The Bait

by Dana

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© Copyright 2008 - Dana - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/f; kidnap; bond; spandex; bodymod; sci-fi; nc; X

Emma struggled fiercely with her captors but with her arms bound behind her back she simple couldn’t fight her way free of them.  A man’s thick arm encircled her throat and started to suffocate her.  Stars danced in front of her eyes and her legs went slack beneath her.

“Behave,” he said into her ear.

He didn’t lighten up until she was on the verge of passing out.  As last his grip slackened and she gasped for air.  Aided by another man, her captor took her by the arm and pulled her out of the van to lead her across a barren parking lot.

Still dressed in only her silk nightie, the asphalt was cold against her feet.  Looking around Emma debated screaming for help.  There were plenty of other buildings around them, but they were dark and she had no idea if they were inhabited.  Seeing the look coming from one of the men put her decision to rest.  He’d hurt me even more if I try it.

Heading through the double-doors of the warehouse, Emma was temporarily blinded by the interior lights.  When it cleared she was awash with terror.

“No!” she screamed.  “Anything but this, please!”

“Be quiet,” one of her captors snapped.

“But I didn’t do anything!  Please don’t!  Don’t do this to me!!”

She renewed her struggled but the men held tight to her arms.  They half carried, half dragged her into one of the adjoining rooms.  It was a sterile, white room.  A large metal table dominated the center of the room.

Emma was dropped onto the table and restraints were quickly wrapped around her ankles, wrists, and neck.  More straps were fed through predetermined slots on the table which continued to fasten her down at the thighs, waist, biceps, and forehead.  She could struggle all she wanted to now, but the only body parts she’d be able to move were her fingers and toes.

“Please…I’m begging you.”

“I love it when they beg.  It’s always the last thing you ever hear the say.”

“Please no,” Emma continued, but out of the corner of her eye she watched as the two enforcers left the room.  She was alone now, but utterly trapped.

Thought the bright neon above her provided some heat, it didn’t help much.  Her red silk nightie provided little warmth against the cold steel of the table beneath her.

A door opened somewhere nearby but strain as she might, she couldn’t see the new arrival.

“Hello?” she hazard.  “Is someone there?  Please…if you can hear me…help me.”

A white-dressed doctor appeared at the head of the table, just above Emma’s head and the mere sight of him made Emma begin to cry.

“No…” she sobbed.

The doctor merely shoot his head slowly, reached down and pushed some of her short black hair out of her face.  His hand was gentle against her skin as he wiped away her tears.

“There, there,” he soothed, withdrawing his hand to remove a safety cap off a syringe.  “It’s inevitable my dear.”

She wanted to shake her head and beg and plead for him to stop, but before she could do that the needle was buried deep into her arm and it’s contents began mixing into her blood almost immediately.

Emma’s vision quickly began to blur.  The colorless room became a kaleidoscope of colors.  Her jaw went slack and drool began dripping out the corners of her mouth as her consciousness struggled to keep up with things.

And then the blackness consumed her entirely.

When she regained consciousness several hours later Emma’s vision didn’t have to fight with erratic colors.  In fact, her eyes didn’t see a thing.
By the feel of the spandex suit against her skin, Emma knew it was too late.  They’d drugged her in order to put her into one of the suits without having to fight with her.  And now…now it was too late.

She was no longer on the table, even without her vision she could tell that.  She’d been moved to a containment bin.  She’d heard about them as well.  Once they had you in one of their form-fitting suits, they put you into a containment bin while it bonded. 

The bin was barely four feet long by a foot and a half by two.  She was partially curled up in order to fit inside.  Moving about as best she could, the felt the sides and lid pressing in against her.  Her childhood fears of clausterphobia caught up to her and she tried to scream.

Her mouth opened but the cry was immediately stifled by the cloth over her head.  The hood.  Of course; that’s why I can’t see anything. It clung to her head and matted her dark hair to the back of her head.  In the tight confines of the bin she attempted to move her arms around, to try and dislodge the hood, only to find that her arms were bound.  Cuffs were wrapped around her wrists, locking them together behind her back.  In the cramped quarters she was in there was no way for her to bring them under her legs and out in front of herself.

Unable to do anything else, she merely lay there and cried.  Her tears were immediately absorbed by the hood, but she cried anyway.

The hours slowly ticked by with no way for Emma to track their passage.  No one, to the best of her knowledge, had ever been saved.
She could only hope that she would be the first.  That her friends wouldn’t abandon her to this horrific fate.

But the time continued on without her.

The hatches to the bin were released and the lid opened.  Though bound and blind, Emma still had one of her senses working.  She could hear them. Someone reached into the bin and, placing both arms beneath her, scooped her up.  She could have fought.  She knew that.  But it’d meet with repercussions down the line.  And besides, she’d lost feeling in her arms and legs long ago.

There had been a slight tingling sensation in her crotch for awhile though.  At first a fear crept over her that she may be getting excited.  That she may be getting turned on by her plight.  She’d let her boyfriend tie her up in the past and found it incredibly sensual. But as the feeling spread to her legs, arms, and armpits, she quickly dismissed it as mere arousal.  It passed after a couple hours anyway.

She was carried a good distance (she could tell by the echoing of the man’s feet in the hallway) before being deposited down on a bed.  Though every inch of her skin, barring her neck was covered, there was no mistaking the feel of a bed.  Especially a waterbed.

Left untouched by her captors, Emma slowly extended her legs and moved them around a bit.  It was nice to stretch out a bit.  Her arms still ached, but until they undid the cuffs encircling her wrists there was little she could do about that. They were still close by; she could still hear them talking in hushed tones.  Were they speaking softly, or was the hood merely making it harder to hear.  She didn’t need her senses to tell her that they were no doubt watching her.

Suddenly she gasped as an orgasm came completely out of nowhere and wracked her trapped body.  The dampness in her warm crotch stayed there for a moment before quickly being absorbed by the suit. Emma merely lay there gasping for air, trying desperately to regain her senses and figure out what happened.

“Surprising, isn’t it?” a voice chimed in her left ear.  It wasn’t someone talking to…at least not someone in the room.  The man’s voice was being relayed through a earpiece in the hood.

Opening and closing her mouth beneath the hood Emma continued to try and steady her breathing.  Just as she thought she had it under control again another orgasm hit her.  She cried out in pleasure, only to have her moans swallowed up instantly inside the hood.

“Never know quite when they’re going to hit,” the voice continued.  “It’s part of your conditioning.  Before you know it, you’ll be sopping wet all the time and begging for the next one to hit.”

The voice in her ear was hard to focus on.  The beating of her heart was pounding in her ears.

But after a couple minutes the voice wasn’t speaking at all and as the thundering of her heart slowed she heard something else beyond.  A shrill high pitched whistle.

An alarm.

Struggling as best she could on the fluid surface of the bed, Emma tried to push herself off the bed.  Her limbs simply weren’t responding.  Her arms she understood, but her legs felt like jelly beneath her.  She could move them, oh so slowly…but even then it took all her concentration to do so.

She gasped as yet another orgasm wracked her body, causing her to curl up into a ball on the bed.

I have to get out of here!

Moving only her head, she pushed hard against the surface of the bed and tried to dislodge the hood.  From what she could tell it was only made up of spandex, not unlike a swimcap.  If she could just get it started and up past her chin…she could get it off and see where she was.

After several long minutes and two more orgasms, the edge of the hood worked itself past her mouth.  A little more effort and she’d worked it past her eyes to let it bunch up on her forehead.

For the first time in what could have been days for all Emma knew, she was able to see again.  The room was sparsely decorated with only the bare minimum of furniture.  It reminded Emma more of the quarters aboard a military vessel than anything else.  A rotating emergency light shone brightly in one corner of the room, providing the only light at the moment.

Looking down at herself Emma gasped as she saw her own predicament.

The spandex suit covered nearly every part of her body, stopping part way up her collar.  It was a bright green and yellow and clung tight to her curvy body.  She could tell she didn’t have anything on beneath it.  And she didn’t see any sort of zipper.  Nor did she feel one running up her spine.

The horror stories she’d heard as a child were true.  Once they were on, they were on for good.

Out of sheer fear she peed herself, only to feel the suit absorb the urine instantly.  And if acting out as punishment for her deed, it caused her to orgasm yet again.

She cried out yet again, only this time no sound left her mouth.  Her eyes went wide in horror and she tried desperately to say something… anything… only to hear nothing but the wail of the nearby alarm.

I can’t speak!  What’s happening to me?!

The doorway into the room slid open and two people ran in.  Both were brandishing weapons and as one removed her helmet, Emma recognized her instantly as her older sister Julie.

Rushing over to her younger sister’s side, Julie reached down and pulled the remnants of the hood off Emma’s head.

“We’re going to get you out of here,” she assured her.

Emma’s mouth opened and closed, trying desperately to respond to her sister.

You’ve got to get out of here, she tried to say.  It all makes sense now.  It was a trap to lure you out.  Get away!

But Julie never heard anything.  Emma merely lay there crying as Julie and her companion made ready for their escape.

“They’ll never leave here,” the voice said in her ear.  How can I still hear…it’s an implant.  It has to be.  “Not the same anyways.  You’ve brought her right to us and for that…we give you thanks.”

Emma noiselessly moaned in pleasure as she climaxed yet again.  Her head was spinning from all the sexual release.  And alarm and bright lights weren’t helping things.

In her haze Emma saw Julie come back over to pick her up.  Right at that moment the room became awash with a horrible bright light. Blinded Emma had no way to witness the capture team’s entrance.  She never heard the air rifles fire. But she did feel Julie collapse on top of her. Unable to move under her sister’s unconscious weight, Emma lay there crying.  Her mouth opened and closed as she apologized over and over to her sister.

After spending another night in her containment bin, Emma was brought out and fitted with a new hood.  This one covered her whole head and had a fastening strap around it’s base at her neck.  It was snug to her skin and didn’t allow her to so much as open her mouth. She didn’t feel any airholes in the hood, but air passed through it uninhibited to allow her to breath. There were no eyeholes either, so she found herself in a state of perpetual darkness.

“As you’ve surmised already, the suit takes care of all your bodily fluids.  It also provides you with all the key nutrients necessary for survival.  You probably won’t be gaining much muscle mass because of it, but it will certainly slim you down quite a bit while keeping you fed.”

The implant in her ear was starting to bug her.  It was a lot like the forced orgasms the suit caused her to have.  It came without warning and there was no way to defend against it.

When they finished with her hood’s attachment the cuffs, at long last, were finally removed.  To her shock, she found that she was unable to move her arms at all.  They were like wet noodles attached to her body.  She hadn’t expected much mobility after the entrapment they’d endured…but none at all scared her to no end.

“You’ll grow accustom to it my dear,” the voice soothed in her ear.  It was a woman’s voice today.  “And before long your legs will be in a similar state.”

Emma knew that already.  Over the last day it’d become harder and harder to move her legs.  Any time she was outside of her bin she had to be carried by others.  It was impossible for her legs to hold her up anymore.

More days ticked by for Emma as she lay in her bin in complete darkness.  Occasionally her captor’s voice would fill her ear, but for the most part she was alone with her thoughts.

One day they pulled her out of her bin and placed her into a chair.  A leather strap was wrapped around her chest, more to keep her from falling over than from going anywhere.  Her legs were completely useless now and her arms were in an equal state, dangling off the sides of the chair. The fastening strap around her neck was undone and carefully, the hood was pulled up off her head.  As it cleared her jaw, Emma’s mouth dropped open and she found herself unable to close it.

As her eyes became adjusted to the light Emma saw her sister Julie sitting in a similar chair right in front of her, mere feet away.  Just like her younger sister, Julie had been put into a spandex suit as well; hers was purple and white.  It too covered all her body up to her neck.

Unlike Emma, Julie was securely tied down to the chair she was in.  She hadn’t been in the suit long enough for it to immobilize her. But as Emma watched her sister’s mouth move and not a single sound emerge, she knew it’d been successful at making her mute.

One of their captors strode into the room and stood between them  The man looked at Emma, then walked over to stand behind Julie.  He grabbed her firmly by the head and spoke softly into her ear, forcing her to look directly at Emma.

“Do you like what she’s become?” he asked her.  Even muted the words “fuck you” were pretty undeniable coming from Julie’s mouth.  “We initially though of just using her as bait to lure you out of hiding.  But then we got thinking… might as well keep her and make her a useful member of society.”

Emma watched as her sister began crying.  The man was saying other things into her ear but at such a soft tone that Emma simply couldn’t hear her.

At last, the man withdrew from behind Julie and stood up.  He motioned to a couple of his lackeys who immediately came over and grabbed the sides of Emma’s chair.  They lifted her up and turned her around a hundred and eighty degrees to face the wall. But it wasn’t just a wall.  It was a full mirror and Emma realized in shock the full horror of what they’d done to her.

Her green and yellow skinsuit was still on her, but she could tell she’d already lost several pounds.  Her breasts had increased in size a bit as well.  And the suit… it’d become more of a layer of her skin now.  Trying to focus on her collar, she couldn’t tell where her skin stopped and the suit began.  What’s worse, the pigmentation of the suit had continued up and glazed her face shades of green and yellow as well.

And the final blow was the damage the hood had done while it was on her head.  While it’d been on it’d dissolved every last bit of her hair.  Every last strand atop her head, and even her eyebrows were gone; replaced with glossy smooth green and yellow skin.

She wanted to scream.  More than anything else she wanted to let loose one they’d hear from miles away.  They’d destroyed her gorgeous body and turned her into this…this thing.

But her mouth hung open, unable to close ever again.

Her captor came up behind her and moved her lips out of the way to reveal that her teeth were gone as well.  Emma shook, knowing her body wanted to cry but was unable to; her tear ducts had fused shut while the hood had been on.

“See,” he said, running a finger along the smooth interior of her mouth.  “You’re all set for your assignment.”

Assignment?  What the hell was he talking about? 

Emma’s eyes searched the mirror and found her sister’s horrified reflection staring back at her.  She was shaking her head and noiselessly pleading for her sister’s welfare. 

But even if she had her voice, the man wasn’t listening.

Undoing the strap around Emma’s waist, he pushed her forward and allowed her to crumple down onto the floor, unable to right herself.

“Take her away,” the man bellowed to his companions.  “I do believe the Captain’s new plaything is all set.”

They picked her up and carried her out.  Emma could see Julie out of the corner of her eye and inwardly shook with fear.  It was probably the last time she’d ever see her again.

The door sealed shut behind them and Julie turned her attention back to her captor.  Tears streaked her face and she silently cursed horrible things at the man.

“Now,” he said, pulling up a chair to sit near her.  “I think it’s time you and I had a little chat about the Resistance.  About how you’re going to put a stop to this and help me bring your fellow traitors to justice.

Once more, the ‘fuck you’ couldn’t have been more obvious.  Julie was furious and wanted revenge for what he’d done to her sister.

The man reached into his pocket and removed a small device from it.  He tapped a couple controls on it and almost immediately Julie felt her laranx begin to loosen up.  She coughed a couple times and started to feel like she was going to be able to speak once more.

But before the first word could leave her lips an orgasm wracked her body and she cried out in pleasure.

“Oh…God!” she gasped, slumping forward in the restraints as far as they’d allow.

The man smiled and leaned forward to grab her chin and make her look into his face.

“You’ll be begging to all the Gods by the time we finish,” he said with a smile.  He waved the control in front of her face.  “The marvels of modern technology.  With this… I can make you climax whenever I want.  Turn your very body against you.  I can also link you and your sister’s experience.  She feels pain… you feel pain.  She feels pleasure… you get the gist.  A clever little device.  A wonder it’s banned in seven systems.”

Getting back to his feet he walked around her slowly.

“That last one you felt was a six.  The average human climax rates a four.  You’re kid sister is a real pro at it now. Her suit has her at level nine already.  And she’s dripping almost all the time now.”

“Fuck…you,” Julie stammered.

The man looked down at the controls and reset the configuration.  He leaned in close to Julie’s ear.

“The scale goes all the way up to twenty four.  At sixteen one risks heart damage to the inexperienced.  Why don’t we try a…fourteen.”

Depressing the button stars danced in front of Julie’s eyes as she experienced an orgasm unlike any other she’d ever felt in her life.

I have to hold out.  I can’t betray the Resistance.

But she was beginning to doubt how long she’d be able to withstand this type of torment.  She’d had anti-interrogation training, but nothing for this.  There was nothing that could prepare her for this.

The man pressed the button again, forcing a second level fourteen to rack her body.  Unable to take the stimulus…Julie blacked out.

She dreamed she’d wake in a better place than this, but the truth was the farthest thing from it.


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