The Aquarium

by Steff

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Jackie Carter

It was the summer before my freshman year of collage. I was going to get a degree in marine science. It runs in the blood. My dad runs one of the countries biggest and most renowned marine science labs and aquariums. I have been working at the aquariums since I started high school. My father got me started but I worked my way up to where I was on my own. I was part of the team that took care of injured animals that were taken in.

One day we received 3 squid. 2 of them were about 10 foot long and the third was about 7 foot long. They were recovered from a cargo ship that discovered a few miles off the cost. The squid were in really bad shape from research that was conducted on them and from malnutrition. Because of the size differences the small one was separated and put into its own tank. It didn’t take long for all 3 of them to start improving once they started to get real diets and care. We tried to put all of them together but the big ones attacked the little one so we had to separate them again. Since we had put an injured dolphin in the small ones recovery tank we ended up putting the small squid in a large tank that the aquarium had just gotten repaired and had no other fish in it.

I was put in charge of feeding the new dolphin. Unfortunately it had to be feed by hand and every few hours. It was my turn to work the weekend shift so I worked during the night. That way I could still go to the beach with my friends and then just sleep at the aquarium and just wake up feed the dolphin. When I got to work Friday night everything went smoothly. I didn’t get as much sleep as I wanted to because people were in the small squid’s tank planting coral and making finishing touches. Once the maintenance people left I was finally able to sleep.

Saturday night I had my first encounter with the squid. It was about midnight and I had just finished feeding the dolphin and was heading back to the break room to sleep when I noticed a fireworks show I just laid down and watched. I woke up to a splash next to me. I looked around a realized I had fallen asleep. I got up and noticed the fish bucket I was carrying had fallen into the lone squid tank. Since other people had been swimming in the tank and I was still wearing my bikini I took my shirt off and dove into the tank to get the bucket. I retrieved the bucket and got it out when the squid started to gently nudge me. I spent a few minutes playing with it then decided it was time to get out. As I began to pull myself out the squid grabbed me around the waist and pulled me into the middle of the tank.

By the time knew what was happening I was in the middle of the tank. The squid pulled me to the bottom and moved around in front of me. It used it’s tentacles to pin my arms by my side and it also had grabbed on of my legs and pulled up so my thigh was against my chest. I struggled and kicked with my free leg but wasn’t able to get out of the squid’s grasp. The next thing I knew the squid filled the water around my head with its ink. I immediately felt a tingling sensation throughout my body and then I wasn’t able to move at all. All I could do was hold my breath as the squid lowered me to the bottom and then stuck its beak into my mouth. The beak secreted some think jell that filled my mouth and some of my throat. The squid the pulled the beak out and then jell covered my hole lower face and nose. I held my breath for as long as I could but I finally had to take a breath. I was really surprised to find out that I could breathe underwater.

The squid took my limp body over to the coral formation and laid me against it. It then raised my arms over me head, crossed them and covered them from the elbows down with the jell. Once they were cover it spread its ink over the jell and them the jell hardened into coral. Next it took left leg and pulled my knee out and up so I was doing a half split. My lower leg was covered with the jell turned coral. My right leg was also trapped the same way. Once I was secure the squid just began to swim around like nothing was wrong. After several minutes, I’m not sure how long but it seemed like a long time, I was finally able to move. The jell in my mouth had hardened and I could get it out of my mouth. I tried to pull and wiggle out of my coral bondage but I couldn’t even move my fingers and toes much less get loose.

The squid must have been waiting for me to start moving because it swam down to me. It started by just rubbing up against me and sliding its tentacles all over me. It did that for several minutes before two if its tentacles tightly wrapped around my breast. It then used two more to begin to probe both holes in my crotch. The squid was slick enough that it was able to enter my ass without too much discomfort. When it pushed its tentacle into my pussy I knew I was in real trouble. I squirmed and pulled as best I could but wasn’t able to get loose. The squid began to fuck my pussy and wiggle itself inside my ass, it also squeezed my breast. I was surprised that I was getting horny and was rapidly approaching orgasm. The squid rotated its tentacle so every time it pushed itself into me its suction cups rubbed my clit. It seemed to notice the increased reaction because it continued until I had my first orgasm. The orgasm was short but really intense. I was so lost in the wave of ecstasy that I didn’t notice the squid had moved and change position on me.

The squid was now between my legs with two tentacles still holding my breast. The rest of its tentacle grabbed onto my legs and arms. As it got a grip on my limbs that weren’t trapped in coral, the coral holding me down just came apart. The squid raised me off the bottom and adjusted its grip so my arms were pulled behind my back and down toward my legs. I was force to bend backward as far as I could. Next the squid shoved its beak into my pussy. My ass and clit were assaulted by several tiny tentacles. Some of the tiny tentacles spread my pussy lips apart and others wrapped around my clit and still more gently rubbing it. The tiny little devils by themselves brought me another intense orgasm which was longer then the first. I was just coming down when the beak started to fuck my pussy and I came again quickly and with even more intensity. My whole world consisted of the waves of pure ecstasy rolling over as the orgasm continued for a long time. The orgasm continues for a long time before I passed out from the sure pleasure I was feeling.

I awoke to find myself lying on the towel I had laid out to watch the fireworks. The bucket was right where I had set it before the fireworks. I looked around and found no trace of anything that had happened to me. “God what a disturbing dream… erotic but disturbing,” I though as I got up and went to check on the dolphin.

Jack Carter

Jackie hadn’t noticed that the whole squid ordeal had not only actually happened but it was recorded and reviewed by her own father.

“That was quite a show. That is an interesting squid,” Jack Cater thought. Over the next few days he made excuses to get his daughter to come in for a medical examine.

“What is this all about Dad? I feeling fine,” Jackie asked.

He replied “It’s just routine, you spend a lot of time looking after sick and injured animals. Besides does a father need an excuse to worry about his little girl?”

She rolled her eyes and let him do the exam. She really wasn’t happy when he drew blood for lab work. After 4 tubes worth she was released. Jack immediately started to run several test on the blood. Once all the results were in he was shocked at the finding. There were traces of fish DNA in Jackie’s blood. It also looked like the blood was still changing but at a slow rate. Jack decided to temporarily transfer Jackie to a different part of the aquarium. This was a minor attempt to keep her away from the squid and also an experiment to see if she would seek it out. Jack also decided to call in a few favors to find out where this squid came from.

It only took a few days to track down the lead scientist that was studying the squid. All Jack got out of him was the location the squid was found and the results of a few test. He was back to square one. He decided to install several more cameras in the squid’s tank. After reviewing a few days of tape Jack discovered that at night the squid was growing and shaping coral all over the tank. Some of the formations looked like they were definitely sexual in nature. Every time the squid finished a formation it covered the hardened coral with it softer jell. The end result was a natural looking coral formation. The next day Jack personally took some samples of the coral, both the hard stuff and the jell. According to the tests he ran, including exposing the coral to Jackie’s blood, the coral would increase the speed of his daughter’s transformation. Also it looked like the cells actually communicated and altered the transformation rate based on changes in the environment. Jack decided it was time to let Jackie go back to her old job.


After a couple of weeks I was finally allowed to return to my old job caring for sick and marine life. For the first three days back nothing out of the ordinary happened with the animals but the aquarium announced that it was funding a 3 month expedition to the Bahamas to conduct a study of the coral and marine life there. The trip leader decided to make a contest to see who from the younger aquarium staff would be offered a position on the team. The contest was to see who could come up with the best research paper about marine life on a coral reef. The hard part was the report had to be completed in 48 hours. The expedition leader also wanted to see how well the people worked under pressure.

I decided to work after the aquarium closed because lately I found that being around ocean water and marine life to be relaxing and going to the beach wouldn’t help. It was summer and the beach was full of sexy men and I knew I wouldn’t much work done. Since I had downloaded all the information needed for the report on my laptop and it was a comfortable night I went outside to do my work. I wandered out and sat, without thinking, next to the squid’s tank. After a few hours of work I decided it was time to take a break and set my computer down next to me and stretched out. I stuck my feet into the tank and ate a small snack. Just as I started to pull my feet out of the water to get started the squid grabbed hold of them and pulled me into the tank.

I was pulled down to the bottom of the tank. On the way down the squid had moved behind me and grabbed my arms. It pulled my arms behind my back and wrapped a tentacle around my arms from the wrists up to my elbows. The tentacle was so tight that Jackie’s elbows and fore arms touched. The squid also had another tentacle around my waist. Once I was dragged to the bottom the squid released my waist and then ripped my clothes off. I tried to get loose but the squid had anchored itself to the bottom with some of its tentacles. The squid had also grown in size and strength so I wasn’t able to do much more the wiggle despite only my arms were trapped.

As my clothes were ripped off I realized I had been breathing ever since I was pulled down. Once my clothes were all gone the squid grabbed my ankles, knees and waist. I was lifted off the bottom as my legs were spread out and the squid sprayed ink all over my opened crotch. I immediately became horny and wanted to be fucked by the squid. As if it could read my mind the squid entered my pussy with its beak. This time it was longer and went deeper into me. I also noticed the minor rough texture of the outside of it. The squid began to fuck me with long deep strokes. Once it got into a rhythm the smaller tentacles began their work to. They again spread my pussy lip, messaged and rubbed my clit. This time they also entered my ass and moved around inside my backside. The excitement brought Jackie to a massive orgasm. The orgasm was the biggest and most intense thing I’d ever felt. The orgasm continued for several minutes before the squid released me. I was so exhausted that I just sunk to the bottom and laid there.

After a few minutes the squid swam down inked my face and grabbed me again. Because of the ink I couldn’t move much so I just hung limply in the squids tentacles. I was carried over to a coral formation. With my back facing the coral my legs were spread and I was lowered onto a ledge in the coral. My feet were lowered into holes in the coral that were filled with a soft jell like substance. I was shocked when most of the coral was soft and jell like. In the middle of the soft coral there was a hard smooth coral dildo that the squid slowly lowered me onto. The dildo wasn’t very long and it just barely entered me at all. The squid pulled my arms apart and back around the coral. Then it secreted some gel that hardened once the squid inked it. The squid moved over to Jackie’s head and began to twitch and convulse. After a couple of minutes the squid expelled a large about of blue-green jell that completely covered me and the coral I was stuck to.

Just as the new jell settled Jackie regained the ability to move. I couldn’t get my feet out of the holes they were in because the soft jell had mostly hardened. My arms were prevented from being pulled out of their coral restraints. my waist was also tightly held to the coral by a wide “belt” that had grown. The belt also prevented me from getting off the small dildo that I was currently sitting on. As I struggled I felt the jell that covered my body start to warm up and the coral I was attached to start to move. All the coral began to shift, move and grow. The coral began to mold to my body and soon it was shaped just like my body and I was almost half inside it. The coral grew around my neck and formed into a wide collar that held my head looking up and straight ahead. The waist belt tightened up like a corset shrinking my waist be about 5 inches. The belt also grew up toward my head. It wrapped around my breasts and squeezed them tightly so my breasts were now orb shaped.

What happened next really got my attention. The dildo I was sitting on began to grow inside me. Its length and girth both increased and began to fill me. The soft jell that was coating the dildo began to tingle and send out mild shocks. The effects were causing an orgasm to start building. Then a soft but firm substance began to enter my back hole. It too was giving off the tingling and shocking effects. My ass was soon filled with the firm substance but surprisingly it was rather comfortable I thought.

There was a bright flash as the blue-green jell that had covered me seemed to explode or burn away instantly. The flash seemed to start a reaction with the other jells on and in Jackie. My breasts, pussy, clit and ass were all hit with the most intensely pleasure full shocks and massages I had ever felt. The effect caused me to be rocked by the most intense orgasm yet. I convulsed and twitched as I lost control of my body because of the shear amount of raw pleasure I was rocked by. I regained some measure of consciousness when the orgasm subsided from its former all consuming to the “perfect” orgasm. What I felt now was extremely pleasure but on a level I could truly enjoy. My world was still white with ecstasy but it wasn’t beyond what I could endure.

This orgasm continued for a long time before all the coral holding me down shattered and then the orgasm subsided and I was left in its wonderful afterglow. After several minutes of just sitting there resting I pushed myself off the dildos that filled me so nicely. After a struggle I was able to free myself. I slowly swam to the surface, climbed out of the tank and passed out next to my computer.

After a few hours I woke up feeling well rested and not the slightest bit concerned about what happened to me. I looked in the tank and saw my ripped clothes at the bottom of the tank and the dildos that provided me so much pleasure but I just picked up my laptop and went to the locker room to get dressed. After I was dressed in my bikini I left the computer there and went to the beach.

Jack Carter

That night Jack was working late when he noticed something going on in the tank. All he could do watch what happened with his jaw wide opened. He decided he wanted to see firsthand what was happening to his daughter so the next day he made arraignments for “her paper” to be awarded as one to go on the trip. Once that was taken care of he volunteered to do the medical check-ups for the people that were going. He made sure Jackie was the last one to be examined.

The exam showed that her DNA has be altered and mixed with some kind of fish like DNA. He just told Jackie everything was fine. Over the next few day he just followed his daughter and watched her. She spent a lot of time at the beach in the water. She also had several guys hanging around her. Before the expedition left he examined her again and found out that she was giving off a strong pheromone and that is why all the guys were hanging all over her. In fact Jack found himself attracted to her in a sexual way so he let her leave. He then finished his plans for her and went home to rest for the trip.


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