling asleep. After sitting in silence for perhaps 10 -15 mins he got up and found an old blanket stored in a box in the conservatory. He threw it over her not wanting her to wake with a cold. As he started to turn to walk away she reached out and weakly grab his arm.  

"Thank you Sir ... !! "


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