The Bazaar

by Archionus

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© Copyright 2020 - Archionus - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f+; enslave; trick; kidnap; bond; latex; catsuit; rope; tape; gag; collar; whip; training; oral; toys; reluct; nc; XXX

Day 1

Somewhere in the middle east, there is a legendary bazaar of great trade. In this bazaar, anything and everything could be traded for money. It was under no jurisdiction of any country. It only had two laws: 1. Once a deal was made you could not break it by any means, not even death. 2. Everyone must be true to their word and must honor the deal that was agreed upon. If these two simple rules were broken both the dealer and the buyer were killed. This allowed for a simple and effective way for everyone to keep true to the code of a trade.

On the border of the bazaar, a bus had arrived full of tourists who wanted to visit this strange and bizarre place. One of these groups of tourists was the group of friends Jessica, Katy, Alex, Eliza, Andrea, Mike, David, and James.

“Wow, this is such an amazing place! Look at all the decorations and colorful streets.” Jessica said with a big joyful smile. All the others agreed and were excited to explore the giant trade complex with its narrow streets, colorful market stalls and curving paths. They went right into the main street and were amazed by all the goods they saw. Anything from normal food and drinks to bizarre items like drugs, BDSM clothes, guns, and exotic animals. They walked past a shop where a man called for them to take a look at his warehouse of 'mind-boggling goods.” They followed the man and were surprised by his shop. In it was every kind of drug there was, all legally sold in the bazaar. Mike, David, and Andrea bought some weed and XTC pills for later use and they continued on their journey.

Eliza - a slender green-eyed girl with dark brown hair and pale skin that stood 170cm tall and always had this innocent, almost childish look with her lightly freckled face and young appearance - was wondering why they even bothered to buy this stuff.

“It's for fun,” her friends had said, “you should try it sometime!” She thanked them for their generosity and politely declined their offer. “Your choice Lizz,” Andrea had said.

After they came to the first big plaza they didn't know where to go next, so David said they should go and explore and meet up here in 30 minutes. All of them agreed and split up into different groups. Eliza and her best friend Alex both went straight to the nearest food stall and took a look around. Alex was always a true friend to Eliza, their friendship was from all the way back to primary school. Alex was a redhead with white skin and a lot of freckles all over her face and body. She was five centimeters taller than Eliza and had a more adult look than Eliza. Both of them were just 19 years old. They both loved trying out new foods and tried all the foods they could at the food market.

Meanwhile, Andrea, David, and Mike went straight for the weapons section of the market. Andrea always seemed like a real gold digger to Eliza. She was blond with blue eyes and had an athletic body, she usually wore skimpy clothes that complimented her curves. David and Mike were always with her like they were her bodyguards or something. They were pretty big assholes sometimes. They too had athletic bodies, all of them trained together 5 times a week. Sometimes Eliza wondered why she even was friends with them. They really weren't that nice to her sometimes. But fortunately, they did know how to throw a party.

At the same moment Jessica, Katy, and James went to a funny looking stall with all kinds of souvenirs and objects. Jessica and Katy were both beautiful girls with All the right curves in all the right places. One was blond and the other had brown hair. James usually stuck with them but sometimes he went with Eliza. Eliza never knew what James' intentions were. He was always quiet and never said all that much. He was probably just a bit shy, just like Eliza sometimes was when she was with people of the other sex.

Everyone had a ton of fun in their own way and came back on the meeting spot, except for James, who was nowhere to be found. They looked around a bit and saw him standing near the entrance of a dark alley with a neon sign above it. It said: “Welcome to the market of dark desires and pleasure.” Eliza suddenly remembered she had read something about that place. It was the true black market, where the real weapons, resources and even people could be bought. Inside were also a lot of brothels, gambling houses, and sex clubs. Eliza suddenly felt uncomfortable with James and his obsessed look. He wanted to go in to take a look inside. He didn't know what it was. Eliza explained to him what it was and the others listened with increased attention to her explanation. Everyone was suddenly very interested in the dark alley, all of them were very curious. Since Eliza didn't want to be a party pooper, she agreed to take a look.

Once they took the winding narrow path there was no way back for Eliza. She heard stories of tourists who entered and never have been seen again. When they went down a sharp corner and made the turn all of them were baffled by what they saw. It was a huge wide roofed-in street full of lights, people and temptations. They stayed close together and walked down the busy street, still amazed by the sheer amount of people that were here. They walked past a club that said on it “The BDSM house: for all your secret fantasies.” Alex was secretly into bondage and practiced self-bondage on an almost daily basis. Not even her best friend knew of this secret, but somehow she couldn't keep it a secret anymore. She told the other she wanted to go inside and “try” it. To her surprise, Jessica and Katy also wanted to give it a try. Because Eliza desperately wanted to stay with her friend she also went inside the club. The boys and Andrea walked further down the street and told them that they were going to explore the rest of the market because they were not interested.

Inside the club it was dark and the smell of rubber and leather hung in the air. They walked to the reception and talked to the women in a full latex outfit behind the desk. 'How can I help you, ladies?”

'Hi; said Alex with a nervous voice; all of us would like to try bondage.” As Alex asked, her heart felt like it was pounding in her throat from excitement. It was finally happening.

'Of course, you can, the first time is free and on the house,” she said with a strange smile, “the only thing you need to do is sign this.” She grabbed 4 pieces of paper. On it was a contract of some sort with strange forms of writing and formulation. Alex, Jessica, and Katy signed without reading the contract, a big mistake inside the notorious bazaar. Eliza didn't understand the agreement in the contract at all so at first, she didn't want to sign it. Her friends were however very convincing and they promised her she would be fine. What the young adults didn't know is that they just signed a binding contract to give up their freedom for an indefinite amount of time. 'All right follow me,” the lady said, with a suppressed smirk on her face.

As the four girls followed the lady upstairs they saw all kinds of weird kinks. People locked in cages, bound to beds, mummified to poles and all other forms of bondage. Alex got excited, she knew she would be one of those “lucky” people too. The lady pointed at four fitting rooms; “You can change into your desired outfit in there, pick any outfit you like from our extensive wardrobe. Or just wear nothing and go nude, your choice.” She said it like it was the most normal thing in the world. “I'll be back in 15 minutes and you four should wait here, in a line when ready. Good luck ladies!” she winked.

Eliza went mad from the inside, she always knew she had something with tight clothes but this was insane. She grabbed a black latex catsuit that had red borders on the ends of each sleeve. Her friend Alex went for a green with red latex leotard that somewhat resembles a military uniform. She also grabbed a pair of the same color latex stockings. Jessica and Katy both went for underwear-only looks. Once all dressed they did as the lady said and waited for the remaining time in a row. Eliza suddenly felt a strange attraction to her friend Alex dressed in latex, one she had never felt before. She looked to her friend with eyes that could only be described as the look of love. To her surprise her friend looked back in a seductive way, she too felt strange feelings for her friend now she was dressed up in these clothes. The lady returned to them as promised exactly 15 minutes after she went away. She told them to follow her to two separate rooms. Eliza and Alex were guided into the same room; Jessica and Katy into a different one.

Once they stepped into the room they saw its walls were painted black and covered in red sound dampening panels. Inside the room stood a cart with all kinds of bondage things like duct tape, gags and a ton of rope. On the left wall, rings we're attached, presumably for tie-up games. To the right wall, all kinds of whips and other spanking tools were hung on display.

“Your mistress will be here shortly, have a look around while you wait.” the lady said with a kind smile.

Alex was in awe by the sheer amount of bondage stuff in this room, she thought it was amazing. 'Alex, why did you never tell me you were into this kind of thing?” Eliza asked her dearest friend.

'Because I was ashamed of myself, Lizz and I really didn't know how to tell it to you in a sensible way.” Alex said with a deeply ashamed voice. She felt foolish for not trusting her best friend with this secret.

Eliza laughed and said, “You silly goose, of course, I wouldn't judge you for your fantasies. You know you can tell me anything. I even told you about my secret pleasure once, tight clothing.”

“All right you got me, I should have told you,” her friend admitted. Then they heard a click and the door opened. In the doorway stood an impressively good looking woman that probably was in her late thirties. She wore a leather corset and skirt with latex stockings and high heeled boots.

'So you two wanted to try bondage?” she said with an amused voice. Both girls excitedly said yes, and nodded. “Alright then, let's get started!” the woman said, with a giant smirk on her face.

The woman grabbed a long piece of rope and commanded the girls to put their hands behind their backs. She walked to Alex first and wound the rope around her wrist five times. Then she wound the rope around itself three times, effectively making rope cuffs and securing Alex's arms behind her back. She did the same to Eliza and took a step back to admire her handy work.

'All right on your knees, both of you,” she said as if it was a command. Alex eagerly did what was asked, she always was the more submissive type. Eliza had a moment of doubt but eventually followed her friend's example. She was surprised at how much she was enjoying all of this. The women grabbed another piece of rope and bound each thigh to its corresponding lower leg. Both of them were now frog tied.

The lady saw that Alex was enjoying this a bit too much so she grabbed another piece of rope and stood in front of her. “You,” she shouted, “bring your elbows together.” Alex was unsure at first but did what was asked as best as she could. The woman walked behind her and bound her elbows with the same knot that bound Alex's wrists. Alex squeaked a little of the sudden pain, but she got used to it very quickly. Again the woman stepped back and inspected her work, once she was satisfied she smiled and said: “All right, how does it feel to be bound and completely helpless?”

Both girls tested their bindings and found them to be inescapable. “It feels great!” Alex said as she still wiggled a bit in her bonds. Eliza still wasn't so sure what to think and didn't say anything.

Meanwhile, in the other room, Jessica and Katy were also greeted by a fair woman. She was dressed in a latex catsuit with a corset and high latex boots. 'So both of you girls seem to have no affection for latex or leather,” she said, not even slightly amused.

“Well I don't really like the feel of it, it takes away the sense of the sensation,” Jessica answered politely.

“I respect that,” the woman said with a strange smile on her face, “All right, if you want sensation there is only one type of bondage equipment that can give that to you, it will pull on your skin and you'll be amazed by its feel.” she said, while grabbing a roll of duct tape. Jessica's eyes widened at seeing the roll, she loved duct tape bondage and had already tried it herself sometimes.

“Miss?” Katy stammered insecurely, “I'm more of a plastic bondage type.”

“No problem,” the mistress said as she pointed at the side of the cart. On the side of the cart, a huge role of industrial cling film was stored. “Time to start!” She walked behind Jessica and let her put her arms behind her back. She taped them together from the wrists all the way to above her elbows. Then she started winding tape around her arms and upper body, pinning Jessica's arms to her back. She kept on wrapping till Jessica's upper body was completely mummified up to her shoulders. She asked Jessica to kneel. Jessica did what was asked and also tested her bonds.

“That's nice and tight, I won't be getting out of this by myself,” she thought out loud.

“Indeed you won't.” the woman said with a devilish smile. The woman wound tape around both of Jessica's legs and ankles. She was now hogtied with duct tape. “One more thing,” the woman said as she grabbed a rag from the bondage cart, “Open wide!” Jessica wasn't sure but eventually was persuaded and opened her mouth. The rag was stuffed into her mouth and duct tape was put on her mouth and wound around her neck. She was now totally helpless, both tied and gagged.

“You're next,” the woman said to Katy who had been watching her friend being bound in awe. “Stand up straight and put your arms like this in front of you and your legs together.” The woman grabbed both her arms and held each elbow with the opposite hand. Katy did what was asked and the woman wrapped plastic around her forearms. Next, she wrapped her arms tightly to her body, creating a plastic wrap straight jacket. Then she started wrapping her shoulders in a figure eight and slowly went down all the way to her ankles.

The woman laid Katy on the ground and wrapped her feet too. Next, she grabbed another rag and asked Katy to follow her friend's example. Katy opened wide and the rag was put in her mouth. “Close your mouth and bite on your jaw,” she said, “I'm going to wrap your head now, don't panic. As soon as I'm done I will cut a hole for your nose to breath. Understood?”

“MMMPPPHHH MMMM.” Katy nodded and made an agreeing sound. The woman wrapped the plastic around her head many times until every inch of Katy was wrapped in plastic. Then she cut a hole for Katy's nose to breathe. Katy took large drafts of air and made a thankful mmmppphhh. After that, the woman walked out of the room leaving both girls to struggle and test their bindings.

In the other room, where Eliza and Alex lay bound, the woman in leather stood tall over the two girls on the floor. Her first so friendly facial expression quickly faded away and changed to the one of a strict teacher. “All right little bound slaves,” she said with a threatening voice, “your safe-word is nothing, because you don't have any and now you belong to this club. I am Miss Gilmore and I'm your new owner as stated in the contract. I will make you two valuable submissive slaves that will do anything their masters’ desire from them.”

Both of the girls were very confused and looked at each other with an infatuated look. “Sorry Miss Gilmore but this must be a misunderstanding, We were just...”

CLAP! The mistress took her whip and slapped it right on Eliza's cheek.

“You don't speak when not asked to speak. Is that clear?” Miss Gilmore said with a commanding voice.

“I don't want this, let me...” SLAP! “Ah! Stop it!” Eliza had tears in her eyes as she felt her cheek burning. Three more slaps followed, this time on her ass. Eliza screamed it out from the pain.

Miss Gilmore now had a fire in her eyes and asked with an unpleasantly calm voice: “Is that clear?” Eliza nodded. “Good girl.” the mistress had a grim smile on her face. Alex moved closer to her friend and asked if she was okay. A quick slap of Mrs. Gilmore's whip followed on her ass. Alex shouted a big ouch. “The rules apply for both of you, missie.” Gilmore said with an annoyed voice.

“All right since the both of you didn't seem to know the rules I'll leave it with a warning. Normally a disobedient slave is punished severely. Since both of you didn't know the rules I'll give them to you: Rule one: you will do anything your master desires. Rule two: you will only obey your current master. Rule three: you are not allowed to speak unless you're asked to. Rule four: any given order lasts until further notice. So nobody will stop, of their own initiative. Rule five: you cannot choose when you cum. Its time is chosen by your master. Rule six: you are not allowed the privilege of free thought. All free thinking will be eliminated in your training. make sure to keep to these rules and you will have a life full of pleasure and luxuries. Disobey the rules and you will live a life of pain and punishment. This is the only free choice you”ll have for the rest of your time here.” Both girls looked at each other with worried faces, they both suddenly realized they were in deep trouble.

Inside the other room, the girls were still struggling and testing their bondage. All of a sudden they heard a muffled scream coming from the room next to them. Both of the girls abruptly stopped and started listening closely. They heard three more painful cries followed by a different sounding one. Both of them were slightly worried now because it sounded like both their friends were in trouble. They started to struggle more intensely now, both actually trying to get out. But their struggle was useless. They would never get out of this without scissors or help, especially Katy.

Eliza panicked and started to struggle and scream for help. She was quickly put to silence by one of Miss Gilmore’s hands on her mouth. Miss Gilmore moved her head close to Eliza's ear and whispered: “I will not accept such outrageous behavior. As you understand you must be punished for this.”

Eliza's eyes turned wide with fear and she started shaking her head in panic and tried to scream: “No no no... please just let us go!” But only muffled sounds came out of her hand gagged mouth.

“It's time that big mouth of yours was silenced,” Miss Gilmore said with an iron voice, as she grabbed a rubber panel gag from the supply cart.

“No please don't gag me, I will be silent,” Eliza stammered and protested, but it was too late now and Miss Gilmore put the gag in her mouth while Eliza was still protesting. “MMMPPPHHH... MMMPPPHHH... NNNN PPH... PPM HHHZZZ...” and that were the last sounds Eliza made, knowing now that it was useless to make any more.

“There, much better,” Miss Gilmore stated. “As for your punishment...” She took a moment to think. “I think ten hits with the stick on your ass will do.” Right when she finished her sentence she walked behind Eliza and pushed Eliza on her belly with one of her boots. Eliza fell with a big thump on the floor. She couldn't help it and squeaked into her gag, surprised by the sudden movement. Miss Gilmore grabbed a whipping cane from the cart and started whipping poor Eliza on her ass. With each hit, Eliza screamed in her gag and the tears rolled down her face.

Alex couldn't see her friend in such pain and did the only thing she could think of. When Miss Gilmore went for the fifth strike she was abruptly stopped by a headbutt from Alex, who shouted, “That's enough, you monster!”

Miss Gilmore didn't expect such a move and fell to the ground, furious. She stood up and started canning Alex as fast as she could. Alex screamed loudly and tears rolled down her face. She was canned more than 30 times and passed out from the pain. Miss Gilmore gagged Alex with the same gag as Eliza. Next, she bound Eliza's arms in the same way her friend's arms were. Eliza protested at first but soon realized struggling was useless and would only give her more punishment.

After that, Gilmore put a leather collar with D-ring on Eliza and Alex's necks. She pulled up Eliza, so she was on her knees again. Then she chained Eliza to a ring that was attached to the wall half a meter away. With a long rope, Miss Gilmore bound the arms and legs of Alex to each other. She was now hogtied. Next, she attached the collar of Alex to a D-ring on the floor. Miss Gilmore looked satisfied at her work and walked out of the room. She closed the door behind her and locked it shut. It was time to look at the other two girls. Both of the tied girls truly had no place to go now.

Miss Gilmore entered the room of the other two girls and looked satisfied that they were still tied up. Both girls abruptly stopped struggling hearing someone entered their room. Katy was getting real hot and was sweating a lot in her plastic cocoon. Miss Gilmore walked to Katy and moved her head to Katy's head. “Do you want to cool down?” she asked with a whisper. Katy nodded, wanting to get out. “Then you'll have to promise me you won't make a sound while I unwrap your head.”

Again Katy nodded while she was beginning to struggle for breath. Miss Gilmore slowly unwound her head. Katy spit out the rag and took big drafts of air. She said “thank you” to the new woman and asked who she was. Miss Gilmore made an evil laugh and told her, just as she’d told their friends. The eyes of Katy widened as she realised Miss Gilmore was a slave trainer. Next, she realized she was the slave and she wanted to scream for help.

Gilmore quickly put a finger on Katy's mouth and said; “Tut, tut, tut. No screaming, it hurts my ears.” Katy was wise enough to not scream. “As you might have heard just a few minutes ago,” she took a small pause and continued, “your friends have had a big beating because they were disobedient. You two are not going to disobey me, are you?” Katy quickly evaluated her predicament and came to the conclusion that resistance was futile, so she nodded and agreed. “Good, that is nice of you,” Miss Gilmore said.

Next, she gave both of the girls the same rules and explanations as she did to Eliza and Alex. Both girls agreed to keep to these rules by nodding. “You two are a lot smarter than the other two girls,” she remarked, “I think I will give you two your first little present. But first, you need to be tied the same way. She walked to Jessica and untied her. She stretched her sore limbs and after that, she was commanded to take the same position as her friend. Then she was wrapped in exactly the same way as Katy.

Right before Miss Gilmore wanted to put the rag in her mouth Jessica said: “Miss Gilmore? Is it okay if you wrap us in duct tape? I really like the feel of it.” Miss Gilmore frowned at first but said they were so nice and obedient that she would. After that instead of wrapping the girl's head in plastic, she wrapped them in duct tape. After she was done with that she wrapped down all the way to the crotch area of both girls.

“Time for your gift!” she said, smiling as she grabbed a pair of scissors. She cut open the crotch area and was surprised by how wet both of the girls were under these circumstances - not realising that both these girls were only playing along so well because they still thought all of this was part of a show. She then inserted a 6-inch vibrating dildo into their vaginas. Both girls squeaked at this sudden movement in their private areas. Miss Gilmore then started to wrap the remaining parts of the girls in duct tape. Once she was finished both girls were now wrapped from head to toe in duct tape. “Nighty night,” Miss Gilmore said as she walked out the room and activated the random setting on their vibrators.

Meanwhile, the other friends of the girls had a whale of a time in the gambling house on the other side of the street. Except for James, he already got bored after the first two hours and went to a nearby B&B. No one had any idea that their friends were in such a bad predicament. Andrea and Mike were both winning with blackjack while David was going hot on French roulette. All of them together made a lot of money, at least 25,000 dollars. They thought it was time to cash out and see if their friends were enjoying their time too. To their surprise six hours had passed already.

They went to the spot where they last left their friends. To the surprise of all of them, it was closed. On the door hung a note that said:

Andrea and friends,

we couldn't find you so we booked a hotel in the city center called La Cabana. Your room number is 217. We are already there.

Love- Lizz

That's weird Andrea thought. But all of them went to the hotel anyway, because they were drunk and under the influence of the drugs they bought earlier. They just wanted to sleep. Once at the hotel the manager showed them their room. He said that it was no problem that they checked in late and that the room was already paid for by their friends. The only thing they needed to do is sign a paper that confirmed their acceptance of the room. Everyone quickly signed without reading, all of them went to bed and fell asleep soon after. After the manager was sure everyone was asleep he called The BDSM House and told them they were ready. An hour later a few men silently walked into the friends’ room, with them they carried narcotic syringes. They first put the two boys down with a simple injection of narcotics. They both went to very deep sleep and we're transported to the work slave facility. Each of them was strong and young so they easily were worth 10,000 dollars apiece. Andrea was injected with a special brew that made her aware of everything but incapable of moving. She was taken to the BDSM house and put in one of the same rooms her friends were put in earlier that day. Once inside the room, she was stripped down to her underwear and hog-tied with rope and duct tape. She was left in the room and fell asleep again because of the narcotics and alcohol.

Meanwhile, Eliza tried to make contact with her unconscious friend many times but eventually gave up. The thought came across her mind that her friend might have been beaten to death by the angry mistress, but then she saw the slow and steady breathing of Alex. Relieved that her friend was still alive she now worried about their predicament and how they must get out of this. The only thing she could do now was to think things were hopeless, and they were never going to get free. She started crying and tears went down her red cheeks and over her panel gag. Eventually, she cried herself to sleep wondering what tomorrow will bring for her.

Day 2

The next day both Eliza and Alex were rudely awoken by Miss Gilmore. “Good morning little slaves in the making,” she said cheerfully. “Have you slept well my darlings? Well, it doesn't really matter. Today starts your first real training, but first, let's untie you two.”

She began to untie the legs of both girls and the girls gratefully stretched their sore legs and groaned. Afterward, she untied the girl's elbows and wrists. The girl stretched these too. Because they were both still attached to the rings on the wall or the floor, they couldn't go anywhere. Next, she ordered both girls to stand up, both of them still felt the pain from yesterday's beating, so they obeyed immediately. Alex had trouble standing up on her own so the mistress helped her.

“I gave you quite a beating yesterday,” she said with an apparently worried voice. “If you weren't so foolish yesterday, you wouldn't be so sore now. You must promise me to never be so foolish again.” Alex nodded slowly and was still in deep pain. She was sore and blue all over so she tried to move as little as possible. Miss Gilmore attached a rope to the collar of both girls and used it as a leash. “All right girls follow me!”

Both girls followed her out of the room through the hallway to a bigger room. Their gags were removed and their leashes were tied to a sturdy pole in the middle of the room. Both girls stretched their jaws and thanked the Mistress for removing their gags. And finally, their arms were freed from their bondage.

“All right enough stamping around. Remove all your clothes and lay them in front of you. Nicely folded of course,” Miss Gilmore commanded them. Eliza did what was asked and lay her folded latex catsuit in front of her on the table. She saw her friend was too sore to take off her clothes by herself, so she tried to help her. Eliza was quickly slapped on her naked ass by a whip. “Did I tell you to help her?” Miss Gilmore asked with a very annoying voice.

“No, Miss Gilmore,” Eliza said with a stammering voice.

“Then don't help her! Remember the rules, missie, don't serve anyone except for your current master.” Eliza excused herself to the mistress and stopped helping her friend. After 15 minutes of groaning and moaning, Alex finally got out of her latex clothes. It was just as painful to watch for Eliza as it was painful for Alex to do. The mistress collected the clothes and gave the girls a new outfit.

“This is your slave outfit, you will wear it at all times unless told not to, am I clear?” Both girls nodded. They looked at the outfit and saw it consisted of a dark metallic blue latex leotard with long arm sleeves with gloves. Under the leotard, they needed to wear skin-colored tights that covered their entire leg. Over the leotard, they needed to wear a black leather strap corset with rings for rope attachment. They also needed to wear their collars at all times and black long high heeled leather boots. “But before you dress up I need to chip the both of you.” Both girls looked confused at hearing this. “Don't want to lose my valuable slaves now do I?” she said with an evil smile. She grabbed a chipping pistol and injected both of the girl's necks with a small chip. After that, the girls got dressed in their metallic blue and black latex slave outfits. Both girls again felt attracted to each other in a strange way.

“Alright, girls your first training consists of six hours of hypnotic bondage training; after that there will be a small snack and moment to go to the toilet.” Miss Gilmore walked to Alex and Eliza. For the first time, she asked their name. “Alright Eliza,” she said, “you're first. Come to me and offer your hands behind your back.”

Eliza knew resistance was futile so she did it without protesting. The mistress grabbed a blue armbinder and put Eliza's arms in it. She bound it down tight and it went all the way up to her shoulders and over them. She then strapped it around her waist so it wouldn't move down. Eliza's arms were going nowhere anytime soon. Next, she commanded Eliza to open her mouth and she put a blue ball gag in it. Afterward, she commanded Eliza to go and lay on her belly. Miss Gilmore hogtied her by binding her heels to the end of the armbinder slightly bending Eliza's body. She did the same to Alex and put them next to each other in the left corner. They could not move and they could not speak, they were trapped again.

After 15 minutes everything already started to hurt, but the girls couldn't do anything about it. The mistress had left the room 10 minutes ago and closed the door on her way out. Suddenly they heard a click and the door opened again. To the girl's surprise, they saw Andrea all dressed up in a black full-body latex catsuit. She had a harness gag around her head with a panel gag. Her arms were also tied in an armbinder. She couldn't speak at all but made muffled sounds of joy when she saw her friends on the floor who were luckily still alive. Both Alex and Eliza made muffled greetings to their friend. Andrea was hogtied in the same way Alex and Eliza were and was placed next to them on the floor. Then all three girls were blindfolded with a leather blindfold.

Not much later a totally cocooned package was thrown in the room. It was Katy, all wrapped up in layers of tape and saran wrap all the way from her head to her toes. She squirmed for some time but eventually came to the conclusion that struggling was useless. A minute later Jessica was also thrown into the room. She was completely cocooned in tape and plastic. Angry sounds came from her struggling form but faded after a few minutes. Miss Gilmore walked to a sound installation in a corner of the room. She put on a hypnotic rant of the six rules. After the six rules, a message came saying they were now slaves and had no free will nor speech. The five girls lay there for at least six hours.

Finally, they heard a click of the door opening and heard the unpleasant voice of Miss Gilmore as she asked the rhetorical question: “How are all my slaves doing?” She first released the three hogtied girls from their predicament. She only untied their legs and let the girls stand next to the wall. She attached both the ring on their collars as well as the ring on the armbinder to a ring on the wall with a rope. The blindfold of the girls was removed, they were shocked at what they saw. They saw two duct tape cocoons laying on the ground. They had the form of a female but it was unrecognizable who they were.

Miss Gilmore grabbed a small remote from a nearby counter. She pressed a button and both cocoons started moaning and buzzing. “That could have been you three,” she said with a disappointed tone in her voice, “but all of you were making trouble and so were not allowed the delight of sexual stimulation.” The cocoons started pulsating rhythmically now and out of the noses of both forms came heavy puffs of air. “I believe these two were your friends, Katy and Jessica were the names I believe,” the mistress continued, “they were obedient so I gave them a privilege.”

She pushed another button and the buzzing sound became even louder. The forms were now shuddering and pulsated a few more times. Both girls inside the cocoon orgasmed at the same time making loud moans of pleasure. After that Miss Gilmore began cutting the girls free. Katy was first and came out of her cocoon drenched in her own sweat and body fluid. Jessica came out the same way because both girls were in those cocoons for at least 16 hours. Both girls were still in ecstasy of their pleasure.

Eliza couldn't believe what she saw, both her friends seemed to be brainwashed by Miss Gilmore. They didn't try to run or fight while they were completely free. “Alright Katy and Jessica, I want you two to give food and water to these three disobedient slaves. It's right there on the cart.”

Both naked girls walked to the cart and grabbed a sandwich and a bottle of water. They walked to Eliza and Alex and removed their gags. They fed them and allowed them to drink. Afterward, they gagged their friends, who protested at seeing the behavior of Jessica and Katy. “Why are you helping her?!” Andrea had asked her friends, once her gag was removed. But she got no answer. Not even a look in the eye from the girls. After Andrea ate and drank something she too was gagged, and was taken away from the wall. Her armbinder was tied to a pulley in the ceiling and she was hoisted up so her ass was exposed.

Andrea suddenly realized what was going on. “You do not say anything when not asked to,” Miss Gilmore said, not amused. “You must be punished. Ten spanks will do.” She grabbed a spanking bat and started spanking Andrea on her firm ass. Andrea cried a muffled ouch with each hit. After the spanking she has tied to the wall again.

Eliza and Alex were untied and ungagged. Afterward, they were asked to come forward. Their armbinders were removed and they were asked to strip down till they were nude. Both hesitated for far too long and got a slap with the whip. After that, both girls quickly stripped down to their birthday suit. Eliza was commanded to lay on her back and put her legs in the air. “Alex you go kneel on top of her, but with your butt on her face. After that, you go down with your face to Eliza's vagina.” Miss Gilmore commanded Alex. Both involved girls were surprised at this request. “I saw how the two of you looked at each other yesterday,” Gilmore explained. “So I thought why not encourage a strong sensual bond between two slaves? Or if you don't want to I could always whip you two into doing it.”

Both Alex and Eliza were still unsure, but Alex eventually took the first step and stood over her friend. She slowly knelt down and moved her ass and vagina to her friend's face. “Eliza put your legs up and around your friends' back. Then I will tie your legs together.” Eliza did what was asked and duct tape was wound around the legs of both girl's knee joints. Effectively binding the girls to each other. Alex was now asked to put her head in the crotch area of her friend. She hesitated again but her friend said she would be okay and needed to move or they would both get whipped again. Driven by her friend's words she put her head near Eliza's vagina.

“Excellent!” the mistress complimented, “now put your arms behind you and wrap them around your friend's legs. And you Eliza, must wrap your hands and legs around Alex’s body.”

Both girls did what was asked and their position was bound in place by more duct tape. They now formed a sort of Yin and Yang, in an endless circle. “Start licking each other's clits!” Miss Gilmore commanded. Slowly both girls did start licking. Surprised by the stimulating feeling, their licking became more intense. The more aroused they became, the more intensely they licked. They created a positive feedback loop that went on and on.

Both girls began to moan now, first silently but after a while more intense and louder. Eliza was beginning to feel a climax upcoming. She licked even harder now. Both girls climaxed and squirted in each other's face. They were breathing heavily and moved their faces away from the other one's vagina. “Wasn't that wonderful? Miss Gilmore asked. Both girls agreed and were exhausted now. “When you keep being obedient I will give you gifts like these. If not, well...” she waited for a bit and couldn't prevent a small smile from forming, “then you feel my wrath and the pain of the cane.”

To be continued...


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