The Cage

by Jenny Bonici

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© Copyright 2006 - Jenny Bonici - Used by permission

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My Punishment for Running Late

The Background

Both Mandi and I had now left college and as I had got a job in the far western suburbs I had moved out of the apartment we had shared near the University. We remained the best of friends and both were still regulars at the bondage club in the City. However, for one reason or another, neither of us had been along to the club for a few weeks. This week I was determined to go so I phoned Mandi to see if she wanted to go too. She said yes but needed a lift as her car was in getting a few dents fixed. I told her I'd pick her up about nine.

Well, that was the idea. But, as you will see, I was late and things didn't quite work out the way I had planned.

I just couldn't wait to get home that Friday evening. I was annoyed that I had to work later than usual. It's always the same when you want to get away a bit early. I hurried down to the station; it was spitting with rain and I hadn't brought an umbrella. I had missed my usual train and had to wait about 20 minutes for the next one. The train trip seemed to take forever but eventually it pulled into the local station. It was only a 10-minute walk to our apartment from there. It was about twenty past eight when I slipped the key into the lock and went in; glad to be in the warm and out of the drizzling rain. I took off my damp coat and went into the kitchen.

I made myself a cup of coffee and cooked an omelette. I was starving. I glanced through the paper as I ate. I glanced at the clock - it was nearly 8.45. I hadn't realised that it was as late as that. I'd better get ready real quick. I had to change as girls get into the club for free if they are wearing fetish clothes. I decided to put on a long Victorian satin skirt with ruffles and a tight bodice. I couldn't find my black stockings ' they were in the drawer somewhere. At last they turned up. I muttered to myself that if I slowed down a bit I'd probably get ready quicker. I'd got a pair of high-heeled Victorian-style ankle boots to go with the rest of the gear – but they seemed to take for ever to lace up.

At last I was ready. I checked myself in the mirror. Where did I put my black bag? Now, where are the car keys? Gawd, it was twenty past ten already, I'd better phone Mandi and tell her I'm running late. After searching all over the apartment I realised that I must have left the keys in the front door. Ah-ha, found at last. Now turn out the lights, check that the stove is off, lock the door and go and get Mandi. Oh, I'd better go back and get my long topcoat and an umbrella as was still drizzling with rain. At last I turned the key in the ignition and finally started off towards Mandi's place.

I know why they didn't have cars in the middle of the 19th century – it was not easy to drive in the clothes they wore then. However, this gear was always a hit at the club so the effort was probably worthwhile. I pulled up outside Mandi's place and tooted the horn. Mandi came bustling out. "I'd given you up for dead." Well I was about 40 minutes late. The traffic was chaotic and an accident in the main street did nothing to speed it up. By the time we had parked and walked round to the club it was well after ten thirty .

"Hello, better late than never." Cindy called out from behind the front desk as she hung up our coats. "Go on through. The party is already in full swing." There seemed to be more folk than usual crowded into the long softly lit room.

We hadn't been in the room for more than a couple of minutes when Jacques, who was the driving force behind the club, came over with a couple of girls – big Liz in a leather outfit and red-headed Paula in a purple latex cat suit. "You two are late, very late. You know what that means don't you! You'll have to be punished. Get all your gear off – the girls will help you." He signalled to the Liz and Paula to take over. "Make a good job of it" he called out as he set off back to join a group in another room.

"We'll do you first" said Liz, pointing at me. "Get that gear off – and, Paula, you put these cuffs on Mandi." She tossed a pair of police handcuffs over to Paula who quickly had Mandi's wrists manacled to a ring set high in the wall. I didn't see much of what happened to Mandi after that as the girls hustled me off to the far end of the room.

I was now stark naked and a leather single glove was being tugged up over my arms and the straps pulled across my shoulders to be buckled at the back. After the girls were satisfied that the lacing and straps were as tight as they would go it was time for a fat penis gag to be pushed between my teeth. It was huge and completely filled my mouth. Its wide black strap covered my face from my chin to my nose. The leather posture collar they buckled round my neck pushed my chin up forcing the gag strap tighter against my face. I "Hmmmmphed" in protest but the only response that I got was for Liz to call out. "On your knees, you're going in there." She pointed to a heavy steel cage about 3 feet long, 2 feet wide and about the same height. Paula pushed me down to the floor and into the cage. Once in she lifted up the end and locked it shut.

It was a tight fit in there but I wasn't prepared for what was to come. First they strapped my ankles to bars at the sides of the cage so that my legs were spread with my asshole and pussy in full view. Then they attached the D ring at the end of the glove to a bar at the top of the cage with a snap link. This forced my head down so that my face was on the floor of the cage. I heard Liz say, "We'd better give her some support."

With that they pushed a steel bar through the side of the cage and between my encased arms and my back and out the other side. My face was now a couple of inches above the floor. However they then put a strap under my chest above my tits and buckled this through the bars at the top of the cage. This lifted my head up further and to some extent supported me, but now I found that I could hardly move my body at all. As a final touch, the jaws of a couple of clamps closed over my nipples and from these dangled small weights that swung any time I made the slightest move.

The girls walked round the cage to admire their handiwork. "Now for your punishment" said Liz. I thought that this was punishment enough, but I was wrong, for the pair of them had other ideas. I had already gathered quite a crowd of onlookers, all of which seemed to be offering suggestions.

It was several minutes before I felt warm fingers working a lubricant into my asshole and pussy. But even then I was not fully prepared for what was to follow. A fat rigid dildo gradually pushed into my pussy. Further, further and still further until it would go no more. It felt huge. I tried to wriggle my ass to see if I could get it in a more comfortable position. It was then that I realised that they had clamped it firmly to the bars at the end of the cage. They did likewise with a smaller, thinner plug that they pushed up my ass. I was now even more rigidly secured. The posture collar even restricted the movement of my head. How long was I to stay like this? How long could I stand this punishment? It was then Paula got two of the boys over to lift the cage with me inside on to a table so that everyone could get a better view. There I was going to stay for another hour or more.

Finally I felt that great fat dildo being eased from my pussy. At least that was some relief. But my pussy was soon the centre of attention for a buzzing, whirring vibrator. First my clit got the attention, then slowly down between my lips, then back to my clit. I was getting hotter and wetter. Now it buzzed its way round my nipples, but always it returned to my clit. I was aching to come but I was being played by an expert – just building up towards an orgasm before backing off. At last it slid into me, thrusting in and out of my thankful sex-piece. My body shuddered - I came. The drool leaked out round the sides of my gag.

My body was covered in sweat. Still the dildo thrust in and out. My whole body was screaming for it to stop. I came again, far weaker this time. I think that I may even have come once more if the batteries hadn't run down and the shaft was eased out of me for the last time. "You want some more? Shall I put some new batteries in and start over?" Liz asked, waving the dripping dildo in front of my face. I tried as best I could to say no.

Now the butt plug was removed. This time my asshole got attention from a thin buzzing probe that went so deep inside me that I was afraid it might appear in my throat and hit my gag. After just having a double orgasm, a probe up your asshole is not the most pleasurable experience. Paula thought the same for half way through the 'treatment' she said, "This ain't meant to be fun – it's just to make sure that you don't complain that we missed anything out."

At last this 'treatment' came to an end and the wriggling, vibrating probe slid from my asshole. But my 'treatment' was not over as both plugs, with new batteries, were pushed into me, clamped to the bars of the cage and then turned up to full power.

"I'll come and release you when the batteries run out. Till then entertain the audience and have fun." With that Paula turned and left the room. After what seemed like an eternity, and cumming a couple more times, the fat dildo in my pussy fell still.

Not long after the batteries powering plug in my asshole died as well. By now I was in a daze and had completely lost track of time. Then I felt the straps being undone and the door of the cage being unlocked. One of the girls helped me out and on to my feet, adding, "Come on, let's get you to the bathroom and clean you up." I "Hmmmmphed" and tried to indicate that I was still gagged and my arms were still gloved behind me but all I got was; "Tough titties, we ain't taking them off." With that Paula, who seemed to have taken a fancy to me, marched me off to the bathroom. As I walked the weights still dangling from my tits swung from side to side. "We'd better get those off, they must be getting a bit painful" said Paula as she unclipped first one then the other. The pain was even worse now as the blood rushed back into my nipples.

After relieving myself, Paula took great pains to make sure that every part of me was thoroughly cleaned. With strict instructions that if I didn't stand still and take what was coming to me, she would repeat my session in the cage, she proceeded to use her tongue to make sure that my nipples, clit and pussy were really clean. She was really turned on by this and was masturbating herself as her tongue probed inside me. I found myself getting hot again but then she came. "Come back to my place tonight, we can do this all weekend" she pleaded. I shook my head as much as the collar would allow but at that time I was in no position to resist so I could just end up at her place. When she had again made sure that I was clean, she slapped my ass and said, "Go back in the room and see if Liz will release you. Then we can go back to my place." I hurried back into the crowd.

The crowd had thinned quite a lot by now, but Liz was nowhere to be seen - neither was Mandi. I wandered round, several of the crowd said that they liked my performance and I should come late every week, but none of them offered to remove to gag or glove. Then I saw Jacques head above a group of people at the far end of the room. But when I got nearer I realised that he was not going to be much good as he was securely tied to an A-frame while members of the group to turns at whipping his ass.

Whilst I stood there watching, Liz reappeared. "Like watching a whipping?" she asked. I nodded as much as my collar would allow. "Good." she replied. "Cos your pretty ass hasn't had the pleasure of a good whipping yet." With that she dragged me over to a whipping horse and started to strap me to it. First a strap went round my waist pulling my body down on to the cold leather of the horse. Then she strapped my knees and ankles to the legs. As these were a little way under the top of the horse, my thighs were now pulled forward, which had the effect of tightening the skin across the cheeks of my ass. It was tightened even more when she attached a rope to the D-ring at the end of my glove and raised my hands and arms up out of the way. She carefully selected her weapon. "Ah, this should do for the first course" she said as she picked out an evil looking cat-o-nine-tails. I felt its leather thongs softly caress my ass; then 'thwack' the first stinging blow cut across my ass. Why had I indicated that I liked watching Jacques being whipped? Soon my cheeks were as red as his. Then the lash fell silent. It's over I thought. Again I was wrong.

Mandi, who I later found out had been released some time earlier, had come into the room. "You want to pay her back for being late and making you suffer?" Liz asked. "Sure do. Pass that riding crop." Mandi replied. "I'm going to enjoy this. 40 minutes late, that's 40 strokes." I shuddered at the thought. Whack, the first stroke stung both cheeks. The next hit the left side, the next the right and so on, all the time counting – "24, 25, 26 … 38, 39." Then a pause. Then one last almighty Thwack, "40."

The girls left me there for a while to recover before Mandi came back. This time she was fully dressed. She was carrying a jar full of ice cubes. "This will cool you down a bit and take out some of the sting in your tail." The first handful of ice hit my skin. It was worse than the lashes. She was thoroughly enjoying getting her own back and was determined to make my punishment last as long as ever.

"It's 4.30 and we're two of the last here. We should be thinking of making tracks home." She released me from the horse. Again I tried to indicate that she should take off my gag, collar and glove, but she too completely ignored me. "Come on let's get your things." My ass still stung, it must have looked like a cherry. I followed her out to where Liz was chatting to Cindy at the front desk.

"Put this on, it's cold and wet outside." said Liz putting my topcoat over my shoulders and doing up the buttons. "And you'd better put your shoes on too. Sit down I'll lace them up." While she did so, Mandi picked up the rest of my clothes and got my car keys out of my bag. "Come on, you don't want to be late again. I'm driving this time." It was obvious that Mandi was not going to release me until she thought fit. Liz turned up the collar of my coat. "That'll keep you a bit warmer – and folk outside won't notice your collar and gag quite so much." "Drop the bondage gear back after the weekend." Liz called out as I trooped down the steps behind Mandi and we set off back to the car.

We drove back the Mandi's place. "Come in for a coffee." I was in no position to say no. Once inside in the warm she took off my coat and went into the kitchen to get the coffee. "Oh, I forgot, you can't drink coffee like that. I'll save yours until tomorrow when the gag comes off." I flopped down into a large armchair.

"You must be exhausted after a long day at work" said Mandi with a smile after she had downed her coffee. I was - not only exhausted but my bum was sore and both my pussy and my asshole ached and felt as if they had been permanently enlarged. "You can have the bed in the spare room, it's already made up and you'll like the cool, sensuous feel of the smooth satin sheets". She even attached a length of chain from the ring on my collar to the centre of the brass bed head, as she said, "Just to make sure that I didn't fall out."

It was going to be a long weekend. But that's another story.

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